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111 Hill 

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Who's Who 








Edited by WI 









149 Strand 



IW YORK, U. S. A. 




5^. Rue Lafayette 




1 1. 



Ctmcattonal g>ertuce Bureau 


THE average reader of Who's Wo in New York has neither time nor patience 
to wade through a mass of sclol catalogues in order to find the school that 
is best adapted to his needs. 
Ordinarily, when a paren applies to a school information bureau for a 
school, he is swamped with ajlications in print, in typewritten form, and in 
person, made by many schools that couhnot possibly interest him. 

This is because school bureaus arejenerally conducted by people who are not 
trained and experienced educators. Tlir policy is to give the names of inquirers 
to many schools, in the hope that someone will be found suitable, and that that school 
will credit the bureau with the securinjfor it of one enrollment. 

Right here our bureau draws a vei close line. 

NOT OVER THREE SCHOOLS re brought to the attention of one inquirer; 
when the : made, sufficiently (Snite, only one. 

Suggestions regarding, schools "firenade by our bureau only after a very definite 
correspondence, conducted .hy .out. . Ediational Director, Mr. A. von W. Leslie, lately 
Head Master of the BJaKe^ School," "in Nv York. Mr. Leslie has had eighteen years' 
experience as an edueatpr q'b.6!tft*b,oys ai girls. His work, particularly that done in con- 
nection with the Bla^e/SAmf/isr -School brought him into somewhat intimate rela- 
tionship with a great many *o'f rh'e"ieaGg schools in the East. 

The object of the correspondence ferred to above is to secure from the parent 
data which will eliminate from the fiel of his choice all schools that would not inter- 
est him, and to find the one that would > so most largely. 

We wish to know the parent's lirmtions as to rates, location of school, type of 
school, and what may be the individual ^eds of the pupil. 

The advertisements of a number oschools and teachers will be found scattered 
through the pages of this book. Most ohese schools have been personally visited by 
Mr. Leslie and he is acquainted with the who conduct them. It is hard to write the 
advertisement of a school so as to give y true idea of its standards, its ideals and its 
atmosphere. These are matters which trained educator can get hold of more readily 
than the average parent. 

We therefore suggest + '. iur reacs give careful scrutiny to our educational 
directory, and correspond v of ose institutions the advertisements of which 

interest them. If this see/'-.- to entail tooiuch loss of time or annoyance, put your 
problems squarely, fran'.iy and 'any upo us, so that we can help you out. Our 
service is absolutely fr< e of charge. 








THE Sixth Biennial Edition of Who's Who in New York City and State is here- 
with presented with eonlidence that it will meet with a welcome even more 
wide and general than that accorded to its predecessor in 1911. The lapse of 
one year in the issuance of this publication was caused by the unfortunate death 
of its late editor, Mr. Louis R. Hamersly. 

The processes of addition and elimination have both been invoked to give the pres- 
ent volume a more thoroughly representative character. As a work of reference to 
biographical statistics of a single State, it is unique in its comprehensive completeness. 
It not alone treats with men of importance who live in the State of New York, but 
also those from other States who, by commercial or social affiliation, are closely con- 
nected with the metropolis. 

While it is possible to criticise any compilation of this kind on the ground that 
certain individuals are included or excluded, we have taken great pains to make this 
volume less open to such criticism. Great care has been exerted to obtain accurate and 
dependable information, and in almost every instance it has been procured at first hand, 
and by submission of proofs for correction errors have been as largely as possible 
avoided. The exacting standard by which we have heretofore been governed in the 
selection and acceptance of names has been maintained, and we feel that this volume 
has an added value, not alone on account of its handsomer binding and more legible 
print, but for its thoroughness in covering the field. 

Who's Who in New Y'ork is recognized as one of the most requisite units in 
reference and home libraries. The condensed form of the salient items of the thou- 
sands of prominent citizens of the State, who are at the front of its activities, makes it an 
invaluable book of reference for the banker, the .newspaper, i he -club, tfa'e hotel and the 
merchant all over the world. Omissions there 'ave,- of, <.\(vurs'e. There % are some from 
whom or about whom no data could be procure'd 'after persistent effort, and perhaps 
some have been overlooked. In some instances we m&y have included those who would 
better have been omitted, but such cases amongst the; "many", thousands of subjects are 
unavoidable, and looked at in bulk, it is safe to assert that the bcok is open to little 
criticism as to its subjects. We would ask our subscribers' rn'ca'setfhd omission of names 
is noticeable that such names be sent to us for futuue. inclusion. It is the desire of 
the editorial staff to make this book complete, and suggestions will be very gladly re- 
ceived and acted upon. 

The purpose of the book is essentially for reference, compiled upon honest lines. 
No one has been included or excluded on the ground of willingness or unwillingness to 
purchase the book. It is used in libraries, by writers, by newspapers and by mer- 
chants and bankers in all the ways which such a publication can be utilized. Its 
data form the daily source of biographical reference in the press, both at home and 
abroad, and it is constantly quoted in the editorials of the leading newspapers, and for 
casual reference to complete biographies and obituaries its resources are constantly 
drawn upon. In the home circle it is a valuable auxiliary to conversation and to 
study. It puts the individual in intimate touch with the antecedents and career of 
the notables of the State, from the most intellectual to the successful man or woman 
in business or leisure, and it has a source of useful information not to found elsewhere. 

Its presence in foreign consular offices, foreign hotels, clubs, transatlantic ex- 
press steamships makes this volume more or less international in character where it 
is used as a means of identification and reference. 

In the advertising section we have listed a number of prominent houses 
which stand foremost in their lines, and in the school section we would call particular 
attention to our school bureau, the purpose of which is to assist the parent in a proper 
selection of a school without any charge or cost to him whatever. 

We have endeavored to compile the histories and activities of statesmen and jur- 
ists, financiers, capitalists, leaders in commerce and manufacture, professional men, 
philosophers, philanthropists, scientists, educators, journalists, litterateurs, architects, 
engineers and inventors in brief, the class of people about whom information is de- 
sired, and who are representative in every branch of worthy activity in the State. 

Who's Who in New York 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City. Jan. 20. 1880; s. Louis and 
Mary (Stark) Aarons; Rind, from Coll. City of N. Y 
B S., 1899; Columbia Univ., LL.B., 1902; unmarried 
Engaged in practice of law in N. Y. City since 1903. 
Frequent contb'r to periodicals and publications. Ad- 
dress: Woolworth BH'g, 233 Broadway. N. Y. City. 


Editor, publisher; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 16, -1851; s. 
William D. and Agnes A. (Dean) Abbatt. Independent. 
Residence: West Chester, N. Y. Address: 410 E. 32d 
St., N. Y. City. 


Meteorologist; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 3, 1838: s. George 
Waldo and Charlotte (Colgate) Abbe; ed. Coll. City of 
N Y, 1851-1857, A.B.. 1857, A.M., 1860; Univ. of Mich., 
1858-1859. LL.D., 1886; Harvard Univ., 1860-1864. B.S.. 
Class of 1864: Glasgow Univ. (Kelvin jubilee), LL.D., 
1896; m. 1st, Cincinnati, O., May 10, 1870, Frances Mar- 

1858; Agr'l Coll., Lansing. Mi/)Jv, .1859;. Univ.. pi Mich., 
Ann Arbor, Mich., 1S59-1S60. Agi't td..l?r. B .A. Gould. 
U S. Coast Survey, 1860-1864;ae?'t ar>,lpnal Central 
Astron. Observatory, Poulkoya. near 'SK* Petersburg, 
Russia, 1S64-1S66; ass't U. ft 4{alraf. O*ft$5MB*0r*r, 1867- 
1868; dir. Cincinnati ObservdtQrJ- TpflVyMffit wSiere he 
established. 1868-70, svstem'of dftily "weatjiti-.tnaps of 
United States, with forecasts of weather for Cincin- 
nati, which was soon followed by the establishment of 
Nat. weather service by the Gov't; subsequently he 
urged, 1875-84, the Greenwich Time Standard; since 
1871 prof, meteorology, first in U. S. Signal Service. 
and since 1891 in Weather Bureau, U. S. Dep't of Agri- 
culture. Editor Monthly Weather Review and other 
meteorologic papers. U. S. Weather Bureau Delegate 
to Internat. Electric Conference. Philadelphia. 1876: 
to Forestry Congress. Cincinnati, 1S81: to Internat 
Conference on Time and Longitude. Washington, 1SS4; 
to Internat. Conference on Meteorology, Munich, 1891; 
Medallist Rov. Met. Soc. 1912; Republican; Baptist. 
Mem. Nat. Acad. Science, Washington Acad. Science, 
N Y. Acad. Science, A.A.A.S.. Am. Acad. Science, Bos- 
ton: Am. Philos. Soc, Philadelphia: Philos. Soc. Wash- 
ington; Davenport Acad. Science, Iowa; Meteorological 
Socs. of London, Paris, Berlin and Vienna: Astron. 
Sons, of London and Germany: Physical Soc of Amer- 
ica, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. Address: 
U. S. Weather Bureau, Washington, D. C. 


Surgeon; b. N Y. City, April 13. 1851: s. George 
Waldo and Charlotte (Colgate) Abbe; grad. Coll. City 
of N. Y., 1870, Coll. Phys and Surg. (Columbia) M.D.. 
1874; m. Nov. 14, 1891, Mrs. Courtlandt Palmer. At- 
tending surgeon Out-Patient Dep't. N. Y. Hosp.. 1S77- 
84; former prof, didactic surgery, Woman's Med. Coll.; 
prof, surgery. Post-Grad. Med. School 1889-97: now 
lecturer on surgery, Coll. Phys. and Surg. Surgeon to 
St. Luke's Hosp. since 1SS4. consulting surgeon Roose- 
velt Hosp., Woman's Hosp.. Hosp. for Ruptured and 
Crippled. Babies' Hosp., etc. Clubs: University, Cen- 
tury. Address: 13 West 50th St., N. Y. City. 


Retired farmer; b. Richmond, Ontario Co., N. Y., 
Jan. 11, 1S57; s. Isaac J. and Fannie M. (Hawes) 
Abbey; ed. common district schs. and Canandaigua 

Acad.; ni. Saline. Mich., Feb. 24. 1876. Adelaide M Cul- 
ver; children: Byron S., b. Feb. 9, 1877, and Kenneth 
C, b. Feb. 15, 1S91. Farming actively until 1904: 
granite business at Ortonville, Minn., 1904-1907; since 
1907 retired, living at Canandaigua. Mem. of Assem- 
bly, 1890, 1910, only Democrat from Ontario Co. for 20 
years. Presby'n. Mem. Eagle Lodge, F. and A. M. 
Address: Canandaigua, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Meadville, Pa., Feb. 3, 1862: s. Francis 
Ellingwood and Katherine Fearing (Loring) Abbot; 
ed. Cambridge (Mass.) public schs.. Harvard, A.B., 
1886, A.M., 1889, Harvard Law Sch., LL.B.. 1889; m. 
Amy Hackes. Engaged in practice of law from 1S89; 
mem law firm Keith & Abbot. Independent in poll- 
tics. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., 
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, N. Y. Co. Bar Ass'n. Clubs: 
University, Reform. Address: 45 Cedar St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Otisco. N. Y.. 1869; s. Myron W. and 
Sarah (Clark) Abbott: ed. Phillips Exeter. Acad., grad. 
1891; Yale, 1S91-92; Harvard Coll., A.B.. 1895: Harvard 
Law Sch., class of 1898. Practising law in N. Y. City 
from 189$: now mem. law firm Abbott & Coyne. Attor- 
ney for Seamen's Branch, Legal Aid Soc, 1899-1903. 
Mem Seventh Reg't, N. G N. Y. Republican; nomi- 
nated, 1904, for State Senate from 10th Senate Dist., 
N. Y., but not elected; served several years in City 
Com., Citizens' Union. Ass't sec. and att'y for State- 
B'd of Commissioners for Licensing Sailors' Hotels and 
Boarding Houses. Mason, Knight Templar and 
Shriner. Mem. Dante Soc, Cambridge. Mass. Com- 
piled work on Dante. Club: Harvard. Address: 29 
Broadway. N. Y. City. 


Merchant, ornithologist; b. Liverpool. Eng.. April 
17 1881; s. Lewis Lowe and Grace (Van Dusen) Ab- 
bott; ed. Uppingham Sch., Eng., 1S96-1S97. Poly Pre- 
paratory. Brooklyn, 1898-1899; Columbia Univ., 1899- 
1903. A.B. ; unmarried. Mem. Dickerson, Van Dusen 
& Co., tin plates and metals. N. Y. Lecturer on ornith- 
ology and travel, B'd of Ed'n, N. Y. City. Author: The 
Home-life of the Osprey, 1911. Contb'r on ornithology 
to scientific and poular periodicals. V.-p. Linnsean 
Soc of N. Y. (sec. 1904-1910. v.-p. 1910); mem. Am. 
Museum Natural History; asso. Am. Ornithologists' 
Union; mem. advisory bds. Agassiz Ass'n and Bur- 
roughs Nature Club: advisory dir. Nat. Ass'n Audubon 
Socs. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Com. of Man- 
agement. West Side Y. M. C. A. (N. Y. City). Mem. 
N. Y. Council Boy Scouts of America. Mem. Alpha 
Delta Phi. PI ta ' a. Clubs: Columbia Univ., 

Camp Fire. ' ' a 'liff St., N. Y. City. 


Publisher (with uxy Co.); b. N. Y. City. Oct. 

2 1S61; s. Rob I M i (Nightingale) Abbott; ed. 

Mt. Washingti Inst, and N. Y. Univ.. A.B.; 

m N. Y. Citv, Jessie E. Niver; children: 

Stanley Niver. I blican; formerly active in 

politics: Pri'sli Hincil N. Y. Univ.; treas. 

General Alumr. Soc N. 2 Univ.: gov. and ex-pres. 
Yonkers Choral 3oc. Me n. ^si Upsilon fraternity. Phi 
Beta Kappa So 1883. Cli b: Psi Upsilon. Address: 
33 E. 17th St., N . City. 


Editor, publisl Br lyn, N. Y.. June 25. 1859: 

s Rev Lyman and VM>y F (Hamlin) Abbott; grad. 
(mherst Coll.; r, . Bayiort L. I.. Sept. 7. 1905, Wini- 
fred, d. Dr. Albert ' f N. Y. Ci'y. Pres. and 
dir The Outlook I i ' ' -ntine & Co. Residence: 
Cornwall. N. Y. ' j 287 Fourth Ave., N. Y. City. 



Writer, lecturer; b. Liverpool, Ens., May 20. 1S7S; s. 
Lewis A. and Grace Van Dusen Abbott; ed. Liverpool 
Coll., Uppingham Sen.. England; unmarried. Author: 
Ernest Howard Crosbv; A Valuation and a Tribute 
11907); editor. Sociological Section of the Science His- 
torv of The Universe (1909). and Francisco Ferrer: 
His' Life, Work and Martyrdom (1910); asso. editor 
Literary Digest, 1S99-1905; Current Literature (now 
Current Opinion) since 1905. Active in radical work. 
Prominently identified with Socialist movement 1895- 
1905. Hem. Thos. Paine Nat. Hist. Ass'n (pres. 1910); 
pres. Free Speech League. Francisco Ferrer Ass'n. 
Clubs: National Arts, Vagabonds. Residences: 153 
West 73d St.. N. T. City, and Westfield, N. J. Address: 
140 West 29th St.. N. Y. City. 


Clergyman, author, editor The Outlook; b. Roxbury, 
Mass.. Dec. 18, 1835: s. Jacob and Harriet (Vaughan) 
Abbott; grad. N. T. Univ., 1S53. D.D., LL.D., N. Y. Univ.: 
D.D., Harvard; D.D., Tale; L.L.D., Western Reserve 
Univ.; m. Boston, Oct. 14. 1857, Abby F.. d. Hannibal 
Hamlin; children: Lawrence F., b. June 25, 1859; Har- 
riet F., b. Oct. 15, ISfiO; Herbert V.. b. Jan. 3. 1S65: 
Ernest H., b. April IS. 1870; Theodore J., b. July 20. 
1872- Beatrice V., b. Feb. 15, 1S75. Practised law, and 
still mem. of N. Y. State Bar; ordained Congregational 
minister, 1860; pastor Terre Haute, Ind.. 1S60-65; New 
Eng. Ch., N. Y. City, 1S65-69; succeeded Henry Ward 
Beecher as pastor of Plymouth Ch., .Brooklyn, May, 
1SSS; resigned Nov., 1898. Sec. Am. Union Comm'n 
(Freedman's), 1S65-6S; edited Literary Record of Har- 
per's Magazine; founder Illustrated Christian Weekly, 
1871; asso. editor The Christian Union, with Henry 
Ward Beecher, 1S76; now editor-in-chief The Outlook. 
Mem. N. Y. Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Hist. 
Ass'n. Indian Rights Ass'n, Am. Forestry Ass'n, Rema- 
bai Ass'n, N. T., Ass'n for the Blind. Ass'n for Improv- 
ing the Condition of the Poor, Nat. Conference of 
Charities and Correction. Aldine Ass'n, N. Y. Univ. 
Alumni. N. Y. Peace Soc, Maine Soc, The Religious 
Ed'n Ass'n, The Armstrong Ass'n, N. Y. Child Labor 
Com., Nat. Child Labor Com., A. B. C. F. M., Am. Inst, 
of Sacred Literature, N. Y. State Conference of Re- 
ligion, Universal Peace Union, Nat. Civil Service Re- 
form League, Am. Econ. Ass'n, Ass'n for Internat. 
Conciliation, Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science. 
Prison Ass'n of N. Y., Am. Soc. Sanitary and Moral 
Prophylaxis, Legal Aid. Soc. Grenfell Ass'n, Met. Mu- 
seum of Art, Com. of One Hundred, Com. of Fourteen. 
Christian Socialist. Recreations: Driving, walking, 
travel. Author: Jesus of Nazareth; Old Testament 
Shadows of New Testament Truth; A Layman's Story; 
How to Study the Bible; Illustrated Commentary on 
the New Testament, 1875; Dictionary of Religious 
Knowledge (with late T. J. Conant), 1S76; A Study in 
Human Nature, 1885; In Aid of Faith, 1891: Life of 
Christ, 1S94; Evolution of Christianity, 1896; The The- 
ology of an Evolutionist, 1897; Christianity and Social 
Problems, 1S97; Life and Letters of Paul. 189S; The 
Life that Really Is, 1899; Problems of Life, 1900; Life 
and Literature of the Ancient Hebrews, 1900; The 
Rights of Man, 1901; Henry Ward Beecher, 1903; The 
Other Room, 1904; The Great Companion, 1904; Chris- 
tian Ministry. 1905; Personality of God. 1905; Christ's 
Secret of Happiness, 1907; Industrial Problems, 1905. 
Clubs: National Arts, Union League, Centurv Ass'n 
(N. Y.), St. Botolph (Boston). Address: The Outlook. 
287 Fourth Av., N. Y. City. 


Professor of Law; b. Norridgewock, Me., July 11, 
1854; s. Abiel and Sarah S. Abbott: ed. Phillips Andover 
Acad.; Yale, A.B., 1S77; Boston Univ. Law Sch., LL.B., 
1893; m. 1884, Frances Field. Tappan prof, of law, 
Univ. of Mich., 1891-92; Northwestern Univ.. 1S92-1S94; 
Leland Stanford Univ., 1895-1907; since 1905 prof, of 
law in Columbia Coll. Law Sch. Address: Columbia 
Coll. Law School, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Fowler. N. Y., Mav 20. 1847; s. Emory W. 
and Hannah S. (Pickit) Abbott; grad. St. Lawrence 
Univ., B.A., 1867, afterwards M.A., Union Univ., LL.B., 
1868; m. Dec. 21, 1872, Anna Farmer Fowler; one son, 
Hugh Abbott (M.A. Harvard, 1904), b. 1884. Admitted 
to bar 1868 and engaged in practice in St. Lawrence 
Co. Special county judge of St. Lawrence Co., 1875-80; 
surrogate St. Lawrence Co., 1880-92; mem. Constitu- 
tional Conv. of N. Y 1S94. Pres. The Abbott Co. (lum- 
ber and forest lands), and of The Abbott Farms (farm- 
ing). Mem. Phi Beta Kappa. (St. Lawrence Univ.) 
Trustee St. Lawrence Univ. Address: Gouverneur, N. Y. 


Manufacturer, merchant; b. Baltimore, Md., June 6, 
1867; s. John and Elizabeth Sarah (Daniel) Abercrom- 
bie; ed. public sch., Baltimore City Coll., and by pri- 
vate instr'n; m. Baltimore. Md., April 25, 1896, Lucy 
Abbot Cate; children: Elizabeth, b. 1897; Lucy, b. 
1899; David, b. 1901: Abbott, b. 1909. Civil eng'r and 
topographer until 1892; later mf'r and merchant; now 
pres. David T. Abercrombie Co., N. Y. City, outfitters 
for sportsmen; was explorer and chief of survey, Nor- 
folk & Western R. R. in coal and timber lands of 
West Virginia. Mem. B'd of Trade, Newark. N. J. Re- 
publican. Mem. Am. Museum of Natural History, N. 
Y. Acad, of Sciences. N. Y. Zool. Soc, N. Y. Bot. Soc, 
N. Y. Hist. Soc. Recreations: Exploring, fishing, hunt- 
ing, camping. Clubs: League of Am. Sportsmen, 
, North End, Greenwood Lake Boat and Country, Camp 
Fire, Pines Riviere Fish and Game. Anglo-American 
Fish and Game. Residence: 197 Ballantine Parkway, 
Newark, N. J. Address: 311 Broadway. N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. in Edgefield Co., S. C, 1S50; s. James M. 
and Martha (Livingston) Abney; ed. Wofford Coll., 
S. C, A.B.. 1870; later A.M., Bonn Univ., Germany; m. 
Washington, D. C, Nov. 21, 1896, Mary Lloyd Pendle- 
ton, d. Hon. George H. Pendleton, former U. S. Senator 
from Ohio and U. S. minister to Germany. Practising 
law in S. C. until 1883; since then before Federal and 
State courts in N. Y. Was State solicitor in S. C. be- 
fore removing to N. Y. in 1883; on staff of Gov. Wade 
Hampton of S. C, delegate from S. C. to Nat. Dem. 
Conv., Cincinnati, 1880. Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. 
Ass'n Bar, City of N. Y. ; Sons of Revolution, Southern 
Soc. (former pres.), Derbyshire and Leicestershire 
ArchaBol. Soc. of England, Va. Hist. Soc, S. C. Hist. 
Soc. Clubs: Metropolitan, Church, Middav. Newport, 
Golf. Residence: 19 E. S6th St., N. Y. City, and Gar- 
den City, N. Y. Address: 27 William St., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Montgomery, Ala., Sept. 17, 1870; s. 
Jacob and Hannah (Weil) Abraham: ed. public and 
high schools of Montgomery, Ala.; Univ. of Va., M.D. ; 
post-graduate instruction in Berlin. Vienna and Lon- 
don, 1896-97, and Germany and Austria in 1900 and 
1905. Prof, on larnygology, N. Y. Polyclinic Med. Sch. 
Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Larnygol., Rhinol. and Otol. 
Socs., N. Y. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. Polyclinic Med. Soc, 
N. Y. State Med. Ass'n, N. Y. Alumni Univ. of Va., The 
Southern Soc. Clubs: Harmonie, The Friars. Address: 
130 W. 58th St., N. Y. City. 


Manufacturer, inventor; b. Bourbon. Ind., Mar. 19, 
1S68; s. William James Acker (mf'r); family came 
originally from Holland, and settled in New Amster- 
dam; ed. Wabash Coll. and Cornell Univ., Ph.B., 1S8S; 
m. 1892, Alice Reynolds Beal, d. William R. Beal, of 
N. Y. City; six children. Engaged in elec. eng'ring 
work in Chicago, 1888-1893; since then has been in field 
of chemistry and electro-cmemistry ; developed first 
electrolytic process for manufacture of caustic soda by 
electrolysis of molten salt, known as "Acker Process," 
for which Elliott-Cresson gold medal of Franklin Inst, 
was conferred upon him. Built works of Acker Pro- 
cess Co., Niagara Falls; originated processes for tet- 
rachloride of tin, carbon tetrachloride, etc.; first to 
manufacture carbon tetrachloride in America; has 
been granted about 45 U. S. and foreign patents for 
inventions relating to chemical and electro-chemical 
industries. Dir. in various org'ns in Ossining. For- 
merly officer of Northwestern Alumni Ass'n of Cornell 
Univ. (Chicago), and later of Cornell Alumni Ass'n 
of Buffalo. Dir. Am. Electroehem. Soc, 1905-1910, 
mem. Soc. of Arts (London), Faraday Soc (London), 
Soc. Chem. Industry (London), Am. Electroehem. Soc, 
Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, Am. Chem. Soc. Clubs: Niagara 
Falls Country (pres.), and several others. Address: 
Ossining-on-Hudson, N. Y. 


Treas. Manhattan Mortgage Co.; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 
14, 1S72; s. Charles L. and Helena (Biinkerhoff) Acker; 
ed. Univ. Grammar Sch., N. T. City; m. August 27, 
1913, Laura M. Sargent, of San Francisco, Cal. Treas. 
and dir. Guaranteed Mortgage Co. of N. Y., Manhattan 
Mortgage Co., Estates Settlement Co.; pres. and dir. 
Charles L. Acker Estate. Enlisted April 2, 1894, in 
Co. B, 7th Reg't; honorably discharged Sept., 1904. 
Address: 200 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer: b. Hartsville, Steuben Co., N. Y., Oct. 3, 1853: 
s. Hugh J. and Huldah (Call) Acker; ed. country dis- 
trict schools and Alfred (N. Y.) Univ.; m. Brattleboro. 



Vt, Oct. 9, 1890, Mary W. Clarke. Admitted to bar, 
1883. Practised in Hornell, N. Y. Dir. First Nat. Bank. 
Hornell, N. Y.; v.-p. Urbana Wine Co. Supervisor 
Hartsvllle, 1879-80; police justlae, Hornell; mem. As- 
sembly, 1888-91; Introduced and passed bill for State 
care insane. Republican leader of Assembly, 1891; 
mem. Constitutional Conv., 1894; att'y city of Hornell 
six years; mem. B'd Ed'n 10 years; mem. State Water 
Supply Comm'n. Republican. Presby'n: trustee First 
Presby'n Ch., Hornell. Mason. Mem. N. Y. State Bar 
Ass'n. Trustee Hornell Public Library. Recreations: 
European travel, and hunting with a kodak. Club: 
Hornell Country (pres.). Address: Hornell, N. Y. 


Civil and mech. engineer; b. Auburn, N. Y., Dec. 5, 
1867; s. Ellas Cuykendall and Amelia (De Witt) Acker- 
man; ed. Cazenovla Sim., Ithaca High Sen. and Cor- 
nell Univ.; m. May 2S, 1902, Bertha H. Vedder, of 
Munnsville, Madison Co., N. Y.; children: Lauren V., 
b. March 12, 1905; J. Bevler, b. April 29, 1909. En- 
gaged in R. R. surveys, 1897-99; in sanitary designs 
and construction, 1899-1902; city engineer of Auburn, 
N. Y., 1902-Jan., 1908; resident engineer N. Y., Auburn 
and Lansing R. R., Jan. -Sept., 1908; since 1908 sup't 
and chief eng'r Municipal Water Works System of 
Auburn, N. Y. Republican. Presby'n. Mem. Am. Soc. 
Civil Eng'rs, Am. Soc. for Municipal Improvements; 
Am. Water Works Ass'n, New England Water Works 
Ass'n, Auburn Lodge 431, F. and A. M., Holland Soc. 
of N. Y. Club: Auburn City. Address: Auburn, N. Y. 


Real estate owner and broker; b. Rockland Lake, 
Rockland Co., N. Y., June 9, 1856; s. Theodore P. and 
Susan L. (Moore) Ackerson; ed. in schools of Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. ; m. Dec. 28, 1887, Carrie E. Embler; 
children: Ella A., b. 1898; Alice (deceased); Jean, b. 
1901. Was 31 years in employ Knickerbocker Ice Co., 
and its successors, and for past fifteen years engaged 
in real estate development and kindred lines. Pres. 
T. B. Ackerson Co., real estate; treas. and dir. N. Y. 
Land and Warehouse Co., Long Island City; active in 
development of homes in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Bright- 
waters. L I., Maplewood, N. J., and building up of 
large factory interests in Long Island City. Republi- 
can. Episcopalian. Mem. Mf'rs Ass'n of N. Y. ; Flat- 
bush B'd of Trade, 39th Ward Taxpayers' Ass'n, Ja- 
maica Bay Improvement Ass'n, Brooklyn League, 
Municipal League. Recreations: Automobiling, yacht- 
ing, out-of-door sports. Address: 1 West 34th St., 
N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Manchester, Ens., 1863; s. William 
Aokroyd; ed. Harley Coll., London; m. Chicago, Ill- 
July 29, 1890, Mary E. Oldfield; children: William, b. 
1891; Mabel, b. 1892; Edith M b. 1899; Arthur O., b. 
1903. Engaged in missionary work in Oregon and 
Nevada, 1889-1892. In N. Y. Conf. M. E. Ch. since 1892: 
pastor M. E. Ch., Liberty, N. Y. Address: 170 N. Main 
St., Liberty, N. Y. 


Librarian; b. Wethersfleld, Conn., Sept. 20, 1873; s. 
Thomas Griswold and Lucy Stillman (Dickinson) 
Adams; ed. local schools of Wethersfleld, Hartford 
(Conn.) Public High sch., grad. 1892; Yale, B.A., 1896; 
unmarried. Removed to N. Y. City 1898; with Brook- 
lyn Life Publishing Co., 1898-1S99; entered staff of 
Brooklyn Pub. Library, 1899; librarian Prospect 
Branch of same, 1900-1902; appt'd, 1902, sup't Dep't of 
Traveling Librarian; ass't to chief of Circulation 
Dep't, N. Y. Public Library, Api-il, 1904; chief of Circu- 
lation Dep't since 1909. Has done much geneal. work; 
contributed genealogy of Adams family and others to 
Stiles' History of Ancient Wethersfleld (Conn.), and 
much matter of a geneal. and hist, nature, including 
bibliographies; contributed articles In local history to 
Springfield (Mass.) and Hartford (Conn.) newspapers; 
assisted In compilation of Tlllotson's Wethersfleld In- 
scriptions and other works of a similar character. 
Democrat; candidate for representative in Gen. Assem- 
bly of Conn., 1896; delegate to Dem. State Conv. of 
Conn., 1896, 1898. Congregationalist. Mem. Am. Li- 
brary Ass'n, N. Y (State) Library Ass'n, N. Y. (City) 
Library Club, L. I. Library Club, Conn. Hist. Soc, 
Brooklyn Armstrong Ass'n, Linnaean Soc. Am. Mu- 
seum of Natural History, Am. Ornithol. Union. Nat. 
Geog. Soc. Clubs: Yale, Crescent Athletic Address: 
120 Amity St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Comd'r U. S. Navy, retired; b. Buffalo, N. Y., May 28. 
1846; s. Timothy T. and Mary E. (Robinson) Adams; 
grad. U. S. Naval Acad., Annapolis, Md., as midship- 
man, June, 1868; promoted ensign, 1869; master, 1870; 

lieut., 1872; lieut.-comd'r, 1894; comd'r, 1901; retired 
at own request. Dec. 26, 1903; m. 1st, West Bend, Wis., 
June 6, 1877, Belle R. Weil (died Dec. 30, 1903); 2nd, 
May 2, 1910, Delta B. Kildare. Served on Kearsarge, 
Pacific Fleet, 1868-1S69; on Ossipee, Pacific Fleet, 
1870-1872; Shenandoah (European Sta.), 1873, and 
Congress, 1873-1876; Alert (Asiatic Sta.), 1877-1878; 
Ranger, 1878-1879, and Palos, 1879-1881; Michigan 
(Great Lakes), 1882-1885; Pensacola (European Sta.), 
1885-1888; Receiving Ship Vermont (Navy Yard, N. Y.), 
1888-1892; Adams (Pacific Sta.), 1892-1893; Lancaster 
(flag lieut.), Asiatic Sta., May-Oct., 1893; Philadelphia 
(flag lieut.), Pacific Sta., 1893-1894; aide to com- 
mandant N. Y. Navy Yard, 1894-1896; Receiving Ship 
Richmond (Navy Yard, Philadelphia), 1S96-1897; 
Monterey, Pacific Sta, 1897-1898; Receiving Ship Inde- 
pendence, Mare Island, Calif., 1898; Baltimore, Asiatic 
Sta., 1899, and Oregon, 1899, 1901; Navy Yard, N. Y., 
1901-1903, when retired. Episcopalian. Received 
Navy Dep't medal for service during Civil War, Navy 
Dep't medal for service in Philippines during Philip- 
pine Insurrection. Mem. N. Y. Commandery, Mil. 
Order Loyal Legion of U. S., Alumni Ass'n of U. S. 
Naval Acad, of N. Y., Navy Athletic Ass'n, Annapolis; 
Graduates Ass'n of U. S. Naval Acad. Recreations: 
Golf, sailing, swimming, bridge, books. Club: N. Y. 
Yacht. Address: 5 Larchmont Court, Larchmont, N. Y. 


Capitalist; b. Freeport, Pa.; s. Alexander A. and 
Isabell (Thompson) Adams; ed. Sharpsburg (Pa.) 
Acad.; m. Elizabeth Kane Spillin; children: Charles 
C, Jr., b. 1898; Katherine Virginia, b. 1902. Mg'r 
Mutual Union Telegraph Co., Pittsburg, Pa., 1880-1883; 
mg'r Postal Telegraph Cable Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 
1884-1892; gen. sup't Southern Dlv. Postal Telegraph 
Co., Atlanta, Ga., 1902-1903; v.-p. Postal Telegraph 
Cable Co., N. Y., since 1904. Built first plant for manu- 
facture of acetylene gas, Niagara Falls, N. Y., 1895. 
Also v.p. and dir. Brooklyn Dist. Telegraph Co., Lt'd, 
Mackay Telegraph Co., Phila., Am. Dist. Telegraph Co. 
Appt'd comm'r of Valley Forge Park, Valley Forge, 
Pa., by Gov. of State, 1898-1902; civil service comm'r 
City of Phila., 1898-1902. Trustee Village of Law- 
rence, N. Y. Clubs: Rockaway Hunting (Cedarhurst. 
L. I.), Lotos, Hardware (N. Y.), Blooming Grove Hunt- 
ing & Fishing (Pike Co., Pa.). Address: 253 Broad- 
way, N. Y. City. 


Clergymen, aufihor; b. New Lisbon, O., Oct. 31, 1850; 
s. Rev Josiah and Sarah A. (Ford) Adams; grad. 
Mount Union Coll., Alliance, O., A.B., 1871; (D.D.); 
studied at Yale, 1S73; Boston Univ., 1874; m. March 
22, 1876, Jennie E. Holloway; one son: Edwin Charles. 
Ordained priest Episcopal Ch., 1875; canon St. John's 
Cathedral, Denver, 1882-1885; dean of Wichita, Kan., 
1885-1898; rector St. Luke's, Chicago, 1888-1891; Ch. 
of Holy Spirit, Rondout-on-Hudson, N. Y., 1891-1896; 
since May 1, 1896, rector of St. Luke's Ch., Rossville, 
S I., N. Y. Organizer, mg'r and leoturer for The 
Church Thinking Bureau and The Bureau of Bio- 
philism or Animal Psychology. Author: Where is My 
Dog? The Matterhorn Head and Other Poems; How 
Baldy Won that County Seat, etc. Formerly chaplain 
N. Y. Press Club. Residence: Rossville, S. I., N. Y. 
Address: 29 Lafayette PI., N. Y. City. 


Bank officer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 13, 1874: s. 
William Menzies and Ellen Hathaway (Franklin) 
Adams; grad. Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn; Columbia 
Univ., A. B., 1896; m. April 12, 1899, Emma Lily Ara- 
bella Parsons, d. Hosmer Buckingham Parsons; chil- 
dren: Franklin Parsons, b. June 6, 1900; Clelia Emma, 
b April 13, 1904. Sec and treas. Knickerbocker Safe 
Deposit Co. Mem. Sons of Revolution, Pilgrim Soc, 
Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Recreations: Golf 
and music Clubs: Dyker Meadow Golf, University, 
Delta Kappa Epsilon. Club: Young Men's Republican. 
Address: 358 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Boston, Mass., April 9, 1846; s. Adoniram 
Judson and Harriet Lincoln (Norton) Adams: grad. 
Norwich Univ., Northfleld, Vt., B.S., 1864 (M.S., LL.D.); 
m 1872, Frances Amelia Gutterson; one d: Ruth. 
Bookkeeper, 1S66-1S70. Partner, Richardson. Hill & 
Co bankers, Boston, 1870-1878; partner Wlnslow, 
Lanier & Co, bankers. N. Y. City, 1878-1893; repre- 
sentative Deutsche Bank, Berlin, since 1893. Pres. and 
dir. East Jersey Water Co., Rumson Improvement Co., 
Rumson Park; ^ ir and chm'n Davis Coal & Coke Co., 
Lehigh C em Md. R'y Co.; dir. Am. Cotton 

Oil Co . < chfleld & Ohio R'y Co.. Cataract 

Power ft Conduit Co. of Buffalo, Central & S. America 
Telegrapl. !o .-.field Coal Corp'n, Denver & Rio 

Grande R Co., Pacific R'y Co., Mohawk Hydro- 


Electric Co., N. J. Gen. Security Co., Niagara Develop- 
ment Co., Niagara Falls Power Co., Niagara Junction 
R'y Co. Republican. Senior warden and vestryman, 
St. George's Episcopal Ch., Rumson, N. J. Received 
decoration of Royal Order of Crown of Prussia, second 
class, 1909. Mem. Am. Anthropol. Ass'n, A.A.A.S., Am. 
Ethnol. Soc. (life fellow), Am. Fine Arts Soc, Am. 
Folk Eore Soc, Am. Forestry Ass'n, Am. Geog. Soc. 
(life fellow), Am. Inst, of Elec. lEng'rs (asso. mem.). 
Am. Iron & Steel Inst., Am. Mus. of Natural History 
(patron in perpetuity), Am. Numismatic Soc. (mem. 
B'd of Gov's), Am. Scenic & Historic Preservation 
Soc. (trustee), Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs (fellow), Civil 
Service Reform Ass'n, Chamber of Commerce of State 
of N. Y. German'stic Soc. of America (v. -p. and dlr.), 
Hort. Soc. of N. T., Inst, of Musical Art City of N. Y. 
(v.-p. and trustee), Kahn Foundation for Foreign 
Travel of Am. Teachers (chm'n). Legal Aid Soc, Met. 
Mus. of Art (trustee, mem. exec, com., chm'n finance 
com.), Monmouth Co. Agr'l Fair Ass'n (dir.), Mon- 
mouth Co. Hist. Ass'n (v.-p.), Municipal Art Soc. of N. 
Y., Nat. Acad, of Design (fellow in perpetuity), Nat. 
Ass'n of Credit Men, Nat. Conservation Soc, Nat. 
Geog. Soc, Nat. Housing Ass'n, Nat. Sculpture 
Soc. Nat. Soc. Mural Painters. N. E. Soc, 
N. Y. Acad, of Science, N. Y. Bot. Garden (mem. 
of corp'n. chm'n finance com.), N. Y. Geneal. & Biog. 
Soc, N. Y. Hist. Soc, N. Y. Soc. Archaeology, N. Y. 
Zool. Soc, Norwich Univ. (trustee), Oesterreichische 
Gesellschaft fuer Medaillenkunst, Society des Amis de 
la Mgdaille Frangaise, Soc. of Iconophiles, Soc. Sons of 
Revolution. Clubs: Adirondack League, Automobile, 
Caxton, Chicago, Church, City (life mem.), Engineers, 
Groller, Lawyers, Metropolitan, Players, Railroad, Re- 
cess, Riding, Rumson Country (pres.). Rumson Kennel 
(mem. B'd of Gov's), Seabrlght Beach (trustee), Tech- 
nology of N. Y. (class of 1869), Tuxedo, Union League 
(N. Y. City). Residences: 455 Madison Av., N. Y. 
City;' "Rohallton," Rumson, N. J. Address: 71 Broad- 
way, N. Y. City. 


Am. Consul at Dublin; b. Clarence, Erie Co., N. Y., 
Jan. 3, 1851; s. Benjamin T. and Janet (Gibson) Adams; 
ed. Clarence Acad., State Normal Sen., Brockport, N. 
Y. ; Univ. of Rochester; m. Elmira, N. Y., 1879, Kate L., 
d. Dwight Atwater. In editorial work on Rochester 
Democrat and Chronicle, 1873-1880; operator and pro- 
ducer, petroleum fields, Bradford, Pa., 1880-1883; editor 
Elmira Daily Advertiser, 1883-1898; deputy collector 
U. S. Internal Revenue, 28th Dist. of N. Y., 1890-1894. 
N. Y. State Tax Comm'r, 1895-1898; ass't editor In Liter- 
ary Bureau, Rep. Nat. Headquarters, N. Y. City, in 
campaigns of 1896 and 1900. Sec. of Am. Legation, and 
consul-gen. at Stockholm, Sweden; charge d'affaires ad 
interim, Am. Legation, Stockholm, Dec, 1902, to March, 
1903; now consul at Dublin, Ireland. Home: Elmira, 
N. Y. Address: Am. Consulate, Dublin, Ireland. 


Lawyer; b. Canandaigua, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1866; s. 
William H. and Charlotte (Lapham) Adams; grad. 
Williams Coll., A.B., MA. ; m. Oct. 8, 1890, Julia D. 
Hubbell; children: Emily, b. 1891; William Hamilton, 
'b. 1895; Elbridge, 2d, b. 1898. Admitted to bar, 1889; 
engaged in general practice of law, N. Y. City and 
Rochester, N. Y. Mem. and chm'n Municipal CivH 
Service Comm'n of Rochester, 8 years. Pres. Rochester 
Folding Box. Co. Clubs: Genesee Valley Country 
(Rochester), City, St. Anthony, Williams, Oakland Golf 
(N. Y. City). Residence: Williamstown, Mass. Ad- 
dress: 299 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Journalist; b. N. Y. City, May 11, 1874; s. John Quincy 
and Marie Adele (Negrin) Adams; ed. N. Y. public 
schools and Coll. City of N. Y. Editor Adams' Maga- 
zine, Gotham Monthly Magazine, Printers' Ink; asso. 
editor N. Y. Journal, N. Y. Commercial; sp'l corre- 
spondent. Enlisted in 14th Inf. Reg't, U. S. Vols., May, 
1898, as private; promoted to corporal, sergeant, lieut.; 
mustered out Nov., 1898, at termination of Spanish- 
Am. War. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Theta 
Delta Chi fraternity. Recreations: Automobiling, 
swimming, tennis. Author: Who Rules America? 
The Transgressors, "Roosevelt," and political papers. 
Address: 20 Vesey^St., N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Belfast, He., Aug. 31, 1866; s. Rev. 
True Page and Dorcas Ellen (Winslow) Adams; ed. 
Kennebunk (Me.) High Sch. and Boston Univ., 1892; 
post-grad, and theol. work at Harvard and Yale 
Divinity Sch.; D.D. from Univ. of Syracuse, June 18, 
1905: m. Singerlands, N. Y June 11, 1901, Harriet 
Heath; children: Winslow Heath, b. Mar. 20, 1903; 
Vincent Taft, b. Sept. 29, 1906. Taught one year, 
literature and expression, in Boston Sch. of Oratory, 
one year in Me. Wesleyan Sem. and "Woman's Coll.; 

visited Europe, speaking in England and Ireland; one 
year editorial work on Portland (Me.) dailies and 
reporting for Boston Traveler and Transcript; editor 
and publisher Old Orchard Daily Recorder (summer 
seasons) 1900-1901. Entered ministry of M. E. Ch. and 
Joined N. Y. East Conf., April, 1S96; appt'd asso. pastor 
Nostrand Av. Ch., Brooklyn, with John Rhey Thomp- 
son, D.D. ; pastor 1st IM. E. Ch., Yalesvllle, Conn., where 
built a new brick church, 1897-1899; pastor Epworth 
Ch., New Haven, Conn., 1900-1901; in 1902 was trans- 
ferred to Troy Conf., and has since been pastor of 
First M. E. Ch., Schenectady, N. Y. Lecturer, subjects: 
Mark Twain and Other Marks; Hoosier Poet and 
Prophet of Cheer; Five Grains of Corn. Republican. 
Mason. Sec. Brotherhood M. E. Ch., 1898-1902. Pres. 
Schenectady Ministerial Ass'n. 1904-1905; mem. Theta 
Delta Chi; dir. Hudson River Humane Soc; hon. Alumni 
King's Coll., Windsor, Nova, Scotia, and of Syracuse 
Univ. Address: 607 State St., Schenectady, N. V. 


Author; b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 10, 1859; s. John 
Spencer and Fannie Emeline (Smith) Adams: ed. in 
high sdh., Elgin, 111.; m. Elgin, 111.. Sept. 24, 1884, Alice 
Mary Whitaker. Studied and practised mech. eng'ring 
after leaving high sch.; invented several electric light 
appliances; chief of Smoke Inspection Bureau, Chicago, 
1894-1897, then devoted attention to electric traction 
and constructed experimental passenger train for the 
Baltimore & Ohio R'y. Founder and editor The New 
Time (social reform magazine). 1896-1S98. Author: 
President John Smith, 1896; The Kidnaped Millionaires, 
1901; John Burt, 1903; John Henry Smith, 1905; The 
Bottom of the Well, 1905; also monographs on engi- 
neering subjects. Literary sec. Dem. Nat. Com., 1896. 
Address: Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 


Editor; b. Wethersfield, Conn., Aug. 1, 1864; eldest 
s. Thomas Griswold and Lucy Stillman (Dickinson) 
Adams; both families identified continuously with 
Wethersfield, Conn., for more than 250 years; also de- 
scendent of old Welles, Wolcott, Griswold, Robbins, 
Goodrich and Nott families of same town; ed. public 
and private schs. in Wethersfield, and Hartford Public 
High Sch. (class of 1882); unmarried. Engaged in 
Wall St., 1882-1891; in beet sugar business in Neb., 
1891-1896; 1907 mn'g editor Brooklyn Life, and 1905- 
1910, dir. Brooklyn Life Publishing Co. Author: 
Flower Gardening, Lilies, and Making a Rock Garden. 
Has traveled extensively in U. S., Can.. Bermuda, 
Europe and N. Africa; climbed Mounts Llefroy and 
Stephen in the Canadian R'ockies, 1903. Independent 
In politics; Congregationalist. Recreations: Walking, 
swimming and gardening. Mem. Brooklyn League, 
Royal Hort. Soc, Am.' Geog. Soc. Clubs: Crescent 
Athletic, Am. Alpine, Alpine of Can. Address: 152 
Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Sculptor; b. Concord, Vt, 1858; s. Samuel M. and 
Nancy A. (Powers) Adams; ed. in Paris; m. Auburn- 
dale, Mass., 1889, Adeline V. Pond. Mem. Nat. Acad. 
Design v.-p.); pres. Nat. Sculpture Soc; mem. Archi- 
tectural League. Awarded medals at St. Louis, Chi- 
cago, Paris. Clubs: Century, The Players. Address: 
131 West 11th St., N. Y. City. 


Physician and surgeon; b. Westport, Conn., Aug. 9, 
1860; s. George Sherwood and Polly Morehouse (Coley) 
Adams; prepared at Selleck's School. Norwalk, Conn.; 
grad. Yale Coll., B.A., 1883; Coll. Phys. and Surg., N. Y. 
City, M.D., 1886; N. Y. Hosp., 1888; N. Y. Eye and Ear 
Infirmary, 1890; m. N. Y. City, June 4, 1895, Elizabeth 
Ellerslie Wallace; one son, Frank Lanson, b. 1896. 
Studied for two years in Heidelberg, Vienna, London, 
Berlin, Paris, Prague, Halle and Utrecht. Engaged 
in practice in N. Y. City since 1892. Dlr. St. Bartholo- 
mew's Clinic, West Side German Dispensary; pres. N. 
Y. School of Clinical .Medicine; attending surgeon N. 
Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary, Bloomingdale Clinic, West 
Side German Dispensary; consulting ophthalmologist 
and otologist to Soc. of the Lying-in Hosp., Manhattan 
State Hosp. Mem. N. Y. Otol. Soc, Am. Otol. Soc, 
Am. Ophthalmol. Soc, N. Y. Med. and Surg. Soc, 
Am. Laryngol., Rhinol and Otol. Soc, Ass'n of Alumni 
of N. Y. Hosp., Hosp. Graduates' Club, N. Y. Physicians' 
Mutual Aid Ass'n, N. Y. Co. Med. Soc Episcopalian. 
Clubs: University, Lotos, Yale, N. Y. Athletic, Demo- 
cratic. N. Y. Yacht, Darchmont Yacht. Address: 38 
East 51st St., N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Ogden, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1849; s. Caleb 
Kimball and Laura (Keeler) Adams; grad. Rochester 
Univ., A.B., 1874 CAlpha Delta Phi and Phi Beta Kappa 
fraternities); Auburn Theol. Sem., 1877; D.D. from 
the Univ. of Rochester and Huron College; m. Roch- 



ester, .\. v.. June 7, isTT, Clara Bouthgate, Pastor 
Walnut St. Presby'n Ch., Evansvllle, Ind., 1N78-18S1; 
First Presby'n Ch., Boulder, Colo., 1881-1884; West- 
minister Presby'n Ch., ;saii Francisco i .s s 4 - 1 i> "j 5 ; chap- 
lain Clifton Springs Sanitarium, i NU5-189S; pastor 
First Presby'n Ch., Canandaigua, N. Y., 1899-1902; 
First Presby'n Ch., Waterloo, N. Y., 1903-1907; ass't 
prof, and librarian Auburn Theol. Sem. since 1907. 
Contributor to religious and periodical press. Foundei 
Tin- Hoys' Brigade in U. S. A., 1889 (pres. its Nat. 
org'n, 1890-1891). Address: Auburn, N. V. 


Actress; b. Salt 1-ake City, Nov. 11, 1872 (family 
: mm. , Kiskaddenj; mother (stage name Adams; was 
leading woman in stock company at Salt Lake; earlj 
showed dramatic ta'ent in child's parts; attended 
several schools; made notable success as child in A 
Celebrated Case; mem. E. H. Sothern Co. at 16; after- 
ward Willi Charles Frohman Stock Co., and later in 
support of John Drew. Successively prominent in 
The Little Minister, L'AIglon, Quality Street, The 
Pretty Sister of Jose, Peter Pan, What Every Woman 
Knows. Address: (il W. 36th St., N. Y. City. 


Author, journalist; b. Dunkirk, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1871; 
s. Myron and Hester Rose (Hopkins) Adams; ed. 
Rochester Free Acad. I grad. 1887); Hamilton Coll., 
A.B., 1891; in. i'li. u leston, W. Va., Oct. 10. 1898, Eliza- 
beth Kuffner Xoyes; children: Hester Hopkins Adams, 
b. 1900; Katherine Noyes, b. 1902. Reporter and 
special writer N. Y. Sun, 1891-1900; managing editor 
McClure's Syndicate, 1900-1902; advertising mg'r I'm 
.VIcClure, I'iiillips & Co., publishers, 1002-1904; on 
editorial staff McClure's Magazine, 1904-1905; general 
magazine writer on public health and other topics, 
1905-1906. Author: Great American Fraud series 
(patent medicines) in Collier's Weekly; joint author 
(with Stewart Edward White) of The Mystery, 1907 
(McClure); Author: Average Jones, 1911 (Bobbs-Mer- 
rell Co.), The Secret of Lonesome Cove. 1912 (Bobbs- 
Merrell Co.); also of short stories in McClure's, Col- 
lier's, etc.; occasional contb'r to editorial page of 
Collier's Weekly. Elected asso. mem. Am. Med. Ass'n. 
1913. Trustee of Hamilton Coll. Moderate Socialist. 
Recreations: Lawn tennis. Ashing and sailing. Mem. 
Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Clubs: Alpha Delta Phi, 
Players, Owasco Country. Address: 32 Chedell PI.. 
Auburn, N. Y., and Ensenore, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y., Nov. 25. 1837; s. Rev. William 
Adams, D.D., "LL.D.. and Martha Bradshaw (Ma- 
goun) Adams; ed. Andovej- -V^ad., class 1856; Yale 
Coll., class 1858; m. N. Y. City, Jan. 5, 1871, Frances 
Charlotte Robbing. Mem. Arm Anderson, Adams & 
Young, until 1871; Adams & Comstock, until 1913: 
and sp'l partner in firm of Adams, Livingston & 
Davis since 1913. First v. -p. N. Y. Inst'n for Instr'n 
of Deaf & Dumb; gov. of Woman's Hosp. Clubs: 
Union, Knickerbocker, Metropolitan, Down Town 
Ass'n, Automobile Lenox. Residence: 63 E. 79th St. 
Address: 36 Wall 'St., N. Y. City. 


Pres. business corporations; b. N. Y. City, Feb. ^-. 
1865; s. Washington Irving and Marion L. (Briggs) 
\danix '-il. Montclair public schools, grad. high 
school, 1883; m. 1889, Grace Wilson; children: Wilson 
Irving, Marion Elizabeth, Briggs Kilburn. Carolyn 
Styles, W. I. Lincoln, Jr. Pres. Styles & Cash, sta- 
tioners and printers, Montclair Trust Co., Photo- 
graphic Times Pub. Ass'n; dir. Dexter Folder Co.: 
treas. Montclair Holding Co. Life mem. Am. Inst.; 
mem. LaFayette Lodge, No. 64, F. and A. M.; ex-gov. 
N. J Soc. of Founders and Patriots of America; mem. 
Sons Am. Revolution, Soc. Colonial Wars, Huguenot 
Soc, Soc. War of 1812. Trustee, First Cong'l Soc. 
(Dr. Bradford's), Montclair, N. J.; dir. Montclair 
Civic Ass'n. Author: The Amateur Photographer, 
Sunlight and Shadow, In Nature's Image, Woodland 
and Meadow, Photographing In Old England. Clubs: 
Union League IN. Y. City); Montclair Camera Ihon 
mem.). Residence: Montclair, N. J. (winter): Hilltop 
Farms Littleton, N. H. (summer). Address: 135 W. 
14th St., N. Y. City. 


Real estate operator, financier; i>. San Francisco, 
Cal Apr. 11. 186;:: s. Samuel and Alice (White) 
Ada'ms; grad. Sen. of Appll :olumbia Univ., 

CE- m Brooklvn. N. > . 9. Grace Fair- 

child James; children: I l, James Fair- 

child, Darwin James. En . estate opera- 

tions N. Y. City, makin. in mortgage 

loans. Pres. Rutgers Realts I Adams Realty 

Co- v.-p. Faircbild Co.; v.-p ee U. S. Savs. 

Bank. Served in "Hi Reg't X. G, X. Y. 7 years, in 
Troop 2, Squadron A, 8 years; service medal of State 
of N. Y. Republican; Presby'n, mem. Alumni Ass'n, 
Columbia Sch. of Mums . Clubs: Adirondack League, 
Union League, Columbia Univ., Barnard, Nassau 
Country. Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht, Lawyers. 
Address: 100 Broadway, N. V. City. 


Fire comm'r; was sec. to the late William J. Gay nor. 
Mayor of New York. Appt'd lire comm'r, City of New 
York by Mayor John Purrov Mitchel Jan. 1. 1914. Ad- 
dress: 151 E. 67th St., X. Y. City. 


Vice-pres. and dir. Atlantic Av. Elevated R.R. Co., 
Huntington R.R., L. I., Consolidated Electrical Com- 
panies, Montauk Steamboat Co., Limited; Montauk 
Water Co., Nassau County R'v, N. Y. and Rockaway 
Beach R'y Co.; N. Y., Brooklyn & Manhattan Beach 
l:'y Co., Northport Traction Co., Ocean Electric R'y, 
Prospect Park & Coney Island R.R. Co.; pres. Long 
Island Elec. R.K. Co.; X. Y. & L. I. Traction Co. Ad- 
dress: Pennsylvania Station, N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Marietta, O., Aug. 18, 1870; s. William 
(iD.D.) and Frances Augusta (Barnes) Addy; grad. 
Marietta Coll.. A.B., 1892 (cum laude, sp'l < uia iaude 
in Greek); Coll. Phys. & Surg. (Columbia Med. Dept.), 
N. Y. City, M.D., 1S99. Interne Gen. Memorial Hosp., 
N. Y., Feb., 1901-June. 1902; surg. Out Patient Dep't. 
Presby'n Hosp., 1002-1907. Capt. Med. Corps., N. .G. 
X. Y., May 25, 1907, attached to 71st InL X. Y. City. 
Independent; Presby'n. Mem. N. Y. County Med. 
Ass'n, Med. Ass'n of Greater City of N. Y.. Ass'n of 
Mil. Surg, of U. S.. Phi Beta Kappa and Delta Upsilon 
fraternities. Club: Graduates (charter mem.). Resi- 
dence: 808 Lenox Road, Brooklyn. Address: -Cor. 
Lenox Road & E. 51st St., Brooklyn, X". Y". 


Educator, lecturer; b. Alzey, Germany, Aug. 13, 
1851; s. Samuel and Henrietta (Frankfurter) Adler; 
ed. Columbia Grammar Sch., N. Y. City; grad. Colum- 
bia Coll. A.B., (Phi Beta Kappa). 1870; Heidelberg, 
Ph.D., 1S73; m. Brooklyn, N. Y.. May 24, 1880, Helen 
Goldmark; five children. Prof. Semitic languages 
and literature Cornel". Univ. 1873-1876; prof, social 
and polit. ethics, Columbia Univ., since 1902; Theo- 
dore Roosevelt prof, at Univ. of Berlin, 1908-1909. 
Founder (1876) and leader of the Soc. for Ethical 
Culture; Mem. Tenement House Comm'n, 1886; Com. 
of Fifteen, 189S; Com. of Fifty on Drink Question; 
chm'n Nat. Child Labor Comm'n. Independent in 
politics. Founder and leader of N. Y. Ethical Culture 
Soc. since 1876; founder of Ethical Culture Sch. and 
dir. since 1878; trustee Tenement House Bld'g Co., 
1883; first to introduce trained nurses for the poor, 
in 1877; mem. Co-operative Colonization Soc, 1878- 
1SS5. Author: Creed and Deed, The Moral Instruc- 
tion of Children, Life and Destiny, Marriage and Di- 
vorce, Religion of Duty, Essentials of Spirituality. 
Clubs: City, Authors Century. Residence: 152 W. 
77th St. Address: 33 Central' Park W., N. Y. City. 


Manufacturing chemist; b. Milwaukee. Wis., Nov. 
20, 1858; s. Solomon and Charlotte (Steiner) Adler; 
ed. Columbia Grammar Sch., Columbia Univ., A.B., 
18S0 (Phi Beta Kappa); Univ. of Heidelberg, Ger- 
many, A.M., Ph.D.; Univ. Strassbourg, Germany; 
Polytechnikum, Stuttgart, Germany; m. N. Y. City, 
Nov. 14, 1889, Rose Lissauer; one son: Stanley L., b. 
1890. Engaged in chemical mf'g since 1884; prop'r 
Adler Color and Chemical Works. Independent. 
Mem. Soc. Chem. Industry, Chemists' Club, Am. Chem. 
Soc. Vereinigung alter deutscher Studenten in Amer- 
ika, A.A.A.S., Verein Deutscher, Chemiker, Har- 
monie Club, Deutscher Liederkranz, Drug and Chem- 
ical Club. Recreations: Horseback riding, golf. Resi- 
dence: 306 West End Av. Address: 100 William St., 
N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Seneca Falls, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1867; s. 
Lewis and Anna (Zalinski) Adler; grad. B.L., Cor- 
nell Univ., 1S89; Harvard Univ. Law Sch. Dir. J. N. 
Kersburg Realty Co. (treas); Sandia Mining Co. (sec). 
Mem. of Assembly from 2d Assembly Dist., Monroe 
County, 1911, 1912, 1913. Address: 811 Wilder Bld'g, 
Rochester, N. Y. 


Clergyman and social worker; b. Poughkeepsie, N. 
Y. Feb. 18, 1861; s. John P. and Mary Jane Ruthven 
(Piatt) Adriance: grad. Williams Coll., 1883, A.M.; 
m. Albany, N. Y., June 12. 1S89, Sarah McClellan 
Holmes; children: Harris Ely, Jr., b. 1891; Edwin 



Holmes, to. 1893; Francis Van Cranken, b. 1904; James 
Ruthven, b. 1910. Ordained in Preby'n ministry and 
served in the pastorate; now minister of Church of 
the Son of Man (undenominational), 227 E. 104th St., 
X. Y. City; Mem. Holland Society. Clubs: University, 
Williams. Address: Englewood, X. J. 


Banker; b. Hornell. X. Y\. May 20, 1843; s. Martin 
and Esther J. (Charles) Adsit; ed. at Walnut Hill 
Sch., Geneva; at_ l'atterson Sch., Detroit; m. St. Louis, 
Mo., June 4, ls.s. Susan G. Larkin; children: Dr. 11. 
Adsit, b. 1880; Lynn M., b. 1882; May E., b. 1889. En- 
tered business life as clerk in country store; became 
teller of First Xat. Bank, Hornell, N. Y., 1803; cashier, 
1865-1900; has been pres. since 1900. Pres. Adsit 
Realty Co., Hornell Traction Co., v.-p. Merrill Silk 
Co., Merrill Hosiery Co.; pres. and founder N. Y. State 
Bankers' Ass'n; at one time mayor of Hornell. Mem. 
N. Y. Chamber of Commerce, trustee Mercy Hospital, 
Hornell Library. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
Union League, Y". M. C. A. Recreations: Golf and au- 
tomobiling. Address: 19 Center St., Hornell, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Xew Orleans, La., June 3, 1S56; s. Will- 
iam and Theresa (Price) Agar; grad. Georgetown 
Univ., A.B., 1S76; A.M., 1888; Ph.D., 1S89; LL.D., 
1910; Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1880; m. X. Y. City, 
Feb. IS, 1S92, Agnes Louise Macdonough. Admitted 
to bar, 1SS0; ass't U. S Att'y Southern Dist. of X. Y . 
1SS1-18S2; now mem. law firm Agar, Ely & Fulton. 
Chm'n Campaign Com., People's Municipal League, 
1891. Served as lieut. cbmd r ami paymaster, also 
judge-advocate on staff of capt. of naval militia, N. Y. 
Mem. B'd Ed'n, X. Y. City. 1896-1898; v.-p. Xat. Civic 
Federation, 1905. Mem. Southern Soc, X. Y". Pres. 
Municipal Art Soc, 190S-1911. Clubs: Union. Univer- 
sity, Metropolitan, Lawyers', Xational Arts (pres. 
since May, 1911), Reform (pres. lour,, ]'J07 190S, 1909). 
City, N. Y. Yacht, Turf and Field, Catholic, Riding 
(N. Y. City), Metropolitan (Washington, D. C). Resi- 
dences: Fair Oaks. Premium Point, Xew Rochelle, X. Y., 
and 19 E. 66th St. Address: 31 Xassau St., X. Y~. City. 


Mine owner, capitalist; b. Cambridge, Mass.. Sept. 3, 
1871; s. Alexander and Anna (Russell) Agassiz; grad. 
Harvard Univ., A.B., 1892; m. Philadelphia, Pa., 
March 27, 1894, Maria Dallas Scott; children; Maria 
Dallas, b. April 7, 18951 Anna, b. Sept. 19. 1SUU. Pres. 
and dir. Osceola Consolidated Mining Co., Ahmeek 
Mining Co., Tamarack Mining Co., Isle Royale Copper 
Co.; dir. State Street Trust Co., Am. Trust Co., Wal- 
ter Baker Co., Ltd. Clubs: Knickerbocker, Harvard 
(X". Y.), Harvard (Boston), Myopia Hunt, Country 
(Brookline), Somerset, Chicago, University (Chicago). 
Residence: Hamilton, Mass. Address: 12 Ashburton 
PI.. Boston. Mass. 


Former State Senator; b. X. Y". City, 1808: s. A. G. 
Agnew; grad. Princeton, A.B., 1891. In business in 
X. Y. City since 1S91. Mem. Xat. Guard State of N. Y. 
for 15 years (two years a.d.c. on staff of Gov. Mor- 
ton). Republican, elected for four terms as repre- 
sentative of 27th Assembly Dist. of X. Y. Co.: in 1906 
elected to State Senate from new lith Senatorial 
Dist.; mem. special com. appt'd 1905 to investigate 
the gas and electric situation in X. Y r . City. Mem. 
Republican Co. Com. of N. Y. Co. Address: 22 Will- 
iam St., X. Y. City. 


Born X Y. City, April 18, 1853; ed. public schools 
N. Y. City and College City, N. Y. After holding 
clerkship in several well-known houses, entered pub- 
lic life as mem. Assembly from 4th Dist. (N. Y.), 
1SS9: chief clerk Essex Market Court same year; 
mem. State Senate (10th Senatorial Dist.), 1S89-1905; 
mem. Fassett Investigating Com. Has been the spe- 
cial champion of the Fire Dep't and the author of 
many measures for its improvement; author so- 
called Mothers' bill, which has effected great reform 
in treatment of dependent children; advocated pass- 
age of laws relating to welfare of public school 
teachers, and succeeded in providing pension for 
them; has taken great interest in providing means 
for summer outings for indigent and invalid women 
and children. Pres. Borough of Manhattan, 1900. 
Mem. B'd Sachems Tammany Soc. Address: 290 E. 
Broadway, X. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. in town of Fenton, Broome Co., X. 1"., 
April 15, 1870; s Patrick M. and Johanna (Bresnihan) 
Ahern; ed. in dist. sch.. Whitney's Point (N. Y.) 
Acad., Ithaca (N. Y.) High Sch. one year: Cornell 
Univ., Ph.B., 1894; Cornell Univ. Coll. of Law, LL.B., 

1896; during coll. course was asso. editor college 
dally paper, the Cornell Sun, for three years, and its 
mg'r i"i two years; unmarried. Advertising mg'r 
Buffalo Evening News, 1895-1890; clerk in law office 
111 Humphrey, Lockwood & Hoyt, 1896-1897; admitted 
'" I'ai, 1896; has practised law independently since 
May I, ]s:>7. Democrat (Independent). Mem. Knights 
of Columbus (grand knight Buffalo Council); lieut. 
Co. F, ,4th Reg't N. G., N. T., mem. Rifle Team.; 
Mem. Erie County Bar Ass'n, Cornell Univ.; Alumni 
Ass'n for Western N. Y. Recreations: Military work, 
rifle shooting, athletics, social and fraternal work, 
clubs: Lawyers, Union, Motor Boat (Buffalo!. Ad- 
dress: :;i>7 D. S. Morgan Bid's, Buffalo, X. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Mar 0. 1850; 
- Ira and Ellen (Ulney) Aiken; ed. Auburn schools 
and Univ. Rochester, A.B., 1877; m. July 13, 1881, 
Frances Baker. Engaged in practice of law at Au- 
burn, X. Y., from 1879. Dir. and counsel The Xew 
York, Auburn & Lansing R.R. Co. Mayor of Au- 
burn, X. Y". Republican; Baptist. Mem. Cayuga Co. 
Hist. Soc, Geog. Ass'n, B.P.O. Elks. Cluub: City 
(Auburn). Address: 141 Genesee St., Auburn, X. Y. 


.Merchant; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 31, 1850; s. John and 
Anne (Anderson) Aitken; grad. Princeton Univ., B.A., 
1869; A.M., 1S72; m. Rochester, N. Y., 1S77 Helen F 
i'owers; children: Helen Jean, John. Mem. firm Ait- 
ken, Son & Co., dry goods merchants. Dir. 2d Nat. 
Bank; trustee Bowery Savings Bank. Mem. Am. Fine 
Arts Soc, Met. Museum of Art, Am. Museum of Nat- 
ural History, Chamber of Commerce, N. Y. Zool. Soc 
"lubs: University, Union League, Metropolitan, 
Princeton. Residence: 2S W. 54th St. Address: 417 
Fifth Ave., N. Y. City. 


Bank pres., lawyer; b. X. Y. City, 1867; s. William 
B and Catherine (Beekman) Aitken; grad. Columbia 
Coll., A.B., 1888; A.M., 1889; Ph.D., 1890; m. 1st, Edith 
h,-? x (deceased); 2d, Nora Hamilton Coote; children- 
Edith, ib. 1S97; Beekman, b. 1905. Pres. The Bronx 
Savings Bank, Aitken Construction Co and The 
Bronx Safe Deposit Co. Episcopalian. Mem. Ass'n. 
Bar, City of N. Y.; Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, 
Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution, N. Y Geneal 
and Biog. Soc Club: X. Y. Athletic. Address: 312 
W . i St'h St., X T . T. City. 


Educator; b. Langdon, N. H., Aug. S," 1S65; s. Solon 
and Ellen Lucilha (Eames) Albee; grad. Univ of Vt 
A.B., 1S87; fellow in psychology, Clark Univ. 1S91: 
iellow in philosophy, Cornell Univ., 1892; Ph.D (Cor- 
nell), 1894; m. Dec. 23. 1911, Emily Humphreys Manly. 
Prof, of philosophy, Cornell Univ. Mem Phi Beta 
Kappa Soc. Co-editor: Philosophical Review 1903- 
1908. Author: History of English Utilitarianism, 1902 
iMacmillan), and various articles. Mem. Am. Philos 
Ass'n, Am. Psychol. Ass'n. Clubs: Town and Gown 
(Ithaca). City (N. Y. City). Authors' (London). Ad- 
dress: The Circle, Ithaca, N. Y. 


Surgeon; to. Alna, Me., April 13. 1876; s. F Huysen 
and Mary Charlotte (Houdlett) Albee: attended Lin- 
coln Acad., New Castle, Me., 1895; Bowdoin Coll 
Brunswick, Me., A.B., 1899; Harvard Univ.. Med Sch' 
M.D., 1903; m. N. Y. City, Feb. 2, 1907, Louella Mai 
Berry. Studied in clinics of Vienna, Berlin, Paris 
Liverpool and London, 1908-1909; prof, orthopedic 
surgery Univ. Vermont; adjunct prof. Post-Graduate 
Med. Sch. Formerly ass't prof. Cornell Med. Coll 
visiting surgeon Post-Graduate Hosp.; consulting sur- 
geon YVaterbury and Muhlenberg Hosps. Pres. Corp'n 
of Colonia, McAbee Realty & Construction Co. Lieut. 
Med. Reserve Corps, U. S. A. Independent. Mem. Am. 
Med. Ass'n, Am. Orthopedic Ass'n, Am. Roentgen Ray 
Soc, N. Y. Acad, of Medicine (ex-dhm'n Orthopedic 
Section), Harvard Med. Soc; mem. Kappa Sigma and 
Phi Chi fraternities. Recreations: Tennis, golf, trav- 
eling. Clubs: Harvard, Colonia County (v.-p.). Resi- 
dence: Colonia, N. J. Address: 40 E. 41st St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; legal educator and author; b. Wilmington. 
Will Co., 111., June 4. 1866; s. Edward and Adelaide 
(Cousens) Alden; grad. N. Y. Univ., LL.B., 1892; T.T, Al , 
1893: J.D. (Honorary), 1904; m. Unadilla N. Y., June 
29, 1898, Sue L. Wiesmer; children: Joi.n. b. 1900; 
Ruth. b. 1905; Carlos Coolidge, Jr., to. 1911. In active 
legal practice in X. Y'. City, 1893-1904; prof, law N. Y. 
Univ. Law Sch., 1896-1904; dean of Buffalo Law Sch. 
since 1904. Appt'd counsel to Gov. Hughes of X. Y'., 
1909: Comm'r on Uniform State Laws, since 1910. 



Mem. Phi Delta Phi fraternity. Author: Handbook of 
N. Y. Code of Civil Procedure; Second Edition of Ab- 
bott's Forms of Pleading, Second Edition of Abbott's 
Practice and Forms. Mem. Soc. Mayflower Descend- 
ants, tracing ancestry to John Alden. Club: University 
(Buffalo). Address: 27 Ashland Av., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Editor and publisher; b. Afton, la., May 31, 1862; 
d. Oliver S. and Luclnda (Lewis) Westover; grad. 
State Univ. of Colo., A.B.; M. Lltt, Alfred (N. Y.) 
Univ., 1900; m. N. Y. City, 1890, John Alden. Taught 
In public schoola at Boulder, Colo.; later private sec. 
of street cleaning comm'r, N. Y. City; was editor 
Woman's Page, N. Y. Recorder; Woman's Page, N. Y. 
Tribune. Founder and pres-gen., Internac. Sunshine 
Soc. (Inc.), largest philanthropic society in U. S., 
membership over 300,000, with about 3,000 branches. 
Treasurer and founder of the Blind Babies' Home 
(only place in Empire State for blind babies). Au- 
thor: Bushy (tale of child-life In Far West); Man- 
hattan, Historic and Artistic; Women's Ways of Earn- 
ing money. Address: 96 5th Av., N. Y. City. 


Editor, author; b. Mt. Tabor, near Danby, Vt., Nov. 
11, 1836; grad. Williams Coll., A B i857; A.M., 1860; 
L.H.D., 1890; LLD., 1907; grad. Andover Theol. Sem., 
1860, but never took orders; m. 1st, 1861, Susan Frye 
Foster, of N. Andover, Mass.; 2d, 1900, Ada Foster 
Murray, of Norfolk, Va.; three daughters by firsc 
marriage. Lowell Inst, lecturer, 1863-1864, on The 
Structure of Paganism; mn'g editor Harper's Weekly, 
1863-1869; editor Harper's Magazine since 1869. Au- 
thor: God and His World, 1890; A Study of Death, 
1895; Magazines. Writing and the New Literature, 
1908; Harper's Pictorial History of the Great Rebel- 
lion (with A. H. Guernsey). Club: Authors. Resi- 
dence: Metuchen, N. J. Address: Care Harper & 
Bros., 325 Pearl St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. WethersHeld, Vt., April 1, 1871; s. 
Charles F. and Abbie L. (Spaulding) Aldrich; ed. Vt. 
Acad., Saxton's River, Vt.; Brown Univ., A.B., 1894; 
A.M., Wesleyan Univ., 1896; m. Manchester, N. H., 
Sept. 9, 1897, Helen P. Drake; one daughter, Adeline, 
b. 1902. Traveled in Europe summer of 1896; has 
practised law ever since; now mem. firm of Shaw, 
Bailey & Murphy. Dlr. Pioneer Bld'g Loan Sav. Ass'n 
of Troy, Union Nat. Bank of Troy, Illlum Realty Co.; 
sec. and treas. Collar City Land Co. Served 5 years 
In 6th Separate Co. N.G.N. Y. (Troy), Citizens' Corps, 
Republican (Independent); Baptist. Mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Delta Upsilon frater- 
nity. Trustee 1st Baptist Ch Troy, N. Y. Recrea- 
tions: Gymnasium, tennis, whist. Club: Pafraets 
Dael. Address: Troy, N. Y. 

Architect; b. Providence, R. I., June 4, 1871; s. 
Ellsha S. and Anna (Gladding) Aldrich; grad. Colum- 
bia Univ. (Ph.B.), 1893; Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, 
France, Diplome par le Gouvernement Francais. En- 
gaged in practice as architect since 1900; mem. of 
Arm of Delano & Aldrich, architects, of Walters Art 
Gallery, Baltimore, Md.; Philadelphia Orphanage, 
residences for John D. Rockefeller at Pocantico Hills. 
N. Y.; W. B. O. Field, Bronson Winthrop, Harry 
Payne Whitney, etc. Mem. Am. Inst, of Architects; 
Soc. of Beaux Arts Architects, Societfi des Architects 
Diplomes, etc. Address: 4 E. 39th St., N. Y. City. 


Publisher; b. East Blackstone, Mass.; s. Andrew J. 
and Auretta (Roys) Aldrich; ed. Cornell Univ., 1880- 
1883; m. Oct. 10, 1893, Mary Grace, one of the Clark- 
son family. Was mn'g editor Cleveland Plain Dealer, 
western editor Scientific American. Engaged 3ince 
1893 in publication of technical periodicals. Pres. 
and treas. Aldrich Publishing Co., Marine Eng'rlng, 
Inc., and The Boiler Maker, Inc.; publisher and prop'r 
Internat. Marine Eng'rlng, published simultaneously 
In N. Y. City, and at 31 Christopher St., London, E. C, 
England. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs; Soc. Naval 
Architects and Marine Eng'rs; Mil. Order of Loyal Le- 
gion; Mason. Has traveled extensively in Europe, 
N America, East'n Siberia and Alaska; has written 
many articles. Author: Arctic Alaska and Siberia. 
Clubs: Engineers, Machinery, Army and Navy (Wash., 
D. C). Address: Hotel San Remo, N. Y. City. 


Journalist; b. Providence, R. I., July 31, 1863; s. 
Ellsha Smith and Anna Elizabeth (Gladding) Aldrich; 
ed. Providence High Sch., Harvard Univ., A.B., 1885. 
Became reporter on Providence Journal. Aug., 1885; 
then musical and dramatic editor and editorial writer; 
private sec. V. S. Senator Dixon, 1889-1891. In 1S91 

joined staff of N. Y. Tribune as reporter; then be- 
came telegraph editor, ass't day editor, ass't literary 
editor. Since Oct., 1902, on staff of N. Y. Times as 
musical editor. Author: A Guide to Parsifal, 1904 
(Oliver Dltson); A Guide to the Nlbelung's Ring, 1905 
(Oliver Ditson). Translator of Lilli Lehmann's book, 
How to Sing" (Macmlllan); contrlb'r to magazines, 
periodicals, etc. Clubs: Century, University, Harvard, 
St. Botolph (Boston). Address: Care New York Times, 
Times Square, N. Y. City. 


Merchant; b. Paterson, N. J.; s. Volney and Harriet 
(Hull) Aldridge; m. St. Louis, Mo, May 27, 1891, Clara 
Billon. Treas. and dlr. China & Japan Trading Co., 
Ltd. Ex-Captain 23rd Reg't, N.G.N.Y. Sec. and trus- 
tee Gates Av. Homoeopathic Disp. Mem. N. Y. Cham- 
ber of Commerce, N. E. Soc, Sons of Revolution. 
Clubs: Down Town Ass'n, Union League, Hamilton, 
Dyker Meadow Golf, Scarsdale Golf & Country, Shel- 
ter Island Golf & Country. Residence: 19 Monroe PI., 
Brooklyn. Address: 32 Burling Slip, N. Y. City. 


Banker; ib. Brooklyn, N. Y.; s. Volney and Harriet 
E. (Hull) Aldridge; ed. in Brooklyn sens. ; m. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1884, Bessie Jones Lowrey (died 
1909); one d. Marguerite, b. 1890. With firm of Bow- 
ring & Archibald, exporters, N. Y. City, 1877-1884; 
sec. Long Island Loan & Trust Co., Brooklyn, 1888- 
1913; sec. Brooklyn Trust Co., since Feb., 1913; pres. 
and dir. Excelsior Hygienic Ice Co. Served 12 years 
in 23d Reg't, N.G.N.Y. Episcopalian. V.-p. and trus- 
tee Brooklyn Heights Sem.; trustee Sheltering Arms 
Nursery, Brooklyn Home for Aged Men. Mem. Soc. 
Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution, New Eng. Soc. of 
N. Y., sec. New Eng. Soc. of Brooklyn, Hull Family 
Ass'n. Clubs: Crescent Athletic Hamilton, Brooklyn. 
Address: 471 Clinton Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Contractor; b. Michigan City, Ind., Dec. 28, 1856; ed. 
public schools of Rochester, N. Y., and Carey Collegi- 
ate Sem., Oakfleld, N. Y. Pres. American Clay & Ce- 
ment Corp'n, Rochester; dir. Lincoln Nat. Bank of 
Rochester, N. Y. Chm'n Rochester B'd of Public 
Works, 1883-1894; elected mayor of Rochester. 1894; 
Appt'd. N. Y. State Supt. of Public Works. 
1895, by Gov. Morton, reappt'd by Gov. Black, 
1897. During term had charge, and brought to com- 
pletion, State Capitol at Albany. Appt'd N. Y. State 
railroad comm'r by Gov. Higgins, 1905, and during 
part of term was chm'n of comm'n. Mem. Rep. State 
Com. since 1888, and duTing all of which time has 
been mem. of its Exec. Com. Delegate to Rep. Nat. 
Conv. 1896, 1900, 1904, 1908, 1912. Mem. Rochester 
Hist. Soc, Empire State Soc S.A.R.; Mason, Odd Fel- 
low, Elk. Clubs: Rochester, Genesee Valley, Roches- 
ter Athletic, Rochester Whist (Rochester), Oak Hill 
Country; Lotos, Lawyers, Republican (N. Y. City). 
Address: Rochester, N. Y. 


Regent Univ. State of N. Y., lawyer, capitalist; b. 
N. Y. City, Dec. 6, 1849; s. Henry Martyn and Susan 
Mary (Brown) Alexander; g. s. late Rev. Archibald 
Alexander, D.D., one of founders and first prof. 
Princeton Theol. Sem.; on mother's side of Rev. 
Matthew Brown, D.D., formerly pres. Jefferson Coll., 
Pa., and Mary W. p'erguson, d. Maj. Ferguson of Rev- 
olutionary Army, later of First U. S. Art'y, killed at 
St. Clair's Defeat. Ed. collegiate sch. of M. W. Lyon, 
and by private instr'n, entered Princeton Univ.. 1S66, 
grad. A.B., 1870; Columbia Univ. Law Sch., LL.B., 
1872- A.M. Princeton Univ., 1873, and honorary LL.D., 
1895; LL.D., 1902 from Washington and Jefferson Coll.; 
Litt D, 1913, from Washington and Lee Univ.; m. San 
Francisco Calif., April 26, 1887, Harriet, d. Charles 
Crocker of Calif.; children: Harriet, Janetta, Mary 
Crocker. Admitted to bar N. Y. City, June 17, 1872; 
Calif, bar, Dec. 19, 1888; bar Supreme Court U. S., Nov. 
5, 1884; since admission to bar has been continuously 
in practice; mem. firm Alexander & Green until end of 
1912. Has been concerned in many of the largest 
litigations during past forty years; eminent as adviser 
of corp'ns and estates. Dir. and mem. Exec. Com. 
Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of U. S. (counsel many 
vears) ; trustee Equitable Trust Co.; dir. and mem. 
Exec Com. Internat. Banking Corp'n; dir. Mt. Morris 
Bank, Internat. Bank, Tri-State Land Co., Rocky 
River Coal & Coke Co.; pres. and dir. Zwoyer Fuel Co. 
Formerly dir. Mercantile Trust Co., Windsor Trust 
Co., Hocking Valley R. R. Author of legal treatise on 
N. Y. Law of Life Insurance, and Memoirs of Major 
William Ferguson. Has delivered numerous addresses 
on various academic, patriotic and other occasions; 
among others, the annual address on July 4, 1908, be- 



fore R. I. State Soc. of the Cincinnati, another at 
Princeton Theol, Sem. Centennial, May 6, 1912; and 
commencement address at Washington and Lee Univ., 
May 11, 1913. Delegate to Nat. Dem. Conv., Baltimore, 
June, 1912; elected by concurrent vote of Legislature 
State of N. Y., regent Univ. of State of N. Y., Feb. 12. 
1913, term expires 1925; chm'n State Science Work and 
State Museum; Higher Ed'n; State Library; Law; and 
Legislation. Engaged with wife in large philan- 
thropic affairs; presented with Sevres Group, as ac- 
knowledgment of thanks from French Gov't, for 
reception given to French Champlain Comm'n, 1912. 
Trustee Princeton Univ. many years (Alexander Hall 
was built and presented by wife, 1S92) ; trustee 5th 
Av. Presby'n Ch. Hereditary mem. Soc. and treas. Pa. 
State Soc. of Cincinnati; mem. Soc. Colonial Wars, 
Sons of Revolution, S. A. R., Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., 
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Pilgrims of U. S. t Pan-Am. Soc. 
of U. S. Clubs: Union, University, Riding, Tuxedo, Met- 
ropolitan, Army and Navy. N. Y. Yacht, Lawyers, Auto- 
mobile of America, Princeton (N. Y.), Princeton (Phlla), 
Nat. Democratic, Saabright Beach, Seabright Lawn Ten- 
nis and Cricket, Tuxedo Golf (pres.), Burlingame 
Country, Pacific-Union (Calif.). Residences: Tuxedo 
Park, N. Y., 4 W. 58th St.. N. Y. City, 80 Av. du Bois de 
Boulogne, Paris. Address: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; ex-mem. Congress; b. Richmond, Me., 
July 17, 1S46; s. Stanwood and Priscilla (Brown) Alex- 
ander; entered Union Army at age of 15, serving for 
three years as private soldier, 1862-1865; prepared for 
college at Edward Little Inst., Auburn, Me.; grad. 
Bowdoin Coll., A.B., 1870; AM., 1873; later LL.D.; m. 
1st. Sept. 21. 1871. Alice Colby; 2nd, Dec. 28, 1892, Anne 
D. Bliss. Located at Indianapolis, Ind., where engaged 
In law practice as partner of Hon. Stanton J. Peelle, 
now chief justice of Court of Claims, Washington, 
D. C. Delegate Nat. Rep. Conv., 1872; sec. Ind. Rep. 
State Conv. 1874-1878; appt'd, 1881, fifth auditor of the 
Treasury, and while in Washington was for one term 
comd'r Dept. of Potomac, G. A. R. ; removed to Buffalo 
and became law partner of college classmate, Hon. 
James A. Roberts, formerly comptroller State of N. Y. 
U. S. attorney for Northern District of N. Y., 1889- 
1903; mem. of Congress from 33d N. Y. Dlst.. 1897- 
1903: from 36th N. Y. Dlst., 1903. Republican;' 
Preshy'n. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Overseer Bow- 
doin Coll. Author: Political History of the State of 
New York. 2 vols. (Henrv Holt & Co.). Clubs: Buffalo, 
University, Liberal. Address: 31 North St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Clergyman; b. West Charlton, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1843; s. 
Alexander F. and Margaret (Bunyan) Alexander; 
grad. Union Coll., 1866 (D.D., 1884); grad. Princeton 
Theol. Sem., 1870. Pastor East Av. Presby'n Ch., 
Schenectady, N. Y., 1870-1883; Presbyterian Ch. on Univ. 
Place, N. Y. City since 1884. Chaplain of St. Andrew's 
Soc. of the State of N. Y. Pres. of council of New 
York Univ.. B'd of Foreign Missions of the Presbyte- 
rian Ch., B'd of Dlr. New York Coll. of Dentistry, 
American and Foreign Christian Union; trustee of 
Union Coll.; pres. 1907-1909; dir. Princeton Theol. Sem. 
Address: 47 University Place, N. Y. City. 


Former pres. Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of the 
U. S.; b. Princeton, N. J., July 19, 1839; s. Rev. Dr. 
James W. Alexander, pastor 5th Avenue Presby'n Ch.; 
grad. Princeton, A.B., 1860 (AM.); m. Elizabeth, N. J., 
Nov. 24, 1862. Elizabeth Beasley Williamson. Admit- 
ted to N. Y. Bar, 1862; practised law until 1866: after 
that in Equitable Life Assurance Soc, becoming pres. 
on death of Henry B. Hyde, until 1905. Trustee 
Princeton Univ.; formerly pres. Soc. of the Virginians. 
Author: Princeton, Old and New, 1898. Clubs: Univer- 
sity (was pres. 8 years). Metropolitan, Princeton (was 
pres. 6 years), Century. Address: 24 Broad St., N. Y. City. 


ATtlst; b. Allegheny City, Pa., Oct. 7, 1856; s. John 
and Frances (Smith) Alexander; student of Royal 
Acad, of Fine Arts, Munich; (A.M., Princeton, 1892, 
Ditt.D., 1909); m. Nov. 2, 1887, Elizabeth Alexander; 
one son, James W., Jr. Awarded gold medal Phlla. 
Acad. Fine Arts. 1897; gold medal of honor. 1904: 
also at Paris Exp'n, 1900, and Pan-Am., Buffalo, 
1901; Dlpplncott prize, Philadelphia; first prize, Wash- 
ington, D. C, Art Soc; first Carnegie prize, Soc Am. 
Artists; medal, Munich Acad.; gold medal Da. Purchase 
Exp'n, 1904; represented In Luxembourg, Paris, gal- 
lery at St. Petersburg; private galleries, London and 
Edinburgh, Scotland; Carnegie Inst., Pittsburgh; Phil- 
adelphia Acad. Fine Arts; Willstach collection, Fair- 
mount Park, and Elkins collection, Philadelphia: Bos- 
ton Museum Fine Arts; Met. Museum. N. Y.; Cincin- 

nati Fine Arts Inst.; Princeton Univ.; Harvard Univ.; 
R. I. Sch. of Design; Congressional Library, Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; Chamber of Commerce, and Cooper 
Union, N. Y.; State House, Trenton, N. J.; City Hall. 
Albany. N. Y., and in many private collections. Painted 
a portrait of President Loubet, which hangs in the 
ElysGe Palace, Paris; Chevalier Legion d'Honneur, 
1901: academician Nat. Acad. Design, 1902; mem 
Society Nationale des Beaux Arts, Paris; Soc. Am 
Artists, Nat Soc Mural Painters Architectural 
League, Nat. Inst. Arts and Letters, Societfe Nouvelle 
de Paris, Internat. Soc. London; honorary mem. of 
Soc. of Austrian Painters, and of The Secession of 
Munich. Clubs: Century, Metropolitan. Union. Resi- 
dence: 116 E. 65th St. Studio: 123 E. 63d St, N. Y. City. 


Stockbroker; b. in Meade Co.. Ky. ; s. Junius B. and 
Lucy Fltzhugh (Dade) Alexander; ed. Washington 
Univ., St. Louis, and Jefferson Coll., Pa., A.B.. 1864; m. 
Madison Sq. Presby'n Ch., June 12, 1866, Orllne St. 
John; children: St. John, Orline, Lucy, Lawrence D. Jr. 
Engaged in banking and Stock Exchange business 
since 1866. Independent in politics. Presby'n. Mem. Phi 
Kappa Sigma fraternity. Club: Century. Residence: 
New Canaan, Conn. Address: 20 Broad St., N. Y. City. 


Sec Equitable Life Assurance Soc of U. S.; s. Rev. 
James W. (D.D.) and Elizabeth (Cabell) Alexander: 
ed. In Univ. of Va. ; m. Frances Gordon Paddock; one 
d.. Mrs. Frances A. Wellman. Mem. Ass'n for Protec- 
tion of the Adirondacks, Charities Organization Soc. 
Southern Soc. Clubs: Century, Union, University. 
Lawyers. The Virginians, Ausable. Address: 165 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Broker; s. J. Henry Alexandre; grad. Harvard Univ.. 
class of 1907; m. Anne Loomls Dyar. Mem. N. Y. 
Stock Exchange. Clubs: Riding, Racquet and Tennis. 
Squadron A. Address. 7 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Burlington, Vt. ; s Charles J. and Harriot 
S. (Murdoch) Alger; ed. Univ. of Vt, A.B. (Phi Beta 
Kappa), 1892; N. Y. Univ. Daw Sch., 1895; m. Boston, 
1903, Grace E. Drew. Engaged In practise of law In 
N. Y. City since 1895; now mem. law firm of Alger & 
Simpson. Mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, N. Y., County 
Lawyers' Ass'n, N. Y. Law inst, Phi Delta Phi frater- 
nity. Interested in reform of laws relating to child 
labor, and drafted present Employers' Liability Act of 
State of N. Y., and many of the State laws relating to 
child labor in factories and stores. Author: Alger and 
Slater on the New York Employers' Liability Act (2d 
edition) 1907; Moral Overstrain, 1906. The Old Law 
and the New Order (Houghton, Mifflin) 1913; also va- 
rious contb'ns to magazines. Clubs: City, Economic. 
Phi Delta Phi (ex-pres.). Residence: 451 West End 
Av. Address: 27 William St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 28, 1865; s John and 
Mary (Hill) Allen; descendant Gen. Ethan Allen, Lord 
Cadwalader Blayney, and Hon. Joseph Addison; ed. 
LeonaTd Acad., 1872-1875; Essex County Grammar 
Sch., N. J., 1875-1879; N. Y. Sch. of Languages, Amherst 
Coll., Columbia Univ., AM., LL.B., Ph.D.; m. June 26, 
1901, Sarah Edith Kutz of Reading. Pa. Admitted to 
bar, N. Y. City, 1889, in practice since 1891. Traveled 
in Europe and Western Asia, 1889-1890. Contb'r to 
Educator, Sag Harbor Express, and various articles 
on European Travel, and lectured for N. Y. B'd of 
Ed'n. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. A. A. A. S., 
Columbia Coll. Alumni Ass'n. Dwight Alumni Ass'n. 
S. A. R. Clubs: Alpha Delta Phi. Quill, University. 
Address: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Postmaster, Jamestown, N. Y.; b. Jamestown, N Y., 
Sept. 7, 1873; s. Alfred D. and Virginia (Mahcn) Allen; 
ed. The Gunnery. Washington, Conn.; Berkeley Sch., 
N. Y. City; Phillips Exeter Acad.; Harvard A.B, 1896; 
Buffalo Law Sch., 1896-1898. Enlisted at Buffalo, N. 
Y., July 27, 189S, in 202d N. Y. Vol. Inf.; app't serg't 
Aug 5. 1898: comm'd 2d lieut. Oct 3. 1898; served four 
months in Cuba; discharged at Savannah, Ga., >nrtl 
15, 1899; since then engaged in real estate busings at 
Jamestown. N. Y. Elected supervisor from Jamestown 
N. Y., to the Chautauqua County B'd of Supervisors 
April 5, 1905: elected mem. Assembly from dhaufannni 
County in 1906 and 1007, re-elected 1916; chm'n Com 
on Federal Relations of Gen. Asse.nbiy 1908-191O - 
appt'd Postmaster, Jamestown N. r Tp e h 1 mii* 
Republican. Mem. Phi Delta Phi (las- fraternity) Fra 
ternal Order of Eagles. Aerie 816 Address: James- 
town, N. Y. 




Banker; b. Manchester. Mass.: s John and Evelyn 
(Hooper) Allen; m. Louie Sutherland; children: 
Catharine, Evelyn, Benjamin, Louis. V.-p. Columbia- 
Knickerbocker Trust Co-; v.-p. and dir. Knickerbocker 
Safe Deposit Co.; dir, Tanana Valley R. R. Co., Globe 
Lithographing Co., U. S. News Co., Brunswick Site Co.. 
Hotel Holding Co., Hotel Securities Co., N. Y. Title 
Ins. Co., Santa Cecilia Sugar Co., Trustee Rosedale and 
Linden Cemetery Ass'n. Episcopalian. Address: (ill 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Author; b. Windsor Locks, Conn., May, 1865; s. B. 
Rowland and Annie Pierson (Dexter) Allen; ed. pri- 
\ :i i.-, com n and high sens., Hartford, Conn.: m. Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1890 Frances Louise Clark. Banker 20 
years; writer, editorial critic, etc., 15 years. Author: 
American Book Plates (New York and London, 1894), 
and several other books on book plates. Contb'r to 
magazines, papers, encyclopedias, etc. Mem. Internat. 
Jury of Award, Louisiana Purchase Exp'n, 1904 (Dept. 
of Books, Bindings, etc.). Clubs: Authors, Arts (N. 
Y. City). Recreations: Golf, walking. Address: 30 
Gates Ave., Montclair, N. J. 


Banker; b. Lowell, Mass., April 15, 1848; s. Otis and 
Louise (Bixbv) Allen; grad. Amherst Coll., 1869, A.M., 
LL.D., 1900; m. Nov. 10, 1870, Harriet Coleman Dean; 
two daughters. Was lumber merchant at Lowell; mem. 
Mass. General Court, 1881-82; Mass. State Senate, 1883; 
elected mem. of Congress, 1884 (two terms), holding 
important place en tihe corns, on Indian Affair's and 
Post Offices; Republican candidate for governor of 
Mass., 1891. but defeated by a small majority by Gov- 
ernor Russell; succeeded Theodore Roosevelt as ass't 
sec. of the Navy, 1898. and served during the war with 
Spain; was, in 1900, made first civil governor of Porto 
Rico under American authority, and organized the new 
gov't; for these services was offered by President Mc- 
Kinley the choice of 'several dipolmatic appointments. 
Since 1902 pres. Appleton Nat. Bank at Lowell; dir. 
Nat. Bank of Commerce, Am. Surety Co., Guaranty 
Trust Co.. N. Y.; Union Exchange Nat. Bank, N. Y.: 
Appleton (Nat. Bank, Electric Properties Co., N. Y., and 
pres., dir. Am. Sugar Refining Co. Trustee Amherst 
Coll., Smith Coll. Clubs: Union (Boston). Metropoli- 
tan (Washington), Yorick. Vesper (Lowell), Metro- 
politan, Universitv (New York). Residence: 131 E. 
66th St. Address: 117 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. St. Louis, Mc, Dec. 3, 1875; s. Gen. 
Charles J. Allen (U. IS. Army, retired) and Elizabeth 
Walbridge (Cleveland) Allen; ed. Columbian Univ. Law 
Sch. (now George Washington Univ.). LL.M., and D. 
C.L., 1899, 1900; Nat. Univ. Law Sch., LL.B., 1897, LL.M., 
1898; m. Litchfield, Conn., April 24, 1909, Ethel Whit- 
ney, of Oakland, Cal., and Washington, D. C. ; chil- 
dren: Charles Klssam, Jr., b. 1910; George Whitney, 
b. 1911. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. Co. 
Lawyers' Ass'n. Residence: Ridgewood. N. J. Ad- 
dress: 2 Rector St., N. Y. City. 


Publisher: b. Bordentown, N. J.. Jan. 5, 1860; s. 
Col. Joseph Warner (9th N. J. Vols.) and Sarah B. 
(Norcross) Allen; grad. Princeton. A.B., 18S0; m. N. 
Y. City, June 2, 1890, Julia Hawks Oakley (died 1909); 
children: Sara Burns, Marjorie Hawks, Doris Harwood, 
Olive Trowbridge. Entered service of Nat. R'y Pub- 
lication Co., 1881, as clerk; made ass't editor Official 
R'y Guide, 1890; ass't mg'r Nat. R'y Publication Co., 
1906; sec. and treas. Knickerbocker Guide Co. since 
1883; sec. and treas. R'y Equipment and Publication 
Co., since 1897. Sec. Manhattan Fire Alarm Co. Vet- 
eran 7th Reg't. N. Y. (Co. B); sec. B'd of Health, So. 
Orange, N. J.; elected trustee, same village, Nov. 1905, 
1911 and 1913. Republican. Episcopalian. Vestryman 
Ch. of the Holy Communion, So. Orange, N. J. Clubs: 
Underwriters, Transportation. Address: 24 Park 
Place, N. Y. City. 


Editor Jamestown Morning Post; b. Moscow, Liv- 
I Lngston Co., N, v.,\ 14, 1868; s. Elias and Rosetta 
1 (Sheldon) Allen; ed. in dist. sch., S. Bristol. N. Y., and 
. ublic schs. of Rochester, N, Y. ; grad. Rochester Free 
AcJ., 1887; m. Canandaig-ua, N. Y.. Dec. 4. 1895. Mar- 
tha C. Van De Vyver; children: Marjorie, b. 1897; Ed- 
ward Robert, b. 189*9; Elizabeth, b. 1901. R. 
Rochester herald, 1887-1891, Rochester Union a 
vertiser. 189\1-1892; asso. editor Rochester Herald, 
1892-1895; cashier Rochester post-office, is 
editorial writer I'tuffalo Enquirer, 1897. Buffalo Ci 
1897-1901; interested Jamestown capitalists in 
lishment of Morning Post. 1901, and has been editnr 
since its first issue, Sept. 2, 1901; sec. Post PuV, 

Co., Jamestown, N. Y. Mem. Jamestown Charter Re- 
vision Comm'n, 1900-1907, Jamestown Board of Health, 
1910-1913; sec. Chautauqua Co. Direct Primary Ass'n; 
mem. Advisory Council of State Direct Primaries Ass'n, 
Executive Council of local Anti-Tuberculosis Con. 
Presby'n. Mem. Alpha Zeta fraternity, Nat. Civic Fed- 
eration, State Press Ass'n. Club: University (James- 
town). Address: Morning Post, Jamestown, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Amenia, Dutchess Co., X. Y., .Nov. 
26, 1844; s. John T. and Mary (Soule) Allen; ed. Dutch- 
ess Co. Acad., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Cornell Coll., 
Ml. Vernon, Iowa, and four years' course Union Coll., 
Schenectady, N. 1'., A.B., 1865, and elected mem. Phi 
Beta Kappa; also one of two speakers at closing ex- 
ercises of Philomathean Lit. Soc. ; m. N. Y. City, Oct. 
25, 1876, Mary Eleanor Devoe; one d., Ethel D. Allen, 
b. 1878. Admitted to bar 1876, at N. Y. City, where has 
since been engaged in general practice of law. Mem. 
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. As mem. of Good Government 
Club, and later of Citizens' Union, engaged for sev- 
i id years in work for better municipal gov't; trustee 
n! the common schools 14 years, in the 24th Ward of 
-\ T . Y. City. Episcopalian. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa 
Alumni Ass'n, Union Coll. Alumni Ass'n, Delta Kappa 
Epsilon, Civil Service Reform Ass'n, Dutchess County 
Soc. Address: 42 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands; s. Hon. 
Elisha Hunt Allen, M.C. (also chief justice Hawaiian 
Islands and minister plenipotentiary to U. S.), and 
Mary Harrod (Hob'bes) Allen; grad. AJB., 1880 (A.M.), 
LL.B., 1883, Harvard Univ.; m. N. Y. City, 1892, Adele 
Livingston Stevens; children: Frederic Stevens, Mary 
Dorothy Adele, Barbara Frances Gallatin, Joan Liv- 
ingston, Julian Broome Livingston, Priscilla Alden 
Sampson. Studied law in office of Holmes & Adams; 
admitted to bar. 1884; became mn'g clerk Miller, Peck- 
ham & Dixon; later practised alone; in 1894 formed 
firm of Adams & Allen, and on death of senior part- 
ner, 1900, formed firm of Allen & Cammann. Sec. 
Hawaiian Legation, 1882, charge d'affaires; resigned 
1883; has been corp'n counsel, also pres. Village of 
Pelham Manor. Chm'n Dem. Co. Com., Westchester 
County, N, Y. ; has been delegate at various State 
convs. ; delegate to Dem. Nat. Con v. at Denver, 1908, 
twice mem. Exec. Com. of Dem. State Com. of N. Y. 
(in last campaign mem. Gen. Finance Com. of Demo- 
cratic Nat- Com.). Mem. Permanent Am. Comm'n that 
went abroad to study agr'l finance, production, dis- 
tribution and rural life. Mem. Sons of Revolution, 
Soc. Colonial Wars. Recreations: Hunting, polo. 
Clubs: Knickerbocker, Union, Manhattan, City. Resi- 
dence:. Bolton Priory, Pelham Manor, N. Y. Address: 
63 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Clergyman, author, lecturer; b. Lyme, N. H. Oct. 1, 
1845; s. Philander and Rhoda Lord (Hovey) Allen; ed. 
Deerfield Acad., Boston Univ.. Hartford Theol. Sem. ; 
studied at Univ. of Paris, also in Vienna (honorary 
LL.D.); m. Auburn, Me., 1881, M. Cora Bumpus, noted 
singer and musician. After leaving Deerfield Acad, 
learned printer's trade; in company with H. A. Wads- 
worth, published weekly edition of the Lawrence 
(Mass.) Eagle; founded and edited Lawrence Daily 
Eagle; purchased and edited Suffolk Co. Journal, Bos- 
ton, two years. Ordained to ministry, 1874; acting 
pastor Conga Ch., W. Brookfield. Mass.. IS months; 
pastor E. St. Cong'l Ch.. S. Boston, and Olivet Ch., 
Boston, about three years; acting pastor Cong'l Ch.. 
Abington, 14 months; pastor 1st Cong'l Ch., Rockland, 
Mass., 7 ye.ii s. World-wide traveler; visited over 500 
studios in great art centers. In 1883 brought to Amer- 
ica first successful process of photogravure plates; 
made the first Am. plates and first book ever issued in 
America from American-made plates. Author: Master- 
pieces of Modern German Art (2 vols.), Recent Ger- 
man Art. Modern German Masters (10 vols.). Great 
Cathedrals of the World (2 vols.). Famous Paintings 
(2 vols.). Grand Modern Paintings (2 vols.), Bowdoin 
Art Collection, History of the Reformation, Parisian 
Ail Mini Artists, Gerome (brochure), Dore (brochure), 
Edited: Lalla Rookh. Columbus. Cortez, Pizarro, Amer- 
ican Scenery. European Scenery. The Heart of Europe, 
Mountain. Lake and River; Art expert, and commis- 
sionaire in fine paintings. Republican. Mem. Nor- 
folk Ass'n of Cong'l Ministers, Metropolitan Museum 
Of Art. Brooklyn Inst. Arts and Sciences, Nat. Geog. 

!., Soc. Graphic Arts. Vienna Art See. of Munich; 
Auditor Home for Crippled Children, Boston. Royal 

ih Mason, Knight Templar. Club: City. Address: 
Hntel San Remo, 146 Central Park W., N. Y. City. 


U. S. Comm'r of Patents; b. Auburn, N. Y., Jan. 19, 
1S59; s. William Allen; ed. Auburn High Sch., Phillips 



Acad., Andover, Mass., Yale (Sheffield Scientific Sen.). 
B.S., 1879 (received the class prize in mineralogy); m. 
Auburn, N. Y., June 3, 1SS4, Cornelia Margaret, d. Gen. 
William H. Seward. Alter graduation studied law; 
admitted to bar, 1SS2; practised patent law at Auburn 
until appt'd, March, 1901, U. S. Comm'r of Patents. 
Lecturer on patent law, George Washington Univ.; 
represented I*. S, at the Congress of the Internat. 
Ass'n for the Protection of Industrial Property, at 
Berlin and Berne. Residence: Auburn, N. Y. Address: 
2 Rector St, N. Y. City. 


Merchant, mem. of Assembly; b. Mexico, Oswego 
Co., N. Y Dec. 13, 1874. Moved to Clinton, N. Y., 1884, 
and attended Clinton Grammar Sen., 1884-1889. Now 
engaged in hardware business. Mem. Republican 
County Com. of Oneida County from town of Kirk- 
land, 1908-1910; chm'n of Town Com.. 1906 and 1907. 
Mem. of Assembly from Oneida Co., 1910, 1911, 1912, 
1913. Clubs: Masonic, Arcanum (Utica), Shenandoah 
(Clinton), Sangerfield Country (Sangerfield), Albany 
(Albany). Address: Clinton, Oneida County, N. Y. 


Physician; b. N. Y. City; s. Samuel F. and Narcissa 
Jane (Stutsman) Allen; grad. N. Y. Homeopathic Med. 
Coll. and Hosp., M.D., 1895; special course N. Y. Post- 
Grad. Seh., 1S99; m. N. Y. City, 1896, Bertha Brush; 
one d. Eliazbeth Hoadley, b. 1903. Lecturer on physi- 
ology, 1897-1901; lecturer on practice, 1903-1904; prof, 
materia medica, X. Y. Homeo. Med. Coll. Visiting 
Physician to Hahnemann Hosp.; on staff of Laura 
Franklin Free Hosp. for Children, 1897-1902. Mem. 
Am. Inst, of Homeopathy, N. Y. State Homeo. Med. 
Soc. N. Y. Co. Homeo. Med. Soc. N. Y. Homeo. Materia 
Medica. Soc, Alumni Ass'n of N. Y. Homeo. Med. Coll. 
and Hosp. Progressive. Presbyterian. Club: Dun- 
ham. Address: 117 W. 12th St, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Chenault, Ky., June 1, 1871; s. A. S. 
and Lettie E. (Gilliland) Allen; grad. Kentucky Univ., 
Lexington, A.B., A.M., LL.B.; Yale Univ., M.L., D.C.L.; 
m. Covington, Ky., Oct. 31, 1900, Lula Pearl Jeffers. 
Has practised law in N. Y. City since 189S. Mem. N. 
Y. Assembly of 1902. Formerly Republican, now of 
Independence League. Mem. Christian Ch. (Disci- 
ples). Mem. Bar Ass'n City of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar 
Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n, Soc. Med. Jurisprudence, West 
Side Tax Pavers' Ass'n, Kentucky Soc., Southern Soc. 
Club: National Arts. Address: 35 Wall St.. N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Warrenton, Ga., Aug. 9, 1875; s. Jacob 
Aaron and Mary Will (Cody) Allen; descendant of 
James Allen of Eng., who settled in Ga. (since the 
residence of the Allen family), 1786; ed. Warrenton 
High Sch.; grad. Emory Coll.. Oxford, Ga., A.B., 1895; 
m. Atlanta, Ga., June 14. 1897. Minnie A. Battle. En- 
tered employ Western Nat. Bank, now Nat. Bank of 
Commerce, N. Y. City, 1902, as ass't to pres. With 
Seaboard Nat. Bank, until 1909, when organized bank- 
ing firm of J. F. Allen & Co., of which he is head. 
Also dir. Piedmont Wagon & Mfg Co.. Hickory, N. C. 
Democrat; Methodist. Mem. Am. Bankers' Ass'n. 
Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Southern Soc. of N. Y.; 
ex-pres. Ga. Soc. of N. Y. Recreations: Golf, motoring. 
Cluhs: Lotos. Lawyers', N. Y. Athletic. Baltusrol Golf, 
Englewood Golf. Atlantic Yacht (trustee). Residence: 
116 Riverside Drive. Address: 111 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Author; b. near Lexington, Ky., 1849: s. Richard 
and Helen (Foster) Allen; ed. Transylvania Univ., 
A.B., A.M. At father's death, 1870, began teaching in 
public schools; became a private tutor; taught Latin 
and higher English in Bethany Coll., W. Va.. for two 
years; since then engaged In literature. Author; 
Flute and Violin and Other Kentucky Tales and Ro- 
mances: The Blue Grass Regions of Kentucky and 
Other Kentucky Articles; John Gray, a Kentucky 
Tale of the Olden Time; A Kentucky Cardinal; A 
Summer in Arcady; The Choir Invisible (dramatized, 
1S99); The Increasing Purpose: Aftermath (Second 
Part of a Kentucky Cardinal); The Mettle of the Pas- 
ture; The Reign of Daw; Bride of the Mistletoe; The 
Doctor's Christmas Eve; The Heroine in Bronze. Ad- 
dress: 66 5th AT., N. Y. City. 


Naturalist; h. Springfield Mass., July 19, 1S38; a. 
Joel and Harriet (Trumbull) Allen; ed. Wilbraharo 
Acad, and Lawrence Scientific Sch.. Harvard, 1862- 
.1867. specializing in zoology under Agassiz: Hum- 
boldt scholar, same. 1871 (Ph.D., Ind. Univ.); m. 1st 
Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 6, 1874, Mary Manning Cleve- 

land (died April 17, 1S79) ; 2d, Cornwall-on-Hudson, 
April 27, 1S80, Susie Augusta Taft; one son: Cleve- 
land, b. June 25, 1878. Ass't to Prof. Agassiz on 
scientific expedition to Brazil, 1865; made scientific 
researches In Florida, 1869; chief of scientific staff, 
Gov't Expd'n, Northern Pacific R. R. Survey 1873 
special collaborator U. S. Geol. Survey, Rocky 'Moun- 
tain Region (Hayden), 1878-1883. Ass't ornithology, 
Museum Comparative Zoology, Harvard, 1871-1885- 
curator mammalogy and ornithology, Am. Museum 
Natural History, N. Y. City, since 1885. Editor Bul- 
letin Nuttall Ornith. Club, 1876-1883; editor The Auk 
ornith. quarterly, 1SS4-1912; Bulletin and Memoirs', 
Am. Museum Natural History, since 1887. Has writ- 
ten a large number of monographs, reviews and con- 
tributions relating to mammalogy and ornithology, 
more especially on geographical zoology, North Am. 
Rodentia and Pinnipedia, Mammals of Patagonia, 
Mammals of Nicaragua, Mammals and Birds of North- 
eastern Siberia and of Columbia, and on the genus 
Didelphys. Fellow American Ornithologists' Union 
(pres. 1883-1891); mum. National Academy Sciences 
since 1876; hon. mem. British Ornithologists' Union 
Zool. Soc, London; Deutsche Ornithologische Gesell- 
schaft and N. Y. Zool. Soc; mem. Am. Soc. Natural- 
ists, Am. Geog. Ass'n, Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences, 
Am. Philos. Soc, N. Y. Acad. Sciences (v.-p. 1891) 
Lmnaean Soc. Natural History of N. Y. (pres. 1890- 
1897), Washington Acad. Sciences, Biol. Soc Washing- 
ton; Am. Ass'n Museums, Internat. Comm'n on Zool. 
Nomenclature; dir. Nat. Ass'n Audubon Socs. N Y 
State Audubon Soc. Awarded Walker Grand Prize 
of Boston Soc Natural History, 1903. Address: Amer- 
ican Museum of Natural History, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Utica, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1843; s. Joseph 
Dana (C. E. Norwich. Univ. chief eng'r Erie Canal, 
consulting eng'r Erie R. R., Chicago and North West- 
ern R. R., etc.), and Eliza R. (d. John Johnson, Sur- 
veyor General, Vt); descendant Samuel Allen, deputy 
of Plymouth Colony, and Miles Standish; grad. Univ. 
of Vt, A.B., 1862; A.M., 1865; LL.B., 1866, Columbia 
Univ.; m. June 30, 1870, Louise A., d. Judge Charles 
Shaler, Pittsburgh, Pa.; children: M. Shaler (A.B. 
Univ. Vt, LL.B., N. Y. Law Sch.), Elizabeth (A.B., 
A.M., Columbia Univ.), Marguerite L. Admitted to N. 
Y. Bar 1866 and subsequently engaged in extensive 
practice; counsel to corp'ns; served as acting U. S. 
provost marshal 1865; ass't U. S. dist att'y, 1866- 
1873; mem. N. Y. Assembly, 1874; chief U. S. super- 
visor of elections. 1874-1893: U. S. comm'r and master 
in chancery U. S. Court. Eastern Dist, N. Y. ; mem. 
Soc. Colonial Wars, N. E. Soc, N. Y., Champlain 
Ass'n, Brooklyn Soc Arts and Sciences, Phi Beta 
Kappa Alumni, N. Y. ; Nat. Geog. Soc; pres. N. Y. 
Alumni Univ. of Vt. ; pres. N. Y. Sigma Phi fra- 
ternity, Soc. of Vermonters (pres.). Clubs: Ethan 
Allen (Vt), Brooklyn Republican (pres.), Union 
League. Residence: Hotel St. George, Brooklyn; 
(summer), Burlington, Vt. Address: 189 Montague 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Civil eng'r; b. New Bedford, Mass., April 6, 1857; 
s. Edward A. H. and Eugenia S. (Teulon) Allen; at- 
tended Friends Acad., New Bedford, Mass.; West 
Newton English and Classical Sch. (Mass.); Rens- 
selaer Polytechnic Inst, 1S79; C.E.; m. Rose Switzer; 
children: Edward Switzer, h. Dec. 12, 1887; Harold 
Ames, b. Feb. 3, 1SS9; Russell, b. May 27, 1895 (died 
March, 1896): Frances Eleanor, b. Apr. 15. 1898. En- 
gaged in railroad work in West until 1883; in Phila- 
delphia Water Dep't, 1SS3-1886; in private practice, 
Kansas City, Mo., until 1890, in charge topog. sur- 
veys and water supply investigation, H. C. Frlck 
Coke Co., Pa., until 1893, with comm'r of public 
works, Yonkers, N. Y., until 1895; eng'r in charge 
investigation sewerage com., Baltimore, until 1899; 
in private practice. Baltimore, until 1902; supt Water 
Dep't, Atlantic City. N. J., until 1906; dir. eng'r Balti- 
more Sewerage Com. until 190S; since then eng'r 
Metropolitan Sewerage Com. of N. Y. Mem. firm 
Breithaupt & Allen, civil eng'rs, Kansas City, 1896- 
1899; Hill, Quick & Allen, consulting eng'rs. Balti- 
more and N. Y 1900-1902. Democrat; Unitarian. 
Mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Eng'rs, N. E. Water Works 
Ass'n, Rensselaer Soc. of Eng'rs, Municipal Eng'rs 
of the City of N. Y., Soc. of the Sigma Xi. Author: 
Sewage Sludge (McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1912). Resi- 
dence: 593 Riverside Drive, N. Y. City. 


Lumber mfr. ; b. Sparta, 111.; s. Rev. Henry and 
Elizabeth (Richardson) Allen; ed. schs. of Jersey 
City and N. Y.; m. Williamsport, Pa.. Dec. 12, 1889, 
Nelly Sherman Byers. Sec and treas. Byers-Allen 
Lumber Co., Pittsburgh: Westmoreland & Somerset 



R.R. ; 1st v.-p. Sparkman Mill & Lumber Co. Re- 
publican; Presby'n. Clubs: Buffalo, Country, El- 
licott. Residence: 101 Norwood Ave. Address: 1240- 
1242 Prudential Bldg., Buffalo, N. T. 


Educator; b. Boston, Mass.; d. Nathaniel T. and 
Caroline (Bassett) Allen; ed. Allen Sen., W. Newton; 
Smith Coll., Northampton (sec. and treas. of class), 
A.B. ; studied abroad. Instr. Allen Sch., founder and 
principal The Misses Allen Sch., W. Newton. Travel- 
ed in Europe seven times, visiting Greece, Italy, 
Spain, Sicily, France, etc. Lectured for four years 
before Women's Clubs on art and history. Inde- 
pendent; Unitarian. Mem. Collegiate Alumnae (ex- 
dlr.). Dir. Pomroy Home for Orphan Girls. Recrea- 
tions: Riding, driving, tennis. Clubs: Boston Coll. 
(v.-p. and dir.), Boston Smith Coll. (pres.), Newton 
Smith Coll. Graduates (pres.), Newton Equal Fran- 
chise (v.-p.), Twentieth Century (Boston). Address: 
35 Webster St., West Newton, Mass. 


Lawyer; b. St. Louis, Mo., Sept.''*?, 1877; s. George 
W. and L. J. (McMillan) Allen; g.-g.-g. s. Parson 
(Thomas) Allen, oi" nttsfleld, Mass., the "fighting 
parson" of the Revolution; g.-s. Thomas Allen, of 
Pittsfield and St. Louis; mem. Congress, and builder 
of the St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern R. R.; 
also descendant of Gov. Bradford, Gov. of Mass. 
Colony, and of George Walton, of Georgia, signer 
of Declaration of Independence; ed. Belmont Sch., 
Belmont, Mass., 1890-1894; Tale Univ., A.B., 1898; N. 
T. Law Sch., LL.B., 1900. Clerk, Perkins & Jackson, 
1900-1.901; irn'g clerk, Hatch, Debevoise & Colby, 
1901-1902; practised alone 1902-1905; formed present 
Arm of Robinson, Allen & Hoy, June, 1905. Pres. 
and dir. Utilities Securities Co., Internat. Guaranty 
& Trust Co.; v.-p. and treas. Utilities Development 
Co., treas. and dir. Stockton Patters, Inc. Democrat; 
Episcopalian. Traveled through Europe, summers of 
1890-1898, spending three years studying foreign 
languages; In 1899 took extensive exploring trip 
through northern Can., and 1905-1906, extended trip 
through W. I., northern S. Am. and Mexico. In 1896 
as alternate, sat in Missouri delegation at Nat. Demo- 
cratic Conv., Chicago. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. T. 
Sons of Revolution, S.A.R. Recreations: Hunting, 
canoeing, exploring Clubs: Tale, Manhattan, Hatley 
Canoe (founder and dir.), Cazenovia. Address: 
Oazenovia. N. T. 


Actress; b. in South while parents were on tour; 
d. C. Leslie and Sarah (Lyon) Allen; ed. Wyckham 
House, Toronto, Can., and private schools, N. T. City. 
In early life indicated decided talent for the stage; 
unexpectedly made most successful debut before the 
age of 15 in an ingenue rdle In a piece In whloh 
her father was then playing; after season on road 
became leading lady for John McCullough for the 
season that proved the actor's last, acting with him 
"Virginia," "Desdemoca," "Parthenia," and "Julia" In 
Dr. Bird's version of The Gladiator; afterward played 
most of the Shakespearean rSles with Tomasso 
Salvinl, the Italian tragedian; later joined Lewrence 
Barrett in special production of The Blot on the 
'Scutcheon; after season In the Boston Museum Stock 
Co., during which she created in America the part 
of "Mrs. Errol" In Little Lord Fauntleroy, supported 
Joseph Jefferson and William Florence in their Joint 
starring tour in the old comedies, The Rivals and 
The Heir at Law, 1889; appeared in special com- 
pany In Bronson Howard's Aristocracy, 1892; leading 
lady at Empire Theatre, N. T. City, 1893, and created 
very saccessful roles In Liberty Hall, The Mas- 
queraders. Sowing the Wind, The Conquerers, and 
Under the Red Robe; withdrew from Empire Co. 
in 1898 to star in The Christian, by Hall Caine, in 
which she first appeared in Albany. Has since star- 
red in The Palace of the King, 1900; The Eternal 
City, 1902; began series of Shakespearean revivals, 
producing Twelfth Night, in which she played the 
part of "Viola." 1903, followed in 1904 by A Win- 
ter's Tale, In which she appeared in both rOles of 
"Hermione" and "Perdita"; followed these "with 
Cymbellne. As You Like It, The School for Scandal, 
The Merchant of Venice, The Toast of the Town, 
and Irene Wycherly. The variety of her works runs 
the gamut of comedy, tragedy, modern classic and 
Shakespearean rOles. Episcopalian. Recreations: 
Driving, riding and collecting literary works. Ad- 
dress: 2 West 38th St., N. T. City. 


Civil eng'r, U.S.N. ; b. Newton Highlands, Mass., 
Jan. 9, 1875; s, Walter and Urace Mason (Weston) 
Allen; grad. Yale Coll.. A.B., 1895; Sheffield Scien- 

tific Sch., Yale, Ph.B., 1896; Larned Scholar, Yale 
Univ., 1895-1898; m. Brooklyn Navy Yard, Jan. 24, 
1908, Kilith Stark Hancock; one d.; b. Mar. 21, 1907. In 
railroad eng'ring with the N. Y., New Haven & Hart- 
ford K. R., and Mexican Internat. R'y, 1898-1903; 
tirst ass't to Civil eng'r-in-charge Brooklyn Navy 
Yard, 1903-1906; civil eng'r-ln-charge, Charleston (S. 
C.) Navy Yard, 1906-1909; In charge of constr'n U. 
S. Naval Magazine, Hingham, Mass., July, 1909-June, 
with Bureau of Yards and Docks, Navy Dep't, 
July, 1910-Feb., 1912; 1st ass't to Public Wks Office, 
Brooklyn Navy Yard, since Feb., 1912. Served as vol- 
unteer naval cadet, U.S.N., July-Sept., 1898; since 
June, 1903. civil eng'r, U.S.N., rank of lieut. Mem. 
Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs. Clubs: Manhasset Bay Yacht, 
Army and Navy (Washington), Graduates (New 
Haven), Hamilton (Brooklyn). Address: U. S. Navy 
Yard, Brooklyn, N. T. 


Lawyer; b. Claremont, Va; s. William and Frances 
A. (Jessup) Allen; grad Georgetown Univ., Washing- 
ton, D. C, A.B., 1875; Univ. of Va., LL.B., 1877; m. 
Mary H. Anderson. Practised law in firm Peyton & 
Allen, until 1890; att'y in N. T. City since 1892. Ref- 
eree in bankruptcy for Southern Dist of N. Y.; Inde- 
pendent Democrat; Catholic. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of 
N. T., Southern Soc. Clubs: University, Virginians. Resi- 
dence: 51 E. 65th St. Address: 67 Wall St., N. T. City. 


Editor; 'b. Bordentown, N. J., Oct. 9, 1846; s. Col. 
Joseph Warner and Sarah Burns (Norcross) Allen; 
ed. Model Sch., Bordentown, N. J., and Protestant 
Episcopal Acad., Philadelphia, Pa.; M.S., Princeton 
Univ., 1906; m. Salem, N. J., April 20, 1871, Caroline 
Perry Torke; children: Yorke, b. Feb. 27, 1873; Fred- 
erick Warner, b. June 1, 1874; Eugene Yorke, b. April 
22, 1878; John Sinnickson, b. Mar. 29, 1881. Civil eng'r, 
1862-1872; resident eng'r W. Jersey R. R., 1868-1872; 
editor Official R'y Guide and mg'r Nat. R'y Publica- 
tion Co. since 1873. Sec. Gen. Time Conv. and its suc- 
cessor, Am. R'y Ass'n, since 1875. Proposed detail 
system of Standard Time now in use, April, 1883; se- 
cured its adoption by Gen. Time Conv., Nov. 18, 1883; 
delegate of Am. R'y Ass'n to Internat. R'y Congresses, 
London, 1895, Paris, 1900, Washington, 1905, Berne, 
1910. Sec. Am. Section and Asso., sec-gen. Internat. 
R'y Congress, 1905; delegate of U. S. Govt to Internat. 
Meridian Conf., Washington, 1884, and to Internat. R'y 
Congress, Paris, 1900. Mem. Permanent Comm'n In- 
ternat. R'y Congress, 1910; delegate from 8th N. J. 
Cong. Dist. to Nat. Republican Conv., 1908. Mem. B'd 
Assessment, and afterward B'd Trustees, Village of 
South Orange, N. J. Founded and planned the town 
of Wenonah, Gloucester County, N. J. Trustee S. 
Orange Free Library. Gen. sec. and treas. Am. R'y 
Ass'n; v.-p. and mg'r Nat. R'y Publication Co.; dir. and 
chm'n of B'd R'y Equipment and Publication Co.; 
treas. Am. R'y Supply Co.; dir. Manhattan Fire Alarm 
Co.; v.-p. N. Y. Transfer Co.; pres. Meadow Land Soc. 
of South Orange. Republican; Episcopalian. Cheva- 
lier Order of Leopold; hon. mem. K. K. Geographlsche 
Gesellschaft, Vienna, Austria. La Sociadad Geografica 
of Lima, Peru; mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, A. A. A. S.. 
Am. Meteorol. Soc. Am. Geog. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc, 
Am. Econ. Ass'n, Navy League, N. J. Hist. Soc, Am. 
Statist. Ass'n, Am. Forestry Ass'n, Am. Acad. Pollt. 
and Social Science, Washington Acad, of Sciences; 
past master Am. R'y Guild: N. E. Soc, Orange, N. J.; 
Pennsylvania Soc. of N. Y.; companion Mil. Order 
Loyal Legion; Mason. Clubs: Traffic, Railroad of N. 
T., Essex County Country, South Orange Field. Resi- 
dence: 180 Scotland Road. South Orange, N. J. Ad- 
dress: 75 Church St., N. T. City. 


Director, Bureau of Municipal Research and Train- 
ing Sch. for Public Service; b. Le Roy, Minn., Feb. 9, 
1874; s. John D. and Joanna (Corbett) Allen; ed. Le 
Roy High Sch., Carleton Coll., grad. Univ. of Chicago, 
B.A., 1897; student Univs. of Leipsig, Berlin. Pa., 
(Ph.D.); m. Birmingham. Ala., Oct. 28, 1903. Isabel 
Dangaix; children: William Dangaix, b. 1905; Patten 
Dangalx, b. 1906; Frederick Henry, b. 1909. Engaged 
in grain and hardware business one year: principal 
public school. Wyckoff, Minn.. 2 years; fellow econom- 
ics Univ. Chicago; fellow polit. science Univ. Penn.; 
instr. Univ. of Penn.; sec. N. J. State Charities Aid 
Ass'n; gen. agent N. Y. Ass'n for Improving Condition 
of the Poor: sec. Nat I nicipal League Com. on 
Instr'n In Muni ,ir>a! ' t.. former instr. N. T. Sch. of 
Philanthropy and correspondence course in sociology, 
Univ. Chicago; sec. ' a Hosp. Needs and Hosp. 

Finances (N. Y sec. Com. on Physical Welfare of 
School Children (N. T.). Mem. Acad. Polit. and Social 
Science, Nat. Municipal League, Chi Psi fraternity. 



First editor N. J. Review of Charities and Corrections; 
former editor Readers' Den of Charities, Municipal 
Notes, of Annals of Am. Acad. Contb'r to magazines 
on social, educational, and municipal topics. Author: 
Efficient Democracy, Rural Sanitary Administration 
in Pa. Evolution of SanitaTy Administration, Civics 
and Health. Woman's Part In Gov't Modern Philan- 
thropy, Joint author School Reports and School Effi- 
ciency. Club: Century. Address: Bureau of Municipal 
Research, 2til Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Town of Stanford, Dutchess Co.. N. Y., 
March 31, 1869; s. J. Sackett and Ann Eliza (Bertine) 
Ailing; ed. private schs. of Dutchess Co. and prepara- 
tory Chappaqua Mt. Inst., Friends Acad., Chappaqua, 
and Eastman Business Coll.; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., April, 
1S98, Edyth Spencer; one d.: Kathryn Spencer. En- 
tered employ of Nassau Bank, N. Y., Dec, 1387; pro- 
moted ass't cashier, 1910; v.-p. Nat. Nassau Bank since 
Jan., 1912. Pres. N. Y. Chapter Am. Inst, of Banking, 
1905-1906, having been interested in this inst'n since 
1901; elected pres. of whole org'n, at Seattle Conv.. 
1909. Was largely instrumental in 1907 as mem. B'd 
of Trustees In bringing about reorg'n of inst. Demo- 
crat (candidate for Assembly in Brooklyn, 1894); 
Presby'n. Mem. Dutchess County Soc. Has written 
considerably on banking and allied subjects, includ- 
ing: Negotiable Instruments, Collection of Country 
Checks, Bank Reserves, Substitute for a Central Bank, 
Treasury Issue vs. Bank Issue. Recreations: Golf, 
farming, fishing, out-door sports. Residence: 437 Third 
St., Brooklyn. Address: 9 Beekman St., N. Y. City. 


Attorney and lawyer; b. N. Y. City, July 28, 1859; s. 
J. Sackett and Ann E. (Bertine) Ailing; ed. Chappaqua 
Mt. Inst., Cornell Univ., B.S. (in science and letters), 
1881; N. Y. Univ., LL.B., 1883; m. N. Y. City, Oct. 25, 
1900, Annie Gordon Smith; children: Jennv Gordon, b. 
Oct. 20. 1901: Annie Bertine, b. Mar. 7, 1907; Robert 
Bertine, Jr., b. April 27, 1908. Dir. and sec. Band Co. 
D. of Edenwall. Democrat; Episcopalian. Mason. Resi- 
dence: 131 W. 95th St. Office: 149 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 19, 1840; s. Michael and 
Susan (Gentil) Allison; ed. Coll. City of N. Y.; m. 1871, 
Mary C. Millett; children: Mary (Mrs. A. A. Cosby), 
Florence (Mrs. C. Herbert Covell), Olive (Mrs. Edward 
A. Choate); Judge Court of General Sessions, 1895; 
comm'r of jurors since April, 1902. Residence: 28 W. 
73d St. Address: 280 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Educator, edn'l administrator; b. Somerville, 
Mass., Aug. 17. 1870; s. George Augustus and Julia 
Lucinda (Powers) Allison; grad. Harvard Univ., A.B., 
1893; Newton Theol. Inst'n, 1896, B.D., 1902; Univ. of 
Halle 1896-1897; Univ. of Chicago, Ph.D., 1905; m. 
1st Newton Center, Mass., Sept. 6, 1899, Elizabeth 
Lincoln Smith (died July 14, 1900); 2d Chicago, 111., 
July 31, 1905, Emily Mills; one d.: Elizabeth Mills, 
b. 1907. Pastor of Penacook Bapt. Ch., Concord, N. H., 
1899-1902; fellow Univ. of Chicago, 1902-1904; acting 
prof, of Church History and Christian Missions Pa- 
cific Theol. Sem., 1904-1905; prof, history and polit. 
science, Franklin Coll. of Ind., 1905-1908; head of 
Dep't of History, Bryn Mawr ColL, 1908-1910; prof, 
ecclesiastical history, and dean of Colgate Theol. 
Sem., since 1910. Progressive; Baptist. Mem. Re- 
ligious Ed'n Ass'n, Am. Hist. Ass'n, Am. Soc. of Church 
History, Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Recreations: Tennis, 
mountain climbing. Address: 9 E. Kendrick Ave., 
Hamilton, N. Y. 


Merchant; b. New Bedford, Mass., Nov. 28, 1858; s. 
Charles Almy and Mary A. (Cummings) Almy; grad. 
Harvard Coll., A.B. (magna cum laude), 1879; A.M., 
1880; class sec. 1879-1904. With Lake Anchor Line, 
18S0-1888; in firm of W. H. Glenny Sons & Co., of 
Buffalo, crockery and silver, 1888-1898; purchasing 
agent of Pan-Am. Exp'n, 1899-1902; with Buffalo Pitts. 
Co., agr'l machinery, 1902-1904. Co-partner with T. 
M. Osborne, Auburn, N. Y., in Diamond Shading Film 
Co. of Buffalo, 1905-1908. Since June, 1909, has acted 
as agent for the Dexter P. Rumsey Estate, Buffalo. 
Sec. of the Harvard Club of West'n N. Y., 1887-1900; 
chm'n Exec. Com. of the Liberal Club of Buffalo, 
1891-1903; dlr. of Soc. for Beautifying Buffalo 1901- 
1903, and treas. of Consumers' League, 1906-1910. 
Civil Service comm'r of city of Buffalo, Dec, 1907- 
Mar, 1911. Clubs: Saturn of Buffalo (registrar and 
dir. from organiaztion, 1885-1889), Studio (treas. 
1909). Residence (country): "Jericho," North Evans, 
N. Y. Address: 427 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Secretary Charity Organ. Soc; b. New Bedford, 
Mass., Nov. 28, 1858; s. Charles and Mary A. (Cum- 
mings) Almy; grad. Harvard, A.B., 1880, A.M., 1883; 
taught in Lowell, 1880-82; student Harvard Law Sch., 
1882-84; unmarried. Moved from New Bedford to 
Buffalo, 1884; admitted to N. Y. State bar, 1885; sec. 
Buffalo Charity Organization Soc, since 1894. Made 
short trips to Europe, 1881, 1888, 1892. 1895. Sec. 
Buffalo Civil Service Reform Ass'n, 1886-1912; on 
council of Nat. Civil Service Reform League; helped 
organize Buffalo Municipal League, 1905, is on Exec. 
Com. of Nat. Municipal League. Trustee George 
Junior Republic since 1900. Read poem at opening 
of Pan-Am. Exp'n, 1901. Part author: The Niagara 
Book, 1S93. Dean of Saturn Club, Buffalo, 1904; pres. 
Harvard Club of Buffalo, 1905-1907. Address: 181 
Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 26, 1883; s. John 
M. and Caroline G. (Harris) Alsgood; grad. public 
sch. Brooklyn, Erasmus Hall High Sch., 1901; student 
N. Y. Law Sch., 1902-1904. Admitted to bar, 1904, and 
since then in gen. practice of law, specializing In sur- 
rogate's practice, having conducted many important 
trials. Democrat; Lutheran. Treas. Verein Christ- 
licher Bestrebungen of German Evangelical Ch. of 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Recreations: Riding, driving. Clubs: 
Lalcos Bowling, Knickerbocker Field, Washington. 
Address: 280 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; to. Troy, N. Y., July 19, 1874; s. John 
and Jean (Robb) Alton; grad. Troy Acad., 1894; 
Princeton Univ., A.B., 1898; Colgate Theol. Sem., B.D., 
1902; m. Holden, Mass., April 3, 1906, Blanche Louise 
Warren. Pastor First Bapt. Ch., Holden Mass., June, 
1902,- Jan., 1906; pastor First Bapt. Ch., Rome, N. Y., 
Jan., 1906,-Sept., 1911; prof, biblical literature, Col- 
gate Univ., since Sept., 1911. Mem. Cliosophic Soc of 
Princeton Univ., Delta Kappa Epsilon (Mu Chapter), 
mem. Soc. of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, Re- 
ligious Education Ass'n. Address: Colgate Univer- 
sity, Hamilton. N. Y. 


Author, journalist; b. Three Springs, Ky., April 29, 
1862; s. Joseph and Lucy (Snoddy) Altsheler; ed. 
Liberty Coll., Glasgow, Ky., and Vanderbilt Univ., 
Nashville, Tenn. ; won Latin scholarship at Vander- 
bilt; m. Glasgow, Ky., May 30, 1888, Sarah Boles; one 
son: Sydney B. Altsheler, b. 1892. Seven years with 
Louisville Courier-Journal, and 20 years with N. Y. 
World in editorial capacity. Author (novels): The 
Sun of Saratoga; A Soldier of Manhattan; A Herald 
of the West; In Circling Camps; In Hostile Red; The 
Wilderness Road; My Captive; Before the Dawn; The 
Last Rebel; Guthrie of the Times; The Candidate; 
The Young Trailers; The Forest Runners; The Free 
Rangers; The Last of the Chiefs; The Riflemen of the 
Ohio; The Horsemen of the Plains; The Recovery; 
The Scouts of the Valley; The Quest of the Four; The 
Border Watch; The Texan Star; The Texan Scouts; 
The Texan Triumph; Apache Gold; The Young Courier. 
Independent Democrat; Methodist. Mem. Kentucky 
Soc, Southern Soc. Clubs: Authors, Dunwoodie Coun- 
try. Address: 131 Riverside Drive, N. Y. City. 


Real estate operator; b. Syracuse, N. Y., Dec. 4, 
1856; s. James D. and Caroline (Edwards) Alvord, de- 
scendant of Jonathan Edwards; ed. Syracuse Univ.; 
m. Nellie Barnum (descendant of Alexander Hamil- 
ton); children: Donald, b. 1892; Evelyn, b. 1893; Eric, 
to 1903. Builder of Prospect Park South; purchaser 
from English company of Shinnecock Hills, and from 
heirs of A. T. Stewart of Garden City; now owner of 
Belle-Terre, 1,300-acre estate at Port Jefferson, L. I.; 
one of the original incorporators and a dlr. of the 
Motor Parkway (Inc.). Republican; Presby'n. Mem. 
Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Recreations: Auto- 
mobiling, horseback riding. Clubs: Lawyers, Hard- 
ware, N. Y. City; Municipal (Brooklyn). Country 
residence: Nevalde, Belle-Terre Estates, Port Jeffer- 
son, L. I., N. Y. 


Composer, organist, conductor; b. Hamilton, Ont., 
Oct. 11, 1868; s. Robert S. and Elizabeth (Boyle) Am- 
brose; m. Orange, N. J., June 21, 1905, Naomi Lambe; 
children: Gwynneth Naomi; b. April, 1906; Robert S., 
b. May, 1909. Organist Madison Ave. M. E. Church, 
N. Y. City, 1886-90; organist and dlr. of music St. 
James M. E. Church, N. Y. City, since 1890; dir. and 
lecturer (history of music), Am. Inst, of Applied 
Music, N. Y. City; dir. piano dep't, N. J. State Normal 



, Trenton, N. .).; v.-p. Synthetic Guild, N. ST. City. 
Clubs: National Arts, .Musicians. Address: .State Nor- 
mal School, Trenton, N. J. 


Jurist: ed. St. Francis Xavier Coll., A.B., 1877; A.M . 
1878; Columbia Law Sen., I.L.B., 1879. Justice Su- 
preme Court, N. JT., since Jan. 1, 11)03; term expires 
Dec. 31, 1916. Democrat. Address: 3S W. 74th St., 
N. T. City. 


Manufacturer; Ij. Wood bridge, N. J., Jan. 28, 1866; 
s. William Thomas and Sarah (Ayres) Ames; grad. 
Woodbridge High School; m. Marion, N. J., May 10, 
1S93, Lotta Gates, d. Rev. M. L. Gates; children: Mar- 
garet, b. 1894; Madeleine, b. 1898. Started life as 
traveling salesman; has visited every important city 
in U. S.; now head of firm of Ostermoor & Com 
mf'r Ostermoor Mattresses. Dir. Hamilton Trust Co., 
Brooklyn; First Nat. Bank of Woodbridge, N. J.; Ma 
sonic Hail Ass'n of Woodbridge, N. J. Republican. 
Preaby'n. Trustee Berkeley Inst., Brooklyn, N. V. 
Mem. American Lodge F. and A. M., Woodbridge, N. 
J., and Royal Arch chapter, Rahway, N. J. Recrea- 
tions: Horseback riding, automobiling. Clubs: Brook- 
lyn Riding and Driving (dir. and sec), Montauk (life 
mem. and dir.). Crescent Athletic (all Brooklyn), 
Woodbridge Athletic (Woodbridge, N. J.). Residence: 
39(1 Park Place. Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 116 Eliza- 
beth St., N. V. City. 


Manufacturer; b. Island of St. Helena, N. C, 1866; 
s. Jacob and Phebe (Annin) Ames; ed. public schs. of 
Jersey City, N. J.; m. N. Y. City, June 20, 1909, Abbv 
C. Crowell; children: Edith, b. Nov. 2, 1909; Jean, b. 
June 2, 1910. Pres. and treas. Annin & Co., Ira 
Brown Co., Old Glory Realty Co.; treas. Art Graphic 
Co.; dir. Solon Palmer. Mem. 171st Reg't, N.Y.N.U 
Democrat. Universalist. Mem. Chamber of Commerce, 
Soc. of Mechanics and Traders, Merchants' Ass'n, S. 
A. R. (pres.), Founders and Patriots of America 
(sec-gen.), Am. Flag Ass'n (sec), Soc. Colonial War-, 
Sons of Revolution, Washington Continental Guard. 
Pres. N. 1". State Conv. of Universalists; trustee Uni- 
versalist Gen. Conv.; Brevoort Missionary trustee. 
Clubs: Nat. Arts, Fulton, Universalist, Cosmos, Motor 
Boat, Japan. Residences: The Cedars, Caldwell, N. J., 
and 316 W. 93d St.. N. Y. City. Address: 99-101 Ful- 
ton St., N. Y. City. 


Theatrical mg'r; b. N. Easton, Mass., 1871; s. Oakes 
Ar.gier and Catherine (Hobart) Ames; grad. Harvard 
Univ., A.B., 1S95 (post-grad, work 1895-1S96); m. 1911, 
Lucy Fuller. Engaged in editorial and gen. public 
work, sp'l field of art, architectural books and maga- 
zines, until 1904: mg'r Castle Sq. Theatre, Boston, 
1904-1908; dir. New Theatre, N. Y. City, 1908-1911; dir 
Little Theatre, N. Y.. and Booth Theatre, N. Y., since 
1911. Clubs: Union. Brook, Harvard, University, City 
(N. Y. City), Tavern, Tennis and Racquet, Union 
(Boston). Residence: N. Easton, Mass. Address- 240 
W. 44th St., X. Y. City. 


Manufacturer; b. Fond du Lac, Wis.. 1S56; s. John 
and Jane (Smith) Armory; ed. Riverview .Mil. Acad . 
Poughkeepsie (capt. and adj.); m. Poughkeepsie, N. 
Y., Mary S. Hull: children: John Hull. Eugene H 
Clement Gould. Miner at Tombstone, Ariz., 1878-1SS0; 
ag't of Pacific Express Co., Texarkana, Texas, 1881- 
1882; hotel prop'r, Billings, Mont., 1883-1884; sec and 
treas. Armstrong Mfg. Co., Bridgeport, Conn., .l&a~>- 
1886; now pres. Gas Engine & Power Co.. and Charles 
L, Seabury & Co., Consolidated, N. Y. City. Repub- 
lican; Episcopalian. Mem. Soc. Naval Architects and 
Marine Eng'rs, Nat. Ass'n of Engine and Boat Mf'rs, 
Nat Civic Federation. Clubs: Larchmont Yacht, N. 
Y. Yacht. Columbia Yacht, Transportation. Address: 
Morris Heights. N. Y. City. 


Merchant, banker; b. Syracuse, N. Y., Dec, 1853; s. 
Jacob and Mary Amos; ed. Syracuse High Sch.; m. 
Syracuse, N. Y.. Sept., 1880, Florence E. Wells; one 
d.; Christine. Pres. Paragon Plaster Co., v.-p. Third 
Nat. Bank, C. L. Amos Coal Co.; trustee Syracuse 
savings Bank; dir. Commercial Nat. Bank, Syracuse 
Independent Telephone Co., Am. Floyds Ins. Co., 
Great Western Floyds Ins. Co. Mem. N. Y. Produce 
Exchange. Formerly mayor of Syracuse; trustee Vil- 
lage of Baldwinsville. Republican. Mason. Knight 
Templar. Clubs: Century, citizens, Onondaga Golf. 
Address: Syracuse, N. Y. 


Sec. Foreign Dep't., Internat. Com. Y.M.C. Ass'n; b. 
Svneke. Bornholm, Denmark, Nov. 6, 1862; s. Hans K. 

and Ane Mana (Dahl) Andersen; grad. St. Johnsbury 
(Vt.)-Acad., 1681, Dartmouth ColL, A.B., 1886 (Phi 
Beta Kappa); m. Jersey City, N. J., June 2, 1892, 
Louis, Mason; one d., Dorothy Andersen. Upon 
leaving to. lege became sec. Young Men's Inst., X. 
Y. City, 18S6-89; sec. Y. M. C. A., Asheville, N. C, 
which organized 1889-1892; field sec. Internat. Am. Y. 
M. C. Ass'ns for the South, 1892-1898; sec. Student 
Dep't, Internat. Com., 1898-1908; sec. Foreign Dep't 
since 1902. Traveled in Europe summers of 1887, 
1889, 1900, 1902, 1905, 1909, 1910, 1911. Address: 124 
East 28th St., N. Y. City. 


Artist; b. X. J., 1847; s. William and Sarah Louise 
(Ryerson) Anderson ; gen. ed'n at Columbia Coll., 
Grammar Sch., and in Europe under private tutors; 
art ed'n in Paris, under Bonnat, Cabanel, Collin, 
Cormon, Godin; m. 1887, Elizabeth Milbank. Resided 
for many years in Paris, where was pres. Am. Art 
Assn, Paris (now honorary pres.); exhibited at Paris 
Salon, and at the Exposition Universelle, 1899, as 
well as in various other exb'ns. Specialty is por- 
traiture; v.-p. Portrait Soc. of America. Among 
more notable portraits are those of the late Bishop 
Arthur Cleveland Coxe, Henrv B. Clafiin, Gen. Oliver 
O. Howard, Governor Morgan, Thomas A. Edison, 
John Wanamaker, Sec Root, etc. Built the Bryant 
Park Studio Building. Recreations: Hunting, motor- 
ing, golf. Special sup't Teton and Yellowstone 
Forest Preserves, Wyoming; v.-p. League of Am. 
Sportsmen; mem. N. Y. Soc. for Protection of Game, 
N. Y. Acad. Science, Nat. Geog. Soc, X. Y. Zool. Gar- 
dens. Clubs: Union League, Riding, Automobile of 
America, Lambs, Fairfield County Golf, Lakewood 
Country. Address: Bryant Park Studio Bldg., N. Y. City. 


Collector of internal revenue; b. in Ohio, of African 
descent; worked his way through high school and 
commercial college while supporting a widow.-d 
mother and two sisters; afterwards studied law, but 
was not admitted to bar. Took up newspaper work 
in X. Y. ; later engaged in politics; for several years 
supervisor of racing accounts in connection with 
the N. Y. State Racing Comm'n; appt'd, 1906, col- 
lector of internal revenue for 2d Dist., N. Y. City; 
four years chief clerk State Treasury of N. Y. Mem. 
Metropolitan Museum of Art, N. Y\ Peace Soc, Inst, 
of Arts and Sciences of Columbia Coll., Aoad. of 
Polit. Science, Nat. Geog. Soc; speaker. Address: 
Custom House, N. Y. City. 


Librarian; b. Zionsville, Ind., Sept. 27, 1861; s. Phil- 
ander and Emma A. (Duzan) Anderson; grad. Wabash 
''oil., A.B. 1883; A.M. 188.7; spent a year at N. Y. State 
Ltbrary Sch., Albany, N. Y. ; m. Glencoe, 111., Dec. 22, 
1891. Frances R. Plummer. Cataloguer one year at 
Newberry Library, Chicago, 111.; librarian Carnegie 
Free Library, Braddock, Pa., three years: organized 
and was first librarian of Carnegie Library of Pitts- 
burgh. Pa., 1895-1904; engaged in zinc and lead mining 
at Carthage. Mo., during- 1905; dir. N. Y. State Library; 
N. Y. Library Sch., Albany, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1906- 
June 1, 1908, resigning June 1, 1908, to become ass't 
dir N. Y. Public Library; appt'd dir. N. Y. Public Li- 
brary, May 14, 1913. Pres. Keystone State Library 
Ass'n 1901-1902, mem. Public Records Comm'n of Pa", 
and of Historical Archives Comm'n of Pa., 1903-1904; 
pres. N. Y. (State) Library Ass'n, 1908; pres N. Y 
(City) Library Club. 1910-1911: pres. Am. Librarv 
Ass'n, 1913-1914. Club: Century. Residence: Scars'- 
dale. N. Y. Address: N. Y. Public Library, N. Y. City. 


Naval officer: b. Staten Island. July 20, 1852; s. Will- 
iam C. and Louisa (Morgan) Anderson; grad. Coll of 
City of N. Y., A.B., class 1871; Coll. Phys. and Surg.. 
M.D., 1874; m. London. Eng.. June 17. 1886, Eleanor 
Calder Coffin; children: Dorothv Morgan, b. 1887; 
Eleanor (Mrs. Rush Southgate Fay), b. 1890. Appt'd 
Med. Dir. U.S.N.. Dec. 13. 1909. Pres. Naval Examining 
B'd; mem. B'd of Med. Examiners. Mem. Alpha Delta 
Phi fraternity. Clubs: University, X. Y. Yacht (N. Y. 
City): Army & Navy (Washington. D. C); Chew Chase 
(Md.). Address: 1628 19th St.. Washington, D. C. 


Lawyer, journalist: b. Bloomington, 111., Aug. 20, 
1869; s. Orson Brittin and Harriet V. (Smith) Ander- 
son; ed. public schs., Springfield, 111.. Shurtleff Coil- 
Upper Alton, 111.: Law Dep't. 111. Weslevan Univ., 
Bloomington, LL.B; m. Springfield, 111.. Oct 31, 1895, 
Mary A. Kumler; children: Mary K.. b. Dec, 1905; 
George K., b. Oct. 20. 1912. Engaged in newspaper 



work, 1893-1896, in Springflelil, [11., ;uid Chicago; mn'g 
editor Peoria Journal, 181*6-1900; editor and mg'r 
Springfield News, 1900-1904; consul at Hangchow, 
China, 1904-1905; consul at Amoy, 1905-1906; consul 
gen. at Rio de Janeiro, 1906-1910, and Hong Kong since 
1910. Address: Am. Consulate, Hons Kong, China. 


Manufacturer electrical apparatus and patent so- 
licltor; b. Mt Sterling (Hopewell P.O.), Muskingum 
Co., O., Jan. 18, 1846; s. Alban and Frames Ann (Wil- 
son) Anderson; ed. Ohio sens.; m. Verplanck, N. Y.. 
1866. Pilena Estelle Stinson; children: Homer Alban 
(lawyer), Katherlne Estelle (organist), Douglas De 
Forest (surveyor); Entered U. S. Volunteer Army at 
age of 16; served as corporal Co. 1, 90th Ohio Vol. Inf., 
1862; disabled in campaign through K in ick> and 
Tennessee, Oct. 1 to Dec. 10, 1S62; discharged Dee. 24, 
1S62; served with Army of Potomac in service of ('. S. 
Sanitary Comm'n, Jan. 1, 1864, to close of war. Water 
comm'r Peekskill two terms. 1895-1S9S, last term pres. 
of board; mem. B'd of Ed'n 1S91-1893; sec. of board 
1S91-1S92. Methodist. One Of original mems. Am. 
Inst. Elec. Eng'rs (not now mem.). Mem. Centennial 
Hose Co. Abraham Vosbtirgh Post, G. A. R. (past 
comd'r); Westchester Co. Ass'n G. A. R. (sec); Lin- 
coln Soc, Peeks'kill (pres.); sec. Veterans' Monument 
Ass'n in Town of Cortlandt (inc.); Lincoln Soc. 
(pres.). Address: Peekskill, N. Y. 


Artist; b. Oxford, O., Jan. 13, 1874; s. I. M. and Emma 
(Smith) Anderson; ed. public schools, Art Inst, of 
Chicago, and pupil of Mucha, Paris; m. Marietta, O., 
Sept. 1, 1904, Helen Edgerton Buell. After studies in 
Paris art schools, painted in the Netherlands and Spain, 
also portrait painter and book illustrator. Has done 
much work in illustration for Saturday Evening Post, 
Collier's Weekly. Scribner's Magazine, etc. Mem. Ass'n 
of Am. Painters and Sculptors. Asso. Nat. Acad, of De- 
sign, Silver Medal, Carnegie Inst., 1911; represent' id In 
parmanent collection. Art Inst., Chicago, and many 
private collections. Club; Salmagundi. Residence: 
Westport, Conn. 


Diplomat; b. Paris, France (of Am. parents), Aug. 
15, 1866; s. Gen. Nicholas Longworth and Elizabeth 
Coles (Kilgour) Anderson; ed. Phillips Exeter Acad., 
class of 1884; Harvard Coll., A.B., class of 18SS; Har- 
vard Law Sch., one year; m; Boston. June 10. 1897, 
Isabel Weld (d. Commo. George Perkins, USX ) 
Second sec. Legation and Embassy at London. 1891- 
1894; 1st see. Embassy and Charge d'Affaires at Rome. 
1894-1897; cap*., and ass't adj. gen., acting adj. gen. of 
Div., U.S. V., 1897; envoy extraordinary and minister 
plenipotentiary to Belgium, 1911-1912; ambassador 
extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Japan. 1912. 
Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Soc. of Cincinnati, 
Mil. Order Loyal Legion, Order of Spanish War, Alpha 
Delta Phi, and Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternities. 
Comd'r Sts. Maurice and Lazare (Italy), grand officer 
of Crown of Italy. Clubs: Union, University. Harvard, 
N. Y. Yacht (N. Y. City). Residence (summer): 
"Weld." Brc-okline, Mass. (winter): 2118 Massachu- 
setts Av., Washington, D. C. 


Former sup't Bureau of Surveys, N. Y. B'd Fire Un- 
derwriters; b. N. Y. City; ed. in public and private 
schools of N. Y. City. Began business life as clerk 
with Howard Ins. Co., at age of 14, and remained with 
company for 14 years, entered service of Mercan- 
tile Ins. Co., of which was elected sec, 1S64, and 
pres. 1870. During that period was treas. and 
also mem. of Patrol Com. and Corns, on Police and 
Origin of Fires of N. Y. B'd Fire Underwriters. Pre- 
pared report on the regulations and requirements 
governing the installation of electricity, embodied in 
a paper which he read before the United Fire Under- 
writers of America; were adopted by that body. Also 
prepared standard of requirements for automatic 
sprinklers; resigned from Mercantile Ins. Co.. 1S88, to 
become sup't Bureau of Surveys for N. Y. B'd Fire 
Underwriters, which position retained until Jan. 1, 
1911; v.-p. Nat. Fire Prevention Ass'n; mem. B'd Con- 
sulting Eng'rs of Nat. B'd Fire Underwriters, until re- 
tirement from active business. Address: 123 William 
St., N. Y. City. 

Captain U. S. A.; b. Lexington, Va., Jan. 6, 1881; s. 
Gen. William Alexander and Mary Louisa (Blair) An- 
derson; ed. Washington & Lee Univ., Lexington, Va. ; 
U. S. Mil. Acad., West Point, N. Y Eng'r Sch., Wash- 
ington Barracks, D. C; m. Carrollton, Ga Aug. 24, 
1905, Maude, d. Judge William F. Brown, Insp. and 
lnstr. of eng'r troops, N.G.N.Y., Pa. and Ohio; instr. 

of eng'ring at U, S. Mil. Acad., L908 1912; 2d lieut. 
Corps oi Eng'rs, I S. A.. June 16, [904; 1st lieut., 
Jan. 1, 1906; capt, Feb. 27, 1912; in charge of mil. 
map 01 Cuba, 1907-190S. Mini. Aztec Soc Army of 
Cuban Pacification. Recreations: Track athb 
sports, shooting. Mem. various army clubs. Resi- 
dence: Arrowhead Court, 117th St. and Pinehurst 
Av. Address: 280 Broadway, X V. City. 


Lawyer; b. Greenwich, Conn., Aug. 4, 1S74; s. Ralph 
Leigh, Jr., ami Susie il'hilbin) Anderton; ed. St. Louis 
Coll., Coll. City of N. Y., N. Y. Univ. Law Sch., LL.B., 
1900; in. May 14, 1904, Louise Marie Durrie, d. late 
George Boice Durrie, M.l>. Mem. firm Beekman, Men- 
ken & Griscom. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. V., N. V. 
County Lawyers' Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Assn. Am. 
Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Theta Delta Chi, Economic Resi- 
dence: 408 W. 110th si. Address: .".2 William St.. X. Y. 


Lawyer; 'b. Boston, April 29, 185S; s. Gov. John Al- 
bion and Eliza T. (Hersej p Andrew; student at Law- 
rence Scientific Sch., Harvard, 188U, Law Sch., Univ. 
of Ga., also Germany and Italy; m. Jan. 10, 1801, Mary 
R. Garrettson; children: Beatrice, Margaret Forrester, 
John Albion. Founded W. Va. News, Ronceverte, W. 
Va., 18'JS; now engaged in law practice, W. Va. Re- 
publican nominee for State Senate from Sth W. Va. 
Dist., 1S98; organized Light Inf., 1880. and comm'nd 
capt., also 2d Reg't, W. Va. Militia and comm'nd col. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Vestryman All Saints Ch., 
Union, W. Va. Mem. Washington Continental Guard 
of N. Y. Soc Founders and Patriots of N. Y., Soc. of 
Colonial Wars of Mass., S.A.R. Clubs: Somerset 
(Boston), Metropolitan (Wash., D. C), Armv and Navy 
(N. Y. City). Address: 507 West End Av., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, capitalist; b. Massena, N. Y., April 4, 1864; 
s. Hannibal and Harriet (De Lano) Andrews; ed. 
Williston Sem., Easthampton, Mass., grad. U. S. Mil. 
Acad., West Point, N. Y., 1886; Columbian Univ. Law 
Sch., LL.B., N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1802; m. Governor's 
Island, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1888, Mary Campbell, d. Lieut.- 
Gen. John M. Schofield, U.S.A.; children: Schofield, b. 
Aug. 7, 1SS9; De Lano, ib. March 4, 1894. Practised 
law N. Y. City, 1893-1903. V.-p. and dir. Gen. Asphalt 
Co., Barber Asphalt Paving Co., United R'y Co., and 
others. Lieut. 5th U. S. Art'y, U.S.A., 1886-1893; a.d.c 
to Maj.-gen. commanding army, 1889-1S92; resigned 
from army, 1893; major and eng'r officer, 1st Brigade, 
X.G.N.Y., 1893-1S9S; major commanding Squadron A, 
N.G.N. Y. 189S; Lieut.-Col. U. S. Vols, during Spanish 
War; adj. -gen. State of N. Y. and chief of staff to 
Gov. Roosevelt, 1S99; police comm'r, N. Y. City, 1894- 
1S96. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Soc Foreign 
Wars, Acad, of Design, Philadelphia. Clubs: Centurv, 
University, Squadron A (New York), Rittenhous'e, 
Racquet and Country (Phila.), Armv and Navy (Wash- 
ington). Address: Land Title Bld'g, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Publisher- b. Morrison, 111., Dec. 27. 1883; s. James 
DeWitt and Minnie (Barrett) Andrews; ed. Univ. of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111.; m. Oak Park, 111., June IS, 1906, 
Hannah Dunlop. Sec and advertising mg'r Vogue 
Pub. Co., Vanity Fair Pub. Co., Inc.; pres. Eastchester 
Mortgage & Realty Co.; formerly connected with Re- 
view of Reviews and Butterick Pub. Co. Clubs: Uni- 
versity (Chicago), Aldine Ass'n, Alpha Delta Phi 
(mem. exec, council). Sphinx (v.-p.), Scarsdale Golf 
and Country, Sleepy Hollow Country. Republican (N. 
Y. City). Residence: Lawrence Park, Bronxville, N. 
Y. Address: 443 4th Av., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Plantsville, Conn.. April 2, 1877; s. 
Levi and Emily Elsie (Foote) Andrews; ed. Lewis 
High Sch., 1891-1893: Itt. Hermon Boys' Sch., Mt. Her- 
mon, Mass.; Coll. Phys. -.nd Surg., N. Y. City, 1S07- 
1899; Baltimore Med. Coll., 1903-1906, M.D.; m. Mt. 
Morris, X. Y., June 22, 1909, Charlotte Curtis Sey- 
mour; one son: Norman Seymour, b. July 19, 1912. 
Became interne 1906, later junior ass't at Craig Col- 
ony for Epileptics, Sonyea, N. Y.; 3d ass't, seven 
years; now engaged in private practice, Rochester, 
N. Y. Mem. Med. Soc. County of Monroe Med. Soc 
State of N. Y., Am. Med. Ass'n, Rochester Acad. Medi- 
cine; Mason. Address: 238 Rugby Av., Rochester, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Yazoo City, Miss., May 13, 1875; s. Col. 
Garnett and Rosalie Champe (Beirne) Andrews, 
father was author Andrews' Mississippi Digest; 
grandfather, Judge Garnett Andrews, was Judge Su- 
preme Court of Ga.: maternal great-grandfather, An- 
drew O'Beirne, of Va., represented the Greenbrier 



Diat. for many years in U. S. Congress; girad. Ala. 
Polytechnic Inst., B.Sc, 1894; m. San Juan, Porto 
Rico, Henrietta K5rber. For 7 years counsel Med. 
Soc. County of N. Y. Contb'd frequently to l<'orum. 
Cosmopolitan, Journal of Am. Med. Ass'n, Med. News, 
N. Y. Times, Yale Law Journal, and other magazines, 
chiefly on foreign travel and on legal topics, par- 
ticularly on the law relating to physicians and sur- 
geons, the unlawful practice of medicine, and the 
dangers of quackery. Certiiied to War Dep't as first 
honor mil. student Ala. Polytechnic Inst., 1894; capt. 
3d Tenn. Inf., U. S. Vols., 1898-1899; recommended for 
commission in regular army, but declined; now an 
officer in the 9th Coast Artillery Dist., N.G.N.Y. 
Pres. and dir. A. B. Andrews Co.; dir. estate of 
Garnett Andrews. Democrat. Mem. Med. Juris- 
prudence Sac.; hon. mem. Peekskill Lincoln Soc; 
Met Museum of Art, Municipal Art Soc, Naval and 
Mil. Order Spanish War, Spanish War Veterans (past 
com'dr N. Y. State Dep't), Sons of Revolution; assu. 
mem. Confederate Veterans; v.-p. Tennessee Soc, 
Georgia Soc, Virginia Soc; pres. Ala. Polytechnic 
Inst. Alumni Ass'n in N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Bpsuon 
Ass'n (past pres.); mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., 
Am. Bar Ass'n, Elks (past exalted ruler, 1902-1904) 
Clubs: Army and Navy, Pen. Address; 200 Fifth 
Av., N. Y. City. 

Stock broker; b. Baltimore, Md., Oct. 28, 1858; s. 
Richard S. and Mary C. (Lee) Andrews; grad. Univ. 
of Pa, A.M., 1891; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1893, Edith 
Walden; children: Richard S., b. 1894; Charles L 
Jr., and Caroline A. W., b. 1897. Mem. N. Y. Stock 
Exchange since 1887, mem. firm De Coppet & Doremus. 
Served in 1st Battalion, N. Y. Naval Militia, 1892, ad- 
vanced to lieut., resigned 1903; served in Spanish-Am. 
War on U.S.S. Yankee as ensign. Mem. Southern Soc, 
Md. Soc, Mil. Order Foreign Wars, Naval and Mil. 
Order Spanish-Am. War, Delta Kappa Epsilon fratern- 
ity. Clubs: Union, Army and Navy, Manhasset Bay 
Yacht. Address: 42 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Banker; b N. Y. City, 1844; s. Loring and Blandina 
B Andrews; ed. Columbia Coll. Grammar Sch. and at 
Dusseldorf, Germany; med. course Bellevue Hosp. Med. 
Coll m Blanche Landgraf Vance, widow of Louis S. 
J Brewster; one daughter, Constance B. Jones. 
Served as volunteer med. ass't in Civil War. Early 
business life was partner of Loring Andrews & Son, 
leather merchants of "The Swamp;" later senior mem. 
banking firms, Constant A. Andrews & Co.; organizer 
and pres. U. S. Savings Bank (20 years); pres. Elk- 
horn Co Practically retired from active social and 
business life, owing to long illness in the family. 
Formerly mem. Co. H, 7th Reg*t; was first treas. of 
Reform Club; many years treas. N. Y. City Mission 
and Tract Soc, and of Charity Organization Soc. Life 
mem. Museum of Nat. Hist, and Met. Museum of Art. 
Clubs: City (life). National Arts (life), Ardsley, N. Y. 
Athletic. Manhasset Bay Yacht (honorary mem.). Ad- 
dress: White Plains, N. Y. 


Banker; b. Collinsville, Conn., Sept., 1843; s. F. N. 
and Julia (Merritt) Andrews; ed. common sch., Low- 
ell, Warner & Rankin Commercial Coll., Binghamton, 
N. Y., 1S61; m. Union Center, N. Y., Aug. 22, 1867, 
Eliza A. Robinson; one d.: Elma. In mercantile busi- 
ness at Union Center, N. Y., 1878-1908, under Shores 
& Andrews, 1878-1883, and Andrews & Pitkin, 1883- 
1908. Pres.. and dir. Farmers' Nat. Bank of Union, 
N. Y.; treas. and dir. Crystal Creamery Co.. Union 
Center, N. Y., since org'n, 1892. Mem. Broome Co. 
B'd of Supervisors, 1884, 1889, 1890; postmaster Union 
Center N. Y., 8 years. Mem. B'd of Control, N. Y. 
Agr'l Experiment Station, Geneva, N. Y. Democrat; 
Methodist. Address: R. F. D. 2, Union, N. Y. 


Attorney and counsellor-at-law; b. Tarrytown, N. 
Y., Jan. 2S, 1866; s. George and Mary (Pierson) An- 
drews; ed. public sch.; Mt. Pleasant Acad., Cooper 
Inst. (Art School), Harlem Evening High Sch., N. Y. 
Univ. Law Sch. (LL.B.); m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 
12, 1898, Margaret King Martin. Author: Andrews 
Manual of Customs Laws; Andrews on the Transfer 
Tax Law. Tres. Renault Taxi Sei- ; treas. Motor 
Taximeter Cab Co.; sec. Distributing mporting Co., 

Inc. Mem. Assembly, 1S95, 1896^ i ip lican 

nominee for Congress. 17th N. Y. D1;l. t ap- 

praiser Port of N. Y., 1898-1908; ap- 

praiser; .\". Y. County. 1909-1912. R >i; Episco- 

palian. Mem. N. Y. Univ. Alumni A - mnty 

Lawyers' Ass'n, Harlem B'd of Conn. ttlon: 

Reading. Clubs: Republican, Phi Delta Pi>i Resi- 
dence: 54 W. 40th St. Address: 2 Ri : 81 .City. 


R'y official; b. Cleveland, O.. 1863; s. Samuel and 
Mary (Cole) Andrews; grad. Yale Univ., Ph.B., 1882. 
Pres. N. Y. State R'ys, Mohawk Valley Co., Utah & 
Mohawk Valley | R'y Co., Syracuse Rapid Transit R'y 
Co.; dir. Cleveland R'y Co., Schenectady R'y Co., 
Lackawanna Stetel Co., Chatham & Phenix Nat. Bank, 
N. Y. Residence: Mentor, O. Address: Grand Central 
Terminal, N. Y. City. 


Manufacturer; b. Thomaston Me., Nov. 17, 1860; s. 
William and Harriet B. Andrews; ed. Thomaston 
Acad.; m. Chicagol Oct. 2, 1888, Kate Gresham; chil- 
dren: Walter Urftsham, b. July 16, 1889; Harriet 
Carleton, o. March 3, 1892. Pres. Pratt & Lambert 
Varnish Co., Me., dir. Federal Telephone Co., Security 
Safe Deposit Co., Central Nat. BanK, Buffalo. Pres. 
Howe Thrift Ass'n, mem. N. Y. Chamber of Commerce. 
Clubs: Buffalo, Saturn. Country (Buffalo), Auto of 
America. Residence: 130 E. 67th St.; (summer), 
Watch Hill, R. I. Address: 185 Madison Av., N. Y. City. 


Merchant, author; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 9, 1837; s. 
Loring and Caroline C. (Delmateri Andrews; ed. pri- 
vate schools (hon. M.A., Yale, 1893); m. Oct. 17, 1860, 
Jane Elizabeth, d. Theodore Crane, N. Y. City. Trus- 
tee, Bank for Savings; dir. Continental Ins. Co.; for 
eleven years one of mg'rs House of Refuge, Ran- 
dall's Island. Trustee, mem. exec, com., honorary 
librarian, Met. Museum of Art. Mem. council, N. Y. 
Univ., honorary mem. 11th Army Corps Ass'n, mem. 
Nat. Acad. Design, N. Y. Hist. Soc, Am. Geog. Soc, 
Chamber of Commerce; founder and pres. Soc of 
Iconophlles of N. Y.; retired from active business, 
1877. Author: New Amsterdam, New Orange, New 
York; Old Booksellers of New York; Fragments of 
American History; Prospectus of Colleges in Cam- 
bridge; Sexto Decemos et Infra; A Trio of French 
Engravers; Portraiture of the American Revolution- 
ary War; James Lyne's Survey; Gossip About Book 
Collecting; Paul Revere and His Engraving; Icon- 
ography of the Battery and Castle Garden; Bibliopegy 
In the United States; Treatise of Fysshinge With an 
Angle, from the Book of St. Albans; Historical Sketch 
of the Continental Fire Insurance Co. of the City of 
New York; New York as Washington Knew It After 
the Revolution. Clubs: Century, Grolier (one of 
founders and second pres.), Union League, Saville 
(London). Address: 16 E. 38th St., N. Y. City. 


Jurist; b. Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1858; s. Charles 
and Marcia (Shankland) Andrews; grad. Harvard, 
A.B., 1880; Columbia, LL.B., 1882; m. N. Y. City, Dec. 
31, 1884, Mary Raymond Shipman. Engaged In prac- 
tise of law at Syracuse until elected, 1899, a Justice 
of the Supreme Court of the State of N. Y., for the 
term expiring Dec. 31, 1913. Republican. Address: 
Onondaga, N. Y. 


Lawyer, inventor; b. Mo., Nov. 21, 1S65; s. Gustavus 
Henry and Carolina Emma von Koch-Andriano; ed. by 
private tutors in Italy, Switzerland, France, Ger- 
many; m. Topeka, Kan., Dec, 1902, Leila Shears. 
Newspaper mg'r and financial writer. Admitted to 
practise of law in Calif., May 15, 1897; inventor of 
telephone and elec devices. Pres. and dir. Direct- 
Line Telephone Co. of N. Y. (N. J. Corp'n); Direct- 
Line Telephone Co. (N. Y. Corp'n); 1st v.-p. and mn'g 
dir. Direct-Line Gen. Telephone Co.; mn'g dir. Direct- 
Line Telephone Co. (Calif, corp'n). Republican; Ro- 
man Catholic. Mem. Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Sci- 
ence, Navy League of U. S. Recreations: Reading, 
traveling. Clubs: Rocky Mountain, Press (N. Y.), 
Bohemian (San Francisco), Omaha (Omaha, Neb.). 
Residence: 10 Gramercy Park. Address: 810 Broad- 
way, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, banker; b. Roxbury, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1861; s. 
Daniel D. and Kate N. (Stratton) Andrus: ed. public 
schs. ; grad. Albany Law Sch., LL.B., 1S85; m. N. Y. 
City, 1887, Nellie E. Pierce; one daughter. Pres. and 
dir. Nat. Bank of Roxbury; treas. Order Golden Seal 
(ins. co.); also pres. and dir. in several minor corp'ns. 
Democrat; mem. Dutch Reformed Ch. Royal Arch 
Mason, Shriner. Knight Templar, Odd Fellow. Pres. 
B'd of Ed'n of Roxbury High Sch. Clubs: Forest Lake 
(dir. and mg'r), Kingston, Rondout. Address: Rox- 
bury, N. Y. 


Ex-Congressman, mf'r; b. Pleasantville, Westches- 
ter Co., N. Y., Feb. 16, 1841; s. Rev. Loyal B. and Ann 
(Palmer) Andrus; ed. Charlotteville (N. Y.) Sem.; 



Wesleyan Univ. (Conn.), A.B., 1S62: LL.D., 1911; m. 
Yonkers, N. Y., June 23, I860, Julia M. Dyckman. 
Taught school in N. J. four years; engaged as m'r 
medicinal preparations; pres. Palisade Mfg. Co.; treaa. 
Arlington Chem. Co.; pres. N. Y. Pharmacal Ass'n; 
treas. N. Y. Conf. ; v. -p. and treas. Ocean Grove Ass'n; 
trustee N. Y. Life Ins. Co., 1900; elected Mayor of 
Yonkers 1903; mem. Congress from lyth N. Y. Dlst., 
1904, 1906, 190S and 1910. Republican. Methodist. 
Trustee Wesleyan Univ. Address: Yonkers, N. T. 


Actress; o. Ottawa, Canada; d. Timothy Warren and 
Ellen (McTavish) Anglin; ed. at Loretto Abbey, To- 
ronto, and Convent of the Sacred Heart Montreal; m. 
May 8, 1911, Howard Hull, writer. Made debut in the 
play of Shenandoah, N. Y. City, Sept., 1894, with 
marked success; became leading lady with James 
O'Neill in repertoire, 1896-1SU7; with B. H. Sothern, 
1897-1S9S; with Kichard Mansfield, 189S-1899; In Em- 
pire Theatre Stock Co., 1899-1905. Starred in Zira, 
1903-1900; with Henry Miller, in the Great Divide, 
1900-1907. Toured this country and Australia, 1909- 
1910 under own mngm't in The Awakening of Helena 
Richie, under own mngm't produced and played in 
Green Stockings 1911-1912; now ' successfully pro- 
ducing Shakespearean repertoire as actress mg'r. 
Address: 25 W. 42d St., N. Y. City. 

Lawyer; b. Benson, N. Y., 1851; s. Samuel L. and 
Emeline (Brownell) Anibal; (d. Judge Cyrus H. Brow- 
nell); ed. in schools of Buffalo, N. Y. ; Northville, N. 
Y., and Ft. Plain Sem.; m. Nov. 28, 1890, Laura C, d. 
Thomas M. and Abbie P. Blllington, of Amsterdam, 
N. Y. Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1879, and later to U. S. 
courts; practising at NOTthville, N. Y. Mason, 32, 
and has held offices in the various Masonic bodies. 
Identified with local financial and edn'l inst'ns. Ad- 
dress: Northville Bank Bldg., Northville, N. Y. 

Lawyer; b. Erie County, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1838; s. Hud- 
son and Maria (Heaton) Ansley; ed. dlst. sen. and 
Gowanda and Fredonia Acads.; m. Gowanda, N. Y., 
Nov. 4, 1863, Elzina J. Hanford; one son: George H. 
Engaged in practise of law, since admission to bar, 
1863; mem. firm Ansley & Ansley; att'y and dir. First 
Nat. Bank, since org'n. Surrogate by apptm't of Gov. 
Robinson; mem. State Democratic Com., 1884-1888; 
supervisor Salamanca, 8 years; postmaster, 1892-1896; 
hosp. steward, 64th N. Y. Vol. Reg't. Democrat. Pres. 
Cattaraugus County Bar Ass'n. Mason, Knight Tem- 
plar. Recreations: Automobiling, traveling. Club: 
City. Address; Salamanca, N. Y. 


Capitalist; b. N. Y. City, May 24, 1861; s. Edward 
and Margaret R. Anthony; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B., 
1881; m. N. Y. City, Amelia Van Valkenburgh. En- 
gaged in mercantile business since leaving coll. V.-p. 
Boonton Iron & Steel Co.; treas. Loando Hard Rubber 
Co.; trustee U. S. Savings Bank. Mem. Sons of Revo- 
lution, St. Nicholas Soc, Holland Soc. of N. Y., Soc. of 
War of 1812. Clubs: University, Lawyers. Residence: 
125 W. 58th St. Address: 42 Broadway, N. Y. City. 

Journalist; b. Marion, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1869; s. Phi- 
lander and Elizabeth Harriet (Lyke) Antisdale; grad 
Univ. of Rochester, A.B., 1893; m. Rochester, 1895i 
Margaret Mclntyre; children: Elizabeth Phillips, b. 
May 31, 1S96; Margaret Dewey, b. Sept. 14, 1897; Mary 
Claire, b. Nov. 9. 1898. Reporter, Rochester Herald. 
1890-1893, business mg'r, 1894-1897, editor-in-chief 
since 1S98. Sec. and dlr. Rochester Herald Co. Dep- 
uty collector Internal Revenue, 1893-1894. Democrat. 
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, and Delta Upsilon frater- 
nity. Clubs: Genesee Valley, University, Humdrum. 
Alembic. Residence: 180 Dartmouth St. Address: 30 
Exchange St., Rochester, N. Y. 


Broker; b. Chambersburg, Pa., Oct. 26, 1877; s 
David K. and Elizabeth (Fohl) Appenzellar: grad. 
from Chambersburg Acad., 1895; Dickinson Coll., Ph.B.. 
1899; m. Apr. 30, 1907, Katherine O'Gorman; children: 
Elizabeth Rose, b. 1908, Donald C, Jr., b. 1911. Mg'r 
Stock Exchange Dep't Swartwout & Appenzellar 
Traveled abroad in England, France, Germany, Switz- 
erland, Russia, summer of 1906. Republican. Mem. 
Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Residence: 72 Liberty Av.. 
New Rochelle, N. Y. Address: 44 Pine St., N. Y. City. 

Banker; b. Chambersburg, Pa,, 1875; s David K. and 
Elizabeth F. 'Appenzellar; grad. Dickinson Coll.. Ph.B.. 
1895; m. N. Jr. City, 1909, Edna F. Howell. Mem. firm 
Swartwout & Appenzellar. bankers, and member N. Y. 

Stock Exchange; dir. Am.-La Fiance Fire Engine Co., 
Inc., v.-p. and dlr. The Holding Cor'p. Republican; 
Presby'n. Mem. Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Club: 
Union League. Residence: The Barnard, Central Park 
W. and 71st St. Address: 44 Pine St., N. Y. City. 

Publisher; b. N. Y. City; s. John A. Appleton; g. s. 
Daniel Appleton, founder D. Appleton & Co.; ed. In 
N. Y. City and Carlsruhe, Germany; entered Harvard 
but discontinued course in 1871 to enter business; 
unmarried. Clerk in publishing house of D. Appleton 
& Co. until 1879; since then mem. of the firm; now 
v.-p. of company. Entered Boston Cadet Corps, 1867; 
enlisted Oct. 31, 1871, private Co. F, 7th Reg't, N.G.N. Y.; 
promoted capt. Jan., 1S79; elected colonel of reg't July 
18, 1899. Clubs: Union, Century, N. Y. Yacht, N. Y. 
Athletic, Army and Navy, Fencers, Country. Resi- 
dence: Hotel Astor. Address: 35 W. 32d St., N. Y. City. 


Publisher; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 10, 1858; s. John 
Adams and Serena Parker (Dale) Appleton; grad. 
Trinity Coll.. Hartford, Conn., A.B., 1880; m. N. Y. 
City, 1894, Charlotte Lamson. Connected with firm of 
D. Appleton & Co., as v.-p. and mg'r of the Chicago 
Branch, 1880-1904; now connected with Robert Apple- 
ton Co., publishers of The Catholic Encyclopedia. 
Mem. Chicago Hist. Soc, Delta Psl, Trinity Coll. 
Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: Aldine, University, St. Anthony, 
Century, Oakland Golf (N. Y. City). Residence: Bay- 
side, L. I. Address: 16 E. 40th St., N. Y. City. 


Merchant; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 5, 1854; s. Daniel 
Fuller and Julia (Randall) Appleton; grad. Harvard 
Coll., A.B., 1875; Columbia Law Sch.. LL.B., 1877; m. 
Lenox, Mass., Oct. 7, 1884, Fanny Lanier, d. Charles 
Lanier; children: Francis Randall, Jr., b. July 9, 1885; 
Charles Lanier, b. Sept. 25, 1886; Ruth, b. Jan. 10, 
1891; Alice, b. Dec. 8, 1894; James, b. Mar. 6, 1899. 
Mem. firm Rotbins & Appleton; v.-p. and dir. Wal- 
tham Watch Co.; dir. Nat. Park Bank Manhattan 
Trust Co., Mount Morris Bank. Mem. B'd of Over- 
seers of Harvard Coll. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon, 
New England Soc. Clubs: Harvard, University, Knick- 
erbocker, Racquet and Tennis, Turf and Field, 
Meadow Brook, Somerset, Myopia Hunt, Down Town. 
Address: 26 E. 37th St,, N. Y. City. 


Retired; b. N. Y. City, June 7, 1863; s. William 
Henry and Mary (Worthen) Appleton; ed. Trinity 
Coll., Hartford, Conn., class 1885; m. Kansas ' City. 
Mo., July 10, 1900, Dora Threlkeld. Stockholder in 
D. Appleton & Co., publishers, N. Y. City. 2d lieut., 
12th Reg't, N.G.N.Y. Democrat. Mem. Delta Psl 
fraternity. Recreation: Yachting. Clubs: Players, 
City Island Yacht. Address: City Island, N. Y. 


Banker; b. in Beaver Co., Pa., 1853; ed. in public 
schs. Entered mercantile 'business at early age; was 
employed in auditing dep't' Pa. R. R. at Pittsburgh; 
afterwards as auditor with Wheeler & Wilson Mf'g 
Co. Removed to Brooklyn in 1878. where he has 
been active in social, political and charitable work. 
Representative of party in State Com.; delegate to 
Republican Nat. Conv.; presidential elector for elec- 
tion of 1908 and 1912. Appt'd tax comm'r by Mayor 
Schieren; continued in office under Mayor Wurster; 
appt'd mem. of the Municipal Civil Service Comm'n 
by Mayor McClellan during both terms. Mem. Exec. 
Com. Civil Service Reform Ass'n; one of the organ- 
izers of Brooklyn Public Library and a trustee since 
its inception; personal trustee of Andrew Carnegie 
for expenditure of funds for the Carnegie Branch 
Libraries in Brooklyn. Life mem. Brooklyn Inst, of 
Arts and Sciences; mem. Chamber of Commerce; 
mem. Exec. Com. Central Mercantile Ass'n. Clubs: 
Hamilton, Rembrandt Art, Lotos, Aldine. Address: 
Security Bank, 5th Av. and 14th St., N. Y. City. 


Publisher; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1845; s. William H. 
and Mary M. (Worthen) Appleton; received prep, ed'n, 
studied abroad; m_ Boston, Mass., April 20, 1881. Anna 
D. Sargent. Admitted as partner in D. Appleton & 
Co., 1868, now chm'n B'd of Dirs. ; trustee Bank for 
Savings. Prominent in securing passage of Copyright 
Act of 1891. Trustee and chm'n com. on circulation 
N. Y. Public Library; pres. Am. Publishers' Copyright 
League. Address: 35 W. 32d St., N. Y. City. 


Capitalist; b. Leesburg, O., July 26, 1848; ed. schs. 
of Ohio; m. Annie M. Mills. In Pa. oil regions 1864- 
1875; became pres. Acme Oil Co.; dir. since 1875 and 
now v.-p. Standard Oil Co.; Pres. B'd of trustees, 
Syracuse Univ. Mem. Ohio Soc, Am. Geog. Soc, Met. 



Museum Pine Arts, Am. Museum Natural History. 
Identified witli various philanthropies; gave new 
building at 451 West 12d st., to N. Y. Kindergarten 
Ass'n as memorial to his daughter, .Mrs. Frances 
Dana Archbold Waloott. Clubs: Union League,, 
Racquet and Tennis, Knollwood Golf, New York 
Yacht, Larchmont Yacht. Address: 261 South Broad- 
way, Tarrytown-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Actor, playwright; b St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 14, 1864; 
s. Arden Richard and Mary Berkeley (Hunter) 
Smith; ed. public sens., St. Louis, Mo.; m. N. Y. City, 
Feb. 21, 1883, Agnes Ann Eagleson Keene; one d- : 
Mildred Hunter, b. June 14, 1888. Formerly Gov't 
clerk, miner, newspaper reporter and theatrical 
mg'r. Club: Lambs. Residence: 60 West 75th St. 
Address: 130 West 44th St., N. Y. City. 


Manufacturer; b. Trenton, ,N. J., Dec. 18, 1S6U; s. 
Frank E. and Mary F. ( Whitley) Arend. Engaged in 
centrifugal separator business from beginning busi- 
ness life; later in development of the steam turbine, 
real estate, mining, etc. Treas. and gen. mg'r The 
De Laval Separator Co.; pres. De Laval Mf'g Co.; sec. 
and treas. De Laval Steam Turbine Co.; pres. Amerigo 
Realty Co.; dir. Coal & Iron Nat. Bank. Mem. Met. 
Museum of Art, Am. Museum of Natural History, Am. 
Geog Soc, and numerous trade and civic ass'ns. 
Clubs: City, Automobile of America, X. Y. Athletic, 
Railroad, Sleepy Hollow, etc. Residence: 32 West 
73d St., N. Y. City, and Deal Beach, N. J. Address: 
165 Broadway, N. Y. City. 

Conductor, vocal teacher; b. Neef, Germany, Oct. 28, 
1856; s. Clemens and Anna Mary (Schmitz) Arens; 
ed Normal Sen. St. Francis, Wis.; M'unich Royal Sch. 
of Music. Royal Conservatory, Dresden -(prize testi- 
monial at graduation); voice culture with Prof. 
Julius Hey, Berlin; m. Canal Dover, O., May 15, 1.885, 
Emma L. Huegel; children: Egmont, b. 1S88; Ralph 
Waldo, b. 1891; Winfried, lb. 1893. Organist and sch. 
teacher, Milwaukee. Wis., 1S74-1876; prof, music, St. 
Oanisius Coll., Buffalo, N. Y., 1S77-1880; conductor 
Cleveland Philharmonic Soc. and Gesangverein. 1884- 
1888; conductor of orchestral concerts devoted to 
Am composers in Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Leipzig, 
Weimar Sond-rshausen, Vienna, 1890-1892; conductor 
of Indianapolis Mav Music Festival; pres. Metropoli- 
tan Sch. of Music and principal Vocal Dep't, Indian- 
apolis, Ind., 1893-1S98; founder, 1900, and since then 
conductor of People's Symphonj Concerts, N. Y. City. 
Vocal teacher. Trustee People's Symphony Concerts. 
Clubs: Lambs, German Liederkranz. Address: 308 
West 56th St., N. Y. City. 

State senator; b. in Pa., 1874; ed. public schs., State 
Normal Sch., and post-grad, courses. In mf'g busi- 
ness Rochester since 1892. Elected State senator, 
1910, re-elected 1912; appt'd mem. corns, on Public 
Health, Revision and Cities, 1911, and Cities, Com- 
merce and Navigation, and Revision, 1913. Mem. 
Rochester Chamber of Commerce and other inst'ns. 
Address: Senate Chambers, Albany, N. Y. 

Mining eng'r; b. Chicago, 111., Aug. 4, 1S72; s. H. 
H. and Alice Mary (MacPherson) Armstead; ed. 
Brooklyn Poly. Inst., Brooklyn Latin Sch.. Berkeley 
Sch., class 1893; Sch. of Mines, class 1897. Consulting 
eng'r since 1897 with Mexican mines as specialty. 
Traveled extensively in U. S. and Mexico. Pres. and 
dir. Armstead United Companies, Inc., Mexican United 
Co., Colmena Mining Co.. La Lucita Mining Co., v.-p. 
Mont. Mexico Mining Co. Republican. Mem. Am. 
Inst. Mining Eng'rs, Pan-Am. Soc, Alpha Delta Phi 
fraternity. Recre'ations: Exploration, riding, hunt- 
ing. Clubs: Racquet and Tennis, Calumet, Alpha 
Delta Phi, Columbia Univ., Country, Sleepy Hollow, 
N. Y. Yacht, Metropolitan (Washington, D. C), Uni- 
versity, American, Country, Jockey (Mexico). Resi- 
dence: Ritz Carlton. N. Y. City, and Hacienda de 
Guadalupe, Guanajuato, Mexico. Addresses: 29 Broad- 
way, N. Y. City, and Isabel La Catolica 33, Mexico, 
D.F., and Plaza Mayor, Guanajuato, Mexico. 


Advertising and sales service; b. Fayetteville, N. Y., 
June 11, 1853; s. Ethan and Miriam (Collin) Arm- 
strong; grad. Amherst Coll.. A.B., 1S77: m. Xeenah, 
Wis., Elizabeth Hale. Reporter on N. Y. World. 
March 19, 1876-June 2S, 1878; financial editor, N. T. 
Sun. June 28, L878-Oct. 1, 1902; pres. Collin Armstrong. 
Inc. Mem. X. Y s. i'ber of Commerce, and 

Westchester County Chamber of Commerce. V.-p. 
Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, 19(14-1908: pres. Soc. of the 

Onondagas, 1908-1909; pres. "Sun" Alumni Ass'n 1910- 
1918. Clubs. Alpha Delta Phi, University. Lotos. Sal- 
magundi, Sphinx, Lawyers (pres. 1912-1913). Rowfant 
(Cleveland, O.). Address: 115 Broadway, N. Y. City. 

Artist, b. Newburgh, N. jr., 1836; ed. Trinity Coll.. 
Hartford, A.B., 1858; A.M.; studied law, admitted to 
practised several years in N. Y r . Studied painting 
in Rome and Paris; was a pupil of Luc Olivier Merson. 
Am. Consul-General at Rome four years: dir. Am. Art 
Dep't. Paris Exp'n, 1878; received Decoration Legion 
d'Honneur from French Gov't; asso. mem. Nat. Acad, 
of Design; Nat'l Soc. Mural Painters; Architectural 
League of N. Y.; life fellow Metropolitan .Museum of 
Art; trustee N. Y. Soc. Library mem. Alpha Delta Phi 
fraternity: Club: Century. Residence: 58 W. loth St. 
Address: 61 Washington Square S.. N V. City. 

Am, representative Manchester Ship Canal Co.; b. 
Bi I iui bet. County Cavan, Ireland. Jan. 17. 1861; s. 
John Armstrong, eminent Irish lawyer, and Sarah 
Helen (Moffatt) Armstrong; ed. Royal sen., Cavan; 
Dr. Benson's, Dublin; Army Acad, under Dr. Chetwode 
Crawley; m. Nov. '21, 1912, Margaret Hanway. Com'd 
lieut. County Cavan Reg't, Feb., 1878; served in Royal 
.Irish Fusiliers and 105th Reg't, attached to 38tn 
Reg't; resigned from army, 18S4. Confb'd numerous 
articles to Army and Navy Gazette and The Broad 
Arrow; wrote and published many drill books; Cate- 
chism of Squad Drill (2 editions.) ; Words of Command 
and Caution used in Company Drill, Words of Com- 
mand and Caution used in Battalion Drill (2 editions); 
Catechism of Regulations for Encampment. Acted as 
amateur, and after leaving army played round of 
Shakespearean and Old Comedy with F. R. Benson - 
Shakespearean Co.; later joined Hay market Theatre 
Co., London, then under the Bancroft m'gmt; played 
in production of Hugh Conway's Dark Days; business 
mg'r for William Duck, mn'g David James in "(jur 
Boys," "As in a Looking Glass," "Fedora," etc.; busi- 
ness mg'r for Sir Charles Wyndham at Strand and 
Comedy Theatres, 1S88-1S92. Left stage for commer- 
cial life; mg'r and sec. Mexican Land and Colonizat.on 
Co.; appt'd 1S96 Am. representative for Manchester 
Ship Canal Co. Fellow Royal Geog. Soc. London. 
Recreations: Sailing, swimming, rowing, walking 
Clubs: Raleigh (London), United Service (Dublin), 
Savage (London), Calumet, Down Town Ass'n, Lotos. 
Press, Marine and Field (N. Y. City), Western Nova 
Scotia Yacht. Addresses: Aughnamullen Bally bay, Co. 
Monaghan, Ireland, and 267 5th Av., N. T. City. 

Lawyer; b. July 4, 1834; s. Henry and Eliz 
(Cady) Armstrong; grad. Owego Acad. Hobart Coll. 
A.M., LL.D.; m. 1st Catskill, N. Y., Mar. 23. 1859, Mary 
E. Baker; 2nd, Julv 14, 1903, Elizabeth Douglas; chil- 
dren: July E., b. Feb. 3. 1860; Allie S., b. Mar. 20, 1865; 
James, b. Sept. 2o, 180b. Practised law in Davenport, 
Iowa, June 1859-Feb. 1873; collector of Internal Rev- 
enue for 2d Dist. Iowa, which comprised one-half the 
entire state, 1866, 1S67 and 1808, under Presidents 
Johnston and Grant. Removed to N. Y. City Feb., 
187a. and has continued practise of law in X. Y.. prin- 
cipally for corp'ns, and H. B. Claflin & Co. Pres. and 
dir. Armstrong & Brown, Club Bld'g Co.. Mortgage 
Holding Co. Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. Alpha 
Delta Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, N. Y. County Lawyers' 
Ass'n. Club: Lawyers. Residence: 74 E. 55th St. 
Address: 27 Cedar St., N. Y. City. 

Lawyer; b. New Haven, Conn., Dec. 21. 1875: s. 
Charles P. and Sarah A. (Searles) Armstrong; grad. 
Yale Univ.. B.A., 1899, N. Y. Law Sch.. LL.B.; m. Nov. 
27, 1913, Molly Bangs. Mem. law firm Armstrong & 
Keith; dir, and 2nd v.-p. Fajardo Sugar Co.; dir. and 
sec. The West India Sugar Finance Corp'n: dir. Am. 
Indemnity Co., Electric Cable Co. Mem. Bar Ass'n. Clubs: 
University X V Yacht, Vale, Greenwich Country, In- 
dian Harbor Yacht. Address: 40 Wall St., N. Y. City. 

Artist, illustrator; b. N. Y. City. Sept. 24, 1S67: d. 
Maitland and Helen (Neilson) Armstrong: received 
private sch. ed'n. Made extensive travels in West, for 
artistic and botanical purposes. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Woman's Polit. Union. Dir. Ass'n fo ' pled 

Children. D. Y. N. T. Soc. for "Work 'oor. 

Recreations; Out-door life, camping, ,, J ress. 

r,S W. Kith St., X. Y. City. 

Lawyi r, former State senator: b. . Y., 

1864; moved with parents in boyhi i, N. 

Y , where was educated in public ! k of 



B'd of Supervisors of Orleans Co.. N. Y., 1SS4-1SS7; 
admitted to bar, 1888, and removed to Rochester, 
where has since been engaged in practice of law. 
Elected to B'd of Supervisors of - Monroe Co., from 
Rochester. 1893; to the Assembly, 1889. State Senate 
from the 44th Senate Dlst, 1398; re-elected 1900. 1902, 
1904, 1906; appt'd, 1307. chm'n' Finance Com. 
When Gov. Higgnis sent a message to the extraor- 
dinary session of the Legislature of 1905, submitting 
to it the subject of the condition of the life in- 
surance companies of the State, Senator Armstrong 
introduced a resolution for the investigation of the 
companies, and on passage of this resolution, received 
an apptm't as chm'n of the com. making the note- 
worthy life insurance investigation of 1905. Address: 
Rochester, N. Y. 


Electrical eng'r, inventor; b. Cazenovia, Mich., Aug. 
14. 1861; s. Joseph and Geraldine (Revnolds) Arnold; 
ed. High Sell., Ashland. Neb.; Univ. of Neb.; Hillsdale 
(Mich.) Coll., B.S., 1SS4, A.M., 1SS7. M.Ph., 18S9; post- 
grad, work at Cornell, 1889; B.E., Univ. of Neb., 1897; 
honorary D.Sc, Armour, 1908; diploma extraordinary, 
Hillsdale Coll.. 1903; m. Reading, Mich.. Feb. 14, 1886, 
Carrie Estelle Berry (.deceased); children: Maud 
Lucille, Stanley Berry, Robert Melville. Draughts- 
man for Edward P. Allis Co., Milwaukee, Wis., and 
later chief designer for Iowa Iron Works; consulting 
eng'r Gen. Elec. Co. at Chicago, 1889-1893; since then 
as consulting elec. eng'r. Designed and built power 
plant, and consulting eng'r for the Intramural R'y, 
which operated at World's Columbian Exp'n, Chicago, 
1893; consulting eng'r, Chicago & Milwaukee Elec. 
R'y, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R., Chicago; B'd 
of Trade; mem. Comm'n which devised plan for elec. 
operation N. T. Central trains in and out of N. Y. City; 
consulting eng'r city of Chicago on traction matters. 
Invented direct-connected power station system using 
magnetic clutches, storage battery improvements, 
magnetic clutch, and new devices and systems for 
electric traction; first to put into operation the high- 
tension transmitting rotary converter sub-station 
system for electric railways, and early pioneer and 
the strongest advocate of the single-phase elec. r'y 
system, one type of which is used by N. Y., New 
Haven & Hartford R. R. Pres. The Arnold Co.; dir. 
Elgin & Belvidere Electric Railway Co.; now chief 
eng'r and chm'n B'd of Supervising Eng'rs in charge 
of reconstruction of the street railway systems of 
Chicago, upon which is to be spent about 540,000,000: 
consulting eng'r to the Public Service Comm'n of the 
First Dist., State of N. Y. Acted in similar capacity 
for the State R'y Commissioners of Wis. and for the 
city of Toronto. Consulting eng'r Grand Trunk R. R. 
for electrification of St. Clair Tunnel. Republican. 
Trustee Hillsdale Coll.. Mich. Mem. Inst, of Elec. 
Engr's, Am. Soc. for the Promotion of Eng'ring- Ed'n, 
A.A.A.S. Recreations: Automobiling, traveling. 
Clubs: Mid-Day, Union League, Engineers. Industrial, 
South Shore Country, Aeronautique. Press (Chicago), 
Transportation. Engineers (N. Y. Citv). Addresses: 
181 La Salle St., Chicago; 154 Nassau St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Newport, R. I., Sept. 17, 1S72; s. Richard 
J. and Minnie S. (Clarke) Arnold; grad. Princeton 
Univ., A.B., 1895: N. Y. Law Sch.. LL.B.. lx7; m. 
Flushing. N. Y.. July 19. 1902, Cassandia Lawrence Lee; 
children: Jennie Clarke, b. Jan. 22, 1908; Carrington 
G., Jr., Oct. 11, 1911. Mem. Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Princeton, Oakland Golf, Marvland (Baltimore), 
Down Town Ass'n. Address: 30 Broad St.. N. V. City. 


Educator; b. X. Y. City, June 15, 1S79; s. George 
and Eliza (Shiek) Arnold; grad. Coll. Citv of N. Y., 
A.B., 1898 (mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc), N. Y. Univ.. 
Pd.M., 1902; Pd.D., 1903; Columbia Univ.. Ph.D., 1905; 
unmarried. Lecturer Dep't of Ed'n, Baltimore, 1906; 
lecturer philosophy, Columbia Univ., 1907; on ed'n N. 
Y. Univ.. during summer of 1910; principal of Public 
Sch. 30, N. Y. Fellow A.A.A.S., N. Y. Acad, of Sciences; 
mem. Am. Anthropo!. Ass'n, Am. Psychol. Ass'n, Am. 
Sociol. Soc. Royal Soc. of Arts. Author: Attention 
and Interest, Psychology of Association, Outline His- 
tory of Education, Text-Book of School Management 
(2 vols.). Special Methods of Instruction, and articles 
on psychology and edn'l topics. Address: S24 St. 
Nicholas Av., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Syracuse, N. Y., May 25. 1S75: s. William 
A. and Myrtle C. (Baldwin) Arnold; grad. Syracuse 
Univ., LL.B., 1S98; m. Olga M. Little, of Greenwich, 
Conn., d. of Charles Clements Little, late v.-p. 
Phoenix Ins. Co., of Brooklyn, and Carrie Cecilia 
(Stetson) Little. After graduation studied law with 

Senator Horace White at Syracuse, N. v.. admitted 
to bar Feb. 2, 1900; came to N. V. City, Jan., 1905, 
and became associated with the Am. Bonding Co., of 
B more, as mg'r and ass't sec. Subsequently en- 
gaging in gen. law practice and promotion of in- 
dustrial enterprises, now associated witli the Johnston 
C. Collins Co., of N. 1'., gen. ag'ts of the Travelers 
Ins. Co., as mg'r. Enlisted July 14, 1898, in U. S. 
Vol. Inf., Co. A, 203d N. Y. Reg't, in Spanish War; 
honorably discharged for physical disability through 
typhoid fever contracted in the service; former mem. 
Nat. Guard, Co. A, 141st Reg't. Republican; Protestant. 
Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon 'fraternity, Theta Nu 
Epsilon. Mason, Central City Commaiidery, No. 25 
K. T., Central City Consistory, A.A.A.S. Rite 32" 
Mason, Mystic Shrine. Clubs: Century, Syracuse 
Yacht. Citizens (Syracuse), Greenwich Country, In- 
dian Harbor Yacht (Greenwich, Conn.). Residence: 
Greenwich, Conn. Address: 55 Liberty St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer: b. San Francisco, Cal.,' Sept. 29, 1S73; s. 
Nathaniel D. Arnot, now and for 33 years Superior 
Court Judge in Cal., and Eugenia M. (Holbrook) 
Arnot; ed. Cal. Mil. Acad., Oakland, Cal., 1885-1887; 
Phillips Exeter Acad., 1S87-1890; grad. Yale Coll., 
B.A., 1894; Yale Law Sch., LL.B., cum laude, 1896; 
m. Rochester, N. Y., April 21, 1908, Josephine, d. 
Henry S. Hanford; one son, Nathaniel D., b. Oct. 21, 
1912. Has practised law in Rochester since 1896; 
formerly mem. firm of Bly & Arnot; now practising 
alone. Dir. Newton Mf'g Co., Emporium Milk By- 
products Co. Independent Republican. Was treas. 
five years of Rochester Humane Soc. Author of nu- 
merous magazine articles on historical and legal sub- 
jects. Gives illustrated lectures on New Zealand, In- 
dustries of Niagara Falis, astronomy, paper making 
and other subjects. Has reiad many papers before 
scientific and social bodies in Rochester and else- 
where. Corr. mem. Hawaiian Hist. Soc, of Honolulu. 
Recreations: Chemistry, electricity. Clubs: Rochester 
Modern History (pres.), Haeckel, John Marshall 
(sect. Address: 7 Audubon St., Rochester, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Boston, Mass.. July 4, 1851; s. Ossian D. 
and Harriet A. (Nash) Ashley; grad. Phillips Acad., 
Andover, Mass., 1869; Yale Univ., A.B., 1873; studied 
at Univ. of Berlin (Prussia), 1S75-76; Columbia Univ., 
LL.B., 1880; N. Y. Univ., LL.M.. 1895, J.D., 1903; Miami 
Univ., LL.D., 1898; m. Geneva, Switzerland, Aug. 12, 
1880. Isabella Heyward Ripley: children: Edith Hey- 
ward, b. Jan. 26, 1SS2; Mabel Pierce, b. Dec. 26, 1887. 
Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1S80, in active practice since. 
Prof, law, Metropolis Law School, 1891-95, N. Y. Univ. 
since 1895; vice-dean Law Faculty, 1895-96, dean Law 
Facults' since 1896, N. Y. Univ.; non-resident lecturer 
of law, Bryn Mawr Coll., since 1899. Mem. Delta 
Kappa Epsilon, Wolf's Head Ass'n Bar, N. Y. City. 
Clubs: University, Century, Yale. Address: 32 Wav- 
erly Place, N. Y. City. 


Mechanical and elec. eng'r and patent att'y; b. Cats- 
kill, N. Y., June 10, 1867; s. John J. (M.D.) and Susie 
A. (Merwin) Ashley; ed. Brooklyn public schools and 
Cooper Inst.; m. Brooklyn, 1888, Jennie Bell Wood; 
children: Frank S., b. 1S90; Jessie, ib. 1891; Merwin 
Franklin, b. 1900; Grace Ashley, b. 1912. Inventor of 
many improvements in eng'ring machinery and steam 
and electrical specialties; first in the art to generate 
and store ozone gas under pressure on a commercial 
scale (process and apparatus patented). Pres. Ashley 
Valve Co. Republican. Baptist. Mem. Am. Inst. 
Elec. Eng'rs, Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs Nat. Ass'n Sta- 
tionary Eng'rs, Franklin Inst, of Pa., Patent Law 
Ass'n of Washington, Inventors' League of the United 
States, Soc. of Automobile Engn'rs. Recreations: Mu- 
sic and travel. Address: 154 Nassau St., N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 7, 1S62; s. Amos D. 
and Catherine (Westervelt) Ashmead; ed. private and 
public schs. of N. Y. until 15 years old. and later by 
private tutors; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 8, 18S3, Annie Mol- 
ler Livings; children: Dever Campbell, b. 1884; Lenox 
Livings, b. 1889; C. Westervelt. b. 1890. Engaged in 
business for 22 years; ordained to ministry of Epis- 
copal Ch., June 11, 1900; now rector St. Mark's Ch. 
(Washington Irving Memorial), N. Tarrvtown, N. Y., 
and Chapel of the Redeemer, Yonkers, N. Y. Pro- 
gressive. Mem. N. Y. Churchman's Ass'n; Mason. 
Clubs: The Rectory, Park Hill Countrv. Address: 
Rectory. St. Mark's Ch., S. W. Cor. Depeyster St. and 
N. Broadway, Tarrytown, N. Y. 


Jurist: b. Brooklyn, N. T., 1854; grad. Columbia Law 
Sch., 1S75. Was gen. att'y Nat. City Bank of Brook- 



lyn, and for other large financial Interests. Repub- 
lican; mem. Assembly In N. Y. legislature, 1888-89 
and 1801; State Senator, 1802; elected 1906 Justice of 
Supreme Court State of N. Y., for term expiring Dec. 
31, 1920. Pres. Garfield Club. Mason, 32" and Shrlner. 
Clubs: Union League, Adrlance, Adelphl, Riding, Lake 
\i:iiii>pac Yacht, Brooklyn (Brooklyn). Address: 673 
Lafayette Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Architect; b. N. Y. City, June 3, 1S54; s. James Scott 
and Margaret (Maxwell! Aspinwall; mother of Dum- 
fries, Scotland; ed. Dewight's Day Sen., afterward 
Lyon Sen., and later at school of Prof. Collain, N. Y. 
City; m. Mary Morris Carnochan, d. Dr. John Murry 
Carnochan, of N. Y. City. Entered office of James 
Renwlck, architect, 1875; 1880 became mem. firm Ren- 
wlck, Aspinwall & Russell (now Renwick, Aspinwall 
& Tucker). During connection with firm has built 
many private houses and public buildings, a few of 
the more notable being first Stock Exchange, Am. 
Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, The Pre- 
vention of Cruelty to Animals, a large number of 
hospitals (Scarlet Fever and Dep't Hosp. N. Y. City, 
Stony Wold Sanitarium, Adirondack Cottage Sani- 
tarium, N. Y. Infirmary for Women and Children), 
office buildings, etc.; was with James Renwick in 
working out much of detail of St. Patrick's Cathedral 
and the stone spire of Grace Church at Broadway 
and 10th St. One of original mems. of Troop A, now 
Squadron A, N. Y. State Guard. Traveled extensively 
in this country and abroad; visited principal cities of 
Germany, Prance, Holland, Belgium, England and 
Scotland. Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Inst. Architects 
(N. Y. Chapter same), Architectural League, N. Y. 
City. Trustee N. Y. Inst, for Ed'n of Blind; treas. St. 
Luke's Ass'n of Grace Church, N. Y. City. Clutis: 
Union, Engineers, Atlantic Yacht. Address: 320 Fifth 
Av., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Vico Equesne Italy, Dec. 28, 1864; s. 
Vincenzo and Starace Astarlta; grad. Columbia Coll., 
LL.B.; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 16, 1897, Almira I. Manley; 
children: Eugene, b. 1808; Francis, b. 1003; George, b. 
1905. Engaged In practice since admission to bar 
1S87; first Italian admitted to practice law in State 
of N. Y. Ass't dist. att'y, N. Y. City, 1896-1897; appt'd 
by late Mayor Gaynor, 1910, comm'r B'd of Assessors 
City of N. Y. Trustee Italian Savings Bank, N. Y. City 
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, N. 
Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, Soc. Med. Jurisprudence, 
Italian-Am. Democratic Union. Clubs: Nat. Democratic, 
Italian National, Asbury Park Fishing. Residence: 124 
W. 12th St. Address: 320 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Capitalist; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 15, 1891; s. John Jacob 
and Ava L. (Willing) Astor; attended St. George's 
Sch., Newport, and Harvard Univ. Dir. Astor Trust 
Co., Western Union Telegraph Co. Erected, 1913, as 
a memorial to father, a new building for "Holiday 
Farm," a home for convalescent children at Rhine- 
beck, N. Y. Mem. Am. Museum Natural History, Acad 
Polit. Science, Navy League of U. S., Union Soc. of 
Civil War, N. Y. Geneal. and Biog. Soc, Citizens 
Union of City of N. Y.: hon. mem. Honor Legion of 
Police Dep't, City of N. Y. V.-p. N. Y. Commercial 
Tercentenary Comm'n. Mem. Exec. Com. Nat. Civic 
Federation; Third Panel Sheriff's Jury, Albany Bur- 
gesses Corps; dir. Public Schs. Athletic League; mem. 
Exec. Com. Am. Roumanian Jewish Emancipation 
Com. Clubs: Sleepy Hollow Country, Piping Rock, 
Fort Orange, Automobile of America, Aero, N. Y. 
Press, Players, City, N. Y. Yacht, Columbia Yacht, 
Whitehall Lunch. Newport Casino. Address: 23 West 
26th St., N. Y. City. 


Merchant, mf'r; b. Boston, 1850; s. Elisha and Mary 
E. (Freeman) Atkins; m. Belmont, Mass., 1882, Kath- 
arine Wrisley. Mem. firm E. Atkins & Co., Boston; 
pres. and dir. Aetna Mills, Boston WhaTf Co.. Trinidad 
Sugar Co., Soledad Sugar Co.; chm'n B'd Dir. Am. 
Sugar Refining Co.; dir. Am. Trust Co., Guarantee Co. 
of N. America, Shawmut Nat. Bank, Second Nat. Bank. 
Boston; Westlnghouse Electric & Mf'g Co., Pittsburgh, 
West End St. R'y Co. Address: 131 State St.. Boston. 
Mass., and 117 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Pamrapo, N. J., Jan. 3, 1S80; s. G. W. E. 
and Mary .\t. (Chew) Atkins; grad. Columbia Coll.. 
A.B., 1902; N. Y. Law Seh. LL.B., 1904; m. (May 28 
1910,) Norah E. O'Loughlin. Engaged in practise of 
law 1904-1909, N. Y. City; since 1909 ass't to v.-p. 
Western Union Telegraph Co.; dir. Pittsburgh. Shaw- 
mut & Northern R. R. Independent Democrat; Epis- 

copalian. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Columbia 
Coll. Alumni Ass'n, Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Club: 
Phi Delta Theta. Residence: Maplewood. N. J. Ad- 
dress: 195 B'way, N. Y. City. 


Telegraph official; b. Waverly, Tenn., Oct. 26, 185u; 
s. Addison L. and Nancy S. (Coffin) Atkins; attended 
dist. sch.; m. Louisville, Ky., Sept. 15, 1875. Mary M.. 
d. Albert G. Chew; two sons. Employed with Nash 
ville & Northwestern R. R. Co., Johnsonville. Tenn.. 
became operator at Waverly, later mg'r, sta. ag't, ex- 
press ag't, and telegraph operator at various stations; 
night train dispatcher for Louisville & Nashville R. 
R. and mg'r at Gallatin; promoted first class operator 
in Western Union Telegraph Co., Nashville; trans- 
ferred to Louisville office; moved to N. Y. 1875. as 
ass't to official; studied law, and became ass't to 
v.-p., 1878; Acting v.-p., 1906; v.-p. and dir., 1907. Also 
v.-p. and dir. of Gold & Stock Telegraph Co.. and dir. 
in numerous other telegraph companies in U. S. Ad- 
dress: 195 Broadway, N. Y. City. 

Lawyer and certified public accountant; b. Esopus. 
N. Y., Oct. 30, 1S73; s. Charles R. and Eliza B. (John- 
son) Atkins; grad. N. Y. Univ. Law Sch.. LL.B., 1900. 
Engaged In practice of law and accounting in N. Y. 
City from 1900. Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. S. A. 
R. Country residence: Esopus. N. Y. 

Botanist, educator; b. Rasinvllle, Monroe Co., Mich.. 
Jan. 26, 1854; s. Joseph and Josephine (Fish) Atkin- 
son; ed. Olivet Coll., Mich., and Cornell Univ., Ph.B.. 
1885. Phi Beta Kappa (Cornell), 1885, Sigma XI (Sci- 
entific Soc), 1888; m. Durham, N. C, 1887, Lizzie Kerr; 
children: Francis Kerr, b. 1890; Clara Packard, b. 1892. 
Ass't prof., 1886-1886; asso. prof., 1886-1888, gen. zoology, 
Univ. of N. C. ; prof, botany and zoology, botanist, 
Exp't Sta., Univ. of S. C, 1888-1889; prof, biology biolo- 
gist, Exp't Sta., Ala., Polytechnic Inst, and Ala. Agr'l 
and Mech Coll., 1889-1892; ass't prof., 1892-1893; asso. 
prof., 1893-1896, botony, Cornell Univ.; since 1896 prof, 
botany, head of Bot. Dep't, and botanist, Exp't Sta.. 
Cornell Univ. Traveled in England, Sweden, and 
Continental Europe, 1903, 1905, 1910. Independent 
(generally Republican). Fellow, A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. 
Philos. Soc, Bot. Soc. of Am., Soc of Plant Morphology 
and Physiology, Mycological Soc of America; Phi Beta 
Kappa Soc. Sigma Xi Soc, Gamma Alpha Club; pres. 
Bot. Soc. of America since 1909. Recreations: Outdoor 
life In forests and fields, developing a private wild 
garden ot three acres. Author: Biology of Ferns; 
Elementary Botany; College Text Book of Botany; 
Lessons in Botany; First Lessons in Plant Life, 
Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.; Studies of Amer- 
ican Fungi. Contb'r numerous papers on botanical 
subjects in leading journals of America, England and 
Germany, especially on morphology, evolution, physi- 
ology, mycology, algae, pteridophytes, trap-door 
spiders, nematodes, etc. Clubs: Torrey Botanical, 
Town and Gown (Ithaca). Address: Cornell Univer- 
sity, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Life insurance agency mg'r; b. Rochester. N. ST., 
1834. Was engaged in manufacturing business at 
Appleton, Wis., until 1881, when became connected 
with the Provident Life and Trust Co.; was special 
agent Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co., and since 
1885 has been general agent for that company In 
Brooklyn and Long Island, his son, William F. Atkin- 
son, 'being associated with him since 1898. Address: 
44 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y. . 


Life Insurance agency mg'r; b. Appleton, Wis.. May 
3, 1872; s. James F. and Louise (Fitch) Atkinson; 
grad. Cornell Univ., B.L., 1895; m. April, 1908, Caro- 
line A. W. Bacon: two daughters. Connected with 
Carter Ink Co.. 1895-1898; since 1898 associated with 
James F. Atkinson as joint agency mg'r for Brooklyn 
and Long Island for the Northwestern Mutual Life 
Ins. Co., of Milwaukee, Wis. Republican. Presby'n. 
Mem. Psi Upsilon fraternity, Brooklyn League. Clubs: 
University (Brooklyn), Crescent Athletic, Young Re- 
publican (Brooklyn), Tavern. Cornell University (N. 
Y. City). Address: 44 Court St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Clergyman; b. New Y'ork, June IS, 1854; ed. Phillips 
Acad, and Yale Univ.; grad. Union Theol. Sem., 1879, 
Ph.B., N. Y. Univ., D.D., Hamilton Coll.; m. June 11 
1891, Catharine G. Van Rensselaer. Ordained to min- 
istry, 18S0; since 1879 pastor Park Presby'n Ch., N. Y. 
City. Author; Islam in Africa. Translator; Som- 
bart's Socialism. Dir. Union Theol. Sem. Clubs: Cen- 
tury. Apawamis. Address: 145 W. 86th St.. N. Y. City 




Lawyer; b. Detroit, Mich., Dec. 3, 1842; s. John G. 
and Catharine J. (Larned) Atterbury; ed. Yale Coll.; 
m. N. Y. City, Jan. 7, 1868, Katharine II. Dow; one 
son, Grosvenor. Began practice of law in Detroit, 
Mich.; removed to N. Y. City, 1874, becoming solicitor 
of Erie R'y Co., and later ass't pres. of that com- 
pany; counsel of Chicago & Atlantic R'y, counsel of 
Pullman Palace Car Co., and afterward and now en- 
gaged as counsel for various corp'ns in N. Y. and 
elsewhere: mem. firm of Betts, Atterbury & Betts, 
and subsequently of Atterbury & Mullally, N. Y. City. 
Mem. N. Y. Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Century, University. 
Residence: 131 E. 70th St, N. Y. City. 


Architect; b. Detroit, Mich., July 7, 1S69; s. Charles 
Larned and Katharine Mitchell (Dow) Atterbury; 
grad. Yale, B.A., 1S91; special student. Columbia Sen. 
of Architecture, eleve de l'Ecole des Beaux Arts, 
Paris; unmarried. Engaged in practise of architecture 
since 1895. Architect of first Phipps Model Tene- 
ments, N. Y., Phipps Inst, for Study, Treatment and 
Prevention of Tuberculosis, Phila.; Psychiatric Clinic 
at Johns Hopkins Hosp. ; Russell Sage Foundation 
Bld'g-. N. Y. ; Bessemer Bld'g, Fulton Bld'g, Phipps Na- 
tatorium, Pittsburgh; restoration of Governor's Room 
and other portions of N. Y. City Hall; Conn. Hall, Yale 
Univ., consulting architect to Johns Hopkins Univ., 
and Roland Park Co., Baltimore. Examples of domes- 
tic work are houses for H. O. Havemeyer at Bayberry 
Point; Bradley Martin, Jr., N. Y.; James Byrne, 
Oyster Bay; Charles A Peabody, Cold Spring Harbor, 
Porter Norton, Buffalo; Joseph Neave, Cincinnati; 
Hon. Seth Low, Bedford; Dr. W. S. Rainsford, Ridge- 
field, Conn. Especially interested In town planning 
and home bld'g; architect of Forest Hills Gardens, 
Forest Hills, L. I., the model town built by Russell 
Sage Foundation; has made sp'l studies and experi- 
ments in Economic Construction as applied to work- 
ingmen's dwellings. Five years service in Squadron 
A, N.G.N.Y. Fellow Am. Inst. Architects, mem. 
Soc. Beaux Arts Architects, Soc. Columbia Architects, 
Architectural League of N. Y., Scroll and Key Soc, Psi 
Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, XI Delta Theta and Eliza- 
bethean Club (Yale). Dlr. St. Bartholomew's Clinic. 
Mem. N. Y. Tenement House Com., Nat. Housing 
Ass'n, Nat. Conf. on Cltv Planning. Clubs: Century, 
University. Address: 20 West 43d St., N. Y. City. 


Stock broker: b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., March 28, 
1886; s. Edward S. and Caroline (Swift) Atwater; 
grad. Williams Coll., class of 1908, A.B. Mem. N. Y. 
Stock Exchange firm at Atwater, Foote & Sherrill. 
Democrat. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, German 
and Austrian Alpine Soc. (Austria). Clubs: Auto- 
mobile of America, Automobile Ass'n of N. Y., Alpha 
Delta Phi, Dutchess Golf and Country. Residence: 
136 West 44th St. Address: 38 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Coal operator and merchant; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
July 4, 1861; s. John H. and Jane Barker (Leonard) 
Atwater; attended Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn, class 
1879; Amherst Coll., A.B., 1884; m. Easton, Pa., May 1, 
1889, Ida Wilson Hay; children: William Cutler, Jr.. 
b. 1890; Margaret Hay, b. 1894; John Jacob, b. 1893; 
David Hay, b. 1898. Business has been exclusively 
confined to development of coal and timberland In- 
terests. Pres. and dir. Wm. C. Atwater & Co., Inc., 
N. Y. Elkhorn Coal & Coke Co., W. Va.; Wm. C. 
Atwater & Co., Inc., Mass.; Dead River Timberland 
Co. (Maine); v.-p. and dir. West Bay Co., N. Y.; treas. 
and dir. Empire Coal & Coke Co., W. Va. Republican; 
Episcopalian. Mem. Psi Upsilon fraternity. Recrea- 
tions: Yachting, farming. Clubs: Westhampton 
Country, N. Y. University, N. Y. Yacht, Whitehall, Psi Upsilon (N. Y.), University (Boston), 
Shenandoah (Roanoke, Va.), Virginia (Norfolk, Va.), 
Quequechan (Fall River, Mass.), Shinnecock Yacht. 
Residence: Westhampton Beach, N. Y. Address: 1 
Broadway, X. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Shoreham, Vt., July 21, 1861; s. Edwin 
Simons and Laura R. (Moore) Atwood; grad. Cornell 
Univ., B.S., 1880; one year as post-grad., Bellevue 
Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D., 1883; Univ. of Vienna, 1905- 
1906 (certificate) ; m. N. Y. City, 1S96, Helen Pearce 
Jarvis. Ass't physician Hudson River State Hosp., 
1885; transferred to Utlca State Hosp., 1887; appt'd 
to staff of Bloomingdale Hosp., 1892; first ass't phy- 
sician Bloomingdale, 1898-1905; resigned to study 
abroad and enter private practice. Ass't in neurology 
and psvehiatry Vanderbilt Clinic, Columbia Univ. 

Visiting neurologist, N. Y. City Hosp. and sch. for 
children. Collaborator to Journal of Nervous and 
Mental Disease, N. Y. Med. Record, and Journal of 
Am. Med. Ass'n. Progressive; Presby'n. Sec. and treas. 
N. Y. Neurol. Soc; Fellow N. Y. Acad, of Medicine; 
mem. N. Y. Neurol Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. Medico- 
Surgical Soc, N. Y. Soc. of Med. Jurisprudence, N. Y. 
Psychoanalytic Soc; consulting neurologist, N. Y. 
City Com. N. Y. State Charities Aid Ass'n; mem. 
Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity (and N. Y. Ass'n). 
Recreations: Golf, auction bridge, opera. Clubs: 
University (N. Y. City), Profile Golf (White Moun- 
tains). Residence (summer): Profile House, N. H. 
Address: 14 East 60th St.. N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Wheeler, Steuben County, N. Y., April 9, 
1S75; s. Thomas and Ellen (Williams) Aulls; grad. 
Dundee (N. Y.) Prep. Sch., 1893; post-graB. courses 
there and at Lowviile (N. Y.) Acad.; two years at 
Albany Law Sch. Taught school in Steuben and 
Yates Counties, 1893-1895; studied law in the offices 
of Hon. Amasa J. Parker at Albany, and of Judge 
Smith, of Elmira; admitted to bar, 1898, clerk and 
later partner with Judge Smith; admitted to prac- 
tice in U. S. Supreme Court, 1902; counsel to Am. 
Land and Timber Co., Listed Securities Co., and other 
corp'ns of N. Y. City and elsewhere. Mem. Chemung 
Co Bar Ass'n. Served on Col. Dlven's staff Sons of 
Veterans, 1897; counselor N. Y. Div., 1913. Repub- 
lican; took active part in campaign of 1896 and sub- 
sequent campaigns. Author: Aulls' Quizzer on the 
Code, and Fifty-one Per Cent Mason; mem. Young 
Men's Club, Empire State Soc; S. A. R., Casmere 
Crotto. No. 11, M. O. V. P. E. R. Residence: 22o 
William St. Address: 214 E. Water St., Elmira, N. Y. 


Clergyman, author: b. Glens Falls, N. Y June 4, 
1849- s. Francis and Eliza (Denio) Aurlnger; ed. pub- 
lic schools of Glens Falls, and by private tutors in 
science and literature; m. Nov., 1876, Mrs. Eva Hen- 
dryx. Mem. U. S. Marine Corps, 1871-75; shore service 
at Washington Boston, Norfolk; three years on board 
U S. flagship Worcester, N. Atlantic Squadron, in 
West Indies. Ordained Presby'n minister at Lake 
George, Sept., 1890. Pastor, Northwood, N. Y^ 1889- 
92- Third Ch., Troy, N. Y., 1892-99; First Ch., Forest- 
port, N. Y., since 1904. Republican. Mem. Kappa 
Epsilon, of Troy, N. Y.; Kappa Nu, of Utica. Recrea- 
tions: Trout fishing and archeological exploration. 
Author: Scythe and Sword (poems), 1S87; Heart of 
the Golden Roan, 1890; Book of the Hills. 1896; Wil- 
liam MeKinley, memorial poem, 1905; Friendship s 
Crown of Verse, 1907; Death of Maid McCrea and The 
Lover's Tragedy (poems), 1909: The Eagle's Bride 
(poem). 1911. Club: Authors (N. Y. City). Address: 
Forestport, N. Y. 


Consulting eng'r; b. Haugosund, Norway, June 1, 
1861; s. Gabriel and Sophie (Schroeder) Aus; grad. 
Technical Sch., Bergen, Norway, C. E., 1879; Technical 
High Sch., Munich, Bavaria, C.E., 1882; m. 1890. Eliza- 
beth, only d. Jacob Lange (mem. Norwegian Cabinet); 
one d. Tekla Lange, b. 1891. Draughtsman and ass t 
eng'r in various offices, 1883-1888; construction eng r 
Phoenix Bridge Co., 1888-1894: chief eng'r U. S. Treas- 
ury Dep't, Washington, D. C 1894-1900; since then 
practising as consulting eng'r in N. Y. City. Since 
1900, consulting eng'r U. S. Custom House, N. Y. City; 
Essex Co. Court House, Newark, N. J.; for post office 
and custom house bld'gs., Cleveland, O.. and Provi- 
dence, R. I.; West Street Bld'g, N. Y. City; Scheuer 
Bld'g, Newark, N. J.; U. S. Post Office Bld'g, N. Y. 
City; Woolworth Bld'g, N. Y. City; Eighth Coast 
Art'y Dist. Armory Bld'g, N. Y. City; Union Central 
Life Ins. Co.'s Bld'g, Cincinnati, O., and many other 
large and important structures. Pres. Gunvald Aus 
Co., Inc., consulting eng'rs, N. Y. City; pres. Berkely 
Realtv Co. Mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Eng'rs; asso. mem. 
Brooklyn Chapter, Am. Inst. Architects. Mem. Cen- 
tral Lodge 361, F. and A.M. Residence: 292 Brook- 
lyn Av.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 11 E. 24th St., 
N. Y. City. 


Colonel, N. G., N. Y.; b. 1872; s. Stephen F. (mem. 
N. Y. Stock Exchange, 1865; also Century Club, and 
named after uncle, Gen. S. F. Austin, of Austin, 
Texas), and Cecilia (Kelly) Austin; great-g.s. of 
Elijah Austin, who served at the Battle of Lexing-' 
ton, and of Luke Kip, merchant in N. Y. City prior to 
Revolution, whose homestead was site of Old N. Y. 
Hotel, Broadway and Washington PI. At age of 17 
entered firm of Eugene Kelly & Co., bankers, as office 
boy; cashier, 1893; engaged in business on own ac- 
count in investment securities, 1895; joined Nat. 



Guard, 1892, Co. B, 7th Keg't; became corporal, 
Signal Corps, L894; serg't, 1895, in command of Big 
detail timing Brooklyn car riots; first lieut. and adj. 
stii Reg't, 1896; capt. and regimental adj., 1896; de- 
tailed by Gov. Black at beginning of Spanish-Am. 
War, to organize 10th Keg't; major 108th Reg't; aft- 
erward colonel, 1898; at end of war, regiment mus- 
tered out of state service; detailed oy Major-Gen. Roe, 
from supernumerary list, to staff of provisional reg't 

of Westchester Co., serving at Croton riots, li 

Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars. .Sons of Revolution, .St. 
Nicholas Soc, 1st pres. Veterans' Ass'n of First Signal 
Corps. Club: Army and Navy. Address: 15 William 
St., N. v. City. 


Banker; b. Tuckerton, N, J.. March 2, 1857; s. John 
H. and Huldah W. (Downs) Austin; ed. public sens.; 
m. Philadelphia, Sept., 1877, Sophie L. Nugent; chil- 
dren: William S., b. Sept. 21, 1880; Frank T., b March 
4. 1897. Pies. Tuckerton Bank; mem. firm C. W. 
Mathis & Co., Ezra Stiles & Co. Mayor of Tuckerton, 3 
terms, <lu. lined i . i leel on ; pres. I !'d of Ed'll Demo 
crat; Presby'n. Pres. B'd Trustees. Presby'n Ch. Res- 
idence: 317 E. Main St. Address. Tuckerton Bank. 
Tuckerton, N. J. 


Lawyer; ib. Saluvia, Pa., July 19, 1863. Lecturer on 
Federal procedure in N. Y. Law Sch.; mem. State As- 
sembly, 1896-1897. Author: Dwight Method of Legal 
Instruction. Residence: 895 West End Av Address: 
135 Broadway, N. T. City. 


Merchant; attended Trinity Coll., Hartford. Conn., 
class of 1898. Engaged in wholesale dry goods busi- 
ness. Mem. Delta Psi fraternity, Soc. of Cincinnati, 
Soc. Colonial Wars, St. Nicholas Soc. Club: Merchants 
(N. Y.). Address: 53 Leonard St., N. T. City. 


Diamond importer, manufacturing jeweler; b. Mari- 
etta, Ohio; s. Maximilian Frederick and Sophia (Moll) 
Averbeck; ed. Marietta Coll.; grad. N. Y. Coll. of Phar- 
macy, Columbia Univ.; m. Piermont, N. Y., Annie 
Walsh Miller; children: Maximilian J., Jr.; Carolyn 
Rodgers. Dir. Germania Fire Ins. Co. Pres. The 
Ten and Twelve Maiden Dane Co., Averbeck Drug Co., 
N. Y. Wholesale Jewelers' Ass'n; trustee Maiden 
Lane Savings Bank; vestryman and treas. All Angels 
Church; mem. Exec. Com. Nat. Wholesale Jewelers' 
Ass'n. Republican; Episcopalian. Clubs: Ohio Soc, 
Marietta Coll., Economic, West End Ass'n, Rockland 
Co. Country. Residence: Palisades. Rockland Co.. N. 
Y.; 425 West End Av., N. Y. City. Address: 10-12 
Maiden Lane, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Canton, O., Oct. 24, 1873; s. Rev. W. H. 
H. Avery, D.D. (Baptist minister) and Emma (Waite) 
Avery; entered Brown Univ., Providence, Class of 
1896; grad. Catholic Univ. of America, Wash.. D. C, 
1896; m. Middletown Springs, Vt., 189S, Josephine 
Baker Gray; children: Albert G., b. 1904; Katharine 
G.. b. 1908; Brainard, Jr., b. 1911. Dir. -Granville Nat. 
Bank. Granville, N. Y. Isbell-Porter Co., Newark, N. 
J., Ruggles Machine Co., Poultney, Vt., and other in- 
dustrial ami financial concerns. Has traveled exten- 
sively in N. America, S. America, Europe and Asia, 
visiting over forty countries. Mem Phi Delta Phi 
fraternity: Mason, Shriner. Clubs: Union League. 
Lawyers, Brown Univ. Residence: 56 W. 45th St.. N. 
Y. City, and Middletown Springs, Vt. Address: 5 Nas- 
sau St.. N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Seneca Falls N. Y., June 26, I860; s. 
Zalmon Davies and Lucretia (Chamberlain) Avery; 
ed. Union Coll.; m. Seneca Falls. N. Y., Jan. 2, 1883, 
Caroline Cecilia Jenks. Admitted to bar, Jan. 2, 1S82, 
and engaged in practice at Seneca Falls. N. Y. ; later 
clerk Surrogate's Court, and partner, successively, of 
Judges Franklin and Hazelton, at Ovid, N. Y.: for 
past 20 years practising in N. Y. City; senior partner 
of firm of Avery & Schlesinger. Past master Union 
Lodge. No. 114. F. and A.M., and mem. Chapter, 
Council, and Commandery. Democrat; ex-pres. Ca- 
yuga Club, 200 Lenox Av.; mem. Psi Upsilon frater- 
nity. Residence: 110 Morningside Drive. Address: 
20 Broad SL, N. Y. I 


Consul gen.; b. .V. y. City, Feb. 17, 1S53; ed. public 
and private schs. of Lee. .Mass.: married; two chil- 
dren. Shipmaster by profession; at sea 1869-1883; 
ag't of Northern Pacific Express Co.. Butte and Miles 
City, Mont.. 1884-1897; consul at Belize since March 9, 
1808. Address: Belize. British Honduras. 


Author, lawyer; b. Lowell, .Mass.; s. James Cook 
and Josephine Mellen (Southwick) Ayer. g.s. Royal 
Southwick, of Lowell, Mass.; grandmother, sister of 
late H. B. Claflin; grad. Harvard Coll., A.B. 1873; 
studied at Harvard Law Sch.: unmarried. Admitted 
to Mass. Bar, 1875; since father's death, 1878, has 
managed great properties of Ayer estate: presented 
Ayer Memorial Library, costing $40,000, to town of 
Ayer, Mass.; dir. Keweenaw Ass'n, Ltd., Lowell & An- 
dover R. R., J. C. Ayer Co.; large stockholder in N. ST. 
Tribune Ass'n, The Tremont & Suffolk Mills, etc. Au- 
thor: Bell and Wing (1,260 pages of verse). Clubs: 
I'nion League, Metropolitan, University, Riding, Down 
Town. Residence: 5 W. 57th St. Address: Mills 
Bld'g, N. Y. City. 


Educator; b. Oxford, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1866; e. Walter 
and Elizabeth (Fitzhugh) Ayrault; grad. Columbia 
Coll., A.B., 188S; m. Flushing, N. Y., 1899, Elizabeth 
Ewetse Wood; children: Arthur DeLancey, Jr., b. 1901; 
Wardell Kinnaird, b. 1909. Master in Washington 
Coll., Tacoma, Wash.. 1889-1892; St. Paul's Sch., Con- 
cord, N. H 1892-1896; St. Paul's Sch., Garden City, L. I., 
1896-1901. Head Master Heathcote Sch., Harrison, N. 
Y., since 1901. Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. School- 
masters' Ass'n, Alumni Ass'n of Phi Beta Kappa; Sig- 
ma Phi fraternity. Trustee All Saints Ch., Harrison 
Free Library. Address: Heathcote Sch., Harrison, N. Y. 


Real estate; b. Fort Dodge, Iowa, Oct. 27, 1861; s. 
S. B. and Arte (Dunlap) Ayres; grad. Syracuse Univ.. 
A.B. ; m. Oct. 5 1905, Helen Thompson. Prts. and dir. 
Bronxdale Realty Corp'n, Wheeler Corp'n, mem. Con- 
gress 1911-1913. Author: Genealogy of Ayres Fam- 
ily, 1901; Bridge, 1909; Building an American Mer- 
chant Marine, 1913. Mem. N. Y. Hist. Soc. Clubs: Psi 
Upsilon, Graduates, Ardsley. Address: Spuvten Duy- 
ril, N. Y. 


Fire insurance mg'r; b. Boston, Mass., Oct. 17, 1 >4 7 : 
ed. in Boston public and private schs.; m. Nova Scotia, 
1886, Janet C. Messinger. Employed in a Boston dry 
goods jobbing house, 1865-1870; mn'g clerk in a Boston 
fire insurance agency, 1870-1875, and local fire insurance 
ag't in Boston, 1876-1880; appt'd gen. ag't Commerce In- 
surance Co. of Albany, N. Y., and removed to Albany, 
1880; appt'd sp'l ag't of Northern Assurance Co. of 
London, 18S2; in 18S5 appt'd mg'r of New England 
Dep't of the Northern and removed to Boston; in 1889 
appt'd mg'r of N. Y. Dep't of the Northern, comprising 
the Middle and Southern States, and also gen. att'y 
and financial ag't for that company, and removed to 
New York. In 1896 again became mg'r of the New 
England Dep't of the Northern on its consolidation 
with N. Y. Dep't. Mem. of original Com. of Four which 
prepared the Universal Mercantile Schedule. Pres. N. v, 
B'd of Fire Underwriters, May, 1907-May, 1009, and 
Pres. Nat. B'd of Fire Underwriters, May, 1911-Mav, 
1913. Independent. Mem. Chamber of Commerce, Mer- 
chants Ass'n, New England Soc. of Brooklyn. Club: 
Down Town Ass'n. Address: 55 John St.. N. Y. City. 


Physician, surgeon; b. Otsego, N. Y.. March 19, 1854; 
s.. Roswell and Ann Elizabeth (Brown) Babbitt; ed. 
Baldwinsville Acad., 1870, Oswego State Normal Sch., 
1875; N. Y. Homoepathic Med. Coll. and Hosp., M. D.. 
1S82; m. Hartwick, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1876, Emma Went- 
worth Luce; one d.; E. Blanche Denman, b. Oct. 5 18S1 
(m. Prof. George E. Denman, Dobbs Ferry. N. Y.) 
Teacher in public schs, 7 years; since 1882, practising 
physician and surgeon, 14 years in Cooperstown. X. Y.; 
since 1896 in Auburn, X. V. Trustee 6 years, village of 
Cooperstown. N. Y. ; pres. village of Cooperstown. 1 
year; pres. B'd of Ed'n (mem. 6 years). Republican; 
mem. M. E. Ch., mem. Am. Med. Ass'n. Homoeo- 
pathic Med. Soc, State of N. Y. : Cayuga Co. Med. 
Soc, Auburn City Med. Soc, Alumni Ass'n X. Y. ; 
Homoeopathic Med. Coll. and Hosp. Mason, Odd Fellow, 
Mem. Exec Com. N. Y. State Sunday Sch. Ass'n. Ad- 
dr -' 178 Genesee St., Auburn, X. Y. 


b. Waterville. X. Y.: s. Miller and Marv 
El idalli Babbott; grad. Amherst College, 
\ I.. 1903; Columbia Univ., LL.B., 1880; 
mi ^eb. 18, 1886. Lydia Richardson Pratt; 
I v R.. Frank L.. Jr., Lydia P.. Helen L. 
1' i Typewriter Co.; trustee Brooklyn Sav- 
in lOklyn Trust Co. Mem. Brooklyn B'd of 



Ed'n. 1895-1902; N. V. Bid of Ed'n, 190J8-190O; (v.-p. 
1902-1904), honorary v. -p. Brooklyn Free Kindergar- 
ten Soc.; pres. Packer Collegiate Inst.; trustee Y. W. 
C. A. of Brooklyn; Brooklyn Public Library; Brooklyn 
Acad, of Music; Brooklyn City Plan; pies. Brooklyn 
Armstrong Ass'n; mem. Art Comm'n of N. Y. City; B'd 
Home Missions Presby'n Ch.; Gen. Com. Citizens' Union, 
Author: Classic English Oiks; John Donne's poems. 
Clubs: Century. Alpha Delta Phi, University, Grolier, 
City (N. Y. City), University, Montauk, Hamilton 
(Brooklyn), Nassau Country, Adirondack League. Resi- 
dences: Glen Cove, L. I., and 149 Lincoln Pl Brooklyn. 
N. Y. Address 346 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Westerly, R. I.; s. Edward W, and 
Martha B. (Cross) Babcock; ed. Phillips Andover Acad 
Brown Univ.. A..B. t Phi Beta Kappa'. 1874; Berkeley 
Divinity Sch.; m. Church of the Heavenly Rest. N. 1. 
City, 1890, Fannie B. Starr. Has been rector of par- 
ishes in New Haven and Stonington, Conn.; now rector 
Church of the Holy Cross. Troy. N. Y. Principal, Mary 
Warren Free Inst.. Troy, N. Y. Pres. Brown Univ. 
Alumni Ass'n of Albany, 11)08. Club: Alpha Delta Phi 
of N. Y. City (charter mem). 1903. Address: 1 42 
Eighth St., Troy, N. Y. 


Clergyman; b. Painted Post, N. Y".. April 2, 1850: s. 
Buel Hunt and Crissey Jane ( Decker I Babcock; ed. 
Cheshire Acad., Conn.; Burlington Coll.. N. J.; Hobart 
Coll., Union Coil., B.A., 1876; Gen. Theol. Bern., S.T.B., 
1S79; Founders' Day orator, Burlington, Coll.. 1872; 
declined "commencement speaker" in choice of ten 
from class, Union Coll., 1876; 'varsity crew, bow oar, 
Union, Saratoga, 1S7U; declined appointment as "essay 
speaker" commencement, Gen. Theol. Sem., 1S79; m. 
Geneva, N. Y.. Oct. 7, 18S0, Anna Rebecca Wilson; one 
d., Marjorie Belle (-Mrs. Darrison). Ordered deacon. 
1S79: ordained priest, 1880, in Mich.: in charge of 
parishes at Grand Rapids and Whitehall and was first 
archdeacon of Diocese of Western Mich.; also Canan- 
daigua, Youngstown and Lockport, N. T., and Council 
Bluffs, Iowa: retired 1907. Now treas. De Veaux Coll., 
Niagara Falls, and office clerk E'd of Ed'n, Lockport. 
Independent Democrat. Episcopalian. Mem. Alumni 
Ass'n, Gen Theol. Sem.; Economic League, Lockport, 
N. 1'.; Chi Phi (Hobart), also Masonic bodies; lodge, 
chapter, Knights Templar. Recreations: Baseball 
games, angling. Address: 146 Pine St., Lockport, N. "> 


Manufacturer; b. Watertown, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1S52; s. 
Henrv H and Eliza (Wheeler) Babcock; ed public and 
private schs, Watertown, N. Y.; m. Oct. 14, 1874, Alice 
L. Webster, of St. Albans, Vt. Pres. H. H. Babcock Co. 
(mf'rs of carriages and automobiles); v.-p. and dir. 
Watertown Savings Bank, dir. Watertown Light & 
Power Co., Northern X. Y. Utilities Co.. Watertown Nat. 
Bank, Jefferson Countv Nat. Bank. Democrat; Episco- 
palian; vestryman Trinity Ch. Trustee City Hosp. (ex- 
pres.), Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library. Clubs: 
Black River Valley ( ex-pres. mem. B'd Gov's). Jefferson 
County Golf (mem. B'd Gov's). Address: 221 Mullin St., 
Watertown, N. Y. 

Banker; grad. Columbia Coll.. A.B.. 1868; m. Anna D. 
Woodward; children: Samuel D., Woodward, Richard 
F Mrs H. R. Winthrop. Mem. N. E. Soc, Sons of 
Revolution, Mil. Order Foreign Wars, Columbia Univ. 
Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: University, Metropolitan, Union 
League, Riding, Rockawav Hunt, Union, City Mid-day, 
Delta Phi. Residence: 20 East 52d St. Address: 32 
Liberty St., X. Y. City. 

Lawyer: b. Caton, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1870; s. Henry L. 
and Charlotte CPinney) Babcock; ed. public schs. and 
acad., Elmira, X. Y. ; m. Elmira, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1894. 
Maude Comstock; children: Harold C, b. 1S97; Norman 
H., b. 19H3. Admitted to bar, 1S94; to U. S. District 
Court. 1899; to U. S. Circuit Court, 1899; acting city 
judae, two terms; ass't dist. attorney, 6 years; U. S. 
comm'r, 4 years: mem. firm of Compton, Hurlbut & 
Babcock. Republican: chm'n Republican County Com. 
1903; County Committeeman 6 years; chm'n Republican 
Cong Com. for 33d Con. Dist. of N. Y.; civil service ex- 
aminer, State of N. Y. Mem. Park Congregational Ch. 
Mem. Commercial Law League of America, Masonic- 
Club. Ivy Lodge. No. 397. F. and AM.; Elmira Chapter. 
No. 42. R.A.M. : Elmira Camp, No. SS79, Modern Wood- 
men of America: mem. Edn'l Com.. Y. M. C. A. Recrea- 
tion: General athletics. Address: 309-311 Realty Bld'g. 
Elmira, N. Y. 

Naval architect and eng'r; b. Stonington, Conn.. Sept. 
26, 1858; s. Capt. David S. and Charlotte A. (Xoyes) 

Babcock; ed. public schs. of Brooklyn; ma. I, Brooklyn 
Polv. Inst., B.S., 1876; Rensselaer Poly. Inst., C.E., 
1878; m. New Orleans, La., Jan. 1, 189U. Crac- W., d. 

Hon. H. P. Kernochan. In emploj ,,i Moit ' iron 

Works. X. Y. ('ilv, and Roach's Ship Va rd, Chest er. Pa., 
1878-1885; Providence and Stonington S. S. Co., 188a- 
1887; sup't Union Dry Dork Co., Buffalo, X. Y.. 1NS.7- 
1SN9; Chicago Ship B'.d'g Co., as mg'r ten years, and 
pres. 1S99-1900. Mem. Soc. Naval Architects and Marine 
Eng'rs, Am. Soc. Naval Eng'rs. U. S. Naval Inst.. Inst'n 
Naval Architects. London. England. Clubs: Engineers. 
X. Y. Y.icht. Residence; 229 W. 97th St. Address: H 
State St.. X. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Crestline, O., July 6, 1870; s. Jacob and 
Mathilde (Stoll) Babst; attended Kenyon Mil. Acad.. 
ISNH Kon\ on i 'oil . ISS'.i I v.' 1 : Univ. ol Midi., I'll M 
1898 I.L.B., 1894; (honorary) A.M., 1911; m. 1903, Alice 
Edwina Uhl, d. Edwin F. Uhl, late Ambassador to 
Germany. In practice, Detroit, 1894-1902; Chicago, 
1902-1 906; New York since 1906; general counsel 
National Biscuit Co. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar 
City of N. Y., Psi Upsilon fraternity and Phi Beta 
Kappa Soc; mem. Alumni Advisory Council. Univ. of 
Mich. Clubs: Union League, University (Chicago); 
University, Ardslev (N. Y. City). Resilience: 128 W. 
69th St. Address: 409 W. 15th St., N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 9, 1SG1 ; s. Semon and 
Elizabeth (Van Praag) Bach, : , ,1 ( 'harlier Inst., N. 
Y.; m. N. Y. City, Mar. 23, 1S91. Florence R. Scheftel; 
children: Mrs Fred Lloyd Richards, b. 1893; Kathryn 
King. b. 1898. Now senior partner J. S. Baehe & 
Co., bankers; dir. New Amsterdam Casualty Co., in- 
ternal Banking Corp'n, Nat. Bank of Cuba, Empire 
Trust Co.. Anniston Cicv Land Co.. New River Collier- 
ies Co., Hall Switch & Signal Co., First Mortgage 
Guarantee Co., Wawbeek Land Co., United Assets 
Corp'n. Am. Indemnity Co. of Baltimore. Clubs: New 
York Lambs. Lawyers, Automobile. Residence: 8 E. 
67th St., N. Y. City. Address: 3S Avenue Marceau, 
Paris, and 42 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Banker, broker; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 12, 1S65; s. 
Semon and Elizabeth (Van Praag) Baohe; attended 
Phila. Inst., Frankfurt, Germany, 1S73-1874; Charlier 
Inst. N. Y 1874-1880; Belgium, 1880-1882; im. N. Y. 
City, Feb. 3, 1892, Hattie Stein; children: Frank 
Semon, Harold Leopold. Entered father's glass busi- 
ness, Semon Baohe & Co., 1882; became partner. 1888; 
treas. Giveen Mf'g Co., 1895, and entered Cotton Ex- 
change, 1901; partner in firm J. S. Bache & Co., since 
1904, becoming mem. N. Y. Coffee and N. Y. Produce 
Exchanges; mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange since 1908. 
Dir. N.'Y. Plate Glass Ins. Co. (mem. Advisory Com.); 
dir. and chm'n Auditing Com. City of N. Y. Ins. Co.; 
mem B'd Mg'rs N. Y. Cotton Exchange. Democrat: 
Hebrew. Clubs: Harmonie, N. V. Bridge Whist. Stock 
Exchange. Luncheon. Century, Country (White 
Plains). Country (Portdhester). Residences: Crest 
View, Portchester, N. Y., and 112 W. 75th St., N. Y. 
City. Address: 42 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawver; b. Schenectady, N. Y, Sept. 20, 1S53; s. 
Rev. Dr. J. Trumbull Backus (moderator "Reunion" 
Gen. Assemlbly of Presby'n Ch., Philadelphia, 1870) 
and Anne (Walworth) Backus (d. Hon. Reuben Hyde 
Walworth, last of N. Y. State chancellors); grad. 
Union Coll., B.A., 1874; m. 1877, Cornelia N. Price; one 
d.: Elizabeth Chester Backus (wife of Walter Toucey 
Peck). Chm'n Com. on Enrollment of Com. of 53, 
which organized Republicans of County of N. Y., 1897- 
1S98. This .movement forced nomination of Theodore 
Roosevelt for Gov. of N. Y. State, as Senator Piatt 
was obliged to select some candidate for Gov. accept- 
able to Independents, represented Iby this org'n. Re- 
publican. Mem. Met. Museum of Art, Soc. Colonial 
Wars; one of seven original organizers Soc. of May- 
flower Descendants. Residence: 600 W. 115th St. Ad- 
dress: 100 Broadway, N. Y. City. 

Lawver: lb. Jackson, Mich., Nov. 20, 1853; s. John 
A. and Harriet (Smitih) Bacon; grad. Jackson High 
Sch., and U. S. Mil. Acad.. West Point, 1876 (was First 
Capt. Corps of Cadets and grad. in the "Stars" and 
was after grad. instr. in art'y tactics and practical 
astronomy); m. Denver. Colo.. Sept. 1, 1S86, Harriet 
Whettelsey Sohroter; children: Carol, Marie A. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1879: has wide legal practice, civil and 
mil., extending to many States and foreign countries. 
V.-p. and dir. Webster Piano Co., and trustee various 
benevolent socs. Served in army as lieut. U. S. Art'y; 
later Capt. Co. A, 23d Reg't. N.G.N.Y.; maj. and It- 



col. 23d Reg't, col. 2d Provisional Reg't, N. G. N. Y. 
Assemblyman, N. Y. Legislature, 1887. Democrat. 
Baptist. Author various works, Including: The 
Woolly Horse, The Illegal Trial of Christ, Masonic 
Nobility, Mohammed and Islam. Mem. Masonic bodies 
and Authors' League of America. Clubs: Quill, 
Winter's Night. Residence: 101 Rugby Rd., Brooklyn. 
Address: 37 Liberty St., N. Y. City. 


Prof, physics, sec. and registrar, Hobart Coll.; b. 
Laconia, N. H., Oct. 26, 1875; s. Rev. William F: and 
Mary W. (Beal) Baoon; grad. Dartmouth Coll., A.B., 
1807; A.M., 1901; im. Medford, Mass., 1902, Edith M. 
Jones; children: Marguerite Hobart, b. 1905 (de- 
ceased); Mary Prances, b. 1907; Richard Emerson, b. 
1909; Preston Morrill, b. 1911. Tutor In physics, Ober- 
lln Coll., 1897-189S, grad. student and ass't In physics, 
Dartmouth Coll., 1898-1900; lnstr. mathematics, Dart- 
mouth, 1900-1901; mathematical master, Volkmann 
Sen., Boston, 1901-1903; prof, physics, Hobart Coll., since 
1903. Republican. Presby'n. Mem. A.A.A.S., Am. 
Physical Soc, Society Franchise de Physique, Phi 
Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Theta. Address: Hobart 
Coll., Geneva, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Natick, Mass., Mar. 4, 1856; s. John W. 
and Amelia A. (Jeffers) Bacon; grad. Phillips Acad., 
Exeter, N. H., 187S; Harvard Univ., 1879; m. Cam- 
bridge. Mass., May 28, 1888, Rena E. Mattis; children: 
John W., b. 1892; Ross M.. b. 1894. Engaged In practise 
of law since 1881; ass't U. S. att'y Southern Dist. of 
N. Y., April 1, 1905, to Jan. 31, 1906. Club: Papyrus 
(Boston). Residence: 460 E. 4th St., Mt. Vernon, N. 
Y. Address: 154 Nassau St., N. Y. City. 


Writer and 'farmer: b: Nassau, N. P., Bahamas, June 
5, 1855; s. John R. and Jennie M. (Lockhart) Bacon; 
father was U. S. Consul at Nassau; came to N. Y. with 
parents In infancy; ed. at private schools in Tarry- 
town, N. Y.; m. Hopeworth, Bristol, R. I., Nov. 7, 
1903, Anna H. Beard, of Lakewood, N. Y. Worked In 
book store. Albany, N. Y. ; adopted art as profession, 
contributed to periodicals, later engaged in editorial 
work; became managing editor of several weekly 
publications in N. Y.; visited West Indies, 1888-1889. 
and 1890. Author: The New Jamaica, 1891; The 
Pocket Piece, 1892; Chronicles of Tarrytown and 
Sleepy Hollow, 1897; The Hudson River from Ocean 
to Source, 1902; Narragansett Bay, 1904; Nation Build- 
ers, 1906; Henry Hudson, also historical chapters in 
Winston's Story of America and other works, various 
booklets, pamphlets, etc Independent in politics. 
Mem. Reformed (Dutch) Church. Mem. Am. Hist. 
Ass'n, N. Y. State Museum Ass'n. Luther Burbank 
Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc, N. Y. State Hist. Ass'n, Authors' 
League of America, Health League. Tarrytown Horti- 
cultural Soc. Recreation, Painting. Address: Maple 
Crest Farm. Wingdale, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 22, 1846; ed. Phillips 
Exeter Acad.; admitted to bar, Buffalo, N. Y., Nov., 
1869; counsel for various railroad companies 18 years; 
became v.-p. Cincinnati, Washington & Baltimore R. 
R., 1881; pies., 1890-1902; v.-p. since 1902. Baltimore 
& Ohio Southwestern R'y; one of reorganizes and 
dir. Baltimore & Ohio R. R. ; dir. Knickerbocker 
Apartment Co., Farmers' Loan & Trust Co., Kansas 
City Southern R'y. Clubs: Union, Manhattan, Metro- 
politan, City Midday, Tuxedo, Racquet and Tennis. 
Down Town, N. Y. Yacht. Residence: 247 Fifth Av. 
Address: 2 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Coal merchant; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 11, 185S; s. Free- 
man and Harriet M. (Madden) Bacon; ed. public soh., 
and Univ. City of N. Y.; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 11, 
1886, Annie Bleeker Launy; children: Gladvs, b. 1890; 
Marguerite, b. 1891. Pres. Bacon Coal Co., Allouma 
Realty Co.: trustee Brevoort Savings Bank. Nat. Pro- 
gressive. Mem. Royal Arcaoium, S. A. R., Soc. of Old 
Brooklyn, asso. mem. G.A.R. Recreation: Golf. Club: 
Union League (Brooklyn). Residence: 867 Park PI. 
Address: Reid and DeKalb Avs., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Former ambassador; b. Boston, Mass., July 5, 1860; 
s. William B. and Emilv C. (Low) Bacon; grad. Har- 
vard Univ., A.B., 1880; m. Oct. 10, 1883, Martha Wald- 
ron, d. Elliot C. Cowden, of N. Y. Entered banking 
house of Lee, Higglnson & Co., Boston, 1881; mem. firm 
E. Rollins Morse & Bro., 1S83-1894; mem. J. P. Morgan 
& Co., N. Y., 1894-1903; ass't sec. of State, 1905-1909; 
sec of State. Jan. 27-Mar. 6, 1909, succeeding Elihu 
Root. Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary 
to France, Dec, 1909-Jan., 1912: mem. B'd of Overseers, 

Harvard Univ. 1899-1901, and 1902-1908; fellow of Cor- 
p'n of Harvard Univ. since Jan. 1912. Made official 
visit to Brazil, Argentine Republic, Chile. Peru, S. 
America, on behalf of Carnegie Endowment for 
Internat. Peace, Washington, D. C. Oct. -Dec, 1913. 
Addresses: 1 Park Av., N. Y. City, and 64 Beacon St., 
Boston, Mass. 


Lawyer; b New Haven, Conn., Sept. 28, 1861; s. 
Leonard Woolsey (D.D.) and Susan Bacon; ed. Yale 
Coll., Carleton Coll., A.B., 1882; A.M., 1885; Univ. 
of Wis., LD.B., 1884; m. 1st, Madison, Wis., Oct. 24, 
1894, Sally Blair Fairchild (died 1902); 2d, Stamford. 
Conn., July 25, 1903, Josephine Dodge Daskam; chil- 
dren: Frances Fairchild, Lee Fairchild, Anne, Deb- 
orah, Selden, Jr. Admitted to bar in Minn., 1883; 
practised law in Minneapolis until 1894; since then 
in N. Y. City. Was prof, civil procedure In Law Sch. 
of Univ. of Minn., 1889-1894. Author: Equity Plead- 
ing and Procedure. Mem. Am. Geog. Soc, Archseoi. 
Inst, of America. Residence: Mt. Pleasant, West- 
chester Co., N. Y. Address: 49 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Piano mf'r; b. N. Y. City, March 14, 1864; s. Francis 
and Anna (Hawes) Bacon, grad. N. Y. Univ. (com- 
mencement orator) 1886; m. Plymouth Ch., Brooklyn, 
Jan. 17, 1901, Caroline Harriet Messinger. Engaged 
in mf'g business since 1886; now pres. Francis Bacon 
Piano Co., N. Y. City; dir. Heppe Piano Co., Philadel- 
phia. Ex-mem. Co. H 7th Reg't. N.G.N.Y.; 6erved 
in Brooklyn trolley strike, 1895, and Croton Dam 
strike, 1900. Treas., 1904-1906, trustee from 1906, 
pres. 1908, village of Bronxville. Republican. Mem. 
Reformed (Dutch) Ch. Mem. Psl Upsllon fraternity, 
Phi Beta Kappa, Mayflower Soc, Sons of Revolu- 
tion. Address: Bronxville, N. Y. 


Artist; b. Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 29, I860; s. Henry 
and Barbara (Humbert) Baer; studied at Royal Acad., 
Munich, Bavaria, 1880-1894, receiving four first-class 
medals; m. N. Y. City, 1885, Laura Schwenk; children: 
Mrs. Ella Laura Mounce, Marian Ethel, Laura and 
Mildred. Came to N. Y. City, 1884; lnstr. at Prince- 
ton, Cooper Inst, Sch. of Applied Design Chautauqua, 
until 1896; specialist in miniature painting, receiving 
first honors at exposition at Paris, 1900; Buffalo (Pan- 
American), 1901; Charleston, 1902. Mem. German Jury 
of Awards, St. Louis, 1904; also representing American 
Dep't, by courtesy, in advising awards for miniatures. 
Chief works (in addition to portraits): In Arcadia, 
The Golden Hour, Aurora, Daphne, Nymph, Madonna 
with Auburn Hair, Halcyon Days, Young Diana and 
Primavera. Honorary mem. Calif. Soc of Miniature 
Painters; treas. Am. Soc. Miniature Painters (pres. 
1905-1913), N. E. Soc. of Orange, N. J., asso. Nat. Acad, 
of Design. Recreation: Golf. Residence: (summer) 
Salter's Point, Buzzards Bay. Mass. (winter) 92 Wal- 
nut St., East Orange, N. J. Address: 226 Central Park 
S., N. Y. City. 


Musician, writer; b. Rushville, 111., April 29, 1S59; 
s. Judge John Courts and Mary Agnes (Scrlpps) 
Bagby; ed. in U. S.; also several years in Berlin and 
Weimar (Germany), under Xavier Scharwenka. Oscar 
Raif, Heinrich Urban and Franz Liszt, in music. Author: 
Miss Traumerel (story of Liszt and his historic musi- 
cal coterie in Weimar): Mammy Rosie; and also nu- 
merous sketches for the Century and St. Nicholas 
magazines, and the press. Clubs: Calumet, National 
Arts. Address: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 3, 1873: s. Charles H. 
and Mary E. (Peterkin) Bailey; ed Brooklyn Poly. 
Inst, Columbia Univ. and Law Sch., B.A., A.M., LL.B. ; m. 
Jan. 12, 1909, Anna G. Rose. Admitted to bar, 1S94; 
mem. law firm of Bailey & Sullivan. Dir. Develop- 
ment Co. of Cuba,^ Home Trust Co. of N. Y., Stewart 
Sugar Co. and Fiske Fruit Co. (sec). Presby'n. 
Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, Sigma Psl fra- 
ternity; Brooklyn League. Clubs: Crescent Athletic, 
Municipal, University, Hanover (all Brooklyn). Ad- 
dress: 102 Wilson St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 


Banker; b. Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., Pa., Oct. 19, 
IS ; s Charles Lukens and Emma Harriet (Doll) 
B, '. T Till Sch., Pottstown, Pa.. Phillips Acad., 

A ; Yale Univ., Sheffield Scientific Sch., 

v. .B., 1881; m. Harrisburg, Pa., Oct. 2, 

18 etr, H. Reily; children: Elizabeth, b. 1S93; 

M : George Reily, b. 1S99. Pres. Harris- 

bi k. Harrisburg Trust Co., Pa. Surety 

Ci Traction Co.: treas. Am. Iron & Steel 

In 1 of Directors Harrisburg R'y Co., dir. 



Steelton Nat. Bank. Steelton Trust Co., Farmers 
Trust Co., Carlisle, S. West Mo. R. R. Co., United Gas 
& Electric Co., N. Y. Trustee Pa. State Hosp., Har- 
risburg, Pa., Home of the Friendless. Harrisburg, 
Pa. Republican. Presby'n. Clubs: University (Phila.), 
University (N. Y.), Country, lnglenook, Triton 
(Quebec, Canada). Residence: 1517 N. Front St. 
Address: Harrisburg Nat. Bank, Harrisburg, Pa. 


Capitalist; b. Chatham, N. Y., 1866; s. Dr. W. C. and 
Julia M. (Utley) Bailey; grad. Union Coll., A.B., 1885; 
Ars.D.. 1908; m. Brooklyn, July, 1906, Marie Louise 
Lambert; one d.: Barbara Bailey, b. 1906. V.-p. and 
trustee Title Guarantee and Trust Co.. Brooklyn; 3d 
v.-p. and dir. Bond & Mortgage Guarantee Co.; pres. and 
dir. Realty Associates; treas. and dir. City Real 
Estate Co.; dir. Brooklyn Acad. Music, Bush Terminal 
Co., Empire State Surety Co., Kings Co. Electric Light 
& Power Co., Livingston Realty Co., Nassau Nat. 
Bank, N. Y. Estates of Long Beach, Edison Elec. Il- 
luminating Co.; v.-p. and dir. Long Island Safe De- 
posit Co. Treas. Union Coll., Schenectady, N. Y.; 
trustee Polvtechnic Inst. Clubs: Brooklyn, Hamilton, 
Riding and Driving, L. I. Country, Adirondack 
League, Triton (Canada), Helena Shooting (N. C), 
Nassau Country. Residence: 338 Clinton Av. Ad- 
dress: 175 Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Bethlehem, N. Y., Aug. 24, 183S; s. Henry 
and Hannah (Mosher) Bailey; ed. Hudson River Inst., 
Claverack N. Y.; grad. Union Coll. (valedictorian, 
1861; Philomathean Soc); m. 1st Rochester, N. Y., 
1864 Dell L. Hooker (died); m. 2d, 1904, Fannie 
Mitchell Harding, of Hopeslde, Va.; children: Minnie 
Ballev Jewett b. 1866; Judson Hooker Bailey, b. 1871; 
also by second marriage, Louisa Harding Bailey. 
Lawyer, practising in all courts. Was ass't dist. att'y, 
Albany County, 1865-1868; U. S. collector internal 
revenue, 14th Dist., N. Y., 1871-1874; dlst. att'y, Al- 
bany County, 1874-1877; member of Congress from 
Albany Co. 1878-1881; U. S. consul, Hamburg, Ger- 
many, 1881-1885; delegate Republican Nat. Con., 1888; 
surveyor of customs, Port of Albany, 1889-1894; adj. 
177th N. Y. Vols., in Dep't of Gulf during Civil War, 
participating in battles of Amite River. Ponchatoula 
and siege of. Port Hudson. Dir. First Nat. Bank of 
Albany. Republican. Mem. Reformed Ch. Mem. N. 
Y. State Bar Ass'n, Loyal Legion (N. Y. Commandery). 
Club: Fort Orange. Address: 93 State St., Albany, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa., June 21, 1857; 
s John W. and Margaret (Lewis) Bailey; ed. Cornell 
Univ.. classical course, class of 1880; left at end of 
sophomore year; grad. Indiana Law Sch., LL.B., 1881; 
m. first Lock Haven, Pa., 1877, Rosamond Paty Cog- 
geshall (died Sept. 16. 1892); second, Martha's Vine- 
yard Mass., Sept. 1, 1901, Gertrude May Stein; chil- 
dren: Elliott Gordon Bailey, b. Jan. 31, 1904; Caro- 
line and Margaret (twins), b. Dec. 18, 1905. Began 
practice of law at Indianapolis, 1881, has been ad- 
mitted to all courts of Indiana and New York, and 
all Federal courts, including Supreme Court of U. 
6.- came to N. Y. City permanently, 1902; has made 
specialty of corp'n law. Democrat. Was mem. Ind. 
State Senate from Indianapolis, four years; chief 
ass't att'y-gen. of Ind., four years; ass't U. S. att'y, 
two years; designated by Pres. Cleveland U. S. att y 
for Dist of Ind. at close of latter's first term; corp'n 
counsel city of Indianapolis, one tenm; Democratic 
nominee for Congress from Indianapolis Dist., 1898. 
Gen. counsel and dir. Commercial Research Co. of 
N. Y. ; counsel and dir. Guanajuato Reduction and 
Mines Co.; (plant at Guanajuato, Mexico); also en- 
gaged in gen. corporate practice of law. Mem. Dutch 
Reformed Ch. Mem. Indiana State Bar Ass'n, Indian- 
apolis Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Delta Kappa 
Epsilon fraternity, Elks, Mason. Clubs: Democratic, 
Lawyers. Residence: Bronxvllle, Westchester Co., 
N. Y. Office address: 5 Nassau St., N. Y. City. 

Author, editor, educator; b. South Haven, Mich., 
March 15, 185S; s. L. H. and Sarah (Harrison) Bailey; 
B.S., M.S., Mich. Agr'l Coll.: afterwards ass't to Asa 
Gray Harvard; L.UD., Univ. of Wis., and Alfred 
Univ.,; m. June 6, 1883, Annette Smith; children: 
Sarah May, b. 1887; Ethel Zoe, b. 1889. Prof, horti- 
culture and landscape gardening, Mich. Agr'l Coll., 
1884-1SSS; prof, horticulture Cornell Univ., 1888-1903; 
dir. N. Y. State Coll. of Agr., Cornell Univ., 1903-1913. 
Chm'n Pres. Roosevelt Comm'n on Country Life. Lec- 
turer on edn'l, social and scientific topics. Editor: 
Cyclopedia of Am. Horticulture (4 vols.); Cyclopedia 
Of Am. Agriculture (4 vols.); Standard Cyclopedia of 
Horticulture (6 vols.); Rural Science Series; Rural 

Text-Book Series; Rural .Manual Series; first editor 
Country Life In America; former editor Am. Garden. 
Author: Survival of the Unlike; Evolution of Our 
Native Fruits; Botany for Schools; First Lessons 
with Plants; Principles of Agriculture; Principles of 
Fruit-Growing; Principles of VeKetn.ble-Gardening; 
Manual of Gardening; Outlook to Nature; The Nature- 
Study Idea; The State and the Farmer; the Country- 
Life Movement; York State Rural Problems; The 
Training of Farmers; Farmers and Gardeners Rule 
Book, Nursery Book, Plant Breeding, Forcing Book, 
Pruning Book, Practical Garden Book and other hooks. 
Independent in politics. Fellow Am. Acad. Arts and 
Sciences; mem. Am. Phllos. iSoc. Address: Ithaca, N. Y. 


Physician; b. N. Y. City, July 12, 1865; grad. Prince- 
ton, 1886 (A.M.), Coll. Phys. and Surg., N. Y. City, 
1889; since then practising in N. Y. City; specialty Is 
diseases of the mind and the nervous system. Con- 
sulting neurologist, St. Luke's and Roosevelt Hosps., 
N. Y. City. Author: Accident and Injury, Their Re- 
lation to Diseases. Address: 52 W. 53d St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, June 7, 1878; s. Edward H. 
and Irene (Clifford) Bailey; grad. Cornell, Ph.B.. 1899: 
N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1901. Admitted to N. Y. Bar. 
1901; has since practised law in N. Y. City; mem. law 
firm Roelker, Bailey & Stiger. Republican. Mem. 
Ass'n Bar City of N. ST., N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n; 
mem. Phi Delta Phi. Clubs: University. Alpha Delta 
Phi, Cornell, Squadron A, Underwriters, Whitehall. 
Atlantic Yacht. Address: 62 William St.. N. Y. City. 


Physician, surgeon; b. Providence, R. I., Feb. 17. 
1870: s. William F. and Lucy Elizabeth (Seaman) 
Bainbridge; ed. Mohegan Lake Sch., Peekskill. N. Y.. 
Shurtleff Coll.. A.M., Washington & Jefferson Coll.. 
M.S., Coll. Phys. and Surg., N. Y., M.D., 1896; Sc.D. 
from Unlv of Pa., 1907; married. For years on house 
staff of Presby'n Hosp., later physician to Sloane 
Maternity Hosp.; quiz master Coll. Phys. and Surg., 
1894-1896; adjunct prof. N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 
and Hosp.; now surgeon and gyneeologisj: to N. Y. 
Skin and Cancer Hosp.; attending surgeon to N. Y. 
City Children's Hosps. and Schs.; prof, of surgery N. 
Y. Polyclinic Med. Sch. and Hosp.; consulting gyne- 
cologist to St. Andrew's Convalescent Hosp.. St. 
Mary's Hosp., Jamaica., and Ossining Hosp.; consult- 
ing surgeon N. Y. Home for Dependent Crippled Chil- 
dren, Manhattan State Hosp., Tarrytown Hosp.; ass't 
surgeon Reserve Med. Corps, U. S. Navy. Travelled 
abroad 4 years. Vol. surgeon during Spanish-Am. 
War.; surgeon-gen., with rank of brig.-gen., of Boys' 
Brigade of America, several years. Mem. Delta Up- 
silon fraternity, Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. Acad. Medi- 
cine, N. Y. State Med. Soc, Greater N. Y. Med. Ass'n. 
Alumni Socs. of Presby'n Hosp. and Sloane Maternity 
Hosp.; hon. pres. Heidelberg Congress on Cancer. 
1907. Contb'r to med. and scientific literature. Au- 
thor: Our Unseen Foes (work on 'bacteriology). The 
Growing of Years, Compend of Operative Gynecol- 
ogy (Grafton Press), Life's Day. Guide Posts and 
Danger Signals in Health (Frederick A- Stokes & 
Co.), and scientific papers. Clubs: Quill, Students. 
Address: 34 Gramercy Park, N. Y. City. 

Lawyer (patent specialist) ; >b. Philadelphia, April 
24, 185S; s. William J. and Mary Emma (Cornish) 
Baird; ed. Central High Sch., Philadelphia, High Sch.. 
Orange, N. J., Stevens Inst. Technology, M.E., 1878; 
Columbia Coll. Law Sch. and Sch. of Polit. Science, 
LLB., 1882; m. 1S86, Jennie G. Mansfield. Dir. in 
many corp'ns. Republican; Methodist. Mem Am. 
Chem. Soc, Soc. Chem. Industry, Societe MineTalo- 
gique de France, Am. Geog. Soc. Mem. Beta Theta 
Pi, Phi Delta Phi. Editor of Beta Theta Pi since 
1894; founder and first editor The Brief. Author: 
Manual of American College Fraternities: Principles 
of American Law. Residence: Orange, N. J. Address: 
271 Broadway. N. Y. City. 

Mathematician; b. Cincinnati. O.. May 7. 1863: s. 
John G. and Mary A. (Latham) Baker: grad. Rens- 
selaer Polvtechnic Inst.. C.E.. 1873: studied at Univ. 
of Gottingen, 1896; honorary Ph.D., Lafayette Coll., 
1889; m. Palisades, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1878, Elizabeth 
Coit Hand; d. Rev. Aaron H. Hand; one d., Dorothy 
P., b. July 27, 1886. Adjunct prof. Civil Eng'ring, 
Lafayette Coll., 1873-1880; in practise of law, Scranton, 
Pa., 1880-1889; principal High Sch., Scranton, 1882; edi- 
tor Common Pleas. Reporter & Weekly Digest. Scran- 
ton. 1885-1887: prof. Stevens High Sch., Hoboken, N. J., 
1889-1891; Univ. of Rochester, 1891-1901; head dep't of 
Mathematics, Manual Training High School. Brook- 



lyn, N. v.. since L90 1. Authoi i DUri I P 

Supreme Court Decisions, 18S6-1S87; Graphic Ail 
1892; Elliptic Functions, 1899; .Solid Geometry, 
Conic Sections, 1893; The Art of Geometry, 1905; 
Quaternions as the Result of Algebraic Operations, 
1910; Elementary Thick-Lens Optics, 1911; also 
manuals for class use on Projective Geometry, 
Complex Functions, Perspective; contb'r to math, 
and pedagogical Journal. Independent Progres- 
sive; Presby'n. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Am. 
Math. Soc Rensselaer Soc. of Eng'rs, Rochester 
Acad, of Sciences isec. 1892-1899). Recreations; 
Water colors, mineralogy, microscopy. Residence: 
Forest Hills Gardens, L. I. Address; Manual Train- 
ins; High School (Johnson St. Annex). Brooklyn. N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Ithaca. N. Y.. March 3. 1872; s. Theo- 
dore J. and liloise (Titus) Baker; grad. Cornell Univ.. 
1,1.. i;.. 1697; in. Ella Louise Cook, of Ithaca. N. V. 
Admitted to bar 1897. Formerly att'y for the County 
ol Tompkins; acting recorder of city of Ithaca, and 
clerk B'd of Supervisors of Tompkins Co. Has been 
sec Tompkins Co. Agr'l and Hoit. Soc. Republican; 
Prt iv'n. Mem. Tompkins Co. 1j.ii Ass'n, Crafts- 
men's Club; Ho'basco Lodge No. 716, F. and A.M.; 
Cthaca Lodge No. 71, I.O.O.F.; Cayuga Lake Tent. No. 
627, K.O.T.M. Address: Library Bld'g. Ithaca. N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Easthampton, Mass., May 6. 1878; s. 
George Hall and Nellie (Adkins) Baker; ed. Horace 
Mann High Sch. and Columbia Univ.. A.B. (with hon- 
ors). 1899, A.M.. LL.B., 1902; m. May 23. 1908, Marie 
Louise Johnston. Admitted to bar. 1902. and has 
since been practising in N. T. City. Pres. Colu 
McKinley and Roosevelt Club: sec. Citizens 
21st Assembly Dist. Dir. and counsel Harlem Con 
tracting Co.; v. -p. and counsel The Pacific City Ter- 
minal & Contracting Co. Republican. Mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa, Delta Upsilon, Delta Sigma Rho. Deutscher 
Verein der Columbia Universitat, The Philolexian 
Soc, N. Y". Acad, of Polit. Science, N. Y. County Law- 
yers' Ass'n. and various alumni ass'ns. Mason. Ad- 
dress: 52 Broadway. N. Y. City. 


Civil eng'r, capitalist; b. Chicago, 111., Nov. 30, 1864; 
s, William T. and E, A. Baker; ed. public schs., Cor- 
nell Univ.. C.E., 1SS6; m. Rome, N. Y.. June 13, 188S. 
Gladys G. Fiance; children: William T.. Jr., b. 1889; 
Leslie D. F., b. 1890; Dorothy E., b. 1S98. Resident 
eng'r Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern R'y; appt'd. 1895. 
'receiver Merchants' Nat. Bank of Seattle. Founder, 
pres.. chief eng'r the Snoqualine Falls Power Co.. and 
White River Power Co., which have been com'bined 
as Seattle-Tacoma Power Co. Democrat and Inde- 
pendent; Episcopalian. Delegate to Nat. Dem. Conv., 
<'he ago, 1896, but disagreeing with coinage plank of 
platform adopted there, returned to Seattle, and led 
Gold Democratic movement in State of Wash. Pres. 
Westchester-Putnam Country Life Soc; mem. Am. 
Soc. Civil Eng'rs. Am. Inst. Elec Eng'rs, Am. Geog. 
Soc. Recreations: Hunting, exploration, "bicycling, 
scientific farming. Clubs: Engineers, Lawyers, Cor- 
nell. Alpha Delta Phi. Address: Mohegan Lake, N. Y. 


Editor, civil eng'r; b. Johnson, Vt., Jan. 17, 1865: s. 
Thomas Jefferson and Mattie (Whiting) Baker; ed. 
Vt. state Normal Sch., Univ. of Vt.. C.E.. 1886; m. 
June 4. 1890, Rebekah Wheeler, of Burlington, Vt. ; 
children: Jefferson Wheeler, b. 1S91; Charles Whit- 
ing, Jr., b. 1895. Draughtsman Baldwin Locomotive 
WoTks, Phila., 1SS6-1S87; on editorial staff since 1SS7. 
editor-in-chief since 1895, Engineering News. N. Y. 
City. Mem. Palisades Interstate Park Comm'n. Con- 
gregationalist. Mem. and past v.-p. Am. Soc. Mech. 
Eng'rs. Mem. Am. Econ. Ass'n. Phi Delta Theta. 
Author: Monopolies and the People (Putnam). Resi- 
dence: "Fern Hill," 20 S. Mountain Av Montelair, 
X. J. Address: 505 Pearl St., N. Y. City. 


Merchant; b. Andover. X Y.. June 23, 1841: s. Thad- 
deus and Sarah Storrs (Spicer) Baker; descendant on 
paternal side of V ttander Baker, who came to I T . 
S., ir.ri.",; Joshua Baker, 4th son. settled in New Lon- 
don. Conn.. lilTO. and received, in 1700, a deed from 
Owanaco. the C lief of Mohegans, for a large tract 
of land in Mohc;an, near "Cochegan Rock." Family 
included John Winthrop, first gov. of Mass.; Fitz John 
Winthrop, gov.- of Conn.; Capt. Remember Baker, 
prominent in Vt. Revolutionary hist., and Ethan Al- 
len; also related to Woodruff, Ramsey, Thomas, Cas- 
tle, Hand. Hurlbert. Xichols, Chittenden, Morgan, 
Enos, Ripley. Warner. Norton, Baldwin, Hamilton. 
Strong. Keys. Evarts. Stanton and Comstock families. 
On mother? side, descendant of William Brewster. 

Mayflower; grandfather Baker surveyed a por- 
tion of Western N. Y. for the Engiisn Poultney Es- 
tate, nearly 100 years ago, and gave the land and 
built the first Presby'n Ch. in that section; ed. Alfred 
Univ.; in. .Mousey, N. Y., June 11, 1S63, Henrietta E 
liildren: Jennie E., b. July 17, 1864; Rollin 
Thaddeus, b. Feb. 19, 1871; Cassius Dwight, b. Sept. 
21, 1873; Grace L., b. July 28, JS75; Mabel E., b. 
i 7, 1878; Ethel L., b. Nov. 11, 18S8. Went to 
N. Y. City, 1858, and engaged as bookkeeper with 
prominent firms there until 1863, went into partner- 
ship with Daniel S. Bradley, merchant and banker, 
at Andover, N. Y. ; subsequently with Mrastus Young 
(now auditor of Union Pacific R'y) formed firm of 
Baker & Young, and bought land at Suffern, N. T., 
on which built a store, and lumber and coal yards; 
later took over entire interests of Baker & Young, 
and added to interests there by building a large car- 
riage and sleigh manufactory, bakery and other 
stores, and many fine residences, besides conducting 
largest business in county; later conducted business 
as Baker & Marks, and as Crescent Lumber Co. Be- 
came interested in lumbering, mining and other in- 
terests on Pacific Coast. Republican; organized dur- 
ing Lincoln's second campaign, 1864, and was pres. 
of first Republican Club at Suffern, N. Y. : served as 
postmaster for many years, supervisor two terms 
(first Republican supervisor ever elected in town); 
delegate to town, county, State, Nat., Senatorial and 
Cong. Convs. Mason. Mem. S. A. R., Am. Inst. Civ- 
ics, Am. Legion of Honor. Soc. of Mayflower Descend- 
ants, N. E. Soc, W. Y. Geneal. and Biog. Soc, Soc. of 
Colonial Wars, Long Island Hist. Soc. Clubs: Re- 
publican (N. Y. City), Montauk (Brooklvn). Address: 

umbia" / lz Ei s ht h A v.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 


Physician: b. Northampton, N. Y., April 16, 1853; 
prepared at Ithaca Acad.: grad. Cornell Univ., B.S., 
1878; Michigan Univ.. M D., 1882; m 1st. 1889. Mary 
L. Colling, of Utica. X. Y. (deceased): 2d, 1908, Caro- 
line M. Pierce, of Worcester, Mass. Has been suc- 
cessful practising physician in Ithaca since 1884; lec- 
turer on medicine and obstetrics in Cornell Univ. Med. 
Sch. Mem. Am. Med Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. Soc; 
pres. Tompkins Co. Med. Soc. Republican. Alderman, 
Ithaca, N. Y., 1902-1904. Address: 108 W. Seneca St., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Dedham. Mass., Feb. 8, 1837: s. John and 
Patty (Ellis) Baker; grad. Dartmouth Coll.. A.B.. 1859; 
studied in Albany Law Sch.; m. May 25, 1869. Catherine 
W. Fisher. Served three years in Civil War. in ISth 
Mass. Vols., 5th Corps. Army of Potomac. Admitted to 
bar 1860; practising in X. Y. Citv since 1865. Trustee 
Bankers' Safe Deposit Co.; dir. 1st Nat. Bank of N. Y 
N. J. Gen. Security Co. Republican; Unitarian. Trus- 
tee Hackley Sch.. Tarrytown, N. Y. Mem. Alpha Delta 
Phi. Phi Beta Kappa, Mil. Order of Loyal Legion. 
Clubs: Unitarian, Dartmouth. Residence: Yonkers. 
X. Y. Address: 2 'Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. West Milgrove, Ohio; s. Ephraim Hudson 
and Ann Janette (Whitney) Baker; ed. Oberlin Coll.. 
A.B.. 1866: Yale. B.D., 1S90; N. Y. Law Sch.. LL.B., 1900: 
X. Y.. Univ. Law Sch.. M.L., 1907; m. N. Y. City, April 
29, 1903, Theodora Wadsworth. Engaged in practice 
of law in N. Y. City. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. 
N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n. Recreation: Golf. Club: 
X. Y. Golf. Residence: 480 E. 19th St., Brooklvn. N. Y. 
Address: 15 Broad St., N. Y. City. 


Railroad comm'r; b. Owego, N. Y., 1846; s. John D. 
Baker: grad. Ames Business College. Syracuse, X*. Y. 
Worked at carpenter trade; clerk in Erie R. R. freight 
office, Owego, N. Y.. 1864. becoming chief clerk; station 
ag't of Southern Central (now Lehigh Valley) R. R., 
at Owego, 1872-18S2; sup't Addison & Pa. R. R., 1S82- 
1S86; also freight and passenger ag't same road, 1882- 
1S96; also gen. sup't Gaines Coal Co.. 18S6-1896. and 
ag't for receiver Bradford, Eldred & Cuba R. R.. 1886- 
1895: constructed, and was gen. mg'r Darien & West- 
ern R. R. of Ga., 1894-1895. Established in hardware 
business, Owego, since 1894. as senior mem. Frank M. 
Baker & Son; mem. N. Y..R. R.; v.-p. Waverlv, Sayre, 
Athens R'y Co. Comm'n since Dec 18, 1896. Republi- 
can. Mem. Comm'n from N. Y. to Cotton States Exp'n. 
Atlanta, Ga., 1895; trustee village of Owego. 1873-1SS0 
(one term pres.). Active in securing org'n of N. Y. 
State Firemen's Ass'n (sec 1S74-1881; pres. 1884-1885). 
Address: Owego. N. Y. 


Artist: b. N. Y. Oity, Nov. 6, 1876; s. Charles and 
Elizabeth Priscilla (Vanderpoel) Baker; early ed'n in 
N. Y. schs.; art ed'n at Pratt Inst, and in Paris, under 


Harvard University 

HARVARD COLLEGE, the oldest college 
in the United States, was founded in 1 636, and 
since that time has conferred degrees upon 4 1,367 
persons. In addition to Harvard College, the 
graduates of which are granted the degree of A.B., 
there are the following departments of the University: 








The regular tuition fee for students in Harvard 
College is $150. There are many financial aids 
and scholarships, ranging in amounts from $75 to 
$525, which are available each year to meet the 
expenses of deserving students and thus make a 
college education possible for them. Harvard dis- 
tributes annually more than $92,000 for this purpose. 

All requests for information should be directed to 


School advertisements continued on page 32 



New York University 

10 Schools 

400 Instructors 

5500 Students 


Organization of New York University 

The University is organized for educational and administrative purposes in nine schools, each 
under the government of its own faculty, with the privilege of presenting candidates for 

degrees as follows: 


. The University College of Art* and Pure 
Science (1832). Offers to male High School gradu- 
ates four-year courses of study, divided into nine groups, 
leading to the degrees of B.A. and B.S. 

The School of Applied Science (1862). 

Offers to male High School graduates four-year courses 
of study in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 
and Chemical Engineering, leading to the degree of B.S., 
and five-year courses leading to the degrees of C.E., 
M.E., and Chem. E. 


The Washington Square College (1903). 

Offers to graduates of approved Normal Colleges and 
to graduates holding degrees from colleges not recognized 
for matriculation in the Graduate School, courses of 
study in Arts and Pure Science, leading to the degree of 
Bachelor of Science. 

The Graduate School (1886). Offers to 
graduates of approved colleges courses in Arts and Pure 
Science, leading to the degrees of M.A., M.S., Ph.D. 
and Sc.D. (Laboratory courses are given at University 

The School of Pedagogy (1890). Offers to 
graduates of approved colleges a two-year professional 
course in the science and art of education, leading to the 
degrees of Pd.M. and Pd.D. 

The Law School (1835). Offers to men and 
women holding a professional students' certificate of the 
New York Regents, to students who have completed the 
Freshman year of an approved college, and to college 
graduates, three- and four-year professional courses in 
law, leading to the degrees of LL.B., LL.M. and J.D. 

The University and Bellevue Hospital Medi- 
cal College (1841). Offers to men who have com- 
pleted one year's work of college standard, subsequent 
to High School graduation, a four-year professional 
course in medicine, leading to the degree of M.D. 


The New York-American Veterinary College 
(1899). Offers to men holding a 60 count Regents' 
certificate, or an equivalent accepted by the Regents, a 
three-year professional course, leading to the degree 
of D.V.S. 

Besides the nine schools which present candidates for degrees, there are also the following divisions 

of the University: 

The Woman's Law School (1890). Offers 
courses in law for business women, leading to a cer- 

The Summer School (1895). Offers col- 
legiate and professional courses for which credit toward 
degree may be secured by matriculants in the Univer- 
sity College, the Washington Square College, the School 
of Applied Science, the Law School, the School of 
Commerce, the School of Pedagogy, or the Graduate 


The Extramural Division 

University courses in collegiate and 
jects outside the University centres. 

(1908). Offers 
commercial sub- 

For Circulars of 
any of the Schools 
address the Registrar. 

New York University 

Washington Square 
New York City 

School advertisements continued on page 63 



Oustav Courtois and other well-known masters; m. 
Brooklyn, Dec. 13, 1902, Maud Lillian Forsbrey; chil- 
dren: Frederick Gustav Vanderpoe'., b. 1908; Edward 
La Marche, b. 1907. Exhibited In Paris Salons, Vienna. 
Ghent, St. Louis, Chicago. Xew York, etc. El 
asso. of the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts, 1901. 
Has traveled in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and 
ce. Pres. Colonial Studios (corp'n). Has executed 
commissions for Emperor William, Prince Radolin, 
Prince of Monaco, etc.. and many prominent people in 
U. S. and Europe. Club: Salmagundi. Address: 39 W. 
67th St., X. Y. City. 


Editor; b. Wyandotte, Mich., April 1, 1S70; s. George 
Pason and Celestia (Barr) Baker; ed. privately, and in 
England and France; m. May 10, 1910. Laura Pike, of 
San Francis,-... with Detroit Tribune, 1S95-1S96; De- 
troit Journal, 1S97-1.S99; European corr. Detroit Jour- 
nal, 1900-1901; McClure's Magazine (English office), 
1902; art critic Academy and Literature, England, 1903; 
Am. corr. London Daily Express, London Daily Stand- 
ard, 1904-1905: journalist; sec. to Joseph Pulitzer, 1906; 
asso. editor Everybody's Magazine, 1907-1910; man- 
aging editor Delineator, since 1911. Ships writer U. S. 
S. Vosemite. during Spanish-Am. War. Republican 
Clubs: Players, and various literary and country 
clubs. Address: 375 Park Av., N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Troy, N. Y., March 27, 1840; m. Florence 
T. Baker. Chm'n B'd of Dirs. First Nat. Bank; dir. 
Chase Nat. Bank. Nat. Bank of Commerce. Astor Trust 
Co., Farmers Loan & Trust Co., Guaranty Trust Co., 
and interested as officer or director in many other 
large corp'ns. Clubs: Metropolitan, Union League, 
City Midday, Automobile of America, Jekyl Island, 
Rumson Country, Riding, Tuxedo, Sleepy Hollow Coun- 
try. X. Y. Yacht, Colony. Residence: 25S Madison Av. 
Address: 2 Wall St. N. Y. City. 


Banker: b. March 19. 1S78; s. George Fisher and 
Florence T. Baker; grad. Harvard Univ., 1S99; m. Oct. 
14, 1911, Edith B. Kane. V.-p. First Nat. Bank of N. Y. 
Clubs: University, Union League, N. Y. Yacht, Sea- 
wanhaka Corinthian Yacht, Racquet & Tennis. Tuxedo, 
Automobile of America, Country, Piping Rock, Sleepy 
Hollow Country, Aero. Residence: 258 Madison Av. 
Address: 2 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Dean X*. Y. State Coll. of Forestry, Syracuse Univ.; 
b. St. Croix Falls, Wis.. Jan. 20, 1878; s. Maj. J. Stan- 
nard and Alice (Potter) Baker; attended Macalester 
Coll., St. Paul, 1S94-1895; grad. Mich. Agr'l Coll., B.S., 
1901; Yale, M.F., 1904; Univ. of Munich (D. of Eco- 
nomics), 1910: m. Dec. 27, 1904, Fleta Paddock, of 
Three Oaks, Mich.; children: Carolyn, b. 1906; Stephen 
Paddock, b. 1908; Clarence Potter, b. 1910. For ten 
years forest ass't U. S. Forest Service, examining pub- 
lic lands and making forest studies in Neb., Wyoming, 
Central Idaho, Wash., Oregon, X. Mex., Iowa. Prof, of 
Forestry, Iowa State Coll., 1904-1907; Pa. State Coll., 
1907-1912; dean and prof, silviculture X. Y. State Coll. 
of Forestry, Syracuse Univ., since 1912. Traveled' and 
studied in France, Germany and Austria, 1909-1910. 
Mem. State B'd of Geographic Names of N. Y. State 
since 1913. Presby'n. Fellow A.A.A.S.. Royal Geog. 
Soc. ; mem. Am. Geog. Soc, Geog. Soc. of Phila., Soc. 
Am. Foresters, Am. Forestry Ass'n, Am. Breeders' 
Ass'n, Am. Civic Ass'n, Deutsehen Dendrologischen 
Gesellschaft, Deutsehen Forstverein, Geographischen 
Gesellschaft in Miinchen, Soc. of Colonial Wars. S.A.R., 
Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Xi fraternities. Masonic 
Lodge. Residence: Salt Springs Road. Address: N. Y. 
State Coll. of Forestry, Syracuse, X. Y. 


Architect; b. Elizabeth, N. J., 1S64; s. Henry M. and 
Susan V. (Barnes) Baker; grad. Lafayette Coll., 1SS4; 
unmarried. Architect for Chamber of Commerce, Han- 
over Bank and other buildings in X. Y. City and else- 
where. Mem. Am. Inst. Architects, Architectural 
League, Chamber of Commerce, Lafayette Alumni. 
Clubs: Century. University. Residence: 8 W. 57th St. 
Address: 156 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 

Physician, surgeon; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 25, 1851; 
d. James and Eliza Jane (Harned) Van Holland; ed. 
Brooklyn Public Sch. No. 19, N. Y. Med. Coll. and 
Hosp. for Women (M.D.) ; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 20, 
1877, Mills P. Baker. Jr. (died 1879). Engaged in 
practice of medicine since 1882; now chief of staff, 
Memorial Hosp. for Women and Children, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Mem. Kings Co. Homoe. Med. Soc, N. Y. State 
Homoe. Soc, Am. Inst, of Homoeopathy, Alumni Ass'n 
of N. Y. Med. Coll. and Hosp. for Women. Mem. X'at. 
Woman Suffrage Ass'n, Brooklyn League. Trustee 

Memorial Dispensary for Women and Children. Mem. 
of B'd of MgTs 01 Memorial Hosp. for Women and 
Children. Has made four pleasure trips to Euro]., 
visited Mexico, besides s era] trips across the conti- 
nent to California, Yellowstone Park, etc. Universal- 
is: ' Mill.-- : Kr'ooklyn Woman's. Chiropean. Address: 
612 Bedford Av., Brooklyn, X. Y. 


Engineer, author, editor; b. Enosburg, Vt., Jan. 2(1, 
1S64; s. Benjamin Nelson and Sarah Maretta (Wright) 
Baker; grad. Univ. of Vt., Ph.B., 1886, C.E., 1899; m. 
Aug. 22, 1889. Ella Sophia Babbit (a college class- 
mate); ^children: Theta Helen, b. 1890; Frederick 
Wood, b. 1894; Elizabeth, b. 1896; Ruth, b. 1903; Doro- 
thea, b. 1907. With Bridge and Building Dep't, Union 
Pacific R. R., 1SS6-1SS7; on editorial staff since 18S7, 
editor since 1907, Engineering News; consulting engi- 
neer in municipal and sanitary matters; dir. Hill Pub- 
lishing Co., N. Y. City. Editor: Manual of American 
Water-Works; The Municipal Year Book. Author of 
books, papers and numerous encyclopedia articles on 
eng'ring and economic subjects. Has made specialty 
of sewage purification, and garbage and refuse dis- 
posal; investigated those subjects in Great Britain in 
1904, and wrote British Sewage Works, and Notes on 
British Refuse Destructors. Mem. since 1894, pres. 
since 1904, B'd of Health, Montclair, N. J. Congrega- 
tionalist. Mem. Am. Economic Ass'n, Am. Public 
Health Ass'n. Am. Water-Works Ass'n, New England 
Water-Works Ass'n, Nat. Municipal League, N. J. San- 
itary Ass'n, Phi Delta Theta. Recreations: Garden- 
ing, farming, forestry. Residence: 53 Oakwood Av., 
Upper Montclair, N. J. Address: 505 Pearl St., N. Y. 


Writer, editor; b. Lansing, Mich., April 17, 1870; s. 
Joseph Stannard and Alice (Potter) Baker; ed. Mich. 
Agr'l Coll., B.S., 1889; Univ. of Mich, (partial literary 
and law course); m. Lansing, Mich., Jan. 2, 1896, 
Jessie I., d. Dr. W. J. Beal; children: Alice Beal. b. 
1S97; James Stannard. b. 1S99; Roger D., b. 1902; 
Rachel Moore, b. 1906. Formerly asso. editor Mc- 
Clure's Magazine; now asso. editor The American 
Magazine; dir. Philips Publishing Co. Author: 
Boys' Book of Inventions (1S99); Our New Prosperity, 
1900; Seen in Germany, 1901; Second Boys' Book of 
Inventions, 1903; Following the Color Line, 1908; The 
Spiritual Unrest, 1909; also numerous series of mag- 
azine articles and stories. Clubs: City and Players. 
Address: Care Am. Magazine, 3S1 Fourth Av., N. Y. 


Public official; b. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, Eng- 
land, 1862; ed. public schs.; m. Oct., 1887, Gertrude A. 
Zoller. Long active as Single-tax advocate; sec. Al- 
bany Single Tax Club, 1SS8; pres. Brooklyn Single 
Tax Club, 1S90; sec. Brooklyn Ballot Reform League; 
sec. N. Y. Tax Reform Ass'n, 4 years, and Brooklyn 
Revenue Reform 6 years, conducting campaign 
for home rule in taxation; sec. Nat. Com. Single Tax 
League of U. S. 6 years; organizer and chm'n Exec. 
Com. Citizens' Union, Brooklyn, 1893; candidate for 
Assembly, 1S94; spoke for Bryan and Sewall; in charge 
nominating petitions for Henry George for Mayor, 
1S97; stumped N. Y. State for Bryan and Stevenson, 
1900; organized and was sec. Citizens' Union, Brook- 
lyn, 1901; also Radical Democracy of Brooklyn, 1902; 
elected to Congress, 1902, serving in 58th Congress 
(its only Single Tax Democrat) 1903-1905; Sec. Dep't 
Docks and Ferries, N. Y. City, 1906; Dem. candidate 
for Congress 1906, but defeated. Address: 6S William 
St., N. Y. City. 


Coal merchant; b. London, England, Jan. 31, 1867; 
s. Robert Breckenridge and Annette Louise (Matlack) 
Baker; ed. William Penn's Charter Sch., Philadelphia, 
and Swarthmore Coll., Swarthmore, Pa. Unmarried. 
Began business with Robert Hare Powel & Co., of 
Phila., with which served from office clerk to v.-p. of 
Sterling Coal Co.. which office still holds. Pres. Stine- 
man Coal & Coke Co., Bakerton Land & Improvement 
Co., Bakerton Water Co., Bakerton Supply Co., El Mora 
Coal Mining Co., sec. and treas. Powelton Barge Co., 
dir. Am. Manganese Bronze Co. Served as chief aide- 
de-camp to Gov. Daniel H. Hastings (lieut. -col.) of Pa. 
Republican: Universalist. Recreations: Riding, Motor- 
ing, golf and tennis. Clubs: Army and Navy, Ardsley, 
Union League, Riverside Yacht, Indian Harbor Yacht, 
Greenwich Country (v.-p.). Residence: (Summer) 
Greenwich. Conn., (Winter) 62 W. 8Sth St. Address: 
Care Sterling Coal Co., 29 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Physician, surgeon; b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Nov. 15, 
1873; d. O. D. M. and Jennie Harwood (Brown) Baker: 



M.D., Women's Med. Coll., N. Y". Infirmary, 1898. In- 
terne N. E. Hosp., Boston, 1898-1899; med. insp. Dep't 
of Health, N. Y. City, since 1901; ass't to Comm'r o 
Health, 1907-1908; chief of Div. of Child Hygiene of 
Dep't of Health since 1909. Engaged in regular prac- 
tice of medicine and surgery. Mem. N. Y. Acad. Medi- 
cine, N. V. County and State Med. Soc, Am. Med. A 
Nat. Ass'n for Prevention of Tuberculosis, Am. Ass'n 
for Study and Prevention of Infant Mortality. Am. Sch. 
Hygiene Ass'n, D. A. <R. Club: Cosmopolitan. Address: 
33 W. 9Gth St., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Marcy, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1830; e. Augustus 
and Fanny (Olin) Baker; ed. Whitestown Sem.; Univ. 
of Mich. Med. Dep't), M.D., 1871; A.M., Columbia Univ., 
1884; m. Lowell, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1872, Alice W. V 
Engaged in practice of medicine from 1871; in Utica. 
N. Y. since 1886; neurologist and psychiatrist; lecturer 
on The Causes of 111 Health, Colgate Univ., 1884 and 
1892. Mem Am. Neurol. Ass'n, Am. Med. Ass'n, A.A.A.b., 
N Y. State Med. Soc, Utica Med. Library Ass'n. In- 
dependent in politics. Unitarian. Recreations: Private 
library, music. Club: Port Schuyler. Address: 2Jt> 
Rutger St., Utica, N. Y. 


Banker; b. Poughkeepsle, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1859; mar- 
ried. Pres. and dir. Bank of the Manhattan Co., Bank 
of the Metropolis; dir. Astor- Trust Co., Bank of Long 
Island, Bankers Trust Co., Barker Chem. Co., N. Y. 
Clearing House Bld'g Co., Port Inglis Terminal Co.; 
trustee Bowery Savings Bank; trustee Columbia Univ., 
St. Luke's Hosp.; dir. N. Y. City Mission Soc; sec. and 
treas. United Charities. Clubs: Union, Union League, 
N Y Yacht. Residence: 8 E. 75th St. Address: 40 Wall 
St., N. Y. City. 


Educator; b. New Paris, O., Dec. 31, 1859; s. Thomas 
and Margaret Baker; grad. Lebanon Univ., Ohio, A.B., 
1886 (Ph.D., 1896): Ph.D., N. Y. Univ., 1896; m. Knox- 
ville, Tenn., 18S7, Carlotta Washburn. Sup't of 
schools, Durango, Col., 18S8-1894; prin. Yonkers High 
Sch 1895-1901; prin. Public Sch. No. 128, Brooklyn, 
N Y., from 1901; now prin. P. S. 44, Brooklyn. Ex-pres. 
Westchester County Teachers' Ass'n, Society Docto-s 
of Pedagogy, N. Y. Edn'l Council; pres. Brooklyn 
Teachers' Ass'n, 1908; pres. N. Y. Schoolmasters Club, 
1912-1913. Royal Arch Mason, past comd'r Knights 
Templar, Shriner, mem. Ohio Soc. of N. Y. Recreations: 
Rowing, bowling. Clubs: University (Brooklyn). 
Schoolmasters (pres.), asso. .mem. G.A.R. Address: 
437 Hancock St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Broker; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 19, 18G2; prep, ed'n at St. 
Mark's Sch., Southboro, Mass.; grad. Harvard, 18S6; 
was interested in athletics at Harvard, making many 
college and world records in running, some of which 
he still holds. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Hasty 
Pudding and A. D. clubs of Harvard Univ.; m. Jan. 1, 
1900, Jeanne J. Held, of N. Y. City. Member of the firm 
Bond and Goodwin, bankers and brokers. Residence: 
54 W. 12th St. Address: 111 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Phvsician; b. Bloomingburgh, N. Y. Dec. 22, 1858; 
s. James I. (M.D.) and Mary A. (Mills) Baker; ed. 
Brooklyn Public Sch. 26; Cornell Univ., B.S., 1880; Coll. 
Phys. and Surg. (Columbia), M.D., 1SS5; m. N. Y. City, 
April 19, 1890, Mary E. Blamire. Engaged in gen. 
practice of medicine since 1885. Health officer, town of 
Islip, Suffolk Co., N. Y., continuously since 1S90. In- 
dependent Republican. Presby'n. Mem. Suffolk Co. 
Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. Soc, Associated Physicians 
of L. I. Address: Islip, L. I., N. Y. 

Engineer; b. Springfield, Mass., Oct. 18, 1S56; s. 
Henry Martvn and Susan Virginia (Barnes) Baker; 
grad. Dafayette Coll., C.E., 1877; m. Holyoke, Mass., 
Feb. 20, 1884, Harriet Este'.le Griffin; children: William 
Edgar, b. 1S85; Phoebe, b. 1886; Eugenia, b. 1893; Char- 
lotte Sanford, b. 1895; Alan, b. 1S89. Engaged in gen. 
eng'ring practice since 1877; on reconnaissance Can- 
adian Pacific R'y. 1881-1882; chief eng'r Internat.- 
Great Northern R'y, 18S4-1S88; gen. mg'r and chief 
eng'r Columbia Intramural R.R., 1893-1894 (first use of 
third rail); gen. mg'r and chief eng'r Met. West Side 
Elevated R.R., Chicago, 1894-1899; gen. sup't Manhat- 
tan Elevated R'v, N. Y. City, 1899-1902; now senior 
mem. W. E. Baker & Co., consulting eng'rs. " 
dent in politics. Presbv'n. Mem. Am. Soc. C . 
Am. Soc. Meeh. Eng'rs, Am. Inst. Elec En I 

lu .um Natural History. Trustee Lafayette Coll. 
Recreation: Country life. Club: Engineers. Resi- 
dence: Norfolk. Conn. Address: 105 W. 40th St. N. Y. 


City official; former police comm'r; appt'd civil serv- 
ice comm'r Feb. 1, 1905, to succeed Bird S. Coler. who 
resigned. For a numebr of years private sec. to Mr. 
Coler, being associated with him in that capacity dur- 
ing Mr. Coler's term as comptroller; appt'd police 
comm'r 1910; resigned Oct. 20, 1910. Democrat; has for 
some years been active in politics. Address: 450 
Greene Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Banker; b Providence, R. L, 1860; s. Joseph P. and 
Laura T. (Field) Balch; ed. private schs., Providence; 
m. I'rovidence, 1885; one son; Joseph, Jr., b. 1S90. Con- 
nected with Providence Inst'n for Savings, 27 years; 
nat. bank examiner, 1904-1913. V.-p. Brooks Audit Co. 
Served in City Council, Providence, since 1900; pres. 
Common Council, 4 years; now Alderman. Republican; 
Unitarian. Mem. S. A. R. (pres. 1912). Comm'r of 
Providence City Hosp. Clubs: Hope, West Side. Resi- 
dence: 270 Benefit St. Address: 914 Turke Head Bld'g, 
Providence, R. I., and 60 Wall St., N. Y. City. 

Physician; b. Bethel, Conn., Sept. 8. 1864; s. Elijah C. 
and Frances M. (Hutchinson) Baldwin; ed. New Haven 
High Sch., Yale Med. Sch., 1890; m. Cheshire, Conn., 
June 1, 1895, Mary C. Ives: one son, Henry Ives, b. 
1897. Especially active in study of tuberculosis. 
Presbv'n. Mem. County, State and Nat. Med. Ass'ns. 
Pres. B'd of Trustees Reception Hosp. and Gen. Hosp. 
of Saranac Lake. Ass't dir. Saranac Laboratory. Ad- 
dress: Saranac Lake, N. Y. 

Editor; b. Cleveland, Ohio, March 10, 1S57; s. Elbert 
Irving and Jeannette (Sterling) Bajdwin; grad. Will- 
iams Coll., A.B., 1884; A.M., 18S7; also a student at 
Univ. of Berlin; m. Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 23, 1892, 
Mary d U. S. Senator William D. and Elizabeth 
(Muzzy) Washburn. Editor on staff of the Inclependent 
(N. Y. City), 1890-1892; N. Y. Mail and Express, 1892- 
1893; The Outlook since 1893. Clubs: University, City, 
Century, Arts, Metropolitan (Washington), Country 
(Lakewood, N. J.). Residence: Lakewood, X. J., and 
Livermore, Me. Address: 287 4th Av., N. Y. City. 

Arctic explorer; b. Springfield, Mo., July 22, 1862; 
s. Lieut. -Col. Elias Briggs Baldwin, Sth Mo. Cav., U. 
S V.' lived on parents' farm in Iowa, 1S>65-1888; on 
Kansas farm, 1869-1880; grad. Northwestern Coll., Nap- 
erville, 111. Taught dist school; traveled in Europe 
on bicycle 1885-1886; principal of high school and 
sup't city schools in Kansas 1887-1S91; observer U. S. 
Weather Bureau, 1892-1900; inspector at large, U. S. 
Weather Bureau. Meteorologist Peary's N. Greenland 
Expedition, 1893-1894; went to Andree Balloon Station. 
Spitzbergen, hoping to join Andree, 1897, but arrived 
a few days too late; meteorologist and second in com- 
mand, Wellman Polar Expedition to Franz-Josef 
Land, 1898-1899; built and named Fort McKinley, dis- 
covered and explored Graham Land, 1S99; organized, 
1901, and commanded Baldwin-Ziegler Polar Expedi- 
tion, establishing four depots of supplies from south 
to north coast of Franz-Josef Land, as basis for pro- 
posed dash to the North Pole, and three safety sta- 
tions on northeast coast of Greenland for use on re- 
turn march. Author: Search for the North Pole; 
contributor to Government publications of Meteorol. 
Reports of the North Greenland Expedition. Meteorol. 
Reports and Auroral Observations in Franz-Josef 
Land and other meteorol. papers. Lecturer. Mem. 
Nat. Geog. Soc, N. Y. Geneal. and Biog. Soc, L. I. 
Hist. Soc Mason, 32. Knight Templar; mem. Mystic 
Shrine. Club: N. Y. Yacht. Address: 37 W. 44th St., 
N. Y. City. 

Manufacturer, lawyer; b. Otego. X. Y., Aug. 30, 
1856; s John J. and Sally M. (Beardslee) Baldwin; 
ed common school and academy, Oneonta. N. Y.; m. 
Elmira. N. Y., May 7, 1SS2, Anna E. Grandin: chil- 
dren: Lena Grandin, b. 1883; Ethel, b. 1S89. Prac- 
tised law at Elmira, N. Y., with brother, 20 years, in 
firm of Baldwin & Baldwin; since July, 1902, in charge 
of Thatcher Mf'g Co. (of which is now pres.) and 
actively engaged in manufacturing. Prohibitionist 
Chm'n "State Com. of Prohibition Party N. Y. State, 
1889-1S93; mem. Prohibition Exec Com. since 1S86; 
candidate for governor, 1S94. Pres. Nat. Total Ab- 
stinence League. Methodist. Clubs: Nat. Arts (N. Y. 
City). Century (Elmira, N. Y.1, Potsdam (Potsdam. 
M. Y.). Residence: 670 Euclid Av. Address 108 State 
-:t.. Elmira. N. Y. 

Phvsician; b. Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 14, 1863; d. 
Elijah (M.D.) and Sarah Harris (Mathewson) Bald- 



win; ed. Thayer Acad., Bralntree, .Mass.; Wellesley 
Coll., LB., 18 8; Mich. Univ. Med. Coll., 1889-1890; 
Woman's Med. Coll., N. Y. Infirmary, M.D., 1892; 
sp'l courses Johns Hopkins Med. Coll.. Baltimore, 
L893-1894. Resident physician, Philadelphia City 
Hosp., 1894-1895; attending physician, N. Y. Infirmary 
Cor Women and Children. Mem. Acad, of Medicine, 
Amer. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. County Med. Soc; pres. 
Women's Med Ass'n, N. Y. City, 1907. Address: 39 
E. 31st St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Clinton, la., Nov. 7, 1S62; s. Simeon and 
Mary (Marven) Baldwin; ed. Yale Univ.. A.U., Colum- 
bia Univ., LL.B.; Berlin and Heidelberg Univs.; m. 
Sept. 4, 1890, Jessie Pinney; children: Dorothea, b. 
1891; Marian, b. 1892; Sherman, b. 1S97; Eleanor, b. 
1904. Has practised law in N. Y. City from gradu- 
ation; ass't corp'n counsel N. Y. City, 1895-1898; now 
mem. firm Lord, Day & Lord, lawyers. Pres. and dir 
Queens County "Water Co.; dir. Standard Roller Bear- 
ing Co. Democrat. Chm'n B'd of Trustees, People's 
Inst. Fusion candidate for Justice Supreme Court, 
1911. Recreation: Yachting. Clubs: Century, Uni- 
versity, Down Town, MacDowell, Reform. Residence: 
133 E. 65th St. Address: 49 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Author, educator; b. Hamilton Co., Ind., Dec. 15, 
1S41; s. Isaac and Sarah (Clayton) Baldwin; ed. at 
home and in dist. schs; hon. Ph.D., De Pauw Univ., 
1S85; m. 1S64, Mary S. Taylor. Taught in dist. schs., 
Hamilton Co., Ind., 1865-1868; sup't graded schs. in 
four Indiana cities, 1S69-1SS7; entered edn'l dep't 
Harper & Brothers, N. Y. City, 1887; ass't editor of 
Harpers' periodicals, 1S90-1S93; since 1S93 of editorial 
dep't Am. Book Co. Author: Story of Siegfried; Story 
of Roland; Book Lover; Story of the Golden Age; 
Horse Fair; Guide to Systematic Readings in the 
Encyclopaedia Britannica; Old Greek Stories; Fairy 
Stories and Fables: Fifty Famous Stories; Old Stor- 
ies of the East; Four Great Americans; Barnes' Ele- 
mentary History of the United States; Discovery of 
the Old Northwest; Conquest of the Old Northwest; 
Harper's Readers (5 vols.); Baldwin's Readers (8 
vols.); Industrial Primary Arithmetic; Six Centuries 
of English Poetry; Book of Elegies; Wonder Book of 
Horses: Abraham Lincoln a True Life; Hero Tales 
Told in School; The Golden Fleece; An American 
Book of Golden Deeds: Stories of the King; The 
Sampo, etc.; edited or assisted in making of half of 
sch. readers used in U. S.: over 20,000.000 copies of 
his work have been sold. Address: 100 Washington 
Sq N, Y. City. 


Educator, author; b. Columbia. S. C, Jan. 12, 1861; 
s. Cyrus Hull and Lydia Eunice (Ford) Baldwin; 
grad. Princeton Univ., A.B., 1SS4, A.M., Ph.D., 1887; 
honorary D.Sc, Oxford Univ., 1899, and Geneva, Swit- 
zerland, 1909, LL.D., Glasgow Univ. and Univ. of S. 
C; m. Princeton, N. J., Nov. 22, 1887, Helen Haves 
Green; children: Helen G b. 1889; Elizabeth F.,' b. 
1891. Prof, philosophy and psychology, Lake Forest 
Univ., 1SS7-1SS9; Toronto Univ., 1899-1893; Princeton 
Univ., 1S93-1903: Johns Hopkins Univ., 1903-190S; Nat 
Univ. of Mexico since 1908; lecturer for Foi et Vie, 
1911, and for Comite France-Amerique, Paris. 1913; 
lecturer during summer sessions, various vears in 
Univs. of Chicago and Calif. Founder and editor 
Psychological Review, 1S93-190S. Republican. Pres. 
Internat. Psychol. Congress. 1909-1913; mem. British 
and Italian Sociol. Socs., Dutch and Belgian Peda- 
gogical Socs., Internat. Inst, of Sociology (v.-p. 1909) 
Am. Philos. Soc, Am. Psychol. Ass'n (pres. 1906), 
Gold Medalist Royal Acad, of Denmark: mem. Aris- 
totelian Soc. of London and Inst, of France. Recre- 
ations: Golf, horseback riding, duck shooting. Clubs: 
Chevy Chase (Wash.. D. C), Am. Univs., Roval Socs 
(London). France-Anu'rique (Paris). Address: Care 
Harris. Forties & Co., 56 William St., N. Y. City. 


Retired lawyer: b. N. Y. City; s. Jared Grover and 
Susan (Theall) Baldwin: ed. private schs. in N. Y. 
City; grad. Columbia Coll., A.B.. A.M., LL.B from 
Columbia Law Sch.: m. Maud. d. George L. Whitman: 
one son: Alfred Whitman.. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of 
N. Y., Sons of Revolution. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Clubs: 
Metropolitan, Union League, Columbia University. 
Address: 145 W. 58th St.. N. Y. City. 


Merchant; b. N. Y. City. April 23, 1871; s. Joseph 
Clark and Emma Jane (Mood) Baldwin; ed. St. Paul's 
Sch.. Concord, N. H.. followed by three years' study 
in Europe; m. Mamaroneck. N. Y., April 15, 1896, 

Fanny Taylor; children: Joseph O, 3d, Fannj 

iia Bradley, Alexander Taylor, Phyllis, Priscilla, 
Peti i. Jane, Dan. V.-p., treas. and dir. Am. Dye- 
wood Co.; pres. and dir. Compagnie Hatienne, and of 
the Gen. Colors Co.; dir. N. v. Tanning Extract Co., 
Argentine Quebracho Co.; v.-p., treas. and dir. United 
Dyewood Co., dir. Washington Trust Co., Texas Pa- 
cific Coal Co., N. Y. Paraguay Co. Republican; Epis- 
copalian. Served four years in Squadron A. N. Y. 
City. Comm'r X. Y. State B'd of Charities, 9th Ju- 
dicial Dist. Recreation: Farming. Clubs; Down Town 
Ass'n, Brook, Union League (N Y. City), Union (Bos- 
ton), Sleepy Hollow Country, Republican. Residence: 
Mt. Kisco. Westchester Co., N. Y. Address: 80 Maiden 
Lane, N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Rutland, Vt., . Oct. 31, 1864; s. Warner 
H. aVid Mary Olive (Hatch) Baldwin; ed. schs. of Rut- 
land, Vt.; m. N. Y. City, Oct. 10, 1889. Ettie Lucile 
Field; one d., Ettie Lucile. Pres. and dir. Empire 
Trust Co.; dir Ann Arbor R. R. Co., Denver & Salt 
Lake R. R. Co., Garden City Estates, Union Ferry 
Co. of N. Y. and Brooklyn. Wis. Central R'y Co.; dir. 
Monmouth County Horse Show Ass'n. Clubs: Metro- 
politan, Turf and Field. Riding, Midday, Rumson 
Country, Sleepy Hollow Country. Recess. Residence: 
8 E. 70th St. Address: 42 Broadway. N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 26, 1S73; s. Simeon and 
Mary S. (Marvin) Baldwin: grad. Yale Univ., A.B., 
1895; LL.B., 1S97; N Y. Univ., M.L., 1900; m. Wood- 
stock, Vt., Aug. 23, 1904, Mary Catherine Vail; one d, 
Catherine Vail, b. Aug. 27, 1906. Mem. law firm Bald- 
win & Hutchins. Dir. Union Typewriter Co., Com- 
mercial Newspaper Co., Richard Hudnut, Standard 
Mortgage Co. Ex-mem. Squadron A, N.G.N.Y. Mem. 
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.. Psi Upsilon fraternity. Clubs: 
University, Greenwich Country, Yale. Lawyers. Resi- 
dence: Greenwich, Conn. Address: 27 Pine St., N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. China, May 21, 1864; s Rev. Stephen 
L. and Esther E. (Jerman) Baldwia; ed. Boston Latin 
Sch., Centenary Collegiate Inst., Hackettstown, N. J., 
and private tutor; m. N. Y. City. Sept. 22, 1892, Edith 
H. Finch; children: Faith, b. 1894; Esther, b. 1901. 
Studied law in office of David D. Field, now engaged 
as trial counsel in courts. Mason, Elk. Clubs: Re- 
publican. City, Brooklyn, Crescent, Nassau Country, 
Shelter Island Yacht, Manhattan Manor Country. Ad- 
dress: 190 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Pres. Otis Elevator Co.; b. Auburn, N. Y., Sept. 5, 
1S56; s. Lovewell H. Baldwin; ed. public schs., Au- 
burn, N. Y.; m. N. Y. City. 1881, Helen R. Sullivan; 
children: Martin S. (Yale, 1905), Delavan M., Louise, 
Runyon, Roland. At age of 15 entered employ of D. 
M. Osborne & Co., Auburn, N. Y.; had charge of Eu- 
ropean branch of their business, 1S7S-1SS3; 'became 
stockholder and treas. Otis Bros. & Co.; organized, 
1898, Otis Elevator Co., of which is now pres. Dir. 
Lincoln Trust Co., Home Ins Co. Mem. Chamber of 
Commerce, N. Y. Geog. Soc. Clubs: Union League, 
Lawyers, Engineers, Racquet and Tennis. Nat. Arts. 
Adirondack League. Residence: 175 W. 5Sth St., N. 
Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Baltimore. Md June 23, 1S62: s. Sum- 
merfield and Frances (Cugle) Baldwin: grad. Phillips 
Exeter Acad., ISS2: Harvard Univ., A.B., 1886; Mary- 
land Univ. (Law Sch.), LL.B., 18SS ; m. Berlin, Ger- 
many, 1895; Kafflierine Willard; one s., Summerfield. 
3d., b. 1897. Engaged in practise of law since 1SS8; 
mem. firm Baldwin & Baldwin. Visited Europe in 
1895. Was 3d ass't sec. of State >of U. S. (2d ad- 
ministration of Grover Cleveland) ; pres. Marvland 
Soc. of N. Y.. 1901-1904. Democrat. Mem. Ass'n 
Bar City of N. Y.. Maryland Soc. of N. Y.. Civil Service 
Reform Ass'n, Maryland Hist. Soc, Institute of 1776. 
Trustee Briarcliffe Cong'l Ch. of Briaroliffe Manor. N. 
Y. Clubs: Knickerbocker, Harvard, Warren. Reform, 
Hasty Pudding. Address: 2 ^Rector st., N. Y. City. 


Professor of physics; b. July 14, 1S73; >s. Milo and 
Eliza DeEtte (South-worth) Ball; ed. Fredonia State 
Normal and Training Sch., 1894; Cornell Univ.. A.B., 
1901; m. Wellsville, N. Y., Dec. 22, 1902, Mabel H. 
Brown; children: Gladys Elizabeth, b. 1904: Kather- 
ine Virginia, b. 1909. Prin. Belmont High Seh. 1895; 
instr. physics. Pratt Inst., 1901-1905: Cooper Union. 
X Y., 1905-1907; ass't prof.. Cooper Union. 1S07-1911. 
prof, in charge of Dep't of Physics. Cooper Union. 



since 11)11'. [ndependent. Mem. Am. Phyi cal Soc, 
Am. Inst, of Elec. Eng'rs, A.A.A.S.. Soc. for Promotion 
of Eng. Ed'n. Address: Cooper Union, N. Y. City. 


Cotton dealer, mfg chemist; b. St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 
22, 1857; s. Spencer J. V. and Maria Louise (Spears) 
Ball (father of Va. and mother of Ky.); ed. public 
and high sons., St. Louis; mi. St. Louis, Jan. 27, 1892, 
Nellie lioeck; one son, David Spencer, b. Oct.18, 1892. 
Clerk .St. Louis Mercantile Library, 1S75-1878; traveled 
1879-1880; in cottcm comm'n business in St. Louis, 
1880-1898. Was dlr. St. Louis Merchants' Exchange 
several years, also of St. Louis Coton Exchange (pres. 
1894-1895); organized and established 1895, what be- 
came known as the Round Bale of Cotton movement, 
pres. of same until it .became Am. Cotton Co. of N. 
Y. of which was gen. mg'r and executive; moved to 
N. Y. City, 1S98; retired from active control of 'the 
business, 1901; became interested with other bond- 
holders, 1903, in reorganization of Mohican Springs 
property; also In mfg chemicals; pres. and dir. Ball- 
Warren Comm'n Co. of St. Louis, and of Mohican 
Springs of N. Y., treas. and dir. Oakley Chemical 
Co. of N. Y. Republican; Unitarian. Mem. Washing- 
ton Univ. Ass'n, St. Louis; St. Louis Acad. Science. 
Dir. St. Louis Y. M. C. A., 1880-1900; St. Louis Museum 
of Eine Arts and of St. Louis Mercantile Library, 
several years. Wrote numerous pamphlets on cotton 
baling and handling systems, also on factory methods. 
Mem. Southern Soc. of N. Y., Ass'n for Protection of 
Adirondack*. .Municipal Art Soc. etc. Recreations: 
Books, music; has camp on Raquette Lake, Adiron- 
dacks. Residence: Spuyten Duyvil. Address: 22 
Thames St., N. Y. City. 


Railway official; b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 23 1S52. 
Entered r'y service as office fooy with Cattawissa R. 
R., in 1863, and after .holding intermediate positions 
became traveling passenger ag't for N. Y Lake Erie 
& Western R. R. at Philadelphia, 1S73-18S6; division 
passenger ag't same road, at Elmira, N. Y 1S86-18S7; 
gen. Western passenger ag't Delaware, Lackawanna & 
Western R. R., at Buffalo, N. Y., 1887-1899; Eastern 
passenger ag't. at N. Y. City, 1899-1910, when retired. 
Address: 111 Hughes Av., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Lawyer; 'b. Tallahassee. Fla., Dec. 17, 1S75; s. Le 
Roy D. and Ella (Lane) Ball; grad. Yale Univ., LL.B., 
189o. Admitted to bar N. Y. City, 1897; ass't corp'n 
counsel of N. Y., 1903-1904, now engaged in private 
practise. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Soc. Med. Juris- 
prudence. Clubs: Yale, West Side Republican. Ad- 
dress: 290 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Schuyler Lake, N. Y.; s. Joseph S. and 
Mary (Ogilyie) Hall; grad. Hartwick Sera., 1S59; Co- 
lumbia Med. c.l. P. and S., 1867; Union Coll., A.M., 
1876; m. 1869, Ida Van Derzee; one d., Fanny De V., 
b. 1874. In practise of medicine since graduation' 
consulting physician to St. Peters' Hosp. Enlisted in 
army, 1861; 3.1 N. Y. Vol. Light Art'y, 1862; 2d lieut. 
1863; 1st lieut., 1S64, and q. m., 1864-1865. Republican. 
Ex-pres. Otsego County Med. Soc, Albany County 
Med. Soc; mem. and ex-treas. Med. Soc. State N. Y 
mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, A.A.A.S., Mil. Order Loyal 
Legion. Clubs: Republican, University. Address: 691 
Broadway, Albany, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Portsmouth, Ohio, Sept. 27. 1874; s. 
Madison H. Ball and Susanna (Warfield) Ball; grad. 
Univ. of Wis, B.A., 1895; Columbia Univ., LL.B., 189S; 
m. Oct., 190S. Joan Kou wenhoven, of Brooklyn, N. Y 
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Clubs: Columbia Uni- 
versity. Engle-w (1 Country, Railroad, Manhattan. 

Address: 17n Broadway, X. Y. City. 

Clergyman; I.. I >ownpatrlck. Ireland. Julv 7. 1842- s 
Rev. Thomas Ballard and Ann (Woods) Ballard (d. 
Capt. John Woods, of the Enniskillen Dragoons: niece 
of Col. George Grey, slain in scaling the walls of 
Badajos. 1812, an. I cousin of Sir George Grev, Bart, 
i?'. 6 . sov. Cape Colony and New Zealand)"- grad 
Trinity Coll., Dublin, Ireland, B.A, 1877; m Dublin 
Ireland. Aug. 6. 1867, Mary Parsons; 2d, Toronto, Can' 
Sept. 24, is.:. ,, Boomer; children: Anna 

JJoods (M.A, Toronto); William Robert, architect; 
Eva Charlotte, Grey, Jr.. Chesmer. Ordered 

deacon. 18 1 6, by Bishop of Derry, Ireland, and ordain- 
ed priest, 1877, by the archbishop of Armagh; incum- 
bent of Annaghmore. Ireland, 1876-1878. in Ch. of 
Ireland; rector of St. Thomas' Ont 1878-1885, and 
Pro-Cathedral, London, Ont, 1885-1886, in Ch. of Eng- 
land: asst rector and rector St. John's Episcopal Ch. 

Buffalo, N. Y, 1886-1906. Formerly examining chap- 
lain to bishop of Western N. Y, and lecturer in De 
Divinity Sch. of Diocese of Western N. Y. 

..." w . 1"::. i St., N. Y. City. 


Educator; b. Mar. 1, 1852; s. Nathan and Sarah 
Balliet; ed. Franklin and Marshall Coll., and at Yale; 
ibsequently at Leipzig; m. Boston. Aug. 2, 
1898, Elizaibeth Stearns. Sup't sch, Springfield, Mass, 
1888 1904; dean Sch. of Pedagogy, N. Y. Univ. Writer 
..u edn'l and pedagogical subjects. Address: N. Y. 
Univ., Washington Sq N. Y. City. 


Artist; b. N. Y. City. Mar. 7. 1879; s. Julius and 
Tillie (Rothschild) Ballin; ed. in X. Y. City, and re- 
ceived professional ed'n in Italy. Received Shaw 
Prize Fund, Nat. Aoad. Design, 1906; Clark Prize Nat. 
Acad. Design, 1907; Hallgarten Prize, 1907; Archi- 
tectural League Medal, 1907 and 1908; Isador Gold 
Medal, 1908; ihas had work in the Century, McClure's, 
Collier's, Everybody, Broadway, Kunst und Kun- 
stlerwerker, Vienna, International Studio, and other 
magazines. Principal work the executive chamber, 
Madison, Wis, containing 25 paintings. An article 
concerning his work appeared in. The Critic, 1906. 
Asso. Nat. Acad. Design, mem. Mural Decorators, Ar- 
chitectural League, Art. Students' League. Residence: 
73 E. 91st St. Studio: 146 W. 55th St., N. Y. City. 


Manufacturer; b. Oldenburg, Germany, 1852; ed. 
gymnasium at Oldenburg; came to U. S. at 15; spent 
eari'.y youth in Miss, later in Memphis, Tenn., with 
Rice. Stix & Co, dry goods, now of St. Louis; came 
to N. Y. City in 1880, establishing present business; 
largely interested in importation of silk from Japan; 
connected with many silk mills in Paterson, N. J. Pres. 
Suburban Realty Co. Mem. Progerss Club, Freund- 
schaft Soc, Mason, 33", past master and treas. 
Adelphi Lodge; mem. Masonic Veterans; mem. of all 
the Hebrew Charities; patron Montefiore Home. Resi- 
dence: Forest Chambers. 113th St. and Broadway. Ad- 
dress: 1123 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Architect and consulting eng'r; b. Trenton. N. J.; 
s. Charles Y. and Catherine J. (Exton) Bamford; grad. 
State Model Sch, Trenton, N. J.; Princeton Univ., C.E, 
1900. Engaged in practise as architect and consult- 
ing eng'r since 1896. In 1900-1901 traveled through 
England, France and Italy, making special study of 
eng'ring and architectural works. Author of Build- 
ing Operations. Building Contracts, etc, and many 
articles for technical publications. Served as corporal 
in 1st U .S. Vol. Eng'rs during Spanish-Am. War. with 
the army in Porto Rico. V.-p. and dir. Washington 
Market Ass'n, dir. Greenwood Cemetery Ass'n. Mem. 
B'd of Trade and Transportation. Pros. Trustees 
Belmar Public Library, consulting editor, Sweet's 
Catalogue, Chamber of Commerce (Belmar). Mem. 
Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs; Am. Soc. Test. Materials; dir. 
Am. Soc. Eng'ring Contractors; Mason, Shriner, 
Quatuor Coronati (London). Recreations: Riding, 
shooting and yachting. Clubs: Bayside Yacht. Fellow- 
craft, Economic. Address: 119 W. 40th St., N. Y. 


Physical educator, author, lecturer: b. Winona, 
Minn.; d. Edward H. and Susan (Hubbell) Bancroft; 
ed. State Normal Sch, Winona, Minn.; hon. diploma 
for services to physical ed'n in Am.; from Sargent 
Normal Sch. of Physical Training, Cambridge, Mass. 
Dlr. physical training Brooklyn public schs, 1893- 
1903; since 1903 ass't dir. physical training in public 
schs. of Greater N. Y. Mem. summer faculty Columbia 
Univ., 1900-1904: summer session Univ. of Utah, 190S. 
Lecturer on physical training, children's plays and 
games; chm'n Section and Physical Training. Brook- 
lyn Inst. Arts and Sciences, 1S93-1S99. Ex-sec. Am. 
Physical Ed'n Ass'n; mem. Physical Ed'n Soc, N. Y. 
and vicinity. Public Ed'n Ass'n. N. Y. City. A.A.A.S. 
Author: School Gymnastics. Free Hand (included in 
A Teacher's Professional Library of 100 titles, named 
by U. S. Bur. of Ed'n, 1909); School Gymnastics, with 
Light Apparatus; Games for Playgrounds, Home, 
School and Gymnasium, The Posture of School Chil- 
dren; wrote articles on Games and Physical Training 
in 'Encyclopaedia Americana: also many miscellaneous 
articles on physical training and play of children. 
Address: 500 Park Av, N. Y. City. 


Artist: b. Newton, Mass, Jan. 1, 1S67: s. William 
H. and Martha (Varneyi Bancroft; ed. public schools, 
Newton. Mass, and Mass. State Normal Art Sch, 
1SS3-18S6; afterward studied at Pa. Acad. Fine Arts, 



and, lsi'4- is'.in, in Academic J ilien, and ateliers of 
Delacluse and Colarossi, Paris; m. Sandy Springs, 
Ml, 1894, Margaret Corliss Moore; children; John, 
Anna, Thomas. Prof, technical studies, Swarthmore 
Coll., Pa.. 1886-1892; sup't schs. and instr. Pa, Acad 
Fine Arts, 1892-1894, Exhibitor at Soeiete des Artists 
Frangais, also at N. V. City, Boston, Philadelphia and 
other American exb'ns. Designed mu 
for the Court of the Si is Exp'n San 

Francisco, Cal. Mem. Architectural League, \". V. 
City. Clubs Salmagundi i.v ST. Ci tch (Phila- 

delphia), MacDowell. Address: 58 \V. .".7th St., X. 
Y. City. 


Investigator of archaeology, history and ethnog- 
raphy of Spanish America; b. B.i nc. Switzerland. 
Aug. 6, 1S40; s. Adolph Eugene and Maria (Senn) 
Bandelier; did not go to school alter 1K4S; self-edu- 
cated; m., 1st., Highland, 111., Jan. 6, 1862, Josephine 
Huegy; 2d, Lima, Peru (S. A.), Dec. 30. 1S93. Fanny 
Hitter. Engaged in investigations, archaeological, 
ethnological and documentary, for Archaeological 
Inst, of America, in Southwest and -Mexico, 1880-1885; 
continued, partly with Hemenway Southwestern 
Archseol. Expedition, partly for own account. 1885- 
1892; went to Peru on same work for Henry Villard, 
1892; continued for Am. Museum of Natural History 
(N. Y.), 1S94-1903, in Bolivia, when returned to N. 
America; was with the Hispanic Soc. of America, 
Columbia Univ. and Catholic Cyclopedia. Now en- 
gaged with Carnegie Ins'n for Documentary Re- 
searches at Sevilla, Spain. Has made extensive con- 
tributions to archaeological knowledge. Address 
(temporary): Care Archivo de Indias, Sevilla, Spain. 


Physician, surgeon; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 3, 1S55; s. 
Henry and Elizabeth (Bartels) Bang; prepared for 
coll. by private tutors; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B., 
1876; A.M.. 179; M.D. (Coll. Phys. and Surg.), 1S79; 
m. X. Y. City, May IS, 1SS2, Frances Goeller; one d., 
Eleanor Richardson (now Mrs. Sanford), b. 1885. 
Resident physician and surgeon, St. Luke's Hosp., 
1879-1882; ass't attending physician. N. 1'. Hosp., L882- 
1^7; attending physician, Good Samaritan Dispensary, 
1SS7-1S95. Has been U. S. examining surgeon for 
Pension and War Dep'ts since 1893; surgeon to Dela- 
ware, Lackawanna & Western R. R. Co. since 1902; to 
Dep't of Commerce and Labor since 190S. Mem. Am. 
Med. Ass'n, Am. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. Pathol. Soc, N. 
Y. State Med. Soc, N. Y. County Med. Soc, N. Y". 
Acad. Medicine Alumni Ass'n of St. Luke's Hosp., N. 
Y.: X. Eng. Ass'n of R'y Surgeons, Physicians Mutual 
Aid Ass'n, X". Y. Medico-Surg. Soc, Alumni Ass'n of 
X. Y. Coll. Phys. and Surgs., Ass'n Lackawanna R. R. 
Surgeons, Am. Health League, Nat. Ass'n Pension 
Examining Surgeons, Nat. Geog. Soc; also life mem. 
Alumni Ass'n Columbia Coll. and N. Y. Alumni Ass'n, 
Pi Kappa Psi fraternity. Recreations: Black bass 
and trout fishing. Club: Columbia University. Ad- 
dress: 139 W. 11th St.. X. Y. City. 


Lawyer; s. Francis N. and Amelia Frances (Bull) 
Bangs; grad. Columbia Coll., A.B.. 1S7S; LL.B.. 1880. 
Mem. firm of Guthrie, Bangs & Van Sinderen. Mi m. 
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., County Lawyers Ass'n, N. Y'. 
State and Am. Bar Ass'ns, Chamber of Commerce; 
trustee Columbia Univ.. vestryman Corp'n of Trinity 
Ch., trustee Bowery Savings Bank; dir. Adams Ex- 
press Bld'g Co., Adams Land & Pld'g Co., Dodd & 
Childs Express Co., Hollywood Hotel & Cottage Co., 
Manhattan Delivery Co., Morris European & Amer- 
ican Express Co., mem. Advisory Com. Nat. Under- 
writers (Lloyds). X. Y. ; dir. Spokane & Eastern Trust 
Co.: trustee Washington Water Power Co.. Spokane, 
Wash. Republican; Episcopalian. Clubs: Union 
League, University. Metropolitan, Century, Down 
Town Ass'n. Automobile, Columbia University, Psi 
LTpsilon, Church, Laurentian. Soc. Colonial Wars. St. 
Nicholas t?oe. Residence: 161 W. 73d St. Address: 
44 Wall St, N. Y. City. 


Author: b. Yonkers, N. Y.. May 27, 1862: s. Francis 
N. and Amelia Frances (Bull) Bangs; grad. Columbia 
Coll., Ph.B., 1SS3; studied one rear Columbia Law 
Sch., 1SS3-1SS4; m., 1st, Mar. 3, 18S6, Agnes Lawson 
Hyde; 2d, April 27, 1904. Mary Blakeney Gray; chil- 
dren: John Kendrick. Jr. b. 1SS8; Howard Russell, 
b. 1891; Francis Hyde, b. 1892. Asso. editor Life, 
1SS4-1S8S; editor The Drawer, Harper's Magazine, 
1S88-1S89, and of Literary Notes in same magazine, 
1S9S-1899; editor Literature, 1899; editor Harper's 
Weekly, 1S98-1900; editor Metropolitan Magazine, 1903. 
Democratic candidate for mavor of Y'onkers. 1S94; 
v.-p. Y'onkers Board of Ed'n, 1896-1S97; pres. Halstead 

Sch., ifonkers; trustee Y'onkers Library: mem. Psi 
[Jpsilon fraternity. Author: Coffee and Repartee; A 
Houseboat ".i the Styx; R. Holmes & Co.. A Re 
bellioui Heroine; Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica; The 
Jimmieboj Books; Lady Teazle (a comic opera); 
Tomorrow-land; a Musical Fantasy, and manj other 
Clubs: Century Ass'n. Authors, Players (N. 
Y. City). Address:, Me. 


Physician, surgeon; b. N. Y'. City. Aug 9, 1842; 
grad. Coll. Phys. and Surg., M.D., 1872. Practising 
.v. Y. City since L872; formerly held chair of genito- 
urinary diseases in N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. and 
Ho p., and in University and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Sch. 
eon ('ity Hosp. since 1880; visiting surgeon since 
1885, consulting surgeon s:nce l.v.t.",. St. Luke's Hosp.; 
visiting surgeon since 1898, consulting surgeon since 
1901, Bellevue Hosp. Contb'r of various articles in 
medical journals; editor text book on Genito-Urinary 
and Venereal Diseases. .Mem. Am. Med. Assn. N. Y. 
State Med. Soc, Pathol. Soc, Am. Ass'n Genito-Uri- 
nary Surgeons (ex-pres.). Address: 32 E. 51st St., 
N. Y. City. 


Physician, surgeon; b. Schaghticoke, N. Y., Oct. 
30, 1S65; s. John Wesley and Emma (Turner) Banker; 
grad. Williams Coll., 1893; Coll. Phys. and Surg. 
(Columbia Univ.), M.D., 1S96; m. N. Y. City, June 8, 
1904, Francena Elizabeth Hanford; one son: Robert 
Fordham, b. Aug. 10, 1900. Interne, lsllei-l.siis. 1'ater- 
son (X. J.) Gen. Hosp.; since Jan., 1898. practising 
in N. Y'. City. Address: 307 W. 93d St., N. Y. City. 


Law publisher; b. N. Y. City, Mar. 17, 1S70; s. David 
and Lucetta (Plum) Banks; ed. private schs., N. Y. 
City; Columbia Coll., 1892 (sp'l student). Pres. Banks 
Law Publishing Co., dir. East River Nat. Bank, N. 
Y. City. Major Supernumerary, N.G.N.Y. Episco- 
palian. Mem. Delta Phi fraternity. Clubs: Union. 
N. Y. Y'acht, Thames, Pequot Casino (New London. 
Conn.). Residence: 829 Park Av. Address: 23 
Park PI., N. Y. City. 


Archaeologist, lecturer; b. Sunderland. Mass.. May 
23, 1866; s. John Randolph and Julia Maria (Dunklee) 
Banks; grad. Greenfield, Mass., High Sch., 1886;. ed. 
Amherst Coll.. Harvard A.B., 1S93; A.M., 1895; Univ. 
of Breslau, Germany, Ph. D., 1S97; m. Woodbury, 
Vt., July 16, 1S93, Emma L. Lyford. Am. Consul at 
Bagdad, Turkey, 1897-1898; acting prof, ancient his- 
tory, Robert Coll.. Constantinople, 1903-1905; private 
sec. to Am. minister to Turkey, 1903. In 1899 or- 
ganized expd'n to excavate the Babylonian city of 
Ur, but after two years of delay, waiting for per- 
mission of Sultan, it was refused; in 1903 excavated 
Babylonian ruin at Bismaya for Univ. of Chicago, 
discovering several thousands of inscribed objects 
(4501) to 2MI0 B. C); statue of a pre-Babylonian King 
David (4500 B. C), and other even more ancient 
ruins. Field dir. of Babylonian Expd'n. and instr. in 
Turkish and Semitic languages, Univ. of Chicago, 
1903-1906; lecturer on Babylonia, Arabia and Turkey 
since 1906. Climbed to summit of Mt. Ararat. Aug. 
20, 1912. and crossed Araibian desert by camel Oct.- 
Nov., 1912. Author: Babylonische Hymnen der Ber- 
liner Sammlung, 1897; Jonah in Fact and Fancy, 
1S99; Bismaya, of the Lost City of Adab, 1912 (Put- 
nam's Sons); and The Bible and the Spade, 1913 (As- 
sociated Press), also many archaeological and other 
articles in reviews, magazines, etc. Residence: 4 
Abbott St., Greenfield, Mass. 


Banker; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 2S, 1S54; . John 
W. and Eliza Landon (Stone) Bannard; grad. Yale, 
B.A., 1S76; M.A., 1909; Columbia, LL.B., 1878; unmar- 
ried. Pres. The N. Y. Trust Co.; dir. Niagara Fire 
Ins. Co., Securities Co., Dolphin Jute Mills. Repub- 
lican. V.-p. Charity Org'n Soc; trustee United Chari- 
ties Bld'gs; trustee Provident Loan Soc. (philan- 
thropical pawn shop); pres. National Employment 
Exchange, trustee Yale Univ. Formerly comm'r B'd 
of Ed., X. Y'. City, under Mayor Strong. Clubs: Uni- 
versity (ex-sec.) Union. Century, Yale (ex-pres.), Re- 
publican (ex-pres.), Mid-day, South Side. Address: 
26 Broad St., N. Y. City. 


Physician, surgeon; b. N. Y'. City, May 15, 1854; s. 
Edmond Prior and Lydia Huminston (Peck) Banning; 
ed. public sch. 15, Brooklyn, 1SU0-1S64; Friends' Sem. 
and Harvard Prep. Sch., N. Y. City; Hudson River 
Inst., Claverack, N. Y'.: Amenia (N. Y.) Sem.. Coll. 
Phys. and Surg., N. Y. City; Cincinnati Coll. Medicine 



and Surgery, M.D., 1873; m. Mt. Vernon, N. Y., 1>879, 
Jessie Theodora Lockwood, of N. Y. City; children: 
William, Elizabeth, Archibald, Laura, Benjamin, 
George, Lydia, Jessie, Theodore, John. Has practised 
medicine in N. Y. City, Kingston, N. Y.; Washington, 
D. C: Pittsburgh, Pa., and Cleveland, Ohio, and for 
past 27 years in Mount Vernon, N. Y. Police surgeon, 
City ol" Mount Vernon, 1892; health officer, 1893-1894; 
coroner of Westchester Co., 1894-1903; again health 
officer since 1903. Mem. Med. Soc. Co. of Westchester 
(pree. 1901); Med. Aes'n C.ty of Mount Vernon and 
environs (pres. 1893-1900). Progressive; Episcopalian. 
Mem. N. Y. State Med .Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n Soc. Med. 
Jurisprudence. Founder, and on med. staff Mount 
Vernon JIosp. Scottish Rite and Royal Arch Masjn, 
Knight Templar. Recreations: Music, literature. 
Clubs: City of Mount Vernon, Mozart, North Lake 
Fish and Game (P. Q., Can.). Address: 242 S. 4th 
Av., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 


Editor; b, N. Y. City, Sept. 20, 1879; s. William C. 
and Helen Josephine (Mellen) Banning; ed. in private 
sens., N. Y. City, public schs, Bellows Falls, Vt., and 
Dartmouth Coll., A.B., 1902 (editor Dartmouth Maga- 
zine and class poet); m. N. Y. City, May 19, 1906, 
Hedwig v. Briesen (died July 7, 1012; one d., Bar- 
bara, b. March 8, 1908. Mn'g editor and asso. editor, 
System, Chicago, since 1903. Author: Songs of the 
Love Unending, 1912; The Sun Dial, a song cycle 
(music by Gena Branscomb) and other songs, 1912: 
"Copy" (a one-act play), produced, with Edmund 
Breese, 1911-1912; The Pipes of Pan, a pantomime 
(excerpts produced 1912); The Squire's Recipes, 1911; 
Flotsam, 19U2; Bookplates, 1906. Editor: Songs of 
the Hill Winds, 1900; Songs for a Wedding Day, 1907, 
and miscellaneous collections. Enlisted in 12th 
Reg't Inf., N.G.N. Y., 1902; served as officer in 3d Inf., 
Ohio, 1903; staff duty, 111., 1904; 14th Inf., 1907; 9th 
Coast Art'y, N. Y., 1908-1909, and Veteran Corps of 
Art'y, N. Y.. since 1912; captain, Provisional Aviation 
Battalion, N. Y., 1913. Independent. Mem. Soc. Co- 
lonial Wars, S. A. R., Soc. Mayflower Descendants, 
Soc. Am. "Wars, General Soc. War 1812, Order of 
Founders and Patriots, Mil. Soc. War of 1812, Phi 
Delta Theta fraternity. Clubs: Players, Dutch Treat, 
Aero of America (N. Y.), Cliff Dwellers (Chicago). 
Address: 60 E. 23d St., N. Y. City. 


Architect; ib. Washington, D. C, Oct. 19, 1871; s. 
Charles G. and Georgiana (Williams) Barber; ed. 
Callison Sch., N. Y.; Holbrook Mil. Acad., Briarcliff; 
Yale Univ., Ph.B., 1S93; sp'l course Columbia Univ., 
1S93-1894; studied Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris; m. 
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 22, 1899, Elsie Yandell; children: 
Elizabeth, b. 1902; Louise, b. 1903; Elsie, b. 1907. Re- 
ceived diploma from French Gov't and awarded 9 
gov't medals for meritorious work in design. Em- 
ployed in offices of Lord & Hewlett, Gilbert Cars 
and Can ere & Hastings, until 1900; now practising 
alone. Architect for Nat. Park Bank Bld'g. Lotos 
Club. Conn. State Library, Supreme Court Bld'g and 
Travellers' Ins. Bld'g, Hartford; White Plains Hosp.. 
Chattanooga Terminal Station Bld'g, Tenn.; Central 
Presby'n Ch., Summit, N. Y. ; Congers Manor, near 
Greenwich, Conn., and many others. Lecturer on 
architecture before colls, and socs. in U. S. and 
France. Pres B'd Trustees Free Sch. Dist of Har- 
rison; mem. Societe des Architectes. Diplomas par le 
Gouvernement. Paris (v. -p. Am. group); mem. Am. 
Inst, of Architects. Architectural League of N. Y., 
Soc. of Beaux-Arts Architects. Nat. Sculpture Soc. 
Clubs: Union, University, Players', City, Amateur 
Comedy. Am. Yacht, Apawamis, Westchester Countv 
Hunt, Knollwood Countv. Address: 101 Park Av.. N. 
Y. City. 


Chief clerk U. S. Appraiser's Dep't; b. Campbell, 
Ionia Co.. Mich., Jan. 25, 1868; s. Samuel B. and Mary 
Jane (Hughson) Barber; grad., B.S., from scientific 
dep't of what is now Valparaiso (Ind.) Univ., received 
C.P.A. certificate from Univ. of State of N. Y.: grad. 
N. Y. Univ. Law Sch.; m. Burlington, Vt., Julv 1. 1S95. 
Rae M. Hill. Teacher in commercial schools and N. 
Y. City Board of Education. Author of textbooks on 
Bank Bookkeeping and Business Practice: received 
highest rating in first competitive examination given 
by the U. S. Civil Service Comm'n for position of ex- 
pert accountant. Author: A Contribution to the His- 
tory of Commercial Education (1903); and of the ar- 
ticle on Bookkeeping in Encyclopaedia Americana. 
Entered treasury service under U. S. appraiser of 
merchandise. Port of New York. Mem. N. Y. State 
Soc. Certified Public Accountants. Address: 641 
Washington St.. N. Y. City. 


Capitalist; b. Middlebury, O., April 20, 1841; s. 
and Eliza (Smith) Barber); ed. Akron, O., 
common sehs. until 10 years of age; m. Oct. 10, 1866, 
Laura L. Brown, Akron, O. (deceased). Became as- 
sociated with father in match manufacturing busi- 
i which he established in 1847) as partner in 
1861. With others organized The Diamond Match 

o., in 1881, which was a consolidation of about 85 
per cent, of the match manufacturing business of the 
country; v.-p. of the company from 1881 to 1888; 
sine.- 1888, pres. Founded in 1891, Barberton (near 
Akron), Ohio, now a town of more than 9,000 people. 
Chm'n General Fire Extinguisher Co.; pres. First Na- 
tional Bank of Akron, Ohio; dir. in various other 
business corp'ns. Clubs: Union League (N. Y. City), 
Chicago (Chicago). Address: Akron, Ohio, and 111 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Hartford, Conn., April 21, 1867; s. 
Hon. Heman Humphrey and Myra (Barker) Barbour; 
grad. Northeastern G.-ammar Sch., Hartford, Conn., 
1880; Hartford Public High Sch., 1884; Brown Univ., 
B.A., 1888; Rochester Theol. Sem., 1891; D.D., Univ. 
of Rochester, 1901; Brown Univ.. 1909; m. Providence, 
R. I., July 28, 1891, Florence I. Newell; children: Eric 
Newell, Ethel "Wilbur, Myra Seymour, Harold Robin- 
son. Pastor Lake Av. Bapt. Ch., Rochester, N. Y., 
1891-1909; Internat. Sec. Y. M. C. Ass'ns, since May, 
L909. Traveled extensively in Egypt, Palestine and 
Europe, 1900; again in Europe, 1904-1908. V.-p. Roch- 
ester Good Gov't Club, 1894-1902. Independent in pol- 
itics. Mem. various ministerial ass'ns. Delta Kappa 
Epsilon fraternity. Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Trustee 
Rochester Theol. Sem. since 1896; pres. B'd of Trus- 
tees since 1913. Pres. N. Y. State Christian Endeavor 
Union, 1S96. Mason. 33'; grand chaplain Grand 
Lodge, F. and A. M., State of N. Y., 1905-1907. Club: 
Rochester Masonic. Address: 151 Saratoga Av., Roch- 
ester, N. Y. Address: 124 E. 28th St., N. Y. City. 


Fire insurance; b. Augusta, N. Y., Aug. 25, 1872; 
s. Philander and Amelia (Leland) Barbour; ed. in 
common and high schs. Engaged in mercantile pur- 
suits, 1892-1898, then entered office of Greenwich 
Ins. Co., N. Y. Cdt> ; became connected, in 1001, with 
U. IS. Branch, N. British and Mercantile Ins. Co. of 
London & Edinburgh; is now gen. ag't. Organized, 
1902, and was sec, 1902-1905, and pres., 1305-1907, 
of Ins. Soc. of N. Y. ; first org'n of its kind in this 
country; mem. Nat. Fire Protection Ass'n. Republi- 
can; Presby'n. Past master Adelphic Lodge, 34S, F. 
and A. M. Recreations: Outdoor sports. Address: 
76 William St., N. Y. City. 


Banker, mf'r; b. N. Y. City; s. Thomas Barbour; 
ed. private schs.; m. Adelaide Sprague; four sons: 
Thomas, Robert, William W., Fritz K. Pres. Bar- 
bour Bros. Co., The Linen Thread Co., Algonquin Co., 
Passaic, N. J.; Dumbarton Flax Spinning Co., Finlav- 
son Flax Spinning Co., Am. Net & Twine Co., U. S. 
Twine & Net Co.. Hamilton Trust Co.. Paterson; Dun- 
dee Water Power & Land Co.. W. & J. Knox Net & 
Twine Co., North Jersey Rapid Transit Co., Barbour 
Flax Spinning Co.; trustee Wash. Trust Co.; dir. First 
Nat. Bank of Paterson, Hanover Nat. Bank, Pintsch 
Compressing Co., Safety Car Heating & Lighting Co.. 
United Shoe Machinery Co.. U. S. Smelting. Refining 
& Mining Co. Pres. Am. Protective Tariff League, 

1910. Republican. Clubs: Union League. Republican. 
Residence: 11 W. 53d St. Address: 96 Franklin St., 
N. Y. City. 


Real estate operator; b. X. Y. City; s. Henry An- 
thony and Clara Oldfield (Wright) Barclay; first an- 
cestor on father's side, Rev. Thomas Barclay, came 
here from England, 1707, and great-great-grand- 
father was Rev. Henry Barclay, rector of Trinity 
Ch., 1746; ed. St. Marks Sch., Southborough, Mass.'; 
m. 1st., 1903, Mrs. Louise Fontaine Venable, nee 
Louise Mitchell, of Louisville, Ky. (died 1904); 2d, 

1911, Mrs. A. Browning Prentice, nee Maud Brevoort 
Fowler. Started real estate business, 1898, now pres. 
real estate corp'n known as Wright Barclay, Inc. 
Expert in values; principal work has been develop- 
ment along line of Fourth Av., where, largely 
througn his efforts, surrounding property has been 
built up to a wonderful degree. V.-p. Barclay Real- 
ty Co., owners of Barclay Bld'g, 299 Broadway. For- 
merly dir. and sec. Real Estate B'd of Brokers, City 
of N. Y. Enlisted in Co. K, 7th Reg't. N.G.N.Y., 1S96. 



serving 11 years. Recreations: Riding, driving-. 
Clubs: Piping iloek. Calumet. Residence: 7 \V. 81st 
St. and Bay shore, L. I., N. V. 


Lawyer; b. Norwich, Conn., Dec. 19, 1S06; s. Charles 
and Eliza Perkins (Daniels) Hard; attended Norwini 
public sehs., Norwich Free Acad., St. John's Sch., 
Manlius, N. v.; Amherst Coll., A.B., 1SSS; Harvard 
Law Sch., LLP... Is:'.'; A M., Harvard, 1S92; unmar- 
ried. With Hornblower, Byrne, Miller & Potter, at- 
torneys-at-law, 1S92-1901; mem. Bard & Calkins since 
1901. Dir. and counsel U. S. Finishing Co. Inde- 
pendent. Mem, Chi 1'si fraternity, Ass'n Bar City of 
X Y.: see. Municipal Art Soc. of N. Y. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, City, Harvard. Residence: The Rovalton, 44 
W. 44th St. Address: 25 Broad St., N. Y. City. 


Publisher, editor; b. Groton, Mass., Aug. 28, 1S47; 
s. William Thomas and Mary Ann (Farnsworth) Bar- 
deen; grad. Lawrence Acad., Groton, Mass.; Yale, A.B., 
1869; m. New Haven, Conn,, 1S6S, Ellen Palmer Dick- 
erman; children: Charles Russell, b. 1S71; Bertha 
Foote, b. 1S73; Beatrice, b. 1S75; Norman, b. 1877; 
Ethel, b. 1S79. Enlisted in 1st Mass. Vols., July, 1S62, 
serving until regiment was discharged, May 25, 1864. 
Principal High Sch., Meriden, Conn., 1SGS; (Weston 
(Conn.) Boarding Sch., 1S69; v.-p. State Normal Sch. 
of Conn.. 1S70; became sch. sup't at Whitehall. N Y., 
1S72; established Sch. Bulletin. 1S74, and has since 
been its editor and publisher; in charge of edn'l 
publications. World's Congress. 1S93; dir. Nat. Edn'l 
Ass'n, 1S91-1895; pres. Edn'l Press Ass'n, 1900-1903; 
fellow Am. Geog. Soc; mem. A. A. A. S., Am. Social 
Science Ass'n. Author: Manual of School Law, 1S75; 
Roderick Hume, 1S75; The Song Budget, 1S78; Some 
Facts About Our Public Sch. System. 187S: Edn'l 
Journalism. 1SS1; Verbal Pitfalls. Outlines of Sen- 
tence Making, 1SS4; Teaching as a Business for 
Men, ISSo; A System of Rhetoric, 1S84; The Teacher's 
Commercial Value. 1SS5: Physiology, 1SS4: Organ- 
ization and System vs. Originality. 1890' The Tax- 
payer and the Township System, 1S91: The Song Cen- 
tury, 1888; The Little Old Man, or the School for Il- 
liberal Mothers, 1893; History of Educational Jour- 
?j a o- S "V n Ne w.York, 1893; Teaching as a Business, 
if! ."i me Problems of City School Management, 
lf>99 Educational Journalism, an Inventory 1899- 
Continuous Contracts for Teachers, 1900; Dictionary 
?90?- /,Ul 0n fi aI Biography 1901: A Manual of Civics, 
^li'-rF ty " fl 'm Tears ld - and othl ? r Stories, 1904 : 
The Pi^L an T, TrUSt ^.. 1 , 901: The Falsp Entry 1905 
Mv i t Thief 1906: John Brody's Astral 
ft^'i, ?S?A T . orn _ ana Tom Ti t- 1909: The Yellow 
Streak 1010; A Shattered Halo. 1012- The Trial Bal- 
2' J, 913 , lhs: Yale (Syracuse) Authors (Ton- 
c'enl'se^?' op,eties London). Residence: 1 1 ', B 
Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. 


Merchant; b. Benton, Yates Co., N. Y, 1S53- ed 
public schs., Canandaigua Acad., Rochester Business 
Inst. After teaching several years in public sehs 
engaged m mercantile business in New Haven. Conn 
7 years Returned to Benton, N. Y., 1882. Has 'been 
engaged in wholesale produce, coal and lumber busi- 
ness at Bellona Sta. since 1890. Elected sch. comm'r 
of Yates Co.. 1S90, and re-elected 1S93, and 1896 (only 
? e ter m sf h 1 he V 1 . 0ffice of sch ' mm ' r " Yates Co 7 
L"TL EI 1 ? r cted mem ' Assembly, 1908, on Republi- 
can nn e ^"l, Com - on Public Ed'n, Banks, and 
1909- tahIe and Re "Sious Socs. Re-elected 
ChWr'iiailL ', S ??-,- ? Banks, Internal Affairs, and 
Co NY Religious Socs. Address: Gage. Yates 


District sup't of High Schs., N. Y. City; b. Shelburne. 
Mass., March 30, 1800; s. Zenas D. and Melissa J. (Long) 
Bardwell; grad. Amherst Coll., A.B., 1883; A.M , 1888 
(Phi Beta Kappa, 1S82); m. Champaign, 111., Dee 28, 
18So, Alice Margaret Babb; children; Harold Edmond, 
b. Dec. 12, 1S86; Darwin Eugene, b. June 8, 1896. 
Taught in dist. sch., Champaign Co., 111., 1883-1884; 
classical teacher. Greenwich (Conn.) Acad.. 1884-1885; 
principal Union and High Sch., Greenport, N. Y 1885- 
1890; head Science Dep't, State Normal Sch., Cortland. 
N. Y., 1890-189S; lecturer, Summer Inst. Thousand 
Island Park, N. Y., 1896-1902; appt'd high sch. insp. 
under Univ. State of N. Y., Feb., 189S; conductor 
teachers institutes and mem. State B'd of Examiners 
For Teachers' Licenses, 1898-1899; sup't schs., Bing- 
hamton, N. Y., 1S99-1902; dist. sup't of schools, N. Y. 
Cuy, assigned to Richmond Borough 1902-1909- 
assigned to high schs., N. Y. Citv, 'since 1909. 
Pres. N. Y. State Teachers' Ass'n, 1908; mem. School 

Masters' Club <N. Y. City), Nat. Geog. Soc. (Wash- 
in, i' ' . i. Phi Beta Kappa Soc .Mason, Blue Lodge 

chapter, Knight Templar. 32, and Wir r. Recreation: 

Pishing. Club: Staten Island. Address: 131 St. Mark's 
I'l.. New Brighton, N. Y. 


M'ana er; b. Brooklyn, Feb. 16; 1S0S; s. Willis A. 
and Silvie DeGrasse (Rileyl Bardwell; ed. Adelphl 
\ .!.. Brooklyn; Art Student:' League, N. Y. City; 
Royal Acad., Munich; Academic Jullen, Paris; m. 
Brooklyn, Oct. 10, 1804, Elizabeth Helmc; one s Willis 
llelme, b. 1896. V.-p. and dir. Nat. Filers' Ass'n, ng I 
X. Y. Dress Form Co. Address: 60 'Cambridge PL, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Real estate, insurance, land appraiser, insurance ad 
juster, auctioneer; b. Putnam Valley, Putniam Co., N. 1 , 
Sept. 27, 1S55; s. Amos C. and Margaret A. (Tompkins) 
Barger; ed. public sch. in tPutnam Valley Dist., I'eeks- 
kill Mil. Acad., and grad. Albany (N. Y. ) Normal Coll., 
Jan., 1877; m. Oscawana Lake, Putnam Co., N. Y., Aug. 
26, 1878, Henrietta Lee; children: Mrs. Mabel L. Bas- 
sett, b. ISSO; Herbert J., b. 1S83; Henry L b. 1 Mm. 
Principal of sch., 8 years; mem. B'd Ed'n Union Free 
Sch. Dist. No. 7, Peekskill. N. Y 9 years. In real estate 
and insurance business, Peekskill N. Y., owner of busi- 
ness known as Barger & (Powe:l. representing 21 lead- 
ing fire companies. Republican, Presby'n, mem. Peeks- 
kill B'd of Trade, Westchester Co. Chamber of Com- 
merce, ex-mem. Peekskill Water B'd and B'd of 
Health; hon. mem. McKinley Garrison and Harris 
Ligflt Cav.; mem. Alumni Ass'n of Peekskill Mil. Acad, 
and Albany Normal Coll. Mason, Odd Fellow, Knight 
of Pythias, Red Men, Royal Arcanum, Cortlandt Hook 
and Ladder Co., No. 1. Recreations: Boating, fishing, 
driving. Club: Republican (N. Y. City). Address: 
159 Depew St., Peekskill, N. Y. 


Author, b. Fall River, Mass., Feb. 4, 1873; d. Abra- 
ham T. and Ellen M. (Frye) Barker; direct descendant 
of Randolph de Calverhall, tenant in fee of the Manor 
of Caverhall, Eng., held from 1200 A. D of Gov. 
Thomas Prence of Plymouth Colony, U. S. A.; Govs. 
Nicholas Easton and John Coggeshall of R I U.S.A.; 
Gov. Tristram Coffin, of Nantucket, U. S. A., and on 
maternal side, of the Fryes and . Puringtons of Me., 
U. S. A. Coat of arms confirmed by Queen Elizabeth 
in 15G3 A. D. Ed. Cook Collegiate Inst., Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y. ; Granger 'Place Sch., Canandaigua, N. Y. ; Wells 
Coll., class of 1890; Willard Sch., Berlin; pupil of Frau 
Schullerhrer Cauer and Dr. Hempel. Travelled ex- 
tensively in U. S., Canada and Europe. Author: White 
Heather; also numerous biographies and children's 
stories; assisted in compiling Modern Achievements 
(6 vols.); compiled and published the Wells College 
Calendar; published Fifteen Unison Choruses; contb'r 
of many articles to magazines; extensive writer of ad- 
vertisements, and has compiled a booklet on History 
of Perfume; author of epigrams; Indexer of the Na- 
tional Year Book of the Daughters of the American 
Revolution. Dir. Ybrad Mf'g Co. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Wells Coll. Alumna?. Recreations: Golf, horseback 
riding, boating. Address: 15 W. 107th St., N. Y. City. 


City magistrate; b. N. Y. City, June 21, 1857; grad. 
Harvard Coll, 1870; Columbia Law Sch., 1881; m. .May 6, 
hS86. Virginia Louise Matthews. Mem. Soc. Colonial 
Wars. Clubs: University, Union. Harvard, Am. Yacht 
Down Town. Address: 10 Lexington Av, N. Y. City. 


Educator, eng'r; b. Canton, 111., April 24, 1875; s. 
William S. and Mary (Nichols) Barnard; ed. in Wash- 
ington (D. C.) elementary and high schs., Sibley Coll., 
Cornell Univ., M.E., 1897. Instr. machine design," Sibley 
Coll., 1897-1899; chief draughtsman and mech eng'r 
with Russell Engine Co., Massillon, O., 1S99-1903; ass't 
prof, machine design, 1903-1905; ass't prof steam 
engine 1905-1907; prof, power eng'ring since 1907. 
Sibley Coll., Cornell Univ. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech Eng'rs, 
Soc. Promotion of Eng'ring; Ed'n, Sigma Xi (honor- 
ary). Joint author (with Prof. C. F. Hirshfeld), Ele- 
ments of Heat Power Engineering (1912). Address: 
Ithaca, N. Y. 


Physician, surgeon; b. Fairfield, N. Y., April 26. 1871; 
s. Hiram Smith and Harriet Maria (Neely) Barnes; 
descendant in 8th generation from Thomas Barnes, 
one of the early settlers of Marlborough, Mass., and 
in 6th generation from Elder John Neely, a first settler 
of Neelytown, The Wallkill, Ulster Co. N. Y.; ed. 
Little Falls Acad., Little Falls, N. Y., and the 
old Fairfield Sem., Fairfield, N. Y., graduating at 
head of class of 1880; Cornell Univ., A.B., 1894- Coll. 



Phys. and Surg. (Columbia Univ.;, M.D., 1899. Vice- 
l > 1 - 1 1 1 . i I . , 1 1 high sen., s. Orange, N. J., 1894-1895: Prac- 
tising medicine in N. V. City Sept. 1899-Dee. 1908, and 
since then In Herkimer, N. v. Substituted In Summer 
of lS'.iT in Binghamton State Ho p. Cor the Insane; has 
worked tor various periods in several department 
Vawdei I. ill Clinic; clinical ass'1 Dep'i Diseases o) 
gestive System, N. Y. Polyclinic Med. sch. and Hosp., 
1903-1904; clinical ass't Dep't Diseases Digestive Or- 
gans, Vanderblit Clinic. Auk. 1903-Dee. ran.-,; opened 
clinic I"! digestive diseases at Univ. and Bellevue 
Hosp. Med. Coll. Dispensary, 1907. Author of medical, 
psychiatric, psychol., pedagogical and sociological 
monographs. In 1909 made important suggestion of 
preventive soclol. treatment Of insanity which resulted 
in recent crusade against insanity in X. V. State. 
Examiner in lunacy, state of N. Y. Mem. Herkimer 
County .Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. Soc., Am. Med. Ass'n. 
Charter mem. Cornell chapter Helta Phi, 1891; mem. 
Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution. Address: 
Herkimer, N. Y. 


Author; b. Annapolis, Md., Sept. 19, 1866; s. Lieut. - 
Commander J. S. Barnes, g. s. Gen. James Barnes; ed. 
St. Paul's Seh, Concord, N. H. ; later went West; 18S5- 
1887, civil eng'r in construction Mo. Pacific R. R.; en- 
tered Princeton; grad. A.B., 1891; while there, editor 
of Nassau Literary Magazine. Associated with Scrib- 
ner's Magazine for a time following graduation; 1894- 
1895, ass't editor of Harper's Weekly; special corre- 
spondent in South Africa during Boer War. an>d in 1003 
special correspondent at the Venezuela blockade, for 
The Outlook. Editor Appleton's Magazine; literary 
adviser D. Appleton & Co. Author: For King or 
Country; Naval Actions of the War of 1S12; A Prince- 
tonian: Midshipman Farragut; A Loyal Traitor; Com- 
ino inn Bainbridge; Yankee Ships and Yankee Sailors; 
'I'h. Hero of Erie; With the Flag in The Channe'.; The 
Greal War Trek; The Giant of Three Wars; Drake and 
His Yeomen; The Son of Light Horse Harry; The 
Blockaders; Outside the Law. Address: 10 E. 79th St.. 
X. Y. City. 


Vice-pres. Interlake Pulp and Paper Co.; s. John 
Sanford and Susan B. (Hayes) Barnes; grad. Y'ale. 
1S91; unmarried. Treasurer Great Northern Paper 
Co. Clubs: University, Racquet and Tennis. Ardslev, 
Metropolitan, South Side Sportsmen's, N. Y. Yacht, 
Down Town Ass'n. Address: 10 E. 79th St., X T . Y. 


Clergyman; b. Kirtland, Ohio, Nov. 6, 1854; s. 
Lemuel Munson and Rachel (Call) Barnes; grad. 
Kalamazoo Coll.. A.B., 1S75; Newton Theol. Inst'n, 
1878; D.D., Bucknell Univ. 1896; m. Weldon Creek, 
Mich., Jan. 2, 1S79, Mary Clark. Pastor First Bapt. 
Chs St. Paul, Minn.. 1S78-1S82; Pittsburgh, Pa., 1882- 
1SS7 and 1893-1902; Worcester, Mass., 1902-190S. Field 
Sec. Am. Bapt. Home Miss. Soc. since 190S. Progres- 
sive. Baptist. Author: Shall Islam Rule Africa? 
(Boston) 1890; Two Thousand Y'ears of Missions Be- 
fore Carey (Chicago), 1901; Elemental Forces in 
Home Missions (New York), 1912; joint author with 
wife; The New America, A Study in Immigration 
(N.w York), 1913. Recreation: Walking. Residence: 
459 Marlborough Road, Yonkers, N. Y. Address: 23 
E. 26th St., N. Y. City. 


Civil eng'r; b. Reedsburg, Wis., Jan. 17, 1867; ed. 
Univ. of Mich., B.S. (C.E.), later taking post-grad. 
course in hydraulics and masonry, receiving C. E. Be- 
gan practice of civil eng'ring on surveys and con- 
struction of railroads in Neb. Elected county sur- 
veyor -.I Boone Co., Neb., 1S91. For short time served 
as as<'t city eng'r of Ann Arbor, Mich., on surveys 
.iini sewer construction. Engaged for four working- 
seasons on construction of Poe Lock and its power 
house, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., and appt'd ass't chief 
eng'r for Lake Superior Power Co., 1S90. Appt'd 
ass't to Joseph Ripley on surveys and preliminary 
desig Birmingham canal, extending from Bir- 
mingham, Ala., to Black Warrior River, about 65 
miles in length, 1897. In spring of 1S99 appt'd 
hydraulic eng'r for Chandler-Dunbar Power Co., to 
design their power plant to be constructed at Sault 
Ste. Marie. Mich., and upon completion was engaged 
as chief oi a party on U. S. deep waterway surveys 

i them New York and Can. remaining until its 

completion, 1899; engagi I on design and construction 
of 111. and Miss, canal until 1905, when appt'd to 
position of U. S. ass't eng'r in charge of design and 
const met ion of a lock in Ml River at Moline, 111. 
resigning to accept apptm't of ass't to Joseph Ripley 
in oharge of designing locks and other structures 

for Panama Canal. Upon completion of preliminary 
.ort resigned to accept one with X. Y. 

I*', I . -. t W-.r,.,. Slii.i.,1,- \,.,,t'a *v.nm A ^ I r 


is. Automatic Fire Alarm Co.; b. Brooklyn, X. 
Y., Nov. 21, 1854; s. Alfred S. and Harriet E. Barnes; 
ed. Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst, and Williston Sem.; 
m. Hartford, Conn., June 1C, 1880, Hattie D. Barbour; 
children: Roderic B. and Hattie Louise Barnes- 
Bourne. Dir. Am. Book Co., Automatic Fire Alarm 
Co., (treas.); Braunworth & Co. (treas.); Barnes Real 
Estate Ass'n (treas. and Mg'r. ), also large interests 
in mining properties. Republican. Mem. Dutch Re- 
formed Ch. Erected buildings for school for young 
ladies at Washington, Conn., 1907. Collector of 
paintings, etc. Clu'bs: Down Town Ass'n, Metro- 
politan (N. Y. City), Rembrandt Art (Brooklyn). 
Residence: 316 W. 75th St., N. Y. City (summer) 
Washington, Conn. Address: 261 Broadway, N. Y. 


Pres. of corporations and connected with inter- 
national business; b. Albany, N. Y., June 28, 1S53; s. 
William and Emily (Weed) Barnes; g.-s. Thurlow 
Weed, and descendant of Thomas Barnes of Hartford, 
1030; A.B., Harvard .Univ., 1876; m. N. Y. City, Oct. 
13, 1S87, Isabel Morris; children: Emily Weed, b. 
1889; Jean Morris, b. 1892. Has devoted himself to 
business, mostly in the Orient, to politics and to 
literary work. Spent four winters in Far East, and 
three times made tour around the world, making 
sp'l study of Chinese. Drew, negotiated and secured 
contracts between Am. China Development Co. and 
throne of China, 1898. Has been chm'n of political 
corns, and convs. ; delegate to Republican Nat'l Conv. 
at which William McKinley was first nominated for 
presidency. Published: Life of Thurlow Weed, 1884. 
Mem. Union Soc. of Civil War. Club: Metropolitan. 
Address: 43 Exchange PI., N. Y. City. 


Publisher; b. Albany, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1866; s. 
William and Emily Peck (Weed) Barnes; ed. Albany 
\ead. Harvard, A I : lss S; m . Cincinnati, Ohio, June 
12, 18S8, Grace Davis; children: Thurlow Weed, 2d., 
b. 1889: Landon, b. 1894. Proprietor Albany Evening 
Journal, U. S. Surveyor of Customs, Albany. N. Y., 
1899-1911; mem. Rep. State Com. since 1S92. and chm'n 
of State com. since 1911. Address: Albany, X. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Sinna, Russia, May 17, 1S77; s. Michael 
and Leah (Benjamin) Barnett; ed. public sens, of 
England, schs. of N. Y. City. grad. East Side Evening 
High Sch., N. Y. Univ. Law Sch.. LL.B.. 1899; m. X. 
Y. City, Dec. 4, 1900, Sarah E. Pitlu'k; children: Rosalie 
J., b. 1901; Annette E.. b. 1903; Milton B., b. 1905. In 
practise of profession since 1899 specialty being real 
estate and commercial law. Active in Zionist move- 
ment, which has for its o'bject establishment of 
legally assured home for Jewish people in Palestine. 
Delegate for several Zionists of Federation of Am. 
Zionists, 1900-1901, 1903-1904. Independent Democrat; 
Hebrew. Mem. Roval Arcanum, Brith Abraham. Ad- 
dress: 132 Nassau "St., N. Y. City. 


Physician, surgeon; b. Darien, Conn., Oct. 19. 1S65; s. 
Nathan and Mary A. (Deverell) Barney; ed. Jefferson 
Acad., Elizabeth. X. J., 18SU; Long Island Coll. Hosp., 
M.D., 1SS9 (pres. class); unmarried. Ex-surgeon. St. 
John's Hosp. and Kings County Hosp.; ex-ambulance 
surgeon Eastern Dist. Hosp.; ex-pres. Long Island 
Med. Soc; med. dir. Winyah Sanitarium, Asheville, 
N. C; late ass't to Prof. Klebs. Ex-surgeon 2d Bat- 
talion Naval Reserves, State of N. Y. ; veteran of 13th 
Reg't Coast Art'y, State of X. Y., and Battery Light 
Arty. State of N. Y. Contb'r to med. journals; dis- 
proved the KocJh theory of tuberculosis, 1902; had 
first town ordnance passed prohibiting expectoration 
upon floors and sidewalks. Asheville. N. C, Dec, 1S95. 
Visited hosps.. sanitariums, clinics in Germany, Aus- 
tria. Italy. France. Belgium, Switzerland and England 

during th r of 1909. Kx-I'res. Lincoln Literary 

Soc, Broo' opalian. Mem. Aurora G 

Consistory . Kismet Temple, Mvstic Shrine. 

Address: 81 E w.. Brooklyn. N. Y". 


Bibliof r editor botanical publications: b. 

Brooklyi t Y., ; I, 1871; s. Rev. John Wesley and 

Ellen 1 ' er) H.irnhart; gnad. Wesleyan 



Univ., A.B., 1882, A.M. IS93; Columbia Univ. (Coll 
Phys & Surg.), M.D., 1896; m Jessamine, Pasco Co.; 
Fla., May 5. LS97, i: amaOi rtrude Piatt, of Southamp- 
ton, X. v. lias visited nearly all sections of r. s. and 

eastern Canada; in Europe si irrs of ran;, ami l'.Un, 

attended Internat. Botanical Congresses at Vienna 
and Brussels as delegace x. v. Botanical Garden; 
librarian N. Y. Botanical Garden, 1907-1912, bibli- 
ographer since Jan.. 1 : 1 : : . Link-pendent in politics; 
Methodist-Episcopalian. Mem. Torrey Botanical Club 
of N. Y. City, editor 1903-1907, v.-p. since 1908; fellow 
A.A.A.S.; life mem. Am. Museum Natural Hisl N X 
Hist. Soc, N. Y. Botanical Garden. X. V. i ;, , ., . I,,- i, ,, i 
and Biographical So,-.. X. Y. Slate Hist. Ass'n; mem. 
Am. Soc. of Naturalists. Botanical Soc. of America, 
Biological Soc. of Washington. Alpha Delta I'lii 
fraternity. Residences: ::4 W'indle Park, TaTrytown 
N. Y.. and 2690 -Morris Aw, X. V. City. Address- N 
Y. Botanical Garden. Bronx Park, X. V. City. 


Pies. Pacific Coast Co.; b. Lime Rock Conn., Jan. 
25, 1S56; s. William H. and Charlotte Ann (Burrall) 
Barnum; A.B.. Yale; LL.B., Columbia; m. Hoosic 
Falls, N. Y., June 2, 1S79, Anne Theresa Phelps; chil- 
dren: Laura (Mrs. Richmond Levering), b. 1881 ; 
William Henry, b. 1SS2; Walter, b. 1887; Phelps, b. 
1891. Admitted to N. Y. bar, 1S79; mem. law firm of 
Simpson, Thacher & Barnum. and Simpson, Thacher, 
Barnum & Bartlett, Jan. 1, 1SS4; Nov. 15, 1904; mem. 
banking firm of Harvev Fisk & Sons until July 1, 
190S. Pres. and dir. Pacific Coast Co., Am. Locomo- 
tive Co., Railway Steel Spring Co., Hudson Companies, 
etc. Republican: Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Hist. Ass'n 
and numerous local X. Y. org'ns. Trustee and pres. 
St. Andrew's Convalescent Hosp. Recreations: Shoot- 
ing, fishing. Clu'bs: University. Century, Yale 
(pres.). Railroad. Address: 62 Cedar St., N. Y. City. 


Teacher and real estate dealer; to. Beaufort. S. C, 
Dec. 22, 1868; s. Bower W. and Florence (O'Neill) 
Barnwell; ed. Univ. of the South, Sewanee, A.M., B.Lt. 
(valedictorian, highest honors in Latin); m. Sewanee, 
Tenn.. 1S91, Marianna S. Ohoate; children: Thomas, 
b. 1893: Florence O'Neill, b. 1895; Dorothea, b. 1904. 
Pres. Hastings Land Improvement Co., 1905-1906; 
Plandome Land Co., treas. Rockland Land Co. Demo- 
crat. Mem. Math. Soc. Sigma Alpha Epsilon frater- 
nity. Club: Graduates. Address: Plandome, L. I., 
N. Y. 


Mechanical eng'r; b. Terre Haute, Ind., June 19, 
1861; s. John H. and Eliza (Tillotson) Barr; grad. 
Univ. of Minn., 1SS3, B.M.E., M.S.. 1S8S; Cornell Univ., 
M.M.E., 1SS9; m. Minneapolis, Minn., June 4, 1884, Kate 
L. Kennedy; one son, John Henry, Jr., b. 1890. Ass't 
to resident mech. eng'r, Calumet & Hecla Mining Co., 
1SS3-18S4; mech. eng'r Lake Superior Iron Wks, 1SS4- 
1885; instr., 1SS5-1S89; ass't prof. 18S9-1890, and prof, 
mech. eng'ring, Univ. of Minn., 1S90-1S91; ass't prof, 
medh. eng'ring, 1S91-1S95, ass-o. prof, machine design, 
1895-189S, and prof, machine design. 189S-1903. Sib- 
ley Coll., Cornell Univ., mech. eng'r Anaconda Copper 
Mining Co., 1900; dir. and factory :mg'r. Smith Premier 
Typewriter Co., 1903-190S; consulting eng'r, Union 
Typewriter Co., 1909-1913; Remington Typewriter 
Co., 1913. Chm'n N. Y. State Comm'n on Voting Ma- 
chines since 1903. Republican; Unitarian. Fellow 
A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs. Sigma Xi, Tau 
Beta Pi, Psi Upsilon fraternities, trustee Cornell Univ. 
since 1905, pres. Syracuse Chamlber of Commerce, 1910- 
1911; mem. Syracuse Intercepting Sewer B'd. Author: 
Kinematics of Machinery, Notes on Machine Design 
find (with D. S. Kimball) of Elements of Machine De- 
sign; also various papers and reports on Machine 
Tools at Paris Exp'n, 18S9 (Report of U. S. Comm'r- 
Gen.). Clubs: Citizens, University, Technology (.Syra- 
cuse), Engineers, Cornell Univ., Hardware (N. Y.). Ad- 
dress: 2345 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, banker; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 5, 1S50; s. 
John and Jane (McClelland) Barr; ed. public schs. of 
Philadelphia. Central High Sch., Philadelphia; Univ. 
of Pa., LL.B. ; m. Philadelphia. June 9, 1880, Sallie 
Wiley; children: Emma W. (Mrs G. Ayres Swayze), 
Mary M., Grace L. (Mrs. Edward A. Muschampi. Flor- 
ence K. Engaged in practise since admission to bar. 
Pres. Southwestern Nat. BanV, Philadelphia. Republi- 
can; Presby'n. Mason. Mem. Hist. Soc. of Pa.; Alumni 
Ass'n. Athletic Ass'n (Univ. of Pa.). Alumni Ass'n of 
Central High Sch.. Philadelphia. Club: Penn. Resi- 
dence: 1433 S. Broad St. Address: 601 S. Broad St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


Deputy collector of customs, Po oj - S b. She- 
boyi n, u i , \;i--. 20, 1859; s. Wright and Rebecca 

(Clans liarreit; ed. public schs. , X Y. State and 

private study; m. Ossining, x. Y., Nov. 14, 1894, Jennie 
\. Ballard children Leonard Wright, b. 1896; JoLhn 
Drew, b. 1902. Public sch. teacher In Putnam and 

Dutchess counties, ten years; since Mm* J , M i !,<! 

with Customs Service. Pore of N. Y., advancing 
through all grades of civil service, from clerk to 
deputy collector. baptist. Mini. Ossining Council, 
No. I486, Royal Arcanum; master of Radium Lodge, 
No. 844, F. and A. M.. :unl num. 'I'.iiace City Chapter, 
No. 177, R. A. M. Trustee and financial sec, First 
i:apt. i'Ii (issining. X. Y.; dir. and v. p. v. M. C. A., 
Ossining, X. Y. Address: 44 Ellis PI., Ossining, X. Y. 

Musical composer, organist; b. London, England, 
Jan. 1L'. 1861; s. Richard and Rachel (Squire) Bar- 
rett; gen. ed'n in various private schools of England 
and Germany; musical ed'n in Conservatory at Darm- 
stadt, and Guildhall S.-li. of Music, London; m. Strat- 
ford-on-Avon, England, Sept. 1, 1888, Lucy E. Wilkes. 
Settled in Kansas City, Mo., 1888, where was organ- 
ist and choirmaster St. Mary's P. E. Ch. until 1898; 
then choirmaster and organist St. Thomas' P. E. Ch^ 
Maniaroneek. X. ) , in'.is I'lui, and afterward at St. 
James' Luth. Ch., New York. Teacher of organ and 
voice. Organist and choirmaster, St. James' P. E. 
Ch., F-ordham, 1911-1913. Republican; Episcopalian. 
Composer of much sacred music, including various 
organ offertories and transcriptions, various anthems, 
including Crossing the Bar, a communion service in E- 
flat, and many others, as -well as secular composi- 
tions, including- The Light Beyond, The Holy Gates 
(first prize, The Musician competition, 1898), Round 
the Year. The Song of the Jester, and other songs. 
The Birthstone Suite for piano; Come, Let Us Sing, 
Search Me. () i'.u.I lantheinsi Nine Inches of Foam. 
Three Flies. The Owl, How Dear to Me, Sleepyland 
and others (part songs). The Birth of Love, Shall I 
Wed Thee, Suppose, with Violets, etc. (songs'). Or- 
gan Cradle Song, and various piano pieces, etc. 
Awarded prize for composition, Nat. Eisteddfod, 
Scranton, Pa., 1905. Mem. Nat. Ass'n of Organists; 
conductor of Fordham Heights Choral Soc. Resi- 
dence: 2481 Creston A v. Address: 56 E. 34th St., N. 
Y. City. 


Publisher; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1866; s. 
John and Mary (Young-) Barrett; ed. public sch. and 
high sch., Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. 1898, Mabel Alston 
Thurber; children: Winifred, b. 1899; Alsto-ri, b. 1901; 
Marjorie, to. 1904; Phyllis, ,b. 1909; Vivien, to. 1911; 
Bettina, b. 1912. Connected with Orange Judd Co. 
since 1SS1; now treas. and dir. Democrat; Episco- 
palian. Mason. Knight Templar. Treas. Periodical 
Publishers' Ass'n of America. Recreation: Amateur 
photography. Clubs: Aldine. N. Y Press. National 
Arts. (Sphinx (N. Y. City); Orange Camera (Orange. 
N. J.). Residence: East Orange, N. J. Address: 315 
Fourth At., N. Y. City. 

Lawyer; b. Jersey City, N. J.. Sept. 27. 1857; s. An- 
drew and Julia R. (Lalor) Barricklo; grad. Princeton 
Univ., A.M., 1S7S; Columbia Univ. LL.-B., 18S0; m. Tren- 
ton. N. J., Nov. 4, 1S97, Elizabeth S. Lalor. Mem. bar 
States of N. Y. and N. J.; mem. N. J. State B'd of Ed'n. 
Democrat. Presbyterian. Mem. N. Y. Daw Inst.. Beta 
Theta Pi. Clubs: Princeton. N. Y. Athletic. Residence: 
130 Bentley Av., Jersey City. N. J. Address: 261 
Broadway, N. Y. City, and 15 Exchange PI., Jersev 
City, N. J. 


Physician; b. Australia, June 3, 1S65; s. Alexander 
and Margaret (Kerr) Barrie; ed. -private tutors, and 
Georgetown Univ., M.D.; m. Washington, D. C, June 7, 
1S94, Emma Snowden Sears. Late asso. prof, surgery, 
Georgetown Med. Sch., late visiting surgeon to Munici- 
pal Tuberculosis Hosp.. Washington, D. C, lecturer on 
Gen. Surgery Polyclinic Med. Sch. and Hosp.. N. Y. 
City.; chief surgeon Harlem Dispensary, N. Y. City; 
asso. Surgeon Randall Island Hosp. Fellow Am. Med. 
Ass'n. A.A.A.S., Am. Anthropol. Ass'n. Address: 601 
W. 110th St., N. Y. City. 


Dramatist; novelist; b. Lima, N. Y., March 6, 1855; 
s. Alfred Lovejoy and Ellen Elizabeth Barron; ed. 
Robert Coll.. Tenn.. 1868-1872; m. Chicago, Sept. 9, 
1884, Hannah Lee Bird; children: Margaret Ellen, b. 
1SSS; Elwyn Lee. b. 1891. Engaged in newspaper work 
in Chicago: dramatic critic and editorial writer Chi- 
cago Inter Ocean. 1S77-1895; lived in London and Paris. 



Horticulturist, editor, author; b. Chiswick, Eng., 
1868; s. Archibald Farquharson and Nellie M. lAyres) 
Barron; ed. private schs. in London, Birkbeck Inst., 
London, sp'l courses in botany and natural sciences; 
m. Bavonne, N. J., Effie M. Robinson, 1896; children: 
Eric Stuart, b. 1897; Dorothy Enid, b. 1899. Ass t 
editor Gardeners' Chronicle, London, 1885; came to 
N Y. City, 1894; editor Am. Gardening, 1894-191)4; now 
editor Garden Magazine. Sec. Am. Rose Soc, 1890-1S93; 
sec. Hort. Soc. of N. Y., 1899-1909. Mem. Am. Pomol. 
Soc, Soc. for Hort. Science, Am. Inst., N. Y. Florists 
Club The Camera Club. Organized Internat. Confer- 
ences on Plant Breeding, 1907; on Hardiness and Ac- 
climatization, 1902, and edited Proceedings. Contb'r 
to hort. press; consulting horticulturist. Author: 
Lawns and How to Make Them; Roses and How to 
Grow Them and editor of other books in Garden 
Library. Address: Garden City, L. I., N. Y. 


(Physician; b. Springfield, 111., Jan. 24, 1863; s. Simon 
and Emily L. Barrows (both parents of same family 
name); grad. Amherst Coll., A.B., 1SS5; A.M., ISSi ; 
Univ of Buffalo, M.D., 1893; m. Buffalo, June 28, 1894. 
Isabella Spaulding Deane; children: Marion b. 1897; 
Emily, b. 1904. Teacher of natural science, Worcester 
(Mass) Acad., 1SS5-1888; Central High Sch., Buffalo, 
18S8-1903; instr. in histology, Univ. of Buffalo. Med. 
Dep't, 1895-1902. One of Med. Insp. of Schs., Buffalo. 
Hon. mem. N. Y. State Science Teachers' Ass'n; mem. 
Psi Upsilon fraternity, Nu Sigma Nu (med.). Dep t 
editor Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette, N. Y. City. Ad- 
dress: 1364 Michigan St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Manufacturer; b. N. Attleborough, Mass.; s. Henry 
Francis and Henrietta T. (Richards) Barrows; grad. 
Brown Univ., class 1883, A.B.; m. Tahesdale, Pa., June 
12. 1911, Cecilia W., d. Ex-Ma'yor E. H. Fitler. Pres. 
The Five Twentv-One Park Av. Co., H. F. Barrows Co. 
Republican; mem. St. Thomas Episcopal Ch. Mem. 
Sons of Revolution, Colonial Wars, Military and Naval 
Wars of U. S., Chamber of Commerce. Dir. Practical 
Housekeeping Centers. Recreations: Golf, tennis, rid- 
ing, motoring. Clubs: University, Metropolitan, Rid- 
ing Piping Rock, Sleepy Hollow Country, Garden City 
Golf, Rumson Country (dir.), Down Town Ass'n. Resi- 
dence: 521 Park Av. Address: 15 Maiden Lane, N. Y. 


Clergyman; b. Rome, N. Y., 1861; s. Rev. N. (S-T.D.) 
and Isabella (Gibson) Barrows; ed. St. Paul's Sch., 
Garden City, L. I.; Trinity Coll., Hartford, B.A., 1SJ4; 
M.A., 1887; Gen. Theol. Sem., 1888; B.D., 1891; m. Co- 
manche, Texas, June 27, 1906. Margaret Sartwelle. 
Master Ft. Hill Sch., Canandaigua, N. Y., 18S4-lS8o; 
Zion Ch. Little Neck, <N. Y., 1SS8-1S90; Ravenscroft, 
Asheville, N. C, 1S90-1894; Mayo fellow, Gen. 
Theol. Sem., 1894-1897; headmaster, De Veaux Coil- 
Niagara Falls, since 1S97. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon 
fraternity. Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Address: De Veaux 
Coll., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 


Manufacturing chemist; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 
17, 1S6.">; s. John and Isabella (Paterson) Barry (both 
born in Glasgow, Scotland); ed. public (grammar) sch., 
Brooklyn; m. Brooklyn, April 4, 1S93. Annie Rappelyea 
Collins; one d., Mary Williamson Barry, b. 1898. Mem. 
flTm D. D. 'Williamson & Co., mf'g chemists; treas. and 
dir. Crown Cordial & Extract Co. and Coca-Beta Co.; 
trustee E. Brooklyn Savings Bank. Republican: 
Presby'n. Has traveled in U. S. and Canada. Mem. 
Mf'rs Ass'n, B'd of Trade and Transportation, St. An- 
drew's Soc. (all N. Y. City): Brooklyn League. Trustee 
Throop Av. Presby'n Ch. (Brooklyn); v. -p. Bushwick 
and East Brooklyn Dispensary; chm'n Bedford Branch 
Y. M <3. A. Clubs: Union 1, ensue (Brooklyn); Drug 
and Chen del L263 Dean St., Brooklyn. 

Address: 86 Fulton St., N V City. 

Major Gen., U.S.A.; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 13, 1885; s. 
m irgaret (Dimond) Barry; ed. public 
schools X. Y., and Coll. City of N. Y.; appt'd cadet 
C. S. Mil. Acad. L873; grad. 1877; m. Washington. D. C, 
Jan. 23, 18S4, Ellen Bestor. Second lieut. 7th Cav. 
i 14, 1S77; served in Dakota and Montana until 

31, l sv ". when was transferred to 1st Inf., served 

in Texas L880-18S2; appt'd q.-m. 1st Inf. and promoted 

1st lieut. March 11, 1SS2; capt. Feb. 25, 1891; major 

ass't adj. gen. Jan. 29, 1897; lieut. -col. and ass't 

fen. U.S. v., and adj. gen. Sth Army Corps, June 
22, 1898; 1. ui col. and ass't adj. gen., U.S.A., Jan. 10, 

!'. brig. gen. U.S.V. June 10, 1900-June 30, 1901; col. 

an,] ass't adj. gen. U.S.A. July 15, 1902; brig. gen. 
U.S.A. Aug. 18, 1903; maj. gen. U.S.A. April 29, 1908. 
Served in Dakota and Montana 1S77-1880; Texas, 1S80- 
1S82; Ariz., 1SS2-1880; S. Dak., 1S90-1891, taking part 
in campaigns against Apaches in Ariz, and Sioux in 
S. Dak. On duty in office of Hon Daniel S. Lamont, 
Sec. of War, 1893-1897; adj. gen. Dept. of the Columbia. 
1N07-1S9S; adj. gen. and Chief of Staff of Philippine 
forces, 1898-1901; with China Relief Expd'n 1900; duty 
War Dept. and Dept. of the East, 1901-1903; command- 
ing Dept. of Gulf, at Atlanta, Ga., 1903-1905; with 
Russian Army during Russo-Japanese War to Dec, 
1906; ass't chief of staff U.S.A. and pres. Army War 
Coll., Dec, 1905-Feb., 1907; attended grand maneuvers. 
German Army, 1906; commanded Army of Cuban Paci- 
fication, 1907-1909; commanded Dept. of Calif., 1910; 
Supt. U. S. Mil. Acad., Aug. 31, 1910-Aug. 31, 1912; 
commanding Eastern Dept. since Sept. 1, 1912. Ad- 
dress: Governors Island, N. Y. 


Actress; b. Philadelphia, Aug. 15, 18S0; d. Maurice 
Barrymore, one of leading actors of his time, and 
Georgina (Drew) Barrymore, niece of John Drew, and 
g.d. Mr. and Mrs. John Drew, of Philadelphia, all 
people of mark on Am. stage; ed. Convent of Notre 
Dame, Philadelphia; m. Hyde Park, Mass., March 14, 
1909, Russel G. Colt; children: Samuel, b. 1910; Ethel 
Barrymore, b. 1912; John Drew, b. 1913. First recorded 
experience on stage was at Empire Theatre. N. Y. City, 
1895, appearing as "Katherine" in That Independent 
Young Person; became mem. Empire Theatre Stock 
Co., 1S90, headed by her uncle, John Drewr"nd played 
in N. Y. and London, and in 1S97 entered Sir Henry 
Irving's Co., remaining until 1900, when she returned 
to Charles Frohman mg'mt as a star, first in Captain 
Jinks of Horse Marines, and afterward in Cousin Kate; 
Sunday; "Nora," in Ibsen's A Doll House; Alice-Sit-by- 
the Fire; Lady Frederick; Mid-Channel, etc. Address: 
Mamaroneck, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Cincinnati. Ohio. July 17, 1S56; s. Arnold 
and Elizabeth (Falk) BartcheT; ed. Cincinnati public 
schs.; grad. law dept. Univ of Mich.; took post-grad, 
course in International and Roman civil law at Univ. 
of Berlin, Germany, 1S81-1SS3: m. 1896, Marion S. Mac- 
Connell: one d., Ruth, b. 1898. Admitted to bar of 
Mich.. Ohio and 111.; advocated and petitioned various 
passenger ass'ns for the adoption of 2-cent interstate- 
interchangeable mileage books over railroads and 
instrumental in securing same; also persistent advo- 
cate of one cent letter postage. Presented to recent 
Congress petitions from 40 States signed by leading 
commercial, banking and mfg interests, asking Con- 
gress to grant one-cent letter postage, and reform 
of second-class matter privilege. Address: 149 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Belfast. X. Y., Dec. 25, 1S58; m. July 1". 
1886, Fannie E. England. Engaged in hanking, 1879; 
moved to Olean. 18S0: became cashier of Exchange 
National Bank. 1885; has been pres. since 1895. Ad- 
dress: Olean. N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Canton, Conn.. June 4, 185S: s. John N. 
and Ellen Root (Strong) Bartlett; grad. New Britain 
(Conn.) High Sch.; Yale Univ. (Sheffield Scientic 
Sch.), 1878; Yale Law Sch., 1881; m. New Britain, 
Conn., Eleanor Pauline Fitch, of Lexington, Kv. ; chil- 
dren: Margaret, h 1S89; Eleanor, b. 1891. Admitted 
to Conn Bar, 1881; corp'n counsel New Britain, Conn. 
Practic t 15 years confined to patents, trade- 

marks. ' emoved to New York, 1897; mem. 

firm of wnell & Mitchell: mem. U. S. Su- 

preme I 1 sundry XJ. S. Circuit Courts. Re- 

public:! tionalist. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n. 

Ass'n 1 . Y., X. E. Soc. Empire State Soc, 

.-:. A. 1 . Nat. Geog. Soc. Clubs: Univer- 

sity. Y :. Residence: 257 W. SOth St. Ad- 

dress . X. Y. Citv. 




Jurist; b. Oxbridge, Mass., Oct. 14, 1S46; s. William 

0. and Agnes K. 11. (Willi. I, Uartlett; grad. Colum- 
bia Univ., A.B., 1S69; N. V. Univ., LLJpL L868; l.l.i'., 
Hamilton Coll., 1S94; N. Y. Univ., 1904; i '.lnmtiia Univ., 
1904; in. Brooklyn, X. v.. Oct. 26, L876, Mary Fairbanks 
Buffum. Engaged in practise of law with Hon. Eliliu 
Root, 1869-1883; elected, 1S8M, a Justli the Su- 
preme Court of the State of N. Y., and re-elected 1897; 
served in Appellate Division, N. Y. Supreme Court, 
1S97-19II7: appt'd I'.mii; asso. justice N. V. Court of 
Appeals, and elected Nov. 5, 1907, to full term in same 
office expiring Dec. 31, 1917: elected chief judge Court 
of Appeals, Nov. 4, 1913. Prof. med. jurisprudence L, 

1. Co 1 ']. Hosp. since 1898. Democrat. Mem. Soc. Co- 
lonial Wars, Sons of Revolution. Clubs: University, 
Century Ass'n (N. Y. City); Brooklyn, Hamilton 
(Brooklyn). Residence: 21 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn. 
Official address: Albany, N. Y. 


Physician and chemist; b. Bartley, N. J., Dec. 8, 
1S49; s. Samuel-Potter and Anna (Bwalt) Bartley; ed. 
Princeton (111.), High Sch., Cornell Univ., B.S., 1873; 
Long Island Coll. Hosp., M. D., 1879; honorary Ph.G., 
Brooklyn Coll. Pharmacy, 1896; m. Brooklyn. Nov. 5, 
1SSS, Mary Frances Harloe; children: Samuel Potter, b. 
1S90; Mildred Titus, b. 1S92. Instr. chemistry Cor- 
nell Univ., 1S74-1S75; prof, chemistry, Swarthmore 
Coll., 1875-1878; chief chemist, Dep't. of Health, Brook- 
lyn. 1SS2-1S8S; pres. B'd of Pharmacy of Kings Co., 
1893-1898; dean and prof, organic chemistry, Brooklyn 
Coll. Pharmacy, 1892-1902; prof. chemistry and 
toxicology from 1SS6, prof, pediatrics from 1902, L. I. 
Coll. Hosp., Insp. State B'd of Health, 1SS5-18S8; con- 
sulting chemist, Dep't Health, Brooklyn. 1S97-1S9S. 
Attending physician, Sheltering Arms Nursery- visit- 
ing pediatrist. L. I. Coll. Hosp.; consulting pediatrist 
Samaritan Hosp., Methodist Episcopal Hosp. and Bush- 
wick and East Brooklyn Disp. and Hosp. Independent 
in politics; Presby'n. Pres. Associated Physicians of 
L. I., 1906; Fellow A.A.A.S., N. Y. Acad. Med.; mem. 
Med. Soc. County of Kings, Am. Pharmaceutical Ass'n, 
Am. Chem. Soc. Author: Medical and Pharmaceutical 
Chemistry (7 editions); Clinical Chemistry (3 editions). 
Club: University (Brooklyn). Address: 65 .S. Portland 
At., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Retired; b. N. Y., March 23, 1841; s. William and 
Eliza Phillips (Whittemore) Barton; ed. private schs. 
of N. Y. Citv and South Williamstown, Mass.; m. Gar- 
rison-on-Hudson, Dec. 2S, 1S76, Anna Dudley Ward, 
d. late Col. Thomas William Ward, U. S. V. Appt'd 
paymaster, U. S. N.. June 5. 1861, and served on U. S. 
S. Monticello, Sassacus, St. Louis. Supply, Swatara and 
Portsmouth. On Monticello was present at bombard- 
ment and capture of Forts Hatteras and Clark, Hat- 
teras Inlet. N. C, Aug.. 1861, first naval success in 
War of Rebellion; on Sassacus. was aide and signal 
officer to Commd'r Francis A. Roe, U. S. N in cele- 
brated encounter between Sassacus and Confederate 
ironclad Albemarle, Albemarle Sound, May, 1864, 
when Commd'r Roe hurled at top speed the light, 
wooden Sassacus on the ironclad Albemarle, dis- 
abling and driving latter back to her port, Plymouth, 
N. C, where she was afterward torpedoed and de- 
stroyed by Lieut. Cushing; was on Swatara in Mediter- 
ranean Squadron, 1896, and chased to Alexandria, 
Egypt, and captured there John H. Surratt, the friend 
of John Wilkes Booth and one of the Lincoln con- 
spirators, and brought him to Washington, Feb., 1867. 
Resigned from navy, 1871, to engage in real estate 
business, N. Y. City, with cousin, William Lawrence 
Whittemore. under firm name, Barton & Whittemore; 
was treas. Real Estate Exchange. 1S93-1894. and pres.. 
1895-1S96. Republican; Episcopalian. Companion and 
treas. -in-chief, Mil. Order of Loyal Legion; companion 
of Mil. Order Foreign Wars; v.-comd'r. Naval Order; 
mem. Sons of Revolution. Soc. of War of 1S12; v. -pres. 
19th Army Corps. Clubs: Army and Navy, Union 
League (N. Y. City). Address: 150 Broadway, N. Y. 


Electrical eng'r; b. Lock Haven. Pa.. Mav 5, 1865: 
grad. Cornell Univ.. Ph.B., 1886: M.S.. 1888. "V.-p. and 
gen. mg'r Niagara Falls Power Co., Niagara Junction 
R'y Co., Niagara Development Co.: gen. mg'r Canadian 
Niagara Power Co.: dir. Tonawanda Power Co., Subur- 
ban Power Co. Mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Egn'rs, A.A.A.S., 
Am. Electro-Chem. Soc. Psi Upsilon. Trustee Niagara 
Falls Public Library, Niagara Falls Memorial Hosp. 
Clubs: Buffalo, NiagaTa. Engineers (N. Y. City). Ad- 
dress: Niagara Falls, N. Y. 


Sec. Queen ins. Co. of America; b. Astoria, U [., x. v., 
Sepl ",. 1868; ed. public an. I private sehs. Entered x. 
Y. City Dep't of Queen Ins. Co.. of Liverpool I 
1884, ami has ever sine,, been in service of thai co., 
flrsl in office work, later in surveying and as ass't 
sol ag'l in N. E.; afterward sp'l agt of company in 
N. E.; sp'l ag't, 1892-1900, when appt'd to r*r, 
Office as sec. of co. Address: 84 William St.. N. Y. 


Physician; b. San Francisco, Calif., Feb. 22, 1870; 
s. Myron de M. and Elizabeth (Fourman) Baruch; 
-rad. Columbia Univ., M.D., 1SS9: Univ. of Tubingen. 
M.D., 1891; studied at Univs. of Munich, Berlin, Paris. 
Prof, [bacteriology and pathology Univ. of State or 
X. Y.; prof, bacteriology and therapeutics, Metropoli- 
tan Post-graduate Med. Sen.; consulting physician to 
Hosp. for Deformities and Joint Diseases, and to the 
Philanthropin Hosp. Mem. Am. Med Ass'n N Y. 
state Med. Sue., X. Y. County Med. Soc, Acad. Pathol. 
Science. Greater N. Y. Med. Ass'n, Manhattan Med. 
Soc, Med. Jurisprudence Soc; mem. lnternat. Tuber- 
culosis Congress at Paris and at Washington, D. C. 
Author of numerous medical essays and treatises; 
orator on numerous occasions of public importance 
Unitarian. Mem. Columbia Univ. Alumni Ass'n- pres. 
German Scientific Club; a founder of German Uni- 
versities Alumni Ass'n; chm'n Liederkranz Soc. etc 
Address: 57 E. 77th St., N. Y. City. 


in. ainsneimer; cniaren: Elsa, Mai guerite. Charles J. 
Jr., and Harriet. Pres. Prospect Realty Co.. Rox*burv 
Realty Co., Congar Construction Co.; v.-p. Nat. Ass'n 
of Wool Fibre Mf'rs: sec. and treas. The Basch <& 
Greenfield Co. Dir. Hebrew Edn'l Soc, of Newark, 
N. J. Address: 15 W. 82d ISt., N. Y. City. 


Prof, chemistry, Coll. City ,of N. Y.; 'b. Noxubee Co. 
Miss., June IS, 1870; s. Charles and Augusta Louisa 
(Johnston) Baskerville; ed. Univ. of Miss., 1886-1887; 
Univ. of Va.. 1S88-1890; Vanderbilt Univ.,-1891; Univ 
of Berlin, 1S93; B.S. and Ph.D., Univ of N C m.' 
Raleigh. N. C, April 24, 1895, Mary Boylan Snow 
children: Charles, 5th, b. 1S96; Elizabeth McCulloeh, 
b. 1901. Instr. 1892-1894, ass't prof., 1895-1900- prof, 
.chemistry and dir. chem. laboratory, 1900-1904 Univ. 
of N. C. : since 1904 prof, chemistry, Coll City of N 
Y. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc. (mem. council), Am Elec- 
trochem, Soc, Soc Chem. Industrv, Deutsche Chemi- 
sche Gesellschaft; fellow London Chem. Soc, A.A.A.S. 
(v.-p. Section C, 1902-1903); N. Y., Washington and 
N. C. Acad. Sciences, Franklin Inst. (Philadelphia). 
Investigator, especially in inonganic chemistry dis- 
coverer of the chemical elements carolinium and 
berzelium: researches in radium and other radio-ac- 
tive substances; investigations on oil shales and 
chemistry of anesthetics. Author: School Chemistry 
and Key to Same, 1898; Radium and Its Application 
in Medicine: General Inorganic Chemistry 1909; 
Laboratory Exercises. 1909; Progressive Problems in 
Chemistry: Qualitative Analysis; Municipal Chemis- 
try. Cont'b'r to technical and edn'l publications In- 
dependent (Democrat; Eoiscopalian. Mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kane Lodge. Mem. 
Southern Soc. N. C. Soc. Virginians, Verein Alter 
Deutsche Studenten. Verein Deutsche Chemiker etc 
Recreations: Athletics, fishing, golf, hunting Clubs- 
Century, Graduates, Chemists. City College, Church, 
Engineers. Address: College City of New York N 
Y. City. 


Merchant; b. Lee. Mass., Oct. 9, 1862: s Ansel and 
Elizabeth (Johnson) Bassett; ed. Lee High Sch.- m. 
June 14, 1893, Carolyn Beardsley Hulbert; children- 
Hulbert Dymoke, b. Oct. 17, 1894; Elizabeth Hulbert, 
b. May 3. 1903. Entered employ of H. C. Hulbert & 
Co.. Sept.. 1S79; admitted to firm Jan. 1, 1890; formed 
firm of Bassett & Sutphin. 1900. taking over business 
of H. C. Hulbert & Co.. and M. Plummer & Co.; bought 
nut firm of B. & O. Myers, and took over husiness, 
Feb.. 1910. V.-p. and chm'n Finance Com., East River 
Savings Inst'n: dir. and mem. Exec, and Finance Corns., 
Celluloid Co.; dir. Importers & Traders Nat. Bank, U S 
Life Ins. Co., Trustee Franklin Trust Co. Republican; 
Episcopalian. Life mem. Soc Colonial Wars N E. 
Soc. in N. Y. Clubs: Hamilton, Drug & Chemical, 
Baltusrol Golf. Residence: 49 Prospect Park W 
Brooklyn. Address: 54-60 Lafayette St., N Y. City. 




Lawyer: b. Brooklyn, N, v., Feb. 7, L863; s. Charles 
R. and Elvira R (Rogi i i B sett; ed. Hamilton 
Coll., A.M., 1880-1882 Imherst Coll.. A.B., 1884; Co- 
lumbia Law Son., LL.B., 1886; m. Bath, N. Y.. May 
14, 1890, Annie R, Preston; Ave children. Engaged In 
practice of law since 1886; now mem. firm Bassett. 
Thompson & Gilpatrlc. Mem. Brooklyn B'd ol Ed'n, 
1899-1901; Flatbush Local Sch. B'd, 1901-1902; mem. 
House of Representatives from 5th N. Y". Dist., 1903- 
1905; mem. Public Service Comm'n, First Dist., 1907- 
1911; clini n Heights of Buildings Comm'n since 1913. 
Residence: 1716 Newkirk Av., Brooklyn. Address: 277 
Broadway, X. Y. City. 


Civil and hydraulic eng'r; b. Ballston, N. Y"., June 
x7, 1861; s. Charles Ralph and Elvira (Rogers) Ba 
sett; ed, public schs. of Brooklyn and Watertown, N. 
Y.; Sheffield Scientific Sen. (Yale); m. Palmyra, N. 
Y., Jan. S, 1890, Anna Kingman; children: Charles 
Kingman, b. 1891 ; Robert Sturtevant, b. 1894. Ass't 
city eng'rs office, Watertown, N. Y.; ass't eng'r in de- 
sign and construction of water works at Canandaigua, 
Cortland, and Fulton, N. Y. ; Cornwall and Bellville, 
Ont., and elsewhere; chief eng'r in design and con- 
struction of water works at Albion, Bath, Brockport, 
Holley, Palmyra and Clyde, N. Y., and elsewhere; since 
1892 engaged in manufacture of water meters, Buffalo. 
N. Y., as pres. and gen. mg'r, Buffalo 'Meter Co. He- 
publican; Presby'n. Mem. Am. Soc. of C. E., Am. 
Water Works Ass'n. N. E. Water Works Ass'n. Club: 
Ellicott. Address: 691 W. Ferry St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Merchant, mf'r; b. Grafton, Mass.; s. Moses Leland 
and Sarah Ann (Phillips) Batcheller; ancestors settled 
in New Eng., 1635; ed. Grafton Grammar Sch., Barre 
Acad., hon. LL.D., AVilliam & Mary Coll., 1907; m. 1st, 
Dec. 26, 1S59, Sarah Adaline Cummings (deceased); 2nd. 
Boston, Mass., Sept. 17, 1913, Truene Ruth Ge<ldes. 
Mem. firm Nicholls & Batcheller, mf'rs, 1857-1865; or- 
ganized firm Langdon, Batcheller & Co., now George 
C. Batcheller & Co., with factories at Bridgeport, Conn., 
and Newark, N. J. Pres. Crown Corset Co., Conn., 
Clasp Co.; v.-p. and dir Galen Hall Co., Atlantic City, 
N. J., Galen Mountain Co., Wernersville, (Pa.; dir. Reg- 
istration & Transfer Co., West End Properties Ass'n. 
Has large library containing first editions, and val- 
uable art collections including portraits of George and 
Martha Washington, painted by Sharpless, at Mt. Ver- 
non, 1796; mem. Hudson-Fulton Comm'n, 1909. Author 
of Batchelder Genealogy, 1898. Officer St. Andrew's M. 
E. Ch. Mem. M. E. Soc. (dir.), Founders & Patriots of 
America, (gov.) S. A. R., N. Y. Hist. Soc. Chamber of 
Commerce, Washington Continental Guards. Clubs: 
Merchants' Ass'n. .Lotos, Merchants, Union League, 
Patria Republican. Address: 237 W. 72nd St., N. Y. 


Born Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 5, 1885; s. Hiland Gar- 
field and Josephine Marv (Clements) Batcheller; step- 
son of late Dr. Jas. E. King, Ph.D., of Fort Edward, N. 
Y.; attended Glens Falls' Acad., Glens Falls, N. Y. ; grad. 
Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn., Ph.B. ; m. Albany. 
N. Y., April 5, 1913, Jessie Jackson. Representative 
Carnegie Steel Co. at Albany; 111. Steel Co., Tennessee 
Coal. Iron & R. R. Co. iRepubliean. Mem. Albany Soc. 
of Civil Eng'rs, Psi Upsilon fraternity. Clubs: Fort 
Orange, Albany Country. Residence: 183 Lancaster St. 
Address: 467 Broadway, Albany, N. Y\ 


Actress; b. Portland, Ore., 1873; d. F. M. Bates; ed. 
public schs. of San Francisco, Calif.; m. George Creel. 
Nov. 28, 1912. Made debut in San Francisco, 1894; starred 
as 'Mrs. Hilary" in The Senator, 1895, and afterward in 
other parts; played in Shakespearean drama in Augus- 
tin Daly's Company, 189S; since then a star as "Cigar- 
ette" in Under Two Flags, "Princess Yo-San" in The 
Darling of the Gods, In The Girl of the Golden West, 
and in The Fighting Hope, Nobody's Widow, and The 
Witness for the Di tense, Address: Care Charles Froh- 
man, Empire Theatre, N. Y. City. 


Writer on business I nuance; b. Indianapolis, Ind.. 

April is, 1866; s, Charles A. H. and Margaret Holmes 
(Ernsper. .ii Bates; ed. public schools of Indianapolis; 
m. Chidafco. Sept. 11, 1890, Belle Brandenburg; children: 
Margaret, b. Set. 18, 1891; Rennet, b. March 12, 1900. 
Pres. Fidelity Bond and Vlortgage Co.. N. Y. City; v.-p 
< Ha Marble Citv, Col.; Crystal 

River and San Juan Railway. Independent in politics 
Clubs: Columbia Yacht, \. Y. Athletic. Summer resi- 
1 ' i mi. i ; Like), Old Forge, X. Y 

Address: 107 Riverside Drive \. y City 


iiladelphia, Feb. 9, 1869; s. David Homer 
and Sallie .lane i Kinney) Bates; ed. Charlier 
Chapln's Prep., Sch., Berkeley, 1884; Columbia Coll. 
(Law Dep't), LL.B'., 18S9; m. Eleanor Loring Lord. Ad- 
mit led to Bar, State of N. Y\, June. 1891; since then 
prai Using in N. Y r . City. Mem. law Arm Morrell, Bates 
& Topping. Mem. Ass'n Bar Citv of N. Y'., Ohio Soc. of 
X. Y., Amateur Comedy Club. Zeta Psi fraternity. Resi- 
dence: The Chatsworth, Riverside Drive & 72nd 8t 
Address: 27 Cedar St.. N. Y. City. 


Mem. X. Y. .Stock Exchange; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 20, 
1880; s. Alfred W. and Cephise C. (Towar) Bates; grad. 
Blake 'Sch., N. Y. City, 1899; completed three years of 
at Columbia Univ. with class of 1903; ny N. Y. 
City, April 23, 1904, Anita T. Boulton; children: John 
Grenville. Jr., b. Dec. 22, 1905; William Boultbn, Feb. 
10, 1910; Towar Boulton, Oct. 20, 1912. Entered broker- 
age office in fall of 1903; on Jan. 1, 1904, became ass't 
cashier. for W. B. Franklin & Co., and D/lc. 1, 1904, 
purchased seat on N. Y. Stock Exchange, becoming b'd 
mem. of that firm Jan. 1, 1905. Republican; Episco- 
palian. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Delta Phi. Recrea- 
tions: Outdoor sports, including golf, tennis, boating, 
riding and driving; extremely fond of dogs, owning a 
very valuable kennel of Irish terriers. Clubs: Co- 
lumbia, Rockaway Hunting, Morris County Golf. Ad- 
dress: Convent, N. J. 


Wholesale drugs; b. Monroe, Mich.; s. Alfred G. and 
Ann Elizabeth (Elliott) Bates; brother of late -\laj.- 
Gen. A. E. Bates, former paymaster-gen. U. S A.; both 
father's and mother's families came from England to 
America in 17th century; ed. high sch., Monroe, Mich.; 
m. Montreal, Can., 18S0, Ada Clare; children: Adele M., 
Walter C, Alfred Elliott. Engaged since 1S72 in 
wholesale drug and mf'g business; now gen. mg'r 
Davis & Lawrence Co. Republican. Club: Union 
League (N. Y.). Address: Bronxville, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Tacoma, Wash., Feb. 13, 1890; s. Lindon 
Wallace and Josephine (White) Bates; ed. Laurence- 
ville Sch., Yale Univ., Ph.B. (with sp'l honors in lan- 
guages; editor-in-chief Y'ale Scientific Monthly), N. Y r 
Law Sch., LL.M., N. Y. Univ., LL.B., J.D. ; Columbia 
Univ., Univ. of Paris, The Temple. Engaged in Prac- 
tice since graduation, making specialty of Internat. 
British and French law; attended Madrid Conf. of In- 
ternat. Lawyers, 1913; in Pekin during Allied occupa- 
tion at time of Boxer War. Travelled, for purpose of 
securing mining information, through Kirghiz Steppes, 
northeast of Khiva, to headwaters of Trtysh and Obi 
Rivers, and through the Ural and Altai Mountains. 
Independent. Mem. N. Y. Bar Ass'n, Hon. Soc. of .Mid- 
dle Temple, Berzelius Soc, Phi Delta Phi fraternity, 
S. A. R., Internat. Law Ass'n, Citizens' Union; sec. and 
treas. Class of 1910, Y'ale Univ. Recreations: Riding, 
swimming. Clubs: Y'ale, Colony (New Haven), N. Y. 
Turn Verein. Residence: 784 Fifth Av. Address: Care 
Guaranty Trust Co., 33 Lombard St., London, and 71 
Broadway, N. Y'. City. 


Engineer; b. Portland, Ore., July 17, 1883; s. Lindon 
Wallace and Josephine (White) Bates; ed. Harrow 
School. England, receiving several prizes for scholar- 
ship; Y'ale Univ. Scientific Dep't, Ph.B., 1902, additional 
year in post-graduate engineering. Traveled on ex- 
ploring and hunting expd'n in 1900 to islands north of 
Hudson Bay; 'Panama, in 1904; made midwinter sledge 
journey in 1908 in Siberia and Mongolia. Eng'ring 
work on Galveston Grade Raising Works, and N. Y. 
Barge Canal; advisory eng'r for Western Eng'ring 
Corp'n, Gen. Com. on Water Supply, 1909, appt'd by 
Mayor McClellan to report upon $25,000,000 water tun- 
nel for Manhattan; v.-p. Bates Eng'ring Co. Republi- 
can, stumping northern N. Y r . State 1904; mem. Repub- 
lican Club. State Affairs Com., Chm'n District Com. on 
Meetings and Speakers of the 29th Assembly Diet., 
P.miT; c. unity Comm., DOS; elected to Legislature from 
29th Assembly Dist., for 1909; introduced measure for 
Comm'n on Unemployment, subsequently consolidated 
with the Wainwright Employers' Liability Comm'n: 
re-elected for 1910, introduced Constitutional Amend- 
ment to reform condemnation abuses and Civil Service 
Reform measures. Supported Governor Hughes in the 
fight for Direct Nominations and investigation of cor- 
rupt practices. Author: (with Charles A. Moore. Jr.) 
The Political Horoscope, 1904: The Loss of Water 
in New Y'ork's Distribution System, 1909; The Rus- 
sian Road to China. 1910. Has written extensively on 
technical and economic subjects. Trustee Fifth Av. 
Presby'n Ch. Mem. Western Soc. Eng'rs, Societe Beige 



des Ingenieurs et des Industriels. Clubs: City, Yale 
(N. Y. City), Colony (New Haven), Fort Orange (Al- 
bany). Address: 71 Broadway, N. Y. I 


Director; b. Marshfleld, Vt., Nov. L9, 18B8; s, William 
Wallace and Mary (Cole) Bates; prep, ed'n, Chicago 
High Sch.; id, Eroro eng'ring course, Yale tJniv., 
1879; m. Chicago, L881, Josephine White; children: Lin- 
don, Jr., b, 1883; Lindell T., b. L90. Went West, 1878, 
with surveying parts on Northern Pacific R'y; Later 
ass't eng'r Northern Pacific and Oregon Pacific R. R's; 
later contractor, eng'r and mg'r on various works on 
Pacific Coast; specialized in dredging contracts and de- 
signed improvements in hydraulic dredges, with which 
has executed many great eng'ring' enterprises. Built 
great dredge Beta for U. S. Gov't, large hydraulic 
dredges for Russian Gov't, sea-going dredges Hercules, 
Samson, and Archer for Queens and, Australia, and the 
Lindon Bates for Calcutta, Prepared reports and 
pro ects for improvement of port of Antwerp, 1S90- 
[902; executed tests for enlargement of .Suez Canal; 
comm'd by Russian Gov't for imprdvement of ports 
and channels bf Black, Sea and Sea of Azov, the rivers 
Dnieper, Volga and Bug, and the Canal Marie; also- by 
Queensland Gov't on harbor work at Brisbane, and 
similar work at Adelaide, S. Australia, and other Aus- 
tralian ports, and by the port comm'rs of Calcutta on 
the River Hugli; also one of eng'rs on internat. scheme 
for improvement of port of Shanghai, China; now con- 
tracting eng'r in the work of raising the grade of Gal- 
veston Citv and Island an average of IV2 feet. Sub- 
mitted to U. S. Gov't, March 0, 1905, plan for the con- 
struction of the Panama Canal, of which several 
salient features appear in the plan finally adopted. 
Awarded Grand Prix and decoration by French Gov't, 
1900, for "distinguished services to science." Mem. 
Western Soc. Eng'rs. Chicago; life asso. Inst'n Civ. 
Eng'rs of Great Britain, and of British Inst. Naval 
Architects; mem. Ingenieurs Civils of France and Bel- 
gium. Clubs: Union 'League, Yale, Republican, Law- 
yers, Holland Soc. (N. Y. City), Automobile, of France; 
Whitehall, Primrose (London). Address: 7S4 Fifth 
Av., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, July 14, 1S60; s. Levi Miles and 
Martha Arnold (Tucker) Bates; grad. Columbia Coll., 
A.B., 18S0; Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 18S2; m. N. Y. 
City, Jan. 3, 1S99, Amy Rowan Scott; one son, Robert 
Chapman, b. 1901. Practising law, N. Y*. City, since 
1882. Capt. and ass't adj. -gen.. U. S. V., May-Oct., 189S; 
saw service in Philippines, and was present at sur- 
render of Manila, P. I. Appt'd col. 71st Reg't, N. G., N. 
Y., Nov. 22, 1S99; brevet brig.-gen., N. G., N. Y., Aug. 
14, 1903. Trustee 1st Cong'l Ch., Bay Shore, X. Y. Mem. 
Psi Upsilon fraternity, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Soc. 
Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution, Mil. Order Foreign 
Wars, Soc. War 1S12, Columbia Univ., Alumni Ass'n. 
Club: Union League. Residence: Bay Shore, L. I. Ad- 
dress: 43 Cedar St., N. Y. City. 


Advertising; b. Gloucester Co., N. J., June 19, 1854; 
s. Thomas Gaskill and Emeline (Zane) Batten; ed. The 
Misses Butlers' Private School, Swedesboro, N J.; m. 
1st, Camden, N. J., Dec. 17, 1879, Carrie H. Morgan 
(died Dec. 31, 1SS4) ; children: Rollin M., Joseph; m. 2d, 
Haddonfield, N. J.. Jan. 27, 1887, Lillie I. Shivers, d. Dr. 
B. H. Shivers; children: Isabella. Emeline, George, Jr. 
Pres. George Batten Co.; mem. Co. C, 1st Reg't, N. G., 
Pa., enlisted 1.877, discharged 18S0; served in Pitts- 
burgh riots. Episcopalian; trustee Trinity Episcopal 
Church, Mt. Pocono, Pa. Recreation: Hunting. Clubs: 
National Arts, Sphinx, Montclair, Montclair Athletic, 
Montclair Gun Ass'n of N. J. Sportsmen for the Pro- 
tection of Game (pres.), N. J. Audubon Soc. -(pres.), 
Colonial Soc. of Pa. Contrb'r to sportsmen's journals. 
Residence: Montclair, N. J. Address: 3S1 Fourth Av., 
N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Gloucester Co., N. J., Nov. 17, 1S59; 
s. Thomas G. and Emeline (Zane) Batten; grad. Har- 
vard Univ., A.B., 1S85; Philadelphia Divinity Sch., 1S87; 
Ph.D., Univ. of Pa., 1S93; S. T. D. (causa honoris) Ho- 
bart Coll., 1903; m. Woodbury, N. J., March IS. 1SS6, 
Clara B. Ware; children: Loring W., Jr., Richard W., 
Clare W. Instr. and prof. Old Testament, Phila. Di- 
vinity Sch., 1S8S-1S99; rector St. Mark's Ch.. N. Y., 1S99- 
1911; prof. Old Testament literature and interpreta- 
tion, Gen. Theol. Sem. since 1904. Mem. Am. Oriental 
Soc, Soc. Biblical Literature and Exegesis. Trustee 
St. Luke's Home; mg'r Ch. Temperance Soc. Author: 
Old Testament from the Modern Point of View. 1S99; 
The Hebrew Prophet, 1905; Ezra Nehimali in the In- 

termit. Critical Commentary, 1913. Clubs: Or] 
(Philadelphia), Oriental (N. ST.), Century, Ha 
Address: 3 Chelsea Sq., N. Y. City. 


Insurance, granite contractor b. Hartford, Conn., 

N 1 58 s. James G. and Eunice (Goodwin) Bat- 

terson; ed. Ches'hire Mil. Acad, and Williams Coll. 
Itesnleiii ,ii r . in N. Y. of Travelers' Ins. Co.; pres. and 
dir. Hartford Investment Corp'n, New Kngland Gran- 
ite Works, Iron Tire Pneumatic Wheel Co., Rutherford 
Wheel Co.; ;en. -mr Travelers' Indemnity Co., Hart- 
ford, Conn.; dir. Patterson and Eisele Corp'n, Am. 
Combustion Co.; trustee Cheshire Mil. Acad. Mem. 
Merchants' Ass'n, x. Y. Zool. Soc. Clubs: N. Y. Yacht, 
Larchmont Yacht, St. Anthony, X. Y. Athletic, Delta 
Psi (N. Y. City); Country (Lakewood); Fox Hills Golf, 
New Haven Country, Ekwanok Country, Atlantic City 
Country, Travellers' (Paris). Address: 76 William St., 
N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. in N. C, Oct. 26, 1868; s. Turner Westray 
and Lavinia Bassett (Daniel) Battle; ed. Hanover 
Acad., Va. ; Univ. of N. C, Univ. of Va., M.A., 1SS9; m. 
Richmond, Va., April 12, 1898, Martha Bagby, d. George 
W. and Lucy Parke (Chamberlayne) Bagby. Ass't dist. 
atty., 1S92-1S97; mem. of successive firms of Weeks, 
Battle & Marshall; Battle & Marshall; O'Gorman, Bat- 
tle & Marshall, and present firm of O'Gorman, Battle 
& Vandiver. Dem. candidate for dist. att'y, 1910 
Served five years in 7th Reg't, N.G.N.Y*., retiring 1896. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Mem. 
Southern Soc, N. C. Soc, The Virginians. Clu'bs: 
Metropolitan. Calumet, Manhattan, St. Nicholas. Resi- 
dence: 152 E. 35th St. Address: 37 Wall St., N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Piermont, Rockland Co., N. Y., Jan 13 
1885; s. Frederick W. and Lavinia (Aokerman) Bauer; 
ed. local free schs., Nyack High Sch., Columbia Univ. 
Law Sch.; unmarried. Engaged in practise of law at 
Sparkill, N. Y., being senior mem. firm of Bauer & 
Magee, well-known lawyers of Rockland Co. Sec. and 
treas. Galvanic Bronze Co.; v.-p. and dir. Rockland 
Co. Agr'l and Hort. Ass'n. Active in local politics. 
Magistrate Rockland Co. Republican; Protestant. 
Mem. The Lincoln Fellowship, Nat. Geog. Soc, Am. 
Hist. Ass'n, Am. Numismatic Ass'n, Ohio State Numis- 
matic Soc, Rockland Co. Bar Ass'n and numerous 
other learned, patriotic and scientific socs. V.-p. Am 
Soc. of Curio Collectors. Odd Fellow, Mason. Mem. 
Town B'd of Orangetown, Rockland Co.. N. Y. ; ex- 
officio as magistrate; also of B'd of Health of Orange- 
town. Address: Piermont, N. 'Y. 


Hotel prop'r; b. St. Gall, Switzerland, 1S53; s. J. G. 
and A. B. Baumann. Lived in St. Gall until 1871, and 
Neuchatel, 1871-1875; London, 1875-1881; came to U. 
S., 1881; m. Emily G. Kinsley; children: Frida F 
Clifton K. Became connected with Kinsley's, then the 
leading restaurant, at Chicago, in which was partner 
and mg'r until removed to N. Y. City, where is now 
pres. Beau-Site Co., operating the Hotel Biltmore. 
Presby'n. Clubs: Lotos, Swiss. Address: The Bilt- 
more, Madison Av., 43d and 44th Sts., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, assemblyman; b. Bethlehem,- N. Y., March 
31, 1863; ed. dist. schs. of Albany and Greene Counties; 
grad. Ft. Edward Collegiate Inst., 1883. Taught sch 
Altfany Co., 18S3-1S86, and Orange Co., 1886-1892; book- 
keeper for Coles. Marshall & Co.. wholesale provision 
dealers, Newburgh, N. Y., 1892-1898; pres. Queen City 
Provision Co., successors to Coles, Marshall & Co , 
1898-1900. Admitted to bar 1899, and has been en- 
gaged in practise at Newburgh ever since. Elected 
mem. of Assembly on Republican ticket. Methodist 
Episcopal. Mem. Newburgh Wheelmen, Newburgh 
Turn Verein, Newburgh Chamber of Commerce. I O 
O. F., Knights of Pythias, Elks, Masons. Address: 
X'ewburgh, N. Y. 


Banker, mf'r; b. Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1854- s 
Jacob J. and Barbara Bausch; grad. high sch, Roch- 
ester, Cornell Univ.; hon. A.M.. Univ. of Rochester; 
m. Syracuse, N. Y Oct. 31, 1878, Matilda G. Morrell 
Mem. firm Bausch & Lomb, mf'rs scientific and optic- 
al apparatus. V.-p. Lincoln Nat. Bank, Fidelity Trust 
Co.; dir. Monroe County Savings Bank, Roches'ter R'v 
& Light Co., Taylor Bros. Co.; inventor various scien- 
tific devices. Mem. Royal Acad, of Science; fellow A. 
A. A. S., Am. Micros. Soc. AuthoT: Manipulation of 
the Microscope. Address: 663 East Av., Rochester, 
N. Y. 




Contractor, lumber merchant; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 21, 
1845; s. George and Anna Strong- Baxter; grad. Will- 
iams Coll., A.B., 18Ur, ; Columbia Univ. (Sch. of Mines), 
E.M., 1868; m. N. Y. City, March 5, 1873, Emmelin 
Carnes Weeks; children: Emmelin W., Wyllys Pom- 
eroy (Columbia, 1900), George S., Jr., and Herbert W. 
Engaged as eng'r of mines, railroads, etc., 1869-1879; 
cashier, ass't treas. and treas. Northern Pacific R. R., 
1879-1895; since 1895 engaged in lumber and railroad 
contracting business. Mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs, 
Williams Alumni Ass'n. Club: University. Residence: 
333 W. 86th St. Address: 17 William St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 2, 1857; grad. Phillips 
Exeter Acad., 1S75; grad. Harvard Univ., A.B., 1879; 
LL.B., 1882; course at Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1882; 
m. 1887, Louisa Van Rensselaer, a direct descendant 
of original patroon of Rensselaerwyck. Admitted to 
bar, 1882; on return from trip around world, took up 
practise of law; now mem. Carter, Ledyard & Mil- 
burn. In 1902 appfd sec. to Sp'! Embassy of U. S. 
to coronation of King Edward VII. V.-p. Mexican 
Telegraph Co.; trustee N. Y. Life Ins. & Trust Co., 
Greenwood Cemetery. Mem. Soc. of the Cincinnati, 
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Clubs: Century, Knicker- 
bocker, Metropolitan. University, Down Town, City, N. 
Y. Yacht. Residence: 10 E. 62d St. Address: 54 Wall 
St., N. Y. City. 

Real estate operator; b. April 29, 1881; s. Franklin 
and Harriet (Cline) Raylis; grad. Syracuse Univ., 
Ph.B., 1904. Sec. and treas. Wheeler Corp'n, Bronx- 
dale Realty Co., Plainfiejd Park Ass'n. Mem. Delta 
Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: 
Ardsley Country, Graduates. Syracuse. Residence: 
Ardsley Club, Ardsley-on-Hudson, N. Y. Address: 1123 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Wholesale dealer, developer of real estate; b. Hart- 
ford, Conn., Jan. 21, 1865; s. James E. and Isadora E. 
Bavliss; ed. pu'blic schs., Hartford High Sch.; m. New 
Haven, Conn., Oct. 26, 1887, Eunice Whittelsey; chil- 
dren: Arline, Raymond Whittelsey, Kenneth Hunt, 
Charles E., Jr., and Eunice. V.-p. Indexo Co., Inc. Re- 
publican; Episcopalian. Mem. Soc. of the Genesee. 
Recreations: Golf, tennis, horseback riding, yachting. 
Clubs: N. Y. Yacht, Lotos, Lawyers. Address: 29 W. 
42d St., N. Y. City. 

Lawyer; o. Hampton, N. J., Feb. 24. I860; s. Isaiah 
L. and Sarah A. (Smith) Baylor; ed. Union Coll. 
Schenectadv, N. Y., two years; grad. N. Y. Univ., 1889; 
Water Co., Hampton, N. J. Mem. Psi Upsilon, ThetaNu 
Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi fraternities, Bar Ass'n City of 
N. Y., N. Y. County Lawyers Ass'n. Residence: Hotel 
McAlpin. Address: 100 William St., N. Y. City. 


Coffee importer, capitalist; s. Wm. and Delia 
Strother (Kerfoot) Bayne; ed. private schs. ; unmarried. 
Senior mem. Wm. Bayne & Co., coffee importers; dir. 
Am. Beet Sugar Co., Trenton Pottery Co. Address: 
105 Front St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Winchester Va., May 11, 1851: s. Charles 
(of Westmoreland Co., Va.), and Mary Ellen (Ashby) 
Bayne (of Fauquier Co., Va.) ; ed. Richmond (Va.) 
Coll., M.A., 1S72; B. L., 1879; (Debater's medalist, 1S71; 
final orator, 1872); took summer law course, Univ. of 
Va., 1878; m. Richmond Va., April 27, 1886, Lizzie S., 
d. Samuel Preston Moore, surgeon-gen., C. S. A.; chil- 
dren: Mary Ashby Moore, Lloyd Moore. Admitted to 
bar, Richmond. Va., July, 1879; N. Y., July 18S2. Elect- 
ed, 190S, senator 23d Senate Dist., N. Y., comprising 
Cos. of Richmond and Rockland. Appt'd by Gov. Hig- 
gins, 1905, mem. State Probation Comm'n; by Gov. 
Hughes, 1909, mem. N. Y. State Employers Liability 
Comm'n. Editor Converse's Indexes (Va. and West 
Va. Law). 1881; joint author: Travels of Ego and 
Alter, 1S79; author of monographs; The Year 1619 
in the Colony of Va.; Rebellion in the Colony of Va.; 
Settlement of Jamestown; Origin and Development of 
the Monroe Doctrine; also editorial articles for Rail- 
road Gazette, etc. Democrat. Episcopalian. Mem. 
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Va. 
Hist. Soc. Pres. Staten Island Ass'n Arts and Sciences; 
trustee N. Y. Southern Soc; mem. N. Y. Soc, Colonial 
Wars, Va. Soc. of the Cincinnati, Sons of Revolution; 
Nat. Civic Federation, Nat. Geog. Soc, Mem. Council, 
"The Virginians" of N. Y. Vestryman Christ Ch., New 
Brighton, S. I. Club: Tliehmond County Country, 
Fort Orange (Albany). Address: 75 St. Mark's PI., 
New Brighton, S. I., N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. New Orleans, La., Feb. 15, 1S70; s. 
Thomas Levingston and Anna Maria (Gayle) Bayne; 
mad. Yale, A.B., 1892; Tulane Univ., LL.B., 1894; m. 
S. Manchester, Conn., Oct. 8, 1895, Helen, d. Knight 
Dexter Cheney; children: Helen, b. 1897; Elizabeth 
Cheney, b. 1899. Mem. law firm Strong & Cadwalader. 
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. ; Skull and Bones of 
Yale, K. O. A. of Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.; Kappa 
Alpha of Tulane Univ., New Orleans. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Yale, Metropolitan, Mid-day, Knollwood Country 
(White Plains, N. Y.); Graduates (New Haven). Resi- 
dence: 107 E. 71st St., N. Y. City. Address: 40 Wall 
St., N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Ulster, Ireland, 1884; s. Peter and Mar- 
garet Bayne; ed. Royal Acad. Sch., Queen's Coll., Bel- 
fast, Ireland; m. N. Y. City, Oct., 1874, Emily Kelsey. 
Began business life in office of Sir James Hamilton, Bel- 
fast, and later became a linen mf'r in Belfast. Came 
to U. S., 1869, and went to oil regions in Pa., 1870, 
drilling 400 wells there. Made tour of world, 1S74- 
1875. Organized First Nat. Bank of Bradford, Pa., 
becoming pres.; subsequently organized nat. banks 
in Texas, Kan., Miss., Minn, and Ohio. Organized Sea- 
board Nat. Bank, N. Y., 1883, and now its pres.; treas. 
Produce Exchange Deposit Vaults; pres. Atlas Im- 
provement Co., Riverside Drive Property Ass'n. 
Author: Pith of Astronomy, 1896; On an Irish Jaunt- 
ing Car Through Donegal and Connemara, 1902: 
Quicksteps through Scandinavia, 1908; Fantasy of 
Mediterranean Travel, 1909. Mem. N. Y. Athletic 
Club. Residence: (winter) Riverside Drive and 108th 
St., N. Y. City; (summer) White Plains, N. Y. Ad- 
dress: 18 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Sculptor; b. San Francisco, Calif., May 23, 1881; s. 
Chillion and Elizabeth (Ferris) Beach; ed. San Fran- 
cisco, Paris, Rome; m. Aug. 11, 1910, Eleanor H. Mur- 
dock. Mem. Architectural League of X. Y., Am. 
Numismatic Soc, Nat. Sculpture Soc. Asso. Nat. Acad, 
of Design. Residence: 80 W. 92d St. Address: 207 
E. 17th St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. New Britain, " Conn., May 19, 1857; s. 
David Hubbard and Orinda Janette (Ticknor) Beach; 
grad. Phillips Acad., Andover, class orator (founder 
of The Phillipian at Andover); Trinity Coll., B.A.. 
(class orator Jackson Philos. prize, and gold medalist 
in competition, 1883); m. 1st, Katherine G. (deceased), 
d. Gov. Richard D. Hubbard, of Hartford. Conn.; 2d, 
Mally Appleton Peabody, d. Capt. Enoch W. Peabody, 
late of N. Y. Office mg'r. gen. agents' office, Worces- 
ter, Mass., of Phoenix Mutual Life Ins. Co., 1876- 
1879; on editorial staff Hartford Daily Courant, 18S3; 
tutor in. Greek and English. St. Mark's Sch., South- 
boro, Mass., 1SS4. Engaged since 1S86 in Federal 
courts as specialist in trial of patent, trade-mark 
and copyright infringement suits. Engaged in patent 
practice, Washington and Boston, 1885-1905. For- 
merly mem. Maynadier & Beach, and Beach & Froth- 
ingham, in Boston, and Beach & Pierson, N. Y. City. 
Dir. in several mf'g companies. Traveled in England 
and on European continent in professional work, 
1904-1905. Author: Beach's Digest of Patent De- 
cisions; also of a monograph on Abraham Lincoln 
(privately printed). Independent in politics; Episco- 
palian. Mason. Knight Templar. Ex-pres. N. Y. 
Alumni Ass'n of Trinity Coll. Recreations Golf, 
fishing. Clubs: Metropolitan, Down Town Ass'n (N. 
Y.). Residence: Ridgefield. Conn., and N. Y. City, 
Address: Singer Bld'g, N. Y. City. 


Editor and patent att'y; b. N. Y. City, Mar. 27, 
1S4S; s. .Alfred Ely and Harriet E. (Holbrook) Beach: 
grad. Sheffield Scientific Sch., Yale Univ., Ph.B., 1S6S; 
m. Stratford, Conn., June 16, 1S75, Margaret Allen 
Gilbert; children: Stanley Y., b. 1S77; Ethel Hol- 
brook, b. 1886. Patent solicitor at Washington, D. C, 
1868-1869; afterward engaged as ass't in constr. of 
Beach pneumatic tunnel under Broadway, and mf'r of 
elec instruments until 1877, when entered office of 
Scientific American, of which later became, and still 
is, one of editors; also editor-in-chief Encyclopaedia 
Americana; asso. editor American Photography maga- 
zine. Actively identified as amateur, with photog- 
raphy from 1S64. Sec. Munn & Co.. patent attorneys 
and publishers Scientific American; treas. Union 
Waxed and Parchment Paper Co.; pres. Am. Photo- 
graphic Publishing- Co. Republican; Congregation- 
alist. V.-p. Stratford Library, Stratford, Conn. Re- 
creations: Boating, photography. Clubs: National 
Arts, Camera of N. Y. Address: 361 Broadway, N. 
Y. City. 




Lawyer; b. Watkins, N. v.. Nov. 10, istt; a. Daniel 
and Angelica Church (Magee) Beach; ed. Watkins 
High Sch. 1893; St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H. 1893- 
1S95; Hobart Coll.. Geneva, N. Y.. B.L.. 1898; Cornell 
Univ. Law Sch., 1901, LL.B.; m. Boston. Mass., March 
5. 1910 Marianne Silsbee Montgomery. Episcopalian. 
Mem. Bar Ass'n City of N. Y., Sigma Phi Soc. Clubs: 
St Nicholas, Cornell University. City Midday, Apa- 
wamis, Wee Burn Golf. Address: 43 Cedar St., N. Y. 


Author; b. Atwood. Mich., Sept. 1, 1877; s. Henry 
Walter and Eva (Canneld) Beach; ed. Rollins Coll., 
Winter Park. Fla.; Chicago Coll. of Law, and Kent 
Coll. of Law, Chicago, 111. Author: Pardners, The Spoil- 
ers, The Barrier, The Silver Horde, Going Some, The 
Ne'er-do-Well, The Net, The Iron Trail; also drama- 
tized The Spoilers and The Barrier, and has written 
various articles and stories for American and English 
magazines and periodicals. Address: 259 W. 70th 
St., N. Y. City. 


Civil eng'r; b. Catskill, N. Y.; s. Lindsly and Sarah 
P. (Brace) Beach; ed. Mt. Pleasant Mil. Acad., Ossin- 
ing, N. Y'.; Williston Sem., East Hampton, Mass.; U. S. 
Naval Acad., Annapolis, Md. ; m. St. Thomas' Ch., 
N. Y. City, 1SS8, Florence Motley; children: Motley 
Lindslv, b. 1S90; Ruth Ogden, b. 1S95; Robert Henry, 
b. 1903. Resigned from U. S. Navy in 1S86, having 
previously made two years' cruise on S. Atlantic Sta. 
on U. S. S. Brooklyn. Associated with Win. G. Ford 
(classmate at Annapolis) for about 15 years, as Ford 
& Beach, civil eng'rs; now pres. Bacterial Sewage 
Purification Co.; v. -p. Henry K. Motley Co. Demo- 
crat; Episcopalian. Lieut-comd'r in N. Y. State Naval 
Militia. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs., Alumni Ass'n 
U. S. Naval Acad., class of 1881; veteran of Spanish 
War, commanded U. S. Monitor Montauk. 189S; fore- 
man, Fire Dept., village of Pelham Manor, N. Y. Agent 
Am. Soc. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for Pelham 
Manor, N. Y. Recreations: Golf, bowling. Club: 
Wvkagyl Country of New Rochelle (ex-gov.). Resi- 
dence: Pelham Manor, Westchester Co., N. Y. Ad- 
dress: 32 Broadway, N. Y r . Cdty. 


Journalist; b. Albion, Orleans Co., N. Y.; s. Calvin 
G. and Juliette ( Hey v/ard) Beacn; ed. Albion High 
Sch.; m. Brockport, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1900, Clara B. Fleet- 
wood. Began newspaper work 18S7; telegraph editor, 
Rochester (N. Y.) Herald, 1891; city editor, Rochester 
Herald, 3S92-1S99; news editor Buffalo (N. Y.) Courier, 
1899-1900; ass't telegraph editor Chicago (111.) 
Chronicle, 1900-1901; one of founders, business mg'r 
and treas. Jamestown (N. Y.) Post, since 1901. Charter 
mem. Jamestown Park Comm'n. Republican; Episco- 
palian. Address: Jamestown. N. Y. 


Banker; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 27, 1863; s. Dr. 
Henrv H. and Sarah (Hyde) Beach; ed. public schs. of 
Rome; grad. Rome Acad., 1880; m. Rome, N. Y"., Feb. 
3, 1892, Carrie A. Cornish; children: Samuel H., Jr., 
Priscilla Alden. Entered employ G. V. Selden, lumber 
merchant, Rome, 1SS0; purchased business with 
brother, 1S93, being conducted under Beach Lumber 
Co., of which is pres. Trustee Rome Savings Bank, 
1S97-1900; v.-p., 1900-1907; pres. since 1907. Pres. 
Rome Theatre Co. Appt'd mg'r Rome State Custodial 
Asvlum by Gov. Roosevelt, 1899; reappt'd by Gov. 
Odell, 1901; mem. Rome B'd of Ed'n, 1901-1906 (pres. 
1906); mem. Rome B'd Fire and Police Comm'rs, 1908; 
pTes.. 1909-1910. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. 
Empire State Soc, S. A. R., Royal Arcanum, Romo- 
hawks (boosting org'n, pres. 1909), Mystique Krewe 
of Ka-Noo-No, Syracuse. Clu'bs: Tengega Country, 
Rome Country, Salmon River Fishing, Rome Repub- 
lican. Residence: 120 W. Embargo St. Address: 122 
W. Dominick St., Rome, N. Y. 


Educator, author; b. Seneca Falls, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1S35; 
s. Elam and Hannah (Edwards) Beach; grad. Hamil- 
ton Coll., A.B., 1860: A.M., 1865; m. Canoga, N. Y.. Dec. 
26, 1S67. Sarah M. Peterson. Principal high sch., Du- 
buque, Iowa, 1867-1S75; Beloit, Wis., 1S75-1SS4; sup't 
schs., Madison, Wis., 1SS4-1S91: head Dep't History and 
Civics, in high sch., Milwaukee, Wis., 1S91; retired 
from edn'l work, 1906. Served in 1st N. Y. (Lincoln) 
Cav., 1861-1865, and was first lieut. and adj. Author: 
History First New York Cavalry; edited War Papers 
of Wisconsin Commandery of Loyal Legion; author 
many edn'l papers and public addresses. Now prop r 
of a fruit and garden farm, and lecturer at farmers 

institutes. Republican; Presby'n (elder). Pres. Wis. 
State Ceachei n, 1880; foi merlj act l\ e mem, a m 

Edn'l Ass'n, and A. A. A. S. ; now mem. Wis. Hist. 
Soc, Am. Hist. Ass'n, Mil. Order Loyal Legion, Seneca 
Fall Hist. Sue, i;. A. i;.. Alpha I'.ii i riii fraternity, 
Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Address: Seneca Falls, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Chattanooga, Tenn., May 23, 1881; s. 
Jesse D. and Carrie (Phelan) Beale; attended Univ. 
of South Sewanee, Tenn.; Columbia Univ. Law Sch. 
Independent Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. Delta Tau 
Delta fraternity. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y Southern 
Soc. Trustee Fiske Univ., Nashville. Tenn. Recre- 
ations: General sports. Clubs: Columbia Univ., N. Y. 
Athletic. Residence: 250 W. 94th St. Address: 2 Wall 
St., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1S56; s. George 
and Jane M. (Cook) Beals; ed. by private tutor and 
State Normal Sch., Buffalo; grad. N. Y. Homce. Med. 
Coll. and Hosp., M.D., 1878. Engaged in gen. prac- 
tise of medicine at Buffalo. Republican; Episcopalian 
Mem. N. Y. State Homce. Med. Soc, Western N. Y. 
Homce. Med. Soc, Internat. Hahnemannian Ass'n, Buf- 
falo Clinical. Recreation: Country walks. Address: 
188 Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. in Herkimer Co., N. Y., Dec. 8, 1868; s. 
Oliver B. and Emma (Champion) Beals; grad. Univ. 
City of N. Y., DL.B., 1889; m. April 11, 1893, Mary H. 
Nicholson; children: John D., Jr., Donald Marcy, Helen. 
Practising law in N. Y. City since 1889; senior mem. 
firm of Beals & Nicholson. Pres. Washington Heights 
Taxpayers' Ass'n, one of the oldest and largest ass'ns 
in city of N. Y.; dir. and chm'n exec, com., Bank of 
Washington Heights; officer and dir. of numerous 
other corp'ns. Mem. Dutch Reformed Ch. Clubs: N. 
Y. Riding, Greenwich Country. Residence (country): 
Beechmont, New Rochelle; (city): 333 W. 84th St. Ad- 
dress: 1 Madison Av., N. T. City. 


Lawyer; b. Marion, Wayne Co., N. Y., April 21, 1863; 
s. Charles and Chloa Maria (Danford) Bean; most of 
early life spent in N. Y. City; removed with parents 
to Geneva, 1874; grad, B.S., Hobart Coll.; Ph.B., Syra- 
cuse Univ.; A.M., Alleghany Coll.; LL.D., Southern 
Normal Univ. Coll. of Law; unmarried. After gradu- 
ating from college, enjoyed pleasure tour in Europe: 
since then practising law in Geneva, N. Y.; elected 
judge (two terms) of the Ontario County Court of 
Sessions. Now non-resident prof, of law, Keuka Coll. 
Democrat; Episcopalian. Master of ATk Lodge 33, F. 
and A. M., two terms. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi college 
fraternity, Geneva Commandery, K. T., Elks. Mem. 
T. M. C. A., N. Y. State Hist. Ass'n. Am. Hist. Ass'n, 
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Geog. Soc, Geneva 
Bar Ass'n; Monarch Umarkan Grotto, M. O. V. P. E. R. 
Pres. B'd of Trustees. Endymion Prep. tSch. Contb'r to 
various journals on legal topics and author bf history 
of Geneva and papers on college fraternity matters. 
Clubs: University, Political Equality. Address: Maple 
Hill, Geneva, N. Y. 


Lawyer: grad. from Harvard Coll., A.B., 1887; A.M., 
LL.B., 1890. Admitted to N. Y. Supreme Court, 1891: 
represented important interest in Cuba at close of 
Spanish War, and so-called Asphalt Trust in Venezuela 
for over two years; served as chm'n Discipline Com. 
N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, one year. Pres. and dir. 
Hutchison River & Tug Co.; sec. treas. and dir. City 
Realty Co.; dir. Index Visible, Inc.; trustee Rockland 
Cemetery. Served 5 years in Troop A. and Squadron 
A., N Y.' State Guard, 1892-1S98. Mem. Bar Ass'n City 
of N.' Y. Clubs: Metropolitan, University. Residence: 
1 E. 60th St. Address: 26 Exchange PI., N. Y. City. 


Clergyman, sec. Am. Missionary Ass'n; b. S. Nor- 
walk. Conn., Mav 11. 1S33; s. Algernon Edwin and 
Mary Esther (Mallory) Beard; grad. Yale. 1857, A.B., 
A.M.; honorary D.D., Syracuse Univ., 1870: m. 1st, 
Portland. Me., 1861, Eliza Payson Goddard (died 1863); 
2d, Portland. Me., 1865. Annie Deming Barker- five 
daughters. Was pastor Central Cong'l Church, Bath, 
Me., 7 years; Plymouth Ch. (Cong'l), Syracuse, N. Y., 
14 years; American Church, Paris, France, 3 years. 
Sec. since 1886, of Am. Missionary Ass'n, N. Y.; now 
sec. and editor same. Mem. co-rp'n Yale Univ.; trus- 
tee Fisk Univ., Nashville, Tenn.; Tougaloo Coll., Miss., 
and Talladega Coll.. Ala. Author: Life of John Fred- 
eric Oberlin. and A Crusade of Brotherhood. Ad- 
dress: Cor. 22d St. and Fourth Av., N. Y. City. 




Bank cashier; b. Waverly, Tioga Co., N. Y., Jan. 
23, 1S69; s. James C. and Wat it- A. (Vail) Beard; 
grad. U'aviil; High Seh., L885, ami Packard's Short- 
hand Sch. (N. Y. City), L890; m. at her father's farm, 
Arnot, Chemuns Co., N. i'., Oct. 8, 1891, Rose M. Sim- 
coe; one d.: Dorothy \l ., b, July 15, 1S!)5. Practically 
entire business experience with Fifth Av. Bank until 
1902; since then cashier and dir. Thirty-fourth St. 
Nat. Bank, and New Netherland Bank; also sec. Thir- 
ty-fourth St. Safe Deposil Co. Republican ; Methodist- 
Episcopalian. Mem. N. V. Credit Men's Ass'n. Ad- 
dress: 41 W. 34th St., N. Y. City. 


Illustrator, author, editor; b. Cincinnati, Ohio, June 
21, 1850; s. James H. (N. A., distinguished artist) and 
Marv Caroline (Carter) Beard; ed. public sch., Cin- 
cinnati; WorraU's Acad., Covington Ky.; Art Stu- 
dents' League, -\. V. City; ed. as civil eng'r, grad. sec- 
ond in class; studied art under Beckwith and Sartain; 
m. Newtown, L. I., Aug. 15, 1894, Beatrice Alice Jack- 
son; children: Barbara, b. 1902; Daniel Bartlett, b. 
1906. Began professional career in Earshaw's and 
R. C. Phillip's offices, surveyors and civil eng'rs, later 
In Cincinnati City Civil Eng'rs office, and with San- 
born Map and Publishing Co., N. T. City; for latter 
made detailed maps of most of cities, towns and vill- 
ages east of Mississippi River. Made sketches for 
amusement; A. W. Drake, of the Century Magazine, 
bought some sketches, and thus started him as pro- 
fessional illustrator. Illustrated Mark Twain's Yan- 
kee in King Arthur's Court; John Jacob Astor's, and 
many other books; worked for Life, Scribner's, Har- 
per's, Century and Cosmopolitan. Formerly editor of 
Recreation; contb'r (charge of a dep't) in Outing. 
The Circle, "Woman's Home Companion and Pictorial 
Review; asso. editor The Arena. Instr. in illustrating. 
Woman's Sch. of Applied Design, 7 years. Author: 
Moonlight and Six Feet of Romance; The Mystery of 
the Blue Goose; The American Boys' Handv Book; 
The Jack of All Trades; Out-Door Handy Book; Dan 
Beard's Animal Book. Served several years on B'd 
of Ed'n (elected to second term without opposition); 
was v.-p. Art Students' League, pres. Flushing Single 
Tax Club; entered in campaign for Henry George and 
made cart-tail speeches (was intimate friend of Henry 
George). Lincoln Republican and Jeffersonian Demo- 
crat; Swedenborgian. Mem. Acad, of Sciences, Ornith- 
ologists' Union, Biol. Soc, Linnaean Soc, Zool. Soc, 
Scientific Alliance Soc. of Illustrators (succeeded 
Charles Dana Gibson as pres.). Originated the Boy 
Scout idea, started the first soc. of Boy Scouts in 
America, which was indorsed by Pres. Roosevelt, Mark 
Twain. Gen. Bell. Adm'l Dewey, John Muir and Col. 
Cody (Buffalo Bill) before Gen. Baden-Powell had, 
as he himself said. "Cribbed the idea." One of found- 
ers, and Nat. Scout eomm'r of present Boy Scouts of 
America. Two terms pres. Camp Fire Club of Amer- 
ica and awarded gold medal of eminent service for 
life work for American Boys;' Dr William Hornaday, 
Hon. Gifford Pinchot and Col. Roosevelt being only 
other Americans holding the Camp Fire medal: two 
years mem. Queens Borough Library B'd of Trustees; 
v.-p. Mark Twain Library, Redding. Conn.; chm'n 
Redding Protective League. Mem. N. Y. City Peace 
com.; mem. faculty and in charge of Sch. of Wood- 
craft. Culver Acad.. Culver, Ind. With Dr. Henrv 
Van Dyke, elected hon. mem. of the Tuna Club, Los 
Angeles. Calif., in recognition of his work in outdoor 
fields and conservation. Recreations: Traveling in 
Northwestern Wilderness, fishing and sketching wild 
animals, camping, wood life: has permanent camp in 
Pike Co.. Pa. Summer home onoosite Mark Twain's, 
at Redding, Conn. Clubs: Aldine, The Camp Fire 
(mem. B'd of Gov's.), Canadian Camp. Twilight. Man- 
hattan Single Tax. Address: 87 Bowne Av., Flushing, 
L. I., N. Y. 


Teacher; b. Lowell, Mass., Nov. 28, 1872; s. Ithamar 
Warren and Matey (Foster) Beard; attended Philips 
Acad., Andover, Mass., Harvard Coll., A.B., 1895. Instr. 
St. Paul's Sch.. Concord, N. H. Head Choristers' Sch., 
Grace Ch., N. Y. City; head Cathedral Choir Sch., N. Y. 
City. Episcopalian. Address: Cathedral Choir Sch.. 
Amsterdam Av. and 111th St., N. Y. City. 


Author, illustrator; b. Cincinnati. O: <d James H 
(N. A., distinguished artist), and Marv Caroline 
(Carter) Beard; ed. Mrs. Collins' private sch., Coving- 
ton, Ky.. Wesleyan Coll.. Cincinnati. O.. Dr. Charles 
West. Brooklyn Heights Pern.. Brooklyn. N. Y.; studied 
drawing at Cooper Union, and Art Students' League, 
N. Y. City. With sister Adella Belle, has written and 
illustrated 6 books: The American Girls' Handy Book, 

What a Girl Can Make and Do, Recreation for Girls, 
Things Worth Doing, Home Mission Handy Craft, 
Little Folks Handy Book (all Charles Scribner's 
: contb'r to magazines and newspapers. Single- 
taxer; Swedenborgian. Woman Suffragist. Founder 
and originator of Good Citizenship League (firs: 
woman's club, organized in Flushing, L. I.), and was 
chm'n B'd of Dirs., chm'n Arts Com. several years, 
and chm'n Political Economy Com.; delegate to Nat. 
Arbitration and Peace Congress, N. Y. City, 1907, from 
Good Citizenship League of Flushing. Founder and 
Chief Pioneer of Incorporated Natural Org'n of Girls 
Pioneers of America (the real sister org'n to the Boy 
Scouts of America). Address: Flushing, L. I., N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. in Cayuga County, N. Y., March 7, 1845; 
s. Charles S. and Alida Russel (Ten Eyck) Beardsley; 
ed. by private tutors, Auburn Acad., and at Albany 
Law Soil., 1866; m. St. Louis, Mo Oct. 16 1870, Ellen 
Garner Hulbert; Children: Ada Hulbert, Hulbert Ten 
Eyck, Ten Eyck Remsen, and Marian Sempie (Mrs. 
Dr. Aspinwall Judd). Admitted to bar, Rochester, 
June, 1806. Mem. N. Y. State Assemlbly, 1875; deputy 
county clerk, County of N. Y., 1881-1882; ass't cor- 
poration counsel, 1882-1889; retired from active prac- 
tise of law and engaged in literary work. Address: 
31 Liberty St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Auburn, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1873; s. Charles 
S. and Ellen G. (Hulbert) Beardsley; ed. Yonkers Mil. 
Sch. and Hamilton Coll., class of 1897; m. Jersey City, 
N. J., April 15, 1903, Elizabeth McAnenv; children: 
Katherine Ten Eyck, b. Dee. 22, 1903; Hulbert Ten 
Eyck, Jr., b. Feb. 24. 1905. Admitted to bar June, 
1900. Mg'r Southern Surety Co.; dir. H. T. E. Beards- 
ley, Inc., Wasson Piston Ring Co. Democrat. Episco- 
palian. Club: Alpha Delta Phi. Residence: 136 W. 
44th St. Address: 31 Liberty St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Utica, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1856; s. Arthur M. 
and Louise Howland (Adams) Beardsley; ed. Utica 
public schools, Williston Sem., Easthampton. Mass.. 
Hamilton Coll. Law Sch.; m. Sept. 14, 1SS1, ElizaJbeth 
Ann Hopper; children: Thomas Hopper. Louise Adams, 
Samuel A., Jr. Admitted to bar, 1879, and engaged in 
practise; special city judge of Utica, 1S86-1S88: city 
judge of Utica, 1888-1892; practised law in Utica, 
1879-1897; mem. firm Beardsley, Burdick & Beardsley, 
and later Beardsley & Beardsley; in 1898 opened office 
N. Y. City, firm Beardsley & Hemmens, now Beardsley, 
Hemmens & Taylor, counsel for N. Y. Edison Co., and 
constituent companies. Dir. Utica Gas and Electric 
Co., Central N. Y. Power Co.. Glens Falls Gas & Elec- 
tric Light Co., United Gen. Electric Light & Fuel Co. 
of 'Sandy Hill & Ft. Edward, N. Y., and Consolidated 
Light & Power Co. of Whitehall. Democrat Chm'n 
State B'd of R. R. Comm'rs, 1892-1896; mem. and sec. 
(Dem. State Com., 1889-1892 from 25th Congressional 
Dist. Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State 
Bar Ass'n, Oneida Co. Bar Ass'n, Utica Chamber of 
Commerce. Utica Lodge. F. and A. M. Clubs: Manhat- 
tan, National, Democratic (N. Y. City), Fort Schuyler. 
Utica, Maidstone (Easthampton, L. I.). Address: 50 
Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. in Auburn, Cayuga County, N. Y., May 
2, 1876; s. Charles S. and Ellen Garner (Hulbert) 
Beardsley; ed. Yonkers public sehs.. Yonkers Mil. Sch., 
N. Y. Prep. Sch., and by private tutors. Admitted to 
bar, N. Y., 1904. Trust officer and att'v of Windsor 
Trust Co., N. Y. City, 1909-1912; practising law ex- 
clusively since Sept., 1912. Asso. editor Constitutional- 
ist, 1912. Democrat; Episcopalian. Clubs: Lawyers. 
Plainfield Democratic, Bernard. Address: 31 Liberty 
St., N. Y. City. 


Consulting eng'r; b. N Y. City, 1876; s. John Cum- 
ing and Hettv (Bull) Beattv: grad. Columbia Sch. of 
Mines, E. M.. 1898; m. 1st, Denver, 1900, Grace Madelin 
Rickard; children: Ninette, b. 1902: Alfred Chester. 
Jr., b. 1907; m. 2d, London, 1913, Edith Dunn Stone. 
Engaged in general eng'ring work since graduation 
throughout western part of U. S., Mexico, Alaska and 
Siiberia; now consulting eng'r Utah Copper Co., dir. 
and mem. Exec. Com. Ray Consolidated Copper Co., 
Chino Copper Co., mem. Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs. Soc. 
Colonial Wars. S. A. R. Clubs: Metropolitan, Univer- 
sity. Engineers, City Midday (N. Y. City), Denver 
(Denver). Alta (Salt Lake City), Devonshire, Royal 
Automobile. 'Stoke Poges Country (London). Resi- 
dence: Ifi E. 7S,1 St., N. Y. City: Baroda House, 24, 
Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W., England. 
Address: 71 Broadwv, \'. "Y Citv and 1. London Wall 
Buildings. London, E. C, England. 




Lawyer; b. N. T. City, May IS, 1S72; s. John Cumins 
and Hetty (Bull) Beatty; grad. Columbia Univ. Schs. 
of Law and Polit. Science, LL.B., 1S94, LL.M., 1895. 
Junior ass't to corp'n counsel. 1897; sp'l counsel to 
city in charge grade damage claims, 1S9S-1903; mem. 
bar courts of N. Y. State, U. S. Supreme Court. Federal 
Courts; Master in Chancery, U. S. J>ist Court for 
Southern Dist. of N. V. Mini. Ass',, Bar City of N. 
Y.. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons 
of Revolution, Zeta r*i, Phi Delta Phi i'i a ternit ii-s. 
Columbia Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: Century, Lawyers. 
Address: 68 William St., N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Coldenham, X. v., March 25, 1S30; s. 
William M. and Mary (Jay) Beauchamp; ed. skaneate- 
les Acad, and DeLancey Divinity Sch.; S.T.D.. Ho- 
bart Coll., 1SS6; m. Ravenna, Ohio, Xov. 26, 1S57, Sarah 
Carter; children: Virginia, Ellen. Howard, Grace. Or- 
dained by Bishop DeLan-cey Sept. 21, 1862; rector Grace 
Ch., Baldwinsville, N. Y., 1865-1900; examining chap- 
lain, diocese of Central N. Y., since 1S84. Still active 
as a preacher. Archaeologist N. Y. State Museum, 
1896-1906; author of series of museum bulletins, In- 
cluding a history of the Six Nations. Author: Iroquois 
Trail; Indian Names in New York; Land and Fresh- 
Water Shells of Onondaga County, and many magazine 
articles; also author of 16 chapters in Onondaga's 
Centennial, 1S96, and various addresses on hist. socs. ; 
editor of new history of Onondaga County, 190S. De- 
votes spare time to natural science, archaeology and 
art. In archfeol, research about 14,000 original draw- 
ings of New York Indian articles have been made, 
besides notes on folk lore obtained from Onondagas 
during SO years' work. Many papers and addresses 
were on N. Y. colonial life. Address at Gettysburg, 
July 3, 1SSS, at dedication of monument of Pettit's 
Battery. Resident in Onondaga Co. since April, 1831. 
Republican: Episcopalian. Dir. Onondaga Hist. Ass'n, 
1889-1910, and v.-p. 1909-1910; pres. Onondaga Acad, 
of Science. 1901-1902, v.-p. 1910; 2d recipient of Corn- 
planter medal for Iroquois reseArch, 1906. Adopted 
by Onondaga Indians. 1904. Club: Syracuse Clerical 
(pres. since 1905). Address: 121 Mark Av., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Philadelphia, July 9, 1861; ed. in Phila- 
delphia schs., Moravian Coll., Bethlehem, Pa., A.B., 
18S0; LL.D., 1894 (LL.D., Muhlenberg Co., 1S92, Univ. 
of Pa., 1910); m. 1S9U, Lilla, d. James Mitchell, of 
Philadelphia. Admitted to bar at Philadelphia, 1884; 
partner William F. Harrity, 18S5-1S9S; ass't U. S. att'y, 
Eastern Dist. of Pa., 18SS-1S92 and 1896-1000; ass't 
att'y-gen., U. S., 1900-1903. Prosecutor many important 
criminal cases, convicting Cuban filibusters, the Lan- 
caster counterfeiters, and derelict officials of Chestnut 
St. Bank; argued before U. S. Supreme Court, Neely 
case, Lottery cases, Paper Trust, Federal press censor- 
ship, Consolidated Gas, Danbury Hatters and many 
other important cases, and argued the Northern Securi- 
ties case Circuit judges; as master, appt'd bv u. S. 
Court, sold, in April, 1902, Philadelphia Record for $3,- 
000,000, highest price ever obtained for an Am. news- 
paper at public sale; in 1903 entered law firm of Sher- 
man & Stirling of N. Y. City, removing there. Delivered 
Fourth of July oration in Independence Sq., 1S92; 
oration on Pennsylvania Day at World's Columbian 
Exp'n, orations at unveiling of statues of Stephen 
Girard and Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, and 
spoke in response to toast: The American Bar. at din- 
ner given in London bv Bench and Bar of England 
to Am. Bar. Ex-pres. N. E. Soc. of Pa., and Pa. Soc. of 
N. Y.; gen. counsel Am. Sugar Ref ining Co ., trustee 
Moravian Coll.. Bethlehem, and of MuTuaTLife Ins. 
Co. of N. Y. Clubs: Art, Franklin Inn (Philadelphia), 
Metropolitan, Lotos (N. Y. City). Address: 55 Wall 
St. X. Y. City. 


Artist; b. Dayton, Ohio, March 11, 1864; s. Charles 
and Louise (Schnicke) Beck: ed. in Ohio schs. and 
pursued art studies at Royal Acad, of Fine Arts, 
Munich; m. N. Y. City, Sept. 3, 1S95, Caroline Peabody 
Perkins. Professionally engaged as artist with studio 
at Cincinnati for several years, and at same time was 
instructor at the Cincinnati Acad, of Fine Arts, and 
at the Rockwood Pottery, Cincinnati: won in a na- 
tional competition for the designs for mural decoration 
of the vestibules of the City Hall of Cincinnati in 
1897; removed to N. Y. City, 1900. Painter of religious 
pictures and portraits. Has 20 pictures representing 
life of Christ, at Museum of Brooklyn Inst, of Arts 
and Sciences, 2 at Nat. Gallery, Wash.. D. C. 1 at 
Newark (N. J.), Museum, and 1 at Montclair Museum; 
20 portraits (groups) of 5th N. Y. Vol. Inf. Duryee 

Zouaves, :it 69th Armory. N. Y. City, tnstr. in art at 

Piatt [nst., Brooklyn. .Mem. Architect i League of 

X. Y. Author: Art Principles in Photographic I'm-- 
tralture (Baker .^ Taylor Co.). Club: Xat. Arts (X. 
v. City). Address: 409 Washington Av., Brooklyn, 
X. Y 


Lawyer; b, Buffalo, N. Y., March 22, 187S; s. Tracy 
Chattield and Minnie \. (Le Roy) Becker; grad. Har- 
vard Univ., A.B., 1900; Univ. of Buffalo, LL.B., 1902; 
in. X v. City, Dec. 22, 1910, Eulabee Dix ; one son. 
Philip I'iw b. June 4. 1912. Engaged in practise of 
law since 1902 at Buffalo, N. Y. Lecturer at Univ. ot 
Buffalo Law Sch., since 1903; author of numerous ar- 
ticles on medico-legal and historical topics. Sp'l ass't 
to att'y-gen. X. Y., 1905-1906. Republican. Mem. 
Brie County, and N. Y. State Bar Ass'ns, Phi Delta 
Phi legal fraternity. Mason. Mem. Buffalo Hist. Soc. 
t'luhs: University (Buffalo), Harvard (X. Y.). Ad- 
dress: 7 7 W. Eagle St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Physician: b. Nassau, N. Y., April 20, 1S76; s. Henry 
C. and Emeline (Waterbury) Becker: ed. public schs. 
of Watervliet, X. Y. ; Troy Acad., Troy, grad. 1802; 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., and Albany Med. Coll., 
1S07; m. Troy, N. Y., Oct. 22, 191)7. Ethel C. Stone. 
Visiting physician to Samaritan Hosp., Maternity 
Hosp., and Troy Orphan Asylum. Major Med. Corps, 
2d Inf., X.G.X.Y. Mem. Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity, 
Med. Ass'n of Rensselaer County, Med. Ass'n State of 
N. Y., Am. Med. Ass'n. Club: Troy. Address: 6 St. 
Paul's PI., Troy, N. v. 


Auditor; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 5, 1S78; s. Emil A 
(deceased.!, formerly pres. Crocker Fertilizer & Chem. 
Co., and Sarah A. (Burr) Becker; attended Cornell 
Univ.; m. Oct., 1903, Elizabeth T. Coakley; one d., 
Elizabeth T., b. 1904. Gen. Auditor of Larkin Co. 
Served in Cuba with 202d N. Y. Vol. Reg't during war 
with Spain. Clubs: Saturn (Buffalo), Wanakah Coun- 
try (dir.). Residence (summer): Lake View, N. Y.; 
(winter), 55 Saybrook PI. Address: Care Larkin Co.. 
Buffalo, N. Y. 


Lawyer, mf'r; b. Cherry Creek, N. Y., Feb. 13, 1883; 
s. William E. and Eva (Kenyon) Becker; grad. Cornell 
Univ., A.B., LL.B.; m. Olean, N. Y., June 14, 1909, Ivah 
E. Smith; one d., Jane, b. 1910. In practice of law, 
N. Y. City, since 1907; mem. firm Kelley & Becker. 
Pres. and dir. Hammond Typewriter Co. Mem. Ass'n Bar 
City of N. Y., Delta Chi fraternity, Nat. Geog. Soc. 
Recreations: Golf, foreign travel. Clubs: Cornell 
Univ., Dunwoodie Country. Residence: 83S West End 
Av. Address: 60 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Artist; b. St. Louis, Mo.. July 30, 1S6S; d. Charles and 
Adeline (Cheney) Beckington; ed. Art Students' 
League, N. Y. City; Academie Julien and Charles Lazar, 
Paris. Specialty is miniature painting, for which work 
received bronze medal from World's Fair at St. Louis, 
1904, and honorable mention from Pan-Am. Exp'n at 
Buffalo; exhibited at Paris Exp'n, 1900, at Paris Salons, 
and at exbn's of Nat. Acad. Design and Soc. Am. Ar- 
tists. Mem. and founder Am. Soc. Miniature Painters 
(v.-p.); mem. Pa. Soc. Miniature Painters; instr. in 
miniature painting, Art Students' League, X. Y. City. 
Residence (summer): Scituate, Mass. Address: 157 
Carnegie Hall. N. Y. City. 


Capitalist; b. Clarendon. Orleans Co.. N. Y., Dec. 
30, 1848; ed. Genesee Coll.; m. June 23, 1875, Belle 
G. Corwin, of Brighton, N. Y. Teacher; admitted to 
Bar 1S75; practised law at Batavia, N. Y., 1S75-1S77. 
Removed to Rochester, N. Y., 1S77; City Att'y of 
Rochester, 18S3-1SS7: in practice of law, Rochester, 
since 1878. Pres. Rochester R'y Co., 1893-1901; pres. 
Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo R'y Co., 1893-1901; chm'n 
B'd Gen. R'y Signal Co. since 1904: sec'y Rochester 
Hotel Corp'n; Pres. Ohio Petroleum Corp'n. Mem. Psi 
Upsilon fraternity, Bar Ass'n City of N. Y., Syracuse 
Univ. Alumni Ass'n. v.-p. Rochester Orphan Asylum. 
Clubs: Genesee Valley (Rochester), City Transporta- 
tion, Engineers (N. Y.). Residence: Rochester, N. Y. 
Address: Grand Central Terminal, N. Y. City. 


Clergyman, theologian; b. Old Lyme. Conn., 1S43; 
s. AVilliam and Caroline (Champion) Beckwith; grad. 
Yale, A.B., 1868, Ph.D., 1872; grad. work at Leipzig 
and Gottingen, 1872-1874; D.D., Trinity Coll. (Hart- 
ford), 189S. Instr. Greek. Univ. of Tenn., 1S6S-1870; 
Yale, 1870-1S72 and 1874-1S79: prof. Greek Trinity 
Coll.. (Hartford). 1S79-189S; prof. New Testament in- 



terpretation, Gen. Theol. Kern., N. T. City, 1898-1006. 
Ordered deacon, 187."), ordained priest, 1876, in Epis- 
copal Ch.; since 1907 lecturer in Biblical studies, Trin- 
ity Coll., Hartford. Mem. Biblical and 
Soc, Am. Fhilol. Soc, Am. Arch. Soe Address: Hart- 
turd, Conn. 


Insurance pro;.; b. in County of Essex, England, 
Ma: I L839 tnsp. agencies for London branch, Koyai 

i! ;::. becoming mg'r Canadian branch, July. 

1871 and of X. Y. branch 1873-1893; since 1893 U. S. 
alt'y lor same company. Pres. Queen Ins. Co. of Amer- 
ica since 1803. Pres. Tariff Ass'n of N. Y., 189a; pres. 
N Y B'd Fire Underwriters, 1896. Episcopalian; 
warden Ch. of the Epiphany; mem. B'd Management, 
St Luke's Hosp.; ex-pres. St. George's Soc. Residence: 
Larchmont Manor, N. Y. Address: S4 William Bt., 
N. Y. City. 

Physicist, electrician; b. Brooklyn, April 12, lisbs, 
s. Edwin F. and Caroline (Cunningham) Bedell; ed. 
Montclair (N. J.) High Sch., Yale Umy., A.B 18J0, 
Cornell Univ., Ph.D., 1892; m. July 1, lS9b, Mary L. 
Crehore, of Cleveland, O.; children: Eleanor Crehore, 
Caroline Cunningham. Ass't prof, physics 1893; prot. 
applied electricity since 1904, Cornell Univ.; asso. 
editor Physical Review, 1894, mn'g editor, 1913; past 
gen sec. A.A.A.S. ; mem. various soes. and contb r to 
their proceeding's and to scientific journals. Mem. 
Jury of Awards, Dept. of Electricity, La. Purchase 
Exri'n 1904; mem. Internat. Electrotechnical Comm n, 
1913 'Author: Principles of . the Transformer; Direct 
and Alternating Current Manual. Joint author: Al- 
ternating Currents; Laboratory Manual of Physics. 
Best known for his investigations into alternating 
electric currents. Address: Ithaca, N. Y. 

Captitalist; b. Brooklyn. IN. Y., Feb. 19, 1S49; s. Fred- 
erick T. and Mary Ann Elizabeth (Pace) Bedford; ed. 
public schs., Maplegrove Acad., Westport, Conn.; m. 
N Y, Dec. 1871, Mary A. Dingee; children: Charles E., 
Frederick R., Mary E., Emily H., Gracia M. Pres. and 
dir Corn Products Refining Co., Bedford Petroleum 
Co' of Paris, France; Colonial Oil Co., N. J.; Self- 
winding Clock Co.; trustee Title Guarantee & Trust 
Co dir. Thompson-Starrett Co. Clubs: Riding' and 
Driving, Parkway Driving, Bridgeport Y/acht, Black 
Rock Harbor, Hokanum Golf. Address: 17 Battery 
PI, N. Y. City. 

Ornithologist; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 29, 1877; s. 
Charles and Henrietta Marie (Younglove) Beebe; ed. 
High Sch E Orange, N. J., and Columbia Univ., 1896- 
1899; m. "The Oaks," Clarkton, Va, Aug 6, 1902, Mary 
Blair Rice. Curator of ornithology, N. Y. Zool. Park 
since 1899. Made scientific expd'ns to Nova Scotia, 
Va Fla, Mexico and Venezuela, British Guiana, India, 
Borneo, China and Japan. Fellow Am. Ornithologists' 
Union, N. Y. Linnsean Soc; fellow N. Y. Zool. Soc; 
fellow N Y. Acad. Science, A.A.A.S.; corr. mem. Lon- 
don Zool. Soc. Author: Two Bird-Lovers in Mexico 
(Houghton, Mifflin); The Bird (Henry Holt); The Log 
of the Sun (Henry Holt); Our Search for a Wilder- 
ness (Henry Holt). Contb'r to various magazines and 
scientific publications. Address: N. Y r . Zool. Park, 
N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Fonda, Montgomery Co., X. Y.. Aug. 4, 
isr, I; s. Thomas N. and Elizabeth (Jones) Beebe; grad. 
Albany Med. Coll., M.D., 1881; m. Ephratah, Fulton Co., 
N Y., 1S7S, Laura M. Smith; children: Jennie E. (now 
Mrs Cady), b. 1879; George Warren Beebe, M.D., b. 
18S2. Since 18S1 engaged in gen. practice as physician 
and surgeon at Johnstown, N. Y. Mayor City of Johns- 
town, 1908-1909. Democrat. Mem. Med. Soc. State of 
N. Y., Fulton Co. Med. Soc. Club: Lotos (Johnstown. 
N. Y.). Address: Johnstown, Fulton Co., N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Milburn, N. J., 1S6S; s. William B. and 
Alice Beekman; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B., 1SS9, LL.B., 
1S92; unmarried. Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1891; mem. 
firm Beekman, Menken & Griscom. Mem. Ass'n Bar 
City of X. Y.. Delta Psi fraternity. Clubs: Manhattan, 
Union. University, Racquet and Tennis, St. Anthony, 
Knickerbocker. Address 52 William St., N. Y. City. 


Pres. Chestnut Ridge White Brick Co..; b. Hamilton, 
Out., Jan. 10. 1849; s. Levi and Eliza (Gage) Beemer; 
ed. Hamilton Grammar ami High Sch.; m. Detroit. 
Mich., Margaret I.. Barclay. Former pres. Chestnut 
Pidge R'y Co.; pres. Hand-in-Hand Supply Co.: for 
13 years pres. Industrial Christian Alliance (X. Y. 

City); stockholder in various corp'ns. Independent 
in politics. Presby'n. Mem. Sons of Revolution; pres. 
B'd of Trustee^ Y. W. C. A., Yonkers; life mem. Am. 
Bible Soc, N. Y. State Hist. Soc; trustee Y. M. C. A., 
Yonkers; former mem. Yonkers B'd of Ed'n and St. 
John's Riverside Hosp.; Internat. Peace Forum. Club: 
Economic. Residence: Ridgemont, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Address: 121 W. 42d St., N. Y. City. 


Historical writer; 'b. S. I., N. Y., July 26, 1872; s. 
Julius and Sophia Beer; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B., 
1892, A.M., 1893; lecturer in history, Columbia Univ., 
1894-1897; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 11, 1896, Edith Cecelia 
Hellman; one d., Eleanor Frances, b. Oct. 4, 1902. In 
wholesale business, importing tobacco from Cuba. 
1893-1903; engaged in research work in London on 
English colonial policy, 1903-1905 and 1909. Occa- 
sional contributor to Polit. Science Quarterly, The 
Critic, Putnam's, etc. Author: Commercial Policy of 
England Toward the American Colonies, 1893 (Colum- 
bia Univ.); Cromwell's Policy in its Economic Aspects, 
1902; British Colonial Policy, 1754-1765, 1907 (Mac- 
millan); Origins of British Colonial System, 1578- 
1600, 1908 (Macmillan); The Old Colonial System, 1660- 
1754 (Part 1 in 2 vols.), 1912 (Macmillan). The last 
four volumes were awarded in 1913 first Loubat Prize 
of $1,000 as the best work written in the English 
language during the preceding five years on the his- 
tory, geography, archEeology and ethnology of North 
America. Mem. Am. Hist. Ass'n, Am. Econ. Soc, Am. 
Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Acad. Polit. Science, 
Virginia Hist. Soc, Polit. Science Ass'n. Trustee 
Jewish Protectory and Aid Soc. Clubs: Columbia 
Univ., Faculty (Columbia Univ.), Century Country, 
American Univeisities (London, England), Royal So- 
cieties (London, England). Address: 329 W. 71st 
St., N. Y. City. 


Social worker; b. New Haven, Conn., March 30, 
1876; s. Robert Anthony and Ida (Cooke) Beers; grad. 
Sheffield Scientific Sch., Yale Univ., Ph. B., 1897; m. 
Clara Louise Jepson of New Haven. In commercial 
business in N. Y. 1898-1900. 1904-1905. Organizer and 
sec. Nat. Com. for Mental Hygiene (founded 1909); 
organizer and exec sec. Conn. Soc. for Mental Hy- 
giene, the first agency of its kind established. Au- 
thor: A Mind That Found Itself (autobiography), the 
publication which led to founding the above men- 
tioned sees. Writer on topics relating to mental hy- 
giene and care and treatment of insane, including The 
Value of Social Service as an Agency in the Preven- 
tion of Nervous and Mental Disorders; A Society for 
Mental Hygiene as an Agency for Social Service and 
Education; Opportunities for Nurses in the Field of 
Mental Hygiene; The Necessity for Organized Work 
in the Conservation of Mental Health; The Need and 
Value of Recreation, Play and Diversional Occupation 
Among the Insane; What a Society for Mental Hy- 
giene Can Do for the Individual and the Community. 
Clubs: Graduates (New Haven). Yale (New Y'ork), 
Berzelius Society (Y'ale University). Address: 50 
Union Sq., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer: b. N. Y. City; grad. Columbia Univ.. A.B., 
1881, LL.B., 18S3. Mem. law firm Lord, Day & Lord. 
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Sons of Revolution. 
Clubs: Century, University, Columbia University. 
Columbia Alumni. Down Town. Residence: 120 E. 
39th St. Address: 49 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Manager, playwright; b. San Francisco, Calif., July 
25, 1859; s. Humphrey and P.ena (Martin) Belasco, 
both natives of England; early ed'n under Catholic 
priest at Vancouver, B.C.; grad. Lincoln Coll., Calif.. 
1S75. Early showed a predilection for the stage; stage 
mg'r Baldwin Theatre, San Francisco, 1S78, and later 
stage mg'r Grand Opera House and Metropolitan 
Theatre. San Francisco; during this time also drama- 
tizing novels, adapting foreign plays, and doing orig- 
inal work; . . i n i . lOast, INMI, and took charge of pro- 
ductions of Mallnry Bros, at Madison Square Theatre; 
went with Frohman. 1SS7; was mg'r Mrs. Carter in 
his own version of Barton & Simon's Zaza; mg'r and 
prop'r Republic Theatre from 1902; mg'r and prop'r 
Belasco Theatre. 190S. Author of plays: May Blos- 
som, La Belle Russe, Valerie. Hearts of Oak. Heart 
of Maryland, Lord Chumley, The Highest Bidder, Zaza, 
Naughtv Anthony, Madame Butterfly, Madame Du 
Barry, The Girl of the Golden West, The Return of 
Peter Grimm; and co-author of The Darling of the 
Gods Sweet Kitty Bellaires, Adrea. The Charity Ball, 
The Wife, Men and Women, and The Girl I Left 
Behind Me, and other plays recently produced: The 
Fightmg Hope, The Woman, The Governor's Lady, 



The Concert, Years of Discretion, A Temperamental 
Journey, a revival of The Auctioneer, and The Man 
Inside. Address: Belasco Theatre, N. V. City. 


Sec. Nat. Civil Service ReforTi League and Civil 
Service Reform Ass'n; b. Newark Valley, X. Y., March 
14, 18x3; s. J. Waldo and Mar\ \ (Kvanl Ihdrn.T . 
attended Phillips-Exeter Acad., L900-1902; Harvard 
Univ., A.B., 1905; m. N. Weymouth, Mass., June 18, 
1913, E. Marie Rodebaugh. Instr. in history and civil 
gov't, Newton High Sch Newtonville, Mass., 1905- 
1907; E Orange Hiirh Sc'h., 1907-190S; Horace -Main 
Sch., N. Y. City, 1008-1010; ass't sec. CivdJ Service Re- 
form Ass'n, and Nat. Civil Service Reform League, 
1010-1912; sec. since Sept. 1012. Residence: 469 East- 
ern Parkway, Brooklyn. Address: 70. Wall St., N. 
Y. City. 


Director Am. Numismatic Soc; b.. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Nov. 23, 1S62; s. Robert Howell and Cornelia Eliza- 
beth (Lowe) Belden; ed. New Brunswick, N. J.; m. 
Feb. 24, 1S97, Corinne Crittenden; one d. Corinne Crit- 
tenden, b. Feb. 16, 1S9S. Mf'r of leather, Newark, N>. 
J., 1SS0-1SS5; U. S. Custom House, N. Y. 18S6-1908; 
librarian of Am. Numismatic Soc. lsoj-lsnii; sec, 1896- 
1902, and since 1905; dir. since Jan. 1, 1909. Demo- 
crat; Christian Scientist, item. S. A. R. (N. J. Soc). 
Residence: S47 Jersey Av., Elizabeth, N. J. Address: 
156th St., W. of B'way, N. Y. City. 


-Merchant; b. Ashfleld, Mass., April 3, 1S33; s. Hiram 
and Mary (Wilson) Belding; ed. Shelburne' Falls 
(.Mass.) Acad.; m. April 1, 1S56, Emily C. Leonard, of 
Ashfleld, Mass.; one son, Milo Merrick Belding, Jr., 
b. April 14, 1S65. Began as boy to sell sewing silks 
on small scale, and later engaged in other commer- 
cial lines; in 1SU3, with 'brothers, established a silk 
house in Chicago, and in 1S64 one in N. Y. City, from 
which has grown Belding Bros. & Co., with great 
plants at Northampton, Mass., Belding, Mich., and 
Rockville, Conn., of which is treas. ; also dir. In- 
ternat. Salt Co., Broadway Trust Co., Internat. Pulp 
Co., Genesee & Wyoming It. R. Co., Retsof Refining 
Co., and many others. Republican. Mem. Chamber of 
Commerce, Am. Geog. Soc, Sons of Revolution, Soc. 
Founders and Patriots of America. Club: New York. 
Residence: 10 W. 72d St., N. Y. City. Address: 902 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Merchant; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 14, 1S05; s. Milo 
Merrick and Emily C. (Leonard) Belding; ed. Adelphi 
Acad., prepared for Harvard with private tutor; m. 
Brooklyn, Feb. 9, 1S87, 'Annie Kirk. Pres. and dir. 
Belding Bros. & Co.; v.-p. and dir. Broadway Trust 
Co., Internat. Salt Co., Genesee & Wyoming R. R.; 
treas. and dir. Internat. Pulp Co., Oswegatchie Light 
& Power Co., U. S. Pulp Co.; dir. Irving National 
Bank, Retsof Mining Co., Avery Salt Co., Belding Sav- 
ings Bank, Greater N. Y. 'Savings Bank, and many 
other corp'ns. Republican. Mem. Chamber of Com- 
merce, Sons of Revolution, Soc. Founders and Patriots 
of America, Am. Geog. Soc. Clubs: Union League, 
New York, Manhattan, N. Y. Athletic, Automobile of 
America, Aero of America, Aldine, Crescent Athletic, 
Marine and Field, Glenwood Country, Boston Athletic. 
Address: 58 Central Park S., N. Y. City. 


Sup't of Schools; b. Unadilla, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1S55; 
s. Eli C. and Caroline (Eells) Belknap; ed. Unadilla 
(N. Y.) public sch. and acad. ; Marietta (Ohio) Acad, 
and Marietta Coll., A.B. (classical honor Phi Beta 
Kappa), 1880, A.M., 18S3; m. McConnellsville, Ohio, 
Aug. 16, 1881, Kate Love Conklin; one d., Mary Conk- 
lin Belknap, b. May 13, 18S3. Principal, Unadilla 
Acad., Sept., 1SS0, June 1SS5; conducted teachers' in- 
stitutes, June, 18S6, Jan., 1887; prin. and sup't pub- 
lic schs., Whitehall, N. Y., Sept., 18S7, July, 1889; sup't 
schs., Lockport, N. Y., since Sept., 1SS9. Episcopalian. 
Mem. State and Nat. Edn'l Ass'ns, Delta Upsilon (coll. 
fraternity). Address: 247 East Av., Lockport, N. Y. 


Director Albert B. Ashforth, Inc.; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 
8, 1S73; s. Robert Lenox and Mary Phoenix (Remsen) 
Belknap; ed. Lawrenceville Sch. and Cornell Univ.; 
m Galveston, Tex., April 21, 1S0S, Ray Sealy Hutch- 
ings; one son, Waldron P., Jr. Dir. Advertising Corp'n 
of America; pres. and dir. Richmond Co. Countrv Club 
Real Estate Co. Served in Squadron A, N.G.N.Y.. 1S95- 
1900. Presby'n: trustee and treas. B'd Presby'n Ch. 
on University PI.; on B'd of Mg'rs of Am. Bible Soc. 
Mem. Psi Upsilon fraternity, Soc. of the Cincinnati, 
Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution; pres. Alumni 

Ass'n of Lawrenceville Sch. Clubs: Richmond Co. 
Country. Down Town Ass'n, Cornel] Univ. Residence: 
112 E. 80th St. Address: 10 E. 33d St., N. Y. City. 


Retired contractor; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 28 ls77; s. 

uuie, in. i., ana ne uoaiDusn, i-iUuuingtonville, N. 
Y Address: care Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. 22 Will- 
iam St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, editor; b. Brownsville, Jefferson Co., N. Y., 
Mar. 1.2, 1S32; s. Philander F. and Sylvia (Jones) Bell; 
ed. Franklin Acad. (LL.D. Taylor Univ., Ind., and 
Rutherford Coll. N. C); m. Sept. 8, 1857, Helene S. 
Taylor. Admitted to bar, Rochester, N. Y., 1853; prac- 
tised at Hammondsport, N. Y., 1853-1861; Bath, N. Y. 
1861-1864; N. Y. City since 1S64. Attorney for Union 
Pacific R'y, 1S04, and drew the act and had charge 
of the legislation which passed Congress to aid its 
constr'n; att'y for Pacific Mail S. S. Co. Pres. Medico- 
Legal Soc, 14 terms; founder Internat. Congress on 
Tuberculosis (honorary pres., St. Louis, 1904, treas. 
and sec council of Congress, N. Y. City, 1906) ; dele- 
gate from Gov't of U. S. to Internat. Med. Congress, 
Paris, 1900, and Lisbon, 1900. Editor and publisher 
since 18S3, of Medico-Legal Journal (which completed 
its 3rd decade, June, 1913). Editor Medico-Legal 
Papers, 3 vols.; Bulletin American Congress on Tuber- 
culosis, 4 vols.; Proceedings Medico-Legal Congress 
of 19O0-1902 and 1S95 and 1906. Author: Bell's 
Medico-Legal Studies, S vols.; Spiritism, Telepathy 
and Hypnotism; History of the Supreme Court of the 
States and Provinces (New York and 15 other States) 
2 vols.; Longevity The Relation of Old Age to Use- 
ful Work; also various other publications; hon. mem. 
Soc. di Freniatra of Italy, Anthropology of France, 
Medico-Psychologique, Paris. Hon. mem. Medico- 
Legal Soc. of France, Belgium, London, Mass., Rhode 
Island Conn., Chicago, Phila., and Denver; soc. of 
Mental Medicine, of the Netherlands, Soc. of Anthro- 
pology of Belgium. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. County 
Lawyers Ass'n; mem. Internat. Congress on Tuber- 
culosis. Clubs: Union League, N. Y. Press. Resi- 
dence: 102 W. 84th St. Address: 39 Broadwav N 
Y. City. 


Artist; 'b. N. Y. City, Dec, 1S62; s. George and Hen- 
rietta (Pfaeffle) Bell; ed. Nat. Acad. Design and Art 
Students' League, N. Y. City; Royal Acad., Munich, 
Bavaria (silver medal); m. Peconic, L. I., April, 1903, 
Julia F. Overton. Awarded Hallgarten Prize, Nat. 
Acad, of Design, 1S93; silver medal, Internat. Exp'n, 
Paris, 18S9; medal, Boston Mechanics Exb'n; silver 
medal, Buffalo Pan-Am. Exp'n, 1901; silver medal, La. 
Purchase Exp'n, 1904. Mem. Soc. Am. Artists; asso. 
Nat. Acad, of Design. Club: Salmagundi. Address: 
226 W. 59th St., N. Y. City. 


Artist; b. London, England, Jan. 28, 1857; s. Robert 
Courtenay and Clara (Poynter) Bell; ed. by private 
tutors and Slade Sch. of Fine Arts, London; m. Cora 
Glenn. Mem. Japan Soc. St. George's Soc. Clubs: 
Players, Pilgrims, Junior Carlton (London). Address: 
Players Club, N. Y. City. 


Attorney and counselor at law; b. New Richmond, 
St. Croix County, Wis.: s. Robert and Mary Elizabeth 
(Austin) Bell; grad. Cornell Univ., A.B.. 1892; LL.B., 
1894; admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1894; began practise of 
law at Spencer, N. Y., removed to Waverlv, N. Y.. in 
1895; appt'd Special County Judge by Gov. Roose- 
velt, and has since held same office under election 
and re-election. Address: W'averly, N. Y. 




Publisher, editor, lecturer; b. Hamilton, Bermuda 

Islands Aug 2, 1871; s. Ebenezer and Eupl i 

(You n't?') Bell: descendant of one of the oldest I 
tiles of Bermuda, and of Philip Bell, one of first govs, 
of Bermuda; ed. private aoajfl In Bermuda, spl courses 
in commercial law and higher business ethics, ac- 
counting and mng'mt. In steamship business, Bei - 
muda, until 1902, moved to N. Y., and since been con- 
nected with wholesale stationery, printing, publish- 
ing and advertising business. Publisher and editor. 
Beautiful Bermuda; lectured on Bermuda. Prop r Bell 
Publishing Co.; mg'r N. Y. office Bermuda Tourist 
Bureau; sec. treas. and dir. Bermuda 'lourist and Ad- 
vertising Bureau. Recreations: Walking, tennis. 
singing Residence: 23S Franklin Av .Hasbrouck 
Heights, N. J. Address: 1180 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Manufacturer, inventor surgical instruments; b. 
HammondspoTt, N. Y May 21, 1S53; s. Philander F. 
and Sylvia Bell; attended Normal Coll., took scientific 
course at Cortland, N. Y.; m. N. Y City, Dec. 24, 1879, 
Hattie Louise Hopper; one d.: Florence Louise, b. 
May IS, 1SS3. Interested in and liberal contb r to 
Scientific Research; inventor and mf'r of instruments 
for treatment of eye, ear, nose and throat, in gen. use 
in U S. and Can.; has given instruments liberally to 
poor and hosps. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. many 
goes, and clubs. Residence: 771 E. ISth St.. Flatbush, 
N. Y. Address: 27-47 S. 9th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Physician; b. Mt. Sidney, Va, of Scotch ancestry 
who settled in Virginia in 17th century; s. Dr. Will- 
iam (surgeon in Confederate Army) and Lavma (Hus- 
ton) Bell; ed. Augusta Mil. Inst., Univ. of Virginia, 
MD, 1S96. Located in N. Y. City 1897; interne and 
house surgeon N. Y. Ear and Eye Infirmary for eigh- 
teen months; inst'r ophthalmology N. Y. University 
and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.; ass't surgeon NY. Eye 
and Ear Infirmary. Mem. N. Y. County Med. Soc N. 
Y Co Med. Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. Ass n, Am Med 
\ss'n Soc. Med. Jurisprudence, N. Y. Ophthalmological 
Soc, Am. Ophthalmological Soc, fellow N. Y. Acad. 
Medicine. Mem. Southern Soc. Alumni Ass n of Phi 
Kappa Psi and Nu Sigma Phi fraternities. Club: Ards- 
ley. Residence (summer): Bellevue Farms, Mt. Sid- 
ney, Va. Address: 40 E. 41st (St., N. Y. City. 


Civil eng'r; >b. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 28, 1S59; s. A. 
N. and Julia Ann (Hamlin) Bell; ed. St. John's Sch., 
Manlius. N. Y., 1S73-1875; Kansas State Univ., 1876- 
1877; Sch. of Mines, Columbia Coll., 1879-1SS1; m. King- 
ston N Y., Dec. 16, 1896, Lizzie Eichler; children: 
Marion Eichler. lb. 1S97; Adolph Nelson, b. 1900; Hamlin, 
b 1904; George Frith, b. 1906. Started business ca- 
reer in Newport, R. I., 1881. as ass't U. S. Eng'r Corps; 
in private practice as civil and sanitary eng r, New- 
port. R. I., 1883-1886; Philadelphia, 1S87-1S90; South- 
west Virginia, 1891-1892; ass't eng'r on fortification 
work, U. S. Gov't, 1893-1895; cement mf'r in Ulster 
Co., 1896-1897; eng'r for U. B. 'Gov't at Fort Hamilton, 
1S97-1S98; since 1S99, in practice at Kingston, N. 1 
city eng'r. Kingston, N. Y., 1900-1901. Democrat; 
Episcopalian. Mem. B. P. O. Elks. Club: Rondout. 
Address: Kingston, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 19, 1871; s. Edward 
Rogers and Eliza N. (Soutter) Bell; ed. Groton Sch., 
HaTvard. A.B., magna cum laude, 1893, DL.B., 1S96; 
m. South Salem, N. Y., May 11, 1S99, Marian Mason 
Crafts; one son: Gordon Knox Bell, Jr., ib. 1902. Ad- 
mitted to N. Y. Bar, 1S97. Republican. Mem. N. Y. 
Co. Com. from 29th Assembly Dist. Mem. N. Y. Bar 
Ass'n, St. Nicholas Soc, Phi Beta Kappa Alumni. Mem. 
B'd Dirs. Am. Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty to Ani- 
mals, B'd Mg'rs House of Refuge, Randall's Island. 
Clulbs: Union, University, Harvard, Tuxedo, Turf and 
Field. Address: 20 Exchange PI., N. Y. City. 


(Mrs. Clark Bell); b. Wheeler, Steuben Co., N. Y.; 
d. Edric s. and Alemna (Seamon) Taylor; ed. Pitts- 
burgh (N. Y.) Acad.; m. Sept. 8, 1857, Clark Bell; 
children: Kate, Carrie Helene (wife of John F. Mc- 
Clain). Has traveled extensively in Europe and this 
country. Mem. Broadway Tabernacle Congregational 
Ch. Mem. Woman's Health Protective Ass'n. Club: 
Sorosis. Address: 102 W. 84th St.. N. Y. City; (coun- 
try) "Bell View Farms, Dundee, N. Y. 

Lawyer; b. 1847; s. R. K. and Maria Louise (Put- 
nam) Bellamy: ed. Union Coll., Schenectady, N. Y.; 
m. Dec. 3, 1879, Blanche Wilder; one son: Frederick 

Wilder b. 1887. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon frater- 
nity; trustee Coll. City of N. Y., Packer Inst., Brook- 
lyn Clubs: Century Ass'n. Lawyers <N. I.), Ham ,V". 
ton Twentieth Century (Brooklyn). Residence: 260 
Henry St., Brooklyn Heights. Address: 1 Liberty St., 
L'u4 Montague .St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 


Artist; b. Columbus, O., 1882; s. George and Anna 
Bellows; ed. Ohio State Univ. and N. Y. School of 
Art; was a pupil of Robert Henri; m. Emma L. Story. 
Is represented in collections of Pa. Acad, of Fine 
Arts, Philadelphia; Met. Museum of Art, N. Y.; To- 
ledo (O.) Museum of Art; Savannah (Ga.) Museum of 
Art; Nat. Arts Club, N. Y.; Columbus (O.) Art Ass'n. 
Asso. mem. Nat Academy of Design since 1909; elected 
mem. May 15, 1913; mem. Soc. Am. Painters and Sculp- 
tors; hon. life mem. Nat. Arts Club. Address: 146 E. 
19th St., N. Y. City. 


(Mrs. O. K. P. Belmont); d. Murray F. and Phcebe 
Smith; ed. in France; m. 1st, 1874, William K. Van- 
derbilt; 2d, 1896, Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont; chil- 
dren: Consuelo (Duchess of Marlborough), b. 1877; 
William K., Jr., b. 1879; Harold S., b. 1884. Is actively 
Interested in woman suffrage movements, children's 
homes, hosps. and other charitable work. Address: 
477 Madison Av., N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 18, 1853; s. late August 
and Caroline Slidell (Perry) Belmont; ed. Rectory Sch., 
Hamden, Conn.; Phillips Exeter Acad., and Harvard 
Univ., grad. A.B., 1874; m. 1st, 1S81, Bessie H. Morgan 
(died 1893); m. 2d, 1910, Eleanor Robson. Entered 
father's banking house, 1875; now head of firm of Au- 
gust Belmont & Co., bankers, which, in addition to its 
own large interests, is the accredited representative of 
Rothschilds in America. Also chm'n of B'd of Directors 
of Interborough-Met. Co., and Interborough Rapid 
Transit Co., which he organized and guided as its pres. 
through construction and operation of Subway for 
first five years; dir. Louisville & Nashville R. R.; former 
chm'n of B'd; dir. Nat. Park Bank and many other 
corp'ns. Mem. Nat. Civic Federation (was pres.). Dem- 
ocrat. Clu'bs: Am. Kennel (pres.), Jockey (chm'n), 
Union, Knickerbocker, Manhattan, Country, N. Y. Ath- 
letic (former pres.). Residence (summer) : Hempstead, 
L. I., (city): 44 E. 34th St. Address: 43 Exchange 
Place, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, capitalist; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 28, 1S51; eldest 
s. late August Belmont, financier; grad. Harvard, A.B. 
(sp'l honors in history and polit. economy), 1872; course 
in civil law, Univ. of Berlin; Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 
1876; m. 1899, Jessie Robbins. Admitted to bar, 1S76; 
practised law until 1881; elected to Congress from 1st 
N. Y. Dist., 4 consecutive terms, 18S1-18S9; chm'n Com. 
on Foreign Affairs, 1885-1888; U. S. Minister to Spain, 
18S8-1S89; insp. gen. with rank of major, First Div , 
2d Army Corps, U. S. V., 189S. Democrat. Dir. of sev- 
eral corp'ns. Mem. Chamber of Commerce. Clubs: 
Metropolitan, Knickerbocker, University, N. Y. Yacht, 
Army and Navy, Jockey, Turf and Field, Coaching, 
Tilden, Nat. Democratic, Manhattan, Union. Address: 
5S0 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Princeton, Washington County, Me., July 
28, 1873; s. Daniel Thomas and Flora C. (Pike) Bel- 
more; ed. Phillips Exeter Acad., 1S92; Harvard Coll.. 
A.B., 1S96; Harvard Law Sch., LL.B., 1898; unmarried. 
Engaged in practice of law since 1S9S. Sec. Cross 
Austin & Ireland Lumber Co. Republican; Episco- 
palian. Club: University (Brooklyn). Address: 1246 
Grand St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Civil eng'r and city surveyor; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 4, 
1S79; s. Julius Christian and Elizabeth (Heim) Belz- 
ner; grad. public schs., 1S93; student Cooper Union 
Scientific Sch., 1896-1S97; took course of bridge eng'ring 
from Internat. Correspondence Sch., 1S97; m. N. Y. 
Citv, March 25, 1903, Helen Nelson Davenport. Appt'd 
city surveyor, City of N. Y., Oct. 12, 1S97, by Mayor 
Strong; now bridge insp of maintenance, construction 
and insp. of steel, Williamsburg Bridge, Dep't of 
Bridges, City of N. Y. Began eng'ring | lei 

T. G. Smith, civil eng'r, architect an 93- 

1898' in detailing many buildings w m- 

demned by City of N. Y.; made perse 300 

separate reports regarding conditions con- 

struction, on eng'ring work, private a I ur- 

veys, etc.; topographical draftsman, C - : 

to' John F. O'Rourke. contracting 61 
Bridge; eng'r insp., tunnel constructs ort 



Line R. K.; I". S. Insp. dyke repairing, Manasquan In- 
let, N. J.; architect sup't with :ai Lowinson, archi- 
tect and eng'r; V. S. Insp. lock and dam construction, 
Warrior River, Ala.; Jan., 1901-April, 1907, insp. ma- 
sonry, assigned to steel com on, N. Y. Rapid Tran- 
sit R. R. Comm'n, in charge Of construction as insp. 
of erection of large pari >i beam tunnel from City Hall 
to 33d St., Manhattan Valley Viaduct < ', mile long), 
Side Viaduct (over 3$j miles long), reinforced 
concrete inspection shed, West Farms, N. v.; West Side 
Vladuet (l 1 - miles long) and Harlem Ship Canal 
Bridge at Kingsbridge; West Side Viaduct Extension, 
steel foundation Van Cortlandt Park extension; April, 
1967-March, 1909, insp. of steel Blackwells Island 
Bridge (No. 1), and since March, 1909, bridge insp. and 
insp. of steel, Williamsburg Bridge, and insp.-ln- 
charge of strengthening of end spans of W illiamsburg 
Bridge; former private, X. V. Signal Corps, N. >',. X. \. 
Lutheran. Junior Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs (elected Oct. 
"'. 1897); elected asso. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, -May ;;. 
1910; also mem. Technical League. Recreations: Ath- 
letics (of all sorts). Residence: ion; W. 1 ::.", tli St.. X. 
Y. City. Address: Broadway & Kent At, Brooklyn, 
X. Y. 


Jurist; b. Chateaugay, X - . Y.. Aug. 21, 1843; capt, 27th 
Separate Co., N. G. N. Y.; mem. B'tl Ed'n; mem. Assem- 
bly; county judge and surrogate, Franklin Co., X". Y. 
Address: Malone, X. Y. 


Merchant; b. Cortland, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1S65 ; s. Lewis 
H. and Phoebe (Morehouse) Bement; ed. Ithaca public 
schs.; m. Ithaca, X T . Y., Oct. 11, 1888, Addie Belle Taber. 
.Mem. Peary Relief Expd'n to N. Greenland, 1901. Pres. 
L. C. Bement, Inc. Clubs: Arctic, Am. Explorers. Ad- 
dress: 142 E. State St., Ithaca, N. Y. 


Economist; b. Springfield, Mass., Apr. 7, 1SO0; s. 
Daniel W. and Mary Wood (Tinker) Bemis; grad. Am- 
herst Coll., A.B., 1SS0, A.M., 1SS4; Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1S85; m. Oct. 2S, 1SS9, Annie Louise Sargent.' 
Prof, history and polit. economy, Vanderbilt Univ., 
1889-1892; asso. prof, social economics, University of 
Chicago, until 1S95; ass't statistician 111. Bureau of 
Labor Statistics, 1S96; prof, economic science and his- 
tory, Kansas State Agr'l Coll., 1897-1S99; sup't water 
dep't Cleveland. O, 1901-1909; deputy comm'r of water 
supply, gas and electricity, X. Y. City, 1910. Assisted 
Chicago in adjusting gas and telephone rates, the State 
of Md. in gas and elec. light rate case; a business 
organization in Baltimore in telephone case; cities of 
Paterson and Passaic, N. J., in gas rate case; Des 
Moines in gas case, and in valuation of water works 
for purchase, and many other cities in public utility 
cases. Now engaged in assisting St. Paul, Minn., in 
fixing rates for gas, electric light and steam heating; 
Springfield, LI., in gas case; Schenectady, N. Y., in 
street r'y and water cases; State of Mass. in gas case, 
and Mason City, la., in gas and elec. light case. Author: 
Municipal Monopolies, 1899; Municipal Ownership of 
Gas Works in the U. S., 1891, and numerous papers and 
articles on municipal gov't, etc. Address: 4300 Beacon 
St., Boston, Mass. ,, 


Physician; b. Buffalo, X T . Y., 1S65; s. Nathan Gregory 
(Jr.) and Gracia Skinner (Smith) Benedict; grad. Univ. 
of Mich., A.B.; Univ. of Buffalo, M.D.; Univ. of Pa., 
M.D.; Ohio Wesleyan Univ., A.M. Appt'd to U. S. 
Marine Hosp. Service, 1S90, but did not serve; held 
various teaching positions in professional schools, in- 
cluding professorship in physiology, in Dental Dep't, 
Univ. of Buffalo. 1S96-1901; sup't of ethnology. Pan- 
Am. Exp'n, 1901; asso. editor, Philadelphia Med. and 
Surg. Reporter, 1S95-1898, and editor, 1S90-1901, Am. 
Therapist of N. Y. ; editor Buffalo Med. Journal since 
1911. V.-p. Am. Acad. Medicine, 1902; councillor Am. 
Gastro-enterologic Ass'n; mem. Am. Med. Ass'n (gold 
medal in medicine); Med. Soc. State of N. Y. (twice 
prize essayist); mem. Historical Soc; Soc. Natural 
Sciences, Buffalo; Delta Upsilon fraternity (pres. Mich- 
igan Chapter and Western N. Y. Alumni Ass'n). Recre- 
ation: American archaeology. Club: University. Ad- 
dress: 228 Summer St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Stock broker; b. Somers, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1834. Clerk 
in st )ck brokerage and banking office of Corning & 
Co., 3S49-1S57; in business for self .since 1S57. Orig- 
inated the Gold Exchange Bank, which grew out of 
the gold speculation of the '60s and '70s. Pres. Com- 
mercial Acetylene Co., and Greenwich Construction Co., 
since Mav 1, 1853. Mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange since 
June 6, 1863. Residence: 10 W. 51st St. Address: 80 
Broadway, N. Y". City. 


Retired mf'r; b, German Plats, N. v., Oct, '<. 1844; 
prepared for coll. Little Falls Acad, and Fairfield 
i id Hamilton Coll., 1869; m. Oct. 10, 18G7, Maria 
Nellis, of fort Plain, X. Y. Midi confidential position 
with E Remington & Sons, 1869-1882; mem. firm 
Wyckoff, Seamans .^ Benedict since 1882; pres. since 
1895; pn . Remington Typewriter Co., 1902-1918. Fel- 
low Met. Museum of Art; mom. Chamber of Commerce, 
Sons of Oneida, Long Island Hist. Soc, \. I-:. Soc, X. Y. 
Hist. Soc, Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; trustee 
Hamilton Coll. and Brooklyn Inst, of Arts & Sciences. 
i Mulis: Grolier, Union League, University, Republican, 
Barnard. Lawyers, Rembrandt. Residence: 5 E. 75th 
St., X. Y. City. 


American consul; b. Aure.ius, Cayuga Co., X". Y.. 
March 5, 1856; s. Newton and Asenath (Chapin) Bene- 
dict; ed. public schools and private school, Washing- 
ton, D. C; m. Washington, D. O, 1S79, Cora Blanche 
Chase; children: Sallie Asenath (Mrs. Alfred F. Tom- 
lins), b. 18S0; Mary Chase, graduate nurse of Auburn 
(N. Y.) City Hospital, b. 1882. Draftsman and clerk 4 
years, in architect's office, Washington, D. C; received 
temporary apptm't in Engineer's Office, War Dep't; 
consular agent, Stratford, Ont., 1879-1SS7; commercial 
agent at Moncton, N. B., 1SS7-1S97; transferred to Com- 
mercial Agency of Campbelltown, N. B.. Jan. 25, 1897; 
on reorganization of Consular Service by Act of Con- 
gress, April 5, 1906, appt'd Am. consul, Campbelltown, 
N. B.; appt'd Am. consul at St. Johns, Newfoundland, 
April 4, 1907. Episcopalian. Royal Arch Mason, Knight 
Templar; charter mem. Ontario Grand Dodge of the 
Royal Arcanum. Clubs: Campbelltown (Campbelltown, 
New Brunswick)^ City (St. Johns, Newfoundland). Ad- 
dress: Am. Consulate, St. Johns, Newfoundland. 

Banker and broker; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 24, 1855; ed. 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.; m. 1881, Sarah Collier 
Blaine. Clubs: Union, Rockaway Hunt, Automobile of 
America, Turf & Field. Residence: 130 E. 67th St. Ad- 
dress: 1 Wall St., X. Y. City. 

Jurist; elected justice Supreme Court, 2nd dist., for 
term expiring Dec. 31, 1925. Republican. Address: 
104 Buckingham Road. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Banker; b. Boston, Mass., Oct. 14, 1860; s. William 
Gardner and Frances Otis (Wheeler) Benedict; ed. 
Mass. Inst, of Technology, class 1880; m. Detroit, Mich.. 
April 7 1891. Maud Benson; children: William Leon- 
ard. Jr., b. Feb. 7, 1S94 (died 1900); Edward Benson, 
b. June 12, 1S96. Entered employ Kidder, Peabody & 
Co., of Boston and N. Y., 1SS0; now mem. of firm. 
Decorated bv Emperor of Japan, 1908, order of Sa- 
cred Treasure. Mem. St. Nicholas Soc, N. E. Soc, May- 
flower Soc, Soc of Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolu- 
tion, Pilgrim Soc, N. E Geneal. Soc, Japan Soc. Clubs: 
Metropolitan, Union League', Grolier, Sleepy Hollow 
Country, Down Town Ass'n, Union (Boston). Resi- 
dence: 960 Park Av. Address: 56 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Consulting eng'r, patent expert and solicitor; b. N. 
Y. City; s. Park and Mary (Western) Benjamin; ed. 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.; Union Coll., Schenec- 
tady, N. Y.; Albany Med. Coll., M.D., 1875, and Univ. 
of Freiburg, Germany, C.E., E.E., Ph.D.; also received 
M.E. and LD.B. degrees; m. 1st, Ogdensburg, N. Y., 
1875, Jane M. Seymour; 2d, Buffalo, N. Y., 1899, Grace 
H. Tremaine; children: Mrs. Edgar Lackland, Mrs. H. 
H. Rogers, Jr., Rosalie de V. and. Benjamin. En- 
gaged for 40 years as consulting eng'r for many iron, 
steel, glass, copper and other mf'g industries: for 10 
years consulting eng'r for Siemens Bros. & Co., Sie- 
mens & Halske, London and Berlin; consulting erig'r 
for most of the electrical firms of the world; con- 
sulting eng'r to U. S. and foreign gov'ts on high ex- 
plosives. Made a specialty of the investigation of 
personal characteristics, student. of the Bertillon sys- 
tem of measurements,- alienist and investigator along 
lines connected with detection and prevention of 
crime. Pres. Conn. Development Co. Mem. Royal Soc. 
for Advancement of Science. Royal Geog.. Soc and 
many electrical societies in U. S. and Europe. Recre- 
ation: Yacht (Day Dream). Clubs: Union League (N. 
Y.), Metropolitan (Washington). Residence: 20 W. 
11th St. Address: 66 Broadway, X. Y. City. 


Editor, U. s. Nat. Museum; b. San Francisco, Calif., 
Jan. 17. 1S57; s. Edmund Burke and Sarah (Mitchell) 
Benjamin: father was a merchant of high reputation 
in San Francisco and later in N. Y. City; ed. Coll. 
City of N. Y., Columbia Univ. (chemical course), Ph.B.', 



1878; honorary degrees of A.M., Lafayette Coll., 1888; 
Ph.D., Univ. of Nashville, 1889; So.D., Univ. of Pitts- 
burgh. 1905; LL.D, St. Johns, 1910; in. June 16, 1892, 
Carolyn, a. of J. Loring Gilbert, of N. Y. City, in 
business pursuits lour years; became editor Am, 
Pharmacist, I ^2, and later of its successor, the Week- 
l. Drug News; chemist in the U. S. Laboratory in 
Appraiser's Store, N. Y. City, 1883; sanitary eng'r N. 
Y. City B'd of Health, 1SS5 ; lecturer on chemistry, N. 
Y. Woman's Med. Coll., 1886; wrote articles on min- 
eral paints in Mineral Resources of the (J. S., 1882- 
1885; contb'r to Appleton's Annual Cyclopedia, 1883- 
1902; on editorial staffs Cyclopedia of Am. Biography, 
1886-188S; Standard Dictionary, 1S91-1894; Johnson's 
Universal Cyclopedia, 1895; Encyclopaedic Dictionary, 
189C; Am. Educator, 1897; Internat. Year Book, 1899- 
1902; New Internat. Encyclopaedia, 1900-1903; New In- 
ternat. Year Book, since 1907; editor-in-chief Apple- 
ton's New Practical Cyclopedia (6 vols., 1910). Editor 
Appleton's Dictionary of N. Y., 1890; Handbook of 
Winter Resorts, 1890-1896; Handbook of Summer Re- 
sorts, 1891-1897; Gen. Guide of the U. S., 1891-1902; 
Canadian Guide Book, 1895-1S9S; revised edition of 
Picturesque America, 1894; May Time (a collection 
of poems), 1899; Some Noted Paintings of Artists of 
To-day, 1902; Washington During War Time, 1902. 
Translator of Bertholet's Explosive Materials, 1883. 
Since 1S96, editor of Proceedings, Bulletins and An- 
nual Reports, U. S. Nat. Museum. Contb'r to Scien- 
tific Am., Popular Science Monthly, The Chautauquan 
and other popular magazines. Author: Braddock's 
Rock, a Studv in Local History, 1S99: Memoir of Rear 
Admiral Francis Asbury Roe, 1903; A Memorial of 
John Henry Boner, 1905; John Bidwell, Pioneer, a 
Sketch of His Career, 1906, etc. 'Mem. Jury of Awards. 
World's Columbian Exp'n, 1893; Tennessee Centennial 
Exp'n, 1897; Trans-Mississippi Exp'n, 1898; Pan-Amer- 
ican Exp'n, 1901; South Carolina Interstate Exp'n, 
1902; Louisiana Purchase Exp'n, 1904; Jamestown 
Exp'n, 1907. Episcopalian. Mem. Council of Wash. 
(P. E.) Cathedral, 1911; mem. Com. of one hundred 
on Celebration of Centenary of Anglo-Am. Peace, at 
National Capitol, 1912. Mem. U. S. Assay Comm'n. 
1896. 1899, 1904. 1906, 1912. Sec. of Section of Tech- 
nical Chemistry, Internat. Congress of Arts and Sci- 
ences. St. Louis. 1904; mem. Hudson-Fulton Celebra- 
tion Com.; life fellow London Chem. Soc, A. A. A. S. 
(v.-p. and acting pres., 1899, local sec. Washington 
meeting, 1903); mem. Am. Chem. Soc. Soc. Chem. In- 
dustry, Nat. Geog. Soc. Phi Beta Kappa. Sigma Xi. 
Tau Beta Pi, gov. Soc. Colonial Wars. 1905-1907; pres. 
Soc. War of 1812. 1898-1908; sec. Sons of the Revolu- 
tion, 1904-1907. in Dist. of Columbia; pres. Alumni 
Ass'n of Columbia Univ. in Dist. of Col.; honorary 
mem. Ladies' Hermitage Ass'n, and of Wachovia Hist. 
Soc. of N. C. Clubs: Authors (N. Y. City), Cosmos 
(Washington. D. C). Residence: 1703 Q St. Official 
address: U. S. National Museum, Washington, D. C. 


Patent lawyer, author; b. N. Y. City, May 11. 1849; 
s. Park Benjamin (poet), and Mary (Western) Ben- 
jamin; grad. Trinity Sch., N. Y. City, 1862: U. S. Naval 
Acad., 1S68; m. Yonkers, N. Y., 1891. Ida E. Crane. 
Made several cruises; was with Arlm'l Farragut, Eu- 
ropean station, 1868; promoted ensign, 1S68, and re- 
signed, 1869. Grad. Albany Law Sch., LL.B., 1870; 
admitted to bar same year; Ph.D., Union Coll., 1877. 
Asso. editor Scientific American, 1872-1878; is scien- 
tific expert and counsel in patent matters. Editor-in- 
chief Appleton's Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics, 
1878-1891. Asso. mem. Soc. Naval Architects and Ma- 
rine Eng'rs: foreign mem. British Chartered Inst, of 
Patent Agents, mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs. Author 
numerous books' and magazine contributions. Was 
first to advocate U. S. Naval Reserve. Collected with 
R M. Thompson and E. J. Berwind. valuable library 
'of rare 'works relating to electricity, and presented it 
to I', K. Naval Acad. Has been counsel to leading in- 
ventors and corp'ns in various proceedings and litiga- 
tions. Residence: 270 W. 73d St.. and Barnacle, West 
in :.ton Beach, L. I. Office: 1G5 Broadway, N. Y. 

ci t : 


Publisher; b. Guilford, Conn., Sept. 24, 1854; s. Park 
and Mary ]'.r<>wer (Western) Benjamin; grad. Union 
Coll., A.B. 1874; A.M., 1S77: m. N. Y. City, Nov. 1, 
1899, Rachele Maria Carolina Toussaint de Saint 
Seigne, Baroness de Saint Seigne; children: Park, t>. 
1900; Ottavia, Clelia, Maria Victoria. Journalist in 
Schenectadj and Saratoga: 11 years on N. Y. Sun. pub- 
lisher and edltOT of The Collector: collector of his- 
torical documents since 1SS7. Republican; formerly 
men. Rep Co Com. X. Y. city. Catholic. Formerly 
historian S. A. R. : mem. National Union. Address: 225 
Fifth Aw, X, Y. City. 


Banker; b. Paris, Prance, Oct. 30, lt>72; s. James 
ami Fanny G. (Horton) Benkard; grad. St. Mark's 
Sch.. Columbia Univ., A.B., 1894; m. N. Y. City, Dec. 
12, 1902, Julia Olin; children: Phyllis, b. 1903; Elsie, b. 
1905. Senior partner in firm J. P. Benkard & Co. 
Capt. 12th N. Y. Vols., in War with Spain. Capt. on 
Guv's staff, X. Y., 1905-1907. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Delta Phi fraternity. Clubs: Knickerbocker, Tuxedo. 
I. nee: 43 E. 31st St. Address: 80 Broadway, N. Y. 

Lawyer; b. Port Jervis, N. Y\, Nov. 9, 1870; s. James 
and Alice Leonora (Stiles) Bennet; grad. Albany Law 
Sch., LL.B., (honor man), 1892; m. Gertrude Witschief; 
children: Augustus W. Sarah A., Mary Florence, Edna 
Grace. Official reporter Orange Co. (X". Y.) B'd of 
Supervisors, 1892-1893; mem. Assembly, 1901-1902; 
municipal court judge, N. Y. City, 1903; representative 
59th and 60th Congresses from 17th Dist., N. Y., 1905- 
1909, and re-elected to 61st Congress in 1908. Mem. 
Immigration Comm'n. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. 
State Bar Ass'n, Medico-Legal Soc. Clubs: Republi- 
can. City, Delta Chi. Address: 60 Wall St., X. Y. City. 


Prof. Latin, Cornell Univ.; b. Providence, R. I., April 
6, 1858; s. James L. and Lucia (Dyer) Bennett; grad. 
Brown Univ., A.B., 1878; grad. student Harvard Univ.. 
1881-1882: Leipzig, Berlin, Heidelberg, .1882-1884 
iLitt.D.. Brown. 1904); m. Lincoln. Neb , June 29, 1886. 
Margaret Gale Hitchcock; children: Margaret, b. 1887: 
Lawrence, b. 1888; Harold, b. 1891; Helen, b. 1894. 
Principal public sch., Milton, Fla.. 1S7S-1879; classi- 
cal master. Sing Sing. X. Y.. 1879-1881; head prep, 
dep't, Univ. of Xeb., 1884-1889; prof. Latin, Univ. of 
Wis., 1889-1891; prof, classical philology. Brown Univ.. 
1891-1892; prof. Latin. Cornell Univ., from 1892. Dem- 
ocrat. Mem. Am. Philol. Ass'n, Delta Upsilon. Edited: 
Xenophon's Hellenica, 1892; Tacitus Dialogus de Ora- 
toribus. 1894; Cicero, De Senectute, 1897; Oe Amicitia. 
1897; The Characters of Theophras'.us, 1902; Caesar. 
De Bello Gallico, 1903; Cicero, Selected Orations. 1904; 
The Eneid of Virgil, 1905. Author: Bennett's Latin 
Grammar, 1895, and Appendix, 1895; Latin Composi- 
tion, 1896; The Foundations of Latin, is:<8; Critique of 
Some Recent Subjunctive, Theories, 1898; The Quan- 
titative Reading of Latin Poetry. 1899; The Teach- 
ing of Greek and Latin in Secondary Schools, 1900; 
Sounds and Inflections of the Cyprian Dialect, 1888: 
Latin Lessons, 1901; Preparatory Latin Writer. 1905: 
Latin Language, 1906; Latin Grammar, revised edi- 
tion, 1908; Syntax of Earlv Latin. 1911. Editor Cor- 
nell Studies in Classical Philology. Pres. (1909) Am. 
Philol. Ass'n. Address: Ithaca. N. Y. 

Banker; b. Ticonderoga, X T . Y.. June 1, 1844: s. 
Charles H. and Betsey L. (Bailey) Bennett; ed. Ti- 
conderoga Acad.; m. N. Y. City. Oct. 1908, Mrs. Carrie 
Parker. Taught sch. until 1870; druggist until 1882; 
in mercantile business until 1SS4. One of organizers 
and pres. since 1SS4. First Xat. Bank. Sup't Municipal 
Water Supply until 1S90. Republican: Congregation- 
alism Mason. Dir. Moses Hosp. Recreations: Boat- 
ing, driving. Address: Ticonderoga, N. Y. 

Born Dec. 11, 1S63, and has always resided in old 
Bennett homestead, 1090 Gates Av.. Brooklyn; ed. in 
Brooklyn schs, LL.B., Univ. of State of NY Mem. 
law firm Daniels & Bennett. Bennett Bldg., N. T. City. 
Trustee Kings Co. Savings Inst., Chm'n B'd Broadwav 
and Gates Branch of the Mechanics Bank of Brooklyn. 
Was pres. People's Bridge Ass'n. which succeeded in 
having the great Williamsburg Bridge built by City 
of N Y. Alwavs a Republican; was unsuccessful can- 
didate in 5th N. Y. Dist. for 53d Congress: -elected 
to 54th and 55th Congresses, serving on the Com. 
Inter-state and Foreign Commerce; unsuccessful can- 
didate for 56th Congress; sec. U. S. Senate. 1909- 
1013 Clubs: Metropolitan, Chevy Chase (Washing- 
ton. D. C), Union League (Brooklyn!. Residence: 
1000 Gates Av.. Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Clergyman: b. Troy, X. Y.. July 2. 1S79: s. Herman 
C. and Phoebe (Hetherton) Bennett; grad. Schuyler- 
ville High Sch.. J890: Syracuse Univ.. A.P... (Phi Beta 
Kappa)/ 1004: Drew Theol. Sem., BD 1906; m. Pitts- 
town, X. Y.. Sept. 28. 1904, Nellie C. Rose. Ordained 
to the ministry and has served as pastor M. E. 
churches at Marion. X. Y . 1003-1004: E. Moriches. X. Y 
1 "H4-1905: Garnerville. X. Y.. 1905-1906: Xorth Creek. 
X. Y.. 1906-1908; Long Lake. X. Y.. 1908-1911; Still- 
water, N. Y., since 19-11. Prohibitionist. Mem. Phi 
Beta Kappa Soc, (Kapna Chapter, Syracuse Univ.). 
vddress: Stillwater. X. Y. 




Co sul general ol Great Britain; b. Plymouth, ling., 
May 11. 1855; s. John Nicholas Bennett, ul Kurd l'ark, 
Plymouth. Appointed vice-consul at Panama, Oct. I. 
LS78, and was acting consul there at intervals from 
L876 to L882; appt'd consul at Guatemala, Feb 13, 1883; 
acting consul-general there during 1SS-1; appt'd consul 
at Kio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Jan. 10, 1885, and to 
Reunion, March 1, 1890. Employed on public service 
at I'aris concerning Indian Coolie Immigration; made 
a Companion of the Indian Umpire, June 21, 19t>0, and 
transferred as consul at Bilboa, Spain, June 9, 1900. 
Promoted to consul general at San Francisco, Nov. 11, 
1901; remained there until .May, 1907, going through 
the earthquake and Are of 190G; transferred June 0, 
1907, to New York, where is now serving as consul 
general of Great Britain. Received Coronation Medal 
1911. Fellow Royal Colonial Inst. Clubs: Calumet, 
Down Town. Address: British Consulate General, 17 
State St., N. Y. City. 


Corp'n official: b. Sterling, N. Y., about 1843; s. 
James and Emily Andrus (Douglass) Bennett; ed. 
common sens., Ya.. 1883; Eastman's Business Coll., 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; N. Y. Homce. Med. Coll., M.D., 
1S71; m. N. Y. City, 1S7G, Matilda Booraem Wilmurt; 
children: James Albert, Jr., (deceased); Emily B. (Mrs. 
Robert M. Rogers); Matilda (Mrs. Leo C. Stern); Wil- 
murt A., Stanley R. Moved to N. Y. City, 1864, and 
entered emplov Manhattan Gas Light Co. Later ass't 
chief clerk, then chief clerk; on consolidation of Gas 
Companies in 1SS4, appt'd ass't supt., later supt. of 
Branch 2, Consolidated Gas Co. of N. Y. ; promoted 
ass't sec, 1901; treas., 1903, which office still holds. 
Also treas. Astoria Light, Heat & Power Co.; v.-p. and 
dir. Andrew J. Robinson Co., bld'rs; mg'r Am. Tract 
Sop.; trustee Harlem Savings Bank; dir. TJ. S. Fire 
Ins. Co., and Ball Electric Illuminating Co. Inde- 
pendent Republican; Baptist. Mem. N. Y. County 
Homce. Med. Soc, Cayuga Co., N. Y. Soc, Bapt. Social 
Union, Nat. Geog. Soc; senior mem. Am. Inst, of Homoe- 
opathy; life mem. Masons, and N. E. Soc. Dir. 
Y.MC.A. X. Y. Citv, Jennie Clarkson Home for Chil- 
dren. Valhalla, N. Y. : dir. and treas. N. Y. City Baptist 
Mission Soc: pres. B'd Trustees Southern N. Y. Baptist 
Ass'n. Residence: 2101 Fifth Av. Address: 4 Irving 
PI., N. Y. City. 


Journalist; b. N. Y. City, May 10, 1841; s. James 
Gordon and Henrietta Agnes (Crean) Bennett; edu- 
cated by private tutors; unmarried. Carefully trained 
in journalism, and on death of father, 1S72, succeeded 
to proprietorship and mg'mt of the Herald, which has 
since continued; Fitted out. at personal expense, the 
Jeannette Polar Exploring Exp'n; sent Henry M. Stan- 
ley to Africa to find Livingston; for a time conducted 
a London edition, and for years .has conducted and 
still conducts a Paris- edition; inaugurated in England 
the plan of publishing storm warnings telegraphed 
from the United States. Joined John .W. Mackey, , in 
1SS3 in the organization of the Commercial Cable Co., 
which laid an entirely new cable between America 
and Europe (the Mackey-Bennett cables), greatly in- 
creasing the volume and reducing the cost of trans- 
atlantic communication between the Old and the New 
Worlds. Recreation: Yachting; won an international 
vacht race from Sandv Hook to the Needles, Isle of 
Wight, against two competitors, with his schooner 
yacht the Henrietta, 1S66. and sailed a similar race, 
1870 from Queenstown to N. Y. Harbor, but was beaten 
by the English Yacht Cambria. Resides the greater 
part of the time in Paris. Address: 120 Champs 
Elysees, Paris, France, and 37 W. 47th St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Durhamville, Oneida Co. N. Y.. April 8, 
1S49: s. William H. and Elizabeth A. (Thompson) Ben- 
nett; grad. Hamilton Coll., A.B.. m. June 25. 188o, 
Emma May Wilson; one son, Dwight H., b. Feb. 25. 
1S91; U. S. dist. att'y, Eastern District. N. Y., 1893- 
1897, during administration of Grover Cleveland; now 
mem. law firm Bennett & Crim: Pres. Guaranteed 
Mortgage Co., of New York; Fabrica de Cuba Cigarros 
Co.; v.-p. Bandntvpe Co.: dir. Manhattan Mortgage 
Co. Democrat: Unitarian. Mem. N. Y. County Law- 
yers' Ass'n. Clubs: Union League (Brooklyn), Alpha 
Delta Phi (Hamilton Coll.). Brooklyn Democratic. 
Residence: 1265 Dean St., Brooklyn. Address: 30 
Broad St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer: b. Nashville, Tenn.. July 11. 1S69. of North- 
ern parentage: grad. Oberlin Coll.. A.B.. 1S90: A.M.. 
1S95. Dir. Fruit Auction Co., and Englewood Realty 
lumbia Law Sch., subject of quasi-contracts. Spring 
of 1895, during illness of one of the professors. Mem. 

law Brm in Mi i ' et1 .^ Sicher, since Nov. 1, 

1895. Dir. Fruit Auction Co., and Englewood RealtJ 
Co., mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Gen. Assembly 
State of N. Y., serving in session of 1908, 1909, 1910. 
Club: West Side Republican. Residence: 225 Central 
Park W. Address: 15 William St., N. Y. City. 


Civil eng'r; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 16, 1803; s. Brownlee 
and Mary Maclay (Hogg) Bensel; grad. Stevens lust. 
of Technology, M.E., 1884; m. 1896, Klla Louise Day; 
children: Louise Day, John A., Jr.; Evelyn Adelaide. 
Eng'r for Pa. R. R. Co.; consulting eng'r City of 
Philadelphia, and for the Girard Estate in imino\ - 
ment along Delaware River, Philadelphia. Kng'r-in- 
chief Dep't of Docks, and dock comni'r N. V. City. 
Comm'r B'd of Water Supply, 190S. Appt'd N. Y. State 
Eng'r and Surveyor, 1910. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng rs, 
Inst'n Civil Eng'rs (Great Britain), Chamber of Com- 
merce, N. Y. City. Clubs: University, Union, Engi- 
neers, City, Midday, Somerset County, Country. Resi- 
dence: Marie Antoinette Hotel, 67th St. and Broad- 
way, N. Y". City. Address; Albany, N. Y. 


Physician, city official; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 22, 1869; s. 
Brownlee and Mary Maclay (Hogg) Bensel; ed. private 
sens, of N. Y. City, Coll. Phys. and Surg., M.D. 1890 (with 
honors and a prize) ; m. Newport, R. I., June 19, 1894, 
Alice Cooper, grandniece of James Fenimore Cooper, 
the author; one d., Mary Cooper, b. 1896. Entered Belle- 
vue Hosp. an interne, immediately after graduation; 
served L% years as junior ass't, senior ass't and house 
surgeon; served 3 months in Sloane Maternity Hosp.; 
ass't surgeon, Vanderbilt Clinic, 5 years; clinical ass't, 
ir.str. and lecturer on surgery, N. Y. Polyclinic Med. 
School and Hosp., 5 years; in private practice since 
graduation in 1S90. Appt'd med. insp. Dept. of Health, 
N. Y. City, 1892; served through various grades until 
1903, when appt'd ass't sanitary sup't of the dept.; 
promoted sanitary sup't of dept. July 1. 1907; resigned 
July 8, 1907, and appt'd Comm'r of Street Cleaning of 
N. Y. City same date; resigned as Comm'r of Street 
Cleaning Nov. 25, 1907, and reappointed sanitary sup't 
of Dept. of Health: retired on half pay Oct. 1, 1913. 
Asso. in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine Coll. Phys. 
and Surg., Columbia Univ. First lieut. Med. Reserve 
Corps, U.S.A., surgeon 1st Batallion Naval Militia. 
Unitarian. Mem. Nat. Geog. Soc, N. Y. Hist. Soc, Ass'n 
Military Surgeons, N. Y. Co. Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. 
Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, Soc Alumni of Bellevue Hosp., 
Alumni Soc Sloane Maternity Hosp., Alumni Ass'n 
Coll. Phys. and Surg., Med. Ass'n Greater City of N. Y., 
Physicians' Mutual Aid Ass'n, St. Andrew's Soc. Clubs: 
N. Y. Athletic, Army and Navy (Wash., D. C), N. Y. 
Press. Country home: Great South Bay, Amity ville, 
L. I. Address: 355 W. 84th St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Valatie, N. Y., July 11, 1S66; s. George 
E. and Sarah E. (Best) Benson; grad. Rutgers Coll., 
1S89; m. Hudson, N. Y.. Oct. 9, 1901, Maude S. Mesick: 
children: Charles B.. b. April 11. 1903; John Mesick, 
b. Aug. 10. 1905. Republican. Mem. Reformed (Dutch) 
Ch. Author: Van Deusen Genealogy, under pen name 
of "Mustapha Ben, S. E.": A Lark in Ancient Gardens 
(Knickerbocker Press), The Familv of Best in Amer- 
ica, of Holland Descent. Mem. N. Y. Geneal. and Biog. 
Soc, N. Y. Hist. Soc. Nat. Geog. Soc. and Am. Scenic 
and Hist. Preservation Soc, V.-p. Rutgers Coll. Ass'n 
of Eastern N. Y. Recreations: Automobiling, golf. 
Clubs: Reform, Nat. Arts, St. Elmo, Rutgers (N. Y. 
Citv). Hudson (Hudson). Residence: 306 Warren St., 
Hudson, N. Y. Address: 12 S. 4th St., Hudson, N. Y. 


Lawyer, eng'r; b. Ellenville, N. Y., July 31, 1858; 
s. Edward W. and Emily (Humphrey) Bentley; grad. 
Williston Sem., 1876; Yale, 1880; m. Washington. D. C, 
1888, Mary H. Merrill; one son. Edward S., b. 1893. 
Mem. law firm of Sheffield. Bentley & Betts. Mem. 
Am. Ass'n Elec Eng'rs. Clubs: Century, Lawyers, 
Yale, Rockaway Hunt. Address: 52 William St., N. Y. 


Clergyman; nat. sec Actors' Oh. Alliance; b. Eng- 
land. 1864; coming to U. S., entered business, and after 
some time became an actor, appearing mainly in 
Shakespearean and other classic roles; being brought 
under influence of Phillips Brooks, studied for the 
church, and was ordained by Bishop Huntington, 1891; 
served several years as rector in Diocese of Central 
N. Y., and in 1897 became associated with Rev. Dr. 
Rylance as vicar of St. Mark's Ch., N. Y. City: later 
served Rev. R. Heber Newton in same capacity: now 
organizer and nat. sec. Actors' Ch. Alliamce. of which 
is practicallv the founder. Address: Actors' Ch. Al- 
liance. 129 Kent St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 




Jurist; b. Tolland, Conn., May 7, 1848; s. Azarlah I. 
anil Louisa W. (Allien) Benton; (mother des' > 
from John Alden or Mayflower); grad. Cornell Univ. 
B.A., 1871 (Phi Beta Kappa); Columbia Coll. Law Sch., 
LL.B., 1874; m. i \. Y.. July S, 1892, Catharine 

S. Westerdeek: Ethel, b. 1896; George, Jr., b. 

1897; Alice, b. 1900; Helen, b. 1903. Dist. att'y Monroe 
Co., 1SS0-1892; surrogate Monroe Co., 1S9G-1905; county 
jinUi- Milium in, i!Mi(i; Justice Supreme Court since 
Jan. 1, L907. Campaign speaker; copt, Lincoln Guards, 
1S84. Republican. Mason, Knight Templar and 
Shriner (33") ; honorary life pres. Rochester Masonic 
Temple. Club: Lincoln, of Monroe County (active 
and hon. comd'r since org'n, 1SS0.). Residence: Spen- 
cerport, N. Y. Address: Rochester, N. Y. 


Methodist Episcopal clergyman; b. Middletovvn, 
Conn., April 30, 1849; s. Rev. Josiah T. and Maria E. 

(Granniss) Benton; ed. public schools in Providence. 
R. I.; East Greenwich ( R. I.) Acad, honorary alumnus; 
Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn. (A.M., D.D.); m. 
Stafford Springs, Conn., 1869, Ellen M. Taft; one 
daughter, Eva M. Entered ministry in Providence 
Conference. 1S70; served in several important pastor- 
ates of conference; presiding elder Providence Dist., 
1890-1896; New Bedford Dist., 1901-1902; since 1902 
recording sec. Board of Foreign Missions of M. E. Ch. 
Was mem. 1888, and mem. and sec. Gen. Conference. 
M. E. Ch., 1892, 1896, 1900, 1904 and 190S; sec. New 
England Southern (formerly Providence) Conference, 
1884-1903. Residence: Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Address: 150 
Fifth Av, N. Y. City. 


Artist, portrait painter; b. Einsiedeln. Switzerland. 
1867; s. Adelrich (head of firm Benziger Bros., pub- 
lishers, FJinsiedeln, Switzerland; New York, Cincinnati 
and St. Louis) and Marie Koch; ed. Downside Coll.. 
England; Brussels, Geneva, Munich, Vienna, Academie 
Julien, and Beaux Arts, Paris: m. St. Patrick's Ca- 
thedral, N. Y. City, July 5, 1898, Gertrude Lytton: 
children: Marie, b. 18.99; Helene, b. 1900; Marguerite, 
b. 1902. Painted portraits of Pope Leo XIII, Sir 
Stuart Knill, Lord Mayor of London; Leon Bourgeois. 
Prime Minister of France; Pres. McKinlev, Richard 
Croker. of N. Y., Pres. Roosevelt, Pres. Taft, Pres. 
Diaz, of Mexico: Pres'ts of Switzerland, Hauser, Forrer 
and Deueher; Cardinal Gibbons, of Baltimore; Senator 
Shelby M. Cullom, for Capitol, Washington, D. C. ; 
Robert S. Brookings, for Washington Univ., St. Louis; 
J. Pierpont Morgan, Princess Duleep Singh, of London; 
Duchess d'Aosta, and many others. Catholic, Commd'r 
de 1'Ordre du Christ and officer de l'Ordre St. Jacque. 
Mem. Union Artistique (Paris). Club: Manhattan. 
Summer residence: Villa Gutenberg, Brunnen, Swit- 
zerland. Address: 8 rue Eugene Flachat, Paris, and 
140 W. 57th St., N. Y. City. 


Journalist lb. Susquehanna, Pa., April 10, 1858; ed. 
in public schs. Began in printing office, 1873; estab- 
lished Hornellsville (N. Y.) Daily News at 19; sub- 
sequently prop'r of newspapers at Cedar Rapids and 
Des Moines, la., and Omaha and Lincoln, Neb.; since 
1892 on staff of Omaha Bee, Chicago Inter Ocean, ana 
Chicago Record Herald; transferred from financial 
editorship latter paper to Washington at outbreak 
of Spanish-Am. war; correspondent at Paris, 1899- 
1900; N. Y. correspondent since 1902. Address: Herald 
Bld'g, N. Y. City. 


Manager Gen. Elec. Co.; 'b. Springfield, Mass., Sept. 
16. 1862; s. Joseph and Kate Beran; ed. Public Sch. 
Xo. 40, X. Y. City; Coll. City of N. Y., A.B., 1881. Began 
business career, 1881; engaged in various occupations 
in N. V. City and the West. 1881-1889; since then with 
Gen. Elec. Co. and its predecessors in various capaci- 
ties; since 1903, mg'r Gen. Electric Co. Asso. 
mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs; past pres. N. Y. Elec. 
Soc. Clubs; Engineers, Railroad of N. Y. Address: 
30 Church St., N. Y. City, 


Lawyer; b Brooklyn. X. Y.. May. 1S4R; s. Garret G. 
and Mary (Hubbard) Bergen; ed.'Brooklvn Poly. Inst., 
Rutgers Coll., A.B., 1867; Univ. of Heidelberg. Dr. in 
Public Law, 1871; Columbia, DL.B., 1874: also Univs. 

Berlin and Paris; m B klyn, 1SS1, Caroline McPhail. 

Attached to headauarters German Crown Prince in 
Franco-Prussian War, 1870. Engaged in practise of 
lriw in Stale and U. S. courts, and in S. Am. railroads 
and enterprises. Mem. Brooklyn B'd of Ed'n 12 years 
(pres 1SS1-18S6); N. Y. State Comm'r of Charities, 
1895-1900. Pres. The Bogota Citv R'y Co. of South 
America. The Chapinero Co. of South America. The 
Brigantine Co., College Heights Land Co. of Niagara 

Falls; lir. X. Y & S. Brooklyn Ferry Co. Republican. 
Mem. Reformed (Dutch) Ch. Ex-pres. Holland Soc. ot 
X. ST., and St. Nicholas Soc. of Xassau; pres. trustees 
hi Brooklyn Heights Sem.; trustee Rutgers Coll.; dir. 
L. I. Hist. Soc; trustee Hudson-Fulton Celebration 
Com.; chm'n Com. on Hudson Dedication. Identified 
with historical addresses and work on early American 
(New Netherlands) history. Recreations: Outdoor 
sports, axwork, forestry. Clubs: Hamilton, Brooklyn, 
Crescent Athletic (Brooklyn), Lawyers. Delta Phi (X. 
Y. City), Onteora. Address: 160 Broadway, X. Y. City. 


Consul-Ken.; 1>. Burlington, Vt., 1857; attended pub- 
lic schs., 1S72-1876; studied at Uvmnasium, Hildesheim, 
Germany; Wesleyan Univ.. Middletown, Conn., 1^7^- 
1882, leaving one month before graduation to accept 
position of private sec. to late John Russell Young, 
then U. S. minister to China; remained at legation at 
Pekin, 1882-1887, with exception of about 2 years and a 
half, when was vice-consul in charge of consulate at 
Chin-kiang, and at same time acting consul for 
Japan; returned to U. S., 1887; held various positions, 
sec. of a railroad company, an electric company, 
deputy stheriff, and ag't of Colorado Humane Soc. at 
Cripple Creek, Colo., etc., 1888-1896. Appt'd consul to 
Erzerum. April 25, 1S96; to Prescott, Can., 1903; consul- 
gen, at Beirut, Syria, and later consul-gen., Canton. 
China; appt'd consul-gen. at Dresden. Germany. Sept., 
1913. Address: American Consulate-General, Dresden, 


Ass't prof, geology, Columbia Univ.; b. Goshen, Ind., 
Mar. 25, 1867; s. Peter and Lvdia (Stutsman) Berkey: 
ed. in schs. of Ind. and Minn., B.S., 1892; M.S., 1893; 
Ph.D., 1897, Univ. of Minn.; m. Farmington. Minn.. 
Sept. 4, 1894, Minnie M. Best; children: Paul Ains- 
worth, b. 1895; Virginia Dale, b. 1904. Since gradu- 
ation connected with instr'n staff of geol. dep'ts, Univ. 
of Minn, and Columbia Univ., and with State Geol. 
Surveys of Minn., Wis. and N. Y. Has spent summer 
vacations of several years in personal study of or 
professional work in many of the leading mining 
regions of U. S. ; occupied in studv of the geologic 
structure of the Highlands of the Hudson for X. Y. 
State Survey and local geologic conditions for the 
City of N. Y. Consulting geologist for N. Y. City B'd 
of Water Supply in connection with the construction 
of the Catskill Aqueduct. Author: Geologic Features 
of the Catskill Aqueduct, and numerous papers on 
geologic subjects. Independent in politics; Methodist 
Fellow Geol. Soc. of Am., A.A.A.S., and N. Y. Acad, of 
Science; mem. Minn. Acad, of Sciences. Nat. Geog. Soc, 
Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs, Municipal Eng'rs of Citv of 
N. Y., Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi. Tau Beta Pi 'and 
Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Address: Columbia 
Univ., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 11, 1881: s. Charles H. 
and Jane Blair (Wyckoff) Bernard; ed. public schs., 
X\ Y. Citv. Horace Mann High Sch., N. Y. Law Sch., 
LD.B., 1902 (cum laude) : Columbia Univ., 1902-1903; 
in. X'. Y. City. 1908, Louise C. Ziegler; one son. Robert, 
b. 1910. Mem. firm Wavland & Bernard. Republican; 
Presiby'n. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of X. Y.. N. Y. County 
Lawyers' Ass'n. Zeta Psi Fraternity, Dwight Alumni 
Ass'n, N. Y. Law Sch. Alumni Ass'n, Royal Arch 
Mason. Clubs: Republican, Riverside Republican. 
Residence: 777 West End Av. Address: 258 Broadway. 
N. Y. City. 


Merchant: 'b. N. Y. City. 1SS1; s. Charles and Jennie 
Bernstein; grad. Harvard Univ., Class of 1902. A.B. 
(honors); m. Oct. 9, 1907. Irma Lewyn; one son: Charles 
Allen, b. July 20, 190$. Mem. firm of Lasker & Bern- 
stein. Traveled through Europe. U. S. and West 
Indies. Mem. Sp'l Grand Jury Panel. Independent 
Republican; Hebrew. Recreations: Golf, riding, 
motoring, music. Clubs: Harvard. Citv Athletic, 
Hollywood Golf. Residence: 127 W. 75th St. Address: 
161 W T illiam 'St.. N. Y. City. 


Born Brooklyn, X. Y., Sept. 12, 1S4S; s. William 
Berri. Prin. owner Daily Standard Union, newspaper 
and trade publications, Carpet and Uphoistery Trade - 
Review, and Furniture Trade Review; one of or- 
ganizers and v.-p. Hamilton Trust Co. Inventor of 
several type casting machines and other mechanical 
devices. Dir. Nat. City Bank, Kings Co. Elec. Light 
and Power Co., Edison Illuminating Co., Security Safe 
Deposit Co., last pres. B'd Trustees N. Y. and Brook- 
lyn Bridge; mem. Chamber of Commerce: v.-p. X'. 5f. 
State Comm'n to La. Purchase Exp'n. Clubs: Lotos. 
Union iLeague. Aero. Sphinx. Citv. Brooklyn. Oxford 
(Brooklyn). Address: 467 Clinton Av., Brooklyn. X. Y. 




Commission merchant; b. Marlboro, X. Y.. April 2, 
1.S63; s. John \v. and Sarah (Smith) Berrian; m. N. 
Y. City, Jan. 29, 1888, Anna I. Covert; one d.; Irma 
H., b, 1901. senior partner firm of Rorrian Urns., 
comm'n merchants. Republican. .Mom. M. B. Church. 
Mason, mem. Royal Arcanum. Address: 2S1 Mc- 
Donough St., Brooklyn, X. Y. 


Clergyman; b. Valatie. X Y., Maj 20, 1865; s. Rev. 
Charles T. and Anna A. (Sears) Berry; grad. Prince- 
ton Univ., A.B., 1887, A.M., 1 S S 9 ; m. Trov, X. Y.. June 
13, 1893. Carrie E. Packer; children: George Packer, 
b. Dec. 29, 1S9S; Richard Sears,*. Aug. 30. 1901. Prof, 
mathematics. Glendale Coll., 1887-1889; Princeton 
Theol. s. mi . l.sMt-l.Mi3: traveled around the world, 
1893-1894. Pastor Second St. Presbv'n Ch., Troy. X. 
v, 1895-1900; asso sec X. Y. Federation of Churches, 
1901-1904; field sec. Am. McAll Ass'n, since 1905. Resi- 
dence: Englewood, X .1. Address: 156 5th Av., N. Y. 


Bishop of M. E. Ch.; b. Aylmer, Can.. May 13, 1856; 
s. Francis and Ann L. Berry; ed. Milton Acad., On- 
tario D.D., Lawrence Univ.: LL.D.. Syracuse Univ.; m. 
1S76, Olive J. Johnson. Entered ministry of M. E. 
Ch. 1S74; asso. editor Michigan Christian Advocate, 
1SS4-1S90; editor Epworth Herald, 1S90-1904; elected 
a bishop of the M. B. Ch. by the Gen. Conf. at Los 
Angeles. Calif.. May IS, 1904. Address: 930 S. 48th 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Clergyman (hon. A.M., Hobart Coll.). Ordered 
deacon. 1871; ordained priest, 1873; in ministry of 
Episcopal Ch.. by Bishop Doane: ass't minister St. 
Paul's Ch., Albany, X. Y.. 1S72-1S74; rector Granville. 
X. V. 1V74-1S77; asso. missionary, Ripon, Wis., 1877- 
1SS0: rector Sioux Falls, S. Dak., 18S0-18S2: Manlius, 
X. Y., 1SS2; Trumansburg. X. Y., 18S3; Guilford, X. V.. 
isvi-i^.,; rector Ch. of Good Shepherd, Buffalo, 1SSS- 
1909; warden DeLancey Divinity Sch., Geneva, N. Y., 
since 1909. Address: 60 Park PI., Geneva, N. Y. 


Financier; b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 17. 1S4S; grad. 
U. S. Naval Acad., 1S69; appt'd ensign, July 4, 1S70; 
master, Mar. 24, 1872; retired May 14, 1S75; title 
changed to lieut. (Junior grade) Mar. 3, 1SS3; m. Her- 
minie Torrey. Pres. and dir. Bei -wind-White Coal Min- 
ing Co., Internat. Coal Co., Havana Coal Co., v. -p. and 
dir. Wilmore Coal Co.; dir. Ocean Coal Co., Subway 
Realty Co., Guarantee Trust Co. of X. Y.. Girard 
Trust Co. (Philadelphia), Atchison, Topeka & Santa 
Fe R'y Co., Cuba Co., Internat. Mercantile Marine Co., 
Interbor. -Metropolitan Co., Interbor. Rapid Trans. Co., 
Atlantic Gulf & West Indies S. S. Lines. Clyde S. S. 
Co., X. Y. & L. I. Traction Co., N. Y. and Queens Co. 
R'y Co.. Rapid Transit Subway Consol. Co., Cuba R'y 
Co., Toledo, St. Louis & Western R.R. Co.. Wright 
Co., Erie R.R Co., X. Y. R'ys Co., Gulf, Colo., Santa 
Fe R.R. Co., Nat. Bank of Commerce, Newport Trust 
Co., New River, Pocahontas. Consolidated Coal Co., 
Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix R'y, Windber Xat. Bank. 
Mem. U. S. Xaval Acad. Alumni Ass'n, Met. Museum 
of Art, Am. Geog. Soc, Am. Museum of Xatural Hist., 
Acad, of Polit. Science, Japan Soc. X T avy Athletic 
Ass'n, New.port Reading Room, Penn. Soc. Pilgrims 
of U. S., Spouting Rock Ass'n. Clubs: Union, Univer- 
sity, Riding, Metropolitan. X. Y. Y'acht, Racquet and 
Tennis, Army and Navy, Sleepy Hollow, Recess, Auto- 
mobile of America (N. Y*. City), Philadelphia (Phila- 
delphia). Metropolitan (Washington, D. C); Union 
(Boston), Royal Thames (London), Westchester Polo, 
Golf (Xewporti. Havana County, Colonial. Clambake. 
Residence: 2 E. 64th St. Address: 1 Broadway, N. 
Y. City. 


Vice-pres. Berwind-White Coal Mining Co.; dir. N. 
Y. Shipping Co.. X. Y. Produce Exchange Bank, Raht- 
jen's Am. Composition Co., X. Y. and Porto Rico 
Steamship Co.; pres. X T . Y". Maritime Register, The 
World's Maritime Xews Co., New River and Poca- 
hontas Consolidated Coal Co.; dir. Northern Ins. Co. 
of N. Y. ; v.-p. and dir. Havana Coal Co. Clubs: Union, 
Metropolitan. N. Y. Yacht. Racquet and Tennis. Resi- 
dence: 102 E. 39th St. Address: 1 Broadway, X. Y. 


Educator; b. Hornell, X. Y., Aug. 20, 1S62; s. Henry 
D. and Alice M. (McMechin) Best; ed. Cornell Univ., 
B. Sc, 18SS (math, scholarship 4 years, mid-course 
honors in mathematics, special distinction in Mathe- 
matics on graduation); elected to receive Sigma Xi 

key; m. Hurnell, X. v., i^,. Alice Cone; i I G 

C , i'. 1890. Mail, teacher, Hornell High Sch., 1881- 

IS84; Cascadllla Sch., [thaca, "in- year; Boys' 

Sch.. I'.moklvn, 1SSS-1SS9: principal Grammar Sch. No. 

13, Brooklyn, 1889-1902; Grammar Sch. No. 108, nrook- 
l n. from 1902. As pres. of various tes - org'ns 
has been instrumental in securing legislation In in- 
terest of teachers of X. V. City and country at large; 
made a n-cord especially in securing humane laws for 
the retirement of public school teachers for disability 
and alter long service. Mem. B'd of Retirement, I" p'l 
of Ed'n, N. Y. City, 1905-1910; sec of B'd since its 
organization in 1005. Pres. Brooklyn Teachers' Ass'n, 
1903-1907; Interborough Council of Teachers, X. v. 
City, 1904-1907; sec. N. Y. State Teachers' Assn. 1904- 

1907; pres. Dep't Entomology, Brooklyn Inst., several 
years. Lecturer on scientific subjects before the 
Brooklyn Inst, and other ed'l institutions. Mason, 
3 2" (is also past master Anglo-Saxon Lodge). Re- 
creations: Entomology and photography. Clubs: 
Montauk, Schoolmasters, University (Brooklyn), 
Masonic (Brooklyn). Address: 171 Ridgewood Av., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Dir. Chautauqua - Inst.; b. Dixon, 111., May 19, 1879; 
s. Orson Porter and Laura Ellen (Moore) Bestor; 
grad. Univ. of Chicago. A.B., 1901; m. Bedford, Ind., 
March 24, 1905, - Jeannette Louise Lemon; children: 
Arthur Eugene, Jr., b. 190S; Mary Prances, b. 1910. 
Prof, history and polit. science, Franklin Coll., Ind., 
1901-1903; lecturer on polit. science, Extension Div. 
Univ. of Chicago, 1904-1912: ass't gen. dir., 1905-1907, 
dir. since 1907, Chautauqua Inst. Pres. Internat. Chau- 
tauqua Alliance. Mem. Am. Hist. Ass'n, Am. Polit. 
Science Ass'n, Nat. Geog. Soc, Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta 
Kappa Socs. Clubs: City. Quadrangle (Chicago, 111. i. 
Residence: (summer) Chautauqua, N. Y. (winter) 
5701 Monroe Av., Chicago. Address: 801 Fine Arts 
Bld'g, Chicago, and Chautauqua, N. Y". 


Editor, publisher; b. Albany, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1865; 
s. Charles and Anna (Tausick) Bettelheim; ed. Al- 
bany High Sch.. and Cornell Coll.; m. E. Orange, N. 
J.. June 15, 1887, Emma Hutcheson; children: Edwin 
S., Jr., b. 1S89; Gladys b. 1S93; Spencer, b. 1895: 
Dorothy, b. 1901. Established The Journalist, first 
newspaper devoted to editors; established Chicago 
Dramatic News, first theatrical paper outside of N. 
Y., of which is editor and publisher; also editor Boston 
Dramatic Record and N. Y'. Dramatic News. Served in 
X'. Y. Legislature two terms, in the Assembly; sec. to 
late Senator Wagner of the Wagner Drawing Room 
Car Co. V.-p. Acme Gold Mining Co., sec Blanche 
Ring Co. Charter mem. Republican Club of 23d As- 
semblv Dist. Mem. of Bo. B. 10th Separate Bat- 
talion of Albany, N. Y"., 1883-1886. Republican. Clubs: 
Greenroom, Liberal, Scarsdale Golf. Residence: 
Scarsdale, N. Y. and 310 W. 99th St., N. Y. City. 
Address: 17 W. 42d St. and 17 Vandewater St., N. 
Y. City. 


Traffic mg'r Internat. Navigation Co. of N. Y. City: 
b. Oaklyn, N. J., Oct. 15 1866; s. William and Mary 
(Sharpless) Bettie; ed. William Penn Charter Sch.: 
grad. Haverford Coll., 1885; m. 1S99, Helen Biddle, d. 
Clement A. Griscom, pres. Internat. Navigation Co. 
Became connected with Internat. Navigation Co., of 
which is now traffic mg'r and a large stockholder. 
Clubs: Philadelphia, Rittenhouse, Merion Cricket 
(Philadelphia), Union. Racquet and Tennis. Players. 
Down Town, X T . Y. Yacht (N. Y r . City); St. James, 
Riverside (London, England), South Side Sportsmans, 
Recess. Address: 13 Lexington Av., N. Y. City. 


Editor, publisher, author; b. Wolcott, X T . Y., April 

14, 1863; s. Thomas and Mary (Tiner) Betts; ed. dist. 
sch.. Leavenworth Inst., Wolcott, N. Y'., and Adrian 
Coll.; m. Lyons. X. Y., Nov. 20, 1901, Albertine M. 
Rogers; one d. Isabelle M., b. July 11. 1903. Prop'r 
The Lyons Republican 16 years; v.-p. and dir. Hough 
Shade Corp'n 10 years; owner Betts' Block, three 
story brick bld'g. and pres. Lyons Business Mens' 
Ass'n of Lyons, since 1912. Dir., editor and mg'r The 
Lyons Republican, v.-p. and dir. Hough Shade Corp'n, 
Janesville, Wis. Deputy Clerk N. Y. State Assembly. 
1895-1897; chief clerk Engrossing Dep't, N. Y. State 
Assembly, 1901-1902; chief of Revision Dep't X. Y. 
State Assembly, 1889, 1904, 1905. 1906. Republican 
State Committeeman, since 1904. Represents 36th Cong. 
Dist. composed of Wayne, Cayuga, Ontario, Seneca 
and Yates counties. Author: The Betts-Roosevelt 
Letters (The Lyon Republican Co.), 1912; The Naked 
Truth (Lyon Republican Co.), 1913; writer for maga- 
zines on science of politics and gov't. Republican. 



Pres. N. Y. State Press Ass'n, Western Publishers' 
Ass'n. Mem. Am. Ass'n Polit. Science, Acad. Polit. 
Science of Columbia Univ. Am. Acad. Polit. and bo- 
cial Science of Philadelphia, X. Y. State Hist. Ass'n, 
Buffalo Hist. Ass'n, Alpha Tau fraternity; Mason, Elk. 
Clubs: N. Y. Republican, Adrian Coll. Republican 
Club (pres. 1892). Residence: 29 Holley St. Address: 
41 William St., Lyons, N. Y. 


Author; b. St. John, N. B., April 23, 1S53; s. Hiram 
and Sarah Ann (Purdy) Betts; m. N. Y. City, Feb. 10, 
1905, Elizabeth Cushing Colby. Resident of N. Y. City 
since 1879; several years in business life; more re- 
cently devoted to literature. Translator: Songs from 
Beranger (61 chansons). Author: The Perfume 
Holder, a Persian Love Story; Garland of Sonnets; 
Freewick's Experiment; The Promise (a blank verse 
poem), 1910, also (in collaboration with Arthur Went- 
worth Eaton) Tales of a Garrison Town; contb'r of 
poems to magazines and periodicals. Address: Great 
Kills, S. I N. Y. 


Manufacturer; b. Norwalk, Conn., Sept. 27, 1842; s. 
George Washington and Julia (Miner) Betts; descend- 
ant on paternal side of Thomas Betts, who came from 
England to Guilford, Conn., 1639; and on mother's 
side of Capt. Thomas Miner, who came to America 
with elder Winthrop, 1630, and settled in New Lon- 
don, Conn., in 1646, and of Richard Smith, the patentee 
of Smithtown, L. I. Ed. Old n'ard Sen. 35, and Coll. 
City of N. Y., A.B., 1861; m. April 23. 1869, Margaret 
Eliza Dominick; children: George Whitefleld, Jr., Ho- 
bart Dominick, Margaret Delavan. Manufacturer of 
paints, varnishes, brushes and artists' materials; dir. 
F. W. Devoe & C. T. Reynolds Co., of X. Y., supposed 
to be the oldest commercial house in U. S having 
been established 1754 by William Post. Also v. -p. 
Englewood (N. J.) Sewerage Co. Enlisted in 23d N. 
Y. Reg't, 1863, serving with it in Pa. and Md. cam-, 
paign, 1S64, which ended in battle of Gettysburg and 
defeat of the Confederates; reg't afterward ordered 
to Brooklyn to protect the city from the riots; later 
served term of 7 years in the 7th Reg't, N.G.N.Y. 
Conservative Republican; liberal Episcopalian; warden 
of St. Paul's Ch., Englewood, N. J. Life mem. since 
1857 N. Y. Hist. Soc; mem. N. Y. Numismatic and 
Arohajol. Soc, 7th Reg't Veteran Ass'n. Recreations: 
Studying the tariff subjects and genealogical re- 
searches. Club: Englewood (charter mem.). Resi- 
dence: Englewood, N. J. Address: 101 Fulton St, 
N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Englewood, N. J., Feb. 14, 1871; s. George 
W. and Margaret E. (Dominick) Betts; grad. Prince- 
ton Univ., A.B. (cum laude), 1S92, A.M., 1895; m. Troy, 
N. Y., Nov. 2S, 1903, Mary Howard Hall. Engaged in 
practise of law since 1895; mem. law firm Hunt Hill 
& Betts. Dir. Beers Realty Co., Donald S. S. Co., 
Irving Improvement Co. (sec). Has traveled over 
II. S. from N. Y. to San Francisco, also through Cana- 
dian Northwest, and five times through Great Britain 
and Continent of Europe. Delegate from Maritime 
Law Ass'n of U. S. to Internat. Maritime Law Conf 
Hamburg, Germany. Sept., 1902. Episcopalian. Recre- 
ations: Riding, sailing, tennis, golf. Clubs: Down- 
town Ass'n, University, Princeton. Residence: Engle- 
wood, N. J. Address: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Broadalbin, Fulton Co., N. Y., Mar. 18, 
1853; s. Isaiah and Margaret A. (Hoes) Betts; ed. in 
Fulton Co. public schools; grad. State Normal Sch., 
Albany, N. Y 1S75; m. Kingston, N. Y., Oct. 16, 18S4, 
Frances M. Hill (died June 15, 1905); m. 2d, Kings- 
ton N. Y., Nov. 5, 190S, Olivia M. (Mathews) North, 
widow of James . North; one son, James Hill b 
?%?A 27 ' 1899 - Tau -ht dist. sch. in Saratoga Co.. 1S71- 
18(3; pnn. of public sch., Kingston, N. Y 1875-1S77- 
law student and law clerk; 1877-18S0; practised law 
at Kingston. N. Y., 1880-1899. Sec. Civil Service Com- 
3? n V N ' ,!/%& 1S*: J .-1SS4; mem. B'd Ed'n, Kingston, 
Xnn^'c :> s ' s -'- ls '- ls : 'I'-rk B'd Supervisors, Ulster Co., 
ilSS'-l 801 ' surr0 " a te Ulster Co., 1892-1S9S; elected 
189S Justice Supreme Court of N. Y., from 3d Judicial 
Dist and served full term of 14 years, being mem 
dd Dep t Appellate Div. last 2 years. Chm'n Demo- 
cratic (Ulster Co.) Com., 1891; mem. Democratic 
State Com., 1896-1898. Baptist; trustee Kingston Bap- 
tist Ch. Pres. Kingston Savings Bank, City Hosp. 
(Kingston); trustee Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery; dir 
Old Senate Hous,. Ass'n, Ulster County Bank Pine 
Hill Water Co. Mem. Founders and Patriots of Amer- 
ica. Recreations: Gardening, farming. Clubs: Kings- 
ton, National Democratic (X. Y. City). Address: 204 
I'earl St., Kingston, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 5, 1854; s. George F. and 
Ellen (Porter) Betts; grad. Yale Univ., A.B., 1875; Co- 
lumbia Univ., LL.B., 1877; unmarried. Mem. and head 
of successive law firms, located in N. Y'. City, and prac- 
tising patent law as specialty; now consul in sp'l mat- 
ters. Has traveled extensively in this country and 
abroad. U. S. Comm'r for Southern Dist. of N. Y. since 
1S77; master in equity and examiner in U. S. courts. 
Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n. 
N. Y. City Bar Ass'n, N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, Am. 
Geog. Soc, Am. .Museum of Natural History, X. Y. Bot. 
Garden, N. Y. Zool. Soc. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 
A.A.A.S., Soc. of Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution, 
Soc War of 1812, Soc Foreign Wars, Mil. Order Loyal 
Legion. Dir. for many years and sec. N. Y. Inst'n for 
Instr'n of Deaf and Dumb. Clubs: Century, Union, 
University, Players, Yale, Lawyers and various out-of- 
town clubs. Address: University Club and 52 William 
St., N. Y. City. 


Civil eng'r; b. Williamsport, Pa., Feb. 28, I860- s. 
James M. and Catharine E. (McCollum) Beugler; grad. 
\\ llliamsport High Sch. (2nd honor), 1888; student at 
Lowell Inst., Boston, 1897-1S99; m. Philadelphia, Oct. 

21, 1891, Helen E. White; children: Dorothy, b. 1S93; 
Helen, b. 1S95; Isabel, b. 1900. Employed with Blooms- 
burg & Sullivan R. R., Pa., on railroad operation and 
eng'nng, 1888-1890; ass't eng'r Philadelphia & Reading 
R. R., on railroad construction and maintenance, 1S90- 
1S93; ass't eng'r N. Y., New Haven & Hartford 1:. 1:. 
on construction work, including four-tracking of X. V 
Div., drawbridge at Norwalk River, Back Bay Sta., 
Boston; extension of Providence Div. to South Sta., and 
rolling left draw at Ft. Point Channel, until 1902. Res- 
ident engr Boston Terminal Co., in charge of main- 
tenance and eng'ring dep'ts, 1902-1905; since 1905 civil 
eng'r Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co. Now chief 
eng'r Canadian operations. Independent; Presby'n. 
Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Canadian Soc. Civil Eng'rs, 
Boston Soc. Civil Eng'rs. Recreations: Fishing, trav- 
elling. Address: 37 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Entomologist; b. Hoboken, N. J., March 31, 1S64- ed. 
public and private sens., N. Y. City. Curator Dep't of 
Entomology, Am. Museum Nat. History, 1889-1912 
Author of works on butterflies and moths, and of many 
contb'ns in entomology to scientific journal. Mem. N. 
Y. Entomol. Soc (pres. 1900-1901), and editor of its 
Journal, vols. I-XI; Brooklyn Entomol. Soc, A.A.A.S. : 
fellow 'Entomol. Soc, Am. Corr., mem. Wash. Entomol. 
Soc Mem. Torrey Botanical Club. Address: 879 Whit- 
lock Av., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Goshen Orange Co., N. Y., July 28, 1S37- 
s. Samuel and Sarah (Shaw) Beyea; ed. Farmers' Hall 
Acad., Goshen, N. Y.; N. Y. Homoeopathic Med. Coll., 
M.D., 1S80; m. Madison Square Presbyterian Ch. June 

22, 1903, Frances A. Weston. Engaged in practice in 
X. Y. City from 1880. Enlisted in 7th Reg't, X. Y. State 
Militia, in 1S61, to go to Washington at first call from 
President Lincoln; went to California bv steamer, 1SC2- 
was taken by Alabama, Dec. 4, 1S62; reached San Fran- 
cisco, Calif., at end of Dec, 1862; went to Mexico in 
1864; was aide-de-camp to Gens. Allen and Cobb in Nat 
Guard of Calif.; returned to Xew York, 1S77; has been 
in Xat. Guard more than 25 years in Xew Y'ork and 
Calif., having joined Co. K, 7th Reg't, 1861; after an 
absence of 14 years returned to same Co., and holds 
medal for long and faithful service. Went to Europe 
in 1903, visiting England, Xorway to Xorth Cape, 
Sweden, Finland, St. Petersburg to Moscow, Warsaw, 
Vienna, Budapest, Venice, Paris. Republican. Senior 
elder of University Place Presbyterian Church; mem. 
Presbyterian Union; dir. Christian Home for Intem- 
perate Men, Chester Crest, Mt. Vernon, X. Y. Mem. X 
Y. County Med. Soc, Chiron Club, Lafavette Post, No. 
140 G. A. R. Address: 235 Second Av., X. Y. City. 


Surgeon; b. Shreveport, La., Aug. 23, 1861; s. Dr. 
Charles J. and of Annie Augusta (Gray) Biekham; 
prep, ed'n acads. of Univ. of South, and Univ of La.; 
grad. Med. Dep't Tulane Univ., Phar. M., M.D., 1SS0' 
Coll. Phys. and Surg., M.D., 1SS7; post-grad, studv -\. 
Y. Polyclinic, and London; m. London, Eng., 1S95, Flora 
S. Brandon. Interne, later visiting surgeon Charity 
Hosp., and Tours Hosp., Xew Orleans; now in practice 
of surgery, X. Y. City. Former instr. surgery Post- 
Grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp., ass't instr. operative sur- 
gery, Coll. Phys. and Surg.; instr. X. Y. Polyclinic. 
Was visiting surgeon Xorthwestern Dispensary, and 
surgeon Manhattan State Hosp. Author of textbook 
on operative surgery, several chapters in Keen's "Sys- 



tern of Surgery/' and numerous contb'ns to raed. jour- 
nals on surgical subjects Episcopalian; Fellow N. V. 
Acad. Medicine, mem. x. v. County Med. Soc, N. Y. 
County Med. Assn. X. V. State .Med. Assn. Coll. oJ 
Phys. and Surg. Alumni. Clubs: Authors. Am. Uni- 
versities (London). Address: I In Riverside Drive, 
N. Y. City. 


Investment banker; b. Martinsville. Me., 1869; s. 
William H. and Margaret A. (Martin) Bickmore; grad. 
Colby Univ.. A.B., l!>93; m. Camden, Me., Oct. 2, 1001, 
Myrtle L. French. Senior mem. firm of A. H. Bick- 
more & Co., bankers. Dir. Xat. Linht. Meat lit Power 
Co.. Union Securities Co. (pres.), Taylorville Gas and 
Electric Co., Pana Gas and Electric Co., Marshall Has 
and Electric Co., Lexington Gas and Electric Co., City 
Gas and Electric Co. of Paris, Jerseyville Illuminating 
Co., Charleston Illuminating; Co., Hoosick Falls Illumi- 
nating' Co., Bennington Electric Co., Springfield Coal 
Mining Co. Republican. Mem. Delta Upsilon fra- 
ternity, Phi Beta Kappa. Recreation: Yachting. 
Clubs: Union League, St. Nicholas, Graduates, Law- 
yers, Indian Harbor Yacht, Atlantic Yacht. Resi- 
dence: 300 W. 71st St. Address: 111 Broadway, N. V. 


Naturalist, educator, Prof, emeritus Dept. Public In- 
struction Am. .Museum Natural History in N. Y. City; 
b. St. George, Ale., March 1, 1S39; s. John and Jane 
(Seavey) Bickmore; grad. Dartmouth Coll., 1S60; 
studied with Prof. Louis Agassiz, 1S60-1S64; grad. 
Lawrence Scientific Sch., Harvard Univ., B.S., 1S64;, 
Ph.D., Hamilton Coll., 1869; Dartmouth, 1S96; LL.D., 
Colgate Univ., 1905; m. N. Y. City, Dec. 16, 1S73, Char- 
lotte A. Bruce. Went with father (who was a 6ea 
captain and shipbuilder) to Bordeaux, France, at the 
age of eight; this voyage inspired him with love for 
a life of travel and the study of nature. When pur- 
suing studies under Prof. Agassiz became assistant in 
the Museum at Cambridge, and went to Bermuda to 
collect for that inst., 1S62; served in 44th Mass. Vols., 
Oct. 22, 1S62, to June IS, 1863, most of time in N. Car- 
olina. Traveled in Malay Archipelago and Cochin, 
China, through the interior of China and in Japan, 
and came back by the Amoor River and over Siberia 
to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, London, and New 
York; trip lasted from Jan., 1865, to Dec, 1868 (3 
years less 20 days), and the distance traveled over 
was 44.000 miles. Prof, natural historv Madison (non- 
Colgate) Univ., 1S68. Aided Am. Museum of Nat. Hist, 
in procuring its charter in April, 1869; first sup't of 
the Museum. 1S69-1S84; prof, in charge Dep't of Pub- 
lic Instruction of the Museum, 1884-1904; now prof, 
emeritus. Traveled at own expense, gathering data 
and photographic illustrations for lectures, as far as 
the Hawaiian Islands and through all the countries 
between the North Cape, the Straits of Gibraltar and 
the First Cataract of the Nile, averaging, from 1895 
to 1904, twelve thousand miles a year. Has delivered 
at the Museum, under auspices of State sup't of public 
instruction, to teachers of the free public schs., and 
on holidays to all citizens, 418 lectures, with average 
attendance of 900, upon 213 different subjects relating 
to geography and natural history. A selection of 
these lectures has been repeated in the cities and in 
each village of 5,000 or more population in State of N. 
Y. Author: Travels in the Eastern Archipelago; also 
prepared descriptions of his various journeys for 
annual reports of State Dep't of Ed'n, 18S4-1904. Fel- 
low A.A.A.S., Soc of Naturalists, Geol. Soc. of 
America. Am. Geog. Soc. N. Y. Acad. Sciences; life 
fellow Roval Geog. Soc, London. Trustee Vassar 
Coll.. Am. Museum Nat. Hist. Trustees of Am. Museum 
of Natural History during the past year had placed 
at the entrance of lecture hall a bronze bust with 
inscription: Albert Smith Bickmore. originator of 
the movement that resulted in the erection of this 
museum. First Curator, founder of its lecture sys- 
tem. Address: American Museum of Nat. Hist., 77th 
St. and Central Park W N. Y. City. 


Foreign banker; b. Riverdale-on-Hudson; s. Joseph 
Inglis and Maria Theresa (Pierrepont) Bicknell; de- 
scended from Zachary Bicknell, of Barrington, Eng., 
who settled at Weymouth, Mass., 1635; on maternal 
side from Sir Robert de Pierrepont, hist Lord of the 
Manor of Hurst Pierrepont, in Sussex, who fought at 
the battle of Hastings, 1066; Rev. James Pierrepont, 
of Am. branch, was founder of Yale Coll.; on paternal 
side Gregory Dexter, first Colonial Gov. of Rhode 
Island; great uncle. John Pintard. was founder of N. 
Y. Hist. Soc; m. Riverdale-on-Hudson, Oct. 9, 1901, 
Edith Babcock; children: Eleanor Franklin, b. 1903; 
Edith Evelyn, b. 1906. Engaged in foreign banking; 

partner Munroe & Co., Taris. and John Munroe & Co., 
N. Y. Mem. various scientific ami natural history 

cnpB a f.niinflf.i' nnrl fnrmni' nrfia T.iniiinnn S(w r\f 

Lille Uil. ,l>. i. J3UI, Udi UB1I, .11111 llieill. VL LU1 y 11, 

Author of occasional reviews and numerous papers or 
natural history, especially ornithology and systematic 
botany. Residence: Hewlett, L. I. Address: 30 Pine 
St., X. V. City. 


Landscape painter; b Augusta, Me., Feb. 17, 1868; 
s. James Austin and Clara Smith I Peterson) Bicknell; 
studied with Albion H. Bicknell. Maiden, Mass.; 
\, ad, mie Julian, Paris, under Bouguereau, Tony 
Flcnrv, Bramtnt, and others. Lived abroad over seven 
vears; traveled extensively in Europe, Egypt and 
Japan. Asso. Nat. Acad, of Design. Clubs: Lotos 
(hon. life mem.). Nat. Arts (hon. life mem.), Sal- 
magundi, MacDowell, Chicago Water Color. Resi- 
dence (summer): Old Lyme, Conn. Address: 5S W. 
D7th St., N. Y. City. 


U. S. Customs Service; b. Waldeck, Germany, Jan. 
25 1S59; s. Christian Fr. and Friederike (Pohlmann) 
Bi'ederbick; ed. public schools. Fauldner Inst., etc, in 
Waldeck; studied pharmacy and chemistry; m. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., May 20, 1SS6, Augusta Lehmann; children, 
j'eannette and Marguerite (twins), b. 1891; Kuth 
Fredericks, >b. 1900. Apothecary in Germany immi- 
grated to U. S., 1879; served on Lady Franklin Bay 
(Greely Arctic) Expedition as hospital steward and 
ass't to the naturalist, 1SS1-18S4; since 1SS. '\JL if 
Customs Service at N. Y. City. Wrote 'The Musk- 
ox" in The Big Game of North America (1S90); 'Polar 
Hospitals," in the White World (1902) Mem. Polar 
Star Lodge. No. 245, F. and A. M.; Nat. Geog. Soc, 
Arctic Club. Explorers' Club; honorary mem. Polar 
Research Club, Philadelphia, and other clubs and so- 
cieties Residence: 138 Palisade Av., Jersey City, N. 
J. Address: U. S. Custom House. N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 23, 1853; s.' Julius and 
Fannie (Lichtenstein) Bien, of Berlin, Germany; ed. 
public schs., Free Acad, and Columbia Coll. (all N. X. 
City), LL.B., 1874; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 29, lSco, Myra 
Ellen Field; children: Franklin, Jr., Myra Ellen (Mrs. 
Clarence C. McKibbin). Practising law in N. Y. City 
from graduation. Pres. and gen. counsel Consolidated 
Copper Co. of Va, Alfred H. Smith Jewel Co., Pacific 
Electric Co., Lederer Amusement Co., Imperial Theatre 
Co., United Toilet Goods Co., John C. Fisher Co., Con- 
solidated Bakers Chocolate Co., Lincoln Surety Co., 
W E. Naukeville Consolidated Attractions, and many 
others. Chm'n of important comm'ns in City of N. Y., 
including the Hall of Records, 11th Ward Park, Rapid 
Transit from 122d to 140th Sts. ; docks, school houses 
and street openings. Revised the. Code of Civil Pro- 
cedure to conform to the consolidation of the courts 
in N. Y. State in 1S96. Counsel to corp'ns here and 
abroad (including the Heinze Copper Companies until 
1907). Commissary on colonel's staff, 5th Reg't N. Y. 
Militia, 1S76. Democrat. Mem. .Madison Sq. Presby'n 
Ch Mem. N. Y. County Bar Ass'n, Columbia Coll. 
Alumni (class 1874); Professor Dwight Alumni. Mem. 
Nat. Horse Show Ass'n, Met. Museum of Art, Mason 
(32") and past master Pacific Lodge, No. 233, F. & 
A M ; judge advocate Columbian Commandery, No. 1, 
K T Clubs: Manhattan, Green Room, Hammer, Ma- 
sonic, Englewood Field. Address: 5 Beekman St., 
N. Y. City. 


Surgeon; b. N. Y. City; s. Joseph and Julia (Lilien- 
feld) Bierhoff; ed. public and private schs,, N. Y. City; 
Coll. City of N. Y., class of 18S8, for 3 years; Coll. 
Phys. and Surg. (Columbia), M.D., 18S9; post-grad, 
student Univ. of Berlin, Germany, 1894 and 1898-1900: 
unmarried. House surgeon 'Manhattan Dispensary and 
llosp. 1SS9-1890; resident physician, Sanitarium for 
Hebrew children, 1S92-1S93; clinical ass't, Dept. Pedi- 
atrics, A'anderbilt Clinic, 1S90-1S98; first ass't Berliner 
Allgemeine Poliklinik, 1S9S-1900; attending surgeon. 
Dept. of Urology, German Dispensary, 1902-1010; at- 
tending surgeon Dept. ,j>f Genito-Urinary Diseases, 
West Side German Dispensary, prof, genito-urinary 
diseases, N. Y. Sch. of Clinical Medicine. Visiting 
Genito-Urinarv Surgeon, N. Y. Red Cross Hosp. Pri- 
vate Sth Regt. N.G..N.Y., 1SS9; promoted left gen. 
guide, later sergeant-major, Sth Battalion; promoted 
battalion q.-m. and 1st lieut. Full and honorable dis- 
charge on physical disability, 1S98. Independent in 
politics. Fellow Acad, of Medicine; corr. mem. 1' Ass'n 
Francaise d'Urologie; mem. Deutsche Gesellschaft 
fur Urologie; mem. Am. Med. Ass'n. N. Y. State Med. 



Soc, N. Y. Courty Med. Soc, German Ass'n, etc. 
Recreations: Travel, Ashing. Club: The Lambs. Ad- 
dress: "The I' i adena," 10 West (list St., N. Y. City. 


Chemist; :b. Warwick, R. I., Nov. 29, 1851; s. Will- 
iam Marlin and Marga-'el Catherine (Dye) Bigelow; 
ed. public schs. of Mass.; m. N. Y. City, Sept. 7, 1:105, 
Grace Bird White, Pres. N. Y. State B'd of Phar- 
macy; pres. West Side Savings Bank; treas. and trus- 
tee Dep't of Pharmacy, Columbia Univ. Has trav- 
eled over U. S. extensively, also made several Euro- 
pean trips, covering nearly all Continental countries 
and Great Britain. Republican; Presby'n. Pres. N. 
Y. Branch, Am. Pharmaceutical Ass'n. Mem. Sons of 
Rovolution. Mason (past master). Recreations: Golf, 
automobiling. Address: 133 W. 7Sth St., N. Y. City. 


Author; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 10, 1855; s. John and 
Jennie Tunis (Poultney) Bigelow; grad. Norwich 
(Conn.) Acad., 1873; Yale. 1879; Columbia Law School, 
honorary M.A. (Yale). Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1S82. 
Author: The German Emperor and His Eastern Neigh- 
bors (German translation); Down the Danube, from 
the Black Forest to the Black Sea; The Borderland 
of Czar and Kaiser; History of the German Struggle 
for Liberty (1806-1848), 4 vols.; 1895-1905; White 
Man's Africa; Children of the Nations (German trans- 
lation) ; "Die Volker in Kolonialem Wettstreite." 
Visited principal tropical colonies in search of in- 
formation on colonial administration. In 1905 was 
lectureT on Nat. Expansion in the Law School of 
Boston Univ. Correspondent of London Times in 
Spanish-American War; lectured at principal univer- 
sities on colonial administration and modern history. 
Life mem. Royal United Service Inst.. Royal Artillery 
Inst'n, Royal Geog. Soc,, Ethnological Soc. (London); 
N. Y. Hist. Soc, Am. Hist. Soc. and Am. Geog. Soc. 
Clubs: Century (X Y. City), Authors. Roval Corin- 
thian Yacht (London). Imperial Yacht (Kiel). Ad- 
dress: Bigelow Homestead, Malden-on-Hudson, N. Y 


Physician; b. Trumansburg, N. Y.. Sept. 29, 1859; s. 
Joseph Hunt and Melessa I. (Pratt) Biggs; ed. public 
schs., Ithaca Acad., and grad. Cornell Univ., A.B., 1882; 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D., 1883; Univs. of Berlin 
and Greifswald, Germany; m. Hornellsville, Steuben 
Co., N. Y., Aug. 18, 1S9S, Frances M. Richardson; chil- 
dren: Katharine E., b. May* 1899; William Richardson, 
b. Sept.. 1901. Prof, patrhol. anatomy, 1SS6; prof, ther- 
apeutics and clinical medicine, 1892; adjunct prof, 
medicine. 1898, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll. 
Dir. Carnegie Laboratory, 1885-1S93; Pathologist and 
dir. Bacterid. Laboratories, Health Dep't, N. Y. Citv, 
1892-1900; gen. med. officer Health Dep't, 1900. Visit- 
ing physician Bellevue Hosp., St. Vincent's Hosp., 
Willard Parker and Riverside Hosps. Mem. B'd Di- 
rectors, Rockefeller Inst. Med. Research; hon. fellow 
Sanitary Inst., Great Britain; pres. Nat. Ass'n for 
Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis, 1905-1906. Fel- 
low Acacl. Medicine, N. Y. ; mem. N. Y. Co.. N. Y. State 
and Am. Med. Ass'ns, N. Y. Pathol. Soc, Clinical Soc, 
Practitioners' Soc, Am. Climatol. Soc. British Med. 
Ass'n. British Inst. Public Health. Internat. Tubercu- 
losis Bureau. Appt'd Comm'r of Health for State of N. 
Y by Gov. Glynn Jan. 19, 1914. Clubs: University, Cen- 
tury, Automobile of America. Address: 113 W. 57th St., 
N. Y. I 


Lawy.i : l>. X. Y. City, Sept. 9. 1875: s. Henry and 
Ellen X. Bigham; grad. Columbia Univ., LL.B., 1899. 
Specialist in admiralty and corp'n law; mem. firm 
Harrington, Bigham & Englar, N. Y. City. Mem. 
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Internat. Law Ass'n. Mari- 
time Law Ass'n of U. S., St. George's Soc. of X Y. 
Mem. B'd of Ed'n. N. Y. Club: N. Y. Athletic Resi- 
dence: 65 E. 92d St. Address: 64 Wall St., N. Y. City. 

Justice Supreme Court of N. Y.; b. N. Y. City, June 
1. I ^112; s. Asher and Pauline (Sondheim) Bijur; grad. 
Columbia Univ.. LL.B., 18S2, Ph.D., 1883: m. N. Y. 
City, Nov. 11. 1SM1, Lilly Pronick; one son: Harrv, b. 
1887. Republican; Hebrew. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa 
Soc: trusti n de Hirsch Fund. Clubs: Har- 

monie. City, Repu'blican, West Side Republican, Law- 
yers. Address: L60 W. 7:,th St., N. Y. City. 

Broker: b. N. Y. City, Dec. 6, 1871; s. Charles King 
and Virginia A. ii:ensel) Bill; attended Trinity Chapel 
Sch.. N. Y. Univ.. B.S. With Am. Sugar Refining Co. 
some years: established brokerage firm Charles Alfred 
Bill & Co.. HMiu: now Mann. Bill & Ware, mems. N. Y. 
Stock Exchange. Served on U. S. S. Yankee, 1898: re- 
ceived Santiago campaign medal. Republican; Epis- 

an Mem Psi Upsllon fraternity, Phi Beta Kap- 
pa So Recreations: Tennis, fencing, skating. Clubs: 
X. V. Athletic, Ardsley, Psi Upsilon. Address: 38 Wall 
St., X. Y. City. 


Editor, publisher, author; b. Lyme, Conn., June 5, 
1862; s. John W. and Prudence (Gallup) Bill; attended 
Wesleyan Univ. and Conn. Xormal Sch.; m. Lyme, 
Conn., Feb. 12, 1889, Caroline Lee Raymond: children: 
i er R., J. Raymond, Edward Lyman, Jr. Editor 
and publisher The Music Trade Review, The Talking 
Machine World, El Mundo. Author: The Last of the 
Dames; The Sword of the Pyramids; Hitting ttte 
Thought Train. Officer in Dakota Territorial Militia; 
treas. X T . Y. Comm'n to La. Purchase Exp'n, 1903-1904; 
mem. B'd of Ed'n, New Rochelle. Mem. Nat. Geog. 
Soc, Shriner; mem. Sons of Revolution, Mayflower 
Soc. Clubs: N. Y. Press, Republican, Masonic, Wy- 
kagyl Country. Residence: Rochelle Park, New Ro- 
chelle', N. Y. Address: 375 Fourth Av., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Georgetown, D. C, July 31, 1869; s. 
John Shaw and Katherine Mary (Stevens) Billings; 
ed. Emerson Inst., Washington, D. C, 1879-1886; Johns 
Hopkins Univ., 1886-1889; A.B., Coll. Phys. and Surg., 
X. Y., 18S9-1891; Univ. of Pa., 1891-1892,'M.D. ; m. Red 
Cliffe. S. C, April 20, 1S97, Katherine Fitz Simons 
Hammond; children: John S., Ill, b. 1898; James Hen- 
ry Hammond, b. 1901. In practise in N. Y. City since 
1894; resident physician Johns Hop'kins Hosp., 1S92- 
1894. Dir. Infectious Diseases. Dep't of Health, X. Y 
City; med. officer N. Y. Public Li'hrary and N T . Y. Stock 
Exchange. Mem. Delta Phi fraternity. Club: Union. 
Address: Douglas Manor, N. Y. 


Brig.-gen. U. S. A., retired; former " police comm'r 
of N. Y. City; b. Andover, Tolland Co., Conn., May 14, 
1S58; s. Joel Foote and Susan (Grew) Bingham; ed. 
Yale, class of 1876, M.A., 1896; West Point Mil. Acad.. 
1879; m. St. Louis. Mo., Dec 15, 1881, Lucille Ruther- 
furd; one son: Rutherfurd, b. Aug. 30, 1884. Pro- 
moted 2d lieut. eng'rs, June, 1879; major Eng'r Corps, 
July, 1S9S. Mil. attache U. S. Embassy, Berlin, 1889- 
1892; Rome, 1892-1894; mil. aide to Pres. of U. S., with 
rank of col., 1897-1903: brig.-gen. U S. A.. Julv 11, 
1904; retired July 12, 1904; police comm'r N. Y. City. 
1906-1909; now engaged in practise as consulting eng'r. 
Royal Arch Mason. Comd'r of Legion d'Honneur; 
mem. Soc. Cincinnati, Colonial Wars, S. A. R. Clubs: 
Metropolitan (Washington), Centurv, St. Nicholas (N. 
T. City). Address: 7 W. 44th St.. X. Y. City. 


Publicist; b. Dayton, O., Nov. 7, 1SS2; s. Oscar Will- 
iam and Emma (Brown) Binkerd: ed. Pratt Inst. 
High Sch.. Brooklyn, 1900; Yale Univ.. Ph.B.; m. Ch. 
of Messiah, N. Y. City. Feb. 11, 1910. Bertha Virginia 
Hamilton. Traveled in Europe, 1904-1905 : sec. Mu- 
nicipal Voters' League of Buffalo, 1905-1908; sec. Cit- 
izens' Union of N. Y. City, 19OS-1909; sec. City Club 
(N. Y. City) since Nov. 15, 1909; founded Legislative 
Voters' Ass'n of State of N. Y., 1908. Chm'n Exec. 
Com. Short Ballot Organization since 1909. Dir. Mu- 
nicipal Gov't Ass'n of N. Y. State; mem. N\ Y. Comm'n 
on New Sources of City Revenue. 1912-1913: sec. Cit- 
izens' Com. with ref. to N. Y. police conditions. 1912- 
1913. Mem. Am. Polit. Science Ass'n. Clubs: City (X. 
Y.). Phi Gamma' Delta, Countrv (New Canaan). Ad- 
dress: 55 W. 44th St.. X. Y. City. 


Director N. Y. State Sch. of Clay Working and Cer- 
amics; b. Worcester, England. Oct. 4, 1S57; s. Richard 
William and Elizabeth Frances (Ferrar) Binns; ed. 
Worcester Cathedral, King's Sch.. 1S6S-1S72: King's 
scholar, 1869-1872; studied chemistry in private lab- 
oratory, Birmingham, England, 1872-1S74; Govern- 
ment Sch. of Design, Worcester. 1S72-1S74 (M.Sc. Al- 
fred Univ.. 1901); m. Lambeg, Ireland, June 7. 1882, 
Marv Howard, d. Rev. William Hugh and Elizabeth 
(Banks) Ferrar: children: Mary Elizabeth, b. 1SS3; 
William Hugh Ferrar, b. 1SS4; Annie Howard, b. 1886; 
Dorothy Nevill, 'b. 1SS7; Norah Winifred, b. 1SS9. En- 
tered Royal Worcester Porcelain Works, 1872; mg'r 
successively of chemical laboratory, dep't of paint- 
ing, London sales depot, dep't of pottery, and kilns; 
came to U. S. 1897: principal Sch. of Industrial Art. 
Trenton, N. J.. 1S97-1S99: dir. N. Y. State Sch. Clay 
Working and Ceramics from 1900. Author: Ceramic 
Technology (London, 1896): The Storv of the Potter 
(London, 1S97) : The Potter's Craft (N. Y., 1910); als.o 
numerous articles in magazines and technical jour- 
nals. Republican: Episcopalian (lay reader). Mem. 
Am. Ceramic Soc (v. -p. 1900. pres. 1901). Address: Al- 
fred University. Alfred, X". Y. 




Lawyer; b. Je/Eerson, Wis., Sept. 10, 1S73; s. George 
W. and Maria (Sawin) Bird; grad. Madison ("W I 
High Soh., 1890; CJnlv. oi Wis., B.C.B., 1S94; LL.B., 
1896; m. Feb. 2, 1899, ilda G. Brattrud, of Madison, 
Wis., in Am. Consulate, San Juan, Porto Rico. Began 
practising law June, 189G, at Madison, Wis., with firm 
of Bird, Rogers & Bird; went to Porto Rico, Sept., 
1S9S, served as correspondent X. Y. Sun, and later for 
Associated Press; established, Nov. 9, 1S98, The San 
Juan News, first Am. newspaper in Porto Rico, a 
daily printed in Spanish and English; sold it March 
15. 1904. and returned to U. S. ; admitted to N. Y. Bar, 
Sept., 1904, locating in X\ Y. City. Pursued politically 
independent course in newspaper until Aug., 1900, 
when espoused cause of Federal party in Porto Rico; 
in campaign of 1902 took prominent part in reor- 
ganizing the party along Am. lines; in party's gen. 
conv., San Juan. July 21. 1902. proposed revised plat- 
form and change of name to Am. Federal Party, 
which were adopted. Advocate of Porto Rican au- 
tonomy. Writer of magazine articles. Independent 
in Am. politics; Baptist. Address: 230 Grand St., N. 
Y. Citv. 


Banker; b. X. Y. City, 1S38; ed. Coll. City of N. Y.; 
m. June 12, 1861, Veronica C. Ackerman. Entered. 1854, 
Manhattan Savings Inst., of which has been pres. and 
trustee since 1894; also dir. Manhattan Life Ins. Co. 
Residence: Larchmont, N. Y. Address: 044 Broadway, 
N. Y. City. 


Sec. State Civil Service Comm'n; b. Pompev. Onon- 
daga Co., N. Y., June 29, 1862; s. Horatio S. and Laura 
A. (Chapman) Birdseye; ed. Pompev (X. Y. ) Acad., 
1874-18S0; State Xormal School, Cortland, N. Y., 1880- 
1884 (classical course) ; m. Cortland, X. Y., Sept. 8, 
1886, Lillian M. Fairchild; children: Ethel Fairchild, 
b. Xov. 12. 1888 (died Feb. 9, 1S91); Mildred Chapman, 
b. July 25, 1896; Ruth Amelia, b. May 13, 1904. Appfd 
messenger and clerk in office of State Civil Service 
Comm'n, Albany, N. Y., after open competitive exami- 
nation, June 1, 1884; was promoted clerk, chief clerk, 
ass't sec, and sec. since Sept. IS, 1900. Methodist; 
trustee St. Luke's M. E. Ch., Albany. Recreation: 
Automobiling. Clulb: Fort Orange (Albany). Resi- 
dence: 428 Clinton At., Albany, X. Y. Address: State 
Civil Service Comm'n. Albany, X. Y. 


Manufacturer; b. Buffalo, N. Y., 1S49; s. Martin H. 
and Ann Elizabeth (Kingsley) Birge; ed. Cornell 
Univ.; m. Buffalo, X. Y., Carrie Humphrey: children: 
Humphrey, Marion (Mrs. Thomas Lockwood), Allithea 
([Mrs. George Cary). With father established first 
wall paper mf'g business west of X. Y.. 1S7S: with the 
G. N. Pierce Co., started first manufactory of auto- 
mobiles in Buffalo. 1S9S. Pres. M. H. Birge & Sons 
Co., Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Co. Dir. and mem. Exec. 
Com. Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buffalo, 1901. Republican; 
Presby'n. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity. Clubs: 
Buffalo, Saturn, Country. Automobile. Residence: The 
Circle. Address: M. H. Birge & Sons Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Phvsician. public sch. principal: >b. Germantown, N. 
Y., Feb. 19, 1S56; s. Kev. Henry H. and Amanda 
(Reeve) Birkins; grad. Coll. Citv of N. Y., A.B., 1877, 
A.M.. 1SS3; Univ. Med. Coll., X. Y. Citv. 1883. M.D., 
valedictorian: m. 1st. Wilkes-Barre. Pa.. Sept. 17. 1883. 
Kate H. Tuck (died April 16, 1900); m. 2d, Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa., June 30. 1904, her sister. Joanna S. Tuck. 
Taught in Public Sch. 68. and in Public Sch. 89; prin- 
cipal of Public Sch. 10. Bovs' Dep't, Manhattan, since 
Sept. 9. 1895, when he organized the sch. Taught 
evening sch. several years; instr. in anatomv and 
physiology in Harlem Evening High Sch.. 18S9-1895. 
Methodist. Mem. Med. goc. of County of X. Y., Med. 
Soc. of State of X. Y.. Soc. of Pedagogy. Principals' 
Club, several edn'l ass'ns, Harlem B'd of Commerce. 
Residence: 445 W. 124th St. Address: Public School 
10, 117th St. and St. Xicholas Av., X. Y. City. 


Architect, engineer, author; b. Falls of Schuylkill, 
Philadelphia, Pa.. June 25. I860; s. John Harvey and 
Mary A. (Shronk) Birkmire: ed. puhlie and private 
schools of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Acad, of 
Music; m. N. Y. Citv, June 12, 1888. Louisa A. Meny, 
of Philadelphia; children: Harold, b. 1890; Cyril. D. 
1S92; Edith, b. 1S94; Freda, b. 1S96; Gladys, b. 1900. 
Studied architecture with Samuel Sloan. Philadelphia, 
and several other architects of the country; removed 
to X. Y. City 1S85. from the Pencoyd Steel and Roll- 
ing Mills, Philadelphia, to take charge of the con- 
struction dep't of Jackson Architectural Iron Works, 

and in 1S92 the J. B. & J. M. Cornell Iron Works, 
during which time made the practical steel details for 
large commercial buildings and the Astor hotels. 
During years 1894-1906 was architect and engineer 
for a number of steel skeleton buildings in N. Y. 
City, a large steel skeleton building at Cape Town, 
South Africa; designed the steel construction of Mexi- 
can Xational Opera House for Mexican Gov't at Mi ICO 
City. Pres. Bld'g and Eng'ring Co. Author: The Plan- 
nine and Construction of High Office Buildings: 
Skeleton Construction in Buildings; Architectural 
Iron and Steel; The planning and Construction of 
American Theatres, and various other books treat- 
ing upon the science of modern building methods. 
Residence: 2190 Loring Place, University Heights. 
Address: 1133 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Jacksonville, Fla., Aug. 26, 1866; s. 
Horatio and Martha F. (Flotard) Bisbee; grad. Har- 
vard, A.B., 1SS7; m. Renova, Pa., Oct. 30, 1895, Blanche 
Saulnier Roberts; one d.: Lolse R., lb. April 3, 1897. 
Mem. lav/ firm of Rushmore, Bisbee & Stern. Mem. 
Ass'n Bar City of X. Y. Cluibs: Univ., Harvard, Met., 
Union League, Riding. Address: 40 Wall St., X. Y. 


Master Riverview Acad.; b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
Dec. 15, 1853; s. Otis and Frances C. (Bartlett) Bisbe. ; 
prepared at Riverview Acad.; grad. Amherst Coll., 
A.M., 1885; m. 1st, Oct. 26. 1880, Sarah M. Pangburn 
(died Mar. 3, 1883); m. 2d, Poughkeepsie, Dec. 17, 1885, 
Winifred Dana Wheeler: children: Elsie Pangburn, 0. 
1882; Francis Wheeler (lived one year); Joseph Bart- 
lett, b. 18SS; Eleanor Dana, b. 1S92. Head master 
Riverview Acad., Poughkeepsie, 1895-1913. Republi- 
can; Presby'n (elder). Knight Templar. Address: 
Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 


Librarian; b. Grafton. Mass., Feb. 14. 1853; s. Thomas 
Curtis and Ellen Elmore (Lord) Biscoe; ed. Worcester 
High Sch. (Mass.), 1S6S-1870; Amherst Coll., class of 
1S74; unmarried. Librarian Taunton (Mass.) Public 
Library, 1S75-1876: Walker instr. mathematics, Am- 
herst Coll., 1876-1878; acting librarian Amherst Coll., 
187S-1S83; ass't librarian Colurribia Coll.. 1SS3-1889; 
catalogue and senior librarian N. Y. State Library 
since 18S9. Mem. Am. Library Ass'n, Bibliog. Soc. of 
America, Bibliog. Soc. (of England). Am. Meteorologi- 
cal Soc. Recreations; Walking and mountain climb- 
ing. Address: 320 Madison Av., Albany, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. X. Y. Citv. Nov. 24, 1S70; grad. Columbia 
Univ., A.B., 1891, Ph.D., 1893; Columbia Law Sch., 
1894; m. Amy Bend. Mem. Ass'n Bar , City of X. Y., 
Am. Museum Xaturai History, Nat. Acad, of Design, 
Soc. Colonial "Wars. Columbia Univ., Alumni Ass'n. 
Clubs: Metropolitan. City, Grolier, Collectors, Knick- 
erbocker, Automobile of America, Automobile of 
France. Address: 15 E. 67th St., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Brooklyn, Jan. IS, 1SS0; s. Thomas and 
Sarah (Carpenter) Bishop; ed. public and high schs., 
Brooklyn; Dartmouth Coll., A.B., 1901: Dartmouth Med. 
Sch., M.D., 1904; m. Wilkes-Barre, Pa., June 1, 1909, 
Pearl Rogers; children: Thomas, b. 1910: Joseph War- 
ren, t>. 1912. Capt. Med. Corp.. N.G.N.Y., attached 
to 2d Reg't, Field Art'y. Republican; Methodist. Mem. 
County, State, and Am. Med. Ass'ns, Brooklyn Gynecol. 
Soc, Psi Upsilon Fraternity. Address: 46 Gates Av., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Capitalist; <b. Bridgeport, Conn., Dec. 4, I860; s. 
William Darius and Julia Ann (Tomlinson) 
Bishop; ed. in private schs., Yale Acad., class 1SS4; m. 
Bridgeport. Conn., Feb. 6. 1883, Jessie Alvord Trubee; 
children: William Alvord. b. 1885 (died 1886); Mar- 
guerite Alvord, b. 1887; Henrietta, h. 1893; Henry Al- 
fred, Jr., ib. 1902. Was gen. ticket agent, purchasing 
agent, and ass't sup't of Naugatuck R. R. Co., 1881- 
1886; sup't Housatonic R. R.. and gen. sup't Housa- 
tonic R. R., and Danbury & Norwalk R. R., 1886-1887: 
purchasing agent New York, New Haven & Hartford 
R. R., 1887-1902; v.-p. West Va. Central R. R., and 
Pittsburgh & Western Md. R. R.. 1902-1904; now pres.. 
dir. and mem. exec. com. Connecticut Press, Inc., Mc- 
Na'b Co., Clapp Fire Resisting Paint Co.; v.-p. and dir. 
Brady Brass Co., Pacific Iron Works (mem. exec, 
com.); dir. and mem. exec. com. Western Union Tele* 
graph Co., Am. Dist. Telegraph Co. of N. J., Am. List. 
Telegraph Co. of X T . Y. ; Pa., N. Y. & X. J. Power Co.: 
dir. Consolidated Telephone Co.. Wayne Development 
Co., Automatic Machine Co.. Conn. Xat. Bank, Porto 
Rico Gas Co. Bridgeport Trust Co.; trustee Peoples' 



Savings Bank. Was alderman and pres. Police Com., 
Bridgeport, Conn.; candidate for Sec. of State, 1888: 
delegate to Democratic Nat. Conv., 1888; candidate 
for Lieut.-Gov. of Conn., 1904; delegate to Dem. Nat. 
Conv., 1912; paymaster-gen., with rank of brig.-gen., 

Humane Soc; pres Public Library of Bridgeport; pres. 
and dir. Boys' Club of Bridgeport; trustee Orphan 
Asylum. Fresh Air Home, Charitable Soc; dir. Bridge- 
port Hosp., St. Vincent's Hosp., Mt. Grove Cemetery, 

oil nt> T>^\/1 ..,......, T> ,. t, .. *- ! ~ r. . fTJ. .-.*:., Anhin^ 


Lawyer; b. Rochester, N. Y., July 18, 1843; s. William 
S. and Mary C. (Sayles) Bishop; ed. Williston Sem., 
East Hampton, Mass., Amherst Coll., Columbia Law 
Sen.: m. Martha C. Maitland; children: Mrs. W. E. 
Blodgett. ib. 1877; Maitland L., ib. 1879; Merrill, b. 1883. 
Author of several law books, and articles in law 
magazines and reviews. Dir. Quincy Mining Co., dir. 
N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n; mem. Ass'n Bar City of 
N. T. Clubs: Union League, Alpha Delta Phi, Quill, 
Lawyers. Address: 133 W. 11th St., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b Algonquin, Ont. ; s. William J. and 
Mary (Barton) Bishop; ed. Wheaton Coll., 111. (sp'l 
course), and Long Island Coll. Hosp., M.D., 1870; m. 
New London, Conn.. 1S77, Mrs. Gussie M. Marsh. At 
close of Civil War comm'nd toy War Dep't at Washing- 
ton, and held position of trust and responsibility for 
Gov't; was sup't ed'n in State of Miss.; also in Flori- 
da was postmaster, and identified thirty years ago 
with development of that State, and still interested 
there as owner of orange groves and in pineapplb 
culture; 'built the Sanford & Lake Eu'Stis R. R. in 
Florida. In med. practice, specialist in nervous 
troubles, diseases of women, etc. Has visited nearly 
all countries of the world, except extreme south of 
South America, Australia, the Philippines and other 
islands; has been around the "world. During travels 
has written letters for publication, which have been 
put in book form, making several volumes; lectures 
on travels and on scientific subjects in connection with 
professional work Dir. in various companies. Mem. 
N. Y. Co. Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Inst., Nat. 
Temperance Ass'n. Mem. Quill Club. Trustee First 
Presby'n Ch., and pres. Free Cold Water Fountains 
Soc. Summer residence: Brockville, Ont., on St. Law- 
rence River. Residence: Crestwood, N. Y. Address: 
103 Park Av, N. Y. City. 


Physician: b. New Brunswick, N. J., March 14, 1S64; 
s. James and Marv F. (Ellis) [Bishop; ed. St. Paul's 
Sch.. Concord. X. H.; grad. Rutgers Coll., A.B., 1885, 
A.M.. 1SS9; Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Columbia Univ.). 
18S9; m. N. Y. City, 1899. Charlotte Dater Gruner; one 
son. Louis F., Jr.. b. 1901. Resident physician St. 
Luke's Hosp., 1839-1892. Was 8 years sec. N. Y. Acad. 
Medicine, and part of that time chm'n section on 
Practice of Medicine. Now visiting physician Lincoln 
Hosp.; in 1904 established Laboratory of Clinical Ob- 
servation, for co-operative study of disease by gen. 
practitioners: chiefly occupied as specialist in diseases 
of the heart in N. Y. City. Author: Blood Pressure as 
Affecting the Heart, Brain, Kidneys and General Cir- 
culation (Funk & W agnails): also numerous papers 
on the circulation, diagnosis and clinical pathology. 
Specialist in diseases of the heart and disorders of the 
circulation. Trustee Good Samaritan Dispensary. 
Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. Acad. 
Medicine. Pathol. Roc, Am. Therapeutic Soc, Soc. 
Alumni St. Luke's and Sloane Maternity Hosps., Delta 
Phi, X. Y. Hist. Soc, Mason. Relcreations: Golf, au- 
tomobiling. travel. Clubs: Columbia University, Au- 
tomobile of America, Fencers. Address: 54 W. 55th 
St., N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b- Jericho, Vt., 1864; s. Leet A. and 
Aurill (Clark) Bishop; ed. Univ. of Vt., Union Theol. 
Sem.. Univ. of Berlin m. 1889, Rosilla Darrow; one 
d Fanny Aurill. b. 1 x;n. Rector St. Andrew's Episco- 
pal Ch.. S. Orange. N. J., and St. Stephen's Ch., Colorado 
Springs, Colo. Student in philosophy and comparative 
religion, Univs. of Berlin and Oxford; sec. and gen. ag't 
Am. Church Inst, for Negroes. Author: Recent 
Changes in Theology in the Episcopal Church: The 
Virgin Birth An Irenlcon; English and German Uni- 

versities; The Religion of the Tvpal Life; The Church 
and Charity; Theory of Knowledge in Religion. Mem. 
Am. Oriental Soc, Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science. 
X. V. Acad, of Science, N. Y. Acad of Polit. Science. 
Am. Museum of Natural History, Soc. Promotion In- 
dustrial Ed'n, A.A.A.S.; mem. Alumni Union Theol. 
Sem., Alumni Univ. of Vt. Club: Round Table. Ad- 
dress: SOI W. 121st St., N. Y. City. 


Grand opera and concert baritone; b. Philadelphia. 
Jan. 5, 1857; s William D. and Jane (Scull) Bispham: 
ed, ilaverford (Pa.) Coll., 1876. Began musical career 
as amateur; studied for opera stage; made debut as 
"Due de Longueville," in The Basoche. at Royal Eng- 
lish Opera, London. Nov., 1891; since then has been 
ing principal baritone roles at the Royal Opera, 
Covent Garden, London, and with the Metropolitan 
Opera Co., N. Y. City, in German, French and Italian; 
foremost among American lvric artists. Clubs: Cen- 
tury, Players, Lotos, Lambs (N. Y. City); University 
(Philadelphia). Address: 44 W. 44th St.. N. Y. City. 


Sculptor; .b. New Preston, Conn., Feb. 16, 1839; s. 
Hiram and Isabelle (Jones) Bissell; ed. dist schs., 
New Preston, Northville Acad., The Gunnery, Wash- 
ington, Conn.; taught sch. on Church Hill, Wash- 
ington, Conn., while preparing for Yale at The Gun- 
nery, war broke up college plans; enlisted as private, 
Co. A, 23d Conn. Vols., with Ranks' Expedition of 9 
months men, serving one year; appt'd acting ass't 
paymaster U. S. N., Oct., 1S63; attached to U. S. S. 
Mary Sandford, S. Atlantic Squadron, under Admiral 
John A. Dahlgren, until close of Civil War, when re- 
turned to civil life; m. Waterbury, Conn., Aug. 16, 1865, 
Mary E. Welton; children: George W., Isabelle G., 
Percy R. Clerked in store 7 years in Waterbur.-, 
Conn., before Civil War; in monumental business with 
father and brother at Poughkeepsie. N. Y 1S65-1S77; 
began career as sculptor while at that business. First 
statue was in marble of a fireman, 1872, for Pough- 
keepsie; traveled in Europe and studied art in Rome, 
Florence and Paris, 1875-1876: had studio in Paris 
for about six years at different periods between 1883 
and 1896, and in Florence, 1904-1906 and 1908-1910; 
occupied in European studios on comm'ns for U. S. 
Among prominent public works are Soldiers' Monu- 
ments for Schenectady, N. Y., Colchester, Salisbury, 
Winsted and Waterburv, Conn.; portrait statues of 
Col. Clatfield, "Waterbury, Conn.; Gen. Horatio Gates, 
Saratoga Battle Monument, Sichuylerville. N. Y. ; Chan- 
cellor John Watts, Col. Abraham de Peyster, Pres. 
Arthur and Lycurgus (Appellate Court House), N. Y. 
City; Chancellor James Kent, Cong. Library, Wash- 
ington, D. C; bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln, Edin- 
burgh, Scotland; bronze relief of "Burns and High- 
land Mary," Ayr, Scotland; statues of Farragut and 
Gen. Sherman exhibited at La. Purchase Exp'n. St. 
Louis, and made groups, "Science" and "Music," for 
Liberal Arts Bld'g, same; Elton bronze memorial 
vase, Waterbury, Conn.; original model in bronze of 
Col. Abraham de Peyster Statue, and marble bust of 
Mrs. de Peyster, Met. Museum of Art, N. Y. City. 
Mem. N T at. Sculpture Soc, Municipal Art Soc, N. Y. 
City (was ichm'n Com. on Decoration of Public Schs.); 
hon. mem. Luther Burbank Soc. Received hon. men- 
tion at Paris Exp'n, 1900; silver medal. La. Purchase 
Exp'n. St. Louis. 1904. Club: National Arts. Address: 
Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 


Jurist; b. New London, Oneida Co., N. Y., Aug. 30, 
1856; s. Amos Alanson and Susan Amelia (Wlllse) 
Bissell; prepared at DeVeaux Coll.. Suspension Bridge. 
X. Y., and at Gymnasium Catharinarium, Braun- 
schweig, Germany; grad. Harvard Coll., A.B., 18S0; m. 
I8S3, Lucy Agnes Coffey; children: Marv R.. Harriott 
A.. Lucy A. Admitted to bar, 1883; mem. firm Bissell, 
Sicard, Bissell & Carey until 1S96; afterwards of Bis- 
sell & Riley. Appt'd judge Supreme Court. 8th judi- 
cial dist. Nov. 9th, 1912. and elected to a full term of 
14 years Nov. 4th, 1913. Democrat. Candidate for 
mayor of Buffalo, 1901: formerlv pres. B'd of Ed'n 
East Aurora, N. Y. Trustee DeVeaux Coll., 1RS7-1899: 
major and judge advocate N.G.X\Y.. 1SS5-1S93; on 
Sth Brigade staff. V.-p. The Niagara Gorge R. R. Co. 
Vestryman Episcopal Ch. Mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n. 
Lawyers Club of Buffalo, Sons Am. Revolution. Clubs: 
Ellicott (pres.). Buffalo. Harvard (Buffalo). Transpor- 
tation, Univc-sitv (N. Y. Citv). Address: Supreme 
Court Chan ; Bull lo X". Y. 


Clergyman, b. N. Y. City, Dec 5. 1S.".S; s. George 
Henry and Ophelia Louise (Griffin) Bissell: ed. Co- 
lumlbla Grammar Sch.; Columbia. B.A.. 1SS0, MA., 1904; 
King's Coll.. London: asso. King's Coll.. 1SS9; m. N. Y. 
City, Jn - "I den Alsop French: one son: Pel- 



Hartford Theological 


Founded 1834 

A Training School 

For the Christian Ministry. 

Open to College 

Of all denominations on equal 
terms. Advanced standing to 
qualified University students. 

Scientific Methods 

Of exegetical and historical 

Grouped Electives 

Furnishing either a balanced 
course or specialization in any 

Post-Graduate Study 

Encouraged: degrees of S. 
T. M. and Ph. D., two fellow- 
ships for foreign study and 
two of $500 each for graduate 
study in residence. 

Affiliated School of 
Religious Pedagogy 


Kennedy School of 

Notable Library 

Of 95,000 Volumes. 

Modern Buildings 

And equipment. 


Chester D. Hartranft, D.D., Honorary President 

Wm. Douglas Mackenzie, 

D.D., LL.D., President 

MelancthonW. Jacobus, D.D 


Austin B. Bassett, D.D. . . | 

Secretary \ 

Waldo S. Pratt, Mus. D. 

Edwin K. Mitchell, D.D. . . 

Clark S. Beardslee, D.D- . . 

Alexander R. Merriam, S.T.D. Pastoral Theology. 

Arthur L. Gillett, D.D. . . Apologetics. 

Lewis B. Paton, D.D. . Old Testament. 

.- Systematic Theology 
t New Testament 

Experimental Theology. 

Music and Liturgies. 
Early Church History. 
Biblical Homiletics. 

Duncan B. Mcdonald, D.D. 
Edward E. Nourse, D.D. . 

Curtis M. Geer, Ph.D. 

Charles S. Thayer, Ph.D. 
William H. Worrell, Ph.D. 

George E. Dawson, Ph.D. 
Edward P. St. John 
John W. Wetzel, Ph.B. . 
Charles W. McCormick, D.D 
Rev. Charles S. Lane . 
W. G. Fennell, D.D. . . 

Edward W. Capen, Ph.D. 

Frederick B. Hartranft 
M. H. Ananikian, S.T.M. . 

Semitic Languages. 

Biblical Theology. 

( Mediaeval and Modern 
j Church History. 


Oriental Languages. 




Methodist Polity. 

Presbyterian Polity. 

Baptist Polity. 

f Special Phases of Soci- 
( ology. 


Armenian, Turkish. 

Address The Dean, Hartford, Conn. 

School advertisements continued on page 64 



Horace Mann 

1 20lh Street and Broadway 

FOR BOYS AND GIRLS Kindergarten 
through high school; 5 gymnasiums, a 
swimming pool, bowling alleys and hand- 
ball courts in physical education building; 
'/4-mile track, 1 2 tennis courts, football and base- 
ball field, and club houses on Athletic Field. In- 
dividual capacities discovered and developed. 
Special tutoring given free. Home work super- 
vised. More students sent to college every year 
than from any other private school in New York 
City. New country school for boys in 1914. 
Tuition charges moderate, $100 $285. No 
extras. Pupils admitted as vacancies occur. 



St. Georges School 

753 FIFTH AVENUE Tel. Plaza 3447 

SPECIALTIES : Individual 
training, conversational 
modern language, daily 
mental drill in arithmetic, super- 
vised games and home work. 
Boarding school advantages com- 
bined with residence at home. 

Long list of successes in placing 
backward boys in boarding 

Highest references given and 


The Choir School 

of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine 

is composed exclusively of the 
boys who sing in the Cathedral 
Choir. Such boys, between the 
ages of nine and twelve, as have 
voices sufficiently powerful and 
true to bear their part in the 
Cathedral services, and who are 
also satisfactory in character 
and scholarship, will be given 
their living and schooling at no 
expense except for clothes and 
school books. 

For further information apply to 

Cathedral of St. John the Divine 

Amsterdam Avenue and I ! 1th Street 

Cutler School 

20 East 50th Street 

Since 1876 has sent more than 

twelve hundred pupils to college 

and boarding schools 



G. A. L. DIONNE, Headmaster 33 1 West 70th Street 


Successful and rapid preparation ol boys 
for all Colleges and Technology Schools 

Very Small Groups, Constant Individual Attention 


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ham St. George. Jr., b. April 11. 18S7. Ordained in 
Eng. by late Bishop Creighton, in Ch. of Eng., served 
for several years as curate St. John's, Bethnal Green. 
London, B., where also had charge of the work among 
men and lads, especially of Ch. Lads' Brigade, of 
which was local capt.; returned to America and for 
short time rector Ch. cf Good Shepherd, Milford, Pike 
Co., Pa., which resigned to take charge as rector Ch. 
of the Transfiguration, Freeport, L. I., N. T. Now 
asst. Grace Ch., Van Vorst, Jersey City, N. J. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Sons of Revolution; life mem. Columbia 
Alumni Ass'n ana N. Y. Hist. Soc. Relcreations: Row- 
in? and fishing; for many years mem. Manhattan Ath- 
letic, and afterward N. T. Athletic Club. Past coun- 
cillor Jr. Order United Am. Mechanics, Roval Arch 
Mason. Mem. Soc. of Early '80's Columbia Univ., and 
Actors' Ch. Alliance. Address: 45 W. 11th St., N. Y. 


Banker: b. Albany, N. Y., Feb. 4, 1867; s. Matthias 
and Katharine (Hiittner) Bissikummer; ed. public 
schs., high soh., and business coll.. Albanv, N. Y.; m. 
Albany. N. Y., 1897, Charlotte Kidd Isdel'l; one son: 
Charles Hills, Jr., b. Marten 10, 1900. Pres. and dir. 
Albany Trust Co. Former deputv oitv comptroller, 
Albany. N. Y.: mem. B'd of Govs., N. Y. State Nautical 
Sch. Democrat. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Albany, 
Albany Country, Mobawk (Schenectady). Masonic (Al- 
bany 1. Residence: 7 Main A v. Address: The Albany 
Trust Co., Albany, N. Y. 


Clergyman, educator and author; b. Barre, Mass., 
July 30, 1843: s. Clark Smith and Elizabeth (Clark) 
Blxby: grad. Harvard Coll. A.B.. 1864; A.M.. 1S67; Har- 
vard Divinity Sch.. S.T.B., 1S70: Leipzig Univ., Ph.D., 
18S5; m. 1st, Boston, 1870, Emma Gibson (died 1902); 
2nd, N. Y. City. 1906, Clara Webster Parker; children: 
Irma, b. 1871, Esten Clark, b. Dec. 25. 1873 (died 1S86). 
Pastor of Unitarian Ch., in Watertown. Mass., 1870- 
1S74: Belfast. Me.. 1875-1879: Meadville. Pa., 1879-1883; 
Yonkers. N Y.. 1SS6-1903. Prof, religious philosophy, 
Meadville Theol. Sch., 1S79-1SS3. Lecturer on science 
religion, and philosophy of religion before Lowell 
Trist.. Boston, 1879 and 1883. Independent Republican; 
Unitarlan-Congregationalist. Mem. Liberal Ministers 
Ass'n, N. Y. City, Phi Beta Kappa Soc. of U. S., Inst, of 
Arts and Sciences. Columbia Univ. Clubs: Authors, 
Anthropological (Yonkers. X. Y.). Address: 2 Arthur 
St., Yonkers, N. Y. 


Shoe blacking mf'r: b. Salem, Mass., July 13, 1868; 
s. Henry M and Eliza (Symondsl Bixby; ed. grammar 
and high schs., Salem, Mass.; Mass. Inst, of Tech- 
nology, S.B. In mech. eng'ring, 1SS9, receiving in the 
four years more honors than any one else In the class; 
m. N. Y. City, June 7, 1898, Genevieve Cole (died Nov. 
29. 1901); 2d. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 6, 1911, Ida E. 
Tieleke: one s., Willard F.. b. Mav 2, 1913. Teacher at 
Mass. Inst. Technology 1889-1890; mech. eng'r Am. 
Bell Telephone Co., 1890-1891; became connected with 
S. M. Bixby & Co. 1891; company went Into receiver's 
hands, 1S95-1898; interested people in buvlng out old 
company and forming new one (S. M. Bixby & Co.), 
of which was treas. and dir. until 1910, when became 
v.-p. and dir. Republican: Congregationalist. Mem. 
Soc. Chem. Industry, Technology Club of N. Y. City, 
Mass. Inst, of Technology Alumni Ass'n. Interested in 
church work: teacher in Sundav Sch., pres. Christian 
Endeavor Soc. for a number of years. Recreations: 
Orchestral music, amateur clarinet player. Address: 
46th St. and 2d Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Librarian, author, lecturer; b. Fredericia, Denmark, 
May 24, 1S45; s. Janus Bagge Friis Bjerregaard, Ph.D., 
etc. (pres. Fredericia Coll.); ed. In Fredericia Coll. and 
Univ. of Copenhagen, grad. 1S63; volunteer scout in 
Prusso-Danish War, 1863-1S64; grad. as officer from 
Royal Mil. Acad. (Denmark), 1867: m. 1S6S, Matilda J. 
Thompson. Served as It. in Danish Army, and was 
later of Danish legation to Russian Court: came to 
America for political reasons; teacher and lecturer, 
ISi 3-1879; since 1S79 librarian Astor Library, now N. 
Y. Public Library Astor, Lenox and Tllden Founda- 
tions. Extensive writer and lecturer on Oriental sub- 
jects and mysticism; collaborator on Standard Dic- 
tionary, The New Internat. Encyclopaedia, Cyclopaedia 
Americana. Jewish Encyclopaedia; contb'r to maga- 
zines; lecturer. Asso. editor Mind (N. Y. CItv) from 
Ju "el. 190o. Author: Mysticism and Nature Worship 
(2 vols.): A Sufi Interpretation of Omar Khayyam and 
Fitzgerald; The Inner Life and the Tao-Teh-King 
1912; Jesus, a poet, prophet, mystic and man of free- 
dom, 1912; The Great Mother; A Gospel of the Eter- 

nally Feminine: Studios and Expressions in the Sa- 
cred and Secret Life, 1913. Address: N. Y. Public 
Library, X. Y. City. 


Chm'n of B'd U. S. Realty & Improvement Co ; b. 
Cobourg. Can.. Aug. 27, 1863; s. Major Thomas (British 
Army) and Elizabeth (Wlckens) Black: received high 
sch. ed'n at Cobourg, Can. Studied eng'ring and in 
1882 joined surveying expd'n operating in Northwest 
to Pacific Coast; engaged in banking business in State 
of Wash.. 188(5; entered the George A. Fuller Co. as 
v.-p., 1896: was projector of enlarged corp'n of same 
name ($20,000,000 capital) of which was pres. (now 
dir.). and since its consolidation with U. S. Realty & 
Improvement Co. (capital $30,000,000) has been pres. 
or chm'n of latter Also dir. George A. Fuller Co. of 
111.: Mo.. Kans. & Texas R. R. Co.; Toledo, St. Louis & 
Western R. R. Co.; Chesapeake & Ohio R. R. Co.: Alli- 
ance Realty Co.; Broad Exchange Co.: Plaza Operating 
Co.: Mines Co. of America: Dolores Mines Co., N. Y.; 
Colonial Trust & Savings Bank. Chicago. Democrat. 
Mason. Clubs: Lawyers' (gov.), Whitehall (gov.) 
Metropolitan, Manhattan (gov.). City Middav. Turf 
& Field, N. Y. Yacht (New York), Sleepy Hollow 
Country (Westchester Co.). Metropolitan (Wash.), 
Chicago (Chicago), Travellers (Paris). Residence: 
(country) Westchester Co.; (cltv) 667 Madison Av. 
Address: 111 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Author, theologian; b. Rothesay. Buteshire Scot- 
land. Mar. 26, 1868; ed. Rothesav Aead.. Univ. of 
Glasgow. A.M.. 1887, and Free Ch. Coll. Yale Univ., 
D.D., 1908: Princeton Univ., D.D., 1911; Glasgow TTniv 
D.D.. 1911; m. Paisley. Scotland, June 28, 1898. Edith 
Margaret, d. late Robert Kerr, of Paislev. Scotland- 
four children. Ordained in ministry of Free Oh of 
Scotland. 1891; minister of Sherwood Oh.. Paisley, 
Scotland. Sept. 1891; St. George's United Free Ch , 
Edinburgh. 1896-1906: since 1906 nrof. practical theol- 
ogv. Union Theol. Sem.. N. Y. Oitv. Author: Friend- 
shin. Culture and Restraint. Work. The Practice of 
Self-Culture, 1904 (Edinburgh Sermons). 1906: Listen- 
ing to God. Christ's Service of Love 'Communion Ser- 
mons and Meditations). 1907: The Gift of Influence 
CUniversitv Sermons). 1908: Comfort 1910: Happiness, 
1911. Club: Oenturv (N. Y. Cltv). Residence: Upner 
Montclalr. X. J. Address: Broadway, at 120th St.. 
N. Y. City. 


Linen importer, mf'r; b. Dromore, County Down, 
Ireland: s. William and Jane (Tate) Black: "ed. schs. 
of Dromore. and at Nat. Sch.; m. Banbrldge, County 
Down, Treland. Margaret Moore. Residence- Benson- 
hurst. L. I. Address: 350 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


., Ex-pres Editorial Review Co.: b. Zanesville. Ohio; 
Ur. F. M. Powell: ed. public schs. Glen wood. Iowa, 
and Jacksonville (111.) Acadefnv.; m. Elmer Ellsworth 
?r ,^ k; ne d - : Dorothy Powell. Secured adoption of 
Unity Sunday. 1911; v.-p. 3d Nat. Peace Congress, 
Baltimore. 1911: v.-p. First Universal Races Cone-ress, 
London. 1911; delegate and speaker at Internat. Peace 
f ongress in Geneva, sp'l investigator of Municipal 
Markets of Eurone: expert witness on markets before 
S" , Term,T, al Market Comm'n. Author: Civilize the 
Nations. A Terminal Market System. New York's Most 
Urgent Need. Mem Exec. Com. Am. Peace and Arbi- 
tration League. N. Y.; mem. Am. Peace Soc. Washing- 

rte?;*?- -a A T' ca - d , P S" 1 t and SocIa1 Science. Phila- 
delphia. Acad. Social Science. Am. Museum Natural 

SL 2S?; Tj T a ^T !l Pol U Ka ,' n - N ' T - Woman's League 
for Animals. Nat. Soc. Patriotic Women of Am Nat 
Munieinal Leatrue. Phdla.: N. Y. Peace Soc. Mexico 
see of N. Y.. Woman's Porum. Woman's Auxiliary to 
Civil Service Reform. Housewives' League Soc' of 
Am. Women in London. Atlantic Union London- hon 
y. -p. Betterment T.eague. life mem. BIde-a-wee Home 
for Friendless Animals. Free Industrial Sch for Crip- 
pled Children, founder and 1st v.-p Church Peace 
League of -\merica. chm'n Ways and Means Com 
Consumers League of N. Y.. mem. Woman's rien't Nat' 
Civic Assn. mem. Exec. Com. Nat. Com. on Prison La- 
bor. AdvIsoTy B'd Nat. Flower. Fruit and Plant Guild 
and NY. Terminal Market Comm'n. Clubs: Woman's 
Republican. Rubinstein. Eclectic. Woman's Press 
^n ar l' s A*hletlc rChioMro), Twilight Social Science 
fPhila.), Chicago Woman's. Lyceum of London (Am 
mem.). Address: 512 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Merchant: b. N. Y. City. March 2, 1877: s. Robert C 
and Marv Grace (Witherbee) Blaek- ed Tafts Sch ' 
Pelham Manor. N. Y.. Browning Sch.. N Y Cltv 'Will- 
lams Coll., Williamstown, Mass., A.B. 1900- m' Troy 



N. Y. Oct. 1. 1912, Beatrice Cluett. Pres. firm, Black, 
Starr & Frost, retail jewelers, since Oct., 1900; v.-p. 
Witherbee Real Estate & Improvement Co.; sec. and 
treas., Robert C. Black Realty Co.; dir. Club Bld'g Co. 
Mem. Alpha Delta Phi fraternity (Williams Chapter). 
Recreation: Lawn tennis. Clubs: University, Union 
League, N. Y. Athletic, Automobile of America, Alpha 
Delta Phi (N. Y. City), Sleep Holly Country (Scar- 
borough), Manor, Pelham Country (Pelham Manor), 
Troy (Troy), Larchmont Yacht. Residence: Pelham 
Manor, N. Y. Address: 594 Fifth Aw, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Forsyth, Ga., June 10, 186S; s. Eugene 
Pinckard and Zac (Harman) Black; ed. Atlanta Ga., 
In public and high schs. until 1884; unmarried. Coun- 
sel for C. H. Mallory & Co. Author: Black on New 
York and New Jersey Corporations; The Real Wall 
Street. Was sp'l master, U. S. Dist. Court, Northern 
Dist. of Georgia; pres. Young Men's Democratic 
League, Fulton Co., Ga.; sec. Georgia Cleveland Club; 
organized, 1903, and has since been v.-p. Citizen's In- 
dependent Democracy of N. Y. City. Comm'r of Ac- 
counts, City of N. Y., 1904-1905. Mem. Kane Lodge, 
F. and A. M. Mem. Southern Soc, Georgia Soc. in 
N. Y. (mem. Advisory B'd), Democrat (independent); 
Baptist. Recreations: Automobiling, athletics, books. 
Clubs: Metropolitan, Lawyers, New York Demo- 
cratic. Residence: 00 E. 34th St. Address: 55 Lib- 
erty St., N. Y. City. 


Coal merchant; b. Troy, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1S63; s. John 
and Nancy (Downing) Blackburn; attended Albany 
public schs., and Albany High Sch., class of 1SS0; m. 
Oct. 29, 1S90, Marion Carpenter Hall of Washington, 
D. C; one son: John Hall, b. Feb. 21, 1903. Dir. Hy- 
gienic Ice & Refrigerating Co., First Nat. Bank, and 
Albany Home Bld'g Co. Republican; Presby'n. Pres. 
Y.M.C.A., treas. Synod of N. Y., elder in First Presby'n 
Ch. of Albany, N. Y. Recreation: Canoeing. Club: 
Fort Orange (Albany). Residence: 304 Washington 
Av. Address: 129 Water St., Albany, N. Y. 


College prof.; b. Lawrence, Kans, March 26, .1876; 
s. William I. R. and Anna (Amos) Blaekman; grad. 
Univ. of Kansas, A.B., 1901, A.M., 1902; Ph.D., Har- 
vard, 1905; m. Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 23, 190S. Myrtle 
Ness; one son: Maulsby Ness, b. March 26, 1910. Instr. 
in zoology, Univ. of Kansas, 1901-1904; Austin Re- 
search Fellow in Zoology, Harvard Univ., 1904-1905; 
instr. histology and embryology, Western Reserve 
Univ., Med. Dep't, 1905-1909; ass't prof, zoology, Syra- 
cuse Univ., 1909-1911; asso. prof, zoology, Syracuse 
Univ., 1911-1913; asso. prof, in charge of forest zool. 
and forest entomology, N. Y. State Coll. of Forestry, 
Syracuse, since 1913. Mem. A.A.A.S., Am. Soc. Zoolo- 
gists (Eastern Branch), Ass'n for Advancement of 
Forest Entomology in America, Sigma Xi fraternity., 
Residence: 216 Stratford St., Berkeley Park,. Ad- 
dress: N. Y. State Coll of Forestry, Syracuse, N. Y. 


Jurist; b. Newark, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1852; grad. Hamil- 
ton Coll., 1874; Columbia Law Sch., 187S; married. 
Mem. firm Baldwin & Blackmar; counsel N. Y. Pro- 
duce Exchange. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., and 
of County of Kings; judge Supreme Court for term 
expiring Dec, 1922. Clubs: Union League (Brooklyn), 
Brooklyn University (Brooklyn). Residence: 865 
Park Place, Brooklyn. Address: Supreme Court, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Worcester. Mass., July 25, 1869; s. 
Francis T. and AWbie E. Blackmer; ed. Worcester 
(Mass.) High Sch.; m. 2d, Dec. 22, 190S, Lucy Carter; 
children: Myron K., b. 1893, Margaret Gray, b. 1S96. 
Practised law, Colorado Springs, Colo., until 1902; 
resided in N. Y. City until June, 1911; since then in 
Denver, Colo. Pres. Internat. Trust Co., Denver, Colo. 
Dist. att'y El Paso County, Colo., 1894-1897. Pres. 
Cripple Creek Central R'y Co.; chm'n B'd Franco 
Petroleum Co. Republican; Congregationalism "Mem. 
Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution. Clubs: 
Union League, Lawyers, Whist (N. Y. City), Denver 
(Denver), El Paso (Colorado Springs), Colo. Address: 
1212 Grant St., Denver. Colo. 


Lawyer, banker; b. Little Valley, Cattaraugus Co., 
N. Y., Jai>. 12, 1855; s. Lymari and Julia Ann (Strait) 
Blackmon; ed. in common schs. and at Ten Broeck 
Acad. Franklinville, N. Y.; m. Warsaw, N. Y Aug. 
24, 1880, Florence Agnes Thomas; children: Alfred 
L., b. 1882; Ward H., b. 1884. Mem. firm of Torrance 
& Blackmon, att'ys, at Gowanda, N. Y., for six years; 

mem. firm Wadsworth, Blackmon & Wadsworth, 
att'ys. Uuffalo, N, Y., fifteen years. Supervisor town 
of Collins, Erie Co., N. Y., Ave years. Treas. Gowanda 
Water Works Co. Republican. Mem. Erie Co. Bar 
Ass'n, F. and A. M. Mem. B'd of Mg'rs. Gowanda 
State Homce. Hosp. (State Insane Asylum). Cluto: 
Gowanda. Residence: Gowanda, N. Y. Address: 718 
White Bld'g, Buffalo, N. Y. 


Clergyman, lecturer, housekeeper; b. Henrietta, N. 
Y., May, 1825; d. Joseph and Abby (Morse) Brown; 
ed. Monroe Acad, till 1844; grad. Oberlin Coll., 1847, 
Oberlin Theol. Sem., 1S50 (A.M.); m. Henrietta, N. Y., 
Jan., 1856, Samuel Charles Blackwell; children: 
Florence B. (Mayhew) ; Edith B., M.D. (deceased), 
Grace B. (artist), Agnes (Jones), Ethel (Robinson, 
S.B., M.D.). Ordained Cong'l (orthodox) minister, 1853, 
and was first woman clergyman; first woman to per- 
form marriage ceremony, 1853; now Unitarian; set- 
tled minister of Cong'l Ch. of South Butler and Savan- 
nah; Wayne Co., N. Y., 1852-1855. Actively identified 
with woman suffrage, purity and other movements; 
extensive traveler; visited Palestine, Egypt and in- 
termediate places, 1903; Oregon, Alaska, etc., 1905; 
Europe twice, and Western States. Mem. Nat., State 
and local federations and clubs, Ass'n for the Ad- 
vancement of Women, and several Purity and Equality 
ass'ns; also Woman's Press Clubs of N. Y. City and 
N. J. Recreations: Gardening, travel, physical exer- 
cise. Author: Shadows of Our Social System (N. Y.), 
1855; Studies in General Science (N. Y.), 1869; The 
Market Woman, The Island Neighbors, 1871; The 
Sexes Throughout Nature, 1875; The Physical Basis 
of Immortality, 1876; The Philosophy of Individuality, 
or the One and the Many, 1883; Sea Drift, a parable 
in verse. 1903; is pastor emeritus of All Souls Church, 
Elizabeth, N. J.; preaching monthly or oftener; re- 
ceived on the 75th anniversary of Oberlin Coll. the 
honorary degree of D.D. Address: 348 Bay Way, 
Elizabeth, N. J. Summer address: Chilmark. Mass. 


Banker; b. North East, Pa.; s. Alex W. and Sarah 
A. (Piatt) Blaine; ed. North East High Sch.; m. Sept. 
25, 1872, Annie M. Hampson; one d.; Ruth H., b. Sept. 8, 
1S77 (died Feb. 8, 1879). Pres. First Nat. Bank of 
North East, Pa., Blaine, Mackay, Lee Co., millers; 
North East Vinegar Works, Am. Beauty Stove Co., 
Erie, Pa North East Cemetery; dir. North East Ice 
Co. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. State Horticulture 
Soc. Club: North East (pres.). Address: North 
East, Pa. 


Banker; b. Belvidere, N. J., July 16, 1S67; s. DeWitt 
Clinton and Mary Anna (Kim'ball) Blair; grad. Prince- 
ton A.B., 1890; m. Oct. 1, 1S91, Florence Osborn Jen- 
nings; children: Marjory, Bruce, Florence Ledyard, 
Edith Dodd, Marie Louise. .Mem. Blair & Co., bank- 
ers, N. Y. City. Dir. Nat Bank of Commerce, Bel- 
videre Nat. Bank, Green Bay and* Western R. R., Ke- 
waunee, Green Bay and Western R. R., St. Louis and 
Hannibal R'y, Securities Co., Sussex R. R., Sussex 
Realty Co. (pres.). Mem. b'd of mg'rs, N. Y. Zool. 
Soc. and of Post-Graduate Hosp. Mem. Am. Geog. 
Soc, Sons of Revolution. Clubs: Metropolitan, Union, 
University, N. Y. Yacht, Brook, City Midday, Mor- 
ris Co. Golf, Racquet and Tennis, Princeton, Som- 
erset Hills Country, The Pilgrims, Coaching, N. Y. 
Farmers, Recess, Automobile of America, Currituck 
Shooting, Nat. Golf Links of America, Nassau Country, 
Piping Rock, Newport Golf. Residence: Peapack, 
Somerset Co., N. J. Address: 24 Broad St., N. Y. City. 


Banker; >b. Blairstown, Warren Co., N. J., 1833; s. 
John Insley and Ann Blair; grad. Princeton, 1S56; m. 
1864, Mary Anna Kimball; children: C. Ledyard 
(Princeton, 1890); John Insley (Princeton, 1S9S). En- 
gaged in banking in firm of Blair & Co.; also di- 
rector Warren R. R. Co., St. Louis and Hannibal R'y 
Co., and Sussex Realty Co. Club: Princeton. Resi- 
dence: 6 E. 61st St. Address: 24 Broad St., N. Y. City. 


Banker; s. DeWitt Clinton and Mary Anna (Kim- 
ball) Blair; m. Isabelle B. Myers; one son, James A., 
Jr. Mem. firm of Blair & Co. Dir. Cleveland, Lorain 
& Wheeling R'y Co., Central of Georgia R'y Co., St. 
Louis and San Francisco R. R. Co., Seaboard Air Line 
R'y Co., Metropolitan Street R'y Co. (Kansas City), 
Underground Elec. R'ys Co. (London), Pressed Steel 
Car Co., First Nat. Bank. The Securities Co, Corn 
Products Co.; trustee N. Y. Life Ins. Co., Continental 
Trust Co., N. Y. Security and Trust Co. Clubs: Met- 
ropolitan. Morris Co. Golf. Address: 24 Broad St., 
N. Y. City. 




Banker (retired); b. N. T. City, Dec. 22, 1876; s. 
DeWitt Clinton and Mary Anna (Kimball) Blair; 
grad. Princeton, A.B., 189S; m. Jan 6, 1912, Natalie 
B. Knowlton; one d.: b. April 30, 1913. Entered em- 
ploy of Blair & Co. on leaving: college, 1898; mem. 
of the firm, April, 1900, to 1905; since then in no 
active business; occupied In travel and sport. Clubs: 
Racquet, University, Brook, Automobile, Princeton. 
Midday. N. Y. Yacht. Meadow Brook, Country, Piping 
Rock. Address: 22 E. 47th St., N. Y. City. 


Merchant, banker; b. Blairs Mills, Pa., Oct. 9, 1850; 
s. John H. and Mary (McConnell) Blair; m. Nannie 
J. Silverthorn. Pres. The J. M. Blair Co., Tuscarora 
Bank, Blairs Mills, First Nat. Bank. Petersburg, Pa.; 
v.-p. Tuscarora Valley R. R. Co.; stockholder N. Y. 
Jewett Nat. Bank. Port Royal Bank, Farmers Nat. 
Bank. Newville. Pa.; Union Nat. Bank, Huntingdon. 
Pa., and Standing Stone Nat. Bank. Republican; 
Elder in Presby'n Ch. Address: Blairs Mills, Pa. 


Merchant, coal operator, banker; b. Macomb, 111., 
May 21, 1S66; s. Warren, O. and Ella (Stilson) Blais- 
dell; attended Abbott Family Sch., Farmington, Me.; 
Univ. of Mich., Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, M.D., 
1890; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 26, 1893, Nellie E. Rus- 
sell; two children. V.-p. Punxsutawney Nat. Bank, 
Pa.; sec. and gen. mg'r Punxsutawney Coal Mining 
Co., Anita Coal Mining Co.; dir. Rural Valley Nat. 
Bank. Anita Supply Co., Frances Supply Co., Sykes- 
ville Land Co. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Am. 
Med. Ass'n, Pa. State Soc, Jefferson County Med. Soc, 
Sigma Chi fraternity; Mason (32), Shriner, Elk. V.-p. 
and trustee Adria Hosp. Ass'n. Clubs: Duquesne 
(Pittsburgh), Harrisburg, Buffalo, Ellicott, Country 
(Buffalo), Punxsutawney, Elks (Punxsutawney). 
Residence: Punxsutawney, Pa and 42S Prudential 
Bld'g, Buffalo, N. Y. 


Technical journalist; b. New Haven, Conn.; s. Hen- 
ry T. and Elizabeth C. (Kingsley) Blake; grand 
fathers were Eli Whitney Blake (inventor) and 
James L. Kingsley (Datinist) ; ed. Hopkins Grammar 
Sch. and Hillhouse High Sch., New Haven; grad. 
Yale, Ph.B., 18S6; took sp'l course in elec. eng'ring, 
Mass. Inst. Technology; m. N. Y. City, June 1, 1891, 
Ida Jewett; children: Henry Kingsley, b. 1894; James 
Pierrepont, b. 1896 (died 1912); Adelaide, b. 1907. 
After leaving Mass. Inst. Technology, became asso- 
ciated with the Sprague Electric R'y and Motor Co. 
in constructing electric r'ys; after consolidation of 
that company with the Edison Gen. Elec. Co., re- 
mained -with latter company. While engaged in this 
work, prepared and delivered two courses of lec- 
tures on electric railways, at Mass. Inst. Technology. 
Since 1894, editor-in-chief Electric Railway Journal 
(formerly Street Railway Journal). Dir. McGraw 
Publishing Co. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Am. 
Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, Am. Elec. R'y Ass'n; asso. mem, 
Unione Internationale de Tramways et de Chemins de 
Fer d'Intfret Local. Clubs: Engineers (N. Y. Citv), 
N Y. R'ys. New England St. R'y, Englewood (Engle- 
wood. N. J.). Residence: Englewood, N. J. Address: 
239 W. 39th St., N. Y. City. 


Physician and surgeon; b. Jersey City Heights, June 
12, 1873; s. James A. (A.M., M.D.) and Alice E. (Eddy) 
Blake; ed. public and high schools; N. Y. Univ., B.S., 
1894; Columbia Univ., M.D., 1898; Univ. of Bonn, Ger- 
many, M.D. (with honor), 1902. Interne Brooklyn 
Hosp., 1898-1900; studied in France and Germany, 
1900-1902; since then practising in Brooklyn. Attend- 
ing physician, Brooklyn M. E. Home. Mem. Kings Co. 
Med. Ass'n, Brooklyn Pathol. Soc, Brooklyn Hosp. 
Internes Club. N. Y. State Med. Ass'n, Ass'n Am. Med. 
Ass'n. Address: 2 Revere PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Physician; b. San Francisco, Calif., Aug. 31, 1864; 
s. William P. and Charlotte (Hayes) Blake; grad. 
Yale, B.A., 1885; Ph.B., 1886; Coll. Phys. and Surg. 
(Columbia Univ.), M.D., 1889; m. 1890, Catherine Ket- 
chum; children: Joseph A., Jr., Francis H., 2d. For- 
merly attending surgeon St. Duke's, Harlem and Pres- 
by'n Hosps., consulting surgeon to St. Luke's Hosp. 
and Roosevelt Hosp. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, Ass'n Am. 
Anatomists, Am. Surg. Ass'n, Am. Soc. Clinical Sur- 
gery, N. T. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. Acad. Sciences, 
County and State Med. Socs., N. Y. Surg. Soc. Clubs: 
University, Century. Address: 108 E. 65th St., N. Y. 


Journalist; b. Philadelphia, Oct. 26, 1883; s. Barton 
F. and Mary (Manning) Blake; grad. De Lancey Sch., 
Phila.; Harvard Coll., A.B., 1905; A.M., 1907; Univ. of 
Paris (fellow Minister of Public Instr., 1907-1908); 
unmarried. Successively editorial writer for Nation 
and Evening Post of N. Y., asso. editor Independent 
(N. Y.), later literary editor; now editorial writer on 
staff of Collier's Weekly. Contb'r to various news- 
papers and magazines, on art, literature and various 
topics. Club: Harvard (N. Y.). Address: 27 W. 44th 
St.. N. Y. Citv. 


Clergyman, educator; b. Vestal, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1846; 
s. Rev. George Harmon and Hester Ann (Cargill) 
Blakeslee; prepared for coll. at Wyoming Sera., Kings- 
ton, Pa.; grad. Syracuse Univ., A.B., 1872; A.M., 1875; 
D.D., Wesleyan Univ., 1889; Ditt.D., Iowa Wesleyan 
Univ., 1905; m. Geneseo, N. T., Sept. 9, 1869, Augusta 
M. Hubbard (deceased): children: Prof. George Hu'b- 
bard Blakeslee, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. (prof, history, Clark 
Univ.); Albert Francis, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. (prof, botanv 
State Agr'l Coll., Storrs, Conn.); Theodora Louise, 
B.D. (teacher French and German, High Sch., Bing- 
hamton, N. Y.). Clerk of q.-m., 50th N. Y. Eng'rs, at 
Rappahannock Sta., Va., Dec, 1863, to Feb., 1864; 
clerk Q.-M. Gen.'s Office, Washington, D. C, Feb., 1864- 
July, 1865. Pastor M. E. Ch., Canisteo, N. Y., 1868; 
prin. Whitney's Point Union Sch., 1869-1870; pastor 
M. E. Ch., Groveland, N. Y., 1871-1873; prin. E. Green- 
wich (R. I.) Acad., 1873-1884; abroad travelling and 
studying, 1884-1885; pastor Thames St. M. E. Ch., 
Newport, R. I., 18S6-1SS7; again prin. E. Greenwich 
Acad., 1887-1899; pres. Iowa Wesleyan Univ., 1899- 
1900; pres. Cazenovia (N. Y.) Sem., 1900-1908; supt. 
Binghamton Dist. Anti-Saloon League from 1908, lec- 
turer and platform speaker. Republican. Mem. Phi 
Beta Kappa Soc, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Delegate to 
Gen. Conf. M. E. Ch., Omaha, 1892; mem. Central N. Y. 
Conf. M. E. Ch. Address: 612 Y. M. C. A. Bld'g, Bing- 
hamton, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Mar. 22, 1877; s. Harvey 
D. and Sarah Louise (Taylor) Blakeslee; grad. Cen- 
tral High Sch., Buffalo, 1894; Univ. of Rochester, A.B., 
1900; Buffalo Law Sch.. LL.B., 1902; unmarried. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1902; mem. law firm Lee & Blakeslee, 
Buffalo. Lecturer on law of crimes, Buffalo Law Sch.. 
1906-1908. Elected supervisor 24th Ward, Buffalo, 
1905; elected supervisor of 19th Ward, 1907; re-elected, 
1909. Elected supervisor 23d Ward, 1911; Progres- 
sive candidate for surrogate of Erie County, defeated, 
1912. Progressive. Clubs: Lawyers, University, Park. 
Address: 89 Erie County Bank Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Jurist; b. Henderson, Jefferson Co., N. Y., 1845- s 
Philip and Catharine (Drummond) Blanchard; ed 
public schools, Ripon Coll. Prep. Sch.; Ripon (Wis.) 
Coll., A.B., 1871; Law Sch., Columbia Univ., LL.B., 1873; 
LD.D., Ripon, 1902; m. 1881, Sallie Med'bery; one son, 
Medbery Blanchard, b. 1884. Engaged in practise of 
law, 1873-1899; appt'd judge of Gen. Sessions by Gov 
Roosevelt. 1899, and served one year; in Sept., 1900 
appt d a justice Supreme Court, N. Y., by Gov. Roose- 
velt, and elected Nov., 1901, to same office for term 
expiring Dec. 31, 1915. Enlisted 1864, and served one 
year in Co. I, 2d Wis. Cav. Republican; Episcopalian. 
Trustee St. John's Guild. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of 
N. Y., Lafayette Post, G. A. R., etc. Clubs: Union 
League, Republican, Oakland Golf. Residence: 11 E. 
92d St. Address: County Court House, N. Y. City. 


Stock broker; b. N. T. City, Dec. 17, 1868; s. Graham 
and Emmeline H. (Cruse) Blandy; ed. N. T., France, 
Switzerland; grad. Germantown Acad., Germantown, 
Pa., 1S85; m. N. Y. City, April 29, 1901, Georgette H. 
Borland. Mem. N. T. Stock Exchange since May 9, 
1891; mem. B'd of Ed'n 3 years. Has travelled in Eu- 
rope, Mexico, Canada and U. S. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Sons of Revolution. Recreation: Farming on farm, 
Shenandoah Valley, Va. Club: Union League. Resi- 
dence (summer): White Poet, Clarke Co., Va., and 
26 E. 38th St. Address: 66 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Painter; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 15, 1848; s. William 
Henry and Eliza (Dodd) Blashfield; gd. Boston Latin 
Sch. and Mass. Inst, of Technology, Boston; went 
abroad, 1S67, and studied under Leon Bonnat- m. 
Paris, 1881, Evangeline Wilbour (of R. I.). Spent 
20 years abroad, principally in Paris and Italy; trav- 
elled on European Continent and in Egypt and Greece. 
Artistic decorator of interiors, notable examples be- 
ing: Decoration of dome in Manufactures Bld'g, 




World's Columbian Exp'n, Chicago; central dome of 
Cong. Library, Washington; Bank of Pittsburgh, 
(Pittsburgh); Senate Chamber, State Capitol of Minn. 
(St. Paul); Iowa State Capitol, Des Moines; ceiling 
of great ballroom In Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, N. Y. 
City; Court House of Citv of Baltimore; Appellate 
N. Y. City; library, house of W. C. Drexel, Philadel- 
phia; drawing room, house of C. P. Huntington, N. Y. 
City; music room in house of Adolph Lewisohn, N. Y 
City; Court House of City of Baltimore; Appellate 
Court, N. Y. ; ceiling and lunettes B'd Room, Pru- 
dential BId'g, Newark; chancel Ch. of Saviour, Phila- 
delphia; Court House, Newark; Court House, Youngs- 
town; Court House, Jersey City; lunette in Great Hall. 
Coll. of City of N. Y.; State Capitol, Wis.; decoration 
of main dome, court room, in Federal Bld'g, Cleve- 
land. Mem. Nat. Acad., 1888; Nat. Fine Arts Comm'n; 
hon. mem. Am. Inst, of Architects, Acad, of Arts and 
Letters, Nat. Inst, of Arts and Letters, Architectural 
League, Soc. of Mural Painters. Author: Mural 
Paintings, 1913; (with Mrs. Blashfield) Italian Cities; 
co-editor (with Mrs. Blashfield & A. A. Hopkins) 
Vasari's Lives of the Painters. Residence: 48 Central 
Park 3. Address: Carnegie Hall, N. Y. City. 

Writer, lecturer; b. Seneca Falls, N. Y., Jan. 20, 
1856; d. Henry B. and Elizabeth (Cady) Stanton; grad. 
Vassar Coll., A.B., 1878;. A.M., 1893 (Phi Beta Kappa); 
m. London, England, 1882, W. H. Blatch; one daugh- 
ter, Nora Stanton, b. Basingstoke Eng., 1883; grad. 
as civil eng'r, Cornell, 1905; mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs. 
While living in Eng., 1882-1902, mem. of Evening Schs. 
Com., on the Exec. Com. of Fabian Soc, Women's In- 
dustrial Union, Local Government Soc, Women's 
Suffrage Soc, Franchise League. Made study of vil- 
lage conditions in Eng. under Charles Booth, the 
statistician. On exec. B'd Women's Trade Union 
League of N. Y.; mem. Com. of Fifty to abolish tracks 
on 11th Av.; v.-p and dir. Equal Franchise Soc; pres. 
Women's Polit. Union, which numbers 17,000 mem- 
bers in Greater N. Y. Club: Women's University 
Residence: 15 W. 91st St. Address: 46 E. 29th St., 
N. Y. City. 


Sup't Joint Application Bureau of N. Y. Ass'n for 
Improving Condition of the Poor & The Charity Org'n 
Soc; b. Windsor, Broome Co., N. Y., Jan. 12, 1876; 6. 
Vernon C. and Mary Emma (Kent) Blatchly; ed. Wind- 
sor, N. Y., High Sen., Regent's Diploma, Binghamton, 
N. Y., High Sch. ; grad. Lowell Business Coll., Student 
Coll. City of N. Y., N. Y. Sch. of Philanthropy; m. Jan. 
18, 1905, Laura B. Nevins. Was with N. Y. State B'd 
of Charities in charge of the N. Y. office of the State 
and Alien Poor Dep't for 3 years; resigned to become 
Sup't of Joint Application Bureau, Dec. 1, 1907. Ass't 
Sec 1st, 2nd and 5th, City Confs. of Charities & Cor- 
rections. Mem. N. Y. Probation Ass'n. Recreations: 
Tennis, boating. Club: N. Y. Monday. Residence: 
Wildwood .Road, Larchmont, N. Y. Address: 105 E. 
22d St., N. Y. City. 


Slate Senator; b. Nov. 11, 1866; s. John L. Blauvelt 
and Lucinda (Gurnee) Blauvelt; grad. Cornell Univ., 
1890; post-grad, course, Columbia Univ.; Columbia 
Law Sen.; m. Cora Demarest. Admitted to practice 
1892; elected mem. Assembly 1910, re-elected 1911; 
elected State Senator 1912. Chm'n Com. on Public 
Ed'n, mem. Judiciary Com., Ins. Com., and Com. on 
Internal Affairs. Address: Senate Chamber, Albany 
N. Y. 


Pres. Gen. Daughters of Revolution; b. Norristown, 
Pa.; d. George W. and Cara (Bean) Rogers; grad. 
Elmira Coll., A.B., 1879; m. 1894, Clarence L. Bleakley; 
children: G. Rogers, b. 1896; Paul L, b. 1899; Clarence 
H., b. 1902. Travelled extensively all over the world. 
Presby'n. Pres. Gen. Nat. Soc, Daughters of the Rev- 
olution. Clubs: Elmira Coll. (pres.). Conversational 
(Norristown, Pa.), Travellers (Peekskill, N. Y.). Ad- 
dress: 536 Broadway, N. Yonkers, N. Y. 


Clergyman; b. Scarsdale, N. Y., 1854; s. Leonard 
Augustus and Alethea H. (Popham) Bleecker; ed. St. 
Stephen's Coll., Annandale, N. Y., A.B., 1876; A.M., 
1879; Gen. Theol. Sem., 1876-1S79; ordered deacon, 
1879; m. Ogden, Utah, 1881, Abigail A. Lees (died 
1894); one daughter, Alethea Popham (wife Rev. John 
H. Yates), b. 1886; m. 2d, 1898, Phoebe Prout. Ordained 
priest, 1881, in Episcopal ministry; ass't minister Ch, 
of Good Shepherd, Ogden. Utah, 1879-18S2; missionary 
in charge St. John's Mission, Logan, Utah, and Holy 
Innocents' Mission, Blackfoot, Ida., 1SS2-1887; St. 
James' Ch., Upper Montclair, N. J 1S87-18S9; St. Mar- 
garet's Ch., Staatsburgh, N. Y.. 1S89-1S97; rector Christ 

Ch., Schenectady, N. Y., 1S97-1904; missionary In 
charge of St. Paul's Ch., Raymertown, N. Y., and Ch. 
of the Holy Name, Boyntonville, N.- Y., 1904-1907; 
curate St. Luke's Ch., Mechanicsville, N. Y., and asso- 
ciated parishes, Schaghticoke, Stillwater, Round Lake 
and East Line, 1907-1909, and since 1909, rector Trinity 
Ch., Ashland, N. Y. Address: Jewett, N. Y. 


Artist; b. Richmond, Va., Feb. 1, 1864; ed. Marlburg, 
Germany; grad. Yale Art Sch.; Julian's Acad., Paris; 
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Yale Univ. Medal, St. Louis 
Fair; exhibited Paris Salon, 1887, 1888, 18S9, 1891; 
World's Columbian Exp'n, 1893; medal at Boston, 
1891; Hallgarten prize, 1899, Nat. Acad, of Design. 
Clubs: Players, Salmagundi, Yale Alumni. Address: 
58 W. 57th St., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Pilsen, Austria, March 16, 1859; s. 
Samuel and Sophia (Zeimer) Bleyer; ed. in Pilsen 
High Sch., Austria; an electric ed'n in the sciences In 
Germany, France and England; law in N, Y.; medi- 
cine at Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D., 1883; honorary 
LL.D.; m. N. Y. City, Sept. 18, 1883, Rose Floresheim; 
children: Leroy Mount Bleyer, D.D.S. ; Mignon S. 
Practising medicine In N. Y. City from 1883, specialist 
in throat, nose and lung diseases. Father of electro- 
cution; originator of the system, 1883; original mem. 
of Com. appt'd by the Medico-Legal Soc, N. Y. City, 
to secure adoption. Mem. Royal Acad, of Medicine, 
Naples, Italy; corr. mem. Acad, of Medicine, -Mexico; 
v.-p. Medico-Legal Soc, N. Y. City; mem. and corr. 
mem. 20 scientific societies in France, Italy, Mexico, 
etc Address: 836 Lexington Av N. Y. City. 


Author, editor; b. Ezroom, Turkey, Sept. 12, 1848; 
s. Rev. Isaac G. Bliss, D.D., of Am. Bible Soc; ed. 
Springfield (Mass.) High Sch.; Robert Coll., Constanti- 
nople; Amherst ColL, A.B., 1871 (D.D., 1896); student 
at Yale Divinity Sch., 1871-1872, and 1875-1877; m. 1st, 
Urumia, Persia, June 5, 1885, Marie Louise Henderson, 
of N. Y. (died Dec 12, 1897); m. 2d, Brockton, Mass., 
Nov. 8, 1900, E. Theodora Crosby. Ass't agent Am. 
Bible Soc. for the Levant, 1872-1888, traveling exten- 
sively in Turkey and Persia. Engaged since 188S in 
editing his Encyclopedia of Missions (published 1891); 
asso. editor The Independent, 1S91-1901; editorial 
writer Harper's Weekly and N. Y Times, 1901-1902; 
now connected with Fleming H. Revell & Co. Field 
sec. for New England, Am. Tract Soc Mem. Ecumeni- 
cal Conf. on Foreign Missions, N. Y. City, 1900 (chm'n 
Com. on Publication and the Press); gen. sec For- 
eign Missions Industrial Ass'n. Congregationallst. 
Author: The Turk in Armenia, Crete and Greece, 
1896; Concise Historv of Missions. 1897. Address: 
Bureau of the Census, Washington, D. C. 

Librarian, Coll. City of N. Y.; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 29, 
1S70; s. Henry Hale and Evelina M. (Davis) Bliss; 
grad. Coll. City of N. Y.; m. N. Y. City, June 1, 1901, 
Ellen de Koster; children: Enid, b. 1903; Margaret, b. 
1905; John, b. 1908; Conrad, b. 1911. At City Coll. as 
deputy librarian since 1891. Address: College of the 
City of N. Y., N. Y. City. 

Diplomat; b. St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 5, 1875;- s. William 
Henry and Annie Louise (Woods) Bliss; grad. Har- 
vard Univ., A.B., 1900. Appt'd clerk in office of 6ec 
of Porto Rico. Oct. 1900; private sec. to Gov. of Porto 
Rico, Sept., 1901; U. S. Consul at Venice, Italy, June, 
1903; 2d sec. of embassy at St. Petersburg, Russia, 
Oct., 1904; sec. of legation at Brussels, Belgium, Jan., 
1907; delegate to Internat. Conference to consider re- 
vision of the arms and ammunition regulations of the 
Gen. Act of Brussels of Julv 2. 1890, April, 1908; sec. 
of legation, Buenos Ayres. Argentine Republic, Aug.. 
1909; sec. of embassy, Paris, France, since Feb., 1912; 
attended Internat. Conference for the consideration of 
the question of the relief to aliens, held at Paris. 
Nov., 1912. Republican. Clubs: University, Harvard 
(N Y Citv), Metropolitan (Washington), Travellers, 
Cercle de i'Union (Paris). Residence: 6 E. 65th St.. 
N. Y. City. Address: American Embassy, Paris, 

Capitalist; ib. N. Y. City, Mar. 10. 1870; s. George and 
\ugusta H. (Smith) Bliss; grad. Yale Coll., A.B., 1892; 
N Y. Law Sch.: m. Detroit. Mich.. April .29, 1S97, 
Katharine Baldwin. Dir. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. 
Paul R'y Co., Cleveland, Cincinnati. Chicago & St- 
Louis R'y Co., Commercial Union Assurance Co.. Ltd. 
of London, Commercial Union Fire Insurance Co. of 
N. Y., Continental Insurance Co., Fire Companies 
Building Corp'n, Gaulev Mountain Coal Co., N. Y. & 




Harlem R. R. Co., Quincy Mining Co., Southern Pacini' 
Co.; trustee Atlas Assurance Co., Ltd. of London. 
Caledonian Insurance Co. of Edinburgh, Consolidated 
Gas Co. of N. Y., Palatine Insurance Co. of London. 
Union Assurance Co. of London, Union Assurance Co., 
Ltd. of London, Union Trust Co. of N. Y. : pies, and dlr. 
Corralitos Co.; vice-pres. and dlr. Second Avenue R 
R. Co. Clubs: N. Y. Yacht, Racquet and Tennis, Kill- 
ing. Union. Residence: Bernardsville. N. J. Address: 
71 Broadway, X. Y. City. 


Clergyman, lecturer, author; b. Constantinople, 
Turkey, 1S56; s. Edwin E. il'.I>.) and Mary Isabella 
(Porter) Bliss; ed. - at Robert Coll., Constantinople: 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.: Amherst. A.B. 1S7S; 
Hartford Theol. Sem., B.D., 1SS2: I'D from Ruskin 
Coll., 1913; m. London, 1884, Mary Pangalo, of Con- 
stantinople; one ii. Enid. After Cong'l pastorate at 
Denver, Colo., and S. Natick, Mass., entered thi Epis- 
copal Ch. and was ordained priest in 1S86; rector St. 
George's Ch., Lee, Mass., 1SS5; Grace Ch., S Boston, 
1SS7-1S90; Ch. ot the Carpenter, Boston, 1890-1896; 
San Gabriel, Calif.. 1S9S-190O; Amitvville L I 1902- 
1906; Ch. of Holy Innocents, W. Orang-e, N .1 ' since 
1911. Sec. The Garden Cities Ass'n of America 1007' 
expert investigator for U. S. Bureau of Labor in 
Europe and U. S., 1907-1909; now in Am. Inst of 
Social Service, and editor of its magazine and illus- 
trated lectures. Has lectured in all parts of the U. 
S., and in Canada and England, on social subjects. 
Broad Ch. Episcopalian. Christian Socialist. Nomi- 
nated for Lieut. -Gov. of Mass. by Labor Party 1887. 
Organized first Christian Socialist Society in 'u S.. 
?V' ,^ cturpr for Christian Social Union (Episcopal), 
1894-1896. Pres. Nat. Social Reform Union, 1900: 
edited The Dawn, 18S9-1S96. Author: Handbook of 
Socialism, Tracts on Christian Socialism. Editor: 
American Social Science Library, Encvclopedia of 
Social Reform (new edition. 1908). Mem. Internat. 
Labor Ass'n, Internat. Congress for Employment of 
the Unemployed. Alpha Delta Phi. Recreations: Chess, 
golf. Cluh: Essex Co. Country. Address: SO Bible 
House. N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Cuyahoga Falls, O., Oct. 27, 1S4-1 s. 
Philemon and 'Martha W. Bliss; ed. puiblic schs m. 
1st, St. Louis. Mo., April 6, 1874, Annie Louise Woods: 
2d, N. Y. City, April 14. 1894, Mrs. Anna Blakeslev 
Barnes; children: Robert Woods (sec. Am. Embassv, 
Paris); Annie Louise (Mrs. Charles Warren of Bos- 
ton). Admitted to tar, 1871; ass't U. S. att'v 1872- 
IS16, and U. S. att'y, 1876-1887, St. Louis. Mo." After- 
ward v.-p. and gen. solicitor of St. Paul and Duluth 
R. R Co., and asso. counsel of Northern Pacific R. K. 
Co., St. Paul, Minn.; has been practising at N. Y. Citv 
since 1893. Mem. Ass'n Bar Citv of N Y. Bar Ass'n 
State of N. Y., Met. (Museum o'f Art, Municipal Art 
Soc, Am. Geog. Soc, Soc. of Bibliophiles, Ohio Soc. 
Am. Civic Alliance, Acad. Polit. Science, Am Peace 
Soc. Clubs: Union League, Metropolitan. Grolier, 
Players, Down Town, Automobile of America (X. Y. 
City). Metropolitan, Chew Chase (Washington) St. 
Botolph (Boston). Residence: 6 E. 65th St. Address: 
62 Cedar St., N. Y. City. 


Elec. Eng'r; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Julv 16, 1S71; s. 
John and Francis E. (Lord) Bliss: ed. Adelphi Acad 
Brooklyn. N. Y., 1880-1886; Poly. Inst.. Brooklyn, B.S., 
1891; Cornell Univ., M.M.E., 1893; m. Brooklvri, N. Y.. 
Feb. 5, 1896, Grace Lawrence Kip. Inventor of Axle 
Lighting System of electrically lighting steam rail- 
road cars, known as Bliss System, used bv the Pull- 
man Co., chief eng'r U. S. Light & Heating Co. Re- 
publican. Mem. Am. Inst, of Elec. Eng'rs, Soc or 
Automobile Eng'rs, Am. Electro-Chemical Soc. Chi Psi 
Fraternity, 32 Mason. Shriner. Clubs: New York 
R. R., Central R. R Western R. R., Niagara. Resi- 
dence: 142 Buffalo Av. Address: Highland Av., 
Niagara, Falls. N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Albany, X. Y., June 19, 1880; s. Emanu.-l 
and Helen (Wolfsheimer) Bloch; grad. Grammar Sen. 
No. 14, 1894; Albany High Sch., 1898; Union Coll., 
Ph.B., 1902; Albany Law Sch., LL.B., 1904. In active 
practise since graduation, specialty being Federal 
and corp'n law; mem. bar of Commonwealth of Mass.. 
U. S. comm'r for Northern Dist. of N. Y., 1905-1913. 
Republican; Jewish religion. Mem. Albany County 
Bar Ass'n, Albany Law Sch. Alumni Ass'n, Washing- 
ton Lodge 85, F. and A. M. (past master), Loval Order 
of Moose (Dictator of Albany Lodge 909 and supreme 
trustee of the Order), Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, Nat. 
Legal Fraternity of Gamma Beta Gamma. Modern 
Woodmen of America, Eastern N. Y. Beta Theta Pi 

Alumni Assn. Albany High School Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: 
City, Adelphi, Capital City, Unconditional Republican, 
Young Men's Republican. Rc-idence: 522 Morris St. 
Address: 57 State St., Albany, X. Y. 


Publisher; b. Bedford, la., Dec. 27, 1877; s. Charles 
Weslej and Louisa (Rector) Blodgett; grad. Knox 
Coll.. B.S., 1899; m. Chicago, ill.. Jan; 16, 1907, Mar- 
garet Carrol] Kendrick; one d.: Elizabeth, to. Nov. 14, 
1909. Pres. Outing Publishing Co. Mem. Phi Delta 
Theta Fraternity. Clubs: The Players, Essex County 
Country (W. Orange, N. J.), University (Chicago). 
Residence: E. Orange, N. J. Address: 141-5 W. 36th 
St., X. Y. City. 


Life insurance mg'r; lb. X". Y. City, Feb. 6 1853. Be- 
gan business career as junior clerk in Equitable Life 
Assurance Soc, 1869, and has continued with it ever 
since, advancing to present position as Metropolitan 
mg'r of the N. Y. office. One of organizers and pres. 
1S92. of Life Underwriters Ass'n of N. Y. ; chm'n com. 
of four which organized the Nat. Ass'n of Life Under- 
writers in 1890 at Boston, and was the first v.-p. of 
that ass'n. Address: 149 Broadway, N. Y. Citv. 

Lawyer; b. Ithaca, N. Y., April 7, 1866; s. Charles 
Farrar and S. Estella (Hazen) Blood; grad. Cornell 
Univ., Ph.B., 1S8S, and LL.B., 1890; m. Greenville, S. 
O, Oct. 11, 1905, Louise Macbeth. Admitted to bar, 
1890, and engaged in practise; dist. att'y Tompkins 
Co., three terms, 1S95-1904; county judge and surro- 
gate. Tompkins Co.. elected in 1904. Dir. in local 
corp'ns. Held comm'n as capt. in Cornell Corps of 
Cadets. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. N. Y. State Bar 
Ass'n. Trustee Cornell Univ.: dir. Ithaca Trust Co.; 
trustee Ithaca Savings Bank; mem. Kappa Alpha Soc. 
of Cornell Univ., Mason. Knight of Pythias; mem. B. 
P. O. Elks, and Maccabees. Clubs: Town and Gown, 
City, Country (Ithaca). Address: 1 Fountain PL, 
Ithaca. X. Y. 


Stockbroker: to. Ballston Spa., X. Y., June. 1844- s. 
Albert P. and Margaret Jane (Thurber) Blood- ' m. 
Ballston. Jan.. 1869, Elizabeth M. Squires. Began 'busi- 
ness career 1867: stockbroker in N. Y. City; now mem. 
S. L. Blood & Co. Clubs: N. Y. Yacht, Lotos, Atlanta 
Yacht, Hamilton (Brooklyn). Crescent. Athletic. Resi- 
dence: 273 Henry St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: BB 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Artist; b. X. Y. City: s. Simeon DeWitt and Eliza 
(Van Schaick) Bloodgood; ed. X. Y. public schs., Coll. 
City of N. Y., Nat. Acad. Design Schs., Art Students' 
League: m. Trinity Chapel, N. Y. City, Jan. 22 1889, 
Eloise Pirsson; children: John Van Schaick, b. 1890: 
Eloise Pirsson. to. 1891. One of founders Art Students- 
League of N. Y., and v.-p. and business dir. several 
years. Republican: Episcopalian. Mem. Mus. of Nat. 
Hist., Bronx Park Zool. Soc. Sons of Revolution. 
Recreations: Tennis, motoring, golf. Clubs: Centurv, 
Nat. Arts, N. Y. Athletic. Salmagundi, N. Y. Etching. 
Address: 67 E. 56th St., N. Y. City. 

Born Rome. N. Y., Nov. 25. 1S52; s. Benjamin and 
Hannah (Weil) Bloomingdale; grad. Columbia LL.B., 
1877; m. N. Y. City. Jan. 3, 1887, Adele Bernheimer; 
one d.: Marion H. Practised law until 1883; in large 
dep't store until 1905. Has acted as receiver of many 
corp'ns and firms; dir. and mem. Insurance Com., 
F,quitaible Life Assurance Soc. of the U. S.. pres Pa- 
von la Trading Co. Republican. Presidential elector, 
1900 (McKinley and Roosevelt); Interstate Bridge 
comm'r; mem. Hudson Ter-Centenarv Com.- Com of 
Seventy (1894): treas. Election Laws Improvement 
Assn. Mem. Columbia Coll. Alumni Ass'n; trustee Mc- 
Kinley Nat. Memorial: mem. B'd of Mg'rs and on Exec. 
Com.. House of Refuge. N. Y. City; honorary pres Re- 
tail Dry Goods Ass'n. Clubs: Lotos, Republican. Rail- 
road. Residence: 42 W. 69th St. Address: 115 Broad- 
way, X. Y. City. 


Merchant; b. X. Y City. 1875: s. Lyman G. and 
Hattie (Collentoerger) Bloomingdale: ed Columbia 
Coll.; married. Mem. firm of Bloomingdale Bros., con- 
.rnJVF c?. ep V i tor ^ at Lexington to 3d Av., and 59th 
to 60th St., X. Y. City; sec and dir. Erhard Piano Co ; 
air. Arcade Realty Co , and identified with other busi- 
ness interests in X. Y. City. Address: Bloomingdale 
Bros.. 59th St. and 3d Av., N. Y. City. 


Merchant; b N Y City, June 17. 1873; s. Lyman G. 

and Hattie (Collentoerger) Bloomingdale; grad. Co- 



lumbia Coll. (Sch, of Architecture), B.S., 1901. Mem. 
firm of Bloomingdale Bros., department store; dir. 
Hudson Oil Co.. Hudson Realty Co., Arcade Realty 
Co., Woodmere Realty Co., Erhard Piano Co., Syden- 
ham Hosp.. N. Y. City; Bloomingdale Bros. Mutual 
Aid Soc. Clubs: Salmagundi, City Athletic, Criterion, 
Harmonie, Hollywood Golf. Address: Bloomingdale 
Bros., 3d Av. and 59th St.. N. Y. City. 


Author, playwright; b. St. Louis, Mo., May 10, 1866; 
s. Henry Martyn and Susan (Brigham) Blossom; ed. 
Washington Univ., St. Louis, Mo. Democrat; Presby'n. 
Author: The Documents in Evidence; Checkers, a 
Hard-Luck Story. Plays: Checkers (dramatized from 
book of same name); The Yankee Consul; M'lle Mo- 
diste; The Red Mill; Miss Philura. Clubs: Lambs, 
Players, Larchmont Yacht; also St. Louis Club (St. 
Louis, Mo.). Address: The Lambs Club, 128 W. 44th 
St., N. Y. City. 


Merchant; b. N. Y. City; s. Adolph and Ida Blum; 
ed. colleges in Germany and France; m. Florence 
Abraham; children: Alice I., b. 1895; Robert Edward, 
b. 1899. Mem. firm of Abraham & Straus, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. V.-p. Abrast Realty Co.; treas. Flatbush Av. 
Realty Co.; trustee Kings County Trust Co., Security 
Safe Deposit Co., Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and Sci- 
ences. Republican. Pres. Jewish Hosp. of Brook- 
lyn; dir. Juvenile Probation Ass'n, Brooklyn Feder- 
ation of Jewish Charities, Brooklyn League. Mem. 
N. Y. State Probation Comm'n, Fire Island State Park 
Comm'n, N. Y. Chamber of Commerce: Clu'bs: Brook- 
lyn (dir.), Montauk (dir.), Islip Polo (dir.), Riding 
and Driving (Brooklyn), South Side Yacht, South 
Shore Field, and City Cluib of N". Y. Address: Care 
Abraham & Straus, 422 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y.; grad. Yale, 1873; m. N. Y. City, 
Gertrude Bonner: one son, Philip W. (Yale, 1907). 
Admitted to. N. Y. Bar, and formed, with Benjamin 
F. Tracy and Thomas C. Piatt, firm of Tracy, Board- 
man & Piatt; later* firm of Boardman, Piatt & Soley, 
and now O'Brien, Boardman & Piatt. V.-p. and dir. 
Central Hudson Steamboat Co.; dir. Davies Textile Co., 
Thompson-Starrett Co. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. 
Clubs: Union League, University, Down Town, N. Y. 
Athletic, Garden City Golf, Manhattan. Residence: 
40 W. 53d St. Address: 2 Rector St., N. Y. City. 


Civil eng'r; b. Rutland, Vt., Aug. 15, 1875; s. "Will- 
iam H and Henrietta Frances (Hall) Boardman; grad. 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1893; Yale Univ., A.B., 
1897; took post-grad, course in civil eng'ring Colum- 
bia Univ.; m. Boston, Mass., June S, 1910, Anne Calef. 
children: Elizabeth, b. Aug. 16, 1911; William Hall, 
b. Oct. 22, 1912. Div. eng'r of Electric Div. of N. -Y. 
Central & Hudson River R. R. ; was employed with 
Detroit & Mackinac R'y, and West Virginia Store 
Line. Dir. Simmons Boardman Publishing Co. Epis- 
copalian. Mem. Am. R'y Eng'ring Ass'n; pres. River- 
dale Health League; sec. and mem. Boy Scouts. Recre- 
ations: Golf, fishing. Residence: Riverdale-on-Hud- 
son. Address: Grand Central Terminal, N. Y. City. 

Anthropologist; b. Minden, Westphalia, July 9, 
1S58; ed. Univ. of Heidelberg. Bonn and Kiel, 1877- 
1881 (Ph.D., Kiel, 1881); LL.D., Clark Univ.; Sc.D , 
Oxon; made voyage to Baffin's Land, 18S3-1884; ass't 
Royal Ethnol. Museum, Berlin; docent geography, 
Univ. of Berlin. 1885-1886; ass't editor Science, 1885- 
1888; docent anthropology, Clark Univ., 18S8-1S92; 
chief ass't Dep't of Anthropology, World's Columbian 
Exp'n, 1892-1894; lecturer anthropology, 1896-1899; 
prof, anthropology since 1899, Columbia Univ. Ass't 
curator, 1895-1900; curator anthropology, 1900-1905, 
Am. Mus. Nat. Hist.; honorary philologist, Bureau Am. 
Ethnology. Directed operations and publications, 
Jesup North Pacific Expd'n. Mem. Nat. Acad. Sci- 
ences: fellow A.A.A.S. (v.-p. 1894, 1907), Am. Eth- 
nol. Soc, Am. Psychol. Ass'n, Am. Philos. Soc, N. Y. 
Acad. Sciences; hon. fellow Anthropol. Inst., Great 
Britain and Ireland; hon. mem. Anthropol. Soc of 
Vienna; coTr. mem. Anthropol. Socs. of Berlin, Stock- 
holm, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Washington and Am. An- 
tiquarian and Numismatic Soc. Author: Baffin's Land, 
The Central Eskimo (6th Annual Report Bureau Eth- 
nology); Idianlsche Sagen von der Nordwestkiiste 
Amerikas (Berlin); Chinook Texts: Social Organiza- 
tion and Secret Societies of the Kwakiuti Indians: 
Kathlamet Texts: The Eskimo of Baffin's Land and 
Hudson Bay, 2 vols.: Kwakiuti Texts; Kwakiuti Eth- 
nology; Tsimshian Texts; The Growth of Children: 
Handbook of American Tndinn Languages; Changes 
in the Bodily Form of tl> Unts of Immigrants; 

also various reports to British Ass'n Advancement of 
Science, and Am. Mus. Nat. Hist. Editor Journal of 
American Folk-Lore, Publications of the American 
Ethnological Society; Columbia University contb'nt. 
to Anthropology. Residence: Grantwood, N. J. Ad- 
dress: Columbia Univ., N. Y. City. 


Born Boston; d. Adolph and Charlotte Sternfeld; 
ed. in N. Y. City; m. N. Y. City, March 20, 1888, Emil 
Leopold Boas; one son, Herbert Allan. Mem. Sorosis, 
Nat. Soc. N. E. Women, Nat. Alliance Unitarian Wom- 
en. Has translated over forty songs from German 
and French into English. Specially active in civic 
work and devoted to musical interests. Clubs: Mac- 
Dowel], N. Y. City History (trustee). Country resi- 
dence: Bonniecrest, Greenwich, Conn. Address: The 
Wyoming, Seventh Av. and 55th St., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Boston, Mass., Nov. 15, 1870; s. Valen- 
tine and Angeline (Wohlforth) Bock; ed. Boston pub- 
lic schs., prepared for college by private tutor; grad, 
Med. Dep't Univ. of Pa., 1899; m. Churchville, N. Y., 
Aug. 28, 1898, Alice C. Savage; children: Margaret, 
0. July 11, 1900 (died April 7, 1908); Robert Savage, 
b. Oct. 27, 1902; Clara L., >b. June 27, 1912. House 
physician and ear, nose and throat specialist of the 
Jackson Health Resort of Dansville, N. Y., 1899-1903; 
chief clinical ass't Golden Square Throat Hosp., Lon- 
don, Eng., 1903-1904; in private practise at Rochester, 
N. Y., since 1904. Dir. in United Charities. Fusion 
candidate (Dem. and Progressive) for Sch. Comm'r, 
1913. Progressive; Presby'n; elder Third Presby'n Ch. 
Mem. Am. Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. Soc, Monroe 
Co. Med. Soc, Rochester Acad. Medicine; v.-p. Roch- 
ester Ass'n of Workers for the Blind. Club: City. 
Recreation: Golf. Address: 27 Rowley St., Rochester, 
N. Y. 


Grain merchant; b. Toledo, O., Nov. IS, 1880; s. Ed- 
ward C. and Ida M. (Berdan) Bodman; removed to 
N. Y., 1885; grad. Hill Sch., Yale Coll., A.B., 1905. 
Mem. firm Milmine Bodman & Co., grain merchants. 
Active in Citizens' Union; mem. Squadron A. V.-p. 
Honest Ballot Ass'n. Clubs: City, Yale, Metropolitan. 
Address: 401 Produce Exchange, N. Y. City. 

Importer wall papers; b. Snow Hill, Md., May 15, 
1878; s. Lewis Edward and Louisa Anne (Hack) 
Boehm; grad. Snow Hill High Sch.; married; has 
traveled all over England, France, Germany, Italy, 
Mexico and the U. S. Pres. Boehm & Brown Corp'n 
and Associated Importing Co. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Md. Soc. of N. Y. Address: 320 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Mech. eng'r; b. Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 30, 1868; s. 
Henry W. and Mary (Condron) Boehm; grad. Rens- 
selaer Polytechnic Inst., B.S., 1891; Cornell Univ., 
M.M.E., 1893; m. Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 20, 1894, Addie 
E. Thurston. Instr. mech. eng'ring, Washington Univ., 
St. Louis, 1894-1897; ass't mech. eng'r, St. Louis Water 
Works, 1897-1898; prof. mech. eng'ring and dir. Dep't 
Eng'ring, State Agr'l and Mech. Coll. of S. C, Clem- 
son Coll., S. C, 189S-1901; sup't Dep't of Fly Wheel 
Ins., Fidelity & Casualty Co. of N. Y. (organizer of 
dep't), 1901-1907; since 1907 sup't Dep'ts of Steam 
Boiler and Fly Wheel Ins. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. 
Eng'rs. Address: Fidelity & Casualty Co., 92 Liberty 
St., N. Y. City. 

boese', quincy ward 

Lawyer; b. N Y. City, Oct. 29, 1865; s. Thomas and 
Rebecca E. (Bamman) Boese; ed. Columbia Grammar 
Sch., Columbia Sch. of Law; m. Omaha. Neb., Oct. 29, 
1894, Louise Korval. Engaged in practise of law 
since graduation. Traveled through various parts of 
U. S and Europe. Episcopalian. Mem. Ass'n Bar City 
of N. Y. Clubs: Calumet, Automobile, Delta Kappa 
Epsilon. Address: 2 Rector St., N. Y. City. 


Surgeon; b. Lower Granville, Annapolis Co., Nova 
Scotia, Sept. 19. 1859; s. Capt. John Henrv and Caroline 
Elizabeth (Croscup) Bogart; ed. Horton Acad, and 
Acadia Univ., Wolfville, N. S., M.A. (Hon.), 1909; Pro- 
vincial Normal Sch. Fredericton. N. B.; principal 
King's St. Public Sch., St. Stephen, N. B., 1879-1881; 
grad. Med. Dep't N. Y. Univ. 1SS4; interne New Haven 
(Conn.) Hosp.. 14 months, receiving Hosp. diploma, 
1S85; m. 1st. Montreal. Can., 1SS9, Maud Lewis (died 
Jan. 13, 1905), 2nd, Brooklyn. 1912, Marion Corbit 
Ricketts. Practising medicine in Brooklyn since May, 
1885. Surgeon to Out-patient Dep't, 1SS5-1SSS; ass't 
demonstrator of anatomy, 1SS6-1S91, L. I Coll. Hosp.; 
ass't surgeon, 1887-1892: surgeon since 1S92, Methodist 
Episcopal Hosp.; attending surgeon Kings Co. Hosp. 



since 189b; Jewish Hosp., Brooklyn, since 1S9C; con- 
sulting surgeon, Bushwuck Hosp., since 1890, and 
Home ior Consumptives since 1900; Fellow Am. Coli. 
of burgeons, 1913. Confb'r of surgical papers to pro- 
ceedings of med. societies. Mem. Med. Soc County of 
*- ln *: s -, Associated Physicians of L. I., Med. Soc. State 
SL^ xj A i?,' Me o- Ass ' n ' Brooklyn Surg. Soc. (ex- 
nn?i KJa, ly S Soc -Jt T , cii n ical Surgery; Holland 
?f Canad ' an Socs of N. Y. Recreations: Fishing, 
fffih ..,/i U s: University (Brooklyn), Mastigouche 
*ish and Game (Quebec, Can.). Summer residence: 
A^BwE N Y SC0tla - Address: 468 Clinton 

Physician; b. Roslyn, N. Y., Nov. ll, 1S46; s. Daniel 
and Jane R. (Hegeman) Bogart; ed. Flushing Insti- 
S : S r , a <J- Amherst Coll. A.B 1S69; Bellevue Hosp. 
Med. Coll. MjD., 1872; m. Mineola, N. Y., Feb. 21, 1884, 
Ethelena T. Albertson; children: Jennie, b. 1SS5, Eth- 
elena, b. 1SS8. Health officer, N. Hempstead. Pres. 
Bank of Hempstead Harbor, Roslyn; trustee Roslyn 
Savings Bank; dir. Nassau-Suffolk Bond and Mortgage 
Co. Mem. Queens-Nassau Med. Soc. Associated Physi- 
cians of L I., State Med. Soc. N. Y. and New England 
K y Surgeons, Holland Soc. Mason. Pres. B'd of Ed'n 
Roslyn, N. Y. Address: Roslyn, N. Y. 


,o?o rof - or anio chemistry; b. Flushing, N. Y., April IS, 
1868: s. Henry A. and Mary Bowne (Lawrence) Bo- 
gert: ed. Flushing Inst, and Columbia Univ. (many 
prizes and honors at both inst'ns), A.B., 1890: Ph.B , 
IS94. Columbia; LL.D. (honoriscausa), Clark Univ.. 
1909; m. Flushing, N. Y., Sept. 12, 1893, Charlotte E. 
ff., c ! 1 nd: children: Annette H. and C. Elise B. Ass't, 
1S94-1S97; tutor, July-Oct., 1S97; inst., 1897-1901; ad- 
junct prof., 1901-1904; prof, since 1904; mem. Univ. Coun- 
cil, Columbia Univ., since 190S; mem. B'd of Editors, 
Columbia Univ. Quarterly. 1904-1905; Columbia Coll. 
Alumni Ass'n. (Standing Com., 1904-1906); Grad Ad- 
visory Com., Columbia Univ., Y. M. C. A., since 1907 
By invitation of Pres. Roosevelt, mem. Conf. on Con- 
servation of Natural Resources, held at White House, 
May 13-lo, 1908; also of Second Conf. on same subject 
with Govs, of our States and Territories, Washington 
Dec, 1908. Mem. Am. Advisory Com. of Honor for 
Seventh Internat. Congress of Applied Chem., London, 
May 27-June 2, 1909. Mem. Com. of Fifteen, through 
whose efforts Sir Wm. Perkin was induced to visit this 
country in 1906, and by whom the Perkin Jubilee in 
this country was planned and carried out. Pres. Am. 
Chem. Soc. 1907-1909; librarian, 1898-1S99; Ex. -Com. 
of its N. Y. Section, 1900-1901; v.wchm'n., 1900-1901; 
chm'n., 1901-1902; councilor-at-large, 1904-1907; B'd 
of Dirs. since 1909; mem. of its Council since 1904. 
Nichols medalist of Am. Chem. Soc. 1904-1905. Mem 
B'd of Editors. Journal of Am. Chem. Soc. since 190S; 
pres. Chemists' Club of N. Y., 1908 (one of its found- 
ers); sec. 189S-1901; trustee, 1901-1902 and 1909; v.-p. 
Soc. Chem. IndustrV (England), 1902-1904, pres. 1912- 
1913 (exec. com. of its N. Y. Section, 1901-1902) Fel- 
low Chem. Soc. of London (F. C. S.), and of A.A.A.S.; 
(mem. Gen. Com., 1900; mem. Com. on Conservation of 
Natural Resources, since 1908). Mem. Deutsche Chem- 
ische Gesellschaft. Societe Chimiqui* de France, N Y 
State Science Teachers' Ass'n, Am. Philos, Soc. Alumni 
Ass'n Schs. of Science of Columbia Univ.; (mem. B'd 
of Mg'rs, 1897-1898; v.-p. Flushing Inst. Ass'n, 1909- 
1910; mem. Delta Phi Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa and 
Sigma Xi (charter mem.; its pres.. 1905); honor socs 
Independent; mem. Reformed (Dutch) Ch.: Consistory 
of Hamilton Grange Reformed Ch., N. Y. City (its 
pres., 1909). Mem.-at-large for Particular Synod of 
N. Y. on B'd of Sup'ts of Theol. Seminary of Ref. Ch.. 
New Brunswick. N. J., since 1903. Mem. B'd of For. 
Missions of Reformed Ch., 1905-1906; mem. Reformed 
Ch. Union. Recreation: Outdoor sports. Clubs: Camp 
Fire of America, Chemists. Adirondack League, Au- 
thors. Royal Societies (London). Summer home: Char- 
lanalise Camp, Belgrade Lakes, Maine. Address: Co- 
lumbia Univ., N. Y. City. 


Musician; b. Flushing, N. Y.; s. Henrv A. and Mary 
r^"^ (Lawrence) Bogert; ed. Flushing Inst.. 1S78- 
!?% C lu mbia Coll., A.-B., 1888; Columbia Coll., Sch. 
??}}} Science, A.M.. 1889; Columbia Law Sch., 1S8S- 
1890; Nat. Conservatory of Music, 1S94-1898 (harmony, 
counterpoint, canon, orchestration, under Max Spick- 
er); Inst, of Musical Art. 1905-1909; studied singing 
with P. A. Rivarde, George Henschel. W. N. Burritt 
and A. Freni; and violin with Edward Mollenhauser; 
piano with Aug. Framcke. Admitted to N Y. Bar. 
1890: practiced law in N. Y. City. 1S90-1894. Became 
lnstr. of harmony at Nat. Conservatory, 1898-1901, and 
at Inst Musical Art, N. Y. City, 1907-1909. Lecturer 
on music for N. Y. City B'd Ed'n. since 1900. and at 
Metropolitan Coll. of Music, 1908-1911. Appt'd lecturer 

on music tor Univ. Extension Soc, 1904-1906; conduc- 
tor of Millbrook (N. Y.) Choral Soc, 1902-1909; of 
Flushing Choral Soc, 1805-1906; musical dir. at Pan- 
Am. Com', of Bishops Protestant Episcopal Ch., Wash- 
ington, D C., 1903, and at open-air services (attended 
by over 30,000 people) held in honor of the Archbishop 
of Canterbury, Washington, 1904. Chm'n of Program 
com. of N. Y. State Music Teachers' Ass'n, 1912, and 
pres. 1913; pres. Fraternal Ass'n of Musicians, 1910- 
812; v.-p. Nat. Assln of Teachers of Singing, 1912- 
1 914; treas. Nat. Soc. for Promotion of Grand Opera in 
English, 1910-1912; musical dir. of Peoples Inst., N Y 
City, since 1909. Independent in politics. App't by 
2iS&F~X an w y ck . trustee Queens Borough Library. 
100-l90o: reappt'd by Mayor MeClellan, 19116: resigned 
19(>i ; since 1901, mem. com. of three in charge of erec- 
tion of Carnegie Libraries in Borough of Queens 
Mem. Delta Phi Fraternity. Recreations: Reading 
athletiic sports and travel. Clubs: Centurv, Barnard 
MacDowell (dir.). Musicians (gov.), Bohemians. Ad- 
d -ess: 130 Claremont Av., N. Y. City. 


Civil eng'r; b. Norfolk, N. Y., July 20, 1846; s. George 
Chase and Mary (Perry) Bogue; grad. Rensselaer 
Poly. Inst., Troy, N. Y.; C.E., 1868; m. Kansas City, 
Mo., March 1, 1S72, Sybil Estelle, d. Hon. John D. Rus- 
sell; children: Samuel Russell, b. 1S79; Virgilia b. 
1887; Malcolm, to. 1889. Ass't eng'r Prospect Park, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 1869; locating and constructing eng'r, 
of Oroya R'y, S. America, 8 years; mg'r Trujillo R'ys 
Co., Peru, one year; principal ass't eng'r Northern 
Pacific R. R., 1880-1886, while thus employed dis- 
covered Stampede Pass, 1SS0; chief eng'r Union Pa- 
cific R. R., 1S86-1891; in independent practice as con- 
sulting eng'r since 1891; consulting eng'r Western 
Md. R'y Co., 1903-1906; v.-p., chief eng'r and dir. 
Western Pacific R'y, 1905-1909, also dir. in subsidiary 
co's. Made examination and report on cost of re- 
producing lines of Southern Pacific in Oregon; prepar- 
ation of plans of Tide Lands and waterfront of 
Seattle, Wash., 1894, for Tide Land Comm'n; mem. 
comm'n appt'd by Pres. Harrison to investigate and 
report on methods for improving navigation of Co- 
lumbia River at Dalles and Celilo Rapids; examina- 
tion and report on cost of revisions and improvements 
of Tehuantepec Nat. R'y of Mexico, and its port facil- 
ities and comparison of route when improved with 
Panama R'y; examination and report on economics 
of Denver, Western & Pacific R'y; examination and 
report for Gov't of New Zealand on comparative 
merits of tunnels of varying lengths of route for r'r 
across South Island, resulting in recommendation of 
5-mile tunnel now under construction. Consulting 
eng'r Dep't of Public Works of N. Y. Citv. Mem 
Comm'n appointed by Mayor Strong of N. Y. to de- 
termine feasibility of operating surface cars on 
Brooklyn Bridge; examination and testimony in U. S. 
Court on cost of reproducing lines of Southern Pacific 
Co. west of Ogden, Utah, and north of El Paso, Calif. 
Mem. comm'n appt'd by Pres. Baldwin of L. I. R'y Co 
to report on feasibility and cost of tunnel beneath 
East River; preparation of plans and report for Mu- 
nicipal Plans Comm'n of Seattle, Wash., for Port 
Comm'n of Grays Harbor. Wash., for Commercial Club 
of Tacoma, Wash.; investigation and report to Cana- 
dian Pacific R'y Co., on r'v economics of existing line 
from Calgary to Vancouver, B. C, as compared with 
proposed revised line and with other routes: examina- 
tions, plans and report relating to harbor, waterfront 
improvements and r'y terminals of Prince Rupert, B. C. 
Made many r'y investigations and reports on lines In 
U. S., Mexico. Central America and Nova Scotia. Mem 
Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Western Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Am 
R'y Maintenance Ass'n, Delta Kappa Epsilon. 'Con- 
gregationalism Clubs: Union League, Engineers (N 
Y. City), Pacific Union (San Francisco). Address - ' 15 
William St., N. Y. City. 


Artist; b. Quebec, Canada. June, 1863; s Charles 
and Susan T. (Benton) Boileau; educated in England' 
studied art abroad: m. 1907, Emily Gilbert. Address' 
Douglaston. L. I., N. Y. 


Capitalist; pres. and dir. Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Co., 
Haldorf- Astoria Segar Co., Waldorf Importation Co.; 
v.-p. and dir. Apollinaris Agency Co.; trustee, Cornell 
Univ.; pres. Bellevue Stratford hotels, Philadelphia; St 
Lawrence River Real Estate Ass'n.; dir. Common- 
wealth Trust Co. of N. Y.; Lincoln Trust Co., N. Y 
Bd of Trade and Transportation, North British & 
Mercantile Ins. Cos. of N. Y., North' British & Mer- 
cantile Ins. Cos. of London and Edinburgh. Mem Am 
Fine Arts Soc. Met. Museum of Art, Holland Library 
of Alexandria Bay, ,N. Y. (pres.), trustee Saturdav and 
Sunday Ass'n. Address: 6 W. 34th St., N Y. City! 




Physician, gynecologist; b. near Berlin, Germany, 
June 24, 1856; son of Hermann (prominent agricul- 
turalist) and Amalie Boldt; came with parents to 


June 24, 18t, 

turalist) and Amalie Boldt; came with parents to 
U. S. in childhood; ed. by private tutors and in public 
grammar and high schs. ; studied and practised phar- 
macy, until saved means tor med. ed'n; grad. Med. Sen., 
Univ. of N. Y., M.D., 1879; m. 1891, Hedwig Kruger, 
daughter of a publisher of Berlin. Served as ass't to 
Prof. Pallen, of Univ. of N. Y.. 1879; engaged in prac- 
tice, 1879; since 1891 exclusively in gynecological prac- 
tice. Inventor of numerous gynecological instruments 
and operating table for abdominal surgery, for which 
received medal at Paris Exp'n, 1900, etc. Contb'r to 
medical press and author of various professional 
monographs. Prof, gynecology, N. Y. Post-Grad. Sch. 
and Hosp.; gynecologist German Poliklinik and St. 
Mark's Hosp.: consulting gynecologist Beth. Is- 
rael Hosp., St. Vincent's Hosp. Ex-pres. N. Y. 
Obstet. Boc, ex-pres. German Med. Soc. ; mem. Am. 
Gynecol. Soc, Genecol, Soc. of Germany, Internat. 
Gynecol. Soc, British Gynecol. Soc. Southern Surg, and 
Gynecol. Soc, N. Y. Pathol. Soc, N. Y. Acad. Medicine 
(ex-pres. Gynecol. Section). Address: 39 E. 61st St., 
N. Y. City. 


Physician, bacteriologist; b. Bielefeld, Germany, 
May 7, 1873: s. William and Juliane (Dreibholzi 
Bolduan; grad. Coll. Pharmacy, N. Y. City, Ph.G., 1893; 
Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Columbia Univ.), M.D., 1901; 
special studies, Univ. of Berlin, 1903; m. N. Y. City. 
Sept. 15. 1906, Adele Jonsson; one son. Nils W. Spe- 
cialist in public health: formerly prof, bacteriology 
and hygiene, Fordham Univ. Ass't gen, med. officer 
Dep't of Health, N. Y. City, since 1904. Author: Im- 
mune Sera (3d edit.), 1908; Applied Bacteriology for 
Nurses; and numerous scientific articles on public 
health. Ass't editor, N. Y. Med. Journal. Translator 
from German of: Serum Diagnosis; Collected Studies 
on Immunity: Suppression of Tubenculosis. Mem. N. 
Y. State Med. Ass'n. N. Y. Pathol. Soc, Am. Pub. 
Health Ass'n, Alumni Soc St. Vincent's Hosp. Re- 
publican. Clulb: N. Y. Bacteriological. Residence: 
251 Fort Washington Av. Address: Fort Washington 
Av. and 170th St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer: b. Hot Springs, Arkansas. Sept. 1. 1S77; s. 
Sanford Cole'y and Ada Leonora (Hart) Boiling; ed. 
William Penn Charter Sch., Philadelphia; Harvard 
Coll., A.B., 1900: Harvard Law Sch., LL.B., 1902; m. 
N. Beverly, Mass.. June 25, 1907, Anna Tucker Phillips: 
children: Anna Tucker, b. March 27, 1908; Raynal 
Carter, b. April 7, 1910; Cecilia Raynal. b. Sept. IS, 
1913. Ass't gen. solicitor. U. S. Steel Coro'n. Mem. 
Squadron A, N.G.N.Y. Mem. Iron and Steel Inst. 
Clubs: Harvard, Railroad. Address: 71 Broadway, 
N. Y. City. 


Consulting expert eng'r; b. London, England, 1S5-6; 
s. Rev. James Bolton, B.A. (of Pel'ham Priorv, West- 
chester. N. Y.), and Lydia Louisa (Pvm) Bolton; pri- 
vate education: learned eng'ring by apprenticeship- 
m. 1st. 1878, Kate Alice, d. Caot. James Behenna, R.A.: 
2d, Washington, D. C. 1892, Ethelind. d. Leonard 
Huyck: children: Ivy May, b. 1879: Guy Reginald b 
1883. Technical practical ed'n in London. 1874-1878- 
In designing den't Edgemoor Iron Works. 1879: with 
E. D. Leavitt. M.E., 1881. Traveled in England Hol- 
land, France, Italy, Sicily, Spain and U. "S.. designing 
and erecting machinery for mines, shipyards etc., 
until 1904; since 1904 in consulting practise in N. 
Y. City; consulting eng'r to Dep't of Water Supplv, 
N. Y. City; N. Y. Central and Hudson River R. R., 
The Plant System. R. H. Macv & Co., etc. Episco- 
palian. Asso. mem. Inst'n of Civil Eng'rs (England), 
Telford Gold Medal, 1891; mem. Am. Soc Civil Eng'rs, 
Am. Soc Mech. Eng'rs, past pres. Am. Soc. Heating 
and Ventilating Eng'rs, N. Y. Elec Soc. N. Y. Hist. 
Soc, City Hist. Club, Muncipal Art League, Am. Folk- 
Lore Soc, Trustee, Am. Scenic and Historic Preser- 
vation iSoc, iHolyrood P. E. Oh. (N. Y. City), sec. 
Washington Heights Taxpayers' Ass'n. Recreations: 
Historical research and discoveries in Washington 
Heights. Author: Motive Powers (Longmans), 1895; 
Elevator Service. 1908: Building for Profit, 1911; An 
Expensive Experiment. 1913, and numerous mono- 
graphs in transactions of eng'ring societies; also The 
Assault of Mt. Washington, 1901; Autobiography of 
an Irish Terrier, 1904. Residence: 638 W. 158th S;. 
(Audubon Park). Address: 55 Liberty St., N. Y. City. 


Civil eng'r; b. Dexter, Mich., April 22, 1849; ed. pub- 
lic schs. of Mich, and business coll., Utica, N. Y.; in. 
1st Nov. 11, 1873, Gertrude Hollenbeck; 2d, Nov. 10, 

1904, Clara Estelle Ellis. Chief eng'r of several rail- 
roads; eng'r and surveyor State of N. Y. Jan 1, 1899- 
May 1, 1904; resigned to accept position as chm'n of 
Advisory B'd of Consulting Eng'rs for Barge Canal, 
S. X. Y", chapter 147, laws 1903, S. N. Y. As State 
eng'r developed system of improvement of highways 
under State aid, and made complete survey for en- 
larged Erie Canal. Republican. Address: 33 State 
St., Albany, N. Y. 


Lawyer; D. Syracuse, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1873; s. William 
H. and Ida (Hopkins) Bond; grad. Syracuse Univ., 
Ph.B., 1S94; Ph.M., 1897; Syracuse Univ. Law Sch.. 
LL.B., 1897; m. Jan. 29, 1901, Florence Cherry Wood- 
ford; children: Margaret Elizabeth, b. 1902; John 
Woodford, b. 1903; George Hopkins, b. 1909. Admitted 
to bar 1897; since then in general practise of law in 
Syracuse, N. Y.; mem. law firm of Bond & Schoeneck. 
Dir. in various business corp'ns of Syracuse. Sec. 
Republican Gen. Com. of Onondaga Co., 1900-19Oi; 
State inheritance tax appraiser for Onondaga Co., 
1903-1906; dist. att'y of Onondaga Co., Jan. 1, 1908- 
1914; pres. N. Y. State Asso. of Dist Att'ys, 1912-1913. 
Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon and 
Phi Beta Kappa fraternities. Clubs: University, Citi- 
zens. Residence: 40S Walnut Park, Address: 431 
Union Bld'g, Syracuse, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Waltham, Mass., April 6, 187S; s. David 
Taylor and Emma Gertrude (Bigelow) Bond; ed. 
Pratt Inst. High Sch., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Univ of Mich., 
LL.B.; unmarried. Admitted to 'bar, June, 1901, mem. 
Supreme Court of U. S. and many Federal and State 
bars. In law office of Judge James B. Dill, 3 years; 
now senior mem. law firm Bond & Babson. Dir. in 
many corp'ns. Traveled extensively throughout U. 
S., Canada, Europe and Asia. Republican: Baptist. 
Mem. Order Founders and Patriots of America, Soc. 
Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution, New England Soc. 
Met. Museum of Art, Am. Acad. Polit. and Social 
Science, X. Y. Law Inst. Recreation: Mountain 
climbing (climbed Mts. Ranier, Hood and other peaks 
in U. S. and Canada, and Mt. Blanc and other peaks 
in Europe; Aug. 1909, established new world's record 
in ascent of Mt. Blanc). Clubs: Univ. of Mich. (N. 
Y. City), Graduate's (N. Y. City), Paradise Valley (Ta- 
coma. Wash.), Swiss Alpine (Geneva, Switzerland), 
Am. Alpine (Philadelphia, Pa.), Alpine of Canada 
(Vancouver, B. C), Appalachian Mountain (Boston). 
Residence: Standish Arms. 169 Columbia Heights, 
Brooklyn, N. Y". Address: 32 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Physician, surgeon; b. near Toronto, Ont., May 7, 
1S52; s. James Turnbull and Mary (Kennedy) Bonnar; 
the celebrated Presby'n divines, Drs. Horatio Bonnar, 
the hymn writer, and Andrew Bonnar, were his 
father's cousins; ed. at Coll. of Technology and at 
Trinity Med. Coll., Toronto, of which was a fellow, 
received two honor certificates and a silver medal, 
1878 and silver medal and M.D. degree, and CM. de- 
gree' from Trinity Univ., Toronto. 1SS2; silver medal, 
Starr gold medal, degree of M.B., and 16 first class 
honor certificates from Toronto Univ.; m. June 25, 
1S85, Caroline Estelle Harris, d. Hon. Marvin Harris 
of Kendall N. Y.; children: Benjamin Harris, b. 1888; 
M. Clarine, b. 1S90; H. Otis, b. 1893; Sybil Lyell, b. 
1897. While practising near Toronto, 1S7S-1880, was 
surgeon to Credit Valley Railway; moved to Buffalo, 
N. Y where has pursued gen. med. and surg. practise. 
Lectured on surgery and chemistry in Coll. of Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, which at one time existed in Buf- 
falo. Active in promoting Erie Barge Canal project, 
the preservation of natural beauty of Niagara Falls, 
and opposed scheme of removing Forts Porter and 
Niagara, and the merging of both in a new mil. en- 
campment at Sturgeon Point on the South Shore of 
Lake Erie. Visited City of Mexico, 1896; explored 
Alaska, 1900, and lectured on this tour. Republican; 
Presbv'n. Trustee Central Presby'n Ch.. Buffalo; mem. 
Presb'-'n Union. Mem. Erie Co. Med. Soc, X. Y. State 
Med Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, Buffalo Hist. Soc, Coll. 
Phvs and Surgs. of Ontario, Buffalo Acad. Medicine, 
Wrote Normal Principles of Medicine (Am. Educator), 
May, 1904; presented paper, Medical Ethics Within 
and Without the Medical Profession, at Buffalo Acad. 
Medioine 1906; represented Central Council of Buffalo 
Business Men at State Commerce Conv.. Utica. Oct., 
and read a paper on Erie Canal Enlargement 
ir: James Turnbull, or Pioneer Life in Canada. 
Address: 144 Jewett Av., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Clergyman; b. Greenfield, Ohio., April 2. 1842; s. 

Henry" Johnson and Martha (Findley) Bonner; grad. 

igum Coll., A-B., 1S60 (A.M.), Lenox Coll., D.D., 

cudent United Presby'n Theol. Sems. of Xenia 



and Allegheny, each two years; grad. from latter, 
1865; ra. N. Salem, Guernsey Co., O., April 4, L865, 
Mary Elizabeth Smith; eight children. licensed by 
Muskingum Presbytery U. P. Ch. April 20. 1804; or- 
dained 'by Des Moines Presbytery, June' 16, 1S65. 
Pastor, Knoxville and Monroe, Iowa, ISO.vimio; Knox- 
ville alone, 1866-1870; Caledonia. N. v.. 1871-1884; 
passed into the Presby'n Ch. Pastor, Goodwill Ch., 
Orange Co., N. Y., 1884-1891; Florida, Orange Co., 1891- 
1903; Marathon, N. .Y., Oct.. 1903 to Nov., 190S; Endi- 
COtt, N. Y., from Nov. 1, 1008. Stated clerk Presbytery 
of Hudson, 1SSS-1903. Elected Co. sup't of schools. 
Marion Co., Iowa, and served part of the term. Repub- 
lican (independent). Dir. U. P. Theol. Sem., Mon- 
mouth, HI, 1867-1870; pres. B'd Ed'n, Florida, N. Y.. 
about four years from its org'n. Life dir. Am. Bible 
Soc. Moderator of Judicial Comm'n of N. Y. Synod, 
1899-1909, chm'n Com. to defend Synod in General As- 
sembly, 1900-1910. Frequent contb'r to religious press; 
special fortnightly contb'r to the United Presbyterian. 
18S0-1SS4. Author: (pamphlets): The Constitutional 
Right of the Biible to a Place in Our Puiblic Schools, 
1875; The Ecclesiastical Position and Work of Woman, 
1S7S; Instrumental Music in the Worship of God 
Divinely Authorized, 1SS1; Christianity and the Indus- 
trial Problem reprint from the Brbliothical Sacra, 
July, 1912; books: Saving the World, 1902, and The 
Psalmody Question,, 190S. Address: Endieott, N. Y. 


Consul gen.: b. Fairmont, Minn., May 20, 1872; s. 
Henry H. and Marcella (Lowth) Bonnev; ed. Fair- 
mont High Sch., Hamline Univ. (St. Paul), Ph.B.. 1893; 
Leipzig Univ., Saxony, Germany, 1895; m. Minneapolis. 
Minn., 1894, Vena Dunlap. Read law two rears; corr. 
for bank in Minneapolis, 1890-1895; employed by 
packing house in Chicago, 1897-1898; engaged in real 
estate business, Chicago, 3 years; ass't in U. S. Eng'rs 
Office, War Dep't, 1899-1910; appt'd consul at San 
Luis Potosi, June 24, 1910. Address: Am. Consulate. 
San Luis Potosi, Mexico. 


Journalist; b. Baltimore, Md., Mar. 20, 1S65; s. 
Stephen and Frances (Leigh) Bonsai; ed. at St. Paul's 
Sch., Concord, N. H., and at Gottingen and Heidel- 
berg, Germany; m. Mar. 17, 1900, Henrietta Fairfax 
Morris. Sp'l corr. N. Y. Herald in war between Servia 
and Bulgaria, 18S5; served as sec. of legation and 
charge d'affaires of U. S. legations to Peking, Madrid, 
Tokio and Korea, 1891-1896; sp'l corr. N. Y. Herald 
in Chino-Japanese War, 1895; Cuban Insurrection. 
1897; Spanish-Am. War, 1S98; in China during the 
Boxer uprising; later in Venezuela, the Balkans, Mo- 
rocco, and in Russia during the Revolution, 1905, etc. 
Author: Morocco As It Is, 1S92; The Real Situation 
of Cuba. 1S97: The Fight for Santiago. 1899; The 
Golden Horse Shoe, 1900; The American Mediterranean, 
1912. Clubs: Century, Knickerbocker (N. Y. City), 
Metropolitan (Washington, D. C). Residence: "White- 
fields." Bedford. Westchester Co., N. Y. Address: 7 
W. 43d St., N. Y. City. 


Physician, surgeon; b. Washington, D. C. Dec. 1, 
1S64: s. Reed Brockway and Susan (Northrup) 
Bontecou; ed. Williams Coll., Mass.; Harvard Coll., 
Coll. Phys. and Surgs., Columbia Univ., N. Y. City; m. 
East Marion, L. I., N. Y., 1S90, Lula Mav Vail; chil- 
dren: Susan May, b. 1891; Louise Cluett, b. 1892; 
Marion Alice, b. 1896: Eleanore Grace, b. 1S9S; Reed 
Vail. b. 1903. Attending physician and operating sur- 
geon to Marshall Sanitarium for 10 years; attending 
surgeon Watervliet Arsenal, now retired, ex-pension 
examiner. 10 years' service, formerly deputy health 
officer City of Troy: attending physician Episcopal 
Ch. Home. Served several years in Co. A, 2d Reg't, 
N.G.N. Y. Democrat; Episcopalian. Ex-pres. Rens- 
selaer Co. Med. Soc; mem. Med. Soc. State of N. Y.. 
Med. Soc. Troy and vicinity; Am. Med. Ass'n, Lake 
George Ass'n. Mem. B. P. O. Elks, 141, Troy. Recre- 
ations: Motor boating, swimming. Club: Elks. Ad- 
dress: 2348 loth St., Troy, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 26, 1S76: s. Al- 
bert and Louise S. (Latham) Bonynge; grad. Poly. 
Inst, of Brooklyn (valedictorian), B.S.. 1895; E.E.. 
1896: Columbia Law Sch.; m. Brooklyn. N. Y., Oct. 
23, 1901; Anne C. Robinson; children: Albert, b. 1903; 
Paul, Jr., b. 1906; Malcolm, 'b. 1907. Admitted to bar 
1S98, and in practise in N. Y. City since 1S9S. Mem. 
firm Bonynge & Bonynge, att'ys. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi 
fraternity. Clubs: Crescent Athletic (pres. 1911-1013). 
Glenwood Countrv (pres.). Residence: Brooklyn, N. 
Y. Address: 26 Exchange PI., N. Y. City. 

Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 8, 1863; s. Robert and 
Susan (Burchell) Bonynge; ed. public schs., Coll. City 

of N. Y., A.B., 18S2; A.M.. Ins.".; Columbia Coll. Law 
Sch., LL.B.. 1885; m. X Y. City, .Ian. 20, issr,, Mary 
Alida Riblet. Practised law in N. Y. city, 1.SN5-1888; 
Denver, Colo., 1888-1912. now mem. law lirm Bonynge 
& Bonynge (composed Rcbert W. and Paul Bonynge), 
N. Y. City. Mem. Colo. Legislature, 1893-1894; Colo. 
B'd of Pardons, 1896-1S97; House of Representatives 
in 5Sth, 59th and 60th Congresses from First Cong. 
Dlst. Col. Mem. Nat. Monetary Comm'n, 1908-1911. 
Delivered addresses throughout U. K. in behalf or 
Monetary reform under auspices Nat. Citizens' League 
of Chicago, 1912. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. 
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.. Colo. Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar 
Assn. Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; Mason, 32; 
also a Shriner. Clubs: Republican, Lawyers, Press 
(N. Y.), Denver (Denver. Colo.). Residence: Hotel 
Bretton Hall. Address: 26 Exchange Pl N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1S70; s. David 
A. and Abbie (Treat) Boody; ed. Poly.. Inst., Brook- 
lyn; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 25, 1893, Maud Gurney; 
one d.: Constance. Clerk in People's Trust Co., 1889- 
1891; ass't sec, 1891-1903, sec, 1903-1907, pres. since 
1907. Dir. Merchants' National Bank of N. Y., S. 
Brooklyn Savings Inst'n, U. S. Title Guaranty Co., N. 
Y. Consolidated R. R. Co., N. Y. Municipal Railway Co., 
Am. Surety Co., Harriman Nat. Bank. Democrat. 
Clubs: Hamilton, Garden City Golf. Address: 200 
Hicks St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Pres. Woman's Christian Temperance Union, State 
of N. Y.; b. Van Wert, O., July 26, 1858; d. Isaac N. 
and Rebecca (Alban) Alexander; attended high sch. 
of Van Wert, Univ. of Wooster, Ohio, A.B , A.M., Ph.D.; 
m. Van Wert, O.. July 3, 1883, Rev. William H. Boole 
(died 1896); one d.: Florence Alexander. Officially 
connected with Woman's Christian Temperance Un- 
ion since 1885, pres., 1898-1903; sec Woman's B'd of 
Home Missions, Presby'n Ch., U. S. America, 1903-1909; 
pres. Woman's Christian Temperance Union, State 
of N. Y., since 1909. Presby'n. Mem. D. A. R., House- 
wives League, Missionary Socs , Suffrage Soc. Club: 
Woman's Press. Residence: 1429 Av. H, Brooklyn. 
Address: 156 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Pres. Volunteers of America; b. Brighouse, York- 
shire, Eng. ; s. Rev. William and Catherine (Mum- 
ford) Booth; ed. Bristol Prep. Sch., Taunton Collegi- 
ate Coll., and Nottingham Sem., England; m. London, 
England, Sept. 15, 1887, Maud Charlesworth; children: 
Charles, b. 1889; Theodora, b. 1893. Com'd Salvation 
Army in Australia, 1885-1887; in U. S., 1887-1896: 
founded, 1896, The Volunteers of America, Inc., a re- 
ligious philanthropic org'n, of which has since been 
pres. Has traveled extensively almost around the 
world, holding various commands in connection with 
religious org'ns, and has covered nearly 50,000 miles 
in connection with evangelistic work. Writer and 
speaker. Address: 34 W. 28th St., N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. N. Y. City, Dec, 1826; s. Peter and 
Phebe (Cooper) Booth: ed. N. Y. City schs.; m. Roch- 
ester, N. Y., 1S57. Eliza Woodbury; three children. 
Formerly civil and mech. eng'r, many years. Pres. 
Monroe County Savings Bank since 1891; dir. Fidel- 
ity Trust Co. Republican. Clubs: Genesee Valley, 
Rochester Whist. Residence: 105 Lake Av. Address: 
33 State St., Rochester, N. Y. 


Chemist; b. Chester, Pa., 1878; s. George M. and 
Ellen (Miller) Booth; grad. Swarthmore Coll., B.S., 
1899; m. Riverton, N. J., April 24, 1902, Alice Lippin- 
cott; children: George Martin, Jr., b. 1904; Robert 
Lippincott, b. 1907; Helen Lipplncott, to. 1908. Chem- 
ist, engaged specially in water softening and purifi- 
cation as pres. and dir. of L. M. Booth Co. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Delta Upsilon fraternity. Address: IS6 
Liberty St., N. Y. City. 


Born Limpsfield. Surrey, Eng.; d. Rev. Samuel 
Charlesworth; ed. Bellstead, Suffolk and in Switzer- 
land; m. London, England. Sept. 15, 1887, Balllngton 
Booth (second son of Gen. Booth); children: Charles. 
Theodora. Entered Salvation Army at 17 as officer, 
serving in PaTis, and in Geneva and other parts of 
Switzerland, In which country, with companions, was 
subject to bitter police persecution, and was expelled 
from Geneva, although the -work was later success- 
fully established there; later in Salvation Army work 
in Great Britain, and afterward in Sweden, where had 
sp'l series of meetings for students of Upsala Univ., 
attended by 1,800 of the 2,000 students, with most 
successful results. With husband, commanded Sal- 



vation Army, 1887-1896, raising it from persecuted 
unknown movement to one of success and recogni- 
tion; the contention arising that they were American- 
izing that inst'n; started, with husband. The Volun- 
teers of America, 1896, and has ever since been con- 
nected with it. Started sp'l work for prisoners of 
U. S., which is now established in many prisons, from 
N. Y. to Han Francisco. Author: Sleepy Time Stories; 
Lights of Childland; Did the Pardon Come Too Late?; 
The Curse of Septic Soul Treatment; After Prison 
What? and other books. Address: 34 W. 2Sth St., 
N. Y. City. 


Consulting chemist and eng'r; b. Paris, N. Y., Sept. 
4, 1870; s. William Moss and Irena Cornelia (Miller; 
Booth; ud. Hamilton Coll., Harvard Univ., S.B. in 
chemistry, 'magna cum laude, 1S93; m. Cleveland, O., 
December 29, 1890, Marian Booth Foster. Science 
instr. Bulkeley Sch., New London, Conn., 1893-1894; 
Berkeley Sch., Boston, 1894-1896; ass't in chemistry, 
Pratt Inst., Brooklyn, 1897-1898; in charge of depart- 
ment, Normal School, Cortland, N. Y., 1898-1903; in 
practice as consulting' chemist and eng'r since 1902; 
has made a specialty of the industrial uses of water 
and factory wastes. Republican; Presby'n. Pres. 
Central N. Y. Section, Am. Chem. Soc; treas. Am. Inst. 
Chem. Eng'rs. Recreations: Short trips about the 
country; went abroad, summer of 1895. Clubs: Tech- 
nology, Harvard (Syracuse). Address: 712 Dillaye 
Bld'g, Syracuse, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Chicago, 111., 1871; s. Henry Lee and 
Theresa (MacConneloug) Borden; grad. Yale Univ., 
1893; Northwestern Univ., Law Sch., 1895; m. St. Louis, 
Mo., Feb. 14, 1898, Lucille Papin. Engaged in prac- 
tice of law until 1903; associated with United Lead 
Co., and Am. Smelting & Refining Co., until 1907. Re- 
publican; Catholic. Created Private Chamberlain of 
Cape and Sword of His Holiness Pope Pius X, 1909, 
Dir. Travellers' Aid Soc; mg'r Catholic Protectory. 
Clubs: Yale, Union League, Sleepy Hollow. Address: 
35 E. 51st St., N. Y. City. 


Educator and surgeon; b. Watertown, N. Y., May 19, 
1858; s Daniel L. and Mary Louisa (Cline) Borden; 
ed. Adams (N. Y.) Collegiate Inst.; Med. Dep't, Colum- 
bian Univ., Washington, D. C; M.D., 1883; m. Oct. 26, 
1883, Jennie E. Adams; children: Daniel L., William 
Ayres. Appt'd 1st lieut., ass't surgeon, U. S. A., 1883; 
capt., 1885; maj. and brigade surg. U. S. Vols., 1898; 
maj. and surg. U. S. A., 1899. During Spanish-Amer- 
ican WaT, com'd Army Gen. Hosp., Key West, Fla.; 
com'd Army Gen. Hosp., Washington, D. C, 1898-1907. 
Commanding Gen. Hosp., Manila, P. I., 1907. Prof, 
mil. surgery, Army Med. Sch.; prof. surg. pathology, 
Georgetown Univ Sch. of Medicine; consulting surg. 
Gov't Hosp. for Insane, Washington, D. C, 1898-1907. 
Retired from active service as Lt.-col., U. S. A.; appt'd 
dean and prof, of surgery, Dep't of Medicine, George 
Washington Univ.; suTgeon-in-chief, The University 
Hosp., Washington, D. C, 1909. Fellow Am. Coll. of 
Surgeons. Mem. Ass'n Mil. Surgeons of U. S., Am. 
Med. Ass'n, Med. Soc. of D. C. ; honorary mem. Med. 
and Surg. Soc, D. C, Southern Surg, and Gynecol. 
Soc; mem. N. Y. Soc, S. A. R., Columbia Historical 
Soc, D. C. Author: Use of the Roentgen Ray by the 
Med. Dep't of the U. S. in the War with Spain, 1898 
(published by joint resolution of Congress, 1900); 
Chapter on Military Surgery, AmeTican Text Book 
of Surgery and Keens Surgery (Vol. V.), 1913; Prize 
Essay on Militarv Surgery, Ass'n of Mil. Surgeons of 
U. S., 1900, and many other papers and monographs. 
Clubs: Cosmos, University (Washington), Crescent 
Yacht (Chaumont, N. Y.). Summer home: "Latonka," 
Chaumont, N. Y. Address: 1801 California St., N. W., 
Washington. D. C. 


Banker, financier; b. N. Y. City, June 21, 1874; s. 
Simon (railroad official) and Cecelia (Lichtenstadter) 
Borg; ed. Sach's Collegiate Inst., by private tutors, 
and Sheffield Scientific Sch., Ph.B., 1895 (class his- 
torian); m. N. Y. City, Nov. 24, 1898, Madeline Beer; 
children: Margery, Dorothy. Admitted to firm Simon 
Borg & Co., bankers, N. Y. City; now senior partner. 
Active in reorg'n many railroads and companies, in- 
cluding Chicago Great Western R. R. Co., Detroit 
Southern R. R. Co., Cincinnati, Findlay & Ft. Wayne 
R. R. Co., Houston Oil Co., Kirby Lumber Co. Mem. 
Dep't of Health. Mem. Am. Acad. Polit. and Social 
Science, Met. Museum of Art, Museum Natural His- 
tory, Civic Forum. Mem. Advisory B'd Madison Av. 
Depository and Exchange for Women's Work, Ad- 
visory B'd Soc Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis; trus- 
tee United Heibrew Charities; mem. Mt. Sinai Hosp. 

Edn'l Alliance, Monteflore Home, Legal Aid Soc. 
Clubs: Automobile of America, Nat. Arts, Reform, 
Century, Golf, Deal Golf, Economic. Residence (sum- 
mer): Irvington-on-Hudson; (winter): 32 W. 72d St. 
Address: 20 Nassau St., N. Y. City. 


Sculptor, painter; b. in Idaho, March 25, 1867; s. 
Dr. James de la Mothe Borglum and Ida (Michelson) 
Liorglum; ed. in public schools of Fremont and Omaha, 
, and St. Mary's Coll., Kan.; studied art in San 
Francisco; went to Paris in 1890, working and study- 
ing in Acadfiraie Julien and Ecole des Beaux Arts. 
Exhibited as painter and sculptor in Paris Salon; in 
Spain, 1892; in Calif., 1893-1894; returned east and 
went to London, in 1896, remaining there and in Paris 
until 1901. Has been in N. Y. City since 1902. Ex- 
hibited In London and Paris, 1896-1901; held success- 
ful "one man" exhibit in London; received gold medal 
for sculpture at La. Purchase Exp'n. Is sculptor for 
work on Cathedral of St. John the Divine, N. Y. City; 
was selected to execute the Sheridan monument at 
Washington, D C. Independent in politics; Catholic. 
Mem. Royal Soc. British Artists, Societe Nationale 
des Beaux Arts, Architectural League; Scottish Rite 
Mason. Clubs: Players, Camp Fire, Fencers', City (N. 
Y. City), Balsam Lake Club, Metropolitan (Washing- 
ton, D. C). Address: 166 E. 38th St., N. Y. City. 


Sculptor; ib. Ogden, Utah, Dec. 22, 1868; s. J. de la 
M. and Ida (Michelson) Borglum; attended Creigh- 
ton Coll., Omaha, Neb., Cincinnati Art Sch., Academie 
Julien, Paris; honorable mention at Paris Salon; 
silver medal Paris Exp'n. 1900; gold medal St. Louis 
Exp't; m. Paris, France, Dec. 10, 1898, Emma Vignal; 
children: Paul Arnold, b. 1901; Monica Solon, b. 1903. 
Four years of study in Europe; erected statue of Gen. 
J. B. Gordon in Atlanta, Ga.; Capt. O'Neill, at Prescott, 
Ariz.; modeled Backus Memorial, Packer Inst., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.; erected statue of Gov. Jacob Leisler, New 
Rochelle, N. Y. ; modeled five colossal busts of gen- 
erals for National Park, Vicksburg. Mem. Nat. Acad, of 
Design, Nat. Sculpture Soc. (ex-v.-p.); Union Inter- 
nationale des Beaux Arts et des Lettres, Paris; Silver- 
mine Group of Artists. Recreation: Farming. Resi- 
dence: Rocky Bench, Silvermine, Conn. Address: 367 
Lexington Av., N. Y. City. 


Architect; b. Carlinville, 111., Sept. 9, 1859; s. John 
Melvin and Mary Adeline (Bailey) Boring; ed. Univ. 
of 111., 1881-1883: Columbia Univ., N. Y. City, 1886- 
1887; Ecole des Beaux ATts, Paris, France, 1887-1890; 
m. St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 23, 1895, Florence Kimball; 
children: Ruth, b. 1896; Louise, b. 1898 (died Oct. 16, 
1907); Benson, b. June 16, 1909. Has designed public 
buildings principally; among others, U. S. Immigrant 
Station, Ellis Island. Has traveled in Mexico, Cuba, 
England, France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Italy, 
Spain, Ireland. Mem. firm of Boring & Tilton, archi- 
tects; ex-pres. Architectural League of N. Y. Knight 
Paris Exp'n, 1900; silver medal. La. Purchase Exp'n; 
bronze medal Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buffalo. Mem. and v.- 
p. Am. Inst. Architects (and N. Y. Chapter), ex-pres. 
Soc Beaux Arts Architects, Soc Columbia Univ. Archi- 
tects; ex-pres. Architectural League of N. Y. Knight 
Templar; trustee, treas. and incorporator Am. Acad, 
in Rome; asso. Nat. Acad, of Design; trustee Nat. 
Acad. Ass'n. Recreation: Painting landscape. Has 
often been office holder in the professional societies 
and clubs. Clubs: Centurv Ass'n, Columbia University 
(N. Y. City); Cosmos (Washington, D. C). Address 
32 Broadway, N. Y. City. 

BORN, R. O. 

Physician (oculist); b. Burg, Germany, July 31, 
1853; ed. in Gymnasium in Burg, Berlin Univ., Phys. 
and Surg., M.D., 1877; m. St. Louis, Mo., 1901, Josephine 
Houghtaling (died March, 1909). Prof, emeritus 
ophthalmology, N. Y. Polyclinic School and Hospital. 
Mem. N Y. County Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. Soc, 
Acad, of Medicine, Med. Soc Greater N. Y., German 
Med. Soc. Club: Liederkranz. Address: 246 Lexing- 
ton Av., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. in Hungary, 1846; s. Sam. and Julianna 
(Gellman) Borsody; ed. in Budapest; grad. Univ. 01 
Budapest, M.D., 1S72; m. 1874, Caroline Roesenbaum; 
children: Bertha, b. 1879; Ethel, b. 1881; Alexander, 
b. 1S83; Louis, b. 1885. Engaged in practise of medi- 
cine, received awards for invention of hygienic imple- 
ments at Ghent, Belgium; silver medal. 1SS9, Paris; 
gold medal, 1SS9, Nice (France; gold medal, 1890. Was 
in State service for 17 years in Hungary, where he 
draws an annual pension. Mem. Socigte Nat. d'Hygiene 
Publique de France: N. Y. County Med. Ass'n, etc. 
Address: 200 W. 113th St.. N. Y. City. 




Jurist; b. Cobleskill, N. Y.. July 6, 1S56; ed. BrocK- 
port State Normal Sch., and at Cornell Univ., 1873- 
1875; m. 1st, June, 1S7S, Mattie Barner; 2d, May, 1882. 
Alicia Yerdon. Admitted to bar, 1S77; practised law 
at Ft. Plain, 1S7S-1887, and at Amsterdam since 1888; 
dist. att'y, 1SS4-1886; county judge and surrogate, 
Montgomery Co., N. Y., 18S8-18S9; was grand master 
I. O. O. F., 1S99-1900, and has since been grand repre- 
sentative. Appt'd Supreme Court Judge 4th Judicial 
Dist. by Gov. Sulzer, Fob., 1913, re-elected, 1913. Ad- 
dress: Amsterdam, N. Y. 


Banker, farmer; b. Lowville, X. Y., Sept. 16, IStSU; 
s. Charles D. and Margaret (Quackenbush) Boshart; 
grad. Cornell Univ., B. Agar., 18S4; m. Lowville, N. Y., 
Oct. 22, 1887, Clara Amelia Smiley; children; Charles 
Ralph, Margaret Amelia. Engaged in farming from 
boyhood; now. v. -p. and dir. First Nat. Bank, Lowville; 
dir. Lowville Rural Cemetery. Republican. Super- 
visor Lowville, 1904-1905. Mem. State Assembly, 1906, 
1907. 1908, 1909, 1910. Presby n. Address: Lowville, 
N. Y. 


Lawyer; .b. Baltimore, Sid., Aug. 31, 1S63; s. John E. 
H. and Cecilia (Guyton) Boston; ed. private and public 
schs., in Baltimore; Baltimore City Coll., Johns Hop- 
kins Univ.; LL.B., Univ. of aid., 1S86; m. W. Orange, 
N. J., Sept. 29, 1900, Ethel Lyon; children: Katharine. 
b. 1903; Lyon. to. 1904. Mem. bars of Maryland and 
New York, Supreme Court of U. S., and several Federal 
circuits and districts; mem. law firm of Hornblower, 
Miller & Potter. Author of articles on Medical Laws 
and Privileged Communications; asso. author of ar- 
ticle on Law of Insanity, Witthaus and Becker's Med. 
Jurisprudence. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n (v.-p. for N. Y., 
cham'n Com. on Publicity, mem. Com. on Membership), 
N. T. State Bar Ass'n (chm'n of Com. on Judicial 
Statistics), Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. Law Inst., 
N. Y. Co. Lawyers' Ass'n (mem. B'd of Directors and 
chm'n Com. on Professional Ethics), Am. Polit. Science 
Ass'n, Johns Hopkins Alumni, Alumni of Johns Hop- 
kins Univ. for N. Y. and N. J. (ex-pres.). N. Y. Soc. 
Med. Jurisprudence (v.-p.); mem. Com. on Nat. 
Economic League on Efficiency in Administration of 
Justice; mem. N. Y. Southern Soc, Md. Soc. Inde- 
pendent Democrat. Clubs: Railroad, City Midday. 
Ardsley, Amateur Billiard. Seabright Lawn Tennis and 
Cricket. Johns Hopkins of Baltimore. Residence: 584 
West End Av., N. Y. City, and Seabright, N. J. Ad- 
dress: 24 Broad St., N. Y. City. 


Lawver; b. Tuckahoe, Westchester, Co., N. Y., Oct. 
10, 1866; s. Charles Coffin and Mary Frances (Good- 
win) Bostwick; ed. public sch., Columbia Univ.. Ph.B., 
and LL.B., cum. laude, 1886; Columbia Law Sch.; N. 
Y. Univ., LL.M., 1894; m. N. Y. City, Jan. 20, 1897, 
Laura Bostwick; children: Charles Francis. Jr., b. 
Dec. 20. 1898; Catharine, b. April 30, 1902. Admitted 
to N. Y. Bar, 1887; since 1908 mem. firm Bostwick & 
Thorns. Professor of law of corp'ns and sp'l statutory 
procedure N. Y. Univ. Post-Grad. Dep't, 1893-1900. 
Traveled extensively in Europe. Japan and Russia. 
Candidate for N. Y. State Senate, 17th Dist., 1900; 
elected mem. Assembly, 1903-1904; father of $101,000,- 
000 Canal Bill, known as Bostwick-Davis Bill, ap- 
proved by people at gen. election 1903; pres. West 
Side Republican Club. 1904-1905; mem. 2d Co., 7th 
Reg't, N. G., N. Y., 13 years; at present exempt mem. 
Ass't dist. att'v of N. Y., 1910. Republican; Episco- 
palian. Mem. N. T. City Bar Ass'n, N. T. State Bar 
Ass'n, Phi Delta Phi. Author: Bostwick's Lawyers' 
Manual; New York corp'n minute book; New Jersey 
corp'n minute book; former editor-in-chief of "Brief," 
and author of numerous legal pamphlets. Club: 
Amateur Comedy. Address: 2 Rector St., N. Y. City. 


Architect; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 29, 1875; s. F. H. and 
Marv H. (Putnam) Bosworth; ed. Cutler's Sch., N. Y. 
City; Yale Coll., A.B., 1897; Ecole des Beaux Arts, 
Paris, 1893-1901; m. April 30, 1902, Fanny Hastings 
Foote; children: Mary Hastings, b. 1903; Isabel Caro- 
line, b. 1909. Engaged in practise of architecture In 
N. Y. City since 1901; mem. firm F. H. Bosworth = 
Co., architects. iMem. Soc. of Beaux Arts Architects, 
N. Y. Chapter Am. Inst. Architects, Psi Upsilon 
Fraternity. Cluto: University. Address: 1170 Broad- 
way, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, banker: lb. Champlain, N. Y., Mar. 21, 1866; 
s. Harvev and Eliza (Corbin) Bosworth; grad. Will- 
iams Coll.. A.B., 1889; Columbia Law Sch. Admitted 
to bar, 1891, and engaged In practise. Pres. and dir. 

N. E. 'Mortgage Security Co., v.-p. State Realty and 
Mortgage Co., treas. and gen. mgri Manhattan Beach 
Estates, pres. Wheatley Realty Co., Manhattan Beach 
Co., dir. Marine R'y. Mem. Sons of the Revolution, 
Delta Kappa Epsilon Ass'n, New England Soc. 
Clubs: Union League, University, Down Town Ass'n, 
Apawamis Golf. Residence: 472 West End Av. Ad- 
dress: 192 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Architect; b. Marietta, O., 1SC9; s. Daniel Perkins, 
Jr., and Clara (Van Zandt) Bosworth; grad. Mari- 
etta Coll., M.A.; Mass. Inst. Technology, Ecole 
des Beaux Arts, Paris, France; m. All Souls' Ch., 
N. Y. City, May, 1904, Elizabeth, d. Rev. Dr. 1L 
Heber Newton, of N. Y. City. Engaged in pro- 
fessional practise in New York and Boston. Archi- 
tect of, Western Union Telegraph Co. Bld'g, Broad- 
way, N. Y.; Gardens at Pocantico Hill for John !-> 
Rockefeller, Esq.; residence of John D. Rockefeller, 
Jr., N. Y.; new Mass. Institute of Technology, Boston; 
landscape architect of Letchworth Village, etc. Resi- 
dent architect at Pan-American Exp'n, Buffalo, Aseo. 
Am. Inst. Architects; mem. Soc. Beaux Arts Archi- 
tects; companion of 1st class (by inheritance), Loyal 
Legion of U. S. (Ohio Commandery). Clubs: Century, 
The Players, Mass. Inst, of Technology Alumni Ass'n, 
Technology, Sleepy Hollow Country, St. Botolph (Bos- 
ton). Address: Harriman Bank Bldg., 527 Fifth Av., 
N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, real estate operator; 'b. Burke; N. Y., Nov. 
24, 1861; s. Henry and Jennie (Bromley) Botsforrt; 
grad. Franklin Acad., Malone; Dartmouth Coll., A.B., 
1886, A.M.; m. Plattsiburgh. N. Y., June 29, 1892, 
Katherine L. Lyon; one s.: Benedict L. Admitted to 
bar, 1899, since which time has 'been actively engaged 
in practise. Made several trips to Alaska and Klon- 
dike as att'y for Joseph Ladue; now largely engaged 
in real estate, holding considerable amount of real 
estate in Long Island. Pres. and dir. Valley Stream 
Realty Co.; St. Albans Terrace Co.; v.-p. and dir. 
Plattsburgh-Floral Park Realty Co.; dir. Rosedale 
Terrace Co ; First Nat. Bank, Plattsburgh, N. Y.; pres. 
and dir. Clinton Co. Agri. Society. Alderman and 
acting mayor, 1904-1905; alderman, 1906; Corp'n Coun- 
sel of Plattsburgh several vears; mem. B'd of Public 
Works, 1907-1908. Democrat; Presby'n. Mem. Am. 
Automobile Ass'n, State Hist. Ass'n, N. Y., State 
Museum Ass'n, Lake Champlain Ass'n, Nat. Geog. Soc, 
N. Y.; Dartmouth Alumni Ass'n, Psi Upsilon Frater- 
nity, Mason, Knight Templar. Shriner. trustee Platts- 
burgh Academy. Clubs: Macdonough Social and Com- 
mercial, v.-p., Plattsburgh Rod and Gun: dir. Platts- 
hugh Automobile, Dartmouth Coll., Psi Upsilon. Ad- 
dress: 62 Broad St., Plattsburgh, N. Y. 


Educator; b. West Union, la., May 9, 1862; s. William 
Hiram and Margaret (Johnson) Botsford; descended 
from "Henry and ElizaJbeth Botsford. of Leicestershire. 
England, who settled at Milford, Conn., in 1636; ed. 
Univ. of Neb., A.B., 1884, A.M., 1889; Johns Hopkins 
Univ., Cornell Univ.. Ph.D.. magna cum laude, 1891 
(classical philology and Sanskrit) ; m. Kalmazoo, 
Mich., 1891, Lillie Shaw; children: Jay Barrett, b. 1894; 
Doris Athena, b. 1896. Prof. Greek, Kalamazoo Coll., 
Mich., 18S6-1890; Bethany Coll., 1S91-1895; instr. in his- 
tory of Greece and Rome, Harvard Univ.. 1895-1902; 
since 1902 prof, history, in charge of history of Greece 
and Rome, Columbia Univ. Has traveled, in interest 
of his work, in Italv. in Sicily and Greece. Inde- 
pendent in politics. Baptist. Mem Am. Philol. Ass'n, 
Am. Hist. Ass'n; mem. b'd of editors, Polit. Science 
Quarterly. Author: Development of the Athenian 
Constitution; History of Greece; History of the Orient 
and Greece, and History of Rome (all but the first 
for high schools and academies); Ancient History for 
Beginners; The Story of Rome as Greeks and Romans 
Tell It; A Source Book of Ancient History (jointly 
with Lillie S. Botsford); The Roman Assemblies. 1909; 
Trial of the Alemeonldse and the Cleisthenean Consti- 
tutional Reform (Harvard Studies In Classical Phi- 
lology); Social Composition of the Primitive Roman 
Populus (Polit. Science Quarterly); Some Problems 
Connected with the Roman Gens (Polit. Science Quar- 
terly); also book reviews and short articles for the 
Classical Review, Am. Hist. Review. Classical Weekly, 
and Nation; articles for Internat. Encyclopedia, Ency. 
Britannica, 10th edit., and for Encvclopedia Ameri- 
cana. Residence: Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Address: Co- 
lumbia Univ., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Belfast. Ireland, June 9, 184S: s. William 
and Anna (Thomson) Bottomley; ed. Royal Academical 
Inst'n. private schs.. and Queens Coll., Belfast; m. 



April, 1882, Susan A. Steers; four children: William 
Laurence (architect), John Francis, Anna Thomson. 
Susanne Meredith. Admitted to bar, 1886, and since 
practising in N. Y. City. V.-p., gen. mg'r, sec. and 
dir. Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of America; 
trustee Empire City Savings Bank. Independent; 
Episcopalian; vestryman and clerk of vestry, St. An- 
drew's Ch., Harlem. V.-p. Harlem Library. Harlem 
Dispensary. Recreations: Golf, tennis, riding, sailing. 
Clubs: N. Y. Athletic. Engineers. Residences: Water 
Mill, L. I., and 112 E. 55th St. Address: 233 Broad- 
way, N. Y. City. 


Author; b. Corunna, Mich.; d J. M. Arnold, D.D., 
and Hannah E. (Redway) Arnold; grad. Mich. Univ., 
Ph.B., 1880; m. Detroit, Mich., July 8, 1884, Willis 
Boughton, Ph.D.; children: Willis Arnold, B.A., b. 1885 
(dir. Chemical Laboratory, Harvard Coll.); Paul Ninde. 
b. 1896. Traveled In Europe summers of 1895 and 
1906. Pres. Pallas Club, Athens, O., 1897-1899; dele- 
gate to World's W. C. T. U., London, 1895. Mem. M. IE. 
Church. Sec. B"d of Mg'rs of Brooklyn Deaconess' 
Home. Contb'r to papers, magazines, etc. Author: 
Biography of J. M. Arnold, D.D.. 1885; The Quest of a 
Soul and Other Verse (F. H. Revell Co., publishers), 
also various religious songs (words and music). 
Clubs: The Fortnightly of Flatbush (Brooklyn, N. 
Y.), University (Michigan), Woman's (N. Y. City), and 
the Esperanto Ass'n of N. America. Address: 364 E. 
21st St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Educator, lecturer, author; b. Victor, N. Y., April 17, 
1854; s. Myron and Jane M. (F-arnam) Boughton; grad. 
Univ. of Mich., A.B., 1881; Dickinson Coll., A.M., 1891; 
Ph.D., Ohio Univ., 1900; Higher Diploma, Teachers' 
Coll., Columbia Univ., 1902; m. Detroit. Mich., July 8, 
1884, Martha E. Arnold; children: Willis Arnold, b. 
1885; Paul Ninde, b. 1896; Prof, of English and his- 
tory, Ohio Univ., 1889-1891; lecturer on English, Univ. 
of Pa, 1891-1892; prof, of English, Ohio Univ., 1892- 
1899; teacher in Erasmus High Sch., Brooklyn, since 
1899; pres. Dep't of Philology, Brooklyn Inst, of Arts 
and Sciences. Lecturer in English Extramural Div., 
N Y Univ. Author: Mythology in Art, History of 
Ancient Peoples, History of 'English and American 
Literature in Outlines, Chronicles of Erasmus Hall 
Acad., Ode to Learning and other Poems; joint autho- 
of Allen's History of Civilization. Editor: Irving s 
Life of Goldsmith, Tennyson's Idylls of the King, Mil- 
ton's Minor Poems. Republican; Methodist Episco- 
palian. Mem. Beta Theta Pi fraternity; Mason. Resi- 
dence: 364 E. 21st St.. Brooklyn. Address: Erasmus 
Hall High Sch., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Stock broker; b. Orange. N. J., June 6, 1886; s. Will- 
iam B. and Louisa K. (Kelly) Boulton; grad. Yale 
Univ., A.B., 1907; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 17, 1910, Grace 
Russell Jones. Mem. firm W. B. Franklin & Co., 1909; 
Cuyler Morgan & Co., 1910, and Graham, Vaughn & 
Co , since Mav. 1910; admitted to N. Y. Stock Ex- 
change, 1909. 'Mem. Squadron A, Cav., N. G. N. Y. Re- 
publican; Episcopalian. .Mem. Psi Upsilon fraternity. 
Recreation: Rowing. Clubs: Squadron A Yale, Rum- 
son Country. Residence: 40 Fifth Av. Address: 44 
Pine St., N. Y. City. 

Capitalist, mf'r; m. 1875, Emma Keeler; children: 
May, Marion, Florence, Marjorie, George G., Arthur 
K., Alfred S., Howard. Ex-pres. and dir. Singer Mf'g 
Co ; dir. Libertv Nat. Bank, Knickerbocker Trust Co., 
Manhattan Co., N. Y. & Long Branch R. R. Co., 
/Eolian, Weber Piano and Pianola Co., Ba,bcock <& 
Wilcox Co., Babcock & Wilcox, Limited (London), 
City & Suburban Homes Co., Atlas Cement Co. Mem. 
N. Y. Chamber of Commerce, Met. Museum of Art, N. 
E Soc. Clubs: Metropolitan, Racquet and Tennis, N. 
Y. Athletic, Automobile, Jekyl Island, N. Y. Yacht, 
Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht, South Side Sports- 
man's, Westwood Golf, Robin's Island. Residence: 
Oakdale, L. I. Address: 149 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Prof, rhetoric, N. Y. Univ.; b. Cortland, N. Y., Sept. 
1, 1872; s. Lewis and 'Emily A. (Lamont) Bouton; 
grad. Cortland Normal Sch., 1892; Amherst Coll.. B.A., 
1896; Columbia Univ.. A.M., 1900; m. Oneida. N. Y., 
June 12, 1901, Caroline Jessup MacNair. Greek mas- 
ter, Rutgers Prep. Sch., New Brunswick, N. J., 1896- 
1S98; inst. in English, N. Y. Univ., 1898-1900; ass't 
prof. English, 1900-1906: prof, rhetoric since 1906. 
Edited Lincoln and Douglas Debates, 1905; Whittier's 
Poems, 1908. Traveled in Europe, with sp'l research 
in Edinburgh Univ., during ''sabbatical" absence, 
1907-1908. Mem. Presb'n Ch. Mem. Delta Kappa 

Epsilon fraternity, English Ass'n of Great Britain, 
Modern Language Ass'n. Address: University Heights, 
N. Y. City. 


Lawyer: b. Torresdale, Pa., Aug. 12, 1865; s. John 
Vernou and Caroline Maslin (Ewing) Bouvier; ed. in 
Paris and England; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B., 1886; 
A..M . Sch. of Polit. Science, 1887, and Sch. of Law, 
LL.B., 1888; Phi Beta Kappa, valedictorian and win- 
ner Chanler prize; presentation orator twenty-iifth 
anniversary of graduation of class; m. N. Y. City, 
April 16, 1890, Maude F. Sergeant; children: John 
Vernou, 3d; William Sergeant, Edith Ewing, Maude 
Repellin, Michelle Caroline. Admitted to bar, 1888; 
now senior mem. firm Bouvier & Dugro, counsel for 
the Travelers' Ins. Co., ^Etna Life Ins. Co., Fidelity 
& Deposit Co. of Maryland, Commercial Casualty Co., 
and trial counsel generally for numerous law firms. 
Traveled throughout Europe and Far West. Ex-pres. 
Xutley Public Schs.; pres. Nutley Circulating Library. 
Democrat; Catholic. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., 
Ass'n Bar State of N. Y., Am. Bar Ass'n, Soc. Med. 
Jurisprudence, County Lawyers' Ass'n, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Recreations: All out- 
door sports. Clubs: Union, University, Racquet and 
Tennis, Columbia University. Residence: Nutley, N. J. 
Address: 141 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Coultersville, Pa., Sept. 28, 1S67; s. 
David and Mary A. (McClenahan) Bovaird; grad. 
Princeton Univ., A.B., 1889; Columbia Univ., M.D., 
1892; m. Montreal, Canada, Dec. 27, 1898, Louise 
Larken; children: Cecily Jean, b. 1900; George Crary, 
b. 1901. Engaged in gen. practise of medicine since 
1S92. Visiting physician Seaside Hosp. of St. John's 
Guild; asso. visiting physician Presby'n Hosp. Mem. 
Pathol. Soc, County Med. Soc, Acad, of Medicine. Re- 
publican; Presbv'n. Club: Princeton. Address: 137 
E. 60th St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Gallipolis, O., March 10, 1877; s. Fred- 
erick M. and Lucy Vernon (Alexander) Bovie; ed. 
Marietta Coll., A.B., 1898; magna cum laude (salu- 
tatorian; sp'l honors in philosophy and history; mem. 
Delta Upsilon; pres. of chapter; mg'r baseball and 
football teams; elected to Phi Beta Kappa); attended 
Columbia Law Sch. and N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1902; m. 
N. Y. City, Nov. 26, 1903, Mary Rowland Tinker; one 
son, Henry Tinker, b. Aug. 4, 1904. Admitted to N. Y. 
bar, 1902, and has since practised in N. Y. City. Mem. 
law firm Bovie & Wilson; pres. Lakeview Realty Co. 
Recruited and served as capt. Co. C, 7th Ohio Inf., U. 
S. Vols., Spanish- Am. War. Mem. N. Y. Co. Lawyers' 
Ass'n, Phi Beta Kappa; trustee Delta Upsilon fra- 
ternity. Recreation: Golf. Club: Graduates. Ad- 
dress, 50 Pine St., N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. N. Y. City; m. Julia Irving Grinnell; one 
d., Edith. Mem. banking firm J. P. Morgan & Co. 
Trustee Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y., Bank for Sav- 
ings in the City of N. Y., N. L. Life Ins. and Trust 
Co.; treas. and dir. Metropolitan Opera and Real 
Estate Co.; dir. N. Y. Central & Hudson River R. R. 
Co., Cataract Construction Co., Commercial Union Fire 
Ins. Co., Guaranty Trust Co., N. Y. & Putnam R. R. 
Co., Niagara Development Co., Niagara Falls Power 
Co., Niagara Junction R'y Co., West Shore R. R. Co. 
Mem. Am. Fine Arts Soc, New England Soc, Sons Am. 
Revolution, Met. .Museum of Art, Am. Museum of Nat- 
ural History. Episcopalian. Clubs: Union, Union 
League, Metropolitan, Knickerbocker, Church. Play- 
ers, Racquet and Tennis. N. Y. Yacht, Tuxedo, Century. 
Address: 39 Park Av., N. Y City. 


Banker; b. Wolfert's Dell, Irvington, N. Y., July 14, 
1S63; grad. Columbia Coll., 1S85; mem. N. E. Soc, St 
Nicholas Soc, Huguenot Soc. Clubs: Metropolitan, 
University, N. Y. Yacht, Union, St. Anthony, Racquet 
and Tennis, Ardsley, Baltusrol Golf, Rumson Country, 
Automobile of America. Address: 104 E. 37th St., N. 
Y. City. 


Editor, publisher; b. S. Hadley Falls, Mass., Sept. 
4, 1860; ed. public schs. of Mass., N. Y. and N. J. First 
newspaper work done for Holyoke (Mass.) Transcript, 
later connected with True Democratic Banner, Morris- 
town, N. J.; visited Europe. 1S97; in fall of same year 
began contributing to N. Y. Times Saturday Review 
of Books and Art. and, 1S99, became regular contb'r 
to The Independent; represented N. Y. Sun, N. If. 
World, Brooklyn Eagle and Chicago Tribune at Rocky 
Mount, N. C, on expd'n to observe total eclipse of 
sun that occurred Mav 2S, 1900; represented N. Y. 



Commercial Advertiser and Woman's Home Com- 
panion (Springfield, O.) at Mardi Gras Carnival, New 
Orleans, 1901; later mem. editorial staff The Woman's 
Home Companion, N. Y. City, until -March 28, 1003; 
March, 1903-Dec., 1910, associate editor The Independ- 
ent, m charge of that journal's art dep't; on staff of 
-Musical Courier Extra since April, 1913. Contb'r at 
various times to leading papers and periodicals of 
N. Y. and London; some time one of the dramatic 
critics and editorial writer for the Brooklyn Citizen; 
editor and publisher N. Y. Evening Mail. Author: A 
Step Across the Gulf to Cuba, lv.i;>; The Rise of the 
Book Plate, 1001; James A. McNeill Whistler, the Man 
and His Work, 1901; The Little Girl and Her Loll, 
1905; Jack and Jill Modernized, 190G; The Bunch of 
Violets, 1907; The Jewelled Dagger, 190S; My Sulburban 
Lots; also chapters on book plates and fine book bind- 
ings to Appltton's Annual Encyclopaedia. Mem. L. I. 
Hist. Soc, Brooklyn Inst. Fine Arts and Sciences. 
Clubs: The Writers, Country (Mystic, Conn.). .Resi- 
dence: 332 Bloomfield St., Hoboken, N. J. Address: 
Care Musical Courier Extra, 439 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Author; b. Brooklyn, May 22, 1IS52; grad. Yale, 1873, 
Ph.L\, 18S2; m. Roxana A. Wentworth; associated with 
The Independent, 1874; succeeded father, Henry Chan- 
dler Bowen, as publisher, 1896; sec. com. of arrange- 
ments for centennial anniversary of Washington's 
inauguration, N. Y. City, 1SS9. Author: Boundary 
Disputes of Connecticut, 1SS2; Woodstock, an Histori- 
cal Sketch, 1SS6; Memorial Volume of Centennial of 
Washington's Inauguration, 1S02. Address: 5 E. 63d 
St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Troy, N. Y., March 12, 1S77; s. Alfred S. 
and Harriet M. (Thomas) Bowen; ed. Troy Acad., Cor- 
nell Coll. of Law, LL.B., 1S9S; m. Troy, N. Y., April 
25. 1906, Elizabeth V. Collins. Admitted to bar, 1899; 
now clerk Rensselaer County Surrogate's Court. Re- 
publican. Master of King Solomon's Primitive Lodge, 
No. 91, F. and A. M Phi Delta Phi fraternity; Court 
Rensselaer, Foresters of America. Clubs: Masonic, 
East Side, Republican (Troy). Address: Court House, 
Troy, N. Y. 


Physician; b. Blockville, Chautauqua County, N. Y 
Dec. 11, 1S65; s. Joshua D. and Louisa E. (Babcock) 
Bowen; grad. South Bend (Ind.) High Sch., 1886; Coll. 
Phys. and Surg., Chicago, M.D., 1890; also full course 
in N. Y. Post Grad. Med Sch.. 1894, and Harvard 
Summer Sch. of Medicine, 1911; m. Wiscov, N. Y., 1891, 
Hattie A. Whitney: children: Grant Whitney, b. 1895; 
Luella Louise, b. 1S97. Engaged in practise of medi- 
cine at Mt. Morris, N. Y., since 188S. Mem. Rochester 
(X. Y.) Acad, of Medicine; ex-pres. and sec. Med. Soc. 
of County of Livingston, Royal Arch Mason, past 
master Mt. Morris Lodge. One of coroners of Living- 
ston Co. past 15 years; mem. B'd U. S. Pension Ex- 
aminers. Republican: Methodist. Recreation: Collector 
of Indian relics. Club: Livingston. Address: Mt. 
Morris. Livingston Co., N. Y. 


Banker: b. Shelby, N. Y., Sept. 2S, 1831: s. Dr. Abiel 
and Anna Stirling (Cone) Bowen; ed. public schs. W. 
Shelby, N. Y., Millville Acad., Cary Collegiate Sem. ; 
m. Byron. N. Y.. Dec. 17, 1856, Emerette A. Walker; 
one d., Anna Cone. In practise of law 1852-1909. coun- 
sel N. Y. State Ins. Dep't, 1872-1S78. Pres. and dir. 
Holland Purchase Ins. Co.: v.-p. and dir. First Nat. 
Bank. Batavia Baker Gun & Forging Co. Town clerk: 
corp'n clerk and corp'n counsel, 1854-1857; dist. att'y 
Genesee County. 1857-1859: postmaster. 1862-1S67; 
State Senator. 1870-1873. Republican; Episcopalian. 
Odd Fellow (noble grand, past grand); Mason. Trus- 
tee N. Y. State Tnst'n for Blind, 1860-1874; pres. B'd. 
1S73-1874. Residence: 210 E. Main St. Address: 
Walker Bld'g, Batavia, N. Y. 


Author; b. Charleston, S. C: s. Orsamus Allan and 
Feb. 29. 1S56; s. Henry Chandler Bowen. founder of 
Independent; ed. at Paris and Berlin; grad. Yale, 1878: 
studied law. Columbia: admitted to bar; U. S. consul. 
1S90; consul-gen., 1894, Barcelona. Spain; Minister to 
Persia, 1S99; minister to Venezuela, 1901-1905; 
counsel for Venezuela and TJ. S. at The Hague, 
1003. Author: Verses (Boston. 1SS4): In Divers Tones. 
1S00; Losing Ground; International Law (N. Y., 1S96). 
Address: Woodstock. Conn. 


Author: b. Charleston, S. C: s. Orsamus Allan and 
Clarissa Walton (Adger) Bowen; ed. Coll. of Charles- 
ton. "Washington and Lee Univ., Cornell Univ.. class of 
1S93. Literary editor and advisor, D. Appleton & Co., 

l i A A " th _or: Uncharted Seas, and various 

novelettes and short stories in Ainslee's, Lippincott's 
Appleton s, The Smart Set, Red Book, The Cavalier 
and other magazines. Contb'r to various publications. 
Address: 504 W. 143d St., N. Y. City. 


Composer; b. Chambersburg, Pa., May 24. 1877- s 
^;'7rt er T 9 ro, V\V t;11 and Ellen Graham (Heyser) Bowers; 
grad Franklin and Marshall Coll.. A.B.. 1896; A.M. 
18 JJ studied music, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore; 
1 N : * c ,Ity, faept v 1G - 1<JU5 ' Virginia Belvin. Com- 
!.''"'',, '.'""- ami Koscs, 4903; The leaders, L008; 
S, Ma ,. d and the Mummy, 1004; The Vanderbilt Cup. 
1J0O, The Hoyden. 1907; The Anniversary, 1908; A 
Grecian Garden, 190S; The Silver Star, 1909; The Wife 
?w? Ta i ^ 10 i . Th e Red Rose, 1011; The Scare Crow! 
ahI ,-S e r ta , 1 ,? Party ' 1911 = California, 1911; The 
Antique Girl. 1012: In the Barracks, 1012; The Little 
an w n , ne ' ^ 912; The Red Heads, 1913; Omika, 1913; 
I he Water Cure, 1013; also incidental music for many 
dramatic plays. Won gold medal Chicago Auditorium 
Conservatory, 1902. Clubs: Lam'bs, Baton, Friars, 
Asso. _Musical Conductors of America. Address- 550 
W. laith St., N. Y. City. 


Author, editor; b. Salem, Mass., 1848; ed N Y nubile 
schs.; grad. Coll. City of N. Y., A.B , 186S; m B P rook- 
ln w., Mas! S 1 ?> 02 ' A - lic ? Mitchell. Was representative 
of Harper & Bros, in London, 1880-1882; was 1st v -p 
and executive Edison Elec. Illuminating C 0j 1890- 
1809 now editor Publishers' Weekly, Library Journal, 
?'* ta los. etc. Also v.-p. De Laval Steam Turbine 
wi, a .^ ? ?? f ,av ^i Separator Co. Author: Work and 
Trtxlli- ^ 88; i T i h cl- Ec nomi c Pact Book and Free 
7qS> 6 A uide. ISSo; Primer for Political Education, 
issb, Copyright Its Law and Its Literature 1S86- 
Economics for the People (5 editions); The Arts of 
Life, 1900; Of Business, 1901; Of Politics, 1901- Of 
Education 1903: Of Religion, 1903; also magazine ar- 
ticles. Independent in politics; originated independent 
Republican movement in N. Y. City, 1879- active in 
promoting passage of the first civil service reform 
bill in N. Y. Legislature; was mem. N. Y. Free Trade 
Club, and one of incorporators and on original B'd 
Trustees Reform Club: v.-p. Am. Copyright" Lemuel 
trustee Brooklyn Public Library and Brooklyn Inst 
has been mem of Council of Am. Library Ass'n and 
University Settlement Soc. Clubs: Authors City 
Grolier. Nat Arts. Reform. Alpha Delta Phi, Hamilton 
Address: 141 E. 25th St.. N. Y. City. "'"ion. 


Lawyer; b. Cincinnati, O., Jan. 25, 1S71; s. George 
Pendleton and May (Williamson) Bowler; ed St 
f. au f| ch v C " co r d ; N H Harvard, A. B.. 1893,' LL.' 
K, 1896. Admitted to N. Y. bar, 1807; practised law for 
three years in the office of Bowers & Sands. Attached 
t LT. S. Legation in Madrid, as sp'l ass't. to att'y gen 
n resumption of diplomatic relations after 
Spanish War; served two years there. Dir. Keokee 
Coal and Coke Co.: pres. and dir. Moa Bay Iron Co 
and Guantanamo Exploration Co. Clubs: Union Uni- 
versity, Knickerbocker (N. Y. City); Metropolitan 
(Washington. D. C). Address: 2 Rector St., N. Y. City. 

Art magazine editor, publisher of fine books; b 
Indianapolis. Ind., July 1, 1S65; s. Thomas H. and 
o\ a t 9r ne -,o J r ane T 'Moore) Bowles; m. Indianapolis, 
Oct 25, 1895. Janet Byfield Payne; children: Mira, 
r u i y - S, T 19 J ) - 2; J an.b. Nov. 2. 1904. Edited and pub- 
i'shed in Indianapolis, 1892-1895. and at Boston, 1895- 
1S97, Modern Art, illustrated quarterly magazine- in 
?n a o rge a ,t de P't The Heintzemann Press, Boston, 1897- 

S; ; ,S? r m rt dep 't McClure's Magazine, N. Y. City, 
1902-1903: literary work for Doubleday. Page & Co 
N. Y. City, and other publishers, 1903-1906, while 
ZZVil^ at plans f ? r Art and Life, an illustrated 
monthly magazine, started Aug., 1906, in N Y Citv 
a feature of which is the edition de luxe, extra illus- 
trated and elaborately illuminated in gold and colore 
Dy exclusive processes. Founded The Forest Press 
printers 1907, and The Modern Art PublLhing Co 
? ^: P" bIlshe , r s of Art and Life, and Modern Art 1910 
f n 8 4? , 7 rhUe m at H> d ianapolis, edited and published 
L > v '! Ilam t T : Walters, of Baltimore; elaborate 
descriptive catalogue of famous Walters Collection 
the bookmaking being commended by William Morris- 
has since done similar books, privately printed for 
other Am. collectors. The New Theatre, N. Y.. and 
much fine color and book printing for The Curtis 
Publishing Co Phila., Pa., and others. Has lectured 
before art clubs, and contb'd to art periodicals and 
larioiis technical journals. Formerly dir. Indianapolis 
Art Ass n: mem Boston Soc. Arts and Crafts, The 
Pewter Mugs (Boston). Clubs: Indianapolis Port- 



folio (officer), Twentieth Century (Boston), Nat. Arts 
(one of organizing mems.), The Stowaways (founder 
190G, and ores.). Residence: 855 Riverside Drive, 
(summer): Long Beach, L. I. Address: 5 W. 28th St., 
N. Y. City, and 140 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Civil and mech. eng'r; b. St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 19, 
1871; s. Samuel S. and Harriet B. (Churchill) Boyd; 
ed. Mass. Inst. Technology, class of 1893; m. Sept 5, 
1895, Ada Yerxa; children: James W., Robert C, John 
S. Engaged on steam, elevated and electric railroad 
design and construction together with other import- 
ant engineering work. Now chief eng'r. Westing- 
house, Church, Kerr & Co. Mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Bng'rs; 
Am. Soc Mech. Eng'rs. Clubs: Technology (N. Y. 
City); Athletic (Montclair, N. J.). Residence: 213 
Park St., Montclair, N. J. Address: 37 Wall St., N. Y. 


Architect; b. N. Y. City, June 16, 1877; s. John and 
Mary E. Boyd; grad. Columbia Univ. Sch. of Archi- 
tecture; B. S., won silver medal awarded in compe- 
tition held by Architectural League of N. Y. lor 
draughtsmanship and design in 1900; ancien eleve de 
l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1905. Entered office of 
Richard H. Hunt, architect, 1899, where worked for 
two years; studied architecture at Paris, 1901; entered 
Ecole Nationale et Speciale des Beaux-Arts. 1903; 
studied in Atelier Douillard-Thierry-Deglane, under 
M. Deglane, 1902-1905; returned to N. Y. City, 1905, 
where has since practised architecture; entered part- 
nership with E. Lansing Satterlee, forming firm of 
Satterlee & Boyd, 1908. Interested in designing of 
residences, churches, and monumental architecture. 
Among other works are Parish House for St. Ann's 
Church in memory of the Rev. Thomas Gallaudet, D. 
D., founder of Soc. for deaf mutes; the Memorial 
Reredos to Bishop Satterlee in Calvary Ch., N. Y. 
City; Memorial Entrance Porch on Church of Holy 
Communion, N. Y. City; Residence of Adm'l A. T. 
Mahn, Quogue, L. I., the Manursing Island Club at 
Rye, N. Y. Mem. Soc. of Beaux Arts Architects, Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Clubs: Columbia Univ., 
Manursing Island (Rye, N. Y.). Address: 3 W. 29th 
St., N. Y. City. 


Registrar The Farmers' Loan and Trust Co.; b. N. 
Y. City, March 16, 1861; s. David I. and Mary Boyd; 
father's family came to N. Y. City from Albany about 
1798: m. Martha Fouke Hastings (born Fouke), or 
Washington, D. C. Residence: 409 W. 21st St. Ad- 
dress: 22 William St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Montclair, N. J., May 5, 1863; s. Robert 
M. and Kate B. (Crane) Boyd; grad. Yale Coll., A. B., 
1884; Columbia Law Sch., LL. B., 1886; Columbia Sch. 
Polit. Science, A. M. ; m. New London, Conn., Oct 26, 
1898, Edith Bancroft. Mem. bar of N. Y. and N. J., 
practising law in both States. Dir. and counsel 
Montclair Free Public Library. Recreation: Tennis. 
Assembly of N. J., 1901-1903. Republican; Congrega- 
tionalism Mem. Phi Delta Phi, Psi Upsilon frater- 
nities, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Mem. B'd Trustees 
Montclair Free Public Library. Recreation: Tennis. 
Clubs: Lawyers, Essex County, Montclair. Address: 
203 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 25, 1841; s. John T. and 
Hannah Agnes (Shed) Boyd; grad. Columbia Coll., A. 
B., 1861 (A.M.); m N. Y. City, April 16, 1873, Adeline 
Todd Speaight (deceased); children: Adeline Virginia 
(wife William West Shaw), Beatrice Speaight (wife 
William J. Peters), Addle Storm (wife George Hom- 
er Tower), Natalie Graham, Leontine Augusta, Con- 
stance Chauncey, Gansevoort Melville. Admitted to 
bar 1862, and since practising law. Corp'n att'y City 
of N. Y., 1875-18S9. Private 71st Reg't, N. Y. State 
Militia, in campaign of 1861, for protection of Capitol, 
Washington; 1st lieut. 62d Reg't, N. Y. State Vols. 
Pres. Veteran Ass'n 71st Reg't, N. G. N. Y., 1905-1907; 
comd'r Lafayette Post, No. 140, G. A. R., 1908-1910; 
senior Vice-Dep't Comd'r, Dep't of N. Y., G. A. R., 1909. 
Judge Advocate Dep't. of N. Y., 1913. Episcopalian. 
Mem. St. Nicholas Soc, N. Y. Biog. and Geneal. Soc, 
Alumni Ass'n of Columbia Coll. Club: Church. Resi- 
dence: 24 E. 78th St. Address: 2 Rector St., N. Y. City. 


Editor; b. Sheffield, 111., April 10, 1S75; s. Albert 
Woodbury and Ellen R. (Webb) Boyden; grad. Har- 
vard Univ., A. B., 1898. With McClure's Magazine, 
1899-1906; associated with group which purchased 
American Magazine 1906, of which Is managing editor, 
American Magazine amalgamated with Crowell Pub- 

lishing Co., 1911. Clubs: Harvard, Players, Ardsley. 
Residence: 226 E. 15th St. Address: 381 Fourth Av., 
N. Y. Citv. 


Editor; b. Montgomery County, Md. ; s. Emory R. 
and Josephine (King) Boyer, both deceased; grad. 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, A. B., 1901; attended 
Univ. of Md., 1901-1902. With Baltimore Morning 
Herald, 1898-1902; lived in Mexico, 1902-1903. In 
business in Chicago, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia 
until 1905. Ass't editor Success Magazine, 1905-1907; 
asso. editor, 1908-1909, and mn'g editor since 1909 of 
The Smart Set Magazine. Independent Democrat. 
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Southern Soc. of N. Y., Phi 
Sigma Kappa fraternity. Club: Graduates. Address: 
452 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Author; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 13, 1881; s. Hjalmar 
Hjorth (late Norwegian poet and novelist, and prof. 
Germanic literature, Columbia Univ.) and Elizabeth 
(Keen) Boyesen; ed. Columbia Univ., class of 1904 
(did not complete course); played end on 'Varsity 
football team; m. Pleasantville, N. Y. Sept. 1903, 
Adelaide Mott Barclay. Mn'g editor 'Cosmopolitan 
Magazine, 1902-1903. Contributed short stories, poems 
etc., to periodicals. First story published in Lippin- 
cott's Monthly, 1002. Author: A Passion in a Suburb 
(play in one act), produced at Berkeley Lyceum, N. 
Y. City, Mar., 1004; The Other Mary (in which Mme. 
Nazimova toured, 1011-1912); has contracts for several 
plays, etc Mem. Alpha Delta Phi. Lives half of 
each year in Paris and Rome. Club: The Strollers 
(N. Y. City). Address: "The Willows" Westbury, 
L. I., N. Y. 


Lawyer, editor," author; b. Ithaca, N. Y. July 7, 
1S79; s. Hjalmar Hjorth and Elizabeth Morris (Keen) 
Boyesen; grad. Columbia Coll., A.B., 1900; Columbia 
Law Sch., LL.B., 1904; unmarried. Associated in prac- 
tice with Sullivan & Cromwell, lawyers, since 1904. 
Mn'g editor Cosmopolitan Magazine 1900-1903; editor 
Twentieth Century Magazine, 1903; asso. editor Wo- 
man's Home Companion, 1905-1906. Mem. Alpha Delta 
Phi Club Alumni Ass'n, Columbia Univ. Democrat; 
Episcopalian. Recreations: Tennis, swimming, riding. 
Clubs: Columbia Univ., Reform. Residence: 137 E. 
19th St. Address: 49 Wall St.. N. Y. City. 


Real estate broker, state senator; b. 1878; ed. public 
sens.; grad. Cathedral Sch., N. Y. City. Started in 
real estate business and has been engaged In that 
line ever since. Organized and is sec. 22d Ward Tax- 
payers' Ass'n (was its first sec). Treas. Thomas J. 
McManus Ass'n Bld'g Fund; has been pres. Anchor 
Council, C. B. L., for a number of years, and is a 
mem. State Council, C. B. L., Knight of Columbus, 
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Redmen, West Side Tax- 
payers' Ass'n, etc Elected to Assembly on Democratic 
ticket, 1910, 1911. 1912; elected to State Senate. 1913. 
Clubs: Catholic. National Democratic. Residence: 418 
W. 51st St. Address: 402 W. 51st St., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 19, 1S54: s. John 
Churchill and Anna Augusta (Cook) Boyle; direct 
descendant George Stanton, who settled in N. Y. from 
West Indies, whose g.-g.d. married in Trinity Ch. in 
1794, Caleb Boyle; g.-g.-g.s. Nathaniel Holmes; on 
mother's side descendant of Cooks of Monmouth Co., 
N. J., and Cumlbersons of L. I., all ancestors in this 
country before Revolution; ed. N. Y. Citv schs.; grad. 
N. Y. Homce. Coll. and Hosp., 1S77; m. X. Y. Citv, Oct. 
13, 1881, Isabel Stacey Watkins; children: William 
Churchill Boyle (deceased), Stacey Watkins Boyle. 
M.D. Engaged in practise as specialist in diseases of 
eye and ear. Eye and ear surgeon to N. Y. Ophthal- 
mic Hosp., Metropolitan Hosp., Blackwell's Island 
Dep't of Charities, sec, of Med. B'd of Metropolitan 
Hosp. Served eight years in 7th Reg't, N.G.N.Y. Re- 
publican; Episcopalian. Mem. Sons of Revolution. 
Residence: Greenwich, Conn. Address: 40 E. 41st 
St., N. Y. City. 


Sculptor; b. N. Y. City. Jan 12, 1851; s. Samuel and 
Catherine (McAuley) Boyle; ed. in public and private 
schs.; learned trade of stone carver; student of draw- 
ing, Franklin Inst. (Philadeli 74: student 
of anatomy and dissecting under Dr. AY. Keen 
Philadelphia; studied at Acad, o: . rts. Phila- 
delphia, 1S75-1S76; Ecole des aus >aris, 1877- 
18S0; m. Philadelphia, 1882. J larroll. En- 
gaged as sculptor since 1876; jrk, Indian 
group, Lincoln Park, Chicago In Europe, 
1SS4-18S7; executed group, Th>; Sti for which 
received hon. mention Paris > and which 



was placed m Fatrmount Park, Philadelphia, 1887. 
Other prominent works: Bacon and Plato statues 
(rotunda Cong. Library. Washington): Benjamin 
Franklin (in front of Philadelphia Post-office; re- 
plica erected in Paris, April, 1906, under auspices of 
French Gov't), besides numerous busts, medallions, 
etc. Received medals from Ecole des Beaux Arts, 
Paris; World's Columbian Exp'n, Chicago, 1893; Pan- 
Am. Exp'n, Buffalo, 1901. Appt'd mem. Art Comm'n 
Greater N. Y., Jan. 1, 1906. Mem. Nat. Sculpture 
Soc. (8 years of Exec. Council), Architectural League, 
N. V. Clubs: T-Square (Philadelphia). National Arts 
(X. Y. City). Address: 211 W. tilth St., N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Lake Side, Wayne Co., N. Y., Dec. 7, 
1S58; s. Lorenzo R. and Harriet M. tXorthrup) Boyn- 
ton; grad. Brockport State Normal Sch.. 1SS0; Univ. 
of Rochester, A.B. (Phi Beta K L886; Hen. Theol. 

Sem.. N. Y. City, B.D., 1888; N. 1". Univ.. N. Y. City 
(.post-grad.), Ph.D., 1SS9; m. June 1. 1S92, Frances 
Howland Cogswell, d. William F. and Martha (Breck) 
Cogswell, of Rochester, N. T.; children: Richard, b. 
1S95; James Breck, b. 1S98; Martha Cogswell, b. 1904; 
Charles Francis, b. 1906. Prin. Macedon Acad., Mace- 
don Center, N. Y., 1SS0-1SS2; curate Christ Ch., 
Rochester, N. Y., 1SS9-1S90; rector St. Michael's, 
Geneseo, N. Y., from June, 1890-Oct., 1909, and since 
rector emeritus of same. Mem. Ecclesiastical Court, 
examining chaplain and deputy to Gen. Conv., Diocese 
or' Western N. Y. Lecturer on liturgies and homiletics, 
De Lancey Div. Sch.; now prof, of homiletics 
and pedagogy in Gen. Theoi. Sem., Chelsea Sq., N. Y. 
City. Trustee Cary Collegiate Inst, Oakfield, N. Y. 
Ex-pres. Country Parsons' Club; grand chaplain Gam- 
ma Sigma fraternity; mem. Alpha Delta Phi fra- 
ternity, F. and A. M. (past master), and Royal Arch 
Chapter. Traveled in Europe summer of 1S94 and 
1012. Attended Lambeth Conf. of 1S97, as chaplain 
to Bishop of Western X. Y. Address: 129 Eagle St. 
Englewood, N. J. 


Sup't sehs., Ithaca, X. Y.; b. Potsdam, X. Y., April 
29, 1S63: s. Franklin and Julina (Hayes) Boynton; 
grad. Potsdam State Normal, 1SS7; Middlebury Coll. 
(Vt), A.B., 1891; Hamilton Coll., A.M., 1S94; Syracuse 
Univ., D.Ped., 1903; m. 1st Potsdam, N. Y., June 23, 
1886, Flora E. White, of Nichotville, N. Y. (died July 
18, 1905); children: Prank David, Jr., and Barbara^ 
twins, b. Feb. 14, 1896; Paul White, b. Nov. 5, 1897; 
Beatrice, b. Feb. 9, 1903; m. 2d, Nov. 29, 1906, Jane E. 
Williams, of Ithaca, N. Y.; one d. Jane, b. Mar. 11, 
1912. Principal Union Sch. and Acad.. Webster, N. 
Y. 1891-1S92; principal Ithaca High Sch. since 1893; 
sup't schools, Ithaca, since 1900. Chm'n of committee 
from Associated Academic Principals of N. Y. State 
having in charge 1900 and 1905 editions of Regents 
Syllabus; appt'd 'by chancellor of Univ. of State of N. 
Y. to arrange suggested course of study for high .schs. 
of X*. Y. State; mem. State Examination B'd since 
1907. Dir. Ithaca Conservatory of Music. Trustee 
First M. E. Ch., Ithaca. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon 
fraternity, Am. Social Science Ass'n, Nat. Herbart 
Soc, Nat. Edn'l Ass'n, N. Y. State Council of Sup'ts, 
Academic Principals' Council; was pres. 1904-1905, 
now life mem. and mem. Exec. Com., N. Y. State 
Teachers' Ass'n. Founder and editor N. Y. State 
Teacher, vols. 1, 2, 3. Author: Plane and Solid 
Geometry, 1900; Syllabus of Civics. 1901; Manual of 
Civics, 1902; School Civics, 1904; contb'r to edn'l maga- 
zines. Clubs: Town and Gown, Country (Ithaca). Ad- 
dress: Ithaca, N. Y. 


Artist: b. Pleasant Grove, Wis., s. David and Julia 
(Hancock) Boynton; ed. in Minnesota, in high sch. 
and Normal Coll.; came to N. Y. City, 1875, and at- 
tended schools of the Nat. Acad. Design and Art Stu- 
dents' League, receiving Elliot silver medal 1876; es- 
tablished studio in N. Y., 1882; m. New Brighton. S. 
I., July 8, 1906, Mary Ellicott Junius. Painted portraits 
of Gen. Frederick Dent Grant, Gen. Alexander S. 
Webb, Gen. Stewart L. Woodford, Gen. James Grant 
Wilson, Gen. C. S. Roe, Commodore Clarence D. Post- 
ley, Commodore P. G. Bourne, Mrs. F. G. Bourne, 
Rear Admiral Joseph B. Coghlan and others. Por- 
traits hung in Union League Club, Acad, of Medicine, 
City Coll. of X. Y., Seventh Reg't, West Point, X. Y.. 
X. Y. Yacht Club, Larchmont Yacht Club and private 
galleries and collections. Residence: New Brighton, 
S. I. Address: 58 W. 57th St., X. Y. City. 


Sec. Children's Aid Soc; b. Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., June 
2, 1S55; s. Charles L. and Letitia (Neill) Brace; ed. 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.; Yale (Scientific). Ph.B., 
1S76; m. Dobbs Ferry. Jan. 15, 1885, Louise Warner; 
five children Engaged in railroad construction as 

civil ong'r in Middle West until 1S90, when was in- 
vited to succeed father as sec. Children's Aid Soc of 
New York. Under his administration tho society has, 
since 1890, expended over SlO.OOu.oiK) In improving 
conditions of the poor children of city; during that 
time over 100,000 have been taught in industrial schs. 
for poor children, over 60,000 homeless boys have been 
cared for in various newsboys' lodging houses and 
farm schools, and about 25,000 orphans have been 
received into homes of farmers in Western and 
Southern States. Author of pamphlets, reports and 
addresses on the subject of the care of neglected 
children. Clubs: Century, City, National Arts. Ad- 
dress: 535 Park Av., N. Y City. 


Lawyer; b. Wilton, Saratoga Co., N. Y. July 30, 
1S53; s. William and Elizabeth A. (Sherman)' Brackett; 
? d i, Co T r T ne n H Coll., Mt. Vernon, la., A.B., 1S72. A.M., 
18 id, LL.D., 1S9S; m. Saratoga Springs N. Y Xov 

22, 1882, Emma Corliss; one son: Charles W., b. 1S93 - 
Studied law in office of Pond & French; admitted to 
bar 1S75, and became mem. law firm Pond, French & 
Brackett, 1876, and later became head of firm 
Brackett, Butler & Baucus; since 1893 practising alone. 
Senator 28th Senatorial Dlst.. 1890-1907. Pres Adiron- 
dack Trust Co.; dir. G. F. Harvey Co., Congress 
Springs Co. (v. -p.). Republican; Methodist. Mem. Am 
Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Hist. Soc, Saratoga Athenaeum 
Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Clubs: Saratoga, Glens Falls. 
Address: Saratoga Springs, X'. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Bradford, X. II., June 8, 1S42; s. Ambrose 
S. and Nancy (Brown) Brackett; grad. Colby Acad 
New London, N. H., 1861; Harvard Coll., A.B 1865 
(class orator); Harvard Law Sch., LL.B., 180S- m. 
Arlington, Mass., June 20, 1S78, Angie M. Peck- chil- 
dren: John Gaylord, b. April 12, 1879; Beatrice, b. June 

23, 18S8. Engaged in practice since admission to bar 
1S68. V.-p. Mass. Real Estate Exchange; dir. Ex- 
change Trust Co. of Boston. Mem. Boston Common 
Council, 1873-1876; pres. 1876; mem. Mass. House of 
Representatives, 1877-1881, and 18S4-1886; chm'n 
Judiciary Com. 1SS4, Speaker 18S5-1886; Lieut-Gov. of 
Mass. 1SS7-1889, Gov. 1890; pres. Boston Mercantile 
Library Ass'n, 1871-1882; Judge-Advocate 1st Brigade, 
Mass. Militia, 1874-1876; delegate-at-large and mem. 
Com. on Resolutions Republican Nat. Conv., 1892; 
Presidential elector-at-large, 1S96, 1900; chm'n Mass. 
Presidential Electors, 1S96. Republican; Unitarian. 
Mem. Mass. Bar Ass'n, Boston Bar Ass'n, Masonic fra- 
ternity. Clubs: Boston, Middlesex (pres. 1893-1901), 
Arlington Unitarian. Residence: 87 Pleasant St., 
Arlington, Mass. Address: 89 State St., Boston, Mass. 


Lawyer; b. Athens Pa., April 10, 1S63; s. Daniel and 
Polly (Phelps) Bradbury; descendant of the Bradbury 
family of Maine, and Phelps family of Conn.; ancestors 
paternal and maternal arrived in America about 1636- 
several of them later soldiers in the Revolutionary! 
Indian and Civil wars; ed. common and high schools, 
Penn Yan and Elmira, N. Y.; m. N. Y. City Sept is 
1S88, Mary V. Massey; children: Mary I. b 1890; 
Henry M., b. 1891; Adele, b. 1895. In early life ma- 
chinist, telegraph operator and newspaper man. Law- 
yer since 1S93. Author: Workmen's Compensation and 
State Insurance Law, Rules of Pleading, and eight 
other law books, all published by the Banks Law Pub- 
lishing Co., N. Y. City. Republican; mem. 10th Dist 
Republican Clu,b, Brooklyn. Mem. N. Y. County Law- 
yers' Ass'n, N. Y. State Ear Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n, Civil 
Service Reform Ass'n, Acad, of Polit. Science Zool. 
Soc. Clubs: Brooklyn Young Republican (Brooklyn), 
Lawyers, Wawonaissa CAdirondack Mountains). Resi- 
dence: 164 Sterling pi., Brooklyn. Address: 141 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Journalist; b. N. Y. City, 1851; s. George Partridge 
and Angelina S. (Oakes) Bradford; descendant of Gov 
William Bradford, first Governor of Mass.; grad Yale' 
B.A.. 1873; Univ. of N. Y., LL.B., 1S76; m. Bro'oklvn,' 
N. Y.. Dec. 29, 1890, Susan Coit Packer. Was founder 
and editor of the Yale Record, an undergraduate pub- 
lication, still running; on staff of X. Y. Times since 
graduation, first as reporter, later legislative corr. at 
Albany, and for some years past as financial editor; 
Am. corr. London Standard 25 years; contb'r to Har- 
per's and other periodicals. Address: 175 Columbia 
Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Entomologist; b. West Chester, Chester Co., Pa., 
Feb. 11, 1884: s. Daniel Hiester and Lucy Virginia 
(Blanchard) Bradley; grad. Phila. Central High "Sch., 
A.B., 1003; Cornell Univ., A.B., 1906; Univ. of Calif., 



M.S., 1907; Cornell Univ., Ph.D., l'Jlu. Made a three 
months' collecting expd'n through scientifically unex- 
piored parts 01 tne Selkirk -wis., British Columbia, ni 
summer of 1905; second expd'n, summer 19U5. .Mum. 
Cornell expd'n lor biol. survey or Oketenoke Swamp, 
1012 and i013. Ass't in entomology, Cornell Univ., 
190J-1UU0, and again l'JUi-l'JU'J; iellow in entomology, 
Cornell Univ., Ioo0-I9i0; ass't in entomology, Univ. 01 
Calif., iyot)-l07. Sp'l ass t entomologist to state 01 
Georgia since 1909. Ass't prot. systematic entomology, 
Cornell Univ., since 1811. Has made research in sys- 
tematic hymenopteroiogy, especially parasitic iy- 
menoptera, Evanuuae oi the world, North American 
Siricoidea and Amphipod Crustacea, the wing vena- 
tion of Hymenopteia; lists of insects ot Georgia and 
of N. Y. bellow of A.A.A.S. Mem. Am. Entom. Soc. 
Uibrarian 1903-1905), Kntom. ooc. ot Am. tsec.-treas. 
1906-1910), Pacific Coast Kntom. Soc, Santa Clara 
Valley Kntom. Club, Deutsche Kntomoiogische Geseli- 
schalt, Am. Soc. Naturalists, Seventh internat. Con- 
gress of Zoology, Phila. Acad. Natural sciences, Nat. 
Geog. Soc, Soc. Sigma Xi, Gamma Alpha Graduate 
Scientific fraternity, asso. Ontario Kntom. Soc. Ad- 
dress: Entomological .Laboratory, Cornell Univ., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 


Retired banker and ml'r; ex-mem. Congress; b. April 
6, 1844; served in Union Army, private to capt., in 
124th N. 1. Vols.; was aide-de-camp to Maj.-Gen. -uott, 
ad Division, 2d Army Corps; awarded Congressional 
medal ot nonor lor gallantry at Chanceiloi svilie; 
brevetted major of U h. Vols, for meritorious service 
during campaign terminating at Appomattox; seri- 
ously wounaeu at Gettysburg, at the Wilderness, and 
again 'before Petersburg; mem. Assembly in loin, 
chm'n Com. on Mil. Affairs, and ass't insp.-gen. Nat. 
Guard; delegate to Nat. Republican Conventions, 1892, 
1&90, r9O0 and 190S; elected on Republican ticket to 
58th, 59th, 60th, 61st and 62nd Congresses, from the 
20th Dist. of N. Y.; declined nomination to 63rd Con- 
gress. Companion of first class Mil. Order of Loyal 
.Legion. Clubs: City (Newburgh, N. Y\>, Army and 
Navy (N. Y. City). Address: Waiden, N. Y. 


Jurist; b. N. 1'. City, Aug. 30, 1853; ed. Fordham 
Univ., A.B., 1872; LL.D., 1900. Admitted to bar li>7 6; 
engaged in practice of law in N. Y. City until elected, 
Nov., luoo, justice of the Supreme Court of N. i. for 
term expiring Dec, 31, 1920. Democrat; Catholic. Ad- 
dress: 2395 Valentine Av., N. Y. City. 


Financier; b. Albany, N. Y., Oct., 1878; s. Anthony 
N. and Marcia (Meyer ) Brady; attended Albany Acad., 
Albany, N. Y.; Yale Univ., New Haven, class 1899; m. 
Aug., 1900, Genevieve Garvan. Pres. N. Y. Edison Co., 
United Electric 'Eight At Power Co.; pres. Edison Elec- 
tric Illuminating Co. of Brooklyn; treas. and dir. Con- 
solidated Telegraph & Electric Subway Co.; chm'n 
B"d of Directors Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co., dir. Con- 
solidated Gas, Electric .Light <& Power Co. of Balti- 
more; Consolidated Gas Co. of N. Y., U. S. Cast Iron 
Pipe & Foundry Co., Yonkers Electric Lignt & Power 
Co. Mem. Am. Inst, of Elec. Eng'rs, Nat. Electric 
Eight Ass'n, N. Y. Elec. Soc, Al'bany Soc, Am. Acad. 
of Polit. & Social Science, Met. -uuseum of Art, Japan 
Soc, N. Y. Zool. Soc. Clubs: Automobile of America, 
Aero, Ardsley, Atlantic Yacht, N. Y. Athletic, -V i. 
Yacht, Yale, Rumson Country, Oakland Golf, Engi- 
neers. Residence: 989 Fifth Av. Address: 54 Wall 
St., N. Y. City. 


Representative Westinghouse Elec. & Mf'r Co.; b. 
Cooperstown, N. Y., 1850; ed. in public schs.; m. Ooop- 
erstown, N. Y., April 24, 1878, Sarah Begley; cnildren: 
Vincent, Eugene, Arthur, Florence, Maud, Loretta, 
Bernard, Mildred, Agnes, Paul. Mg'r Southern Dist., 
Bell Telephone Co., N. Y. State, 1882-1890; mg'r Thom- 
son-Houston Co., 1890-1892; mg'r and treas. Central 
Thomson-Houston Co., Cincinnati, also dist. mg'r Gen. 
Elec. Co., 1892-1894 (Ohio, lnd., Ky. and N. Y. State 
Dist. offices) ; dist. mg'r Westinghouse Elec. & Mf'g 
Co., Syracuse, N. Y'., 1S94-1906. V.-p. Archbold-Brady 
Co., Corning Eight & Power Corp'n; dir. Montana 
Rapid Transit Co. Roman Catholic. Mem. Am. Inst. 
Elec. Eng'rs. Clubs: Engineers, Transportation, Cath- 
olic (N. Y. City), Republican, City Eunch, Technology 
(Syracuse). Address: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Theatrical mg'r; b. San Francisco, June 19, 1863; s. 
Terence A. and Catherine Brady; ed. public schs. N. 
Y. City; m. 1st, Marie Rene (deceased); 2d, 1899, 
Grace George (actress). Began stage career in San 
Francisco, 1882; has produced many popular plays 
since 1888; lessee Manhattan Theatre, N. Y., since 

1890; also mg'r for Grace George, Wilton Lackaye, 
Robert -Mantell, etc Address: 137 W. 48th St.. N. 
Y. City. 


Architect, author; b. Oberlin, O., Aug. 1, 1800; s. 
George C anu .h-atherine n.. (snipheru; Braguon; at- 
tendee, Oswego and Rocnester sen.; m. 1st, Syracuse, 
.N. l., 1902, Charlotte Coffin Wilkinson (deceased), 
2nd, 1913, Mrs. John Macauiay; children: Henry, b. 
aept. 6, I90O; Chandler, b. Dec. 15, 19U7. served archi- 
tectural apprenticesnip in offices of Bruce Price, of 
N. Y., and Green & Wicks, Buffalo, N. Y.; practising 
architecture, Rochester, -\. Y., since io93. compieteu 
-s. Y. Central Passenger Sta., Rochester. Winner of 
silver medal Architectural League ot -V Y.; bronze 
medal Chicago Architectural League, and presioents' 
medal of Architectural League ot -\. Y., three times. 
Author: The Golden Person in the Heart (verse), The 
Beautuul -Necessity (.work on architectural aestne- 
tios), 1911; Episodes from an Unwritten History (a 
history of the theosophical movement), 1912; A 
Primer of Higher space, 1913. Has contributed essays 
to leading magazines on literary, pnilos. and archi- 
tectural subjects. Prominent in theosophical move- 
ment as writer and lecturer. Senior mem. Bragdon <i: 
Arnold, architects. Mem. Theosophical Soc, fellow 
Am. Inst, of Architects; mem. Architectural League of 
N. Y., one of mg'rs Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. 
Clubs: Genesee Valley, Alembic. Residence: 3 Castle 
Park, Mt. Hope Av. Address: 415 Cutler Bld'g, Rocnes- 
ter, N. Y'. 


Lawyer; b. Auburn, N. !., Dec. 21, 1863; s. John and 
Mary A. (Juuson) Brainard; attended Auourn High 
Sch., Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn., A.B., 1884; A.M., 
1886; m. Auburn, N. Y., June 25, 1590, Jennie L. Bar- 
rett. Admitted to bar, Oct., 1886; served as referee 
in bankruptcy to May, 1910; pres. Auburn Trust Co., 
1906-1913. Mem. firm Taber ii Brainard, lawyers; 
dir. Ohio Tool Co. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. 
Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Am. 
Bar Ass'n, Cayuga Co. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar 
Ass'n, Am. Soc. internat. Law, Nat. Geog. soc, Am. 
Economic Assn. Mem. Seymour Library Ass n, 
Auburn, N. Y. Recreations: Tennis, boating, fishing, 
travel. Clubs; City (Auburn), Alpha Delta Phi (N. Y. 
City), University (Hartford, Conn.). Residence: 144 
South St. Address: 122 Genesee St., Auburn, N. Y. 


Civil eng'r (architectural) ; b. Haddam, Conn., -Mar. 
10, 1805; s. Hubert and Cynthia V. Brainard. Engaged 
in design of constructional features of buildings de- 
signed by Carrere & Hastings, architects, including 
N. Y. Puiblic Library, Yale Memorial Bld'g, Cornell 
Univ. Bld'g, Blair & Co. Bld'g, U. S. Rubber Co. Bld'g, 
Bank of Toronto. Partner in firm of Carrere & Hast- 
ings, 1901-1907. Consulting eng'r, U. S. Capitol Bld'K 
extension, Cong. Bld'g, Washington, D. C; The New 
Theatre, Cuyahoga County Court House, Cleveland, O. ; 
U. S. Steel Corp'n Industrial Villages, Lincoln Memorial, 
Washington. Republican. Mem. Am. Soc. of Civil 
Eng'rs, Am. Inst, of Architects (also N. Y. Chapter), 
Architectural League of N. Y. Recreations: Fishing, 
golf, riding. Clubs: Engineers, Apawamis Country. 
Address: 58 W. 58th St., N. Y. City. 


Born Brooklyn, N. Y., Mar. 16, 1S67; s. Rear Admiral 
Daniel Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth (Fulton) Braine; 
ed. Polytechnic Inst., Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. St. Stephen's 
Ch., N. Y. City, Nov. 22, 1893, Ella Bird Warburton; 
one son: Clinton Elgin, Jr., b. 1894. Engaged in bank- 
ing business since 1S85. Jr. lieut. Naval Militia, N. Y. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars, Mil. Order 
Foreign Wars and Navy League. Trustee Seaman's 
Inst. Address: 201 W. 72d St.. N. Y. City. 


Managing editor, The Albany Evening Journal; b. 
Macon, Ga., Dec. 25, 1855; s. Simeon and Emiline 
(Brainard) Brainerd; went to work in The Journal 
office at the age of 10 years; m. Albany, N. Y., April 
26, 1881, Carrie L. Brumaghim; one son: Madison, b. 
1887. Dir. The Journal Co., mn'g editor Albany 
Evening Journal. Republican; Presby'n. Clubs: Al- 
bany, Press. Address: 314 Western Av., Albany, N. Y. 


Physician; b. Burlington, N. J., July 1, 1865; s. John 
and Elizabeth (Weber) Braislin; ed. Peddie Inst., N. 
J.; Princeton Coll., 1885-1889; Coll. Phys. and Surg., 
M.D., 1890; m. St. Luke's Episcopal Ch., Brooklyn, Oct. 
19, 1892, Alice Cameron; children: William Donald, 
b. Aug. 16, 1893; John Cameron, b. March 5, 1896; 
Gordon Stuart, b. Jan. 13, 1901; Alice Cameron, D. 
Feb. 18, 1906. Following graduation and a brief hosp. 



experience engaged six years in practise o gen. medi- 
cine; since then in sp'l practise, exclusive!} devoted 
to treatment of diseases of ear, nose and throat. 
Editor of Brooklyn Med. Journal, 1903-1906; author 
numerous med. papers especially treating of ear, nose 
and throat. Aural surgeon, Brooklyn Eye and Ear 
Hosp. ; consulting aural surgeon Bedford' Hosp., and 
Dispensary. Mem. Am. Otol. Soc, Am. Laryngol., 
Rhinol. and Otol. Soc. Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y State 
Med. Soc, Kings County Med. Soc, and numerous local 
med. socs. Mem. Linn;ean Soc. Address: 556 Wash- 
ington Av., Brooklyn, N. V. 


Lawyer, notary public, comm'r of deeds; b. Brighton 
(now part of Boston), Mass., Feb. 15, 1845; s. Or Isaac 
Gordon and Caroline Williams (Balch) Braman- en- 
tered Harvard Coll.. 1863, but left in freshman, year 
to join 12th Unattached Co., Mass. Vols.; discharged 
by order of Maj.-Gen. Dix, Aug. -1, 1864, having been 
comm'nd July 21, 1864, Capt. Co. L), 47th Mass. Vols.; 
was mil. storekeeper, U. S. A., at St. (Louis, and served 
in Federal Army at New Orleans, La with Gen. B. F. 
Butler; grad. Harvard Law Seh., LL.B., 186S; m. 
Brighton, Mass., Sept. 10, 1867, Ella Frances Collins; 
children: Susan Caroline, id. 1870; Joseph Chandler, b. 
1872; Ella Angela, b. 1874; Joseph Herbert, b. 1S75. 
Established in practise of law, X. Y. City, 1SS3; notarv 
public and comm'r for deeds of all States and Terri- 
tories, Canada, Dist. of Columbia, U. S. Court of 
Claims, India, Australia, etc.; also passport and con- 
sular legalization ag't. Mem. bar Supreme Court of 
U. S., and Supreme Courts of N. Y. and Mass. Supreme 
and State Courts of Calif. Assisted in 'business by 
wife, Ella Frances Braman, who holds comm'ns from 
Pres. Roosevelt and Govs, of principal States ana 
Territories, including Alaska and Porto Rico, and is 
notary public and comm'r of deeds for the States, 
Territories, District of Columbia and U. S. Court of 
Claims; also comm'r of deeds for the City of N. T. As 
notary public and comm'r of deeds her authority en- 
ables her to go and to act in any part of Sta'te of 
N. T. ; she is also a passport, consular and natural- 
ization agent. Mecca Temple Shrine has conferred 
upon her its ladies' degree, and is mem. Alpha Chapter 
No. 1, Order Eastern Star. Dir. T. Sheffield Co. Re- 
publican; Episcopalian. Mem. Lafayette Post, No. 140 
G. A. R N. Y. Lodge No. 1 of Elks. Shriners, East- 
ern Star. mem. Veteran War Ass'ns of 3d Mass. 
Vol. Cav. ; also 6th N. Y. Vol. Cav. ; mem. Grotto. 
Mystic Order Veiled Prophets; N. Y. Ass'n of Harvard 
Law Seh. Graduates; past Judge N. Y. City Consistory, 
32 A. A. S. R., Masonry; and is also past judge ad- 
vocate York Commandry, K. T. : Masonic Veterans' 
Ass'n, past organist of Alpha Chapter. No. 1, Order 
Eastern Star; mem. N. E. Soc. in N. Y. Recreation: 
Music (organist Lafavette Post. G. A. R.). Address: 
111 Broadway, and 540 W. 145th St., N. Y. City. 


Coal operator; sec. Am. Bankers' Assn. 1895-1908; b. 
Petersburg, Va., Dec. 14, 1863; s. Col. James R. and 
Martha Louise (Patteson) Branch; ed. in schs. of Gen. 
Robert Ransom, and John P. McGuire Pampatike 
Acad., Richmond Coll.; m. Mary Lillian Hubball; chil- 
dren: James R. Branch, Jr. (midshipman, TJ. S. N., 
killed at Annapolis in his 19th year), and Mary Cook 
Branch, b. 1888. Began business career with Mer- 
chants' Nat. Bank, 1881-1885; stock raising, 1885-1890; 
returned to Merchants' Nat. Bank; appt'd by Pres. 
Grover Cleveland, Nat bank examiner, 1895. Mem. 
City Council, Richmond, Va., 1895; served as private 
to lieut.-col., 1st Reg't Va. Cav., maj. 7th U. S. Vol. 
Inf. (7th Immunes). Spanish-Am. War. Pres. and dlr. 
Branchland Coal Co., Guyandotte Coal Co., Guvan 
River Coal Co. Mem. S. A. R., United Spanish War 
Veterans, Sigma Chi, Elks, Odd Fellows, Red Men, 
Southern Soc, Virginians. Recreations: Athletics, 
fishing, hunting. Clubs: N. Y. Athletic, Army and 
Navy (Washington. D. C), Commonwealth (Richmond, 
Va.). Address: Hanover Bank Bld'g, N. Y. City, and 
Branchfield, W. Va. 


Wholesale leaf tobacco; b. Elmira, N. Y.. Feb. 26, 
1855; s. John and Margaretha (Kirch) Brand; ed. 
public schs.; m. Elmira, N. Y., June 17. 1879, Clara 
Elizabeth Woodruff; children: John Herbert, b. 1880; 
Charles George, b. 1882; Florence Rena, b. 1894. Senior 
mem. John Brand & Co., tobacco. Elmira. N. Y. ; v.-p. 
F. M. Howell & Co.; Barker, Rose & Clinton Co.: dir. 
Am. Sales Book Co.. Elmira Ice Co., 'Miami Telephone 
Co. Trustee Chamber of Commerce, Elmira Coll., 
Park Comm'r. Clubs: City, Century, Country. Ail- 
dress: 50 Pennsylvania Av., Elmira, N. Y. 

Prof. German: b. Vilsen, Germany, Dec. 15, 1S50: s. 
Frederick and Kiehne Brandt; ed. Gymnasium Verden, 

Hamilton Coll., A.B., 1872; A.M.. 1875; Ph.D.. 1893: 
studied in univs. of Gottingen, Strassburg and Frei- 
burg; m. Clinton, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1870, Margaret Sophia, 
d. late Prof. Marcus Catlin; one son, b. 1883. Traveled 
in England, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. In- 
structor in Hamilton Coll., 1874-1876; prof. German 
since 1SS2; asso. prof. Johns Hopkins Univ., 1876-1882. 
Editor of a German Reader, of a German Grammar 
and a German-English Dictionary (in press). Pro- 
gressive; Presby'n. Mem. Folk Lore Soc, Am. Philol. 
Ass n, Modern Language Ass'n of America, Alpha 
Delta Phi, and Phi Beta Kappa Socs. Recreation. 
Golf. Club: Yahnundasis Country (Utica). Address: 
Hamilton Coll., Clinton. N. Y'. 


Banker; b. near Maytown, Pa., May 21, 1847- s. 
Christian and Elizabeth (Long) Brandt; ed. Millers- 
ville (Pa.), State Normal Seh., Crittenden's Commer- 
cial Coll. Philadelphia (diploma); m. Hummelstown, 
F a ;VS c ' 26 - 1S76 > Agnes May Nissley; children: Edith, 
, 1 o 8 7 ^ ; Gra ce, b. 1880; John Jay, b. 1882; J. Nissley, 
b. 1SS6; Herman Long, b. 1888; Ruth, b. 1890. Taught 
public schs. 14 years; cashier Exchange Bank, Mariet- 
ta. Pa., since Jan., 1880; also conducted fire ins. busi- 
ness during last 26 years. Treas. Marietta (Pa.) Cast- 
ing Co. Republican ; ruling elder in Presby'n Ch. Ad- 
dress: 5 Second St., Marietta, Pa. 

,S. ler = y i Tlan ' autil or; b. Parkstown, Ireland, Aug. 15 
tn tf S iffi a n d ^ aT S" e } (McGrath) Brann; came 

^i.^'U 1&49 - : ed ' SL Gary's Coll., Wilmington, Del., 
and St. Francis Xavier's, N. Y. City; studied for Cath- 
olic priesthood at St. Sulpice, Paris, and Am. Coll. at 
?, ome: or dained to priesthood, 1862; v.-p. of Seton 
Hall, 1S62-1864; dir. of Wheeling (W. Va.) Sem., 1868- 
18,0; rect or , st] Agnes > Ch _ E 43a St __ N y Cj 

since 1S90. Author: Essay on the Popes: The Age of 
Unreason; Immortality of the Soul- Life of Archbishop 
Hughes; Truth and Error; Curious Questions; Waifs 
and Strays (two vols.); History of the American Col- 
lege at Rome. Address: 141 E. 43d St., N. Y. City. 

Port warden; b. Melykut. Hungary, Feb. 11, 1865; 
s. Emanuel and Caroline (Rothschild) Braun; ed. in 
public sch Budapest, Hungary; m. N. Y. City, March 
24. 189o, Fernande Englander; one d., Carola Roose- 
velt Braun, b. Sept. 26, 1S9S. Traveled all over 
Europe before emigrating to U. S. in 1892; started 
life here as porter in dry goods house. After six 
months became reporter on German Herold, subse- 
quently associated in similar capacity on leading 
dailies of N. Y. City. World's Fair correspondent for 
Morning Journal. 1893; sp'l correspondent for same 
paper at opening of Baltic Canal at Kiel, Germany, 
lS9o, and correspondent N. Y. World at Millennial 
Celebration at Budapest, 1896. Published in N Y" 
City The Hungarian Am. and later Oesterreichisch- 
Ungarische Zeitung. Appt'd March, 1903, U. S. Sp'l 
Immigration Insp. ; now port warden; in 1905 had 
serious altercation with Hungarian Gov't, which led 
to serious diplomatic friction between U. S. and 
Austro-Hungarian Gov't. Later Hungarian Gov't, 
apologized and incident was amicably closed. Editor 
and publisher Monthly Review "Fair Play." Prior to 
immigrating to U. S. served two years in First Hun- 
garian Inf. Reg't at Budapest, as private. Republican 
Mason, Odd Fellow; mem. First Hungarian Sick and 
Benevolent Society, etc. Clubs: Republican, Hun- 
garian, Hungarian Republican, N. Y. Press. Address' 
501 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Editor, publisher; b. Salineville, O., May 7, 1866; 
s. James Madison and Wilhelmina (Chapin) Bray; ed! 
Chamberlain Inst., Allegheny Coll., Wesleyan Univ 
Ph.B., 1S90; m. Washington, Pa., June 18, 1901, Ger- 
trude McMillan. Journeyman printer; proof-reader, 
Hartford (Conn.) Courant; city editor Middletown 
(Conn.) Herald; mn'g editor, Erie (Pa.) Morning Dis- 
patch; editorial staff. Literary Digest, N. Y. City- 
editor Phi Kappa Psi Shield; editor The Chautauquah; 
mn'g editor Chautauqua Press publication dept. of 
Chautauqua Inst., Chautauqua, N. Y. (Chautauqua 
Home Reading Course, books, sp'l course pamphlets. 
The Chautauquan, a weekly news magazine, Chau- 
tauquan Daily in Summer season and quarterly). 
Author: A Reading Journey Through Chautauqua. 
Mem. Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Clubs: Nat. Arts (N. 
Y. City). Literary (Chicago). Address: Chautauqua, 
N. Y. 


Educator; b. Burnside, 111.; s. William and Martha 
Ann (Foster) Bray: attended Cornell Univ. 18S9-1S91; 
Indiana Univ., A.B., 1893: Lake Forest Univ., AM., 
1894; Univ. of Berlin, 1896-1897; Ph.D., Univ. of Chi- 



cago, 1SS8; m. Syracuse, N. Y., Dec. 28, 1809, Alice 
Weston; children: William Weston, b. Sept. 23. 1900, 
Alice Koberta, b. Jan. 17, 19U2; Florence, b. Dec. 18, 
1903. Author of numerous articles and scientific 
papers on plant ecology, plant geography, etc. Act- 
ing dean of N. Y. State College of Forestry at Syra- 
cuse Univ., 1911-1912; organizer and head of Sch. of 
Botany, Univ. of Texas, 181)7-1907; prof, botany, Syra- 
cuse Univ., since 1907. National Progressive (Repub- 
lican); Methodist Mem. A.A.A.S., Soc. Internat. 
de Bot.; Bot. Soc. of Am.; N. Y. Acad. Science; Sigma 
Xi fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Club: University 
(Syracuse). Residence: 1005 Harrison St. Address: 
Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, N. Y. 


Architect; b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 13, 1880; 8. 
Christopher and Julia Wilson (Stackhouse) Brazer; 
ed. Uiexel Inst., Philadelphia; Columbia Univ., N. Y. 
City; 4 years in Philadelphia offices; 4 years in office 
of Cass Gilbert, and Soc. of Beaux Arts Architects 
Ateliers, N. Y. City and Europe; m. Phila., April 25, 
1905, Mary Ella Mendenhall. Traveled and studied 
extensively in Europe; has been engaged in practice 
as an architect, N. Y. City, since 1902. Architect of 
several churches, schools, etc., and bld'gs on board- 
walk at Asbury Park, N. J., as well as many resi- 
dences. In an open competition held in 1908 for new 
capitol of Porto Rico at San Juan, his design was 
recommended for second .prize by jury of architects, 
from among 133 competitors; his plans were later pur- 
chased to be followed in erection of the building. 
With E. Donald Robb formed firm of Brazer & 
Robb, 1911, who designed Improvements to Delaware 
Co. Court House, Media, Pa.; and several churches, 
schools, etc., in middle Atlantic States. Mason. Mem. 
Architectural League. Clubs: T Square (Phila.), Grad- 
uates, Rotary.. Address: 1133 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Louisville, Ky., Sept. 7, 1870; s. Joseph 
Cabell and Sallie Francis (Johnson) Breckinridge; ed. 
Harvard Coll.; Harvard Law School, LL.B., 1895; m. 
Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 14, 1900, Isabella Goodrich; 
children: Joseph Cabell, b. 1902; Mary Marvin, b. 1905. 
Admitted to bar 1895, and has since practised in N. Y. 
City. Served as captain and ass't quartermaster, U.S. 
Vols., Spanish-American War. Mem. Delta Kappa 
Epsilon Soc, The Kentuckians, Southern Soc. Clubs: 
Union, Brook, Harvard, Knollwood Country The Vir- 
ginians, Automobile of America, Sleepy Hollow Coun- 
try. Residence: 24 E. 94th St. Address: 32 Nassau 
St., N. Y. City. 


Architect; b. Louisville, Ky., June 14, 1876; s. George 
H. and Lizzie (Johnson) Breed; grad. Harvard Coll., 
class of 1899; Mass. Inst, of Technology, 1895-1896: 
Atelier Paulin (Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris), 1903. 
Architect for 2nd Cong'l Ch. (Unitarian), Lynn. Mass., 
store for John R. Roberts, Utica, N. Y. Traveled ex- 
tensively throughout European countries, 1903, 1904 
1906, 1912. Served 3 years in 1st Corps of Cadets, 
Boston, 1902-1904. Unitarian. Mem. Theta Delta Chi 
fraternity, N. Y. Southern Soc. Recreations'. Fencing 
(capt. Am. Fencing Team that represented U. S. in 
Stockholm, succeeding in Olympic games, 1913), golf, 
tennis. Clubs: Harvard (N. Y.), Technology (N. Y.), 
N. Y. Fencers (sec.), Ardsley (Ardsley-on-Hudson. 
N. Y.). Address: The Oakdale, 36 W. 35th St.. N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Malone, N. Y.. June 24, 1871; s. Charles 
Webster and Eweretta (McVickar) Breed; grad. Am- 
herst Coll. (Phi Beta Kappa), 1S93; Univ. State of 
N. Y.', LL.B., 1895. Admitted to Bar of N. Y. State. 
1.S95. Mem. Arm Breed, Abbott & Morgan. Dir. Irving 
Nat. Bank. Broadway Trust Co., mem. Ass'n Bar City 
of N. Y., Psi Upsilon fraternity. Clubs: Union League, 
Merchants' Ass'n of N. Y., Sleepy Hollow Country. 
Republican. Down Town, Chur ch, Knollwood Country. 

1-1: Mutual Life Bld'g, 32 Liberty St., N. Y. City. 


Born N. Y. City, Dec. 21. 1854: s. J. Salisbury and 
Augusta Eloise Breese; grad. Rensselaer Pol'v. Inst., 
Troy, N. Y., 1875; m. Newport, R. I., Sept. 8, 1S80, Fran- 
ces Tlleston Potter; children: Sidney S.. James L 
Jr., Robert P., Frances T. Clubs: Union, Tuxedo, 
Racquet and Tennis. Lambs, Players, The Brook. 
Southampton, Meadow, Newport Casino, Currituck, 
Restigouchi Country homes. The Orchard. Southamp- 
ton L. T .. and Thp Blind, Oakington, Md. Address: 
3S E. 23d St., X. V. City. 


Physician; b. Hersfeld, Hesse-Nassau. Jan. 19. 1840; 
= . Abraham and Henrietta (Werthan) Brekes; ed. in 
svmnasium at Hersfeld; X, Y. Free Acad., 1857-1862; 

Puiblic Sch. of Rothenburg, Ophthalmic and Aural 
Inst., N. Y. Med. Coll. and Charity Hosp., 1862-1864; 
M.D., 1864; m. N. Y. City, Feb. 14, 1865, Dora Danen- 
berg; children: Hattie, b. 1867; Jonas, 'b. 1873; Kica, 
b. 1875. Served in Carver Hosp. and Harewood Hosp., 
Washington, D. C, and Slough Hosp., Alexandria, Va. ; 
took charge of steamer Northern Light, that brought 
the exchanged prisoners from Andersonville Prison to 
Naval Acad, at Annapolis; had on board six men who 
constituted the court-martial within stockade. Acting 
ass't surgeon U. S. A., during Civil War; has served. 
as dist. physician, Dep't Public Charities and Correc- 
tions; examining physician of insane at Bellevue 
Hosp.; physician Health Dep't, N. Y. City; physician 
City Prison, comm'r in lunacy; physician Eastern Dis- 
pensary, N. Y. Ophthalmic and Aural Inst, Ladies' 
Deborah Nursery. Mem German Med. Soc. of N. Y., 
East "Side Physicians' Ass'n (Medico-Pharm. League), 
House and Real Estate Owners' Ass'n, Aaron Lodge, 
No. 20, Independent Order Free Sons of Israel; Henry 
Clay Lodge, No. 18, Sons of Benjamin; Manhattan- 
Columbus Lodge, No. 800, Knights of Honor; ex-pres. 
Ass'n of Acting Ass't Surgeons, U. S. A.; N. Y. County 
Med. Ass'n. Congregation B'nai Israel. Public Sch. 
No. 1, 1854-1857. Address: 319 E. 51st St., N. Y. City. 


Analytical and consulting chemist and expert; b. 
Lancaster, Pa Apr. 28, 1847; s. Abraham (M.D.) and 
Anna (Reigart) Breneman; early ed'n in private schs. 
and Lancaster High Sch.; grad. Pa. State Coll., S. B. 
(2d honor), 1866; M.Sc, 1871. Prof, chemistry Pa. 
State Coll. at 21; ass't prof. 1875-1879; prof, industrial 
chemistry, 1879-1882, Cornell Univ.; traveled in Europe, 
1877, for scientific study and observation; since 1882 
engaged in practise as chemist in N. Y. City; expert 
in industrial chemistry, Tvater analysis, explosives, 
etc. Served in Pa. Militia at age of 16, during Lee's 
invasion of Pa.. 1863. Ch'm'n Internat. Jury on Min- 
eral Waters, Chicago Exp'n, 1893, and St. Louis Exp'n, 
1904; expert mem Municipal Explosives Comm'n, NT Y. 
City, 1906-1910. Joint author: Manual of Introduc- 
tory Laboratory Practice (with Prof. C. G. Caldwell), 
1875; author of pamphlet. Fixation of Atmospheric 
Nitrogen, 1889, and of papers on sewer and electric 
conduit explosions in N. Y. City (Eng'ring News). 
Contb'r to Journal Am. Chem. Soc, editor journal, 
1884-1892; v.-p., 1889-1S91: chairman N. Y. Section 
(1906). Recreations: Athletics, canoeing. Clubs: 
Chemists (trustee, 1S98-1899, 1904-1905), N. Y. Canoe. 
Address: 97 Water St., N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Baltimore, Md., Feb. 25, 1866; s. James 
S. and M. Annie (Gaw) Brengle; grad. Harvard Univ., 
A.B., 1887. Treas. Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit and 
Ins. Co. Clubs: Philadelphia, Rittenhouse. Resi- 
dence: Radnor, Pa. Address: 415 Chestnut St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


Medalist, sculptor; b. Shavly, Russia, June 12, 1871; 
s. George and Sarah (Margalis) Brenner; came to 
U. S., 1890; studied at Paris under Louis Oscar Roty; 
exhibited works at Paris Exp'n and Salon, 1900; Pan- 
Am. Exp'n, Buffalo, 1901, and La. Purchase Exp'n, 1901, 
receiving awards from each; designed the William 
Muhlenberg medal on opening of St. Luke's Hosp., 
25th Nat. Conf. of Charities medal; souvenir plaquette 
of Am. Section of Paris Exp'n, 1900; George W. Curtis 
medal; Columbia Univ.; Volunteers' Medal, given by 
State of Mich, to her soldiers and sailors; Prince 
Henry medal by Am Numismatic Soc; Theodore L. 
DeVinne medal by Typotheta? of N. Y.; John Fritz 
medal by United Eng'ring Socs.: Wright Bros, medal 
presented to them by Aero Club of America; Lloyd 
McKim Garrison medal for Harvard Univ.. Amerigo 
Vespucci and John Paul Jones plaques by Am. Numis- 
matic Soc; James McNeill Whistler plaque; medal 
of Internat. Congress on Tuberculosis, Washington, 
1908; employees medal of Panama Canal; Lincoln cent 
adopted Feb. 18, 1909; seals of N. Y. Public Library, 
Fine Arts Federation of N. Y. ; busts of Prof. Charles 
Eliot and Simon Stern; portraits of William M, 
Evarts, Collis P. Huntington. Mem. Nat. Sculpture 
Soc, Architectural League. Am. Numismatic Soc, 
Municipal Nat. Soc. Club: Nat. Arts. Address: 30 E. 
20th St., N. Y. City. 


Merchant, banker; b. Hartwick, N. Y., 1864: s. 
William Edgar and Martha (Irons) Bresee; ed coun- 
try sch.; m. Fly Creek, N. Y., 1S84. Ellia C. Benjamin; 
three sons. Pres. and dir. Citizens' Nat. Bank. Oneonta 
Central Co.: dir. Oneonta Promotion Co. Democrat. 
Mason. Odd Fellow. Residence: 8 Maple St. Address: 
155 Main St., Oneonta, N. Y. 




Publisher; b. London, England, 1S5S; s. George E. 
and Elizabeth (Piatt) Brett; ed. in schs. in London and 
at Coll. City of N. Y.; m. N. Y. City, 1891, -Marie Louise 
Tostevin. Became connected, 1879, with the Macmil- 
lan Co., of which is now pres. ; also dir. The Mac- 
millan Co. of Canada; Bridgeport Trust Co., Bridge- 
port, Conn. Mem. N. Y. Chamber of Commerce. Clubs: 
Century. Players, Grolier, N. Y. Athletic, Aldine, Au- 
tomobile of America. Residence: 375 West End Av. 
Address: 64-66 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Newark, N. J., Feb. 17, 1S71; s. Rev. 
Cornelius (D.D.) and Helen B. (Runyon) Brett; grad. 
Rutgers Coll., B.A., 1892; N. Y. Law Sch., B.L.. 1S94; 
m. St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 27, 1906, Margaret Strong. 
Admitted to N. Y. bar, 1S94. After graduation entered 
as law student in office of Kellogg, Rose ,t Smith; 
became mem. of firm, 1898; now mem. firm Kellogg 
& Rose, lawyers. Entered as private. Signal and 
Telegraph Corps, N. G. N. X, 1899; appt'd 2d lieut., 
1903; 1st lieut., since 1907. Trustee Rutgers Coll.; 
mem. Rutgers Alumni Ass'n of N. Y. City, Delta Phi 
fraternity, N. Y. Hist. Soc, Soc. Colonial Wars. Clubs: 
Univ. N. Y., Underwriters, Univ. Glee, West Side Ten- 
nis, St. Elmo. Residence: 901 Lexington Av. Ad- 
dress: 115 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Contractor and civil eng'r; b. N. Y. City, April 5, 
1857; s. Jules and Elsie (Maurer) Breuchaud; ed. N. 
Y. public schs., Cooper Inst.; m. Medford, -Mass., Jan. 
11, 1882, Irene Gibbs; children: Jules Rowley, b. 1883; 
Sunset, b. 18S6; Elsie Feeley, <b. 1893. Was civil eng'r 
on Boston Water Works, also on Northern Pacific 
R. R. in Mont., prior to 1881; since then as contractor 
did railroad work on Northern Pacific R. R.; built 
foundations for several tall office buildings in X. V. 
City; also section 8 of New Croton Aqueduct; bridge 
over Harlem Ship Canal, N. Y. City, and as mem. of 
firm of Coleman, Breuchaud & Coleman, built New 
Croton Dam for water supply of N. Y. City (largest 
masonry dam in world); now building headworks of 
Catskill Aqueduct for B'd of "Water Supply of N. Y. 
City. Pres. The Underpinning & Foundation Co. 
Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs. Clubs: Engineers', Hard- 
ware (N. Y r . City). Residence: The Belnord. Ad- 
dress: 290 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Artist; b. in Westchester County, N. Y., July 20, 
1832; ed. in N. Y. City and in Europe, sketching in 
Great Britain, Holland and Italy; specialty In land- 
scape. Elected associate, 1861, mem. 1863, Nat. Acad, 
of Design, where has been prof, of perspective 35 
years. Mem. Holland Soc. Club: Century. Address: 
390 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. 


Surgeon; b. Westfield, N. Y., July 28, 1861; s. Francis 
B. and Susan H. Brewer; grad. Hamilton Coll., A.B., 
1881; A.M., 1884; Harvard Med. Sch., M.D., 1885; m. 
Chester, Pa., 1893, Effie Leighton Brown; children: 
Leighton, George E., Jr. Prof, clinical surgery, Coll. 
Phys. and Surg., Columbia Univ. Senior attending 
surgeon to Roosevelt Hosp. Republican; Episcopa- 
lian. Mem. Am. Surg. Ass'n, Internat. Surg. Ass'n, N. 
Y. Acad, of Medicine, N. Y. Surg. Soc. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Metropolitan, Century, Harvard, N. Y. Ath- 
letic. Address: 16 E. 64th St., N. Y. City. 


Organist and composer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. IS, 
1856; s. William and Anna (Neill) Brewer; ed. Brook- 
lyn public schs; m. Brooklyn, June 27, 1888, Emma A. 
Thayer. Began music at 7 as boy soprano in choirs 
in Manhattan and Brooklyn until 15th year; vocal 
studies with Dr. H. E. Cutler, Dr. W. W. Walter and 
James M. Wilder; pianoforte and harmony from Ra- 
fael Navarro; organ, W. A. M. Diller, V. W. Caulfield, 
S. B. Whitley, and organ, harmony and composition 
under Dudley Buck, 1877-1887. Musical dir. and or- 
ganist Lafayette Av. Presby'n Ch. since 1881; con- 
ductor Brooklyn Apollo Club (male voices), since 
1903; professor of music, Adelphi Coll., Brooklyn. 
1899-1906; conductor Flatbush Glee Club (mixed 
voices), since 1904; fellow and secretary Dep't of 
Music, Brooklyn Inst- since 1891. Mem. since 1896, 
fellow, 1902; warden, 1905-1908, Am. Guild of Organ- 
ists; instr. in voice, pianoforte, organ and theory; 
composer (for women's yolces) : cantatas, Hesperus; 
Sea and the Moon; Herald of Spring; Twilight Pictures, 
etc.; (for male voices): Autumn; Cavalry Song; Birth 
of Love; Sing. Sing. Music Was Given; Break, Break, 
Break, etc. (for mixed voices); Dreamland, Glad Tid- 
ings, and the sacred cantata, Holy Night, string quar- 
tet in D-minor, and other compositions, in number 

more than 150, orchestral, vocal and Instrumental. His 
umpositions have received four prizes: A. A Low 
prize, 1896; Mason & Hamlin, 1891; Schubert Glee Club. 
1905, and Chicago Madrigal Club (W. W. Kimball 
prize), 1S05. Address: 88 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 


Born, Monmouth, 111.; d. William Addison and Har- 
riet (Cabien) Dryden; ed. Monmouth Elementary and 
High Sch., private tutors, Chicago Univ., sp'i diploma, 
1908, Dep't Fine Arts, T. C Columbia Univ., B.S., 
1910, Dep't of Sociology, T. C, Columbia Univ.; m. 
Monmouth, 111., Melville Brewer. Recreation: Travel- 
in-. Clubs: College Women's (pres.), Women's 
Graduate Club of Columbia University (pres.) Resi- 
dence: 400 Riverside Drive, N. Y. City. 


Artist; 'b. in Olmstead Co., Minn 1S57; s. Peter and 
Mary A. (Russell) Brewer; ed. in dist. school until 15 
years old; attended an art class under Charles Noel 
Flagg and D. W. Tyron in N. Y. City; m. St. Paul, 
-Minn., May 20, 1S79, Rose M. Koempel; children: F. 
A., b. Nov., 1880; E. V., b. April, 1882; R. J., b Jan., 
1SS5; W. W., b. Dec, 1886; Adrian L. and Clarence R. 
(twins), b. Oct., 1891. Elected mem. Chicago Soc. Ar- 
tists, 1891, and of Salmagundi Club, N. Y. City, 1903. 
Devoted chiefly to portrait and mural painting, Chi- 
cago, New York, Boston, Newport, R. I., St. Paul, 
Minn., and many other cities, where has painted 
prominent people, including Joseph Jefferson, U. S. 
Senator Cushman K. Davis, Archbishop John Ireland, 
Ex-Gov. William Sprague of Rhode Island, Ex-Gov. 
Pillsbury of Minnesota, Lieut.-Gov. Woodruff, N Y. ; 
Mrs. Reginald Vanderbilt, Mrs. C. M. Oelrichs, Mrs. 
Katherine Neilson, Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, Ex-Gov. 
Edmunds of South Dakota, etc. First exb'n at Nat. 
Acad. Design, N. Y., was in 1S85 and frequently since 
then; has held exb'ns in Newport, R. I.; Boston, N. Y. 
City, Chicago and other cities. Awarded second prize 
Minnesota State Art Soc, 1912. Prof. Art Coll of St. 
Thomas, St. Paul, Minn., 1S94-1S97. Recreation: Out of 
door sketching. Address: "The Van Dyck," 56th St. 
and Sth Av., N. Y. City, and 448 Mississippi River 
Blv'd, St. Paul, Minn. 


Lawyer, editor; b. Bayshore, L. I.. N. Y., Sept 7, 
1869; s. Henry D. and Clotilda Theresa (Smith) 
Brewster; descendant of Elder Brewster of the May- 
flower; ed. public schs. at Bayshore; Centenary 
Collegiate Inst., Hackettstown, N. J., 3 years; Pen- 
nington Sem., 1 year; Princeton Univ.; m. Mav 10, 
1893. Emilie C. Churbuck; children: -Ruth, b. "1895; 
Raphael, b. 1S9S, Marie Theresa, b. 1900. Writer on 
economic subjects in newspapers and magazines, and 
formerly edited daily legal column in Brooklyn Eagle. 
Interested in art, music, photography and economics; 
also lecturer and public speaker. Author: What to 
Do With the Trusts, Success Secrets, One Hundred 
Helps, etc.; editor, The Caldron Magazine; mn'g editor 
The Motion Picture Story Magazine, since 1910. In- 
dependent Democrat; one of William Jennings 
Bryan's earliest friends and supporters; also of the 
late Mayor Gaynor's. Formerly pres. Allied Arts 
Ass'n, and Brooklyn Grand Opera Co.: mem. Nat. 
Geog. Soc, Am. Forestry Ass'n. and Municipal Art 
Soc. Painted pictures for exb'n, prizes in photog- 
raphy, written several plays," published numerous 
brochures, and has some musical talent. Nominated 
by two labor parties for att'y-gen. in 1900, but de- 
clined nomination. Residence: 29 Monroe St. Ad- 
dress: 175 Duffield St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Sculptor; b. Kingston, Mass., Feb. 24, 1862; s. 
Altheus and Mary S. (Cushman) Brewster; gen. ed'n 
in public schs.; art ed'n in Mass. State Normal Art 
Sch., and Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris; m. 1st N Y. 
City, Aug. 17, 1S85, Adelina Marguerite de Courtney 
(died 1911); 2d, July 11, 1913. Lina A. G. Totten. Instr. 
R. I. State Sch. of Design, 18S3-1884; founder of the 
modeling class at Art Students' League of N. Y. City, 
1886; instr. Cooper Union, N. Y. City, since 1900. Mem. 
Nat. Sculpture Soc, Municipal Arts Soc, Architectural 
League of N. Y., Arts and Crafts Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc. 
Club: Nat. Arts. Address: Tottenville, S. I., N. Y. 


Banker; ib. Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1845; s. Simon 
L. and Editha C. (Colvin) Brewster; ed. in common 
schools of Rochester, N. T. ; m. Rochester Oct 5, 
1S76. Alice E. Chapin; children: Rachel A., b 1881; 
Editha C, b. 1886. Entered Traders' Nat. Bank as 
clerk, Sept., 1S63; appt'd cashier, July, 1868; elected 
v.-p. Jan., 1895: has been pres. since Oct., 1898; or- 
ganized. 1901. Genesee Valley Trust Co. Elected to 
the 54th Congress of U. S. as representative from the 



31st (now 32d) N. T. District, 1894; re-elected, 1890. 
Was the first v.-p. N. T. State Bankers' Ass'n, and 
afterward pres. Mem. and lor two terms pres., 
Rochester Chamber of Commerce (now trustee); four 
terms pres. Rochester Clearing- House Ass'n. Re- 
publican; Presby'n. Mem. Chamber of Commerce 
State of N. T., N. Y. City, Mayflower Soc, State of N. 
Y., Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons Am. Revolution. Clubs: 
Union League (N. T. City); Genesee Valley, Country 
(Rochester). Residence: 901 East Av. Address: 
Traders National Bank, Rochester, N. Y. 


Manufacturer carriages and autos; b. N. Y. City, 
June 2, 1866; s. Henry and Charlotte (Draper) Brew- 
ster; ed. St. John's Sch., Sing Sing, N. Y.; m. N. Y. 
City Sept. 1, 18SS, Marie Hunger; one d.: Barbara, 
b Sept. 5, 1893. Started in business with Brewster 
& Co., Oct. 1, 1S83; studied designing in Pans, 188&: 
visited the principal carriage concerns in Europe in 
1886 Admitted to firm of Brewster & Co.. July 1, 
1888' - pres. since its incorporation, Jan. 1, 1903. Dir. 
Lincoln Nat. Bank, Northern Ins. Co., United Assets 
Co Independent in politics. Life mem. Museum 
Natural History; mem. Met. Museum of Art. Clubs: 
Union League, Automobile of America, Piping Rock, 
Sleepy Hollow. Address: 671 5th Av., N. Y. City. 


Educator: b. Lawrence, Mass., Aug. 15, 1869; s. John 
Leander and Adeline Augusta (Tenney) Brewster; 
grad. Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1888; Harvard 
Coll, A.B., 1892; Harvard Univ., A.M., 1893; m. Lon- 
don, England. July IS, 1905, Anna Richards. Ass t 
in English, Harvard Coll. and Radcliffe Coll., 1893- 
1894; since then at Columbia Univ. as tutor in Eng- 
lish, 1S94-1900; instr. in English, 1900-1902; adjunct 
prof. English, 1902-1906: prof. English, since 1906; 
acting dean, Barnard Coll., Columbia Univ., 190 I- 
1910; provost Barnard Coll. since April. 1910. Inde- 
pendent in politics. Cluib: Century. Address: Co- 
lumbia University, N. Y. City. 


Editor, author; b. Shippensburg, Pa., July 13, 1S5S; 
s. John and Mary (Bridges) Bridges; grad. Princeton. 
A B., 1879; A.M., 1882. Connected with Rochester 
Democrat and Chronicle, 1880; with N. Y. Evening 
Post, 1881-1887; literary critic of Life, 1SS3-1900, over 
the signature "Droch"; since 1SS7, ass't editor Scrib- 
ner's Magazine. Author: Overheard in Arcady, 1894: 
Suppressed Chapters, 1895; Bramble Brae (collected 
poems), 1902. Edited, with introduction, The Roose- 
velt Book, 1904; contb'r of poetry and criticism in 
periodicals. Independent in politics. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Century, Princeton. Address: 599 Fifth Av., N. 
Y. City. 


Journalist; b. Amherst, Mass., May 30, 1844; s. 
Richard Baxter and Mary (Nutting) Bridgman; ed. 
Amherst public schs. and acad. ; Amherst Coll., A.B., 
1866; A.M., in course, 1SG9; honorary, M.A., 1904; m. 
1st, Amherst, Mass., Oct. 7, 1868, Melia Newhall 
(died, 1S84); 2d, N. Y. City, Sept. 7, 1887, Helen Bart- 
lett; one son, Roibert, b. Nov. 24, 1874. On staff 
Springfield Republican, 1865-1870; N. Y- and New- 
England Associated Press, 1870-1871; Washington 
eorr. Boston Advertiser, 1871-1873; ass't to publisher, 
N. Y. Tribune, 1873-1877; mg'r advertising dep't, 
Frank Leslie publications, 1878-1888; publisher, N. 
Y. Press, 1888-1SS9; business mg'r, Brooklyn Standard 
Union from 18S9. Historian Peary Auxiliary "Fal- 
con" Expd'n to North Greenland, 1894; with Prof. 
William Lihhey on Mesa Encantada (N. M. ) Expd'n, 
1S97; and in command, Peary Diana, 1899, and Erik, 
1901, expd'n to N. Greenland and Ellesmere Land. 
Author: Africa from Sea to Center, describing a jour- 
ney to the Sudan and Uganda, 1905; Victorious Bul- 
garia, results of studies in Sofia and Belgrade, April, 
1913, on reasons and results of the Turco-Balkan War. 
V.-p. and dir. Brooklyn Warehouse and Storage Co. 
Republican; Congregationalist. Mem. Internat. Polar 
Comm'n, Chevalier of the Order of Leopold II (1908). 
Pres. and incorporator Modern Historic Records 
Ass'n; pres. Amherst Ass'n of N. Y. ; pres. Brooklyn 
Inst, Dep't of Georgraphy; mem. Am. Nat. and Phila. 
Geog. Socs., and Ass'n of Am. Geographers; mem. 
elect Royal Geog. Soc; mem. Phi Beta Kappa and 
Psi Upsilon fraternities; founder Am. Alpine Cluib; 
incorporator, sec. and treas., Peary Arctic Club since 
1S9S. Mem. Amherst Coll. Alumni Ass'n, N. E. Soc, 
Sons of Revolution. Clubs: Union League, Hamilton, 
Pilgrims (N. Y. and London), Nat. Press (Washing- 
ton), and Brooklyn Press. Address: 604 Carlton Av., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Stock broker; b. Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1858; . 
Rev. Charles De Witt, D.D., and Lucette (Benedict) 
Bridgman; ed. Albany Mil. Acad.; m. 1st, N. Y. City, 
Jan. 20, 1885, Jeanne Kirk; 2d, Philadelphia, Sept. 22, 
1910, Mae C. Long; one d.: Anna Kirk (by first wife). 
Mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange. Col. 1st Cav., N. G., N. 
Y. V.-p. Albany Soc; mem. S. A. R., Soc Am. Officers. 
Clubs: Calumet (gov.), Army and Navy (v.-p.), 
Squadron A (v.-p.). Residence: Mamaroneck, N. Y. 
Address: 45 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Borkendorf, Germany, July 11, 1843; s. 
Richard and Adele (Bandtke) von Briesen; ed. Prus- 
sian Gynasdums at Hohemsteln, and at Braunsberg; 
by private tutor before coming to N. Y., 1858; grad. 
N. Y. Univ. Law Sch., 1868; LL.D., 1913; m. Brooklyn, 
Oct. 22, 1873, Anna Goepel; five children. Sergeant 
Co. B, 1st N. Y. Vol. Eng'rs, 1861-1864; on staff of 
Scientific American, 1864-1872, and American Artisan, 
1872-1874. With 10th Army Corps in S. Carolina and 
Ga., at battles of Hilton-Head, Ft. Pulaski, Secession- 
ville, Pocotaligo, etc; pres. Citizens' Union, 1896, and 
German-Am. McKinley and Roosevelt League. 1900; 
chm'n of N. Y. Roosevelt League, 1904; of Ellis Island 
Investigating Com., 1903. Admitted to bar, 1868; since 
1888, senior mem. firm of Briesen & Knauth. Pres. 
Legal Aid Soc. since 1890. Pres. Nat. Alliance of 
Legal Aid Societies of U. S., 2d v.-p. Veteran Ass'n 
of Dep't of South, and Atlantic Blockading Squadrons, 
N. Y. (1913). Mem. N. Y. Chamber of Commerce; Nat. 
Geog. Soc; Bar Ass'n. Appt'd by Pres. Roosevelt, 
1904, delegate to Universal Congress of Lawyers and 
Jurists at St. Louis, and following year decorated 
with Cross of Legion of Honor by French Gov't; 1908 
received from Emperor of Germany the Order of the 
Crown of Prussia. Mem. of Satterlee Com., 1907-1908, 
which restored Knickerbocker Trust Co. to renewed 
life, after it had gone into the hands of receivers. 
Club: Lotos. Residence: 160 W. 59th St. Address: 
25 Broad St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1S74; s. Arthur and 
Anna (Goepel) von Briesen: ed. Columbia Grammar 
Sch., Dr. Sachs' Collegiate Inst., Harvard, A.B., 1895; 
N. Y. Univ. Law Sch.. LL.B., 1S97; Columbian (now 
GeoTge Washington) Univ., Washington, D. C, LD.M., 
1901; D.C.L., 1902; m. N. Y. City, 1905, Edwina Fay Ful- 
ler. Admitted to bar, 1S97; mem. firm Briesen & 
Knauth; specialty in patent law. Lived in Washing- 
ton, D. C, 1900-1904, in charge of Washington office 
of Briesen & Knauth. Trustee Am. Seamen's Friend 
Soc. Mem. Phi Delta Phi fraternity. Clubs: Har- 
vard, Phi Delta Ph* (N. Y. City), Metropolitan, Uni- 
versity (Washington). Address: 25 Broad St., N. Y. 


Editor; b. Peekskill, N. Y March IS, 1S69; s. Edwin 
and Sarah M. (Starr) Briggs; grad. Drum Hill High 
Sch., 1885; State Normal and Model Sch., Trenton, N. 
J., 1S8S; unmarried. Local editor, 18S9-1903 and since 
1903, editor The Highland Democrat, Peekskill, N. Y. 
Dir. Peekskill Improvement Co. (Ltd.), Highland Demo- 
crat Co. (v.-p. and mg'r), Peekskill Industrial Ass'n, 
Peekskill Bld'g and Loan Ass'n, Cortland Town Stock 
Protective Ass'n and Lincoln Soc. Has covered entire 
U. S. and Mexico in travels part of Canada, Pacific 
coast, Bermuda, also England, Ireland, Scotland, 
France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzer- 
land. Crossed Atlantic ten times. Mem. Cortland 
Town B'd of Health many years; pres. B'd of Health, 
Village of Peekskill, seven years. Presby'n. Mem. 
N. Y. State Press Ass'n, N. Y. State Democratic 
Editorial Ass'n, Select County Weeklies, ex-pres. 
Alumni Ass'ns of Drum Hill Sch., Peekskill, and 
State Normal, Trenton, N. J.; mem. Sons of Revo- 
lution. Active in Free Masonry. Past master and 
present sec. Courtlandt Lodge, No. 34, F. and A. M. 
Past High Priest and present sec. Mohegan Chapter 
No. 221, R.A.M. Past Thrice Illustrious, Peekskill 
Council No. 55, R. and S. M. Past Grand Steward 
and Past Dist. Deputy Grand Master, Grand Lodge 
State of N. Y. 32 Mason and mem. N. Y. Scottish 
Rite Bodies. Mecca Temple. Mystic Shrine. Mem. 
Anointed High Priests Ass'n. N. Y. Past Masters Ass'n 
12th Masonic Dist. Present representative of Grand 
Council of Royal and Select Masters of State of In- 
diana, near Grand Council of N. Y.; present repre- 
sentative Grand Chapter of Indiana, near Grand 
Chapter of N. Y. Mem. Peekskill Lodge, 744, B.P.O. 
Elks; Bald Eagle Tribe, No. 264, I.O.R.M.; v.-p. Cort- 
landt Hook and Ladder Co., No. 1; hon. mem. Centen- 
nial Hose Co., No. 4: ex-pres. Peekskill B'd of Trade, 
and present sec. Cortlandt Hist. Ass'n; hon. mem. 



Harris Light Cav. Survivors' Ass'n; mem. B'd of Park 
Comm'rs of Peekskill (sec), Westchester County Soc. 
for Prevention of Cruelty to Children Helping Hand 
Soc. Peek.-kill Chess Club, (sec). Address: Eagle 
Hotel, Peekskill, N. V. 


Minister and organist: b. Brooklyn X. Y., May 4, 
1872; s. Henry Clay and Julia A. (Mead) Briggs; ed. 
Brooklyn Public Sch. 16, Boys' High Sch., and private 
tutor; Princeton, A.B., rum laude, lS'Jii; A.M., 189*; 
Princeton Theol. Sem., 1899: m. Brooklyn Sept 12, 
1S9S, Miss Mabel Foland; children: Evtlvn Poland, '.b. 
1899; Dorothy Mead. b. 11)04. Was organist of follow- 
ing churches: S. 3d St., M. E., Brooklyn; Greene Av. 
Presby'n, Brooklyn; Ch. of Christ. Sterling Place, 
Brooklyn; Christian Ch. of the Evangel, Brooklyn; 
First Reformed Ch. (Bedford Av.), Brooklyn; or- 
ganist Princeton Univ., St. James' M. E. Ch., Kings- 
ton, N. T.; First Reformed Ch., Saugerties, N. Y. ; 
was pastoral ass't 1st Reformed Ch. (Brooklyn); or- 
dained in ministry, Presby'n Ch., 1900; ordained 
deacon, P. E. Ch. 1901; ordained presbvter, P. E Ch., 
1902; was minister-in-charge, St. James' P. E. Ch , 
Callicoon Dept, N. Y. Address: 11 Partition St., Sau- 
gerties. N. Y. 


Confidential clerk and librarian to Appellate Div., 
2d Pep't; b. Township of Smithville, Chenango Co., 
N. Y., Sept 26, 1S56; s. Erastus and Susan Maria (Mc- 
Farland) Briggs; ed. dist. sch. and Oxford Acad., 
Oxford, N. Y. ; unmarried. Republican. Recreations: 
Golf, travel. Club: N. Y. Athletic. Residence: 16 E. 
60th St. Address: Borough Hall, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Duanesburgh, Schenectady Co., Mar. 11, 
1S57; s. Cyrus and Louise Anna (Wilson) Briggs; ed! 
dist. sch. of Duanesburgh; m. Aug. 26, 18S2 Adeline 
C. Wilber; children: Cyrus W., b. 1S84; Edgar Zeh. 
b. 1889; Marian E., b. 1895. Engaged in gen. law 
practice since 1SS3, Schenectady. Alderman, 4th Ward, 
City of Schenectady, 1S96-1900; Republican candidate 
for mayor of Schenectady, 1899; elected dist. att'y 
Schenectady County, 1901; re-elected 1904, 1907. Att'y 
li years, treas. 6 years, Schenectady Building, Loan 
and Savings Ass'n. Republican. Member Schenectady 
Co. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n. Member St. 
George's Lodge, No. 6, F. and A. M.; Champion 
Lodge, No. 544; Electric City Rebecca Lodge, No. 23, 
and Mohawk Encampment, I.O.O.F.; Schnaughtada 
Tribe. Independent Order of Red Men. Address: 
Schenectady, N. Y. 


Mine operator; b. St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 9, 1871; s. 
Dr. Charles E. and Rebekah (Whittaker) Briggs; 
grad. Harvard Univ., A.B., 1S95; m. N. Y. City, Jan. 11, 
1899, May E. Phillips; children: Morton P.. b. Nov. 30, 
1899; Walter De B., b. Jan. 30, 1901. Real estate ag't, 
Boston, 1895-1901; mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange, 1901- 
1906. Pres. Regal Mines, Alaska; treas. and sec Black- 
burn Mines, Alaska, Tennessee Copper Co.; dir. Great 
Northern Development Co., Alaska. Progressive Re- 
publican; Episcopalian. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon, 
Alpha Delta Phi fraternities, Hasty Pudding Soc. 
Treas. 6 years. Temporary Home for Working Women. 
Recreations: Polo, hunting and shooting, tennis. Clubs: 
University (N. Y.), Tennis and Racquet (Boston), 
Norfolk Hunt. Dedham Polo and Country. Residence: 
Dedham, Mass. Address: 77 Franklin St., Boston, and 
2 Rector St.. N. Y. City. 


Geologist; b. Perry, N. Y"., June 12. 1855; s. Horace 
Ames and Julia (Perry) Brigham; grad. Colgate 
Univ., A.B., 1879 (Phi Beta Kappa), Div. Sch., 1SS2 
(A.M.); Harvard Univ., Graduate Sch., A.M., 1892; m. 
Amsterdam, N. Y., June 27, 1882, Flora Winegar; chil- 
dren: Charles Winegar (died 1899) and Elizabeth. 
Clergyman, Stillwater and Utica, N. Y., 1882-1891: 
prof, geology. Colgate Univ., from 1S92; curator of 
museum, Colgate Univ.; instr. in geology. Harvard 
Univ., summer session, 1900; prof, geology, Cornell 
Univ., summer sessions, 1901-1904; prof, physical 
geography, Univ. of Wis., summer session, 1906; lec- 
turer Oxford Univ. Sch. of Geography, 1908. Fellow 
Geol. Soc. America, A.A.A.S.; sec. Ass'n of Am. Geog- 
raphers; mem. Nat. Geog. Soc; asso. editor Bulletin 
of Am. Geog. Soc. Pres., 1905, X. Y. State Science 
Teachers' Ass'n. Chief examiner in physical geog- 
raphy for Coll. Entrance Examination B'd, 1902-1913: 
ass't geologist. N. Y. State Geol. Survey. Contb'r of 
papers in many scientific journals and various maga- 
zines. Author: Text Book of Geology; Introduction 
to Physical Geography (co-author); Students' Labo- 

ratory .Manual of Physical Geography (all Appleton); 
Geographic Influences in American History, From 
I I ill to Railway Through the Appalachians, and Com- 
mereial Urography (Glnn). Address: Hamilton, N. T. 

Lawyer; b. -Mobile. Ala., Oct. 1863; s. Michael and 
Adele (George) Bright; ed. private schs. in Phila- 
delphia; fitted for Lawrence Scientific Sch., Harvard, 
and passed examinations, but decided to study law; 
grad. Harvard Law Sch., LL.B., 1885; m. N. Y. City, 
June 12, 1895, Bertha, d. William C. Ralston, of Cali- 
fornia; children: Mildred, b. 1898, Henry Ralston, b. 
1903. After leaving Harvard Law Sch., entered office 
of George W. Biddle, Philadelphia; admitted to Phila- 
delphia bar 18S5; came to N. Y. Oity and entered 
office of Shearman & Sterling; admitted to N. Y. Bar, 
1886. Entered the Title Guarantee & Trust Co., and 
finally rose to be its sec; resigned to become v. -p. 
Bankers' Trust Co., and upon absorption of that com- 
pany by Atlantic Trust Co., became v.-p. and dir. 
Lawyers' Title Ins and Trust Co. (then known as the 
Lawyers' Title Ins. Co. of N. Y.), pres. since 1912; 
dir. and mem. Exec. Com. of Lawyers' Mortgage Co., 
Mortgage Bond Co. of N. Y.; of Lawyers' West- 
chester Mortgage and Title Co., Mercantile Safe De- 
posit Co., Queens Co. Mortgage Co. Mem. Ass'n Bar 
City of N. Y., Sons of Revolution, Soc. Colonial Wars. 
Clubs: University, Harvard, Union League. Address: 
160 Broadway, N. Y City. 


Physician; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 13, 1860; s. Simon and 
Adelheit (Frankenthal) Brill; ed. public schs., Coll. 
City of N. Y., A.B., 1877; A.M., 18S3; Univ. City of N. 
Y., M.D., 1SS0; m. N. Y. City, June Sr 1899, Elsa M. 
Josephthal; children: Elizabeth Joyce, b. 1900; John 
Lewis, b. 1902. Practising medicine in N. Y. City 
since 1SS2; prof. Clinical Medicine, Coll. of Phys. and 
Surgs., Columbia Univ., N. Y. City; lecturer on an- 
atomy, physiology and pathology of the nervous sys- 
tems, N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch., 1882-18S4. Pres. 
Soc. Med. Jurisprudence, 1S91-1892; pres. Alumni 
Soc, Bellevue Hosp.. 1899; 1st v.-p. Med. Soc. Co. of 
N. Y., 189S. Attending physician First Med. Div., 
Mount Sinai Hosp. Mem. A.A.A.S.; fellow Am. Ass'n 
for Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis; mem. Am. 
Neurol. Ass'n; fellow N. Y. Acad. Medicine; mem. Am. 
Med. Ass'n, N. Y. Pathol. Soc, N. Y. Co. Med. Soc, 
Harvey Soc, Soc. Med. Jurisprudence, Metropolitan 
Med. Soc, Soc. Alumni Bellevue Hosp. Address: 48 
W. 76th St., N. v. City. 


Merchant; b. N. Y. City, 1859; s. David and Regina 
(Hexter) Brill; ed. N. Y. City public sch.; m. N. Y. 
City, 1911, Josephine Mayer. For 25 years in retail 
business in New York City. Senior mem. firm Brill 
Bros. Mem. Mystic Shrine, Royal Arcanum. Club: 
Sphinx (ex-pres.). Residence: Hotel Netherland, Fifth 
Av. and 5Sth St. Address: 279 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Cadiz, O. ; grad. Wheeling public schs., 
1890; Linsly Mil. Inst., 1892; A.B., Univ. Wooster, 1896; 
A.M., 1899; LL.B., N. Y. Law Sch., 1905. Ass't principal 
Linsly Mil. Inst, 1896-1902; since Jan 1., 1908, mem. 
firm of House, Grossman & Vorhaus. Mem. Beta Theta 
Pi fraternity, Centennial Lodge of Masons. Residence: 
Bristol Hotel. Address: 115 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Jamaica, N. Y., Nov. 29, 1838; s. John N. 
and Mary M. Brinckerhoff ; ed. private acad.; m. 1869, 
Emily A. Vermilye; children: Emily V., Mary E., Elbert 
A., Elizabeth L., Margaret, Helen M., Janet. Bir. Mer- 
chants Nat. Bank, J. Spencer Turner Co.; dir. Barrett, 
Nephews & Co.. U. S. Cotton Duck Corp'n, Consolidated 
Cotton Duck Co., Mt. Vernon-Woodbury Cotton Duck 
Co. Presby'n. V.-p. Am. Bible Soc; trustee Am. Sea- 
man's Friend Soc; mem. St. Nicholas Soc, Holland 
Soc Trustee Presby'n Hosp. Clubs: Down Town 
Rockaway Hunt. Residence: Palisade Av., Engle- 
wood, N. J. Address: 42 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Surgeon; b. (Brooklyn, Dec 24, 1865; s. James Beebee 
and Jennie (Newman) Brinsmade; grad Yale, A.B., 
1888; Coll. Phys. and Surg., M.D., 1892; practising med- 
icine in Brooklyn since 1S95; clinical prof, surgery and 
chief of surgical clinic; also attending surgeon. Long 
Island Coll. Hosp.; attending surgeon, St. John's Hosp. 
Republican. Mem. Reformed (Dutch) Church. Mem 
Am. Acad. Medicine, Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. 
Soc. Kings Co. Med. Soc, N. Y. Surg. Soc, Pathol. Soc. 
Med. Ass'n Greater N. Y., Alumni Socs., Yale N Y. 
Hosp. and Sloane Maternity Hosp.. etc. Mem Sons 
Revolution. Trustee Poor Ass'n. Clubs' University, 



Yale (N. Y. City), Hamilton, Heights Casino (Brook- 
lyn), Atlantic Yacht, Dyker Meadow Golf. Address: 
166 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Art critic; b. Thornbury, Chester Co., Pa., Sept. 17, 
1S70; s. Joseph Hill and Alary (Herr) Brinton; grad. 
Haverford Coll., B A., 1892; M.A., 1906; studied also at 
Univs. of Heidelberg and Paris, in philosophy, aesthe- 
tics and history of art. Traveled extensively in France 
Germany, Russia, Italy and Spain. Has twice visited 
Norway, Denmark and Sweden, as well as Cuba, Yuca- 
tan and Mexico. Asso. editor of The Critic, 1900-1903; 
Everybody's Magazine, 1903-1904; regular contb'r to 
The Century, Harper's, Scribner's, The Studio, etc., on 
various phases of modern painting, sculpture and ar- 
chitecture. Author: Modern Artists (Doubleday, Page 
&. Co.), 1908; Ignacio Zuloaga (Hispanic Soc, N. Y.), 
1909; Die Entwicklung der Amerikanischen Malfcrel 
(Berlin), 1910; Masterpieces of American Painting 
(Berlin Photo. Co., N. Y.), 1910; Paul Troubetzkoy 
(Hispanic Soc, N. Y.), 1911; Walter Greaves (Cottier 

6 Co., N. Y.), 1912; Scandinavian Art Catalogue (Am. 
Scandinavian Soc), 1913; La Peinture Americaine 
(Paris), 1913. Recreations: Riding and shooting. Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa Soc. of Haverford, Leonardo da Vinci 
Soc, Pennsylvania Soc. and Haverford Alumni Ass'n 
of N. Y., Chester Co. Hist. Soc. Clu'bs: Players (N. Y.). 
University (Philadelphia), West Chester Golf and 
Country (Pa.). Address: The Players, 16 Gramercy 
Park, N. Y. City. 


Consulting eng'r; b. West Chester, Pa.; s. Samuel 
Lewis and Elizabeth Starr (Smith) Brinton; grad. State 
Normal Sch., West Chester, Pa., 1900; Harvard Univ., 
S.B., in Mech. Eng'ring (cum laude), 1907. Did eng'ring 
work for H. Brinton Co., B. P. Sturtevant Co., Yale & 
Towne Mfg. Co., Westinghouse Electric Co., Bush Ter- 
minal Co. Made study of Harbor and Terminal con- 
ditions, involving most of important cities of Europe, 
photographs taken during this study being used in 
lantern slide lectures before different technical socs. 
and colls. Author of a book on Graphic Statistics pub- 
lished by Eng'ring Magazine. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. 
Eng'rs, Ass'n of Harvard Eng'rs, Harvard Eng'ring 
Soc. of N. Y., Efficiency Soc, Am. Statist. Ass'n, Am. 
Civic Ass'n. Recreations: Traveling, riding, tennis. 
Clubs: Harvard, City (N. Y.), West Chester Golf and 
Country, City (mem. com. on development of Port). 
Residence: 55 W. 44th St. Address: Transit Bld'g, 7 
E. 42d St., N. Y. City. 


Editor N. Y. Evening Journal; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 
12, 1864; s. Albert and Sara'h (White) Brisbane; ed. 
public schs. of N. Y. State and Ave years in Germany 
and France; unmarried. Began newspaper work in 
1S83, on N. Y. Sun, with which was connected seven 
years as reporter, London cor. and editor Evening Sun; 
mn'g editor different editions of N. Y. World, 1890- 
1897; editor N. Y. Evening Journal since 1897. Resi- 
dence: Hempstead, L. I. Address: N. Y. Evening 
Journal, N. Y. City. 


Manufacturer; b. Detroit, 1868; s. Joseph A. and 
Sarah J. (Smith) Briscoe; ed. public and high schs. 
Detroit; m. Jackson, Mich., Sept. 3, 1891, Lewie S. 
Briscoe; children: J. P., (b. 1894; Jeannette, Elizabeth. 
In wholesale hardware firm Black & Owen, Detroit, 
1884 and 1887; became interested in retail firm W. C. 
Lantner Co., Detroit, 1887, later engaged in mf'g of 
sheet metal goods, selling retail dep't, and chang- 
ing name to Briscoe Sheet Metal Works, later to Bris- 
coe Mf'g Co. Capt. Detroit Cadets. 1886-1889. Episco- 
palian. Mason, Knight Templar. Dir. Y. M. C. A.; ves- 
tryman Christ Ch., Tarrytown. Recreations: Automo- 
biling, golf. Clubs: Detroit, Detroit Boat, Lotos, Auto- 
mobile of America, Transportation, Engineers (N. Y. 
City). Knollwood Country (White Plains), Address: 

7 E. 42d St., N. Y. City. 


Zoologist, educator; b. Ballston Spa., N. Y., Sept. 29, 
1859; s. Lawrence W. and Caroline (Hawkins) Bristol; 
ed. public schs. Ballston Spa; grad. N. Y. Univ., B.S., 
1883; M.S., 1888; fellow Clark Univ., 1891; fellow Univ., 
of Chicago, 1892-1893; Ph.D., 1895. Instr. Rivervievv 
Acad., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1S84-18S8; prof, zoology, 
Univ. of S. Dakota, 1888-1891; prof, biology, N. Y. Univ., 
since 1S94. Dir. annual zool. expd'ns of N. Y. Univ. to 
Bermuda since 1897; asso. dir. Bermuda Biol. Labora- 
tory for Research since 1904. Has made zool. examinai 
tions of coral reefs of Bermuda and has succeeded in 
transporting tropical marine animals alive to N. Y. 
Aquarium. Mem. Am. Soc. Naturalists, Am. Soc. Zoololo- 
gists, fellow N. Y. Acad. Sciences, N. Y. Zool. Soc. Writer 

on metamerism in leeches, the marine fauna of Ber- 
muda and other contb'ns to zoology. Address: N. Y. 
Univ., University Heights, N. Y. City. 


Educator; b. Clinton, N. Y June 21, 1856; s. Henry 
Piatt and Martha (Fake) Bristol; grad. Hamilton Coll., 
A.B., 1876; A.M., 1883; Johns Hopkins Univ., Univs. of 
Heidelberg and Leipzig; m. Cologne. July 17, 1880, 
Lucia Eliza Raymond. Ass't prof. Greek, Hamilton 
Coll., 1882-1883; ass't prof., 1888-1890; asso. prof. 1890- 
1S98; prof. Greek since 1898, Cornell Univ. Editor: The 
Selected Orations of Lysias, 1892; also, since 1891, of 
Cornell Studies in Classical Philology. Author: The 
Teaching of Greek in Secondary Schools, 1900. Demo- 
crat; Episcopalian. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa. Address: 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 


Life ins. expert; b. Springwells, Mich., March 16, 
1845; at age of 23 entered office of gen. agents of Conn. 
Mutual at Detroit, and two years later was sent to 
Leavenworth, Kan., to take charge of agencies of dept. 
of which that city was the headquarters; in 1874 appt'd 
Wisconsin State agent for same company; Jan., 1881, 
became connected with Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. 
Co. as special western agent, and 1883 transferred to 
N. Y. City. Residence: Chappaqua, N. Y. Address: 
1 Madison Av., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, 1866; grad. De La Salle Inst., 
1883; Manhattan Coll., B.A., 1885; searcher of titles to 
real estate in office of register of Co. of N. Y.; studied 
law in office of O. W. Flanagan and at Columbia Coll.; 
admitted to practise, N. Y. City, 1892; engaged in gen. 
practise, representing largely corp'n and banking in- 
terests in N. Y. City; counsel to sheriff of N. Y., 1898- 
1902, during which time was engaged in private prac- 
tise, making corp'n law and sheriff law specialties; 
in July, 1903, became assignee for benefit of creditors 
of banking and brokerage house of Talbot J. Taylor & 
Co., which was largest and most important fafllure 
seen in Wall Street in many years; settled with cred- 
itors and arranged fOT a resumption of business by 
the firm in 8 weeks; also assignee for benefit of cred- 
itors of Stock Exchange firm of W. B. Mack & Co., 
which failed April, 1904. Mem. Friendly Sons of St. 
Patrick. Clubs: Manhattan, N. Y. ; Athletic, Demo- 
cratic, Coney Island Jockey, Turf and Field, Catholic, 
Automobile of America, Graduates, Oakland Golf, Deal 
Golf and Country. Address: 27 William St., N. Y. 


Consul gen.; b. New Brighton. Pa.; s. Joseph and 
Belinda (Clark) Brittain; ed. high schools of New 
Brighton, Pa., Beaver (Pa.) Sem. ; m. Oxford, Ohio, 
Aug. 2, 1S94, Martha L. Clark. Previous to apptm't 
as U. S. consul at Nantes, France, Oct. 15, 1897, en- 
gaged in editorial work; consul at Kehl, Germany, 
June 6, 1902; Prague, Bohemia, Austria, March 31, 
1907; consul gen. Coburg, Germany, Sept. 10, 1913. 
Mem. Ohio House of Representatives, 1892-1895; served 
on finance and other leading corns. Mem. S. A. R. 
Mason. Residence: E. Palestine, O. Address: Am. 
Consulate Gen., Coburg, Germany. 


Bryologist; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 9, 1858; d. James and 
Sophie Anne (Compton) Knight; ed. private schs., in 
Cuba and N. Y.; grad. Normal Coll., 1875; m. N. Y. 
City, 18S5, Nathaniel Lord Britton. Teacher in Nor- 
mal Coll., Training Dep't, 1875-18S2; Botanical Dep't. 
1S82-1885; Hon. Curator of Mosses N. Y. Bot. Garden. 
Accompanied Dr. Britton on collecting trips, acting as 
interpreter and ass't, to Cuba, Porto Rico, Jamaica, 
Bahamas and Europe. Editor of Bulletin of Torrey 
Botanical Club, 1886-1889; has written articles on 
mosses and ferns In various botanical journals; contb'r 
to N. Am. Flora. Life mem. Botanical Soc. of Am., 
mem. Sullivant Moss Soc, sec. and treas. Wild Flower 
Preservation Soc. of America. Recreations: Travel- 
ing and walking. Residence: 2965 Decatur Av., Bronx, 
Address: N. Y. Botanical Garden, Bronx, N. Y. City. 


Director N. Y. Botanical Garden; b. New Dorp, S. I., 
N. Y., Jan. 15, 1859; worked on Vanderbilt farm in bov- 
hood; ed. Staten Island Acad.; grad. Columbia Sch. "of 
Mines. E.M., 1879; Ph.D., 1881; hon. Sc.D., 1904; m. 
Aug. 27, 18S5, Elizabeth G. Knight. Ass't in geology, 
1S79-1887; inst. botany, 1S87-1890; adjunct-prof., 1890- 
1891; prof., 1S91-1S96; emeritus prof, botany since 1896, 
Columbia Univ.; since 1S96, dir. -in-chief. N. Y. Bo- 
tanical GaTden. Botanist and ass't geologist, N. J. 
Geol. Survey, 1880-1890; field ass't. U S. Geol. Survey, 
1892; adviser in 'botany to Carnegie Inst'n, 1902. Con- 
tributor to scientific press on N. and S. Am. Flora and 



author of monographs on The Flora of New Jersey; 
illustrated Flora of Northern United States and Can- 
ada; Manual of the Flora of the Northern States and 
Canada; North American Trees; North American-West 
Indian Flora. Was editor Bulletin of Torrey Bot. 
Club, 1S88-1S98. Mem. Bot. Soc. of America (pres. 
1S9S-1S99), fellow A. A. A. S. (v.-p. 1901-1902), N. Y. 
Hort. Soc. (chm'n Council, 1901-1905), Torrey Botan- 
ical Club, N. Y. Acad. Sciences (pres. 1906-1907), N. Y. 
Micros. Sec, etc. Residence: 2965 Decatur Av., Bronx, 
N. Y. 


Manufacturer, lawyer; b. Seymour, Conn.; s. William 
Richard and Frances Nancy (De Wolfe) Brlxey; ed. 
Seymour High Sch., 1900; Sheffield Scientific Sen., Yale 
Univ., Ph.B., 1903; N. Y. Law Sch., LL.D., 1905. Re- 
publican. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. County 
Lawyers Ass'n, 'Chi Phi, Delta Chi fraternity. Recre- 
ations: Automobiling, riding, driving, tennis. Clubs: 
Yale, Railroad. AddTess: Hotel Plaza, N. Y. City. 


Playwright; b. Walsall, England. Author plays: 
Bought and Paid For; The Man of the Hour; The Call 
of the North; An International Marriage; What Hap- 
pened to Jones; Why Smith Left Home; The Wrong 
Mr. Wright; A Fool and His Money; The Crown 
Prince, etc. Co-author: Wildfire; The American LoTd; 
Nancy Brown. Clubs: Lambs, American, Dramatists. 
Address: Lambs Club, 130 W. 44th St., N. Y. City. 


Merchant, author; b. Essex, Conn,, March 7, 1833; s. 
Rev. Pierpont and Sarah (Sage) Brockett; ed. public 
schs. and Bacon Acad., Colchester, Conn.; m. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1862, Mary Frances Brockett; chil- 
dren: Francis E., Edith A., Helen F. In early life en- 
gaged in book publishing, issued several notable 
works and had charge of publication of Benson J. 
Lossing's History of United States and Eminent Amer- 
icans. In later life devoted to mercantile and financial 
pursuits; now v.-p. and treas. Battelle and Renwick: 
treas. Nat. Sulphur Co.; v.-p. and dir. Croton Chem. 
Co., and trustee of several large estates. Republican; 
Baptist. Mem. Conn. Hist. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc; mem. 
B'd of Mg'rs, Bapt. Home Mission Soc; pres. B'd Trus- 
tees, N. Orange Bapt. Ch. Recreations: Collecting 
Historical documents, autographs, engravings, etc. 
Author: The Descendants of John Brockett, One of 
Founders of New Haven Colony. Active in denomina- 
tional life of the Baptists in Northern States. Resi- 
dence: 191 Prospect St., E. Orange, N. J. Address: 163 
Front St., N. Y. City. 


Architect; b. Utica, N. Y., Dec 28, 1864; s. Leverett 
E. and Clara (Kingsley) Brockway; grad. scientific 
course, Brooklyn Polytechnic, 1883; Ecole de Beaux 
Arts; m. Syracuse, N. Y., 1893, Frances Hart Dunn. 
Prof, architecture, Syracuse Univ., 1893-1895; contb'r 
to Architectural Review, Boston. Mem. Beaux Arts 
Soc. Architects; fellow Am. Inst. Architects; mem. 
Architectural League. Pres. Central N. Y. Chapter, 
Am. Inst. Architects. 1911-1913. Residence: 403 Corn- 
stock Av. Address: 3d Nat. Bank Bld'g, Syracuse, 
N. Y. 


Clergyman; b. Pompey, N. Y., March 21, 1847; s. Os- 
sian Alonzo and Anne (Hiscock) Brockway; ed. St. 
hen's Coll., Annandale, N. Y., 1S72; Gen. Theol. 
, N. Y. City, 1874: m. Oriskany Falls, N. Y., May 
Hi. 1S76, Mrs. Emma L. (Harris) Crowningshield. Or- 
dered deacon, 1S74, by Bishop Huntington, and priest, 
1877, by Bishop Doane, in Episcopal ministry. Mis- 
sionary at Lowville, Syracuse and Oriskany Falls, N. 
Y., 1876; rector St. Mary's Ch., Luzerne, N. Y., 1876; 
Grace Ch., Ravenna, O., 1877-1882; St. Paul's Ch., Staf- 
ford, N. Y., 1882-1SS5; Trinity Ch., Warsaw, N. Y., 
18S5-1S90: priest in charge, American Ch., Luzerne, 
Switzerland, 1890; rector Zion Ch., Pierrepont Manor, 
N. Y., since 1890, and dean of Jefferson and Lewis 
Counties. Address: Pierrepont Manor, N. Y. 


Penologist, ex-mayor of Elmira; b. Lyme, Conn., 
April 28, 1S27; s. Zebulon and Caroline Brockway; ed. 
East Haddam (Conn.) Acad.; m. Wethersfield, Conn- 
April 13, 1S53, Jane Woodhouse; children: Mrs. Emma 
Blossom, b. 1854; Mrs. Carrie Butler, b. 1857. Clerk 
Conn. State Prison, 1S48; Deputy sup't Albany Peni- 
tentiary, 1851-1S54; sup't penitentiary of Monroe Co., 
N. Y., 1854-1861; sup't House of Correction, Detroit, 
Mich., 1861-1876; sup't N. Y. State Reformatory, El- 
mira, N. Y., 1S76-1900; retired. Mayor of Elmira, N. 
Y., as nominee of both political parties, 1906-1907. 
Mem. of comm'n to establish U. S. MilitaTy Prison. 
1873. At Detroit was v.-p. Michigan Car & Foundry 

Co., Detroit Safe Co., and mem. firm Marcus Stevens 
& Co., furniture, until 187G. Conservative Democrat- 
Congregationallst. Mem. General Society of Prisons, 
France; charter mem. Nat. Prison Ass'n of America 
(pres. 1S98); pres. oorp'n Arnot Ogden Memorial Hosp.. 
Elmira. Address: Elmira, N. Y. 


Catholic bishop; b. Hartford, Conn., Dec. 25, 1868; 
s. John Harris and Margaret (Healy) Broderick; 
ed. St. Charles Coll., Aid., A.B., 1S91; Urban Coll., Univ. 
of the Propaganda, Rome, Ph.D., 1893; D.D., 1897; grad. 
from American Coll., Rome, 1897; ordained priest, 
1896; post-graduate course in history and archae- 
ology at Rome, 1897-1898. Professor history, Eng- 
lish grammar and Italian literature, Diocesan 
Sem., Hartford, Conn., 1898, Westport, Conn., 1900. 
Appt'd, 1904, general comm'r of the Pope for the 
Havana, Cuba, 1990, in which capacity carried on 
negotiations between the Church and the Gov't which 
were successfully concluded in 1905. Created private 
chamberlain by Pope Leo XIII, 1901; Am. sec. to 
Apostolic delegation to Philippine Islands, 1901, serv- 
ing until apptm't of Taft Comm'n, 1902; representa- 
tive of Roman Catholic Church at inauguration of 
Cuban Republic, May 20, 1902. Appt'd titular bishop 
of Juliopolis, Sept., 1903; consecrated Oct. 28, 1903; 
served as auxiliary bishop of Havana, 1903-1905. 
Appt'd, 1904, general comm'r of the Pope for the 
collection of Peter's Pence. Mem. of the Arcadia, 
and of the Collegium Cultorum Martyrum, Rome. 
Address: Staatsburg-on-Hudson, N. Y. 


Physician; b. New Orleans, La., Oct. 14, 1869; s. 
Augustus Wackerhagen and Sarah Blandlna (Trump- 
bour) Brodhead; grad. Ulster Acad., Rondout, N. Y., 
1886; Cornell Univ., med. prep, course, 1886-1888; 
Columbia (Coll. Phys. and Surg.), M.D., 1S91; m. N. Y. 
City, June 2, 1897, Frances Louise Clark; one d. Kath- 
arine Louise, b. 1903. Interne Mt. Sinai Hosp., 1891- 
1893, Sloane Maternity Hosp.. 1895-1897. Instr. in 
obstetrics, Coll. Phys. and Surg., 1895-1897; prof, 
obstetrics, and obstetrician to N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. 
Sch. and Hosp.; visiting obstetrician Gouverneur 
Hosp., and asso. surgeon Woman's Hosp. Consulting 
obstetrician to Italian Hosp., N. Y. City; United 
Hosp. of Porichester, N. Y., and Letchworth Village, 
Thiels, N. Y. Republican; Episcopalian. Fellow 
N. Y. Acad. Med., N. Y. Obstet. Soc; mem. Am. Med. 
Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. Soc, N. Y. County Med. Soc, 
Hosp. Graduates' Club. West End Med. Soc. N. Y. 
Physicians' Mutual Aid Ass'n, Harlem Med. Ass'n, 
Soc. of Alumni of Mt. Sinai and Sloane Maternity 
Hosps.; N. Y. Med. Union. Xi Graduate Chapter, Phi 
Gamma Delta fraternity. Author of numerous mono- 
graphs on obstetrical subjects in med. journals. Club: 
Phi Gamma Delta. Address: 144 W. 58th St., N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 14, 1879; s. Isaac Vail 
and Elvira Tuttle (Gould) Brokaw; ed. Cutler Sch., 
N. Y.; Princeton Univ., A.B.; N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B. 
One of v.-ps. and dirs. Brokaw Bros. Corp'n; now 
mem. and partner of law firm of Gulick, Brokaw 
& Springs. Traveled extensively in European coun- 
tries, including Japan, Egypt and Holy Lands. Capt. 
10th Election Dist. of 29th Assembly Dist., N. Y. City, 
1913. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. N. Y County 
Lawyers' Ass'n, N. Y. Hist. Soc; life mem. Huguenot 
Soc, St. Nicholas Soc, Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of 
Revolution, Holland Soc. Dir. N. Y. Bible Soc. Clubs: 
Union League, University, Racquet and Tennis, 
Princeton, Riding, Piping Rock, Ardsley, Rumson 
Country, Garden City Golf, Deal Golf & Country, 
Dakewood Country. Residence: I E. 79th St. Ad- 
dress: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Real estate investments; b. Bound Brook, N. J.; 
s. George V. L. and Mariah Brokaw; ed. in Dr. Hun- 
ter's old 13th Street Sch., N. Y. City; m. Jersey City 
Heights, 1872, Mary Alice Hall; children: Mabel, Flor- 
ence, Ethel, living; also William Hall (Yale gradu- 
ate), Howard Grant, Clifford and Theodore, deceased. 
Served In Civil War over four years (brevetted 
major; severely wounded at Fort Harrison, Va. 
Principal Brokaw, N. Y., and Suburban Realty Co.; 
pres. Chatham (N. J.) Land & Improvement Co. Re- 
publican; Presby'n. Mem. Mil. Order Loyal Legion. 
Mason. Address: 100 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Advertising agent; b. Brosley, Shropshire, Eng., 
Mar. 29, 1857; s. Rev. Edward T. D.D. and Georgiana 
(Musgrave) Bromfield; ed. Lewlsham Cong'l Sch., 
London, Eng., a.nd Toronto (Ont.) Grammar Sch. 
(Ph.D., Taylor Univ.); m. Hempstead, N, Y Sept. 6, 



1876, Emma Martin Rushmore; children: Percy Rush- 
more, b. 1877; Edward Thomas, b. 1884. One of the 
founders of Success Magazine; for 17 years mg'r ad- 
vertising of The Christian Herald; Pies. Bromfleld 
& Field Inc. Represented N. Y. State Sunday Sen. 
Ass'n at World's Sunday Son. Conv., London, Eng., 
1898. Trustee Village of Hempstead, 2 years. Re- 
publican; Presby'n. Clubs: National Arls, Aldine 
Ass'n, Sphinx, Mountain Golf, Twilight Park (Haines 
Falls, N. Y.). Residence: Hempstead, L. I. Address: 
1780 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Stark, Herkimer Co., N. Y., April 4, 
1856; s. George F. and Martha (Nellis) Bronner; Rev- 
olutionary stock (four ancestors connected with Rev- 
olution); grad. Cazertovia Sem 1876; studied law in 
office of Hon. George W. Smith, Herkimer, X. Y , 
1878-1881; m. Salisbury, N. Y., June 9, 1886. Mary E. 
Baldwin; children: Nellis B., James C. Admitted to 
bar at Buffalo, June, 1881; practised at West Winfleld, 
N. Y., as mem. firm Morgan & Bronner, 18S1-1883; 
since then at Little Falls, N. Y. Clerk B'd of Super- 
visors of Herkimer Co., 1883-1884; mem B'd of Police 
and Fire Comm'rs, 1886-1893; B'd of Water Comm'rs, 
1894-1895, Village of Little Falls; mem., 1895-1S97 
(v.-p. one year), first B'd of Public Works of City of 
Little Falls after incorp'n, and had principal charge 
of drafting that city's charter, 1893-1895. Dir. and 
att'y Nat. Herkimer County Bank, Gilbert Knitting 
Co.; pres. Little Falls Hotel Co. Republican; Pres- 
by'n. Mem. N. Y. State Bar -Ass'n. Herkimer Co. Hist. 
Soc. Mason and Elk. Address: Little Falls, N. Y. 


Railroad official; b. Gauhati, Province of Assam, 
India, May 8, 1875; s. Miles and Mary Donnelly 
(Rankin) Bronson; ed. public echs. of Michigan, 
1883-1890; m. Aurora, 111., June 2, 1898, Grace Geral- 
dine Smith. Served in various capacities in Law 
Dep't Grand Trunk R'y, (Detroit, Mich., 1890-1895; 
sec. to pres. N. Y. Chicago & St. Louis R. R. Co., 
Cleveland, O., 1895-1898; ass't to pres. N. Y. Central 
& Hudson River R. R. Co., N. Y. City, 1898-1900; sup't 
Harlem Div. same road, White Plains, N. Y., 1900- 
1907; sup't River Div. same road, 1907-1910; sup't 
Mohawk Div., Jan 1, 1910, April 1, 1911; sup't Elec- 
tric Div., same road, and sup't Grand Central Ter- 
minal, April 1, 1911-Feb. 1, 1913; gen. sup't same 
road and mg'r Grand Central Terminal, since Feb. 
1913. Clubs: N. Y. Railroad, Transportation Address: 
Grand Central Terminal, N. Y. City. 


Manufacturer; b. Litchfield, Conn., March 4, 1847; 
s. Martin Cook and Sarah Maria (Seymour) Brooker; 
ed. in common schs. of native .town; hon. A.M., Yale; 
m. London, Oct. 30, 1894, Julia F. Clark (nee Farrel). 
In manufacture of copper and brass and kindred 
business in Conn, for 50 years. Now pres. Torring- 
ton (Conn.) Savings Bank, Am. Brass Co., director 
and v..-p. B'd dirs., N. Y., New Haven & Hartford 
R. R. Co.; dir. N. Y., Ontario & Western R. R. Co., 
and v.-p. Harlem River & Port Chester R. R. Co.; 
dir. many subsidiary companies New York, New 
Haven & Hartford R. R. Co., and several banks. 
Mem. Conn. House of Representatives, 1875; Senate, 
1893. Republican; Conn. mem. Republican Nat. Com., 
1900, 1912; Episcopalian. Mem. and trustee N. E. Soc. 
of N. Y. Mem. Chamber of Commerce of N. Y. Club: 
Union League. Residence: Ansonia, Conn. Address: 
99 John St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 18. 1875; s. William 
and Kate M. Brookfleld; ed. Cutler School, N. Y.- 
Yale Univ., A.B., 1897; N. Y. Law School, 1900; m. 
Marceline R. Dunning. Admitted to bar, 1900, and 
since then practising in N. Y. City. V.-p. Brookfleld 
Glass Co., Jamesburg Sand Co.; pres. Franklin Loan 
& Improvement Co. Served in Squadron A, N. G. 
N. Y. Republican. Mem. Republican County Com.; 
sec. Republican Club. Mem. 27th Assembly Dist. Re- 
publican Club, Bar Ass'n, Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, 
Mayflower Soc. Clubs: Union League, University, 
Yale, Republican, Squadron A. Address: 2 Rector 
St., N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. London, Eng.; s. Arthur and Amelia 
(Baker) Brookman; grad. Occident Coll. A.B., Epis- 
copal Theol. Sch.. Cambridge, Mass., B.D.; Union 
Coll., D.D., Dean of Cathedral of All Saints. Albany, 
N. Y. Address: ISO Washington Av., Albany, N. Y. ' 


Physician; b. Medo, Minn., March 31, 1871; s. Daniel 
Walker and Katherine (Riley) Brooks; ed. Univ. of 
Oregon; Univ. of Mich., M.D., 1895; post-grad, study, 

Univ. of Freiburg (Baden); m. Grace Church. N Y. 
City, June 14, 1899, Louise Dudlev Davis. Ass't demon- 
strator of anatomy, Univ. of Mich., 1894; prof clinical 
medicine, N. Y. Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 
and visiting physician City Hosp. and Montefiore 
Hosp. Served in 7th Reg't, N. G. N. Y., as capt. and 
as.s'i surgeon, 15 years; civilian surgeon, U s \ 
(1898-1899). Democrat. Mem. N. Y. Acad. Med Soc 
of Experimental medicine and Biology, Ass'n Am. 
Bacteriologists and Pathologists, Am. Ass'n Phys., 
Harvey Soc, Phi Alpha Sigma fraternity. Trustee N. 
Y. Patihol. Soc. Recreations: Big game hunting, geog. 
explorations, pistol and rifle shooting. Clubs: Cana- 
dian Camp, N. Y. Athletic, Camp Fire of America, Sal- 
magundi, Century. Address: 44 W. Ninth St., .V Y. 


Lawyer, gen. commercial mg'r Am. Telephone & Tel- 
egraph Co.; b. Chinese Camp, Calif., Aug. 28, 1864; s. 
Henry S. and Margaret Armstrong (Gibson) Brooks; 
grad. Yale, A.B., 1885; Columbia, LL.B., 1888; m. N Y. 
City, May 27, 1902, Clara Warren Vail, d. Henrv Ho- 
bart Vail; children: Henry Vail, b. 1903; Margaret 
Vail, b. 1905; Thomas Vail, b. April, 1911. Admitted to 
bar, 1888, and engaged in practise; now, gen. com- 
mercial mg'r Am. Telephone & Telegraph Co. Re- 
publican; Episcopalian. Yale class agent, 1885, and 
dir. Yale Alumni Fund Ass'n. Mem. Skull and Bones. 
Delta Kappa Epsilon, Eta Phi. Dir. and sec. The Boys 
Club. Recreations: Golf, tennis, court tennis, squash 
fives, riding, driving. Clubs: University, Racquet and 
Tennis, Yale, Ardsley (gov. and v.-p.). Address: Ards- 
ley-on-Hudson, N. Y. 


Dean Coll. of Law of Syracuse Univ.; b. in town of 
Rockingiham, Windham Co., Vt., June 27, 1839; s. Na- 
thaniel and Emily (Cutler) Brooks; ed. Newbury (Vt.) 
Sem.; Dartmouth Coll., A.B., 1869, A.M , 1886; Albany 
Law Sch., LL.B., 1871; Syracuse Univ., D.C.L., 1895; m. 
Sept. 7, 1873, Caroline Lucelia Jewell, of East Orange, 
Vt. Entered Union Army as private 1st Vt. Inf., 3 
months' service, April, 1861, becoming, under re-enlist- 
ment, 2d lieut. Co. H, 1st lieut. Co. I, 4th Vt. Inf., and 
capt. Co. H, same reg't, but discharged before being 
mustered as capt. On detached service as signal 
officer, 1861-1863; wounded in Battle of the Wilder- 
ness, May 6, 1864, and discharged on account of 
wounds, Aug. 5, 1864. Has practised legal profession 
at Syracuse, N. Y., since 1872; mem. Arm of Ruger, 
Jenney, Brooks & Marshall, 1874-1889, with some vari- 
ance in firm name, partners being William C. Ruger 
(late chief judge), Col. Edwin S. Jenney (now de- 
ceased), Hon. Louis Marshall (now of Wall St., N. Y. 
City), Porter M. French, of Rochester, and late Pros- 
ser Ruger. Elected in 1895 dean of the College of Law 
in Syracuse Univ., organizing college in Sept., 1S95, 
and still holding office of dean; trustee Syracuse Univ. 
since 1885. Alderman city of Syracuse, 1884-1885; 
School Comm'n, 1886-1888; mem. B'd of Water Comm'rs, 
1888-1901 (the Board supplying the city with water 
from Skaneateles Lake). Republican. Methodist; pres. 
Y. M. C. A., Syracuse, 1886-1896. Mem. Onondaga Co. 
Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n. X. Y. 
State Hist. Ass'n, Phi Beta Kappa Soc. (Svracuse 
Univ.), Psi Upsilon (Dartmouth), Phi Delta Phi legal 
fraternity (honorary). Nat. Geog. Soc. Spends July 
and August in country life at E. Orange, Vt. Address: 
403 E. Fayette St., Syracuse, N. Y. 


Astronomer, lecturer; b. Maidstone, Eng., June 11. 
1S44; s. Rev. William and Caroline (Wickings) Brooks; 
ed. private and pub schs. of England and America, 
academic education with honors in mathematics and 
physics; M.A., Hobart Coll., D.Sc, Hamilton Coll.; m. 
Edwardsburg, Mich., Oct. 15, 1868, Mary E. Smith; one 
daughter, Anna Caroline, b. 1879. Made journey to 
Australia and return to England, 1853-1854; came to 
America with parents in Sept., 1857; constructed first 
telescope, 1858; early worker in photography. En- 
gaged as mech. eng'r and draftsman, 1860-1870; de- 
livered first astronomical lecture at age of 17, illus- 
trated with charts and paintings of own preparation. 
Founded, 1S74, and until 1S88 conducted, Red House 
Observatory, Phelps, N. Y., where discovered eleven 
comets; since 1888 dir. Smith Observatory, Geneva, N. 
Y., where has discovered 16 additional comets ~-'- ! ng 
27 in all, a larger number than an lg 

astronomer. Prof, astronomy, Hobart ( '0 

Winner of over $1,000 in astronomi ten 

medals from Astron. Soc. of Pacific, 'rst 

medal awarded by soc; Lalande medalis' Pi id 

of Science, "for numerous and brilliant as'ron lea] 
discoveries:" sp'l gold medal from La. Purch n, 

St. Louis, for charts and photographs of cometai s- 



coveries; gold medal and diploma from Astron. Sec. of 
Mexico for discoveries of 25 comets. Fellow Royal 
Astron. Soc, A.A.A.S. ; mem. British Astron. Ass'n, Phi 
Beta Kappa Soc. Recreations: Pishing and boating. 
Address: Smith Observatory, Geneva, N. Y. 


Physician; b. X. Y. City, Oct. 29, 1863; s. Charles and 
Mary (Eidelfeld) Brothers; ed. public schs.. Evening 
High Sch., Trade Sch., grad. X. Y. Coll. of Pharmacy 
(with honor) 1S85, Ph.G.; Coll. Phys. & Surgs. of Co- 
lumbia Univ., M.D., 1S9U; m. N. Y. City, April 3, 1S92, 
Fannie Ciner; children: Bertram S., b. 1893 (died 
1895); Sylvia H., b. 1S96 (died 1897). Acted as ass't 
to Prof. Charles W. Parsons In laboratory of analyti- 
cal chemistry, Coll. of Pharmacy; ass't in ophthalmol- 
ogy to German Hosp. Dispensary, Manhattan; ass't in 
pediatrics to Bellevue Hosp. Dispensary; ass't in sur- 
gery to Mt. Sinai Hosp. Dispensary. Active organizer 
and incorporator of Columbus Dispensary, and served 
as gynecologist; dir. of and gynecologist to former 
Zion Hosp. and Dispensary; gynecologist to Met. (now 
the Beth David) Hosp. and Dispensary, Manhattan, 
and to Beth Israel Dispensary. About 1898 gave 
course of lectures to young women in first aid to in- 
jured at N. X. Hebrew Alliance. Organizer of X. Y". 
Post-grad. Midwifery Sch., being prof, of anatomy. 
Was a founder of Am. Medicine (journal); owned and 
edited Medico-Pharm. Journal, 1S9S-1907. Author: 
Thesis. The Volume of Water, as Influenced by Differ- 
ent Solids in Solution (published in Prof. Bedford's 
"Pharm. Record"), 1885. Obtained a caveat for silver 
plating, paste and oils, many years ago; produced an 
improvement on Prof. O'Dwyer's intubating instru- 
ment; improved return-flow glass uterine irrigator: 
and urethral catheter (Phil. Med. Journal, 1S9S); 
water-motor storage battery (Phil. Med. Journal, 
1S9S); in Medico-Pharm. Journal, 1900, a dirigible 
balloon for invalids was described. Read a paper 
before Med. Progress Soc. on Septic Endometritis, with 
a Recovery After a Temperature of 113 deg. F. (1S96); 
on Chronic Phthisis a Case Treated with Koch's Im- 
proved Tuberculin (1897); on Hypnotism and Sugges- 
tion, with Case of Spasmodic Stricture of the Oeso- 
phagus (Med. Record, 1S96). Delivered post-graduate 
lecture on med. co-operation before the Am. Ass'n of 
Progressive Medicine, in Poughkeepsie, 1913. Mem. 
Am. Med. Editors' Ass'n; Alumni, N. T. Coll. of 
Pharmacy: Soc. for Instr'n of Eugenics; Xat. League 
for Med. Freedom; active founder and corr. sec. Am. 
Medico-Pharm. League; hon. life mem. Internat. Asso. 
of Pan-Pathic Physicians and Greater N. Y. Pharm. 
Asso.: active organizer and incorporator Eastern Med. 
Soc. of N. Y. Was mem. Soc. of Med. Jurisprudence 
of X. Y.; Am. Mer. Ass'n: Miss. Valley Med. Ass'n; X. 
Y. State Med. Ass'n; N. Y. County Med. Ass'n (mem. 
Com. on Legislation one year); mem. former Med. 
Progress Soc. of West Side German Dispensary; former 
Med. League; Medico-Legal Club; Nat. Geog. Soc, etc.; 
was for short periods examining physician for local 
lodges Ancient Order of United Workmen; Independ- 
ent Order Brith Abraham. Mem. Woodrow Wilson 
Coll. Men's League, Kings County Com. Hearst Inde- 
pendence League (mem. Com. on Resolutions) ; mem. 
Campaign Com. of 1912; 1st v. -p. 22d Assembly Dlst. 
League, capt. 18th Election Dist. ; delegate to last 
State Conv., and mem. Platform Com. Mem. Citizens' 
Union; enrolled with Municipal Gov't Ass'n of N. Y. 
State. Xominated for Assembly, 189S, in 4th Assembly 
Dist. (Manhattan), on Good Gov't ticket, with en- 
dorsement of regular Rep. org'n and Independent 
Labor Party; appt'd, Jan., 1906, chief clerk Municipal 
Court, City of X. Y.. Borough of Brooklyn, 7th Dist., 
for term of six years. Xominated for Assembly, 1913, 
in 22nd Assembly Dist., Kings Co., on Independence 
League ticket. Mem. Independence League City Com. 
(1912): Judicial, County, Congressional, Senatorial, 
Assembly and Aldermanic Com. (1913). Mem. Execu- 
tive Com. (1912-1913). Mem. Brotherhood of Common- 
wealth; Mason (ex-mem. order of Chinese Masons); 
was mem. X. Y. Typographical Union Xo. 6 (compos- 
itor). Interested in Brothers Chem. Co.. Fraternity 
Fruit Farm Co., and in contracting and bld'g. Recrea- 
tion: Amateur photography. Clubs: Ex-mem. L. I. 
Automobile, Xeversink Fishing, etc. Address: 96 Xew 
Jersey Av., Brooklyn, X. Y. 


Lawyer, Senator; b. Glasgow, Scotland: ed. public 
schs., Providence, R. I.: grad. Amherst Coll., 1SS7, and 
Columbia Univ. Law Sch., 1889. Admitted to bar, X. Y'. 
City, and has been engaged in practice of law ever 
since. Elected to Assembly, 19th Assembly Dist., 1907, 
and served on Corns, of Taxation, Gas, Water Supply 
and Electricity and Revision. "Elected to U. S. Senate, 

190S; Republican candidate for Congress, 19th Cong. 
Dist., 1912. Chm'n Com. on Public Ed'n. Address: 1(50 
Broadway, X. Y*. City. 


Surgeon; b. N. Y. City, March 11, ISO'.); s. Rev. John 
J. and Martha W. (Hall) Brouner; ed. public sch., Coll. 
City of N. Y., A.B., 1S88; Coll. Phys. and Surg., Colum- 
bia Univ., M.D., 1S91; m. at X. Y. City, 1896, Stella 
Wood of Ottawa Can. Xow attending Genito-Urinary 
Surg. Peoples Hosp. and Deputy Surg. X. Y". Hosp. 
O. P. D. Mem. Soc. of Am. Wars, Delta Kappa Epsilon 
fraternity, X. Y. Acad. Medicines, N. Y. County Med. 
Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Urological Ass'n, Medico- 
Surgical Soc, West Side Clinical Soc, St. Luke's 
Hosp., Sloane Hosp., Alumni Ass'n, and Coll, of Phys. 
& Surgs. Alumni Ass'n. Dir. Jennie Clarkson Home 
for Children, Valhalla, X. Y. Author (with Fung 
Mow): Chinese Made Easy (Macmillan Co.), 1904. 
Clubs: Salmagundi, Med. Progress. Address: 27 
W. 9th St., X. Y". City. 


Lawyer; b. Paterson, X. J., 1842; s. Richard and 
Margaret (Van Buskirk) Brower; prepared for 
Princeton Coll. at Paterson, N. J.; m. Oct, 1870, 
Mary E. Tompkins; children: Genevieve L., Edith B., 
George E., Ernest C. Since 1866 in practice of com- 
mercial and real estate law in City of N. Y., and 
in many important litigations; appt'd by Pres. Cleve- 
land and served 1SS5-1889, general appraiser Port of 
X. Y.; appt'd comm'r parks of Borough of Brooklyn by 
Mayor Chapin, 1899, and elected pres. of board; comm'n 
made single-headed one in 1901, when was appt'd as 
comm'r by Mayor Boody, and again appt'd by Mayor 
Van Wyck on first comm'n appt'd for parks after con- 
solidation with City of N. Y., which position held 4 
years. Dir. and counsel Kings Co. Trust Co.; trustee 
Nassau Ins. Co.; trustee and v. -p. U. S. Title Ins. Co.; 
trustee and treas. Brooklyn Central Dispensary; mem. 
St. Nicholas Soc, Long Island (High Steward); trustee 
and pres. Am. Ass'n for the Planting and Preserving 
of City Trees: mem. Am. Scenic and Historic Preserva- 
tion Soc, N. Y. Zool. Soc. Clubs: Brant Island 
(pres.), Lawyers of Kings Co., Montauk, Brooklyn, 
Democratic of Brooklyn and N. Y City, Atlantic 
Yacht, Brooklyn Riding and Driving. Residence: 
1084 Park Place. Address: 44 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Physician and surgeon; b. X. Y'. City, Aug. 27, 1878; 
s. Edward Flint and Eleanor (Bonney) Brown; ed. 
Yale School, X. Y. City; Yale Univ., A.B., 1899: Coll. 
Phys. and Surgs. (Columbia), M.D., 1903 (First Harsen 
prize for excellence in examination and First Harsen 
Clinical Prize); m. Plainfield, X. J., July 11, 1906, Grace 
Elting Overton; children: Eleanor Bonney, b. July 30, 
1907: Katherine Frances, b. Aug. 25, 1913. Interne at 
Presby'n Hosp., N. Y. City, for 2 years; practised in 
X. Y. City until May, 1906; removed to Rome, X. Y., 
Oct., 1906. Ass't surgeon, with rank of lieut. (junior 
grade), 1st Xaval Battalion, X. M. X. Y., one year, re- 
signed May. 1906. Appt'd instr. in Anatomy Coll. Phys. 
and Surg., X. Y., June, 1909, and returned to N. Y. City, 
1909. Appt'd Adjunct ass't. Visiting Surgeon to Belle- 
vue Hosp., X. Y. City, May, 1913. Republican: Presby'n. 
Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, X. Y. State Med. Soc, N. Y. 
Countv Med. Soc, Presbyterian Hosp. Graduates Soc. 
of N. Y. City. Fellow N. Y. Acad, of Medicine, Quiz 
Med. Soc, Bibliophile Soc. Club: Grolier (X. Y'. City). 
Address: 136 E. 64th St., N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Holliston, Mass., Dec. 3, 1856; s. Ed- 
win T. and Elizabeth R. (Marsh) Brown; grad. Wa- 
bash Coll., 1880; Lane Theol. Sem., 1883 (D.D., Lake 
Forest Univ.), 1891; Yale University, 1913; m. Fond- 
du-Dac, Wis., July 10, 1S83, Jennie E. Thomas; chil- 
dren: Arthur J., Jr., b. 18S4; DeWitt E., b. 1886; Agnes 
M., b. 1891; Elliott R., b. 1893; Eleanor M., 'b. 1893. 
Ordained to Presby'n ministry by Presbytery of Win- 
nebago, 1883. Pastor: First Presby'n Ch., Ripon, Wis., 
1883-18S4; First Presby'n Ch., Oak Park, 111., 1884- 
1888; First Presby'n Ch., Portland, Ore., 1888-1895. 
Sec. Presby'n B'd of Foreign Missions, N. Y. City, since 
1895. In 1901-1902 and again, 1909, traveled around 
the world, visiting Japan, Korea, China, Philippine 
Islands, Siam, Laos, Straits Settlements, Burmah, In- 
dia, Egypt, Syria and Palestine. Progressive Repub- 
lican. Mem. Phi Gamma Delta (coll. fraternity). Au- 
thor: The Xew Era in the Philippines, seven edi- 
tions; New Forces in Old China, six editions: The For- 
eign Missionary, six editions (all published by Re- 
vell) ; The Why and How of Foreign Missions, 52,000; 
The Missionary Education Movement; The Nearer and 
Farther East (joint author), Macmillan, 4S.000; The 



Chinese Revolution; The Student Volunteer Movement, 
12,000; also articles in various periodicals. Address: 
156 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. York, Livingston Co., N. Y., Oct. 23, 1839; 
s. Rev. Silas Clark and Mary (Cleveland) Brown; 
grad. Williams Coll., A.B., 1861. Served as capt. Co. 
H, 4th N. Y. Heavy Artillery, in Civil War. Admitted 
to bar, June, 1863; successively mem. law firms of 
Rapallo & Spencer, Rapallo, Daly & Brown, Beach, 
Daly & Brown, and Beach & Brown; since July 1, 
1884, practising alone. Independent in politics; Pres- 
byterian. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Kappa Alpha 
fraternity, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the 
U. S. Clubs: University, Lawyers, St. Andrew's Golf. 
Address: 2 Rector St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 13, 1870; s. late Edward 
F. and Eleanor (Bonney) Brown; grad. Williston Sem., 
East Hampton, Mass., 1SS7; Yale Univ., class 1S91; Co- 
lumbia Law Sch. Counsel for Northern Dispensary, 
also North-Eastern Dispensary, having charge of per- 
manent funds of both inst'ns; executor and trustee in 
numerous estates, and during 20 years practise, has 
tried many important cases in courts. Elected to B'd 
of Aldermen, 1905, 1907, 1909 (declined election) where 
through his efforts, Codes Com., of which was mem., 
codified and published Municipal Ordinances, and sub- 
sequently submitted to B'd a revised Code of Ordi- 
nances. Also served on Finance Com. and on Com. 
on Daws and Legislation, introduced theatre ticket 
ordinance abolishing speculators, and ordinance reg- 
ulating speed and charges of taxicabs, and for Soc. 
for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Candidate of 
Republican Party for Justice of Supreme Court, fall 
of 1913. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Sons of Revo- 
lution, Soc, Colonial Wars; life mem. St. Nicholas 
Soc, mem. Military Soc. War 1812, N. E. Soc, N. Y. 
Hist. Soc. (mem. Exec. Com.). Clubs: Metropolitan, 
Down Town, Ardsley, Yale. Address: 52 Wall St., 
N. Y. City. 


Artist; b. Dresden, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1864'; s. Edmund 
Woodward and Martha (Day) Brown; grad. Syracuse 
Univ., 1885, with degree of Bachelor of Painting; Mas- 
ter of Painting, 1888; m. Palo Alto, Calif., June 10, 
1895, Lucy Heines Fletcher; children: Eleanor, b. 1S96; 
Marian, b. 1899; Robert, b. 1902. Senior instr. in free- 
hand drawing Cornell Univ.; principal Parkdale (gov't) 
Art Sch., and registrar of Toronto (gov't) Art Sch., 
Toronto, Can. In charge of Art Dep't, Buchtel Coll. 
Akron, O. Organized at foundation of Univ., the Art 
Dep't of the Leland StanfoTd, Jr., Univ., and was for 
ten years Its head. Student of and lecturer and writer 
upon Japanese art; also writer and lecturer on art 
in gen. Landscape and figure painter. Represented 
In Brooklyn Inst. Museum, Indianapolis Art Museum 
and various pTivate collections in N. Y. and Chicago. 
Also at the Nat. Arts Club. Recreation: Mountaineer- 
ing. Club: Nat. Arts (life mem.). Address: National 
Arts Club, N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Andover, N. Y., Oct. 2S, 1871; s. Anson 
D. and Esther J. (French) Brown; ancestors came from 
England in 1636; grad. Alfred Univ., A.B., 1890; A.M., 
1891; diploma from Chautauqua Sch. of Physical Ed'n, 
1893; Yale Univ., B.D., 1898; graduate student in phi- 
losophy, N. Y. Univ.; Alfred Univ., D.D., 1913; m. New 
Haven, Conn., Sept. 14, 1899, Antoinette F., d. N. A. 
Fullerton. Prin. Andover High Sch., 1893-1895; pas- 
tor St. Paul's Ch., Hartford, Conn., 1902-1904; took 
tour of Western Europe, 1905; pastor First Ch., Port 
Washington, N. Y., 1905-1908; pastor M. E. Ch., Mara- 
aroneck, N. Y., 1909-1913. Author articles in various 
publications; sermons and addresses before several 
religious and edn'l inst'ns. Gen. sec. Methodist Child 
Welfare Soc. Sup't St. Christopher's Home, Dobbs 
Ferry, N. Y. Mem. N. Y. East Conference M. E. Ch. 
Recreation: Automobiling. Address: Dobbs Ferry, N. 
Y., and 150 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Chemist, assemblyman; b. Homer, N. Y., Jan. 14, 
1858; ed. State Normal Sch., Cortland, academic course. 
Became pharmacist, 1880, and entered Into partner- 
ship with M. Mayibury, 1881. In 1893 purchased lat- 
ter's interest, and conducted 'business alone since that 
time. Mem. B'd of Ed'n of Cortland for 9 years; treas. 
Cortland County Agr'l Soc. since 1902. Elected mayor 
of Cortland when village became a city, 1901, serving 
two terms (4 years). Dir. First Nat. Bank of Cort- 
land. Elected Assemblyman on Republican ticket, 
1907, carrying every election dist. in the countv; re- 
elected 190S, and again 1909. Chm'n Com. on Federal 

Relations; mem. Com. on Banks, Com. on Public 
Health, 1909; re-elected mem. Corns Banks, Labor and 
Industries and Public Health, 1910, '1911; chm'n Public 
Health, 1911. Address: Cortland, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Newburgh, N. Y.. Sept. 12, 1844; s. John 
W. and Eliza (Reeve) Brown; grad. Phillips Acad., 
Andover, Mass., 1862; Yale Coll., A.B., 1866 (LL.D., 
Yale, 1896); m. Newburgh, N. Y., June 27, 1876; chil- 
dren; Florence Eighmie (Mrs. E. J. Jova). Nanna Hlg- 
ginson (Mrs. Dudley S. Harde). Admitted to bar, May. 
1868; practised law at Newburgh in firm Cassedy & 
Brown, until 1882; dist. att'y Orange County, 1874-1877; 
county judge, 1878-1882; justice Supreme Court of N. 
Y., 1882-1896; assigned by Gov. Hill to Court cf Ap- 
peals, 1889-1892; presiding judge, Gen. Term, Supreme 
Court, 1894-1895, by assignment of Gov. Flower; appt'd 
by Gov. Morton, 1896, presiding judge Appellate l-iiv., 
2d Dep't; renominated at close of term, but declined 
to be candidate for re-election; gen. counsel Met. 
Street R'y Co., 1897-1901; since then in general prac- 
tise N. Y. City. Delegate to Nat. Dem. Convention, 
Baltimore, 1872; sec. Dem. State Com. of N. Y., 1874 
and 1880-1S82. Independent Democrat; Presby'n. Mem. 
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. 
County Lawyers' Ass'n, Met. Museum of Art, N. Y. 
Natural History Museum, Associated Charities of New- 
burgh, N. Y., Zool. Soc, N. Y. City. Recreations: Driv- 
ing, horseback riding, boating, yachting, automobil- 
ing. Clubs: University, Yale, Century Ass'n, Down 
Town Ass'n. Address: 60 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Jurist; b. West Winfield, N. Y., July 20, 185S; s. 
Hiram Clark and Alice Ann (Stuart) Brown; ed. West 
Winfield (N. Y.) Acad., 1870-1S75; Hungerford Collegi- 
ate Inst., Adams, N. Y 1875-1877; m. Adams, X. Y., 
Nov. 16, 1881, Alice C. Smith; children: Charles H., Jr., 
b. 1S83; Harold Stuart, b. 1886; Dorothy Alice, b. 1897. 
Admitted to bar, 1880; district attorney Allegheny Co., 
N. Y., 1S89-1897; ass't U. S. attorney Northern Dist. of 
N. Y., 1897-1899; U. S. attorney (same dist.), 1899-1900; 
U. S. attorney Western Dist., N. Y., 1900-1906. Mem. 
Arm Brown, Reynolds & Ackerman, attorneys, Bel- 
mont, N. Y. ; justice Supreme Court, -Belmont, N. Y., 
for term expiring Dec. 31, 1920. Republican; Episco- 
palian. Mason. Clubs: Buffalo, Ellicott (Buffalo, N. 
Y.). Address: Belmont, Allegheny Co., N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Cincinnati, Ohio, June 13, 1S73; s. Gen. 
Charles Elwood and Anna Elizabeth (Hussey) Brown; 
attended Miami Univ., class 1S92; Cincinnati Law Sch., 
LL.B., class 1897; unmarried. Partner in firm Brown 
& Cooksey, lawyers. Formerly associated with James 
C. McReynolds, present U. S. Att'y Gen. Quaker. 
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. County Bar Ass'n, 
State Bar Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n (Ohio), Mil. Order 
Loyal Legion, Union Soc Civil War. Clubs: Queen 
City (Cincinnati), Beta Beta Pi (N. Y. City). Resi- 
dence: 1 Gramercy Park. Address: 141 Broadway, 
N. Y. City. 


Engineer; b. Pleasantville. Pa.. April 2. 1873: s. 
Samuel Q. and Nancv (Lamb) Brown; grad. Phillips 
Exeter Acad., 1891; Princeton Univ., A.B., 1895; Mass. 
Inst. Technology, B.S. (Elec Eng'ring), 1S9S: one 
year Royal Technical Hoch Schule, Charlottenberg. 
Berlin, Germany; unmarried. Pres. and dir. Associ- 
ated Producers Co., Okla. Oil Co.; v.-p. and dir. Tide 
Water Oil Co.; dir. The Tide Water Pipe Co. (Ltd.), 
Am. Oil Co., Campbell Art Co., Magnetic Iron Ore 
Co., etc. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. 
Eng'rs, Am. Inst. Elec Eng'rs. Sigma Chi fraternity. 
Recreations: Automobiling, hunting. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Princeton, Technology, Camp Fire, Automobile 
of America, Engineers, Apawamis (golf). Tiger Inn 
(Princeton). Address: 11 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Sociologist, lecturer, lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 
2, 1889; s. Samuel and Bertha (Fischer) Brown; at- 
tended pub. sch. East Side Evening High Sch., N. Y. 
Univ. Law Sch.; m. N. Y. City, June. 1910, Lillian Bar- 
enkopf. Ag*t for N. Y. State Immigration Comm'n 
1908-1909; appt'd by Pres. Taft, mem. Staff of Tariff 
B'd, 1911; investigator N. Y. State Factory Investi- 
gating Comm'n, 1912; sp'l ag't Nat. Child Labor Com., 
1909-1913; at present dir. Bureau of Welfare of 
School Children; sp'l Comm'r representing N. Y. 
State at Congress of Internat. Ass'n of Factory In- 
spectors. Traveled approximately 50,000 miles in 
three years reporting first-hand conditions of em- 
ployment of children in U. S.; mg"r Polit. Exhibits of 
Com. of One Hundred. N. Y. City, 1909. Author: 
Night Messenger Service, a Child Labor Problem; 



Mining: of Anthracite Coal; Child Labor in New- 
York Canning- Factories: Industries and Immigra- 
tion; Enforcement and Administration Child Labor 
Laws; Dramatica Biographica, Toiling: Children of 
Gulf Coast Canneries. Mem. conf. Internat. Ass'n 
of Factory Inspectors; conf. of National Child Labor 
Com., conf. of Am. Ass'n for Labor Legislation; 
Fourth Internat. Congress on School Hygiene; dir. 
and acting Exec. Sec. N. T. School Lunch Com. Resi- 
dence: S36 Whitlock Av. Address: 105 E. 22nd St., N. 
Y. City. 


Educator; b. Kiantone, Chautauqua County, N. Y., 
Aug. 2S, 1S61; s. Russell McCrary and Electa L. 
(Sherman) Brown; grad. Univ. of Mich.. A.B., 1889; 
Univ. of Halle-Wittenberg (.Prussia), Ph. D., 1890; 
LL. D., Columbia 1907, Wesleyan 1909. George Wash- 
ington 1911, Rutgers, 1013; m. June 29, 1889, Fanny, 
youngest d. of Rev. Zachary Eddy, D.D. Acting 
ass't prof. Univ. of Mich.. 1S91-1892; asso. prof. 1892- 
1893. prof. 1893-1906, and head of dep't of ed'n Univ. 
of, Calif.; honorary prof, same, 1906; Federal comm'r 
of ed'n. 1906-1911; Chancellor N. Y. Univ. since 
1911. Congregationalist. Mem. Phi Betta Kappa 
Soc, life dir. Nat. Ed'n Ass'n; fellow A.A.A.S. 
Trustee Phelps-Stokes Fund. Clubs: Cosmos (Wash- 
ington), Century (New York). Residence: 2201 Lor- 
ing PI. Address. 32 Waverly PI., N. Y. City. 


State Senator, lawyer; b. Orleans, Jefferson Co., N. 
Y., Oct. 7. 1S57; s. Elon G. and Lucretia (Rouse) 
Brown; grad. Brown Univ.. 1S7S; m. Ettella K. 
Greene; children: Ethel M., Rena I., Phillip H. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1880. Mem. Constitutional Conv., 1894; 
author of apportionment and anti-pass amendments. 
Senator of N. Y. State from 35th Dist, 1898-1904, re- 
elected in 1912. Republican. Clubs: University (N. 
Y. City), Fort Orange (Albany), Genesee Valley 
(Rochester), Black River Valley (Watertown). Ad- 
dress: Watertown, N. Y. 


Clergyman, theologian; b. Hanover, N. H., Dec. 26, 
1849; s. Samuel Gilman and Sarah (Van Vechten) 
Brown; grad. Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1866; 
Dartmouth Coll., A.B., 1870, A.M., 1873; Union Theol. 
Sem., N. Y. City, 1877; studied Univ. of Berlin, 1877- 
1879 (hon. Ph.D., Hamilton Coll., 1884; D.D., Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1884; Yale, 1894; Univ. of Glasgow, 1901; 
Williams Coll.. 190S, Harvard Univ., 1909; D. Litt. Ox- 
ford Univ., 1901; LL.D., Dartmouth Coll., 1901); m. 
Berlin, Germany, Aug. 7, 1879, Louise Reiss; children: 
Julius Arthur (A.B. Dartmouth Coll., 1902, A.M., 1904, 
Rhodes scholar from New Hampshire, at Oxford, 1904- 
1907, B.Sc, Oxford, 1906, ass't prof, physics, Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1907-1909 prof, physics, Syrian Prot. 
Coll. Beirut since 1909); Natalie de Froideville, (m. 
Rev. James McClure Henry, of Canton, China, 1909); 
Elizabeth Gilman (m. Rev. Otis Tiffany Barnes, ot 
Chappaqua, N. Y., 1912). Instr. 1879-1891; asso. prof. 
1881-1890, Biblical philology; since 1S90 Davenport 
prof. Hebrew and cognate languages, and since 1908 
pres. Faculty, Union Theol. Sem. Mem. Soc. Biblical 
Literature and Exegesis, Am. Oriental Soc, Arch- 
a?ol. Inst, of America; Oxford Soc. for Hist. Theology, 
Religious Ed'n Ass'n, Phi Betta Kappa Soc, Alpha 
Delta Phi fraternity. Trustee Dartmouth Coll., Sy- 
rian Protestant Coll.; dir. Union Theol. Sem., Union 
Settlement Ass'n, Travelers' Aid Soc Recreation: 
Walking. Club: Century Ass'n. Address: 80 Clare- 
mont Av, N\ Y. City. 


Retired banker; b. Brooklyn, Oct. 16, 1862; s. James 
Bowen and Emma Ready (Smith) Brown; ed. Brook- 
lyn public schs. ; m. Brooklyn, Oct. 14, 1886, Ger- 
trude Lillian Moadinger. Engaged in banking from 
age of 14; was cashier Nat. Bank of Deposit and 
Sprague Nat. Bank, N. Y. City; now mem. banking 
firm of James N. Brown & Co. Chief interest centers 
In Sunday School work; sup't Bushwick Av. Metho- 
dist Episcopal Sunday School, the largest Methodist 
Sunday School in the world (3,600 members). On 
Exec Corns, of Brooklyn Sunday School Union, N. Y. 
State Sunday School Ass'n, Internat. Sunday School 
Ass'n, World's Sunday School Ass'n; mem. B'd of 
Mg'rs, B'd of Sunday Schs., M. E. Church, and B'd of 
Home Missions, M. E. Ch. Mem. Gen. Conf. M. E. 
Ch.. Baltimore, 1908; mg'r Nat. Temperance Soc. Vis- 
ited British West Indies and South America as mem. 
Comm'n Internat. Sunday School Ass'n, 1906-1907: 
visited Japan, Korea, China, etc., as comm'r World's 
Sunday Sch. Ass'n, 1907-190S, to assist in organizing 
Sunday Sch. work of those countries. Chm'n Public 

Sch. B'd, Dist. 36, N. Y. City. Residence: 247 New 
York Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 5 Nassau St., N. 
Y. City. 


Educator; lb. Newark, N. Y., 1878; s. Benjamin 
'Franklin and Mary Louise (Lee) Brown; grad. Syra- 
cuse Univ., B.S., class of 1900; m. Cazenovia, N. Y., 
1905, Mary Agnes Thompson; one d.: Alice Winifred, 
b. 1910. Head master Brown Sch. since 1906. Repub- 
lican; Methodist Episcopalian. Mem. Sch. Masters' 
Ass'n. Clubs: Graduates, Andiron. University, Glee, 
Syracuse Univ. Address: 241 W. 75th St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 21. 1808: s. Melvln 
(brother of U. S. Dist. Judge Addison Brown) and 
Susan Elizabeth (Baker) Brown; grad. A.B., (magna 
cum laude). Harvard Coll., 1889; afterward studied at 
Sorbonne and Ecole de Droit, Paris, France; at Univ. 
of Berlin, Germany; at N. Y. Law School, and Leland 
Stanford, Jr., Univ.; unmarried. Admitted to bar, 
1895, partner in law firms of Butler, Notman & 
Mynderse, and of Wallace, Butler & Brown; present 
firm, Butler, Brown, Wyckoff & Campbell; permanent 
mem. Cornite Internationale de Droit Maritime; mem. 
A.A.A.S.; v.-p. Internat. Maritime Law Conf. of 
Paris. Clubs: Whitehall, Downtown. Residence: 215 
Greene Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. Address. 54 Wall St., 
N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Cicero, N. Y., June 30, 1S54; s. Palmer 
and .Miriam M. (Palmer) Brown; ed. Cazenovia Sem. 
and Syracuse Univ., M.D., 1S78; m. Cicero, N. Y., Feb. 
16, 1882, Alice M. Whiting; children: Ethel E. (Ph.B.), 
b. 18S4; Gladys M., b. 1890; Donald W., b. 1893. Med. 
practitioner since 1878 at Baldwinsville, and Euclid, 
N. Y.; health officer since 1880. Republican; mem. 
M. E. Ch. Mem. Onondaga Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. 
Soc, Mason, and mem. Knights of Maccabees. Ad- 
dress: Euclid. N. Y. 


Pianist and lecturer on Wagner, and Woman Suf- 
frage; b. Morrison, 111., July 29, 1867; d. Charles and 
Anna (Drake) Foster; ed. Morrison high sch., grad. 
New England Conservatory of Music; studied piano 
in Berlin 18S7-1890, with Xavier, Scharwenka, and In 
Paris with Delaborde, later in N. Y. with Joseffy; m. 
Chicago, 1S93, Ray Brown. Taught piano at Chi- 
cago Conservatory of Music, 1890-1896; lectured and 
played Wagner music-dramas 1899-1905; since 1907 
pres. Woman Suffrage Study Club, N. Y. City, also 
speaker for Woman Suffrage. Mem. N. Y. State 
Woman Suffrage Ass'n, Nat. Woman Suffrage Ass'n, 
Woman Suffrage Party, Woman's Political Union. Ad- 
dresses: 294 W. 92d St., N. Y. City, and Bellport, 
L. I., N. Y. 


Physician, surgeon; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 23 1862; 
s. John Hutchinson and Abigail M. (Beattie) Brown; 
ed. public schs. of Yonkers, Hooper's Acad., ColL 
Phys. and Surgs. (Columbia Univ.), M.D.; m. Yonkers, 
N. Y., June 25, 1896; Frances R. Smith; children; 
Frances E., b. 1897; Kathryn B., b. 1901. Was 2 
years in office of F. H. Leggett, wholesale grocer, N. 
Y. City; 2 years in milling business; 7 years con- 
fidential agent N. Y. Central & Hudson River R. R. Co.; 
one year house physician, and 10 years visiting phy- 
sician, St. John's Riverside Hosp., Yonkers; ass't sur- 
geon Manhattan Eye. Ear and Throat Hosp., N. Y. 
City; instr. diseases of ear, N. Y. Post-Graduate Med. 
Sch. and Hosp. Mem. Westchester Co. Med. Soc, Am. 
Med. Ass'n, Am. Laryngol. Rhinol. & Otol. Soc, N. Y. 
Acad. Med. Republican; Presby'n (ruling elder). 
Mem. Junior Order United Am. Mechanics; State pres. 
Patriotic Order Sons of America. Address: 40 E. 41st 
St., X. Y. City. 

Educator; b. Springfield, Mass., April 2, 1879; s. 
Timothv Manning and Elizabeth (Chapman) Brown; 
grad. Williams Coll., A.B., 1901; Harvard Univ., A.M., 
1903; Ph.D., 1905; attended Univ. of Berlin; m. Will- 
iamstown. Mass., June 30, 1903, Frances Sager Nor- 
ton, of Chicago; children: Norton Sager, b. 1904; 
Frances Manning, b. 1906; Elizabeth R., b. 1909. Co- 
lumbia Univ., Instr. in philosophy. Mem. Phi Delta 
Theta fraternity, N. Y. Acad, of Science. Am. Phllos. 
Ass'n. Residence: 854 W. 181st St. Address: Co- 
lumbia University, N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Georgetown, D. C, Oct. 26, 1867; s. 
Joseph T. and Jennie C. (Buckey) Brown; ed. public 
schs., N. Y. City, and by private instruction; N. Y. 
Univ., B.S., C.E., 1886, A.B., 1890, A.M., 1892, D.D., 



1907 (pres. senior class, 1886; editor-in-chief Univ. 
Quarterly, 1886); Union Theol. Sem., 1890-1893; m. W. 
7.\.- lty nk Nov - 20 - 1894 . Adele P. Bedell; children: 
Philip Tenney, b. 1895; Randolph Bedell, b. 1898 In 
civil eng'ring practice, Washington, D. C, 1886-1888; 
New Roehelle, 1888-1890; N. T. City, 1890-1894 Stated 
supply Pelham Cong'l Oh., 1893; pastor Christ Cong'l 
,on' Bronx - N - T. City, since 1894; ordained Feb 22, 
1894, in Cong'l ministry. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa; 
Council, Bronx Soc. Arts and Sciences. Delta Phi 
fraternity. Editor 1905-1906, Gen. Alumni (biog) 
Catalogue of N. T. Univ., published by Gen Alumni 
Soc. in commemoration of Semi-sesquicentenntal of 
N. T. Univ.; mem. Council N. T. Univ. since 1908. Ad- 
dress: Concourse and 175th St., N. T. City. 


Banker; b. N. Y. City, June 8, 1857; s. Augustus J. 
an( L Sarah (McLaughlin) Brown; grad. Columbia, 1877 
(A.M.); m. Iva Ingersoll Farrell. Engaged in banking 
[business in N. Y. City; mem. firm of Walston H. 
Brown & Bros. Was major and commissary of sub- 
sistence. N. G., State N. Y. Clubs: Union League, 
University, Whist. Address: 45 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 21, 1S76; s. Joseph Henry 
and Ellen Douglas (Brookes) Brown, *. St. Johns- 
bury. Vt.; ed. Cutler Sch., N. Y., and Hill Sch. Potts- 
town, Pa.; m. Irvington, N. Y., (Dec. 9, 1904, Evelyn 
Harris. Gen. partner Brown & Combe, bankers. 
Mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange, Alliance Prancaise Re- 
publican. Mem. Nat. Geog. Soc. Clubs: Union League, 
Explorers, N. Y. Athletic, Seawanhaka-Corinthian 
Jaeht. Residence: 75 E. 54th St., X. Y. Citv and 
Sebasco, Me. Address: 100 Broadway, X. Y. City. 


r^ Re , a L esta A e; b V N ' T - clty - 187 : s - A. Swan and 
Charlotte (Connah) Brown; Princeton Univ. class 
1S93; m. Rockford, 111., 1896, Blanche Albertson- one 
d.: Frances Swan, b. 1898. Pres. of numerous co'rp'ns 
owning important holdings in N. Y. City real estate. 
Interested in musical and literary matters. Mem. 
St. Nicholas Soc, Sons of Revolution. Cluibs: Metro- 
politan, The Players, City, Princeton. Residence: 780 
Madison Av. Address: 340 Madison Av N. Y. City. 


Private banker; s. George Hunter and Rachael B. 
Brown; ed abroad and at Columbia Univ.; m. Adele 
Quartlty; three daughters. Mem. firm Brown, Ship- 
ley & Co., London; Brown Bros. & Co., N. Y.' Phila , 
Boston; chm'n exec, com., and dir. Bangor & Aroos- 
took R. R. Co.; pres. and dir. Nat. Bank of Nicaragua, 
Inc.; dir. Bangor Investment Co.; Bank of N Y.; 
Northern Maine Seaport R. R.; Northern Telegraph 
Co.; Pacific R'ys of Nicaragua; J. G. White Eng'ring 
Co.; voting trustee Aroostook Construction Co.; U. 
S. Trustee Sun Ins. Office. Clubs: Metropolitan, 
Union, Racquet and Tennis, Field and Turf, Riding, 
Piping Rock Tuxedo, Midday, Down Town Ass'n, 
Xewport Golf. Essex County Country, Mvopia Hunt. 
Residence: 789 Park Av. Address: 59 Wall St. N. 
Y. City. ' 


Importer; b. N. Y City, 1861; s. George and Almira 
(Rogers) Brown; ed. Coll. City of N. Y.; m. Chester- 
town, N. Y, Alice Faxon. In importing tea and coffee 
business since 1886; senior mem. of firm of John B 
Brown & Co.; veteran 7th Reg't. N. G. N. Y. Mem.' 
Soc. Colonial Wars, Mayflower Soc, Sons of Revo- 
lution. Recreations: Golf, tennis. Clubs: Down 
Town Ass'n, Lotos. Residence: 2 W. 72d St N Y 
City, and Chestertown, Warren Co., N. Y. Address: 
65 Pearl St., N. Y. City. 


? d i- t ,, r; J 5 ' Springboro, O., May 1, 1865; s. Samuel 
S. < V, E, M* a ,l? et (Hadley) Brown; grad. Earlham Coll., 
5 'P;' 1S ? ; Cornell Univ., Ph.D., 1896; m. Elmira M. 
Y., May 26, 1904, Frances D. Guion. Teacher in rural 
schs. and high schs.; instr. in Indiana Univ., 1890- 
1898; v.-p. and prof. Earlham Coll., 1S9S-1901. In- 
spector of high schs. and prof, in ed'n. State Univ. 
of Iowa, 1901-1905; prin. Normal Sch., Univ of 
^X? m ; nir ' 19 05-1908; exchange teacher in Prussia, 
1909: lecturer in Vassar Coll., Welleslev Coll. and 
Teachers' Coll., Columbia Univ., 1910-1912. Lecturer 
on ed 1 subjects. Author: The American High School, 
The 1 raining of Teachers for Secondary Schools in 
Germany and the United States. Editor for the 
Macmillan Co.. since 1910. Republican; mem. Society 
2* Friends. .Mem. Nat. Ed'n Ass'n. Nat. Soc. for Scien- 
tific Study of Ed n, Soc. of Coll. Teachers of Ed'n. 
Club: Authors (London). Residence: 559 W. 156th St 
Address: 64-66 Fifth Av., N. Y City 


Physician, surgeon; b. N. Y. City, April 17, 1852; s. 
Harvey and Margaret Sands (Wing) Brown; ed In 
private schs., N. Y. City, Fairfield Mil. Acad., Univ. 
of Midh., 1873; m. Dolgeville, N. Y., 1873, Mary Alice 
Youker; children: Jessie (Mrs. D C. Sheldon), b. 
1878; Margaret Shaffer, b. 1880 (Registered nurse, 
Brooklyn); Carrie Alice, b. 1886; Harvey John, b. 1890. 
Engaged in practice ot medicine in Skaneateles since 
1876; health officer of Skaneateles for 25 years. Sur- 
geon Skaneateles R. R. Has traveled extensively in 
U. S. Formerly pres. Mottville Paper Co., Ltd. (now 
dissolved). Republican. Ex-pres. Onondaga Med. 
Soc, mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, Central N. Y. Med. Ass'n, 
N. Y. State Med. Soc, Onondaga Co. Health Officers' 
Ass'n. Mem. Am. Ass'n R. R. Surgeons, U. S. Pension 
Surg.. Syracuse; Skaneateles Lodge, F. and A. -M., 
Royal Arch Mason, Knight Templar, Shriner and 32" 
Scottish Rite. Member Skaneateles Yacht Club. Ad- 
dress: Skaneateles, N. Y. 


Banker; b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 23, 1843; s. Nathan 
and Ann (Haggett) Brown; direct descendant Edward 
Browne, who settled at Ipswich, Mass., and Jeremiah 
Brown and Joseph Epes ('both on "iLexington roles" 
in Mass. State archives); ed. Jamaica Plains (Mass.) 
High Sch.; m. Roxbury, Mass., Oct. 18, 1871, Lavinia 
M. Ireson; children: Florence (Mrs. Wm. L. Newton), 
Mattie (Mrs. Dr. C. L. Fincke), Nathan H, Marion 
(Mrs. A. W. Shelton), Joseph Epes, Jr. Practically 
all of business life has been with banking house of 
Blake Bros. & Co., Boston and N. Y. City; entered 
as clerk in Boston office, 1S63: admitted partner, 
1873; moved to N. Y. City, 1874, residing thenceforth 
in Brooklyn; now senior partner Blake Bros. & Co. 
Mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange. Dir. Canada Southern 
R'y Co., Franklin Trust Co., S. Brooklyn Savings 
Inst'n (1st v.-p.). Republican; Congregationalist. 
Mem., dir. and 2d v.-p. L. I. Hist. Soc; mem. N. Y. 
Micros. Soc, Micros. Dep't Brooklyn Inst. Clubs: 
Down Town, Brooklyn Riding and Driving, Torrey 
Bot., Hamilton of Brooklyn. Residence: 123 Remsen 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y., and Ridgefield, Conn. Address: 
25 Broad St., N. Y. City. 


Mem. Congress; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 26, 1883; s. 
Charles and Stella Brown; grad. Groton Sch., Ma=f 
1900; Harvard, A.B., 1903; m. April 5, 1911, Helen 
Hooper, of Boston. Entered business career with 
Douglas Robinson, Charles S. Brown Co. Elected 
to 63d Congress from 1st N. Y. Dist. Served 5 years 
in Squadron A, N. G. N. Y. Democrat. Address: St. 
James, L. I., N. Y. 


Physician; b. 'Baltimore, Md., Sept. 29. 1871; s. Will- 
iam Judson and Mary Louise (Lawrason) Brown; grad. 
Johns Hopkins Univ., A.B., 1895; M.D., 1900; unmarried. 
Ass't resident physician, Adirondack Cottage Sanita- 
rium, 1900-1901; resident physician, 1901-1912; visiting 
physician to Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium and Re- 
ception Hosp. Mem. Ass'n Am. Physicians, Am. Clim- 
atol. Ass'n, Nat. Ass'n for Study and Prevention of 
Tuberculosis, Am Med. Ass'n. Am. Sanitorlum Ass'n, 
Bibliophile Soc, Boston; Phi Kappa Psi and Phi Beta 
Kappa Socs. Pres. Good Roads Ass'n. Club: Grolier 
(N. Y.). Address: Saranac Lake, N. Y.. 


Lawyer; b. W. Newbury, Mass., Aug. 13, 1S41; s. 
Addison and Catherine Babson (Griffith) Brown; grad. 
Harvard Coll., A.B., 1863; m. Susan Elizabeth Baker; 
children: Susan Elizabeth (wife of Lieut. John Wis- 
dom, British Navy), Frederick Melvin, Evelyn Brock- 
way (wife of Edwin C. Lane, of Mahwah, N. J.). For- 
mer mem. firms of Stanley, Brown & Clarke, and 
Stanley, Clarke & Smith. Has traveled much abroad 
and has been a very large operator in real estate. 
Recreations: Checkers, music. Address: 215 Greene 
Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Banker, financier; b. Jamesport, Mo., Jan. 22. 1SS2: 
s. Zaehariah and Missouri Ann (Xetherton) Brown; of 
Revolutionary ancestry; father founded town of James- 
port, Mo.: well known in live stock markets and ex- 
tensive realty owner; ed. by private tutors in U. S. 
and Europe. Entered employ of Cabot, Armstrong 
& Co., of Chicago; began financial career N. Y. City, 
1904, and following year engineered securing of finan- 
cial support in London market of East Coast & Trans- 
Continental R. R. Co. Pres. and treas. X. A. Brown & 
Co., In'c, N. Y. State Investment Banking Corp'n, of 
which is controlling stockholder; gen. mg'r and dir. 
Franklin's Inc., candy mf'rs. Has devoted greater part 
of time to consolidating and merging of leading candy 



interests of the country, and has opened negotiations 
with leading N. Y. City candy mf'rs and banking in- 
terests. Prominent in incorporation of N. Y. Stock 
Exchange. Recreations: Automobillng, golf. Clubs: 
Larchmont Y'alcht, Oakland Golf, Roval Automobile 
(London), Hyde Park. Address: 1 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Contractor, eng'r; b. Red Oak, Iowa, 1871; s. Isaac 
and Helen (Goodwin) Brown; attended Wyoming Sem. 
and Cornell Univ. Engaged since 1S94 in bld'g large 
eng'rlng projects, making specialty of tunnels and 
difficult foundation work. V.-p. and mg'r United 
Eng'ring & Contracting Co.; v.-p. and consulting eng'r 
Cuban Eng'ring & Contracting Co.; managing eng'r 
N. Y. Connecting Railroad Co., constructing founda- 
tions for new East River Bridge. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil 
Eng'rs, Western Soc. of Eng'rs. Clubs: Buffalo, Ham- 
ilton (Chicago), Cornell, Engineers, Whist, Delta 
Kappa Epsilon. Residence: 549 Riverside Drive. Ad- 
dress: 17 W. 42d St., X. Y. City. 


Illustrator; b. Groton, Conn., July 1G, 1S65; s. Rev. 
Samuel W. and Marianna (Ward) Brown; ed. private 
sch., S. Hadley (Mass.) High Sen., Worcester (Mass.) 
Polytechnic Inst.; m. Morrison, 111., 1S93, Gertrude 
Foster. Successively on staff of Chicago Times-Herald, 
N. Y. Journal; now art dir. Everybody's Magazine, 
N. Y. City. Recreations: Outdoor amusements. Illus- 
trator: Book of Child's Songs; Stage Lyrics; Am. Mer- 
chant Ships and Sailors. Clubs: N. Y. Athletic, Bell- 
port Yacht and Golf. Residence: 294 W. 92d St Ad- 
dress: Butterick Bld'g, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Dover, X. H., Aug. 27, 1SS0; s. Elisha 
Rhodes and Frances (Bickford) Brown; grad. Har- 
vard Univ., A.B, 1907; Harvard Law Sch., 1910; m. Jan., 
1911, Juliette Wheeler Duxbury. Ass't U. S. Att'y 
Southern Dist., N. Y. City, 2^ years; with Am. Tobacco 
Co., N. Y., 6 months. Address: 70 W. 11th St., and 
Harvard Club. N. Y. City. 


Editor; b. Scottsville, N. Y Aug. 23, 1S67; s. Dyer 
D. S. and Mary A. (Ensign) Brown; ed. Univ. of 
Rochester, B.A., 1SS9; M.A., 1904; m. Brooklyn. 1897, 
Bertha, d. Truman J. Backus, LL.D., late pres. of 
Packer Collegiate Inst. On city staff N. Y. Tribune, 
1SS9-1S95; editorial writer, 1895-1906; mn'g editor 
1906-1911; ass't editor-in-chief, 1911-1913. Appt'd 
State Civil Service Comm'r by Gov. Higgins, Jan. 19, 

1905, and served until 1911. Mem. Exec. Com. N. Y. 
Civil Service Reform Ass'n and of Council of Nat. 
Civil Service Reform League. Republican. Mem. Alpha 
Delta Phi fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa Soc.; dir. Peo- 
ple's Univ. Extension Soc, and N. Y. Public Ed'n 
Ass'n; trustee Brooklyn Public Library. Clubs: Union 
League, City, Alpha Delta Phi (X. Y. City), Hamilton, 
Riding and Driving (Brooklyn). Address: 164 Hicks 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Scottsville, Monroe Co., N. Y., Oct. 23, 
1S55; s. Dyer D. S. and Mary Ann (Ensign) Brown; 
grad. Univ. of Rochester, A.B., 1S79; A.M., 1S82; m. 
Scottsville, N. Y., June 26, 1S83, L. Adell Franklin; 
one son, Selden King, b. Oct. 13, 1S86. Practised law, 
Rochester, N. Y., July 1, lSS2-Jan.. 1906; since Jan. 4, 

1906, surrogate of Monroe Co. Republican; Episco- 
palian. Trustee Carey Collegiate Sem., Oakfield, N. Y; 
chancellor diocese of Western N. Y. Mem. Am. Bar 
Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Rochester Bar Ass'n, 
Rochester Chapter, class of 1879, and of Genesee Grad- 
uate Chapter Alpha Delta Phi. Clubs: Genesee Valley, 
University (Rochester). Address: Surrogate's Office, 
Court House, Rochester, N. Y. 


'Banker; b. N. Y.; s. James M. and Julia E. Brown; 
m. N. Y. City, 1S70, Isabella M. Wright: children: 
Nannie R, Talbot, Ellen G. Hudson, James M., Julia 
P. Fincke, John Wright. Mem. firm Brown Bros. Co., 
bankers; trustee Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co. Mem. X. Y. 
Stock Exchange, Chamber of Commerce, N. Y. Botani- 
cal Gardens. Clubs: Down Town, Metropolitan, Au- 
tomobile of America, Rumson Country, Church. Resi- 
dence: 32 E. 35th St. Address: 59 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Contractor, banker; b. Cincinnati, 1842; grad. Colum- 
bia, 1864; m. Eva R. Ingersoll, of N. Y. City: children: 
Eva I. Brown, Robert L Admitted to bar, 1S6S; with 
father founded firm ofJAugustus J. Brown & Son; be- 
came a contractor for building railroads. Clubs: Union 
League, Down Town, Ardsley, Sleepy Hollow Country. 
Residences (summer): Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. (winter): 
117 E. 21st St. Address: 45 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Publisher; b. Newark, O., Nov. 20, 1S63; s. Owen T. 
and Eleanor (Jones) Brown; ed. in Ohio. Associated 
with Ex-Sec. of Treasury Foster for several years; 
organized largest glass plant in country for manu- 
facture lamps and shades. Traveled extensively in 
Europe. For 10 years treas. largo milling company; 
interested in large publishing house, printing 75 
papers; v.-p. and dir. Central Newspaper Union. Pres. 
and treas. Liberty Heights Improvement Co.; pres. and 
dir. Western Multiphone Co.; treas. and dir. Brown 
Speedometer Co.; gen. mg'r Corbin-Brown Speedometer 
Dept. of Am. Hardware Corp'n; dir. Ass'n for Mechan- 
ical Development. Served 4 years on mil. staff of Pres. 
MoKinley when governor of Ohio; was at bedside o 
President when he died. Delegate to Rep. Nat. Conv., 
Minneapolis, 1892 (youngest delegate in convention); 
also delegate from Ohio to Rep. Nat. Conv., Phila- 
delphia. 1900. Address: 1860 Broadway, X. Y. City. 


Theologian; b. X. Y., Dec. 29, 1865; s. John Crosby 
and Mary Elizabeth (Adams) Brown; ed. St. Paul's 
Sch., Concord, X. H. ; Yale Univ., Union Theol. Sem., 
Univ. Berlin; grad. Yale, A.B., 1886; A.M., 1S8S; Ph.D., 
1901; D.D., 1907; Union Coll., D.D., 1903; m. March, 
1S92, Helen Gilman Xoyes; children: John Crosby 2d, 
b. 1S92; William Adams, Jr., b. 1S94; Winthrop Gilman, 
b. 1907; Helen Gilman. b. 1910. Ordained to Presby'n 
ministry, 1893; instr., 1S92-1895; provisional prof., 1895- 
1S98, Roosevelt prof. Systematic Theologv since 1898, 
Union Theol. Sem. Author: Musical Instruments and 
Their Homes, 188S; Essence of Christianity, 1902; 
Christian Theology in Outline, 1906; Morris Ketchum 
Jesup, a character sketch, 1910; The Christian Hope, 
1912; contb r Hastings Dictionary of the Bible, Hast- 
ings Encyclopedia Religion and Ethics, Cyclopedia or 
Ed'n. Political Science Quarterly, etc. Mem. edi- 
torial b'd of Hibbert Journal and of Constructive 
Quarterly, Patron Metropolitan Museum of Art; mem. 
Presby'n B'd Home Missions: dir. Union Settlement 
Ass'n, Grenfell Ass'n; mem. Museum Natural History, 
Soc. Biblical Exegesis, Am. Philos. Ass'n, A.A.A.S. 
Clubs: Century, University. Yale, Apawamis, Ameri- 
can Alpine. Residence: 114 E. 30th St., N. Y. City. 
Address: Union Theological Seminary, Broadway and 
120th St., N. Y. City. 


R'y official; to. Herkimer Co., N. Y., July* 29, 1853; 
entered r'y service 1869: served in various advanc- 
ing capacities until 1890, when became gen. mg'r 
Hannibal & St. Joseph and Council Bluffs R'ys until 
1896; also gen. mg'r Chicago, Burlington & Kansas 
City and St. Louis, Keokuk & Northwestern R'ys, 
1S91-1S96; gen. mg'r Chicago. Burlington & Quincy 
R. R., 1896-1901; v.-p. and gen. mg'r Lake Shore & 
Mich. Southern R'y, 1901-1902; v -p. and dir. 1902-1909 
pres. and dir. 1909-1913 of N. Y. Central & Hudson 
River R. R., and its subsidiary companies. Address: 
Grand Central Terminal, X. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Shelbyville, 111.; s. Henry and Rebecca 
(Zepp) Brownback; ed. 111., State Univ.; m. Morrison- 
ville, Apri 1 4, 1882, Mary J. Vandeveen; children: 
A. V., b. 1888; Eloise, b. 1892. V.-p. Milliken Nat. 
Bank. Republican; Presby'n. Knight Templar. Mem. 
Chamber of Commerce, trustee James Millikin Estate, 
Mrs. Anna B. Millikin's Estate. Recreations: Golf, 
motoring. Clubs: Business Mens, Country. Address: 
1305 W. Mafln St., Decatur, 111. 


Financier; b. Almond, N. Y., May 21, 1864; s. Hugh 
V. Browne, evangelist; Univ. of Rochester, B.A., 1885; 
m. 1st, Chicago, Oct. 12, 1893. Laura Fish (died Oct. 
30, 1897); 2d, London, Oct. 6, 1899, Alice Allen; 3 chil- 
dren. Mathematician. dep' f of statistics, N. Y. Life 
Ins. Co., 1858-18SS; mathematician, dep't of statistics, 
Mutual Life Ins. Co., 188S-1891; consulting actuary in 
X. Y. and Chicago, 1892-1895; financier and broker, 
London. England, 1S95-1901; during Spanish-Am. War 
aided Government in purchasing ships and war ma- 
terial abroad. With Thomas F. Ryan at the Morton 
Trust Co., 1901 to Jan. 1, 1907; since then at present 
office. Residence: Brownleigh Park, Goshen, N. Y. 
Address: 115 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Glasgow, Scotland, 1S55; s. J. Browne, 
commission agent, Glasgow; g.s. Sir Duncan Stuart 
of Glenbuckle, Perthshire, Scotland; m. Jennie E. 
Harris, 2d d. Frederick Harris of Ringwood, Hants, 
England, and g.d. f Capt. Christopher Beer of British 
Royal Navy; children: Travers, and Mrs. William 
Lee Hoskins. Started business career in Bank of 
Scotland, afterward with Canadian Bank of Com- 



merce, then gen. mg'r English Investment Co. of 
London; later rag'r for U. S. and Canada of Glasgow 
and London Ins. Co., next N. E. mg'r N. Y. Life Ins. 
Co., and subsequently confidential representative to 
Pres. McCall of same company. Organizer and v. -p. 
Nat. Surety Co., N. Y., organizer and pres. Internat. 
Banking and Trust Co., of N. Y. ; now and for several 
years senior mem. banking firm Stewart Browne & 
Co., N. Y. City; also pres. and dir. Broadway Bld'g 
Co. Spent three years in near?y every country of the 
world investigating their banking and financial con- 
ditions. Independent in politics; Episcopalian. Mem. 
St. Andrew's, St. George's, Canadian and other so- 
cieties. Clubs: Lawyers, N. Y. Athletic, British 
Schools and Universities, Automobile of America, 
Royal Automobile of Great Britain, Italian and French 
Automobile. Residence: 1 W. 81st St. Address: 170 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Clifton Park, N. Y., Jane 1, 1878; s. 
G. and Delia (Lockwood) Brownell; grad. Union Coll., 
A.B, 1900; Columbia Univ. Coll. Phys. and Surg., M.D., 
1908; unmarried. Master of Modern Languages, 1900- 
1904, at Hoosac Sch. Traveled extensively in Europe. 
Interne Roosevelt Hosp. 1908-1910; ass't in Medicine, 
Vanderbilt Clinic; ass t attending physician, B'd 
Health, N. Y. City. Episcopalian. Mem. Roosevelt 
Hosp. Alumni Soc, County and N. Y. State Med. socs.. 
Am. Med. Ass'n. Club; phi Delta Theta. Residence: 
139 W. 69th St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, railroad official; b. Des Moines, June 5, 
1861; s. Samuel Clark and Catherine (Fox) Brownell; 
ed. Medina (N. Y.) Acad. t Lockport Union Sch., Albany 
Law Sch., LL.B., 1882; Univ. of Mich., LL.B., 1883; m. 
Buffalo, June 7, 1897, Anna Knisely Abbott; children: 
George Abbott, b. 1898; Francis Abbott, b. 1899. Be- 
gan study of law in office of Childs & Pitts, Medina, 
N. Y., and later with Thomas M. Cooley, chief Judge 
Supreme Court, Mich., and dean of Law Dep^t, Univ. 
of Mich. Admitted to practise, 1883; became mem. 
Buffalo law firm, Sprague, Morey, Sprague & Brownell, 
1888, and since 1897, mem. firm Moot. Sprague, 
Brownell & Marcy; became gen. solictor Erie R. R. 
Co., June, 1897, with offices in N. Y. City since Jan. 
4, 1904; v.-p. and gen. solicitor, same co.; also v. -p. 
and gen. solicitor N. Y., Susquehanna & Western R. 
R. Co., Chicago and Erie R. R. Co.; v.-p. and dir. 
Erie & Jersey R. R. Co., Wilkes-Barre & Eastern R. 
R. Co., Edgewater & Ft. Lee R. R. Co., Erie Land & 
Improvement Co., Genesee River R. R. Co.; dir. Pa. 
Coal Co., Buffalo Creek R. R. Co., Blossburg Coal Co., 
Long Dock Co., Bergen County R. R. Co., Lake Keuka 
Navigation Co., Bath & Hammondsport R. R. Co., Gen. 
R'y Signal Co. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Chi 
Psi fraternity, Lodge Ancient Landmarks, 441, F. and 
A. M. Clubs: Lotos, Railroad (N. Y. City); Buffalo 
(Buffalo). Residence: 312 W. 89th St., N. Y. City, Buf- 
falo, N. Y. Address: 50 Church St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Knoxville, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1830; s. Dr. 
Moses and Mary (Brown) Brownell; ed. under pri- 
vate tutors and Troy Acad.; grad. Union Coll., A.B., 
1852, A.M.. 1855 (Phi Beta Kappa); LL.D. from He- 
bart and Columbia; m. Saugerties. N. Y., Sept 10, 
1869, Sarah Stoddard Sheffield; children: Louise S. 
(wife Prot . Arthur Percy Saunders, of Hamilton 
Coll.), Matilda A., Eleanor Olivia, Grace Stanley (wife 
Harold P. Daniels of N. Y. City). Engaged in practice 
in Troy. N. Y.. one year after admission to bar, 1852; 
removed to N. Y. City, where has since remained. 
Mn'g clerk in office of Clark & Rapallo. Mem. 
Brownell & Lathrop, 1867; firm became Brownell & 
Lathrop, 1868, and Brownell & Patterson, 1S96. En- 
listed in 7th Reg't, N.Y.N.G., April 19, 1861, at out- 
break of Civil "War. Presby'n. Mem. A.A.A.S., Am. 
Geog. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc, PreTiy'n Union, G. A R., 
and Kappa Alpha Soc; dir. Am. Bible Soc, recording 
sec Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. since 1878, and mem. 
Exec. Com. since 1880; mem. Soc. Mayflower De- 
scendants. Trustee Union Coll. since 1873, dir. and 
v.-p. Princeton Theol. Sem.; trustee Barnard Coll. 
since its charter, 1889. Clubs: Century, University, 
City, Reform. Quill, Down Town, Economic, Phi Beta 
Kappa. Residence: 322 W. 56th St. Address: 71 
Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Editor, author; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 30, 1851; s. Isaac 
Wllbour and Lucia Emilie (Brown) Brownell; grad. 
Amherst Coll.. 1871; L.H.D., 1896; Columbia Univ. 
Litt.D., 1910; m. Newport, R. I., Jan. 3, 1878, Virginia 
Shields Swinburne. On editorial staff The World, 
1871-1879; The Nation, 1879-1SS1; Philadelphia Press, 
1885-1886; since 1SSS a literary adviser of Charles 

Scribner's Sons, publishers. Author: French Traits, 
an Essay in Comparative Criticism, 1889; French Art, 
Classic and Contemporary Painting and Sculpture, 
1S92; Victorian Prose Masters (Thackeray, Carlyle, 
George Eliot, Matthew Arnold, Ruskin, George Mere- 
dith), 1901; American Prose Masters (Cooper, Haw- 
thorne, Emerson, Poe, Lowell, Henry James), 1909, 
and various articles on literary and art topics, con- 
tributed since 1875 to The Galaxy, Art Journal, Scrib- 
ner's Monthly, The Century, Scribner's Magazine and 
Atlantic Monthly. Mem. Am. Acad, of Arts and Let- 
ters. Address: 597 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Real estate specialist; b. N. Y. City; s. Edward 
Franklin (Browning, of Browning, King & Co.) ana 
Lucy Albertina (Richardson) Browning; ed. N. Y. City 
private schs., and N. Y. Law Sch. Holder cf world's 
building records; owner of Herald Square Bld'g. 141- 
145 W. 36th St ; Browning Bld'g, World Tower Bld'g, 
108-112 W. 40th St., and others. Republican; Congre- 
gationalism Recreations: Automobiling, driving, shoot- 
ing, fishing, photography. Club: Clove Valley Red 
and Gun. Residence: 110-112 W. 72d St. Address: 
110-112 W. 40th St., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b New London, Conn., July 7, 1855; s. 
William Thom-is and Nancy Crary (Avery) Brown- 
ing; ed. Norwich Free Acad., Yale Univ., Ph.B., 1876; 
Univ. of Leipzig, Germany, M.D., 1881. Interne at 
German Hosp., N. Y. City, 1881-1882; practising at 
Brooklyn since 1883; connected with Brooklyn Cen- 
tral Dispensary, 1883-1884; L. I. Coll. Dispensary, 
1884-1894; in charge Kings Co. Med. Soc, 1891-1901; 
lecturer, 1897-1900, and since then prof, diseases of the 
mind and nervous diseases, L. I. Coll. Hosp. Attend- 
ing or consulting neurologist tc Kings County, L. L 
Coll., L. I., State, Brooklyn, St. John's Sea View, St. 
Christopher's, Jewish, Norwegian, German, Bushwick 
and Eastern Dlst. Hosps. Mem. and ex-pres. Associ- 
ated Physicians of L. I., Brooklyn Soc. for Neurology, 
Med. Soc Co. of Kings; mem. Am. Neurol. Ass'n, Ass'n 
Am. Anatomists, Ass'n Med. Librarians, L. I. Library 
Ass'n, Brooklyn Inst., L. I. Hist. Soc, A.A.A.S., Yale 
Alumni Ass'n, Brooklyn Med. Ass'n. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Triton Fish & Game, etc. State examiner in 
lunacy. Mem. N. Y. City Inebriety Comm'rs. Editor 
of Neurographs. Author: Veins of the Brain. 1884; 
Epileptic Interval, 1893; Circulation in the Central 
Nervous System, 1907. Contb'r articles: Vessels of 
the Brain, in Buck's Reference Handbook; Vascular 
Disease of the Brain, in Sajous' Cyclopedia, and 
many articles on internal secretions, Med. History 
and Biography, Neurology, etc, in med. journals 
Address: 54 Lefferts PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Artist; b. Honesdale, Pa., Dec. 10, 1S50; d. William 
and Elvira (Kennedy) Brownscombe; ed. public schs. 
of Honesdale, Pa., Cooper Inst, and private sch. of 
Design for Women (received medal); Nat. Acad. 
Design (2 silver medals), and Art Students' League. 
Painter in oil and water colors of historic and ideal 
figure subjects; between 60 and 70 of her paintings 
have been reproduced in etchings, engravings and 
photo engravings. Traveled and studied abroad six 
years. Mem. Municipal Art Soc, N. Y. ; Historic & 
Scenic Preservation Soc, D. A. R., Honesdale, Pa- 
Chapter. Club: Nat. Arts. Address (winter): 96 
5th Av. (summer): Palenvllle, Greene Co., N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Waitsfield, Vt., Aug. 18, 1883; s. Duane 
O. and Martha J. (Fisher) Bruce; grad. Brown Univ., 
Providence, R. I., 1907, Ph.B.; Harvard Law Sch.. 
Cambridge, Mass., LL.B., 1910; unmarried. Ass't to 
gen. counsel of The Solvay Process Co. of Syracuse, 
N. Y., since July 1, 1910, handling all trial work for 
that company. Mem. Troop C, of Cambridge, 1909- 
1910, Troop D, Syracuse, N. Y., 1910-1913. Att'y for 
Village of Solvay, N. Y., 1913. Mem. Onondaga Co. 
Bar Ass'n, Delta Upsllon fraternity. Clubs: Century, 
University (mem. B'd of Dlrs.), Syracuse Country. 
Residence: Solvay Club House. Address: Legal 
Dep't, The Solvay Process Co., Syracuse, N. Y. 


Jurist; b. Mercersburg, Pa., Oct, 1, I860; s. James 
(D.D.) and Mary (Linn) Bruce; ed. Andes (N. Y.) 
Acad, and Rutgers Coll., A.B. (valedictorian), 1884; m. 
1894, Mrs. Lillian (Ballantine) Knapp; d. late Duncan 
Ballantlne, of Andes, N. Y. ; four children. Instr. Sey- 
mour Inst., Pine Plains, N. Y., 1884-1887, and Albany 
Boys' Acad., 1887-1888; studied law in office of Casslus 
M. Shaw, Andes. N. Y.; admitted to bar, Sept, 1889; 
removed to N. Y. Citv, 1S90: mn'g clerk in office of 
Hector M. Hitchings, 1890-1892; practised law until 



FOR BOYS-599 West End Avenue FOR GIRLS 601 West End Avenue 

N. ARCHIBALD SHAW, Jr., Prinripa 

MRS. N. ARCHIBALD SHAW, Jr., Principal 



Certificate o( School Admits to College Visual Instruction in History, Geography and Science 


Gymnasium, Outing Classes, Athletic Field. Physical Exercises Obligatory. Sports and Games Under Direction of Masters 
Manual Training Course will be Extended this Year Under Direction of a Graduate of Teachers' College 

Irving School 

* FOUNDED 1890 

35 West Eighty-fourth Street 

Telephone 4836 Schuyler 
* * -ft 


Thorough Preparation for College or Business 

Primary and Intermediate Departments 

No Home Study for Boys Under Fifteen 

Classes Average Eight 

Gymnasium Laboratory 

The year-book of the school will be sent on request; 
it gives full details including both commendatory letters 
from several colleges and a list of the graduates and 
patrons since 1891. 

L. D. RAY, Principal. 

The Carpenter School 

310-312 West End Avenue 
New York City 


* 4 * 

pupils 9 A. M. to 5.30 P. M.. 
thereby allowing boys to live at 
their homes in the city all winter. 

all winter. Manual Training, 
Gymnasium and Swimming Pool. 


School advertisements continued on page 96 



DARNARD School for Boys 



for the City Boy 

Explained in Catalogue of 


Formerly of Washington Heights, now overlooking Van Cortlandt Park Playground. Four min- 
utes' walk from West 242d Street Broadway Subway Station. Also accessible by N. Y. Central or 
Trolley from Bronx, Yonkers and Mt. Vernon. The building just completed, perfectly appointed, 
open to sun and air on all sides. 

With its semi-rural surroundings and its proximity to the playgrounds of that section, its plan is: 

To take the boy off the street after school hours, also Saturdays, by 
giving him a playground in the open, and by exercising a wise and sym- 
pathetic supervision over all his time, both of study and of play; 

Then to send him home in time for the evening meal, where home in- 
fluence can supplement easily and naturally the work of the school;- 

To furnish at midday a wholesome hot dinner, prepared by an effi- 
cient cook and supervised by a dietitian; 

To provide an afternoon study hour when lessons can be prepared for 
the next day. 

The arrangement is such that the boys will go to and from school in the opposite direction from 
the crowds, the younger boys going in the company of a teacher. 


Barnard School for Boys 

Fieldston, Cayuga Ave. & W. 242d Si. 
Barnard School for Girts 

421 & 423 West 148th St. 
Barnard Elementary School 

386 Fort Washington Ave. 
Barnard Elementary School 

139th St. & Riverside Drive 
Barnard School of Household Arts 

226 West 79th Street 

Summer Camp for Boys 

Mallett's Bay, Vt. 
Summer Camp for Girls 

Lake Champlain, Vt. 


From Kindergarten to College. 192 Gradu- 
ates have entered leading colleges with honor. Small 
classes. Individual attention. A special class for busi- 
ness. 28th year. Office hours, 2-4 P. M. Telephone, 
Marble 792. 

4 * 

President, William L ' . ipgston Hazen, A.B., LL.B. 
Secretary, Katharine Huguenin Davis. 
Treasurer, Theodore Edward Lyon, B.S. 

School Advertisements continued on i 



appt'd, Dec, 1906, justice Supreme Court, 1st DIst., 
N. Y. ; resumed practice in 1908; reappt'd Justice Su- 
preme Court in 1908 by Gov. Hughes. Counsel to Leg- 
islative Com., 1910. Campaign speaker in every Nat. 
and State campaign since 1SS8; pres. Republican Co. 
Com. of N. T., 1903, and conducted campaign of Mayor 
Low for re-election; elected lieut.-gov. of N. Y., 1904, 
and renominated 1906, but failed of re-election. Pres- 
by'n; comm'r to Gen. Assembly Presby'n Ch., Buffalo, 
1904. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. County Law- 
yers' Ass'n, St. Andrew's Soc. Club: Republican (v. -p.). 
Residence: 347 Convent Av. Address: 6S William St., 
N. Y. City. 


Manufacturer, mem. Congress; b. N. Y. City, June 17, 
1871; ed. public and high sens., N. V. City. Pres. Bruck- 
neT Bros., Inc.; dir. Bronx Mortgage Co., Am. Metal 
Cap Co.; mem. N. Y. State Legislature; comm'r of pub- 
lic works, Borough of Bronx, 1902-1905; elected to 63d 
Congress from 22d N. Y. Dist. Democrat. Address: 
410 B. 101st St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, N. v. City Chamberlain, appt'd Jan., 1914; b. 
St. Charles, Mo Jan. 15, 1SS2; s. J. E. (M.D.) and Cor- 
nelia Bruere; attended Cornell Univ., 2 years; grad. 
Univ. of Chicago, 1901; Harvard and N. Y. Univ law 
sons., Sch. Polit. Science, Columbia Univ.; m. 1904, 
Jane Munroe. Dir. Bureau of Citv Betterment, Jan., 
1906-May, 1907; dir. Bureau of Municipal Research 
since 1907. Dir. boys' elub, Denison House, Boston, 
1901-1902; Highland Union Workingmen's Club, 1902- 
1903; organizer and dir. McCormick Works Men's Club 
and Technical Sch., 1903-1905; investigation of indus- 
trial welfare work for Internat. Harvester Co., 1903; 
study and report on Industrial ed'n in U. S. for In- 
ternat. Harvester Co., 1904; investigation of N. Y. pub- 
lic baths for Ass'n Improving Condition of Poor, 1905. 
Mem. org'n Com. Nat. Soc. for Promotion of Industrial 
Ed'n, 1908; mem. sub-com. of mayor and comptroller 
on budget, 190S, 1909; mem. comptroller's com. on re- 
org'n of accounts and methods, dep't of finance, 1909- 
1910; mem. com. on standardization of supplies, 1910. 
Administrative survey ten comm'n governed cities, 
1911; administrative survey six German cities, 1912. 
Author: The New Citv Government; occasional contb'r 
to periodicals. Address: 261 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Writer, lecturer, social worker; b. St. Charles, Mo.; 
s. John Ernst and Cornelia (Schoeneich) Bruere; ed. 
Washington Univ., St. Louis, Mo., B.A., M.A., sp'i 
student, Univ. of Berlin, Germany; graduate student in 
English, Univ. of Chicago; m. Martha S. Bensley. 
Instr. French, South Side Acad.. Chicago; English. 
Univ. of Chicago, 1899-1904; lecturer on Am. Liter- 
ature, Rand Sch. Social Science, N. Y., 1908; gen. agent, 
N. Y. Ass'n for Improving Condition of Poor, 1907-1910. 
Sec. N. Y. Milk Com.; exec. sec. Big Brothers Move- 
ment; sec. Com. on Physical Welfare of Sch. Chil- 
dren; exec. com. Intercollegiate Socialist Soc; mem. 
Ethical Social League. Acad. Polit. Science. Clubs': 
X, Liberal. Address: 206% W. 13th St., N. Y. City. 


Manufacturer; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 21, 1854; s. Rich- 
ard P. and Phebe S. (Jenkins) Bruff; ed. Poly. Inst., 
Brooklyn; m. 1st. Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 3, 1878, Edith 
M. Haynes; 2d, Montreal, Feb. 17, 1912, May Isabel 
Marshall; three children. Pres. Union Metallic Cart- 
ridge Co., Bridgeport; sec. Remington Arms Co., Ilion; 
gen. mg'r M. Hartley Co., N. Y., Remington Arms Un- 
ion Metallic Cartridge Co.. N. Y. Republican. Mem. 
Royal Arcanum, Scottish Rite Masons, Kismet Tem- 
ple. Recreations: Golf, automobile. Clubs: Brooklyn, 
Hamilton, Excelsior (Brooklyn). Marine and Field, 
Merchants Yacht. Residence: 270 Riverside Drive. 
Address: 299 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Editor: b. Lockport, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1887; s. Norman 
Ellsworth and Ida Margaret (Heekel) Brundage; ed. 
public and high schs., Lockport, N. Y.; m. Nov. 27, 
1906, Jane Helene Buddenhagen. Mem. and sec. Civil 
Service Comm'n, Lockport, N. Y., 1913-1914. City ed- 
itor Lockport Daily Review, 2 years; city editor Dock- 
port Daily Journal since 1910. Lockport representa- 
tive Buffalo Evening News. Rochester Herald, N. Y. 
Tribune. Republican; Catholic. Elk. Residence: 467 
East Av. Address: 36 Market St., Lockport, N. Y. 


Architect: b. N. Y. City, Sept. 25, 1857; grad. sp'l 
course in architecture in Mass. Inst, of Technology, 
1879; entered office of George B. Post; after extended 
travel in Europe, commenced practise in architecture 
with Thomas Tryon, under firm name of Brunner & 
Trvon, 1885, Mr. Tryon withdrawing from firm, 1899; 

architect of Cleveland post office, custom house and 
house, Mount Sinai Hosp. buildings, Sch. of 
Mines, Columbia Univ., and many other public and 
private bld'gs in N. Y. City; designed pavilions in 
William 11. .Seward Park, Thomas Jefferson Park, Pub- 
lic Baths, etc. Won competition for new building, 
Dep't of State, Washington, D. C. Appt'd by Gov. 
Nash, of O., one of three supervising architects to 
prepare group plans of public bld'gs and grounds for 
city of Cleveland, and mem. of similar comm'ns in 
Rochester, Denver, Baltimore and other cities; appt'd 
mem. B'd of Ed'n of N. Y., 1902. Mem. Architectural 
League of N. Y. (pies., 1903 and 1904;, N. Y. Chapter 
Am. Inst, of Architects (pres., 1909 and 1910); fellow 
of Am. Inst, of Architects; mem. Nat. Sculpture Soc. 
(v.-p., 1907); appt'd mem. of Art Comm'n of City of 
N. Y., 1907. Clubs: Century, Players (N. Y. City), Cos- 
mos (Washington, D. C), Union (Cleveland). Resi- 
dence: 1 Lexington Av. Address: 101 Park AV., N. Y. 

Stock broker; 'b. N. Y., March 3, 1870; s. Phil. C. 
and Emily (Switzer) Bruns; m. June 12, 1895, Mar- 
garet Cunningham; children: Mildred E., b. Feb. 11, 
1897; Edwin G., Jr., b. Aug. 22, 1900. Mem. firm An- 
derson, Bruns & Co. Clubs: N. Y. Yacht, Columbia 
Yacht, N. Y. Athletic, Deal Golf. Residence: The Ap- 
thorp, 2211 Broadway. Address: 60 Broadway, N. r. 


Physician, retired; b. village of West Hills, town of 
Huntington, L. I., N. Y., 1842; ed. public schs. and 
acad. of native town; grad. L. I. Coll. Hosp., 1876; en- 
listed in 1861 as private soldier in 4Sth Reg't, N. Y. S. 
Vols.; promoted corporal, sergeant and 2d lieut. 34th 
U. S. C. I., June, 1863; 1st lieut. and capt. same reg't; 
honorably discharged, Dec, 1865, on account of ill 
health; received Cong. Medal of Honor "for conspicu- 
ous gallantry in action." Deacon Plymouth Ch. and 
sup't of Sunday sch.; later deacon Central Cong'l Ch. 
and sup't Sunday sch., 7 years; mem. State Assembly, 
1895; State Senate, 1S96-1898. Life mem. Brooklyn 
Inst, of Arts and Sciences (dir.); mem. Mil. Order 
Medal of Honor, Brooklyn League; chm'n Brooklyn 
Transit Conf. ; mem. N. Y. State Med. Soc.; formerly 
pres. Med. Examining B'd for Pensions, and ass't sur- 
geon 13th Reg't. Mem. Anglo-Saxon Lodge, F. and A. 
M.; Medal of Honor Legion, U. S. A. (past comd'r), 
Mil. Order Loyal Legion, U. S. Grant Post, 327, G. A. 
R. (past comd'r); formerly pres. Manhattan-Brooklyn 
Conf. Cong'l Churches. Club: Brooklyn Congrega- 
tional (ex-pres.). Address: 462 Ocean Av., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 


Born Rye, N. Y. ; s. Walter Franklin and Maria Hill 
(Merriam) Brush; ed. Harvard Coll.; unmarried. Dec- 
orated by Italian Gov't, Cavalier Coroner, Italia. Dir. 
and v.-p. Soc. for Italian Immigrants. Clubs: Century, 
City, Harvard, Riding, University. Residence: 34 E. 
32d St. Address: 500 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Secretary of State; b. Salem, 111., Maich 19, 1860; 
s. Judge Silas Dillard and iMariah Elizabeth (Jen- 
nings) Bryan; ed. high sch., Salem, 111., Whipple Acad., 
111. Coll.; grad. Jackson Coll., A.B. (valedictorian), 
1881; A.M., 1884- LLB, Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 
1883; m. Perry, 111., Oct. 1, 1SS4, Mary Elizabeth Baird; 
children: Ruth (Mrs. R. B. Owen); William Jennings, 
Jr., b. 18S7; Grace (Mrs. Richard L. Hargreaves), b. 
1891. Practised law at Jacksonville, 111., 1883-1887; 
removed to Lincoln, Neb., Oct. I. 1887, and formed law 
partnership with Hon. A. R. Talbot. Elected to 52d 
Congress, 1890; re-elected to 53d Congress, 1892; re- 
ceived the Dem. vote in Neb. Legislature for U. S. 
Senator, 1894 (but defeated by Senator JohnM Thurs- 
ton); chief of editorial staff Omaha World-Herald, 
1894-1896; delegate from Neb. to Nat. Dem. Conv., 
1S96, and made a speech on the platform which is 
one of the most noted in the annals of Am. oratory; 
nominated for pres. of U. S. by that conv.; defeated 
by William McKinley; lectured on bimetalism and in 
opposition to trusts. 1897-1898. Organized 3d Reg't 
Neb. Vol. Inf. for war with Spain, 1898, and was Its 
col. Nominated for pres. in Kansas City conv. by Dem., 
Populist and Republican paTties, 1900; defeated by 
William McKinley. Established The Commoner, week- 
ly paper devoted to polit. science, polit. economy and 
sociology; head of Neb. delegation to Dem. Nat. Conv. 
at St. Louis, 1904; made tour of the world. 1905-1906; 
nominated for pres. by Dem. Nat. Conv., 1908; defeated 
by William Howard Taft. Nominated for sec of state 
and confirmed March 5. 1913. Author: The First Bat- 
tle, 1897; The Old World, 1907: also many lectures, 
magazine and newspaper articles. Address: Wash- 
ington, D. C. 




Physician, surgeon; b. Jackson, Pa., 1851; s. Chaun- 
cey E. and Hannah I. (Corse) Bryant; ed. Windsor 
Acad., Windsor N. Y. ; Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.; 
m. Hollisterville, Pa., Nov. 28, 1871, Sarah M. 
Mitchell; children: Carleton Elliott, b. 1878; Frank 
Mitchell, M.D., b. 1879. Attending physician to N. T. 
Post-grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp. Dispensary; Med. ex- 
aminer Postal Life Ins. Co. Principal Bryant Sch. 
for Stammerers. Author: Definition, Causes and 
Treatment of Stammering; Some Speech Disorders 
and their Treatment; contb'r med. and lay press of 
articles on Speech Disorder and Defects; editor and 
publisher Voice Topics Journal. Travelled in Euro- 
pean countries; U. S. Fellow N. Y. Acad. Med.; mem. 
Am. Med. Ass'n, Med. Soc. County of N. Y., Med. Soc. 
State of N. Y. Address: 62 W. 40th St., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. E. Troy, Walworth Co., Wis., 1845; 
ed. Norwich (N. Y.) Acad, and Bellevue Hosp. Med. 
Coll.; interne in Bellevue Hosp., 1869-1871; sanitary 
lnsp. N. Y. City Health Dep't, 1873-1879; comm'r N. Y. 
B'd Health, 1887-1893; surgeon, 71st Reg't, N. G. 6., 
N. Y., 1873-1882; surgeon-gen. on staffs of Governors 
Cleveland, Hill and Flower; prof, anatomy Bellevue 
Hosp. Med. Coll., 1877-1897; prof, surgery Univ. and 
Bellevue Hosp. Med Coll., since 1897; visiting physi- 
cian to Charity Hosp., 1881-1882; visiting surgeon to 
Bellevue Hosp., since 1882; St. Vincent's, since 1887; 
consulting surgeon N. Y. Insane Asylum. Woman's 
Hosp. and Hosp. for Ruptured and Crippled. Author: 
Bryant's Operative Surgery (2 vols., 4 editions); 
senior editor Am. System of Surgery (Bryant and 
Buck); contb'r surg. articles to med. press. Mem. 
and ex-pres. N. Y. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. State Med. 
Soc, Am. Med Ass'n. Medical adviser and personal 
friend of late President Grover Cleveland and family. 
Address: 48 W. 59th St., N. Y. City. 


Accountant; b. Brooklyn, June 18, 1876; s. Ebenezer 
and Annie M. (Banta) Bryant; ed. Brooklyn public 
schs.. Non-resident Sch., Taylor Univ., N. Y. Univ.; 
m. Woodside, L. I., N. Y., June 22, 1994, Laura Allen 
Post. Sec. & treas. James Pyle & Sons (inc.); Bri- 
gantine Dock Co., Laredo Bridge Co. (Texas). Re- 
publican; Baptist. Mem. Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity 
(N. Y. Univ.). Address: Palisades Park, N. J. 


Physician; specialist in diseases of the ear, nose 
and throat; b. Boston, Mass., May 15, 1861; s. Henry 
Bryant, M.D., distinguished naturalist and brigade 
surgeon in Union Army during Civil War; descended 
from Rollo, through Count Godfrey de Brion, and 
Elizabeth Brimmer (Sohier) Bryant, who traces her 
descent through male line from Charlemagne through 
the ancient Counts de Vermandois; received prepara- 
tory ed'n at St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H., and from 
.tutors, Harvard, A.B., 1884; A.M. and M.D., 1888; m. 
Orange, N. J., 1887, Martha Lyman Cox; children: 
Mary Cleveland, Elizabeth Sohier, Alice de Verman- 
dois. Julia Cox, Gladys de Brienne. Was formerly 
aural surgeon Boston Dispensary; ass't in anatomy 
and otology, Harvard Med. Sch.; ass't aural surgeon, 
Mass. Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary; instr. in 
otology, Coll. of Phys. and Surg., N Y. ; clinical ass't 
in the dep't of otology, Vanderbilt Clinic, N. Y.; ass't 
surgeon, St. Bartholomew's Clinic, N. Y. ; clinical 
instr. and attending surgeon, otological dep't, Cornell 
Univ. Med. Sch.; physician in class of nose, throat 
and ear diseases, Presbyterian Hosp., N. Y., and ad- 
junct prof, dep't diseases of the ear, New York Post- 
( Grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp. Was mem. Boston Soc. 
for Medical Improvement, Boylston Med. Soc, Boston 
Soc. of Med. Sciences, Internat. Congress of Arts and 
Sciences, 1904; 6th, 7th, Sth and 9th Internat. Otologi- 
cal Congresses; 4th and 5th Pan-Am. Med. Congresses; 
15th, 16th and 17th Internat. Med. Congresses, the 
5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Congresses of Am. Physicians 
and Surgeons. Consulting otologist of Manhattan 
State Hosp. and senior ass't surgeon aural dep't 
N. Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary. Served in Mass. N. G., 
1883-1898. At outbreak of Spanish-Am. War appt'd 
ass't surgeon 1st Mass. Heavy Art'y, U. S. V, and 
soon comm'nd by Pres. McKinley as maj. and brig, 
surgeon of vols.; served with Maj. -Gen. Fitzhugh Lee 
in 7th Army Corps until May. 1899, after which served 
for two years as surg. of Light Battery A, Mass. N. G. 
Author: Section on ear of Knight and Bryant's "Dis- 
eases of the Nose, Throat and Ear" (Blakiston's, 
1909); also of 223 med. pub., anatomical and otologi- 
cal. Mem. Am. Acad. Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryng- 
ology. Am. Laryngol., Rhinol., and Otol. Soc, Am. 
Med. Ass'n, Am. Otol. Soc. Boston Med. Library. Har- 
vard Med. Soc. of N. Y. (ex-pres.); Harvard Med. 
Alumni Ass'n. Mass. Med. Soc, Mass Med. Benevolent 

Soc, Ass'n of Mil. Surgeons of the U. S., N. Y. Otol. 
Soc, N. Y. Acad, of Med., N. Y. Physicians Mutual Aid 
Ass'n, N. Y. State Med. Ass'n, N. Y. County Med. Ass'n, 
Med. Ass'n of Greater City of N. Y., Boston Soc. of 
Nat. Hist., Manhattan Med. Ass'n, Medico-Surgical 
Soc. N. Y., Soc. Med. Jurisprudence, Fellow Coll. of 
Surgeons of Am., New. Eng. Hist. Geneal. Soc, N. Y. 
Geneal. and Biog. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc, Veteran Ass'n 
of Indp't Corps of Cadets, M. V. Militia, Ass'n Med. 
Reserve Corps, U. S. A., N. Y. State Division; 1st 
Lieut. Med. Reserve Corps, U. S. A. Also mem. Loyal 
Legion, Mil., Order of Foreign Wars, Naval and Mil. 
Order of the Spanish-Am. War, Spanish War Vete- 
rans, Sons of Revolution, Mass. Soc of the Cincinnati, 
Soc. of Am. Wars, Holland Lodge, Huguenot Soc of 
America, New England Soc. of N. Y., Soc. of Colonial 
Wars, Soc. of Mayflower Descendants, Knight Tem- 
plar, 32" Mason, and Mecca Temple. Mem. Delta 
Ka)ppa Epsilon and Zeta Psi fraternities. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Harvard (N. Y. City), Porcellian, Hasty Pud- 
ding. Zeta Psi (Cambridge). Address: 19 W. 54th St., 
N. Y. City. 


Manufacturer; b. Winchendon, Mass., Dec. 17, 1863; 
s. Calvin T. and Almeda (Dexter) Bryant; grad. Wor- 
cester Poly. Inst., A.B., class of 1884; m. Waterbury, 
Conn., April 5, 1887, Ida Gerald; children: Waldo 
Gerald, Doris. Started in business mf'g electric 
lighting devices, 1888; incorp'd The Bryant Electric 
Co., 1889, of which is pres., treas. and gen. mg'r; also 
pres., treas. and gen. mg'r The Perkins Electric 
Switch Mf'g Co., v.-p. and dir. Siemon Hard Rubber 
Corp'n; dir. Bridgeport Brass Co., Bridgeport Hydrau- 
lic Co., First-Bridgeport Nat. Bank, Bridgeport Trust 
Co.; trustee People's Savings Bank. Republican; 
Congregationalist. Mem. N. E. Soc. Am. Inst. Elec 
Eng'rs; dir. Library B'd and Bridgeport Hosp. Ma- 
son, 32. Clubs: Bridgeport Boys' (director). Union 
League, Lawyers', Engineers', Railroad, City Lunch 
(N. Y.), Brooklawn Country, Bridgeport Yacht 
(Bridgeport), University, Algonquin, Contemporary, 
Metabetchouan Fishing & Game (Can.), Accomack. 
Residence: 271 Park Av., Bridgeport, Conn. 


U. S. minister Xo Netherlands and Luxemburg, edi- 
tor, author; b. Flushing, L. I., Sept. 20, 1851; s. J. 
Smith Bryce (ass't adjutant-gen., U. S. A.), and Eliz- 
abeth (Stephens) Bryce; grad. Oxford Univ., England, 
A.B., A.M.; m. N. Y. City, Edith, d. Mayor Cooper of 
N. Y. City, and g.d. Peter Cooper. Appt'd pavmaster 
gen. State of N. Y., with rank of brig.-gen., 1886; 
while Congressman of 7th Dist., N. Y. City, 1887, 
served on Com. of Commerce, and devoted particular 
attention to matters affecting harbor of N. Y.; vis- 
ited Europe as chm'n Comm'n to study Bimetallism 
for Sound Money Democratic League. 1896; editor 
and prop'r North Am. Review, 1889-1896; appt'd U. S. 
minister of Netherlands and Luxemburg, 1911. Hon- 
orary vice-pres. Conf. on Bills of Exchange; appt'd 
U. S. delegate to 2d Opium Conf., 1913. Author: Par- 
adise, Friends in Exile, Romance of an Altar Ego, 
Dream of Conquest, Lady Blanche's Salon, The Lit- 
erary Duet After Christianity What?; also essays, etc., 
contb'd to reviews. Episcopalian. Clubs: Century. 
Knickerbocker, Union, Authors, Metropolitan, Mea- 
dow Brook, Tuxedo. Residence: Roslyn, L. I. AddTess: 
1024 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. New Berlin, N. Y., Dec. 27, 1843; ed. 
public schs. and U. S. Mil. Acad. Served during Civil 
War in 1st Reg't, U. S. Sharpshooters (Berdan's) as 
private, non-comm'n officer and 1st lieut.; acted as 
adj. of reg't. Practising law in Albany, N. Y., since 
Jan., 1874. Dir. Union Trust Co.; trustee Nat. Sav- 
ings Bank, Albany, N. Y. Republican; Episcopalian. 
Mem. Mil. Order Loyal Legion, Albany County and 
N. Y. State Bar Ass'ns, Buchanan Soc, St. Andrew's 
Soc. Trustee Albany Law Sch., Albany Acad, for 
Girls, Young Men's Ass'n, major and judge advocate 
(retired), N. G., N. Y. Clubs: Ft. Orange, University, 
Albany. Army and Navy, Burns, Albany Country, M. 
A. Union. Address: 83 State St., Albany, N. Y. 


Newspaper man, author; b. N. Y. City, June 21. 1877, 
s. Rev. Anselan and Willia (Thompson) Buchanan; 
ed. public schools, Jamestown, Dak.; Knoxville, Tenn.; 
Louisville, Ky.; Univ. of the South (Sewanee), Tenn.. 
1895-1897; unmarried. Dramatic critic, Louisville, 
Ky., jjapers, Commercial, Courier-Journal, Herald, 
1897-1903; with N. Y. Journal. 1904-1908. Author: 
The Castle Comedy, 1904; Judith Triumphant 1905 
(both Harper) ;A Woman's Way (Watt), 1909. Plays: 
A Woman's Way, produced by Grace George at 
Hackett Theater, 1909; The Intruder, 1909; A Worn- 



an's Work, 1910; Lulu's Husband, adapted from the 
French of Paul Soulie, 1910; The Cub, 1910. Served 
as private Company C. First Kentucky Vol. Infantry, 
1898, serving through Porto Rico campaign with reg- 
iment; 1st lieut.. Ky., S. G., 1900. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Recreations: Outdoor 
sports. Clubs: Tavern (Louisville). The Players, The 
Friars (New YorJO. Address: 158 Waverly PL, N. Y. 


Educator; b. Dillsburg, Pa., Aug. 31, 1S65; s. Joseph 
and Mary Ann (McClure) Bucher; grad. Princeton 
Univ., 1890, A.M.. 1894; ra. N. Y. City, 1S9S, Florence 
Katherine Van Dyck; children: Julius Van Dyck, b. 
1905; Alan and Katrine Van Dyck (twins), b. 190S. 
Fellow in History, Princeton, 1894; principal prep, 
dep't Am. Coll. Beyrout, Syria, 1S90-1S94; principal 
Peekskill Mil. Acad., since 1903. Progressive candi- 
date for Congress, 1912. Address: Nassau PL, Peeks- 
kill. N. Y. 


University prof.; b. Paxton 111., Sept. 3, 1868; s. 
Christian Jacob and Louise (Lohmann) Buchner; at- 
tended Leander Clark Coll., A.B., 1SS9. A.M., 1892; 
Yale Univ., Ph.D., 1893; m. Bridgeport, Conn., June 1, 
1898, Hannah Louise Cable; children: Edward Frank- 
lin, Jr., b. 1902; Morgan, b. 1905; Elizabeth, b. 1908; 
Margaret Louise, b. 1911. Instr. Leander Clark Coll.; 
lecturer and instr. Yale Univ.; prof. N. Y. Univ.; 
docent Clark Univ.; prof, and dean of summer sch.. 
Univ. of Alabama; now prof, ed'n and philosophy, 
and dir. summer courses Johns Hopkins Univ. Fellow 
A. A. A. S., N. Y. Acad. Science; mem. Am. Psychol. 
Ass'n, Am. Philos. Ass'n, Am. Soc. of Naturalists, 
Southern Soc. of Philosophy and Psychology, Nat. 
Soc. for Study of Ed'n, Soc. of College Teachers of 
Ed'n; pres. Edn'l Soc. of Baltimore, since 1909; dir. 
Nat. Inst'n for Moral Instr'n, Southern Ed'n Ass'n; 
mem. 'Southern Ed'n Council. Clubs: Johns Hopkins, 
City (Baltimore). Residence: 2120 Callow Av. Address: 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md. 


Physician; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 20, 1842; s. Gurdon 
Buck (M.D.) and Henrietta E. (Wolff) Buck, of Gen- 
eva, Switzerland; grad. Yale, A.B., 1S64; Coll. Phys. 
and Surg., N. Y. City, M.D., 1867; m. New Haven, 
Conn., Laura S. Abbott; children: Harold Winthrop, 
Winifred (Mrs. Lawrence F. Abbott). Was clinical 
prof, diseases of ear, Coll. of Phys. and Surg., 1S87- 
1904; consulting aural surgeon, N. Y. Eye and Ear In- 
firmary, since 1884, and Presby'n Hosp., 1894-1904; now 
retired from practice, but med. editorial work Con- 
tinues. Edited Ziemssen's Cyclopaedia of Medicine 
(English translation, 18 volumes). 1875; Hygiene and 
Public Health, 1879. Buck's Reference Handbook of 
the -Medical Sciences, 18S7, 1901. Author: Diseases of 
the Ear, 1898, 1901; Vest Pocket Medical Dictionary. 
Address: 51 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Publisher; b. Lawrence, Kan., Sept. 30, 1865; s. 
Hon. Asabel and Mary A. (Hutchings) Buck; descend- 
ed in both lines from old New England families of 
English ancestry; ed. in public schs. of Southern 
Kansas and St. Ann's Acad, conducted by Jesuit 
Fathers at Osage Mission; m. Utica, N. Y., Aug. 16, 
1S99, Carmaleta M. Ferguson. Head of publishing 
firm of B. F. Buck & Company, N. Y. City, founded 
by him 1S96; dir. and mem. Advisory B'd of Nat'l 
Liberal Immigration league; v.-p. and dir. Italian 
Am. Agr'l Ass'n; Mem. Nat. Soc. for Promotion of 
Industrial Ed.; Nat. Com. for Celebration of One 
Hundredth Anniversary of peace among English 
speaking peoples, 1914-1915; Nat. Geog. Soc; Metro- 
politan Museum of Art; treas. and dir. Colonial Soc. 
of America (founded by Gen. Henry Edwin Tremain, 
Hon. Levi P. Morton, Hon. Warner Miller, Dr. Edward 
Everett Hale and others, having for its purpose the 
preservation of historic places and buildings of the 
Colonial period) ; awarded medal by Italian Senate 
Com. of Milan Exp'n, 1906, in recognition of his plans 
and efforts for better ed'n, and distribution of immi- 
grants; was member of Exec. B'd and exec. sec. of 
Am. Relief Com. during Russo-Japanese War; created 
Chevalier and decorated with Imperial Order of Ris- 
ing Sun by Emperor of Japan, 190S. Republican; v.-p. 
and mem. Exec. Com. Republican League of Clubs 
of State of New Yof-k; 32" Mason; Knight Templar 
and mem. Mystic Shrine. Residence: 465 Central 
Park W. Address: 160 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Hyde Park (now Chicago), 111., Feb. 10, 
1875; s. Roswell R. and Maria (Barnes) Buck; ed. 
private schs., Buffalo Central High Sch.,' 1892, Yale 

Coll., 1896, A.B., Buffalo Law Sch. 1898; m. Buffalo, 
N. Y., Oct. 6, 1903, Louise Hussey; children: Roswell 
Seymour, b. Aug. 22, 1904; Ruth, b. May 29, 1906; Oll- 
\.r Hussey, b. April 11, 1908. Lecturer in Buffalo 
Law Sch. on negligence. Was mem. Republican Dist. 
Com. 4 years; Erie County B'd of Supervisors. 8 years; 
now serving second year as auditor of Erie County. 
Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Erie County Bar Ass'n, 
Chamber of Commerce, Beta Theta Pi, and Phi Delta 
Phi fraternities; Lodge of the Ancient Landmarks 
and Zuleika Grotto. Recreations: Tennis, sailing, 
gardening. Clubs: University, Manufacturers, Canoe, 
Buffalo Yacht. Residence: 599 Ashland Av., Buffalo, 
N. Y. (summer), "Tanglewood," Pine Woods, Abino 
Bay, Ontario. Canada. Address: 117 Erie Co. Savings 
Bank Bld'g, Buffalo, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Natchez, Miss., May 3, 1875; s. Samuel 
H. and Annie (Fleming) Buck; grad. Univ. of Va., 
B.A., 1894; B.L., 1898; m. Wheeler, Ala., Oct. 2, 1906, 
Carrie P. Wheeler; children: Harrison Leigh, b. Aug. 
1, 1907; Lucy Wheeler, b. Sept. 30, 1908; Joseph 
Wheeler, >b. April 16. 1911. Ass't gen. counsel of 
Southern Pacific Co.; dir. and mem. exec. com. South- 
ern Pacific R. R. Co. of Mexico. Honorary mem. 
Squadron A. Democrat; Presby'n. Mem. Bar Ass'n. 
City of N. Y., Southern Soc, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Kappa 
Sigma. Clubs: University, Squadron A. Address: 
165 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Consulting eng'r; b. N. Y. City, May 7, 1873; s. 
Albert H. and Laura (Abbott) Buck; grad. Yale Coll., 
Ph.B., Columbia Univ., E.E.; m. 1902, Charlotte R. 
Porter; children: Winthrop Porter, Gurdon, Charlotte 
Abbott. Elect. Eng'r of Niagara Falls Power Co.. 
1000-1907 and allied companies. Since 1907 consulting 
eng'r and v.-p. of eng'ring corp'n of Viele, Bladwell 
& Buck. Dir. Appalachian Power Co., General Utili- 
ties Corp'n. Mem. Am. Inst. Elect. Eng'rs, Am. Elec- 
tro Chemical Soc, Nat. Electric Light Ass'n., Frank- 
lin Inst., Pa. Clubs: University, Engineers, Rockaway 
Hunting. Residence: Hewlett, L. I., N. Y. Address: 
49 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Publisher and editor; b. Cincinnati, O., Jan. 26, 
1S64; s. Elisha Atkins and Elizabeth (Fries) Buck; 
grad. Harvard Coll., A.B., 1887. Editor and publisher 
of The Racing Calendar (Weekly). Clubs: Harvard, 
University, Turf and Field (ass't sec), United Hunt 
(sec). Address: University Club, 5th Av. and 54th 
St., N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Philadelphia. Sept. 30, 1858; s. Edward 
S. and Katherine (Watmongh) Buckley; grad. Epis- 
copal Acad., Phil.; grad. Univ. of Pa., A.B., A.M.; m. 
Philadelphia, June 7, 1883, Charlotte Carter; one son: 
Edward S.. 3d. Engaged in manufacture of iron many 
years; treas. Real Estate Trust Co., since its reorg'n, 
1906. Dir. Ins. Co. of America, Catawissa R. R., 
Grays Ferry Passenger R'y Co., Delaware & Chesa- 
peake Canal Co. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. 
Hist. Soc. of Pa., Pa. Acad Natural Sciences, Pa. 
Acad, of Fine Arts, Swedish Colonial Soc. of Pa., 
Franklin Inst., Nat. Geog. Soc, Delta Psi fraternity. 
Trustee Acad. P. E. Ch., Pa. Inst, for Deaf and Dumb, 
Seamen's Mission of Phila. Clubs: Philadelphia, 
Philadelphia Cricket (pres.), Aztec. Residence: 2039 
Sansom SL Address: Real Estate Trust Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


Minister, editor; b. Rahway, N. J., Dec, 1836: s. 
John and Abby L. (Monroe) Buckley; ed. Pennington 
(N. J.) Sem., Wesleyan Univ., Middltown, Conn., class 
1860; health failed in second year; studied later under 
pTivate instructors (A.M..D.D., Wesleyan Univ.; LL.D., 
Emory & Henry Coll., Va.; L.H.D., Syracuse Univ.). 
Entered ministry of M. E. Church, 1859; pastorates 
in New Hampshire until 1863; spent year 1863-1864 
in Europe; pastor Detroit, Mich.. 1864-1866; pastorates 
in Brooklyn, N. Y., and Stamford, Conn., 1867-1880; 
elected 1880 editor The Christian Advocate, N. Y., and 
successively re-elected every four years till 1912; 
elected mem. Gen. Conf. M. E. Ch., 1872, and once in 
four years to each session till now. Made six tours 
in Europe, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco. 
Pres. B'd Mgr's N. J. State Village for Epileptics 
from foundation till resigned, 1903; mem. B'd Mgr's 
State Hosp. for Insane, Trenton, N. J., for 5 years; 
also for last 9 years B'd Mg'rs State Hosp. for Insane, 
Morris Plains, N. J.; pres. B'd Mg'rs M. E. (Seney) 
Hosp., Brooklyn, N. Y., since its foundation; v.-p. 
N. Y. Soc. for Prevention of Vice; trustee Wesleyan 
Univ., Woman's Coll., Baltimore, and Drew Theol. 

550? fil) 



Sem. Hon. mom. Medico-Psychol. Soc, America; mem. 
N. E. Soc. of N. y. Recreation: Travel, pedestrianism. 
Author: Oats vs. Wild Oats; Faith Healing, Christian 
Science and Kindred Phenomena; Christians and the 
Theatre; The Midnight Sun; The Czar and the Nihi- 
list; Travels in Three Continents Europe, Asia, Af- 
rica; History of Methodism in the United States; 
Extemporaneous Oratory for Professional and Ama- 
teur Speakers: Supposed Miracles; Fundamentals of 
Religion and Their Contrasts. Address: Morristown, 
N. J. 


Insurance official; b. Bloomington, 111., Jan. 18, 
1865; s. Walker and Margaret (Tully) Buckner; ed. 
private acad., Woodland Coll., Mo.; m. Ottumwa, Iowa, 
June 4, 1889, Myrtle Lewis; children: Thomas A., Jr., 
Mary Olive. V.-p. N. Y. Life Ins. Co. Republican; 
Presby'n. Dir. T. M. C. A. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: 
Merchants', Transportation, Ardsley, St. Andrew's, 
Sleepy Hollow. Residence: Riverdale-on-Hudson. 
Address: 34G Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Fredericksburg, Va., Aug. 4, 1856; s. 
Maj. Colwell Calhoun and Louisa Fitzhugh (Dickin- 
son) Buckner; attended Rappahannock Acad; grad. 
Randolph Macon Coll., Va., C.E.; studied in London 
and Paris; m. Quogue, L. I., Oct. 1, 1910, Helen E. 
Griffiths, of Boston. After leaving coll., taught sch. 
2 years; commenced civil eng'ring, 1881; was ass't 
eng'r on extension of Chesapeake & Ohio R. R Ky. 
Central R. R., and Atlantic & Pacific R. R ; in 
charge of locating party on Mexican Western' R'y, 
1886, later chief eng'r; chief eng'r Santa Anna & Paci- 
fic R. R.; organizer of Prospect Park Bank, 1904, be- 
coming pres, and mg'r; name of bank changed to 
Bank of Flatbush, 1913, still continuing as pres. Has 
traveled extensively in U. S., Mexico, S. America and 
Europe. Pres. and dir. Bankers & Merchants Mortgage 
Co.; treas. and dir. Midwood Realty Co.; dir. United 
Cities Realty Corp'n; mem. Exec. Com. N. Y. Title Ins. 
Co.; trustee Greater N. Y. Savings Bank. Independent 
Democrat; Presby'n. Mem. Phi Delta Theta fra- 
ternity; treas. and mem. Exec. Com. N. Y. Southern 
Soc. (trustee of fund), treas. and mem. Exec. Council 
The "Virginians. Has written frequently on polit. and 
financial subjects. Recreations: Golf, quail and duck 
shooting, horseback riding, hunting. Clubs: Hamil- 
ton, Brooklyn (Brooklyn). Residence: 130 Livingston 
St. Address: Bank of Flatbush, 885 Flatbush Av., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Merchant; b. X. Y. City, 1871; s. Samuel and Mary 
Hudson (Beach) Budd; ed. at Everson and Dabney 
Sens., and Auteuil, Paris. 1890-1893; m. N. Y. City, 
Julia Warren McClave; children: Hudson, b. 1897; 
Natalie. Entered Arm of Samuel Budd, men's fur- 
nishings, 1893; became partner in 1895, and later 
successor Samuel Budd in ownership of business, 
"which continues, however, under same name. Trav- 
eled extensively in Europe. Republican; Episcopalian 
Mem. Southampton L. I. Horse Ass'n, S. A. R., 
Founders and Patriots of America, N. Y. Zool. Soc, 
Met. Museum of Art, Am. Geog. Soc. Clubs: Church, 
N. Y. Athletic, Apawamis (Rye), Country (Lakewood), 
Town (Lakewood), Press, Economic, Shinnecock Hills 
Golf, Suffolk Hunt (Southampton), St. Regis Yacht 
(Paul Smith's). Residence: 12 E. 64th St. Address: 
1123 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Broker; b. N. Y. City, July 9, 1861; s. Bern L. (M.D.) 
and Catherine Fowler (Gallaudet) Budd; grad. Coll. 
City of N. Y., A.B. (hon. mention for general scholar- 
ship), 1881; m. N. Y. City, May 4, 1886, Grace A. Jack- 
son; children: Bern, b. 1886; Annie McCoun Noble, b. 
1888; Ogden D., Jr., b. 1892; Thomas Gallaudet, b. 189S. 
Clerk, by competitive examination, in N. Y. Custom 
House, 1881-1883; in mercantile business, 1883-1885; 
joined Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange, 
1885, and since then engaged in comm'n business on 
that exchange. Elected, 1900, and re-elected 1902 
and 1904, mem. B'd of Govs., and in June, 1906, elected 
pres. Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange 
of N. Y. and served as such 2 years; now mem. B'd 
Govs.; dir. Consolidated Clearing House, and Con- 
solidated Stock Exchange Bld'g Co.; formed partner- 
ship with Kenneth M. Jackson, June, 1906, forming 
firm of Ogden D. Budd & Co. Democrat; Episco- 
palian. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Delta Kappa 
Epsilon Alumni Ass'n, asso. Alumni Coll. City of 
N. Y. Residence: (country): Lake. Orange Co., N. Y.; 
(city): 244 W. 104th St.. X. Y. City. 


Editor; b. Laona, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., July 2, 
1850; s. Thomas B. and Betsey (Clough) Buel; ed. 
high sch., Wayland Acad., Beaver Dam, Wis., 1861- 
1868; Univ. of Minn., 1870-1872; Univ. of Berlin, 
1872-1873; Polytechnic Sch., Munich, and Univ. of 
Munich. 1873-1874; m. 1st, Sept. 12. 1SSS, Mary Alice 
Snow (died Nov. 5. 1898); 2d, April 23, 1903, Maria 
Victoria Torrilhon; children: Beatrix, b. 1889; 
Thomas, b. 1890; Constance Clough, b. 1S93; Richard 
Van Wyck, b. 1896; Victoria Torrilhon, b. 1907. Asso. 
editor Tribune, Minneapolis, Minn., 1874-1875: on 
staff N. Y. Tribune, 1875-1881; ass't editor Century 
Magazine, 1881-1910; asso. editor. 1910-1913; advisory 
editor since 1913. Joint editor, with Robert Un- 
derwood Johnson, of Battles and Leaders of the Civil 
War (4 vols.). Contb'r to magazine literature. Clubs: 
Century Ass'n, Players. Address: 130 E. 67th St., 
N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. East Bloomfield, N. Y., Jan. 7, 1867; s. 
Charles and Anna (Dunn) Buell; ed. E. Bloomfield 
public schs., Oberlin Prep. Sch., Univ. of Cincinnati, 
B.S., 1888; Med. Coll. of Ohio. Cincinnati. M.D., 1891; 
m. Canandaigua, N. Y., June 27, 1905, A. Augusta 
Faber. Resident physician Good Samaritan Hosp.. 
Cincinnati 1891-1892; practising physician at Canan- 
daigua, N. Y. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. State 
Med. Soc, Ontario Co. Med. Soc, Soc. Physicians 
and Surgeons Village of Canandaigua, Canandaigua 
Scientific Soc. Mem. Staff of Bd. of Dir. Frederick 
Ferris Thompson Hosp., Canandaigua,, N. Y. Republi- 
can; Congregationalist. Address: Canandaigua, N. Y. 


Physician and surgeon; b. in Vienna, Sept. 13, 1879; 
s. Arthur and Charlotte (Klug) Buerger; ed. N Y 
City pub. schs., Coll. City of N. Y., A.B., 1897; (honors. 
Phi Beta Kappa), Columbia, M.A., 1901; Coll. Phys. 
and Surg., M.D., 1901 (honors); Univ. State of N. Y. 
license, 1901, cum laude; alumnus German Hosp., 
Mt. Sinai Hosp.; Breslau Univ., 1905. Surgeon Good 
Samaritan Dispensary, 1907; asso. genito-urinary sur- 
geon and asso. surg. pathology, Mt. Sinai Hosp., N. Y.; 
attending surgeon to the Har Mohriah Hosp. Engaged 
in bacteriological studies for Pneumonia Comm'n. 
1904-1905, on pneumococci. Author of numerous 
papers on bacteriological, pathological and surgical 
topics. Mem. N. Y. Pathol. Soc, Harvey Soc, Ass'n 
of Am. Pathologists and Bacteriologists. Mem. 
Gamma Chapter Phi Beta Kappa. Address: 40 E. 
41st St., N. Y. City. 


Principal State Normal Sch.; b. Colton, N. Y., 
April 21, 1858; s. John F. and Clementina P. (Gates) 
Bugbee; grad. St. Lawrence Univ., A.B., 1879 (A.M., 
D.Sc, Phi Beta Kappa); m. Canton, N. Y., 1883, Ida 
Farns. Principal of schs. Colton, N. Y.; Naples, N. Y., 
and Newark, N. Y., 1878-1889; teacher of mathematics, 
State Normal Sch., Oneonta, 1889-1895; State conductor 
teachers' institutes, 1S95-1898; principal Oneonta 
Normal Sch. since 1898. Address: IS Walnut St.. 
Oneonta, N. Y. 


Physician; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 12, 1845; s. Dr. Henry 
D. and Julianna (Barnes) Bulkley; ed. in N. Y. Public 
Sch. No. 13 (Thomas Hunter) and Anthon Grammar 
Sch.; Yale Coll., A.B., 1866; A.M., 1S69 Coll. Phy. and 
Surg., N. Y. City, M.D., 1869; m. Bergen Point. N. J.. 
May 28. 1872, Kate La Rue Mellick; children: Eliza- 
beth (Mrs. Dr. H. H. Janeway), h. 1873; Yula (Mrs. 13. 
V. Cox), b. 1S75; Dr. Lucius Constant, b. 1877; M. 
Duncan, b. 1882; Kathleen (Mrs. Nathan A. Smyth), 
b. 1883; Dr. Kenneth, b. 18S5. Resident physician 
N. Y. Hosp., 1S70. Studied dermatology in Vienna, 
Paris and London; practising In X. Y. City since 
return. Has been abroad many times, often attend- 
ing med. and dermatol. congresses, and has traveled 
much in this country. Dir. Am. Savings Bank. Re- 
publican (independent); Presby'n. Mem. various Nat., 
State and local med. socs; hon. mem. French, German 
and Italian Dermatol. Socs.; late pres. Am. Acad. 
Medicine. Founder, dir. and attending physician, N. 
Y. Skin and Cancer Hosp.; consulting physician N. 
V I consulting dermatologist Randall's Island 

Hos' i ;r Ruptured and Crippled, and Man- 

halt 1 Ear Hosp. Founder and editor 

Arch' . ' rmatology; frequent writer in med. 

jouri iior: Eczema and its Management; 

Acn treatment; Manual of Diseases of the 

Skit in the Innocent; The Relations of 

nis< - Skin to Internal Disorders: Diet and 



Hygiene in Diseases of the Skin, etc. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Yale, Quill. Addrc- Id ulison Av., N. 
T. City. 


Banker, broker; b. Montclair, N. J., Deo. 11, 1871; 
s. William Lanman and Tasie Xewton ( Worthington) 
Bull: ed. Cutler's Sell., N. V. City; [nst., Ho 

boken, N. J., class ot 1896; m. Wakefield. R. I., Oct. 
2, 1S95, Mary Helen Robinson; children: Frederica, b. 
1896; Helen, b. 1001. Five years on eng'ring staff 
of Henry R. Worthington Co., engaged in installing 
large water work plants and representing company 
at tests, etc., of such plants. Did considerable work 
in Europe in this line; in 1898 mtered office of 
Edward Sweet & Co., and was admitted to the firm 
the following year. Mem. seven years 7th Reg't. 
N. G. S. N. Y. Republican. Mem. Chi PsI, Alpha Xi. 
Xew England Soc. Clubs: Union, Racquet and Tennis. 
The Brook, City Midday. Address: 34 Pine St., X 
Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Buffalo, N. Y., 1S73; s. Henry and Fanny 
(Adsit) Bull; ed. public and private schs., Buffalo; 
Harvard Univ., A.B., 1895; Univ. of Buffalo, LL.B.. 
1898; m. Buffalo, N. Y., 1901, Cornelia Rumsey, d. 
Ansley Wilcox; children: Katherine, b. 1902; Henry 
Adsit, Jr., b 1905; Marian, b. 1906. In 1S9S began 
practice in Buffalo; mem. firm of Wilcox & Bull. 
1903-1912, retiring to follow sp'l lines of work. Lec- 
turer in Buffalo Law Sch., 1902-1904. Republican com- 
mitteeman, 1899-1908. Entered 65th Reg't, N.G.N.Y., 
Dec, 1895; capt., Dec, 1896; deputy to Gen. Conv., 
1913; in U. S. Vols., 1898; full and honorable dis- 
charge, 1901. Dir. First Nat. Bank of Hornell, N. Y. 
Episcopalian. Trustee Law Library of Eighth Jud. 
Dist., 1903-1907. Councilman of City, 1907-1911 Asso. 
counsel for State Comm'n which investigated the Nat. 
Guard. 1907-1908 (Wainwright Comm'n). Clubs: Sa- 
turn, University, Park, Ellicott. Address: 672 Elli- 
cott Sq., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Banker and broker; b. Montclair, N. J., Mar. 27. 
1874; s. William Lanman and Tasie N. (Worthington) 
Bull; ed. Lawrenceville and Cutler schs., Columbia 
Univ., class of 1896; m. Saratoga, X. Y., Dec. 6, 1904, 
Maud Livingston, of Islip, L. I. Started in business 
with Edward Sweet & Co., bankers and brokers, 1895, 
in which firm (founded 1854) became partner in 1S99. 
Served five years as private Co. K, 7th Reg't N. G. 
S. X. Y.; enlisted in 1st U. S. Vol. CaValry (Rough 
Riders) on formation of reg't, in 1898, as trooper; 
made corporal of K Troop at San Antonio, Tex.; in 
engagements: Las Guaslmas, San Juan Hill and Siege 
of Santiago, Cuba; mustered out with rank of ser- 
geant. Mem. Delta Psi (Columbia). Clubs: Knicker- 
bocker, Union, Racquet and Tennis, N. Y. Yacht, St. 
Anthony, Meadow Brook Hunt, Ardsley (N. Y. City); 
Metropolitan (Washington, D. C). Residence: 111 
E. 40th St. Address: 34 Pine St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City. Aug. 26, 1857; s. Richard H. 
and Mary (Schouten) Bull; grad. X. Y. Univ., A.B., 
1878 (Phi Beta Kappa); X. Y. Univ. Law Sch... LL.B.; 
m. Rouen, France, Aug., 1885, Sarah Adams Williams; 
children: Marion Frances, Priscilla Mullins. Counsel 
for numerous large corp'ns in matters relating to 
patents and trade marks; mem. law firm Gifford & 
Bull. Pres. The Gramercv Co. Mem. Micros. Soc. 
Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Clubs: Calumet (pres.), Union, 
Lawyers', Baltusrol Golf, Delta Phi. Address: 141 
Broadway, N Y. City. 


Banker; b. Essex, Conn.; s. Egbert and Julia A. 
(Buckingham) Bull; ed. public schs. of Essex; m. 
Oct. 7, 1911, Gertrude Elizabeth Moore. With First 
Nat. Bank, Hartford, Conn., 9 years; mem. firm 
Swartwout & Appenzellar, bankers, since Nov., 1910. 
Republican. Mem. Com. of Mg'nt of 23d St. T. M. <-' 
A. Residence: 601 Cathedral Parkwav. Address: 44 
Pine St.. N. Y. City. 


Broker; b. X. Y. City, Aug. 23, 1844; ed. Univ. City 
of X. Y. ; m. Sara N. Worthington. Interested as 
officer and dir. of large railroad and mining corp'ns; 
trustee Met. Trust Co.: mem. firm Edward Sweet & 
Co.. brokers; mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange (pres. 1888- 
1890), Chamber of Commerce, New England, Am. 
Fine Arts, Mayflower, Dunlap societies; S. A. R., Met. 
Museum of Art. Clubs: N. Y. Yacht. Metropolitan, 
Grolier. University, Union, Players'. Century. Alpha 
Delta Phi, Riding, Republican. Ardsley, Church, City 
Midday. Address: 805 Fifth Av., X. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. U aterford, N. Y.; s. Gen. Edward Fitch 
and Phebe A. (Consalu.) Bullard; eii. high sch., Sara- 
toga Springs, N. Y.; Union Classical Inst.. Schenectady, 
N. Y.; Phillips Acad., Exeter N. H., class of 1880, ana 
rd Coll., class of 1884 (did not graduate); m. 
Dows, Iowa, 1S8S, Louise H., d. Col. William Francis 
McLean, of New Orleans, La.; one son: Lawn nci B., 
lb. 1896. Left college on account of illness; spent a 
years In Humboldt Co., Iowa; active in politics there; 
mem. Rep. Co. Central Com., delegate to State Conv., 
etc. Admitted to bar, Minneapolis, Minn., 1889; in N. 
Y. State, Sept., 1S90. Has tieen prominent in civic 
bodies in Queens Co., and in the agitation to secure 
rapid transit for Borough of Queens. Man., dir. and 
treas. Eastern Boroughs Land Co., and Merchants' 
Land and Development Co. Independent Democrat. 
Mem. Com. of 100, New York City campaign, '1909. Ad- 
dress: Richmond Hill, N. Y. 


Educator; b. Hinsdale, N. Y., Feb. 25, 186;; s. Ed- 
win G. and May V. (Billings) Bullard; grad. Brown 
Univ., A.B., 1892; Clark Univ.. Ph.D., 1896; m. Attica, 
X. Y., Aug. 28, 1912, Edith Marian Eastman. Instr. 
mathematics Elmira (N. Y.) Free Acad., 1892-1893; 
St. Lawrence Univ., 1S94; Univ. of Vt., 1896-1900; 
Syracuse Univ., 1900; asso. prof, mathematics, Syra- 
cuse Univ., 1901-1909; prof, mathematics, Syracuse 
Univ., since 1909. Republican; Baptist. Fellow 
A.A.A.S. ; mem. Am. Math. Soc, Deutsche Mathematiker 
Vereinigung, Circolo Matematico di Palermo, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Sigma Xi. Address: 124 Redfield PL, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 


Physician; b. Fitchburg, Mass., Jan. 23, 1852: s. 
Rev. E. W. and Harriet (Dickinson) Bullard; ed. 1 
year at Amherst Agr'l Coll.; grad. Dartmouth Med. 
Coll., M.D.. 1872, and Columbia Univ., Med. Dep't, 1874; 
m. N. Y. City, April 11, 1883. Frances Atwood Higgins. 
Served in U. S. Navy during Polaris Relief Expd'n, 
1873; practising medicine since 1874. Resident physi- 
cian at Hotel Nassau. Bahamas, 1900-1904. Republi- 
can: Episcopalian. Mem. N. Y. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. 
Co. Med. Soc, Westchester Co. Med. Soc. Recreations: 
Yachting, golf. Club: Larchmont Yacht. Address: 
Larchmont, N. Y. 


Editor; b. Lima, N. Y., Mar. 10, 1836. of New Eng- 
land parentage; entered a printing office in Sept., 
1852; in I860 established Dansville Advertiser, which 
has since published and edited; sec. and treas. N. Y. 
Press Ass'n since 186S. Republican Editorial Ass'n of 
X. Y. State since org'n, 1894; Nat. Republican Edi- 
torial Ass'n since org'n, 1900; pres. Nat. Editorial 
Ass'n, 1894-1S96; was grand master of I. O. O. F. of 
State of N. Y.. 1884-1885. Has held responsible po- 
sitions in loca!- hist., literary and other ass'ns, socs. 
and business org'ns. Address: Dansville, X. Y. 


Editor, publisher and lecturer; b. Unadilla. Otsego 
Co., N. Y., Oct. 17, 1852; s. Heman Gale and ElizaBetn 
Ann (Wetmore) Bunnell; ed. publ.c and private 
schs., and Delaware Literary Inst.. Franklin, N. Y.: 
m. Tioga, Pa., Mar. 11, 1879, Marv Philena Hathaway: 
children: Frederick Howard, b. 1880 (died 1S86): 
Fenimore Stanley, b. 1896 (died 1902). Edited and 
owned several newspapers, and was half owner and 
business mg'r Hornellsville Daily Times. 1888-1904: 
conducted lithograph 'business in connection. Now 
editor and prop'r Fort Edward Advertiser. Super- 
visor city of Hornellsville, 1896-1897-1S98-1899; v.-p. 
and dir. Hornellsville Exp'n. 19O0-19O4. Republican: 
delegate to several Sta/te convs; Episcopalian (warden 
of ch.). Orator on Memorial Day, sch. commencements, 
dedications, etc. Lecturer under mg'nt Empire 
Lyceum Bureau, Syracuse, N. Y. Past comd'r and pre- 
late of DeMolay Commandery. K. T Hornell. X. Y.: 
33 Mason, and mem. Odd Fellows. Address: Fort 
Edward; X. 1". 


Advertising agent; b. Franklin, Delaware Co., N. 
Y Aug. 21, 1849; s. Heman G. and Elizabeth A. (Wet- 
more) .Bunnell; ed. Gilbertsville (N. Y.) Acad.: m. 
Guilford, N. T., Jan. 26, 1870, Mary E. Hull; children: 
Mrs. Maude B. Whiting, b. 1871; Mrs. Grace A. Foote. 
b. 1873; Mrs. Agnes M. Griffiths, b. 187"; Walter E., 
b. 1878; Arthur D., b. 1891. Engaged in advertising 
business in N. Y. City about 26 years; now pres. W. 
H. H. Hull & Co. Has traveled in Egvpt. Holv Land, 
Greece. Turkey, etc; all over Continent of Europe, 
and Great Britain four times. Supervisor town of 
Guilford, X. Y.. 1S77-1S78: having summer home mere. 



Republican; Episcopalian. Residence: 379 Washing- 
ton Av., Brooklyn. Address: 154 Nassau St., N. Y. 


Mechanical eng'r and mg'r; b. Stratford, Conn.; s. 
Rufus William and Catherine M. (Sterling) Bunnell; 
grad. Sheffield Scientific Sch., Yale, Ph.B., 1891, M.E., 
1893; m. Lockport, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1900, Rebecca Lap- 
ham Peterson; children: Charles Sterling, b. Dec. 4, 
1901; Elizabeth Lapham, b. April 3, 1904. V.-p. and 
eng'r-in-ehief Griscom-Russell Co., N. Y. City. Mem. 
Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Am. Gas Inst., Franklin Inst., 
Nat. Geog. Soc, Efficiency Soc, Am. Acad, of Polit. 
and Social Science. Author: Cost-Keeping for Mf'g 
Plants; contb'r to technical periodicals and books. 
Address: 90 West St., N. Y. City. 


V.-p. Queen Ins. Co. of America; b. Brooklyn, N. 
Y., May 31, 1850. Entered office of Niagara Fire 
Ins. Co. as clerk, 1864, and continued there until 1869; 
in mercantile business 2 years; with Phenix Ins. Co. 
of Brooklyn, 1871-1S81, being special agent in East- 
ern and Middle States last 8 years; in 1881 entered 
service of Queens Ins. Co. of Liverpool, traveling for 
it as gen. agent in Middle States until 1899, when 
became deputy mg'r U. S. 'branch; when Queen Ins. 
Co. of America was organized under laws of State of 
N. Y., to take business of 'Liverpool Co., was appt'd 
sec; elected v.-p., April, 1900. Pres. Nat. B'd Fire Un- 
derwriters, and v.-p. N. Y. B'd Fire Underwriters since 
Mav, 1906; pres. and dir. Underwriters' Salvage Co 
of N. Y., since July, 1906. Address: 84 William St., 
N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Boston, Mass., Oct. 3, 1865; s. Michael B. 
and Albina (Long) Burdett; grad. Quincy Acad., 
1884; Harvard Univ., 1888; m. Boston, Feb. 21, 1890, 
Winella White Stratton. Practised law in Boston for 
two years; ibecame mem. N. Y. Bar and for ten years 
was associated with Title Guarantee and Trust Co., 
N. Y. City; in 1902, upon the organization of the 
Title Ins. Co. of N. Y., was elected sec. of that com- 
pany, as well as of N. Y. Mortgage and Security Co., 
two allied corp'ns; later made gen. mg'r and counsel. 
Elected sec. and treas. Chelsea Realty Co., sec. and 
treas. the Lawyers' Eng'ring and Surveying Co., treas. 
Hudson Mortgage Co., and pres. Montrose Realty Co., 
all of which positions retains. Independent politically; 
Unitarian. V.-p. Nat. League of Unitarian Laymen; 
treas. of Unitarian Conf. of Middle States and Canada; 
mem. B'd of Trustees and sec. L. I. Hist. Soc Clubs: 
Unitarian of N. Y. (pres.), Hamilton (Brooklyn). 
Summer residence: Ridgefield, Conn. Address: 135 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Merchant; b. Brookfield, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1841; s. Waite 
R. and Anna Maria (Frink) Burdick: ed. dist. sch. and 
Ward sens., Watertown, N. Y.; m. Watertown. N. Y., 
Nov. 18, 1874, Mary Morse. Head of firm White & 
Burdick Co.; pres. Lake View Cemetery, Renwi'ch Park. 
Has been abroad three times. Bx-pres. of Village of 
Ithaca. Comm'r State B'd of Charities. Served in 
Civil War and bv't capt., March 23, 1S65; acting ass't 
adj. gen. 18th Art'y Corps, Oct., 1864-June 22, 1863. 
Warden St. John's Episcopal Ch. Mem. N. Y. Com- 
mandery, Mil. Order Loyal Legion. Dir. Cascadilla 
Sch. Club: Town and Gown. Residence: 403 E. Buf- 
falo St. Address: 116 E. State St., Ithaca, N. Y. 


Capitalist; b. Almond, N. Y., June 20, 1S53; ed. public 
schs. ; m. Jan., 187S, Ella Pixley Bartlett. Entered em- 
ploy of Delaware & Hudson R. R. Co., 1868, as tele- 
graph operator; remained with company and in 1S85 
became gen. passenger ag't; passenger traffic mg'r 
Delaware & Hudson R. R., 1905-1910; resigned 1910 to 
became gen. passenger ag't; passenger traffic mg'r 
Pa. Removed to Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1910. Mem. Am. 
Iron & Steel Inst., pres. Albany Chamber of Commerce, 
1899-19C1. .Mem. New England Soc. Clu>bs: Ft. Orange, 
Albany Country, Duquesne, Pittsburgh Athletic, Pitts- 
burgh Golf. Oakmont Country. Address: 58 N. Pearl 
St., Albany, N. Y. 


Patent att'y; b. N. Y. City, March 15, 1S66; s.' Henry 
Sanford and Elizabeth (Boswell) Burger, g. s., seventh 
removed, of Jean Burgher, of N. Y. City, A.D., 1700; 
grad. Princeton Univ., C.E., 1885; m. N. Y. City. Jan. 
17, 1S95, Edith Fairfax Carter; one son, Fairfax Carter, 
b. 1896. Has practised as patent att'y since 1S88. In- 
ventor of sub-surface torpedo boat, three authorized 
in U. S. Naval Appropriation Act of 1909. Has trav- 
eled over A'merica and Europe. Presby'n. Recreations: 

Yachting, golf, tennis, shooting, fishing, riding. Clubs: 
Racquet and Tennis, Richmond County Country. 
Princeton. Residence: 507 Madison Av. Address: 2 
Rector St., N. Y City. 


Botanist, educator; b. Little Valley, N. Y.. Jan. 19, 
1855; s. Rev. Chalon Burgess, D.D.; grad. Fredonia 
Normal Sch., 1875; Hamilton Coll., A.B., 1879; A.M., 
1882; Sc.D., 1899; fellow Johns Hopkins, 1880-1881; 
Ph.D., Columbia Univ., 1890; m. 1884, Irene S. Hamil- 
ton, Fredonia, N. Y. Taught botanv in Washington, 
D. C, and in Martha's Vineyard Summer Inst., 1882- 
1895; in Johns Hopkins Univ., 1885; prof, natural 
science, Normal Coll. of N. Y City, since 1895; its 
acting pres. part of 1908. Author: The Chautauqua 
Flora; Botanical Genera, Tribes and Families in Cen- 
tury Dictionary, M to Z. 1889-1891; The Asters of the 
Northern U. S. (in Britton & Brown's Illustrated Flora 
with Dr. N. L. Britton), 1898; The Asters of the 
Southern U. S. (in Small's Southeastern Flora), 1903; 
History of Pre-Clusian Botany, 1902; Studies in the 
History and Variations of Asters, with description of 
Biotian Asters, 1906. Pres. Torrey Botanical Club; 
mem. Phi Beta Kappa Alumni, Am. Scenic and Historic 
Preservation Soc. Club: Century. Address: 11 W. 
S8th St., N. Y. City. 


Bishop of Long Island; b. Providence, R. I., Oct. 6, 
1S53; s. Frederick and Julia Ann (Niles) Burgess; grad. 
Brown Univ., B.A., 1873 (D.D., 1900); attended Gen. 
Theol. Sem., N. Y. City, and studied one year in Oxford 
Univ., England; m. Mendham, N. J.. Sept. 13, 1881, 
Caroline E. Bartow; children: Julian Howard, b. 1883; 
Edgar Bartow, b. 1887; George, b. 1S89; Frederick, Jr., 
b. 1891. Ordained deacon by Bishop of N. H., 1876; or- 
dained priest by late Bishop Clark, 1877. Deacon in 
charge of St. Mark's Mission, Mendham, N. J., 1877- 
1878; rector Grace Ch., Amherst, Mass., 1878-1883; 
Christ Ch., Pomfret, Conn., 1883-1889; St. Asaph Ch., 
Bala, Pa., 1889-1896; Christ Ch., Detroit, Mich., 1896- 
1S98; Gra'ce Ch., Brooklyn, 1898-1902; elected Nov. 11, 
1001, and consecrated bishop Jan. 15, 1902, by Bishops 
Potter, Doane and Davies. Pres. Church Charity 
Foundation, Diocesan Missions of L. I., Cathedral of 
the Incarnation. Trustee of Clergymen's Retiring 
Fund; trustee Domestic and Foreign Miss'y Soc Mem. 
Alpha Delta Phi. Clubs: Hamilton. Twentieth Cen- 
tury, Garden City. Residence: See House, Garden 
City, L. I. Office: Diocesan House, 170 Remsen St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Author; b. Boston, Mass., Jan. 30, 1S66; s. Thomas 
Harvey and Caroline (Brooks) Burgess; grad. Mass. 
Inst. Technology, S.B., 1887. Eng'r Southern Pacific 
R'y, 18S7-1890; instr. topographical drawing, Univ. of 
Calif.. 1891-1894; designer, 1S95; editor The Lark, 1895- 
1897. Socialist. Author: Vivette, A Little Sister of 
Destiny, Lady Mechante, The Heart Line, The White 
Cat, Find the Woman, Love in a Hurry. A Gage of 
Youth. Burgess Nonsense Book, The Goop Books, The 
Maxims of Methuselah, The Maxims of Noah, Are You 
a Bromide? Rubaiyat of Omar Cayenne, The Lively 
City o' Ligg, The Romance of the Commonplace, and 
others. Clubs: Players (N. Y. City), Bohemian (San 
Francisco). Address: 16 Gramercy Park, N. Y. City. 


Civil eng'r; b. Oshkosh, Wis., June 19, 1S74; s. Fred- 
erick and Anna (Heckman) Burgess; grad. Univ. ot 
Wis., B.S., civil eng'ring, 1S95; m. Wilmington. Del., 
Oct. 10, 1S90, Harriet Painter Van Trump; children: 
George Van Trump, b. 1903; Louise, b. 1904; Frederick, 
b. 1906. Was one year with Edge Moor Bridge Works, 
Wilmington, Del.; 9 years with Pa. Lines W. of Pitts- 
burgh, in various capacities, from rodman to ass't 
eng'r, at Pittsburgh. Pa.; with Erie R. R. Co., N. Y. 
City, eng'r of terminal improvements, and prin. ass't 
eng'r, 1905-1909; chief eng'r of the Delaware & Hudson 
Co., Albany, N Y., since May 1, 1909. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Eng'rs, Am. R'y 
Eng'ring Ass'n, Canadian Soc. of Civil Eng'rs. Soc. of 
Eng'rs of Eastern N. Y., Beta Theta Pi fraternity. 
Clubs: Engineers, Albany, Albany Country. Address: 
571 Western Av., Albany, N. Y. 


Clergyman; b. Mt. Washington, Md., Oct. 22, 1S68; s. 
Henry and Jennie (Jones) Burgwin; grad. Weslevan 
Univ., A.B., 1S90; m. Wilkes-Barre, Pa., June 30, 1896, 
Edith W. Puckey; children: Harry P., b. 1897; Frank 
S., b. 1900; Florence E., b. 1905; Edith L.. b. 1008. 
Stenographer and confidential clerk. 1SS5-1892; Joined 
N. Y. East Conf., M. E. Ch.. April, 1S96; pastor M. E. 
Ch., West Suffield. Conn., 1S96-1897; Summerfield M. E. 
Ch., New Haven, Conn., 1898-1900; Eighteenth 
St. Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1901-1905; Trinity Ch., 



Astoria, N. V.. 1906-1968; Hempstead M. E. Ch., Hemp- 
stead, N. Y., since 1909. Was sec. Twentieth Century 
Wesleyan League, New Haven, 1898-1900. Editor 
'Minutes" of the N. Y. East Conl'., 1908-1910. Mem. 
Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Address: 71 Washington 
St., Hempstead, L. [., N. Y. 


Banker and broker; b. Hamburg, Germany, Nov. 1" 
1863; s. David H. (deceased) and Matilde F. (Hensehel) 
Burke; ed. Dr Callisen's Sch.. N. V. City: high schs. of 
VVandsbeck and Hamburg, Germany; Friedericianum, 
Davos, Switzerland; Bonzon Inst., Lausanne, Switzer- 
land; m. Hamburg, Germany, ls*S, Luisa Rosenberg; 

??,',, dre : . Ed 5 a . r i b - 1S90; T ita . b - !S92; Alicita, b. 
1904. Entered the employ of Woerishoff er & Co. 1881- 
became ass't cashier, 1SS5; appt'd vice and deputy 
consul of U. S. at Hamburg, Germany, Aug., 1885- re- 
signed from the U. S. Consular Service, July. 1897- 
became mg'r for Woenshoffer & Co., 1S97, and mem' 
of the firm. May, 1902; firm dissolved, May, 1904 owing 
to death of partner. On July 1. 1904. established firm 
of Degener & Burke, members of N. Y Stock Ex- 
change. Mem. N. Y. Sto'ck Exchange: dir. New Domin- 
ion Copper Co.. Swedish Iron & Steel Corp'n, British 
Columbia Copper Co.; trustee Hanschel Estate Re- 
publican; Unitarian. Recreations: Golf, fishing Clubs- 
Essex County (Orange, N. J.), Stock Exchange Lunch- 
eon (N. Y. City). Residence: 361 Vose Av South 
Orange. N. J. Address: 20 Broad St., N. Y. City. 


Editor author; b. Thornville, Ohio, Jan. 3, 1873; 
s. Joseph Walker and Anna (Klingler) Burkett; at- 
tended Thornville (O.) public schs., Ohio State Univ.; 
h 1 ' im r ni , na Weisman; children: Dorothy Louise, 
b. 1902 Charles William, Jr.. b. 1904. Prof, agricul- 

sas Agr'l Dept. Sta., 1906-1908. 
Lditor American Agriculturist, N. Y., since 190S; sec 
Orange Judd Co. (editor, Editorial Book Dept ) Trav- 
eled in all parts of this country on edn'l lecture work- 
spent several months in Europe in investigation of 
cereal production conditions. Author: History Ohio 
Agriculture; Agriculture for Beginners; Cotton; Soils- 
*arm Stock; Farm Crops; Our Domestic Animals; 
farmers Veterinarian; First Principles of Feeding 
Farm Animals: Farm Arithmetic. Editor: The Ginn 
County Life Education Series of University Text 
Books. Lutheran. Mem. Kappa Sigma and Alpha Zeta 
fraternities, Ohio Soc. of N. Y. Recreations: Tennis 
motoring. Club: Graduate. Residence: 660 River- 
side Drive. Address: 315 Fourth Av., N. Y. City. 

5.n! r 'n B,1 i r ( e Municipal Research; b. Adairville, Ky., 
&' 1 ' I S6 i ; T s T - Jesse Herring and Sabina (Dismukes) 
ciif , nfT ad -i<7 lv ^ < ? f C h . lca S- P"B., 1S93; Univ. of 
Calif ML 1894; Columbia Univ., Ph.D., 1905; fellow 
i ed . n i Columbia, 1902-1903; m. 1900. Frances Willis- 
ton, d. Martin Luther Williston, of Northampton, Mass., 
and Louise Stoddard; one daughter, Barbara, b 1902 
Previous to college work, was 2 years in counting 
room of Los Angeles (Calif.) Express, and one yea? 
ass t mgr Los Angeles Safe Deposit & Trust Co. 
Later, teacher and principal high schs. Calif., and 
head of professional work in State Normal Sch. of 
l^h % S0, S^X" , 6 y ears : acting principal Speyer 
ben., Columbia Univ., 1 year; principal Normal Schs 
5 years. Lecturer on edn'l administration, Columbia 
Univ., summer 1909; co-operating specialist, Nv Y. Sch. 
Inquiry, 1911-1912; since 1909. dir. Bureau of Munici- 

Islands to lecture before a vacation assembly of the 
American Teachers. At the close of this assembly 
was comma by dir. of ed'n to inspect the insular 
schools, report upon their condition, and suggest 
means for their improvement. Active mem. Nat. Ed'n 
Ass n. Am. Acad, of Polit. and Social Science, A. A. A. 
fe.; contb r to various journals. Clubs: University, 
City. Address: 249 Harvey St., Germantown, Pa. 


Lawyer; b. Somersworth, N. H, April 18, 1870; s. 
Hon. George William and Louise H. (Bryant) Bur- 
leigh; ed. St. Paul's Sch, Concord, N. H.; Princeton 
Univ.. A.B., 1892; A.M.. 1895; N. Y. Law Sch.; m. Tren- 
ton, N. J Nov. 21. 1S94. Isis Yturbide Potter Stock- 
ton, d. Gen. Robert F. Stockton, of Trenton. Admit- 
ted to bar of N. Y., 1894. Dir.. sec. and treas. Lacka- 
wanna Iron & Coal Co.; dir. Princeton Publishing 
Co., Princeton Univ. Press. Republican; Episcopalian. 

Life mem. N. Y. Zool. Soc; mem. Am. Museum of 
Natural History, Am. Museum of Art, Am. Soc. inter- 
nat. Law, Am. Geog. Soc. Clubs: University (N. Y.). 
University (Washington, D. C). Down Town Ass'n, 
Princeton, N. Y. Fencers, The Pilgrims, Nassau, Uni- 
versity Cottage (Princeton). Residence: 42 W. 9th St. 
Address: 52 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Postmaster general; b. San Marcos, Tex., June 7, 
1S63; s. EdwaTd and Emma (Kyle) Burleson; ed. Agr'l 
and Mech. Coll. of Texas, Baylor Univ. of Waco; grad. 
Univ. of Texas, 1SS4; admitted to bar, 1SS4; m. Aus- 
tin, Texas, Dec. 22, 1S89, Adele Steiner. Ass't city 
att'y, Austin, 18S5-1890; appt'd by gov. of Texas, att'y 
of 26th judicial dist., 1891; served, 1892-1898; mem. 
56th to 63d Congresses; appt'd postmaster gen. March 
4, 1913. Address: Washington, D. C. 


Lawyer; b. Plainfield, N. J., Aug. 31, 185S; s. Rev. 
Aaron Hale and Emma S. (Starr) Burlingham; grad. 
Harvard, A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa), 1879; Columbia, LL.B., 
1SS1; m. Sept. 29. 1S83, Louisa W. Lawrence; children: 
Charles, Anne Hoe, Ro'bert. Admitted to bar, 1881. 
Mem. law firm Burlingham, Montgomery & Beecher; 
mem. City and State Bar Ass'ns. Delegate from U. S. 
to Internat. Conf. on Maritime Law, Brussels, 1909, 
1910. Mem. N. Y. B'd of Ed'n, 1897-1903 (pres., 1902- 
1903). Independent Democrat; Episcopalian. Clubs: 
Century, City Midday, Harvard, University. Residence: 
140 E. 38th St. Address: 27 William St., N. Y. City. 


Banker, fire ins. underwriter; b. New Vernon, Pa., 
July 31, 1871; s. Abijah H. and Dorothy C. (Boyd) 
Burnett; ed. McElwain Inst., New Lebanon, Pa.; Grove 
City Coll., Pa., class 1890; m. W. Middlesex, Pa., Sept. 
21, 1892, Anna J. Marsteller; children: Clifton A., Esta 
Mae, Dorothy Jane. In fire ins. business since 1894; 
purchased local agency in Greenville, Pa.; organized 
Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. of Greenville, 1901, 
of which is dir.; First Nat. Bank, Middlesex, 1903; 
Springdale Nat. Bank, 1906 (pres.), and First Nat. 
Bank of Aspinwall, 1907 (pres.). Also v.-p. and mg'n 
underwriter Monongahela Fire Ins. Co., Pittsburgh; 
pres. L. A. Burnett Co., Pittsburgh; pres. and mg'r 
Monongahela Underwriters' Agency, Inc.; mem. Whil- 
den & Hancock, of N. Y., gen. ins. agency; dir. Aspin- 
wall Saving & Loan Ass'n. Security & Investment Co., 
Sterling Security Co., Northwestern Lumber Co. Dep- 
uty sheriff of Mercer County, 3 years. Republican; 
Methodist Episcopalian. Clubs: Pittsburgh Athletic, 
Smoke and Cinder. Residence: 107 Emerson Av., As- 
pinwall. Pa. Address: 307 Fourth Av., Pittsburgh, 
Pa., and 105 William St., N. Y. City. 


Physician; b. Philadelphia; s. Nathan Clark and 
Mary Arrison (Pancoast) Burnham; ed. Franklin and 
Marshall Coll., Lancaster, Pa.; Hahnemann Med. Coll., 
Philadelphia; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 23, 1888, Ma- 
tilda Hoyt Spelman; children: Lois, b. 1S91; Rogers, b. 
1S94; Barbara, b. 1897; Katharine, b. 1899; Lvman, b. 
1902; Matilda, h. 1906. Gynaecologist, Cumberland St. 
Hosp.; LectureT to Training Sch., Cumberland St. 
Hosp. Independent. Mem. Kings Co Homce. -Vied. Soc, 
N. Y. State Homce. Soc, Brooklyn Clinical Soc, Am. 
Soc. of Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis, N. Y. Patho- 
logical Soc. Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. Recre- 
ations: Golf, mountain climbing. Clubs: Hamilton 
Rembrandt, Dyker Meadow Golf, Garden Citv Golf, 
Ekwanok Country. Address: 182 Clinton St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 


Pres. Am. Game Protective and Propagation Ass'n: 
b. New Castle. Del.. March 16, 1S69; s. John and Eliza- 
beth Van Leuveneigh (Bird) Burnham; ed. Rugby 
Acad., Wilmington, Del.; Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn, 
B.A., 1891; m. Keene Valley, N. Y., June 15, 1892, Hen- 
rietta Heathcote Du Bois; children: Henrietta Rose 
b. 1893; John Du Bois. b. 1895; Hilda Bird, b. 1897; 
Koert Du Bois, b. 1904. Was business mg'r Forest 
and Stream. 1891-1897; was in the first Klondike rush 
in fall of 1897. Has hunted and fished over U. S and 
Canada and killed most of the varieties of American 
big game. Supervisor Town of Essex, 6 years; chief 
game protector and deputy comm'r of forest, fish and 
game, State of N. Y. 1906-1912. Pres. Boquet Electric 
Power Co.; prop'r Crater Club. Episcopalian. Mem. 
various fish and game protective org'ns. Clubs- Ex- 
plorers, Progressive, Camp Fire. Address: 233 Broad- 
way, N. Y. City. 


Professor; b. Exeter, N. H, Feb. 1, 1842; s. Edwin 

and Alice (Dennett) Bumham: ed. Newburyport 

(Mass.) High Sch : Bowdoin Coll.. A.B., 1862; A.M. 



1863; D.D., 1SS5; Newton (Mass.) Theological Inst'n, 
1873; Colgate Theological Seminary of Colgate Uni- 
versity, Hamilton, N. Y.; m. Amherst, Mass., June 2S 
1876, Miriam M. Tucker; one d., Mrs. Alice Miriam 
Meyers, Feb. 17, 1878. Also studied at Heidelberg, 
1871-1872; Gottingen, 1882, and Leipzig, 1895-1896. Re- 
publican; Baptist. Mem. Soc. Biblical Literature and 
Exegesis, American Philo. Ass'n. Address: Hamilton. 
N. V. 


Sec. and treas. William J. Burns Internat. Detective 
Agency, Inc.; b. Columbus, Ohio, March 25, 1886; s. 
William J. and Annie M. (Ressler) Burns; ed. public 
schools; Ohio State Univ.; grad. from Law Sch. of 
Ohio State Univ.; m. Toledo, Ohio, Alice Lilley, of 
Columbus; one son; William J., Jr. After graduating 
from law sch., joined father, William J. Burns, and 
took part in so-called San Francisco Graft Prosecu- 
tion. In company with father, came East and opened 
what is known as The William J. Burns Internat. De- 
tective Agency, Inc. Mem. Delta Chi fraternity. Ad- 
dress: The William J. Burns Internat. Detective 
Agency, Transportation Bld'g, Chicago, 111. 


i. The Burns Co. of N. Y., Burns Realty Co. and 
R r. Burns Realty Co.; b. Fredericktown. Cecil Co., 
Md., 1866; s. Capt. Owen Burns (U.S.N.) and Martha 
Ann (Armstrong) Burns; g.s. Capt. Otway Burns, 
comd'r of U. S. privateer "Snap Dragon," war 1812- 
1815, to Whose memory State of N. C. erected monu- 
ment at Beaufort, in 1903, and town of Burnsville, 
N. C, (nami:d after him) erected monument in 1908. 
Mr. Burns retains in his name a large tract of land 
in North Carolina, granted by King of England to 
his g.g. grandfather, in 1732, and which has been 
handed down from father to son; ed. Calvert Hall, 
Baltimore; m. N. Y. City, April 11, 1902, Ursula 
Amelia Dudley Catlin; children: Walter Francis, Jr., 
b. Dec. 28, 1903; Otway, b. Mar. 10, 1904; Owen Austin, 
b. July 13, 190G; Ursula, b. Oct. 13, 1907. Originator 
of the Home Savings Bank System, which has been 
placed in eight million homes throughout the world, 
and thereby caused that number of savings accounts 
to be opened, his system of securing savings accounts 
having been adopted by over three thousand banking 
inst'ns in U. S., and over five hundred in foreign 
countries, said system of savings accounts has been 
commended by Pres., of U. S., Kings of England and 
Italy, and many foreign Gov'ts. Traveled exten- 
sively in Europe, South America and Asia. Mem. 
Eastern Finance Co., Nat. Dem. Party, 1908-1912; sec. 
23d Cong. Dist. of N. Y. City; mem. 23d Assem. Dist. 
Corns, and County and Borough Corns. Appt'd by 
Gov. Dix as delegate to Deeper Waterways Conv., 
held in New London, Conn., Sept. 4,. 5, 6, 1912. Clubs: 
Nat. Dem., Lotos, N. Y. Athletic, Columbia Yacht. 
Residence: Inwood-on-Hudson, N. Y. Address: 29 
W. 3Sth St., X. Y. City. 


Pres. Wm. J. Burns Internat. Detective Agency, 
Inc.; b. Baltimore. Md. Oct. 19, 1861; s. Michael and 
Bridget (Trahey) Burns; ed. public sens, and busi- 
ness coll., Columbus, Ohio; m. Columbus, Ohio, 1880, 
Anna M. Ressler; children: George, Edwin, Ray- 
mond, Florence, Sherman, Kathleen. Joined U. S. 
secret service, 1889, and appt'd to headquarters, St. 
Louis; handled many celebrated cases throughout U. 
S. Resigned from secret service, 1903, and appt'd to 
take charge of investigation of Oregon, Washington 
and Calif, land fraud cases, which resulted in prose- 
cution and canviction of numerous Federal, State 
and city officials; cleared up most remarkable coun- 
terfeiting case world has known, Monroe-head $100 
silver certificate, bill so accurate defied all experts 
as to its genuineness; counterfeiters arrested Phila., 
Pa., April, 1899; won the gratitude of the entire na- 
tion for the thoroughness and fearlessness with which 
he laid bare the truth in the dynamite cases, and 
clearing up of Los Angeles Times, Oct. 1, lull etc. 
Organized Wm. J. Burns Nat. Detective Agencv, N. Y., 
1909, now Wm. J. Burns Internat. Detective Agency, 
Inc., hiving branches all over U. S., including one in 
London. Paris and Brussels. The London office is 
first permanent office established by an Am. detec- 
tive in Europe. Author: The Masked War The 
Argyle Case (in collaboration with Harriet Ford and 
Harvey J. O'Higgins). Lectured in all universities 
and colleges throughout the U. S. and Europe. Pro- 
gressive; Roman Catholic. Mem. Nat. Federation of 
Theatres. Mem. N. Y. Press Club. Address: Wool- 
worth Bld'g, N. Y. City. 


Pres. Asbestolith Mfg Co.; b. N. Y. City; s. James 
and Georgina Burnside; ed. X. Y. City schools; m. Eva 

Frances Macgowan (of old Webb family); children: 
Eva Frances, Maud Vivian. Pres. Asbestolith Mfg 
Co., contractors; furnished all granite for Grant's 
Tomb in connection with Pason Tucker; also many 
others bld'gs. Travelled extensively. Republican; 
Methodist. Mason (N. Y. Lodge 330; Amity Council, 
R. A. M.); mem. Our Council, Royal Arcanum. Clubs: 
Consecutive Republican (exec, mem.), West Side, 
Railroad. Address: 200 W. 86th St., N. Y. City. 


Ex-senator, breeder trotting horses; b. Commack, 
L. I., N. Y Sept. 26, 185S; s. Carll S. Burr; descendant 
of Jehu ?nd Benjamin Burr, who came to America 
with Winthrop's fleet, 1630, and whose descendants 
became prominent in the Colony of Conn.; ed. Hunt- 
ington Union Sch. and Flushing Inst. On leaving 
Flushing Inst, engaged in business with father. Since 
1S92 judge of Horse Dep't at annual exb'ns of Nat. 
Horse Show of America, held at Madison Sq. Garden, 
N. Y. City, and at the State Fair at Sjracuse; dir. 
Arizona Cattle Co.; insp. race tracks of trotting cir- 
cuit for First Dist. Republican; mem. Republican 
Co. Com., Suffolk Co., for several years; elected mem. 
Assembly from Suffolk Co., 1895, 1896 and 1897; elect- 
ed, 1904, and re-elected 1906, senator from First Dist., 
in 1905 appt'd mem. com. on Railroads, Commerce and 
Navigation, Forests, Fish and Game, and Affairs of 
Villages. Address: Commack, L. I., X. Y. 


Educator, librarian; b. Oramel, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1857; 
s. William Josiah and Jane Charlotte (Lincoln) Burr; 
grad. Cornell Univ., A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa), 1881; 
Univ. of Leipzig, Sorbonne and Ecole des Chartes, 
Paris, Univ. of Zurich, 1884-1886, 1888 (LL.D., Univ. 
of Wis., 1904; Litt. D.. Western Reserve Univ., 1905); 
m. Lewisburg, W. Va., Aug. 20, 1907, Martha Alex- 
ander Martin (died Jan. 31, 1909). Librarian White 
Library, Cornell Univ., since 1878; president's sec. 
and inst. history, Cornell, 1881-1884; instr. ass't prof. 
Ass'n., Am. Hist. Ass'n, Am. Polit. Science Ass'n, Am. 
1892. Hist, expert to Pres. Cleveland's Comm'n on 
Venezuelan Boundary, 1896-1897. Mem. Am. Library 
Ass'n, Am. Hist. Ass'n, Am. Polit. Science Ass'n, Am. 
Soc. of Church History. Editor: Am. Historical Re- 
view since 1905; editor Century Hist. Series. Address: 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 


Justice Supreme Court; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 
11, 1850; s. Joseph Arthur and Harriet (Nash) Burr; 
ed. Wilton Acad., Wilton Conn.; grad. Yale, A.B., 1871; 
Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1873; m. New Haven, Conn., 
Ella A. Dawson; children: Harriet B. (Mrs. Edward 
P. Folger), Jessie B. (Mrs. Howard C. Loudon). Ad- 
mitted to bar, May, 1874; corp'n counsel for Brooklyn, 
Jan., 1896, to Jan., 1898. Appt'd by Gov., Justice of 
Supreme Court, to fill vacancy, Dec. 27, 1904; elected 
to same office for full term Nov., 1905; assigned to 
Appellate Div. 2d Judicial Dep't, Dec. 24, 1908. Mem. 
Brooklyn Bar Ass'n, Law Library of Brooklyn, 
Brooklyn Inst., X. E. Soc. of Brooklyn, Sons of Revo- 
lution. Republican; Presby'n. Clubs: Brooklyn, 
Universitv, Hamilton (Brooklyn), Graduates (Xew 
Haven, Conn.), Residence: 16 Montgomery PL Ad- 
dress: Borough Hall, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Civil eng'r; b. Watertown, Conn., July 14, 1851; ed. 
Watertown Acad., Rensselaer Poly. Inst., Troy, N. Y., 
C.E. 1872; m. 1st, 1876, Caroline Kent Seelye (died 
1894); 2d, 1900, Gertrude Gold Shipman; children: 
Marion E., William F., George L., Anne Louise. Was 
in subordinate positions building wrought iron 
bridges and water works at Newark, X. J.. 1872- 
1875; mem. faculty Rensselaer Poly. Inst., 1S75-1884; 
prof, rational and technical mechanics while practis- 
ing civil eng'ring; ass't to chief eng'r Phoenix Bridge 
Co., 1884; later gen. mg'r; v.-p. Sooysmith & Co.. 
1891; prof, eng'ring at Harvard, 18y2-lS93; since 1893 
prof, civil eng'ring Columbia Univ. Appt'd by Pres. 
Cleveland, 1894. mem. B'd Eng'rs to investigate crossing 
of Hudson, at X. Y. City, with one-span bridge; also 
one of the sub-coinmittee of "Com. of 70" for con- 
sidering improvement of city water front; mem. ex- 
pert com. on plans and estimates for rapid transit; 
mem. B'd Consulting Eng'rs to Dock Dep't, 1895-1898; 
consulting eng'r to Dep't Public Parks, 1896, in charge 
of bld'g Harlem River driveway and bridges; appt'd 
by Pres. Cleveland on b'd to locate deep-water harbor 
on South Calif, coast, 1896; consulting eng'r Dep't of 
Bridges, N. Y. City, 1898-1905; appt'd by Pres. Mc- 
Kinley, 1S99, mem. first Isthmian Canal Comm'n, and 
by Pres. Roosevelt, 1904, mem. Second Isthmian Canal 
Comm'n; chm'n 1992-1903. of Comm'n on Additional 
Water Supply for N. Y r . City; expert eng'r to Aque- 
duct Comm'n, X". Y". City; mem. B'd Consulting Eng'rs, 



Isthmian Canal Comm'u, 1905; since 1905 consulting 
engr B'd Water Supply, City of N. Y.; consulting 
engr Dep t Bridges for the design and constm 
of Henry Hudson Memorial Bridge, 1007-1908. 
Bd Trustees Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Mem 
Am hoc. Civil Kng'rs, Inst'n Civil Eng'rs of Greal 
P rl ' al j Nat - >eog. faoc, etc. Author: The Stresses 
in Bridges and Roof Trusses, 1SS1; The Elasticity and 
Resistance of Materials, 1SS3; Ancient and Modern 
Engineering and the Isthmian Canal, 1902; and nu- 
merous contributions to eng'ring and scientific socie- 
ties. Address: Columbia Univ.. N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, ass't eorp'n counsel; b. Dublin In land. 
Mar. 30, 1856; s. John Arch/bold and Anne (Lovely) 
Burr; ed. De La Salle Acad., N-. Y. Citv; St James 
Coll., Baltimore, lid.; Columbia Coll. Law Sell m. 
Jennie Philomene Lynch; children: Natalie. William 
Arahbold, Jennie Philomene, Constance Fabiola An- 
nette, John Lovely. Engaged in active practice of law 
in X. Y. City since 1879; tried many notable cases, 
counsel for many eorp'ns. Head of Franchise Div. 
N. Y. Daw Dep't. Prepared and tried the celebrated 
"SO-cent gas" case for City of N. Y., decided in favor 
of city by U. S. Supreme Court, Jan. 4, 1909, resulting 
in 513,000,000 being returned to gas consumers, and 
a saving to them of $7,000,000 annually thereafter, 
the city saving $750,000 on its gas bills, and $150,000 
annually thereafter; this case is considered on e of 
most important and far-reaching legal victories in 
history of this country, making national reputation 
for Mr. Burr. It fixed 6 per cent, as a reasonable rate 
ot return on the present value of property actually 
and necessarily devoted to the business of a public 
service eorp'n; also conducted the litigation known as 
the Death Avenue" case, brought by City of X Y 
against the N. Y. Central & Hudson River R R Co , 
to compel removal of its tracks from surface of the 
streets, which resulted in legislative action provid- 
ing for such removal at expense of Co. Is recognized 
as an authority on franchises. Elected delegate to 
Constitutional Conv., 1894, from 11th Senatorial Dist. 
N. Y. City, taking prominent part in proceedings In- 
dependent Democrat; Catholic. Mem. Am Bar Ass'n 
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, N. Y. Countv Bar Ass'n, Ass'n 
Bar City of N. Y., Municipal Art Soc, Am.-Irish Hist. 
Soc, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. Recreations- "Walk- 
ing, swimming, handball. Clubs: Manhattan Demo- 
cratic, Catholic. Address: 129 W. 118th St N Y 


Banker, broker; b. X. Y. City, 1852; s. Thomas H. 
and Mary E. Burras; ed. N. Y. Coll.: m. Savannah, Ga., 
Kate Wheatson. Mem. firm H. K. Burras & Co. Clubs: 
Metropolitan, Lotos, N. Y. Athletic, Automobile of 
America, Pilgrims. Residence: Hotel Netherland, 
Fifth Av. and 59th St. Address: 66 Broadway, N. Y. 


"Writer; b. Chicago, 111.; d. Amzi and Catherine 
(Walrath) Benedict; grad. Ferry Hall (Lake Forest, 
HI.), Ditt.M. Univ. of 111.; m. Lake Forest, 111., Oct. 
IS, 1888, Joseph Dunn Burrell; children: Katherine B. 
Sicord, Monica. Three summers of European travel. 
Writer of short stories in magazines, juvenile stories 
in St. Nicholas and elsewhere, essays, four volumes on 
domestic science, dep't work in Harper's Bazar, Good 
Housekeeping, The Circle, Woman's Home Com- 
panion, etc. Presb'n. Mem. D. A. R. Club: Meridan 
(N. Y. City). Address: 58 Downing St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 


Clergyman Reformed Ch. of America; b. Mt. Pleas- 
ant, Pa., Aug. 1, 1844; s. David and Elizabeth (Felgar) 
Burrell; grad. Yale, A.B.. 1867; Union Theol. Sem., 
1870 (D.D., LL.D.); m. Freeport, HI.. Oct. 18, 1871, 
Clara S. de Forest; children: Miriam, Elizabeth, David, 
Norman, Eleanor, Katherine. Former pastorates in 
Chicago, 111., Dubuque, Iowa, and Minneapolis, Minn.; 
since 1891 pastor Marble Collegiate Ch.. N. Y. City. 
Author: The Religions of the World (Presby'n B'd), 
Gospel of Gladness, The Morning Cometh, Religion of 
the Future, The Spirit of the Age, For Christ's Crown 
and Covenant. The Golden Passional. The Wondrous 
Cross, God and the People, Hints and Helps in Bible 
Study, The Early Church, The Verities of Jesus, The 
Teaching of Jesus Concerning the Scriptures, The 
Evolution of a Christian, The Cloister Book, In 
David's Town, At the Gate Beautiful. The Home 
Sanctuary, The Centurion's Story, The Old-Time 
Religion (all Am. Tract Soc), The Gospel of Certainty 
(Hodder & Stoughton, London), A Quiver of Arrows, 
The Lure of the Citv (Funk & Wagnalls) . Christ and 
Progress, The Wonderful Teacher, The Unaccountable 

-Man, The Church in the Fort, Christ and Men, The 
Wayfarers of the Bible, The Sermon: Its Constm 
and Delivery (all Revell). Republican. Address: 1 
W. 29th St., N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Freeport, 111., Dec. 22, 1858; s. David 
and Elizabeth (Felgar) Burrell; brother or Rev. David 
James Burrell, pastor Marble Collegiate Ch.. X. Y. 
City; ed. Freeport (111.) High Sch., Yale Coll., A.B., 
1881, A.M., 1893. Socs: Delta Kappa Epsilon, Skull and 
Bones, Chi Delta Theta; Union, Theol. Sem. (D.D., 
Park Coll., 1900); m. Lake Forest, 111., Oct. 18, 1SS.S, 
Caroline F. Benedict; children: Katherine B. Sicord, 
Monica. Pastor Presby'n Ch., Clinton, la., 1881-1892; 
Classon Av. Presby'n Ch., Brooklyn, since 1892. Eu- 
ropean travel in 1S94, 1901, 1902. Joint author (with 
Rev. Dr. David James Burrell): Hints and Helps in 
Bible Study, and The Earlv Church (both Am. Tract 
Soc). Author: The Singular Death of Christ, 190H 
(Revell); A New Appraisal of Christian Science, 1906 
(Funk & Wagnalls). Republican. Mem. Brooklyn 
Clerical Union, Alpha Kappa (ministers' soc), Pres- 
by'n Ministers' Club of N. Y., D. I. Yale Alumni Ass'n. 
Union Sem. Alumni Club, Barnard Club of N. Y., 
Brooklyn Presby'n Social Union. Moderator, Pres- 
bytery of Brooklyn. Pres. Brooklyn Presby'n Union 
for Church Extension; dir. Union Theol. Sem., Pres- 
by'n B'd Home Missions. Recreation: Walking. Sum- 
mer home: Point o' Woods, L. I., X. Y. Address: 58 
Downing St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Ira, Cayuga Co., N. Y., May 20, 1874- s. 
Calvin W. and Lucy S. (Johnson) Burritt; ed. Auburn 
High Sch., Albany Law Sch.; m. Barker, Niagara Co., 
N. Y., June 18, 1903, Maud Selina Hoag. Admitted to 
bar, 1898; ass't dist. att'y Cayuga Co., 1899-Jan 1, 
1906; dist. att'y of Cayuga Co., Jan. 1, 1906-Jan. 1, 
1912. Since then practising law at Auburn, N. Y. Re- 
publican; Baptist. Mason. Mem. B. P. O. Elks. Club: 
City (Auburn). Address: 133 Genesee St., Auburn, 
N. Y. 


Artist; b. Hyde Park. Mass., Sept. 8, 1869; s. Major 
George and Caroline (Bryson) Burroughs; ed public 
and high schs., Cincinnati, Ohio; Art Students' League, 
VVT' Clty ' and in P ari s and Florence; m. in England, 
1893, Edith Woodman. Curator of Paintings Met. 
Museum of Art, N. Y. Chanler scholarship, 1891 Art 
Students' League, N. Y. City; silver medal, Pan-Am. 
Exp'n; bronze medal. St. Louis Exp'n; silver medal, 
Carnegie Inst., Pittsburgh, 1902, etc. Mem. Soc. Am. 
Artists: associate Nat. Acad. Design; mem. Nat Soc. 
Mural Painters. Club: Nat. Arts. Address: 67 Hill- 
side Av., Flushing, N. Y. 


Author; b. Roxbury, N. Y., April 3, 1837; s. Chauncey 
A - and Amy (Kelly) Burroughs; ed. Roxbury Dist. 
Sch., Cooperstown, N. Y.; Sem. and Heading Literarv 
Inst., Ashland, N. Y. (D.Litt.), Yale, 1910; m. Sept. 13, 
1857, Ursula North; one s.: Julian, b. 1879. Taught 
school 1854-1863; treasury clerk and bank examiner. 
1864-1885; engaged in fruit farming, 1885-1902; writer 
for magazines since 1860. Visited England and France, 
1871 and 1882; was a companion to Theodore Roose- 
velt in trip to Yellowstone Park, 1893; and mem. 
Harriman Expd'n to Alaska, 1899. Author: Wake 
Robin, Signs and Seasons. Pepacton, Birds and Poets, 
Winter Bunshine, Locust and Wild Honey, Fresh 
Fields, Indoor Studies, Whiteman A Studv, The Light 
of Day, Literary Values, Far and Near, Wavs of 
Xature, Bird and Bough (collected poems), Camping 
and Tramping with Roosevelt, Leaf and Tendril, Time 
and Change, The Summit of the Years. Mem. Am. 
Acad. Arts and Letters. Address: West Park, N. Y. 


Stock broker; b. Yonkers, N. Y., Jan. 13, 1867- s. 
Wilson A. and Cordelia (Oddie) Burrows; ed public 
schs. of Washington, D. C. ; m. Fordham. N. Y.. Nov. 
17, 1892, Mary Anna Shepperd; one s.: Wilson A. Jr. 
In employ of Stephen V. White, as messenger, 1884, 
and eventually became cashier; became cashier for 
Benkard & Co., mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange, 1902; 
admitted to partnership 1908. Republican: Episco- 
palian. See. Yonkers Choral Soc, 1902-1909 pres. 
1910-1911. Mem. B'd of Dirs. Oratorio Soc. of N Y. 
since 1912. Recreations: Music, literature. Resi- 
dence: 330 Hawthorne Av., Yonkers. Address: 8i> 
Broad-way, N. Y. City. 


Book publisher; b. Belchertown. Mass., 1843; s. Levi 
and Vila (Randall) Burt: ed. in public schools: m. 
Gllead. Conn.. 1872. Sarah H. Prentice; children: Harrv 
P., b. 1873; Frederick A., b. 1875; Edward F., b. 1877. 



Pres. and dir. A. L. Burt Co., N. T. City, publishers 
of standard books in all dep'ts of literature. Re- 
publican. Recreations: Black bass and trout fishing. 
Residence: Brooklyn Av., Brooklyn, N. T. Address: 
62 Duane St., N. T. City. 


Actress; b. Ramsey, Isle of Man, Eng., Sept. 16, 
1881; d. Capt. Brown Burt (English) and Ann Lloyd 
Burt (Welsh): ed. Am. Acad. Dramatic Arts; m. All 
Souls' Church, N. Y. City, Mar. 2. 1902. Henry B. 
Stanford. Rdies include "June," in Blue Jeans, 
"Madge" in Old Kentucky, "Susanne" in Scrap of 
Paper, "Rosalind" in As You Like It, "Helen of 
Swabia" in Dante, with Sir Henry Irving at Theatre 
Royal, Drury Lane, London, and also on his last tour 
in America: starring in Dorothy Vernon, season of 
1906-1907, and The Walls of Jericho, season of 1907- 
1908. Created the role of nurse in Brieux Damaged 
Goods, Fulton Theatre, N. Y. City, 1913-1914; starring 
on tour in A Butterfly on the Wheel. Life mem. 
Professional Woman's League; mem. Actors' Church 
Alliance, Staten Island Civic League, Actors' Equity 
Ass'n. Club: 12th Night. Address: Stanford Lodge, 
Great Kills, Staten Island, N. Y. 


Educator; b. Lake Geneva, Wis.; ed. in public 
schools there and at Geneva "Lake Sem. and Oberlin 
Coll.; taught in schools of Wis. and Chicago, 111., 
1872-1873; one year in River Falls Normal Sch.; also 
for 3 years instr. literature Cook Co. Normal Sch.; 
full college course in private classes and study clubs 
In evenings; studied drawing at Chicago Art Inst.; 
mem. Chicago Sch. B'd (chm'n Com. on Drawing 3 
years); teacher John A. Browning Sch., 1892-1904; 
also editor for Charles Scribner's Sons; has traveled 
widely in Europe and Egypt; read paper before the 
Nat. Edn'l Ass'n, 1889; lectured on literary subjects 
In Chicago, N. Y. and other cities; contb'r to Atlantic 
Monthly, Chautauquan, and other journals. Author: 
Browning's Women (Chas. H. Kerr & Co.). Literary 
Landmarks (Houghton, Mifflin), Bees, a study from 
Virgil (S. R. Winchell & Co.). Editor: Birds and 
Bees John Burroughs (Houghton, Mifflin), The 
World's Literature (W. F. Scott & Co.), The Story 
of the German Iliad (Maynard, Merrill), Seed 
Thoughts from Browning (Kerr); Stories from Plato 
(Ginn); Little Nature Studies from John Burroughs, 
who collaborated in book (Ginn), The Child-Life 
Chart (Ginn), The Burt-Markham Primer, with Ed- 
win Markham as co-editor (Ginn) ; Poems Every 
Child Should Know, and Prose Every Child Should 
Know (Doubleday, Page). Co-editor: The Eugene 
Field Book, The Howells Story Book, The Cable 
Story Book. The Sidney Lanier Book, Fanciful Tales 
(F. R. Stockton), The Boy General (from the works 
of Elizabeth Custer), The Literary Primer, Odysseus 
(a child's Odyssey), Herakles (and other stories of 
the myths); Don Quixote (all Scribner's), The Mar- 
velous Adventures of Pinocchio; Kipling Stories and 
Poems Every Child Should Know. 1913 edition (Dou- 
bleday, Page), Nature Dep't School Progress Maga- 
zine. Mem. 111. Women's Press Ass'n and Round 
Table Club of N. Y. Teachers Coll. Address: Coytes- 
ville, N. J. 


Sec. Home Ins. Co.; b. N. Y. City; ed. public schools; 
soldier of Civil War, returning from which entered 
service of the Home in autumn of 1864, as clerk; 
advanced by successive steps through the positions 
of adjuster, special agent and ass't sec. to present 
position, to which was elected March, 1898. Address: 
56 Cedar St., N. Y. City. 


Fire insurance; b. N. Y. City, July 21, 1853; s. Will- 
iam A. and Laura F. (Hopkins) Burtis; grad. public 
sch., N. Y. City, 1869; m. Brooklyn, N. Y Nov., 1887, 
Evelyn H. Leavitt. Entered insurance business, 1870. 
as clerk in Fireman's Trust Ins. Co. (now defunct); 
employed by the Empire City Fire Ins. Co. 1875, sec. 
1885-1907; elected pres. Jan., 1907; company merged 
with Williamsburgh City Fire Ins. Co., Dec. 30, 1912, 
and elected v.-p. and dir.; trustee Universal Savings 
Bank. Mem. Veteran 7th Reg't, N. G, N. Y. Mem. 
N. Y. B'd of Fire Underwriters. Republican; Epis- 
copalian. Mem. Amateur Billiard Club of N. Y.; 7th 
Rest Veteran and Active League, Nat. Geog. Soc. 
Address: 95 William St., N. Y. City. 


Univ. prof.; b. Elyria. O., July 17, 1851; s. Nathan 
Smith (D.D.), and Sarah John (Fairfield) Burton: 
grad. Univ. of Mich., A.B., 1872, A.M., 1875; Univ. of 
Leipzig (student of philology) 1875-1877; Univ. of 
Berlin (student of philology), 1891-1892; hon. LL.D.. 

Denison Univ., 1909; m. Rochester, N. Y., June 14, 
1898, Marian Williams Perrin: children: Andrew Per- 
rin, b. 1899; Sarah Fairfield, b. 1900, Henry Fairfield, 
b. 1901. Instr. Latin and Greek, Denison Univ., 1872- 
1874; instr. Latin, Univ. of Mich., 1874-1875; ass't 
prof. Latin, Univ. of Rochester, 1877-1883; prof. Latin, 
Univ. of Rochester, since 1883; acting pres., 1898- 
1900, and 1908-1909. Democrat. Baptist. Mem. Phi 
Beta Kappa Soc, Amer. Philol. Ass'n, Archreol. Inst, of 
America. Clubs: Genesee Valley, Fortnightly, Alpha 
Chi. Residence: 70 Dartmouth St. Address: Univ. of 
Rochester, Rochester, N. Y. 


Educator: b. Ft. Wayne, Ind., Oct. 25. 1875; grad. 
Univ. of Chicago, M.D., 1895, S.B., 1897, S.M., 1902, 
Ph.D., 1905; grad.-student Univ. of Vienna, 1898; m. 
N. Y., 1909. Jeanette Jonassen; one child, Arlyn, b. 
Mar. 7, 1911. Ass't in physiology, Univ. of Breslau, 
1898-1901; Marine Biol. Station, Naples, 1901; ass't in 
physiology. Harvard Univ., 1901-1902; Columbia Univ.. 
1902-1903; instr., 1903-1904, adjunct prof, of physi- 
ology, 1904-1910, Columbia Univ.; asso. prof, of physi- 
ology since 1910, head of dept. of physiology, 1909- 
1911. Am. editor of Biochemische Centralblatt, Bio- 
physikalische Centralblatt. Mem. Am. PhysioL Soc, 
Soc. for Experimental Medicine and Biology, Am. 
Chem. Soc, Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft, 
Soc Am. Naturalists, Harvey Soc; fellow AA.A.S. : 
mem. Sigma Chi. Nu Sigma Nu, Theta Nu Epsilon, Sigma 
Xi and Alpha Omega Alpha, Protestant; Republican. 
Consistory Ancient Scottish Rite. Address: 437 W. 
59th St., N. Y. City. 


Editor, author, publisher; b. Vienna, O., April, 
1840; s. Thomas Carlton and Ann (Botkin) Busbey; 
ed. in common schs. ; m. Lexington, Ky., Dec. 20, 1871, 
Emily, d. Hon. James F. Robinson (gov. Ky., 1862- 
1863). War corr., 1862-1863, of Louisville Democrat 
and Springfield Republic; acting provost marshal at 
Clarksville, Tenn., 1863, and published there the 
Bulletin, an army paper; recording sec. of gen. court- 
martial at Louisville, latter part of 1863; on staff 
of Louisville Journal, under George D. Prentice, 1863- 
1865. Com'nd by Gov. Bramlette to represent Ky. 
at funeral of Lincoln, and stood as guard of honor 
over body of dead President. One of founders of 
Turf, Field and Farm, N. Y. City, and its editor until 
1903; editor of The Horseman, and Spirit of the 
Times (Chicago), 1906. Distinguished as horseman 
and authority on the American trotting horse, run- 
ning horse and utility horse. Appt'd by Gov. Black 
sup't of accounts of trotting race meetings in State 
of N. Y. Former sec. of N. Y. Road Horse Ass'n; 
pres. Ass'n Publishing Co., N. Y. City; one of organ- 
izers of Blooming Grove Park Ass'n, Pa.; dir. Bridge- 
port (Ala.) Land and Improvement Co.; pres. Am. 
Sporting News Ass'n. Wrote series of papers on 
trotting horse and the running horse for Harper's 
Monthly; contrib'd elaborately illustrated papers on 
the trotting horse to Scribner's Magazine; also 
contrib'd to encyclopedias and other publications; 
traveled thousands of miles with Robert Bonner in 
pursuit of knowledge concerning the foot of the 
horse; visited more than twenty States to studv the 
trotter, runner and utility horse on breeding farms 
and race tracks; also in England, France and other 
parts of Europe. Author: The Trotting and Pacing 
Horse in America. History of the Horse in America, 
Recollections of Men and Horses. Formerly active 
in athletics and aquatics; stakeholder and referee in 
six-day walks of Weston, O'Deary, Rowell and others, 
and in rowing races of Hanlan, Teemer, Gaudaur. 
Ross and others. First to advocate the organization 
of the Nat. Trotting Ass'n, the construction of the 
Speedway, N. Y. City, and of field trials and bench 
shows in this country. Internat. juror of awards, La. 
Purchase" Exp'n, St. Louis, 1904; trustee Am. Veteri- 
nary Coll.; v.-p. N. Y. State Agr'l Soc. Address: 1 
Madison Av., N. Y. City. 


Pres. Bush Terminal Co.; b. Ridgeway. Mich., July 
12, 1869; s. Rufus T. and Sarah M. (Hall) Bush: ed. 
privately at various sch?.; m. 1st, Ridgewav, Mich., 
Feb. 2, 1891, Belle Barlow; 2d, April 20. 1907, Maud 
Howard Beard (widow of Francis D. Beard); chil- 
dren: Beatrice B., b. Oct. 10. 1S95: Eleanor T., b. 
Sept. 20, 1898; Rufus T., b. April 24, 1908. Has trav- 
eled around world in father's yacht Coronet, 1888 
and 18S9, and has been many times abroad. Pres. 
Bush Terminal Co., Bush Terminal Bld'gs Co., Bush 
Terminal R. R. Co.; mem. Advisory B'd. Title Guar- 
antee & Trust Co. Congregationalism Mem. Holland 
Soc, Pan-Am. Soc of U. S. Clubs: Union League, 
N. Y. Yacht, Hamilton, Downtown Ass'n, Sleepy Hoi- 



low Country, Knollwood Country, Nat'l Arts, Eco- 
nomic. Residence: 28 E. 64th St. Address: 100 Broad 
St., N Y. City. 


Sculptor; b. Ogdetisbur^. .V V. April 2J, 1857; s 
Robert AY. and Caroline (L'dall) Bush; ed. Newburgh, 
N. T.; studied art with Henry K. Brown, and in Paris 
with Antoine Mercie; m. April 7, 1SS6, Margaret W. 
Lesley, of Philadelphia; children: Lvdia, b. 1SS7; Har- 
old, b. 1S8S; Malcolm, b. 1S91; James, b. 1892. Among 
his more notable works are: Indian Buffalo Hunt, 
World's Columbian Exp'n, Chicago, 1S93; equestrian 
statues of Gen. G. G. Meade and Gen. John F. Rey- 
nolds, Gettysburg, Pa.; equestrian statue of Gen. An- 
thony Wayne, Valley Forge, Pa.; Civil War Memorial, 
Union League, Philadelphia; Justinian, Appellate 
Court, N. Y. City; Horace Mann, La Purchase Exp'n. 
St. Louis, 1904; Truth, Pan-Am. Exp'n, 1901; Soldiers' 
Monument, The Spirit of '61 (Philadelphia), 1911; Lin- 
coln Memorial (Gettysburg, Pa.), 1911; Union Soldier, 
Mountaineer Soldier (Charleston, W. Va.), 1912; Gen. 
John Sedgwick Equestrian Statue for State of Conn. 
(Gettysburg, Pa.), 1913. Traveled in England, France, 
Italy and Germany for professional study. Trustee of 
the Scenic and Historic Preservation Soc; mem. Hud- 
son-Fulton Celebration Comm'n. Mem. Nat. Sculpture 
Soc, Architectural League of N. Y. City, Municipal Art 
Soc, Empire State Soc, S. A. R. Clubs: National Arts 
(N. Y.), Cosmos (Washington). Address: 1729 G St., 
Washington, D. C. 


State senator, mf'r; b. Troy, N. Y., Felb. 25, 1857; s. 
Esek Bussey; descendant George Bussey, who settled 
in Md. from England, 1636, and Capt. Bennett Bussey, 
who organized the Silver Grays during Revolution; 
ed. Mt. Anthony Sem., Bennington, Vt. ; Trov Acad., 
Rensselaer Poly. Inst.; m. Shelby ville, Ky., 1900, Ber- 
tha M. De Epping-Housen; children: Beatrice Della- 
Porta. Engaged in mf'g business, after period of 
travel; now engaged in mf'g. Pres. village of Perry 
during installation of water works and adoption of 
sewer system; represented town on County B'd of Su- 
pervisors, 4 years, and chm'n 1910; elected to State 
Senate, 1910; re-elected, 1912. Appt'd comm'r of Pan- 
ama Exp'n 1915, for State of N. T.; mem. Judiciary 
Com. and Com. on Miscellaneous Corp'ns. Shriner, 
Elks, Moose, I. O. O. F. Address: Perry, N. Y. 


Banker, broker; b. N. Y., Sept. 21, 1838; s. John 
Schermerhorn and Ann (Van Nest) Bussing; ed. gram- 
mar sens., Columbia Univ.; m. 1st, N. Y.. Kate Breath: 
2d, N. T Emily M. Jenkins. Organized firm Gelston 
& Bussing, 1S65; firm dissolved upon death of Mr. 
Gelston, 1S98; now devotes time to philanthropic work. 
Mem. N. T. Stock Exchange since 186S. Served in 22d 
Reg't, N. G. N. T., during Pa. invasion; became 1st 
lieut. of Co. A, later adj. of Veteran Corps. Repub- 
lican; mem. Reformed Ch. in America. Mem. St. Nich- 
olas Soc of N. Y., Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of Revo- 
lution; treas. N. Y. Bible Soc. (formerly pres.); sec. 
Hosp. Saturday and Sunday Ass'n of N. Y. Treas. 
B'd of Domestic Missions. 21 years; mem. Advisory 
B'd Young Women's Christian Ass'n, Y. M. C. A. (mem. 
B'd Mg'rs), B'd of Trustees, Internat. Com.; elder Col- 
legiate Reformed Ch., mem. Finance Com. Address: 
26 E. 10th St., N. Y. City. 


Banker, broker; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 28, 1876; 
s. Howard and Marv L. (Richards) Butcher; attended 
Penn Charter Sen., of Phila., Univ. of Pa., class 1898; 
m. Philadelphia, Pa.. Apri 10, 1901, Margaret Keen; 
children: Howard, 3d; Margaret, Dora Keen, Mary 
Louisa. Mem. Philadelphia Stock Exchange, N. Y. 
Stock Exchange. Mem. firm Butcher, Sherrerd & Han- 
sell; dir. Potomac, Fredericksburg & Piedmont R. R. 
Co., and New Creek Co. Republican; Episcopalian. 
Mem. Zeta Psi fraternity. Mason. Clubs: Appalachian 
Mountain, Union League, Markham, Merion Cricket. 
Residence: Cor. Llanfair and Wister Roads. Ardmore, 
Pa. Address: 220 Real Estate Trust Co. Bld'g, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 


Broker; b. Oakfleld, Fond-du-Lac Co., Wis.. Nov., 
1849; s William and Harriet (Eldred) Butler; ed. 
Fond-du-Lac High Sch.; m. N. T. City. 1879, Emma S. 
Demarest; children: Belle, Albert H., Jr., Willow, 
Frank. Broker since 1902; firm of A. H. Butler & 
Co., Inc. Established an American watch factory In 
Japan, 1893. first Am. watch factory established in 
foreign country; made combination of Japanese cotton 
mf'rs, 1895. to buy their Am. cotton in this country 
instead of England, as had 'been their custom. Estab- 
lished line of steamers (California and Oriental Steam- 

ship Co.), in connection with the A. T. & S. Fe R'y Co. 
from San Diego and San Francisco, Cal to Japan and 
China, 1S9S, and is pres. of that company. Ran line 
of steamers, N. Y. City to the Philippines, China, and 
Japan, 1901-1902; crossed racific 12 times. Also pres. 
Millbrae Tonopah Mining Co., Manhattan Oriental Min- 
ing Co., Dalney Oil Co.; v.-p. West Tonopah (Dalney) 
Alining Co., Philippine Transportation and Construc- 
tion Co.; dir. People's Security Co. Republican. Resi- 
dence: Alameda, Cal. Address: 20 Broad St., N. Y. 


Banker, broker; b. Yonkers, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1870; s. 
William Allen and Mary Russell (Marshall) Butler; 
grad. Princeton Univ., C.E., class 1892; m. N. Y. City, 
June 17, 1913, Anna F. Robinson. Practised civil 
eng'ring in State of Washington, one year, returned to 
N. Y., and was employed in Central Trust Co. until 
1898, when, with brother, formed firm of GeoTge P. 
Butler & Bro. ; became a mem. of the N. Y. Stock Ex- 
change same year, of which is still a mem., having 
acted as one of its govs, for past two years. Firm 
dissolved, 1911, and present firm of Butler, Herrick & 
Kip was organized. Pres. and dir. Albany & Susque- 
hanna R. R. Co.; dir. Allis-Chalmers Mf'g Co. Clubs: 
University, Union, Racquet, N. Y. Yacht, Automobile, 
Rumson Country. Residence: 120 E. 55th St. Address: 
7 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer, author, official reporter of Decisions, Su- 
preme Court of U. S.; b. N. Y. City, June 18, 1859; 
s. William Allen and Mary (Marshall) Butler; g.s. Ben- 
jamin F. Butler, atfy-gen. of U. S. under Presidents 
Jackson and Van Buren, and of Charles Henry Mar- 
shall, sea captain and owner of Black-Bali line of 
packet ships between N. Y. City and Liverpool; ed. 
private schs. in Yonkers, Poughkeepsie and Prince- 
ton, and in class of 1881 (partial course only), Prince- 
ton Coll., hon. A.M., 1912; m. Yonkers, N. Y 1882 
Marcia, d. Ethan Flagg; three sons and one d. Stud- 
ied law in office of father's firm, Butler, Stillman & 
Hubbard. Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1882; mem. law firm 
of Holt & Butler, Butler & Wyckoff, and Butler & 
Harwood, 1884-1903; one of counsel for Anglo-Am 
Joint High Comm'n at Washington and Quebec, 1898; 
technical delegate, U. S. Delegation to Second Peace 
Conf. at the Hague, 1907. Published several political 
pamphlets, 1898-1899, on subject of relations of U. S. 
with Spain. Author: The Treaty-Making Power of the 
United States (2 vols.), 1902. Republican; took active 
part in campaign of 1900; since Dec, 1902, Reporter 
of the Decisions of Supreme Court of U. S. Corr. sec. 
Am. Soc. of Internat. Law; mem. Internat. Law Ass'n 
Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y., State Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar City 
of N. Y., St. Nicholas Soc Clubs: Metropolitan, 
Cosmos, Chevy Chase (Washington, D. C), Lawyers 
(New York), N. Y. Yacht, Republican (N. Y. City) 
Address: 1535 I St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 


Editor and prop'r Buffalo News; b. Le Roy, N. Y., 
Sept. 5, 1850; ed. public schools and privately. Found- 
ed Buffalo Sunday News, 1873; daily Buffalo Evening 
News, 18S0. Pres. tioard State Normal School, Buffalo; 
chm'n board, Grosvenor Library, former v.-p. United 
Press; mem. and former pres., State Editorial Ass'n, 
and State Rep. Press Ass'n; mem. and former dir 
Associated Press; pres. Publishers' Ass'n; dir Soc 
Natural Sciences; pres. Grade Crossing Comm'n, Society 
for Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Delegate at 
large Nat. Rep. Convention, 1908; elector-at-large 
1900. Clubs: Buffalo. Ellicott, Park, Country (Buffalo) 
Lotos (N. Y. City), Clover (Philadelphia), Capital City 
(Atlanta), Automobile of America. Residence (city): 
522 Delaware Av.: (country): Le Roy, N. Y Address - 
218 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Physician; b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1855; s. Rev. J. 
Glentworth and Evelyn (Reeve) Butler; ed. in private 
sch of Prof. Davidson, Brooklyn; Hamilton Coll., A.B , 
1877; A.M., 1880; Sc.D., 1901: Wesleyan, LL.D., 1908; 
grad. L. I. Coll. Hosp., Brooklyn, 1S80; m. Brooklyn, 
Jan., 1884, Antoinette Willson. Practising medicine, 
Brooklyn, from 1S80. House officer, L. I. Hosp., 1880- 
1881; ass't physician. St. Mary's Gen. Hosp., 1882-1891; 
with Meth. Episcopal Hosp. as ass't physician, 1885- 
1S91; chief, Second Med. Div., since 1891; physician- 
in-chief since 1906; senior physician Brooklyn Hosp., 
since 1913. Formerly lecturer on emergencies and 
home nursing, Pratt Inst.; examining surgeon for 
U. S. pensions, 1889-1893. Trustee Packer Inst, from 
1905; mem. of Council, L. I. Coll. Hosp.. 1908; fellow 
Am. Acad. Medicine, Am. Climatol. Ass'n, N. Y. Acad. 
Medicine; mem. Med. Soc. State of N. Y. (pres., 1907), 
Kings Co. Med Soc. Republican; Presby'n. Author: 



SSf fon-. py >J oU '?', )S ' SU; Diagnostics of Internal Medi- 
nSX\2,~t 0nt , r , < Encyclopedia Americana and to 
Bucks Reference Handbook Med. Sciences, 1903. Clubs- 

Av m Br o n ok?^rf b N andt (BTOokIyn >- Address: 226 Gates 


Artist, lawyer; b. N. V. City, March 3, 1856; e. 
William Allen and Mary (Marshall) Butler; grad. 
from Princeton, B.S., 1876; Columbia, LL.B , 1881- m 
1890, Virginia Hays. Practised law in N. T City 
until 1884; studied art in Paris till 1888; honorable 
mention Paris Salon, 1886; medals Paris Exp'n, 1889; 
Atlanta, 1895; Philadelphia Temple, 1888; Paris, 1900; 
Buffalo, 1901. Organized and pres. Am. Fine Arts 
Soc, 1889-1906; pres. Carnegie Music Hall, 1896-1905. 
Mem. Nat. Acad. Design, Soc. Am. Artists, N. T. Water 
Color Club, Architectural League, Municipal Art Soc, 
Fine Arts Federation. Clubs: Century, Lotos, Uni- 
versity. Residence: "Bay Bush," East Hampton, L. I. 
Address 107 Library PI., Princeton, N. J. 


Architect; b. N. Y. City, May 14, 1875; s. Prescott 
Hall and Cornelia Stewart (Smith) Butler; grad. 
Harvard Univ., A.B., 1898; student Mass. Inst of Tech- 
nology, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France. Mem 
firm Ford, Butler & Oliver. Clubs: Harvard, Tech- 
nology, Racquet & Tennis, Union, University, Sea- 
wanhaka Yacht, Smithtown Hunt, Smithtown Polo 
Residence (summer): St. James, Smithtown, L. I. 
(winter): 22 Park Av. Address: 101 Park Av., N. Y. 


Pres. Columbia Univ.; b. Elizabeth, N. J., April 2, 
1862; s. Henry L. and Mary J. (Murray) Butler; grad. 
Columbia Univ., A.B., 1S82; A.M. 1883; Ph.D. 1884; 
univ. fellow in philosophy, 1882-1885; student at Ber- 
lin and Paris, 1884-1885; received honorary degree, 
LL.D., Syracuse Univ., 1898; Tulane Univ., 1901; Johns 
Hopkins, Princeton, Univ. of Pa., and Yale in 1902; 
Univ. of Chicago, 1903; St. Andrew's Univ., Man- 
chester Univ., 1905; Cambridge Univ., 1907; Williams 
Coll., 1908; Harvard and Dartmouth 1909; D. Litt., 
Univ. of Oxford, 1905; J. D., Breslau, 1911. Was 
made officer de Legion d'Honneur of France, 1906, 
Commander, 1912; Commander Order of the Red 
Eagle, 1910 (with Star); mem. Am. Acad, of Arts 
and Letters, 1911; hon. mem. British Science Guild, 
1906; m. Bergen Point. N. J., Feb. 8, 1887, Susannah 
Edwards Schuyler (died Jan. 10, 1903); one d.; m. 2d 
N. Y., March 5, 1907, Kate La Montagne. Has been 
mem. of faculty of Columbia Univ. since 1889; ass't 
in philosophy, 1885-1886; tutor 1886-1889; adjunct 
prof. 1889-1890; dean of the faculty of philosophy, 
and prof, of philosophy and ed'n, 1890-1901; since 
Jan., 1902, pres. of Columbia Univ. (including also 
presidency of Barnard Coll., Teachers Coll. and Coll. 
of Pharmacy). First pres. N. Y. Coll. for Training 
of Teachers (now Teachers Coll.), 1886-1891. Was 
mem. of State B'd of Ed'n of N. J., 1887-1905; sp'l 
comm'T from N. J. to Paris Exp'n, 1889; pres, Pater- 
son (N. J.) B'd of Ed'n, 1892-1893; del. Rep. Nat. 
Convs., 1S88, 1904, 1912; received Rep. Electoral vote 
for Vice-Pres. of the United States, 1913; chm'n Ad- 
ministrative B'd of Internat. Congress of Arts and 
Sciences of La. Purchase Exp'n, 1904; chm'n Lake 
Mohonk Conference on Internat. Arbitration, 1907 
1909, 1910, 1911, 1912; pres. Am. Branch of Ass'n for 
Internat. Conciliation; trustee Carnegie Foundation 
for Advancement of Teaching, Carnegie Endowment 
for Internat. Peace. Mem. Nat. Edn'l Ass'n (pres. 
1895); gov. Soc. of Lying-in Hosp.; trustee of Colum- 
bia Univ. Press, Am. Acad, in Rome, N. Y. Botanical 
Garden. Mem. Am. Philos. Ass'n, Am. Psychol. Ass'n, 
Nat. Inst, of Arts and Letters; Nat. Council of Ed'n; 
N. Y. Chamber of Commerce; Am. Soc. of Internat. 
Law, Germanistic Soc. (pres. 1906-1908); Univ. Settle- 
ment Soc, Am.-Scandinavian Soc. (.pres. 1908-1910) ; life 
mem. Nat. Red Cross, Am. Hist. Ass'n, N. Y. Hist. 
Soc; chm'n Coll. Entrance Examination B'd. Repub- 
lican; Episcopalian. Edited: Scribner's Great Educa- 
tors' Series; Macmillan's Teachers' Professional Li- 
brary; Monographs on Ed'n in the United States (form- 
;".? part T of . u - s - Ea n'l Exhibit to Paris); expired 
1900; St. Louis Exp'n, 1904. Editor: The Educational 
Review, Columbia Contributions to Philosophy and 
Education 1898-1902; Bibliothek d'Aimerikan'ischen 
Culturgesehichte, Berlin, one of editors of Inter- 
nationale Pedagogische Bibliothek. Author- The 
Meaning of Education; True and False Democracy; 
The American as He Is; Philosophy (a survey); Why 
Should We Change Our Form of Government?; The 
International Mind. Clubs: Century, Church, Metro- 
politan, University, Barnard, Columbia University 

Golf, St. Andrew's Golf, Lambda A<=s'n 
Round Table Dining, Metropolitan (Washington)! 
Address: 60 Morningside Drive, N. Y. City. 

Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, July 14, '1853; s. late William 
Allen Butler, distinguished lawyer and author, and 
Mary R. (Marshall) Butler; ed. Phillips Acad., An- 
dover, Mass.; grad. Princeton, A.B., 1876; Columbia 
Law Sen., LL.B., 1878; m. Yonkers, N. Y., Oct 1, 1884, 
Louise T. Collins. Admitted to bar of State of N. Y. 
1878, and has since then been engaged in practice in 
N. Y. City; now mem. firm of Butler, Brown, Wyckoff 
& Campbell; formerly mem. Wallace, Butler & Brown, 
successors to Butler, Notman & Mynderse. Dir. Em- 
ployers' Liability Assurance Corp'n of London, Han- 
over Fire Ins. Co., Franklin Trust Co., Brunswick 
Site Co., Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, 
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.; treas. Church Extension 
Com., Presbytery of N. Y.; mem. Am. Fine Arts Soc, 
Museum of Art, Am. Museum of Natural History; mg'r 
Presby'n Hosp. Clubs: University, Metropolitan, 
Princeton, Down Town Ass'n, Lawyers' (pres.), South- 
ampton. Meadow. Residence: 30 E. 72d St. Address: 
54 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Real estate operator; b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 3. 
1865; s. Laemmlein and Leah (Heller) Buttenwieser; 
grad. Coll. City of N. Y., 1883; took third honorary 
oration and all medals and prizes in Latin and Greek 
during entire course, having stood No. 1 during en- 
tire five years of course; won prize debate, in which 
late Carl Schurz was judge; grad, Univ. Law Sch., N. 
Y. City. LL.B. (valedictorian), 18S7; m. N. Y. City, 
June 7, 1892, Lena Weil; children: Clara, Florence, 
Clarence, Benjamin, Gertrude. After graduation from 
City Coll. taught public sch. 2% years; after grad- 
uation in law, went into real estate, both as operator 
and builder, and has built over 300 houses, and bought 
and sold on own account over 1,100 houses in Man- 
hattan. Took active part in agitation which resulted 
in repeal of Annual Mortgage Tax Law and its sub- 
stitution by Mortgage Recording Tax Law: his speech 
on subject before joint Senate and Assembly Com. on 
Taxation and Retrenchment was printed at request 
and expense of Allied Real Estate Interests, and by 
them distributed throughout State. Dir. Allied Real 
Estate Interests. Democrat. Hebrew. Mem. Phi. Beta 
Kappa Soc, Coll. City of N. Y. Alumni Ass'n, Alumni 
Ass'n N. Y. Univ. Law Sch. Pres. Hebrew Technical 
Inst.; trustee of Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Soc; 
chm'n Bld'g Com. in the erection of its new buildings 
at Pleasantville, N. Y. (society has built the largest 
asylum on a cottage plan in the U. S., if not in the 
world). Club: City College (v.-p.). Residence: 300 
Central Park W. Address: 220 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Born New Berlin, N. Y., March 25, 1862; s. Ira T. 
and Cordelia A. (Gazlay) Butterfield; ed. New Berlin 
Acad.; m. Solsville, N. Y., 1901, Maude E. Butterfield. 
In mercantile business 20 years, and ins. business 
10 years; mg'r New Berlin Light & Power Co., 10 
years; dir. New Berlin Telephone Co. Supervisor New 
Berlin 11 years; chm'n B'd Supervisors Chenango 
County 2 years; Justice of Peace 4 years. Address: 
New Berlin, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 10, 1853; s. Henry and 
Helen Butterworth; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B., 1874; 
Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1876. A.M., 1877; m. N. Y. 
City, 1SSS. Alice Crawford; one son: George F., Jr. 
Engaged in practise since admission to bar in 1876; 
formerly mem. Strong & Cadwalader; now of Cad- 
walader, Wickersham & Taft. Dir. Norwalk Hosp., 
gov. N. Y. Skin & Cancer Hosp. Clubs: University, 
Down Town, Century, Quill. Pilgrims, Columbia_Univ., 
Psi Upsilon, Norwalk Country. Residence: 57 E. 
54th St. Address: 40 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Insurance broker; b. N. Y. City Sept. 12, 1870; s. 
Marvin Stephen and Dorothea Wilhelmina (Dugro) 
Buttles; ed. public sch., Columbia Grammar Sch., Co- 
lumbia Coll., A.B., 1S90. Entered Insurance business, 
1S94; was ass't sec. Manhattan Fire Ins. Co.; dir. and 
pres. Hamilton Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y., and U. S. mg'r 
for several European companies; now dir. Bretagne 
Co., owners of Hotel Savoy. Mem. Delta Kappa Ep- 
silon. Address: 767 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer: b. in Vermont. 1873.; s. William H. and 
Emma (Foote) Button; grad. Middlebury Coll., A.B., 
1890 (A.M.-); m. Vergennes. Vt., 1S98, Herrika M. 
Stevens; children: Margaret Stevens, b. 1903; William 



H., Jr., b. 1904; Herrika W., b. 1909. En a.| ed In pra< 
tise since \ rid, & Button. 

Mem. N. V. B( ir Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n. Club: Union 
League. Residence: 324 \v. 77th St. Address: 2 
Rector St., N. Y. City. 


Sa Gen Ed'n B'd; b. Potsdam, N. Y., isr.3; s. Charles 
H. and Polly Dodge (Warren) Buttrlck; ed. Potsdam 
Normal Sch.; Rochtester Theol. Sem., B.D., 1SS3; Univ 
of Rochester, D.D., 1898; m. Saginaw, Mich., 1875, Isa- 
bella Allen. Employed in U. S. R'y Mail Service, 1875- 
L880. Pastor 1st Bapt. Ch., New Haven, Conn.. L883- 
1SS9; 1st Bapt. Ch .St. Paul. Minn., ; Em- 

manuel Bapt. Ch., Albany. N. V., 1892-1902. Since April 
1, 19U2, sec. and dir. Gen. Ed'n B'd and dir. Southern 
Ed'n B'd. Address: 17 Battery PI., N. Y. City. 


M'fg jeweler, diamond importer; b. Manlius, Onon- 
daga, Co.; s. Huestis and Mary A. (Wheeler) Butts; 
ed. private sch. and Greylock Inst., S. Williamstown, 
Mass.; m. N. Y. City, June, 1891, Julia Jackson. En- 
gaged as mf'g jeweler and diamond importer from 
1SSS: now v.-p. Hayden W. Wheeler & Co. and Hayden 
\\ Wheeler Mf'g Co.; sec. and treas. Rode Watch Co.; 
first v.-p. and chm'n Exec. Com., Jewelers' SeJcuritv 
Alliance of U. S. Residence: 14 E. 60th St. Address": 
2 Maiden Lane, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn. Nov. 22, 1865; s. Kennard and 
Susan (Nash) Buxton; ed. at several schs. in Brook- 
lyn, Poly. Inst., Brooklyn, 1S81-18S4; Yale, A.B., 1888; 
Columbia Coll. Law Sch. 1SS8-1S90; m. April 22, 1902, 
Fannie Culver Tredwell, d. Andrew Rogers Culver 
and Sarah Cornelia Gerrodette. Admitted to N. Y. 
Bar, 1S90; retired from practice of law, 1909. Demo- 
crat; Episcopalian. Club: Hamilton (Brooklvn). Ad- 
dress: 257 Hicks St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Lawyer: b. Rome. N. Y July 2, 1S73; s. Jay F. and 
Sarah (Olcott) Byam; grad. Rome Free Acad 1893; 
Cornell Law Sch., 1S97; m. Rome, N. Y., Nov. 24, 1897, 
Carolyn Louise Trumpbour, of Ansonia, Conn.; chil- 
dren: Willis Winfield Byam, Jr., b. 1898; Fran'ces 
Louise Byam, b. 1902. Admitted to bar State of N. Y., 
Feb. 1, 1898. Elected 1899, re-elected, 1902, sp'l surro- 
gate, Oneida Co.; resigned Jan. 1, 1905. to assume 
office of sp'l county judge; appt'd city attorney of 
Rome, N. Y., 1901. and served two years; elected sp'l 
county judge, Oneida Co., 1904, for term expiring Dec 
31, 1907; re-elected 1907, term expiring Dec. 31, 19] 0. 
Mem. Rome Council 150, Royal Arcanum Grand Coun- 
cil, State of N. Y., (ch'm Com. on Laws). Address: 
407 W. Embargo St., Rome. N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. Roscommon, Ireland, Mar. 18, 1869; s. 
Patrick and Anne (Quinn) Byrne; ed. in Irish schs., 
N. Y. Univ.. LL.B. (class pres. and twice first-prize 
essayist), class cf 1893. Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1894. 
Since then engaged in practise in N. Y. City. Served 
as volunteer Spanish-Am. War, in 69th N. Y. Vol. 
Inf.. from May 2, 189S, until muster out of reg't, Jan. 
31, 1899. Address: 302 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Real estate dealer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y. Mem. Assero. 
from Kings County, 1890-1894; an official of Finance 
Dep't, City of N. Y., 4 years; appt'd collector of 
Revenues and Market Dep't of Finance, by Comp- 
troller Grout, 1904, later placed in charge of Bureau 
of Real Estate; resigned 1908 to engage in realty 
business. Adiress: 4 Court Sq., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Manufacturer; b. N. Y. City, 1872; s. George Gordon 
and Anna (Olwell) Byron; ed. by private tutor at 
Jesuit Coll., and N. Y. Univ. Law Sch.; m. Cincinnati, 
Ohio, 1901, Therese Pugh; children: Percy, 2d; Char- 
lotte, Therese, Pendleton, George Gordon. Clubs: Es- 
sex County, Baltusrol, South Orange Field. Resi- 
dence: South Orange, N. J. Address: 357 4th Av., 
N. Y. City. 


Clergyman; b. Shropshire, Eng., Dec. 18, 1S64; s. 
Samuel and Betsey (Parkes) Cadman; ed. Richmond 
Coll. of London Univ., London: D.D., Wesleyan and 
Syracuse Univs., S.T.D., Columbia Univ., and Lit.H.D., 
Univ. of Vt.; m. Esther Lillian Wooding; children: 
Frederick Leslie, Marie Isabel, Lillian Esther. Pastor 
Met. Temple, Manhattan, 1895-1901; pastor Central 

Cong'] Ch., Brooklyn, since 1901; chaplain 2,'id Reg't, 
N.G.N.Y.; trustee Brooklyn Inst., Hartford Theol. Sem., 
Adelphi Coll., Brooklyn; dir. Am. B'd <i Comm'rs for 
Foreign Missions and of Cong'l Home ary 

, Brooklyn Clerical Union. Author: Charles Dar- 
win and Other English Thinkers; Two Great Oxford- 
ians, Wyulil't'e and Wesley; The Life of William Owen; 
The Religious i ses of Memory; The Victory of Christ- 
mas. Address: 2 Spencer Pl Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Lawyer; 1>. Trenton, N. J., Nov. 17, 1837; grad. 
nceton, A.Q3., L8S6; A.M. 1859; Harvard Law Sch., 
LL.B., 1SG0;,, Princeton, L897; Univ. of Pa., 1909; 
Harvard Univ., 1913. Has practised law in N. V. City 
since 1S03; mem. law linn Strong & Cadwalader. Ass't 
Sec. of State, U. S. (under Hamilton Fish), 1874-1877. 
Pres. <N. Y. Public Library, pres. N. Y. Bar Ass'n, 19U0- 
1907; trustee Met. Museum of Art, v.-p, N. Y. Zool. 
Soc. ; trustee Carnegie Inst'n of Wash., Carnegie En- 
downment for Peace. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., 
Soc. of Cincinnati, Sons of Revolution, Am. Fine Arts 
Soc, Am. Museum Natural History. Clubs: Union 
League, Union, Century, Grolier, Lawy.ers, University, 
I'rinceton, Knickerbocker, Metropolitan, N. Y. Yacht, 
City Midday, Down Town, Delta Phi, Riding. Resi- 
dence: 3 E. 56th St. Address: 40 Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Architect; b. Providence, R. L; s. Josiah and Lydia 
Cady; ed. in academies in Conn., and Trinity Coll., 
Hartford (A.M., 1SS0; LL.D., 1905); m. Orange, N. J.. 
1S81, Emma M. Bulkeley. Practising as architect 
since 1S70; now of Cady & Gregory, architects for 
many large coll., hosp., museum, church and other 
bldg's in N. Y. and other cities. Independent in pol- 
itics. Presby'n; dir. N. Y. City Mission and gov. 
Presby'n Hosp.; pres. Nat. Federation of Churches, 
N. Y. Skin and Cancer Hosp. Mem. Architectural 
League, Am. Inst. Architects. Mem. Religious Ed'n 
Ass'n. Clubs. Century, Aldine, Quill. Residence: 315 
W. 89th St. Address: 6 W. 22d St.. N. Y. City. 


Illustrator; b. Gardner, Mass., June 17, 1877; s. 
Edwin Harrison and Eleanora (Fuller) Cady; ed. pub- 
lic and high schs. Mem. art staff Brooklyn Eagle, 
1900-1904, and since 1895 has drawn pictures for Life, 
Puck, Judge, Century, St. Nicholas, Ladies' Home 
Journal, Saturday Evening Post, Country Gentleman, 
also made 'color illustrations for books by Frances 
Hodgson Burnett, Robert W. Chambers, etc. Mem. 
Soc. Am. Illustrators. Club: Salmagundi. Address: 
1198 Pacific St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Banker, comm'n merchant; b. Brooklyn, N. Y May 
15, 1856; s. Paul W. and Johanna M. (Heineken) 
Caesar; ed. in Europe; m. 1st, 1886. Mathilde M. Muller; 
2d. 1894, Laura F. Unger; children: Paul N b. 1887; 
Harry I., b. 1S92: Charles U., b. 1897. Established 
house of H. A. Caeser & Co., 1886; dir. Germania Life 
Ins. Co. Traveled all over Europe and U. S. Re- 
publican; Episcopalian. Recreations: Big game hunt- 
ing. Clubs: Union League, Metropolitan, Merchants. 
Address: 19 W. 76th St., N. Y. City. 


Art critic, lecturer, author; b. Sittingbourne, Kent, 
Eng., June 4, 1S54; s. Rev. Charles Smart Caffin (rector , 
of Broadway, Worcestershire) and Harriet Caffin; 
grad. Oxford Univ.. 1876; m. 1888, Caroline, d. Robert 
Scurfield, East India merchant. Traveled as private 
tutor and engaged in other scholastic work; several 
years' experience in theatrical work as actor and 
mg'r; came to U. S. in 1892, first occupying a position 
in decorating dept. at World's Fair; settled in N. Y., 
1897; art critic successively of Harper's Weekly, N. Y. 
Evening Post and N. Y. Sun; now art editor N. Y. 
American. Contb'r to principal magazines. Author: 
American Masters of Painting; American Masters of 
Sculpture; Photography as a Fine Art; How to Study 
Pictures; Spanish Masters: The Story of Amer'can 
Painting; The Story of Spanish Painting; The Story 
of Dutch Painting; The Story of French Painting; The 
Child's Guide to Pictures; Appreciation of the Drama 
and Art for Life's Sake. Club: National Arts. Ad- 
dress: 15 Gramercy Park, N. Y. City. 


Senator, lawyer; b. N. Y. City, June 29, 1S69; s. 
Matthew and Margaret (Norris) Caffrev; ed. public 
stehs. N. Y. City. Columbia Coll. Law Sch. grad. N Y. 
Law Sch.; unmarried. Electeed to N. Y. State Senate, 
1908. Ass't Corp. Counsel during administration of 
Mayor Van "Wyrk, also ass't counsel to State Comp- 
troller for Collection of Transfer Tax. Democrat; 



Catholic. Mem. N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, Dwight 
Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: 1st Assembly Dist. (Tammany), 
Huron. Residence: 19 Vandam St. Address: 299 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Author; b. Vilna, Russia, July 7, 1860; ed. Russia; 
m. 1887, Anna Braunstein. Came to U. S., 1882; edited 
Yiddish newspaper and monthly magazine; contb'r 
for twenty years to various publications. Author: 
Yeki: A Tale of the New York Ghetto; The Imported 
Bridegroom: The White Terror and the Red. Resi- 
dence: 1312 Madison Av. Address: 175 E. Broadway, 
N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Delanco, N. J., July 22, 1859; grad. N. Y. 
Univ. Law Sch., 1885: Mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, 
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. Univ. Alumni Ass'n, 
Am. -Irish Hist. Soc, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, 
N. Y. County Lawyers Ass'n. Clubs: Demdcxatlc, Cath- 
olic. Address: 15 Dey St., N. Y. City. 


Actress; b. in Brooklyn and ed. in schs. of that city; 
m. Daniel V. Arthur. Began theatrical career in 
Brooklyn in Kathleen Mavourneen; after appeared in 
musical comedies, making first notable success in A 
Tin Soldier and other Hoyt productions, and since 
1902 has starred; from 1906 to 1909 starring as "Mary 
Montgomery," in Marrying Mary; 1909-1910, The Boys 
and Betty, Judy Forgot. Address: Care D. V. Arthur, 
1402 Broadway, N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 11, 1872; s. Andrew 
Mott and Mary Richards (Parker) Cahoone; ed. 
Friends' Sch. and Poly. Inst., Brooklyn, 4890; studied 
Columbia Coll. Law Sch. and IN. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 
cum laude, 1893; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1907, 
Elizabeth Brundage Mead. Admitted to bar, 1893; trial 
counsel for Kings Co., 6 years: public administrator; 
now mem. law firm of Chase, Cahoone & Regan. Re- 
publican; Episcopalian. Mem. L. I. Hist. Soc, Brook- 
lyn Inst. Clubs: Crescent Athletic, Brooklyn. Ad- 
dress: 307 Washington St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Physician; b. Madison, Ind., 1854, of exiled Huguenot 
descent; grad. N. Y. Coll. of Pharmacy, 1873; Univ. of 
Wiirzburg, Ge-rmany, M.D., 1877; Coll. of Phys. and 
Surg. (Columbia, N. Y.), M.D., 1881; since which time 
has been in active practice in N. Y. City; has been 
delegate to Internal. Med. Congress and published 
numerous library and professional articles and pamph- 
lets and large work on Differential Diagnosis and 
Treatment of Diseases. Fellow of N. Y. Acad, of 
Medicine; visiting physician to N. Y. Post-Grad. and 
German Hosps.; consulting physician to Isabella 
Home and Hosp. ; prof, chldren's diseases, N. Y. Post- 
Grad. Med. Sch., and ex-pres. Am. Pediatric Soc, and 
appt'd mem. Med. Reserve Corps, U. S. A., iby Pres. 
Roosevelt, 1908. Address: 753 Madison Av.. N. Y. 


Mem. Congress, banker, builder; to. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Mar. 3. 1869; ed. public schs. of Brooklyn and Cooper 
Inst., N. Y. City; m. 1893, Catherine E. Harloe, of 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Engaged as builder in Brooklyn, 
where has built more than 1,000 houses. V.-p. Home 
Trust Co., N. Y. City. Appt'd told'g comm'r, Borough 
of Brooklyn, 1902, for 2 years; delegate to Republican 
Nat. Convs., Chicago, 1908, 1912: elected to 59th Con- 
gress, 1904, and re-eiected to 60tJh, 61st, 62d, and 63d 
Congresses from 6th N. Y. Dist. Republican. Resi- 
dence: 551 1st St. Address: 1648 Eleventh Av., Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. 


Physician; b. Savannah, Mo., Dec. 3, 1870; s. W. W. 
and Camilla (Kellogg) Caldwell; grad. Univ. of Kan., 
B.S. (Sigma Xi), 1892; Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. (Med. 
Coll.), N. Y. City, M.D., 1905; unmarried. Engaged In 
experimental work on telephoning to light ships, U. 
S. Lighthouse Establishment, 1894-1895; ass't eng'rmg 
dep't N. Y. Telephone Co., 1895-1897; since then en- 
gaged in original work in wireless telephony, induc- 
tion coils and Interrupters, Crookes tubes, and 
especially in practical application of Roentgen rays to 
diagnostic and therapeutic uses. Author (with Dr. 
W. A. Pusey); Roentgen Rays in Therapeutics and 
Diagnosis: also articles in technical journals. Mem. 
Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs: pres. (1908), Am. Roentgen Ray 
Soc. Nu Sigma Nu, Roentgen Soc of London, N. Y. 
Elec Soc. Clubs: New York, Deutscher Liederkranz. 
Address: 480 Park Av., N. Y. City. 


Banker, mf'r; b. Mobile, Ala., Mar. 21, 1865; s. Ed- 
ward H. and Caroline A. (Shields) Caldwell; ed. schs. 
of Salisbury, Md., N. Y. City and Rensselaer Poly. Inst., 
Troy, N. Y., B.S. ; m. Troy, N. Y., May 3, 1887, Margery 
J. Christie; children: Margery, John C, Carolyn. Pres. 
and dir. Rensselaer Hotel Co., Rensselaer Land and 
Improvement Co., Commercial Union Telephone Co., 
Troy, N. Y. ; Guantamino & Western R. R. Co.; pres.. 
gen. mg'r and dir. Ludlow Valve Mf'g Co.; trustee 
Troy Savings Bank; chm'n B'd Dirs. Troy Trust Co.; 
dir. Nat. State Bank of Troy, Troy & Greenbush R'y 
Co., Trojan Laundry Co., Tim & Co Inc., Fidelity & 
Commercial Co. of Portland, Me., Albany & Vermont 
R. R. Co., Lanslngiburgh & Cohoes R. R. Co., Troy & 
West Troy Bridge Co., Faith Knitting Co., Troy Knit- 
ting Co. Episcopalian. Mem. Delta Phi fraternity. 
Pres. and trustee Troy Public Library, Samaritan 
Hosp.; trustee Day Home, Rensselaer Poly. Inst.. Troy, 
N. Y. Clubs: Troy, Engineers, University. Address: 
Troy Trust Co., Troy, N. Y. 


'Merchant; b. Louisville, Ky., May 12, 1875; s. J. 
Armour and Margaret W. (Cook) Caldwell; ed. Poly- 
technic Collegiate Inst., Brooklvn, N. Y. ; m. N. Y. 
City, April 25, 1913, Jean Beatrice Holmes. Pres., 
treas. and dir. R. J. Caldwell Co.; v.-p. and dir. 
Canadian, Conn., Cotton Mills. Ltd., Sherbrooke, Can., 
Connecticut Mills Co., Danielson, Conn., Marshall Land 
Co., Pennsylvania Land Co.; dir. Connecticut Tobacco 
Corp'n, Tariffville, Conn., and Essex Realty Associates, 
Veteran Squadron C. 2d N. Y. Cav. Congregationalism 
Mem. Soc. Automobile Eng'rs, Efficiency Soc, N. Y. 
Chamber of Commerce, Am. Civic Ass'n, Nat. Civic 
Federation, Acad, of Polit. Science (at Columbia 
Univ.). Clubs: Merchants' Ass'n, University Glee, 
Hardware. Residence: 129 Orange Road, Montclair, 
N. J. Address: 15 Park Row, N. Y. City. 


Journalist; b. Carlisle, Pa., April 10, 1836; s. Prof. 
Merritt (Dickinson Coll.) and Rosamond (Cushman) 
Caldwell; prep, ed'n Wesleyan Sem. and Hebron (Me.) 
Acad.; grad. Dickinson Coll., 1858 (D.C.L., 1899); m 
Monroe, N. Y., May 20, 1883, Charrie Forshee. Studied 
law and admitted to bar, Portland, Me., 1861; ass't 
editor The Methodist (N. Y. City), 1866-1869; on edi- 
torial staff N. Y. World, 1869-1872; editorial staff N. 
Y. Tribune since 1872. Republican. Mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa, Nat. Geog. Soc, N. Y. State Hist. Ass'n. Resi- 
dence: Pelham, N. Y. 


Financier; b. Marengo Co., Ala., July 9, 1843; s. 
Col. Andrew P. and Margaret M. (Green) Calhoun; 
g.s. John C. Calhoun; v.-p. of U. S. ; ed. Thalien Acad., 
S. Car., S. Car. Coll., class 1863; m. Dec. 8, 1870, Linnie 
Adams, of Lexington, Ky., grand niece of Richard M. 
Johnson, v.-p. U. S.; children: James Edward, b. Mav 
1, 1878; David Adams, b. June 14, 1881; Julia J., to. 
June 14, 1884; John C, Jr., b. April 26, 1887. Pres. 
Baltimore Coal Mining and R'v Co., Calhoun Land Co., 
Florence Plant Co.; v.-p. and chm'n Finance Com., 
Central R. R. & Banking Co. of Ga.; dir. Richmond & 
West Point Terminal R. R. Co., Richmond & Danville 
R. R. Co., Ga. Central R. R. Co. Served in Confederate 
Army during Civil War, S. Carolina College Cadets; 
color serg't Hampton Legion Cav., capt. Co. C, 4th 
Reg't, S. C. Cav.; led charge of Trevillon Sta. Dele- 
gate-at-large from Ark. to Cotton Exp'n, Louisville, 
1883, New Orleans Cotton Exp'n, 1884; v.-p. 1884, 
Washington Conv., which memoralized Congress with 
reference to improvement of Mississippi River; sp'l 
ambassador of S. A. R. to France, 1897, commemorat- 
ing 119th anniversary of Treaty of Alliance between 
France and original 13 States. Presided over first 
meeting which organized N. Y. Southern Soc, 1886 
(v.-p. 1887-1888, pres. 1889); attended meeting at org'n 
of S. A. R.. 1890. and elected v.-p. Pres. Levee B'd of 
State of Ark., and took active interest in obtaining 
appropriation from Congress and building up levees. 
Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. Southern Soc. Vir- 
ginians. The Carolinians. N. Y. Confederate Veterans 
Camp, S. C. Hist. Soc, S. A. R., Met. Museum of Art, 
Geneal. and Biog. Soc (life mem.), Clariosophic Liter- 
ary Soc Clubs: Manhattan, Lawyers (N. Y.), Capitol 
Citv (Atlanta, Ga.), Tllden (London). Address: 677 
Madison Av., N. Y. City. 


Publisher: b. Bangor, Me.. July 8, 1856: s. Timothy 
and Louisa Green (Short) Call; ed. Bowdoln Coll., 
class of 1880; did not graduate, but left after two 
years: ,m. June 29. 1892. Eleanor Margaret McCartle; 
children: Richard William, to. April 26. 1893 (died July 
23, 1907); Charles Robert, b. June 7, 1896 (died Nov. 
26, 1897). Sec. and treas. The Gage Publishing Co 



Author: Vocabulary of Checkers, R. D. Yates, Checker 
Player; Kboo: The Counting Game; Scientific Solitaire, 
Baseball Code Simplified, Shorthand for General Use, 
Ten Great Little Poems. You and I and the Stars, 
The Little Grammer, New Method In Multiplication 
and Division, Midget Problems in Checkers, Life As 
It Is. Club: N. Y. Press. Address: 114 Liberty St., 
N. Y. City. 


Publisher; b. Albany, N. Y., July 27. 1SS4; s. P. J. 
Callan; ed Albany Acad., Hobart Coll. Owner ana 
mg'r Chatham Courier. Represented Columtbia County 
in State Legislature. 1909-1910: capt. 10th Int. N. G. 
N. Y. Republican; Episcopalian. Mason, Elk, Modern 
Woodmen. Grange. Clubs: University (Albany), Array 
and Navy (N. Y.). Residence: Valatie, N. Y. Address: 
Chatham, N. Y. 


Physician; degree from N. Y. Univ., 1867. House 
surgeon Charity Hosp., 1867-1868; ass't surgeon U. S. 
Navy, 1S6S-1S72; attending ophthalmic surgeen, Cen- 
tral Dispensary, 1874; Dermitt Dispensary, 1S77; sur- 
geon, N. Y Eye and Ear Infirmary; ophthalmic sur- 
geon, St. Vincent's and Columbus Hosps. Mem. County 
Med. Soc, State. Med. Soc, Am. Ophthal. Soc, Acad, of 
Medicine, Mutual Aid and Am. Med. Ass'ns. Address: 
452 Fifth Av., N. Y. City. 


Banker; b. Chicago, 111., Dec. 2, 1882; s. Samuel 
Roger and Elizabeth J. (Ecclestone) Callaway, ed. 
St. Paul's Soh.. Concord, N. H.. 1S90-1901; Harvard 1 
Univ., 1901, A.B., 1905; m. N. Y. City. Oct. 20, 1908, 
Elsie Macintosh Kellogg; children: Elizabeth Mac- 
intosh, 'b. Oct. 31, 1909; Trowbridge, Jr., b. Feb. 25, 
1911. Mem. firm of Callaway, Fish & Co. Clubs: Har- 
vard, Racquet and Tennis, Delta Kappa Epsilon (N. 
Y. City), Rockaway Hunting. A.D., Hasty Pudding 
(Cambridge). Residence: 161 E. 71st St. Address: 37 
Wall St., N. Y. City. 


Merchant; b. Providence. R. I., Feb. 28, 1872; s. 
Walter and Ann Oswald (Crow) Callender; grad. Yale 
Univ., A.B., 1894; A.M., 1897; unmarried. V.-p. Callen- 
der, McAusIan & Troup Co.; sec. Boston Store Land 
Co.; dir. Rhode Island Hosp. Trust Co., Providence Ice 
Co. Police Comm'r of Providence, 1910-1913. Inde- 
pendent; Congregationalist. Mem. Am. Museum of 
Natural Hirtory; Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science; 
R. I. Hist. Soc, St. Andrew's Soc. of State of N. Y., 
Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Trustee Providence 
Public Library; v.-p. Yale Ass'n of R. I. Recreations: 
Golf, tennis. Clubs: University, Yale (N. Y.), Com- 
mercial (mem. Exec. Com.), Hope. University, Agawam 
Hunt, Squantum, Art (Providence), Elihu (New 
Haven). Residence: 239 Westminister St. Address: 
Callender, McAusIan & Troup Co.. Providence, R. I.. 
and 2 Walker St.. N. Y. City. 


Lawyer and journalist; b. Fa'rfax Co., Va., July 12, 
1826; ed. Pierpont Acad., Alexandria, Va., New London 
and Chester Co., Pa.. Delaware Coll., and Yale Law 
Sch., studied law in N. Y. City; m. 1st, 1846. Fitzina 
H. Lyman (died 1S67) ; 2d. 1871. Fredericka H. L. 
Weibezahl (died 1906). Admitted to bar 1847: elected 
to Assembly from 3d Dist. of Kings Co., 1859. to 5th 
Dist., 1862, speaker of Assembly, 1863; sp'l agent of 
U. S. Treasury Dep't, 1864-1865, at Helena, Ark., Vicks- 
btirg. Miss., and Memphis, Tenn.; after supervising 
sp'l ag"t for S. C. and Ga., with office In Charleston; 
U. S. Internal Revenue Collector for 3d Dist. of N. Y. 
State, 1867, when was subjected to wrongful prose- 
cution for alleged participation in whiskey frauds 
of which was innocent, so that was ultimately liber- 
ated by Pres. Grant, and it was certified by Comp- 
troller of U. S. Treasury of final adjustment of official 
accounts, 1872. that the gov't owed him a balance of 
$2,119.4S, which was then paid him; 1871-1901 chief 
editor in Albany, first of The Times, afterward The 
Times-Union, and finally The Argus, from which re- 
tired Sept. 1901; now sojourning in Germany, but re- 
mains a citizen of the State of N. Y. Address: 10 
Wieland-Strasse. Wiesbaden, Germany, or care The 
Argus, Albany, N. Y. 


Clergyman, editor; b. Preble, Cortland Co., X. Y., 
Aug. 29, 1852: s. James Alexander and Olive Adaline 
(Betts) Calvert: grad. Univ. of Rochester, 1876, A.M., 
1879; Union Theol. Sem., N. Y., 1879; Shurtleff Coll., 
D.D.. 1894: m. N. Y. City, Dec. 10 1S85, Mary Dows 
Mairs. Prin. High Sch.. McLean, N. Y., 1871-1872; 
took Freshman Math, prize and Junior Greek prize, 
Univ. of Rochester; licensed to preach. Mar. 20, 1875; 
ordained to Bapt. ministry Oct. 19, 1880; corr. sec. 

L8T9-1886. and pres. 1886-1907 of Bapt. Missionary 
Conv. of State of N. Y.; ass't pastor of Calvary Bapt. 
Ch N. V., 1881-1887: bought Baptist Weekly, N. Y., 
Feb., 1888; changed name to The Christian Inquirer, 
was pres. of publishing co. and editor of Inquirer 
seven years; The Inquirer was consolidated with The 
Examiner. March. 1895. becoming stockholder and one 
of editors of The Examiner. Trustee Univ. of 
Rochester since 1899, and of Cook Acad, since 1900. 
Pres. B'd of Trustees Cook Acad, since 1005. Pres. 
Phi Beta Kappa, Univ. of Rochester, 1899-1900; pres. 
N. Y. Alumni Ass'n Univ. of Rochester, 1898-1900; pres. 
.Bapt. Social Union, N. Y. (pres. 1904-1905); mem. Delta 
Kappa Epsilon and Phi Beta Kappa; pres. Cortland 
Co. Soc. of N. Y., 1910, and Am. Seamen's Friend Soc, 
since 1910. Compiled (with Edwin A. Bedell) The 
Church Hymnary for Bapt. churches. Mem. Genesee 
Soc. Clubs: Baptist, Ardsley, Quill. Residence: Irving- 
ton-on-Hudson. N. Y. Address 201 W. 57th St.. N. 
Y. City. 


Banker; b. Philadelphia. Oct. 16, 1871; s. James M. 
and Mary A. (Kilpatrick) Calwell; ed. public schs., 
and high sch.; m. Philadelphia, Pa., Eleanor Parker; 
children: Eleanor, b. 1904; Ruth, b. 1909; Mary, b. 
1911. Started business as clerk in bank; ass't cashier, 
1900; cashier, 1902; v.-p., 1909; pres. since 1910, of Corn 
Exchange Nat. Bank, Philadelphia. Dir. Philadelphia 
Warehousing & Cold Storage Co., Central Trust & 
Savings Co. Republican: Methodist. Clubs: Union 
League, Down Town, Old York Country. Residence: 
Ashton Road. Holmesburg. Address: Corn Exchange 
Nat. Bank, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Physician; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 6. 1868; s. Will- 
lam and Ellen (Mcllvaine) Camac; grad. Univ. of Pa., 
A.B., 1892, M.D., 1895; post.grad. work Johns Hopkins 
Hosp. and foreign studies, Guy Hospital Med. Sch., 
and Oxford, Eng., 1895-1899; m. Cold Spring-on-Hud- 
son. Nov. 17. 1897, Julia Augusta Metcalfe; children: 
Harriet Julia, to. Nov., 1901; Eva, to. Oct., 1903. En- 
gaged in practice of medicine, N. Y. City, since 1897; 
held edn'l positions Univ. of Pa., Johns Hopkins and 
Cornell Univs., in medical branches; formerly prof, 
of clinical medicine, Cornell Univ. Med. Coll.. N. Y. 
City; now ass't prof, clinical medicine Columbia Univ., 
Coll. of Phys. and Surg., N. Y. City; also physician to 
City Hosp.. N. Y. City. Contb'r to various medical 
journals. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, State and Co. Med. 
Ass'ns, Acad, of Medicine, Ass'n Am. Physicians In- 
terurban Clinical Soc, Phila. Acad. Nat. Sciences, Delta 
Psi fraternity. Club: University (N. Y. City). Ad- 
dress: 128 E. 60th St.. N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; to. Charleston, S. C, March 9, 1849; grad. 
Yale Coll., 1869. Counsel N. Y. Telephone Co. Clubs: 
Yale, University, Church (N. Y. City), Hamilton, Ex- 
celsior. Residence: 162 W. 54th St. Address: 15 Dey 
St., N. Y. City. 


Lawyer; b. Albany. N. Y.. June 1. 1S59: s. Truman 
D. and Elizabeth (Flagler) Cameron; ed. Albany Acad., 
Union Coll., Albany Law Sch., A.B., A.M.. LL.B.; m. 
Newark, N. J., April 2, 1891, Jeannie Armsby Dean; 
children: Jean Elizabeth, b. 1S93; Josephine Dean. b. 
1895; Fredericka. b. 1898. Made a specialty of patent 
law; has been engaged in many important litigations 
in various parts of this country and Canada. In 1902 
had a case before Privy Council of Great Britain, 
which was an appeal from the highest Canadian 
Court; although largely engaged in patent cases, has 
had gen. practice in toth State and Federal courts. 
Dir. Albany Exchange Savings Bank of Albany; 
trustee Chamber of Commerce, Albany. Democrat;